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  1. L.A,
    We miss you when you’re “gone” but we know God will be with you and Richard,too if he’s along.

    I just had the thought to pray for the food you eat while you’re on assignment.

    Also has anyone heard from FaithfulElect? I pray he’s okay.

    God bless everyone. Also, could I ask for prayer for my younger son, Joe. He’s in the hospital with a broken jaw and a bad infection. Suppose to get oral surgery today. Thanks so much! You guys are like another church family and so much appreciated!

  2. LA: God bless you on your assignment. I pray for great discovery and adventure and I pray for a safe and return trip in the name of Jesus Christ.

    @ Phyllis: I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, that your son, Joe, heals quickly from his surgery and broken jaw and that the infection that is trying to afflict him be gone stat!

    Lord God, I plead the Blood of the Lamb over LA Marzulli and his companions on this trip and I plead the Blood of the Lamb over Phyllis’ son, Joe while you heal his broken body. Thank you Lord for your Angels that are surrounding LA and his companions to lift him up should he strike his feet against a stone (problems). Lord, I also pray for Dr. Roger Leir and Paddy Herron–touch their bodies for complete and healthy healing. I thank you Lord God that you hear and act on all prayers as we lift them up to you.


    • Amen & amen also.
      We pray the ‘peace that transcends all understanding’ of our gracious and merciful saviour to all those needing encouragement, strengthening and healing at this time. We uphold them all now to you dear Father, in and through Yeshua’s mighty name. Amen.

    • Seashoremary,
      Got back from hospital and Joe came through the operation fine. He’s in ICU and still out of it which is normal, so he didn’t see his Dad and me or his brother and two other friends, but I just wanted to see him, just see him and whisper a prayer.
      Thanks for your beautiful prayer and for all those who joined with you. I thought to post tonight as I didn’t know when L.A. might blog again and when this one would close.

      Just wanted to let folks know.

      God bless all of you!

  3. goto 2:20 if you want to recap Johnny B. talking real reality…

    This just after the conversation about losing Clancy, Breitbart, etc. and bowing the knee only to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    We’ve seen the enemy try to take out Tom Horne, Russ Dizdar, etc. Paddy is in jeopardy. David Flynn is gone. You can name others.

    Those that get close to exposing the politics usually don’t have enough armor or a close enough walk due to their own political compromises. So they fall quickly.

    As always — best to focus on Christ — no matter what. Seek first His Kingdom. And follow Standing Orders — The Word of God.

  4. Comment on C2C last night…Ed Dames (remote viewer) was the guest (again…again…again). I’ve never been able to figure out why he keeps getting asked back. I know he’s an old Art Bell favorite and maybe there are dues to be paid. He comes across as unlikable, distant, arrogant, diffident. He almost sounds like he doesn’t want to be there.
    Has anyone ever followed-up on any of his so-called “predictions” to see what his scorecard is? I bet it’s not very good. Yet, he keeps coming back?????!!!!

    • Russ Dizdar has dealt with the remote viewers and intel agencies … likewise linked to michael aquino … NSA etc.


      note:: “http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Ed_Dames”

  5. I just read a couple things about the funeral in S Africa coming up- it coincides with Nicolaas Van Rensburg’s prophecies at the turn of the 20th century. He was a S African.

    The actual funeral date is the 16th, which is a date S Africans call The Day of the Vow, they have a monument called the Voortrekker Monument: The Cenotaph, situated in the centre of the Cenotaph Hall, is the central focus of the monument. In addition to being viewable from the Hall of Heroes it can also be seen from the dome at the top of the building, from where much of the interior of the monument can be viewed. Through an opening in this dome a ray of sunlight shines at twelve o’clock on 16 December annually, falling onto the centre of the Cenotaph, striking the words ‘Ons vir Jou, Suid-Afrika’ (Afrikaans for ‘We for Thee, South Africa’. So it’s a sun temple.

    Then I read another thread on glp about comet ison and the mayan calendar date ending 12/16/13:

    I often wonder why something’s occur simultaneously: Mandela movie coming out day he dies, big funeral on this date with all the leaders heading south. Be on watch.

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