Nephilim Skull Tour!

Peru Poster MayWe are going!

The trip is a GO!

We still have openings so if you’re interested email me!


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The Nephilim Trilogy

19 thoughts on “Nephilim Skull Tour!

    • You’d think any ufo alien with half a brain would disguise themselves and make their craft look like a normal plane, or copter, or blimp. So I tend to think of sightings as distractions to divert attention from other concerns.

    • I agree, however, aeronautically speaking, I believe for these crafts to fly in/out interdimensionally, the craft has to be designed to take the impact of breaking through the sound & time barriers smoothly.

      Here’s a testimony of an actual encounter…notice his last words on why he would like to join the aliens. His parting words should be heeded because that’s how the aliens will be able to overcome the Christian believing philosophy and their ability to falsely duplicate love.

      UFO Crash in Peru


    • The purple-green active camouflage (also infrared camouflage) if that egg shaped craft is quite interesting.

      As for hiding in plain sight… You’d think aliens (grays, ET’s, etc.) would be at least smart enough to disguise themselves as street panhandlers or beggars.

      Love “the invisible man” poster,,,

      Or would the smell give them away?

    • I had to read that twice Matt to get it. Yeah, 😀 “old hat,” “old coat,” and “old shoes.”

      If ET isn’t already a bell-ringer or panhandler – they’re probably working in telemarketing.

      Wall street no doubt.

  1. American-Spring Looming (cp. Arab Spring)
    … as bankers & speculators make trillions from bail-out seed
    … and doubly extended unemployment bennies expire on those sidelined
    … and more rights are given to the fringe than the majority
    … a majority who in fact are upper class through credit
    … and liable for insurance taxes to keep them enslaved
    … with all the parents locked in corporate drone jobs
    … and the abandoned children being raised by the nanny state….


    It doesn’t take a prophet to see what’s coming.

    • the libertarian-conservative drum beat … “the right to privacy – beware big sister” (i.e. everyone is king in their own home)


    • re: stingray, cell signal privacy


      …as if any law or constitution could force a criminal government to abide by the law

      The enemy angel method:
      – create a conflict
      – polarize the sides
      – swoop in on a white horse
      – move the compromise
      – to their paths
      – turned away from Christ

      Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

  2. This world is doomed — made clear in prophecy. Not in some remote galactic future, but soon. Sooner than humanity can do anything about, even with otherworldly help. Moreso — this universe is doomed.

    Jesus of Nazareth is the only way out. Not even death can provide an escape — because we are more than mere flesh. He showed that at the Cross, not resisting, tortured, buried, resurrected, ascending bodily — to the throne of God. As Son of God, and Creator, nothing made was made without Him.

    His new creation — with Him — is where our guarantee of eternal life is certain, beyond death and resurrection.

    We can do nothing that matters without Him — Yeshua Messiah.
    – without Him those that build the church labor in vain
    – without Him the branches wither and are cast in the fire to be burned
    – without Him there is no other way to God
    – without Him there is no Salvation

    Believe in Him at least enough to accept His rescue
    — look to His crucifixion and resurrection
    — ask for the lifeline of His Holy Ghost
    — like a drowning victim, relax & listen to Him
    — let go of sin, leave it behind, and if you don’t let go,
    — don’t be surprised when Christ shakes you
    — whatever’s not of Him gets left behind
    — those saved by Him should testify

    Where’s your rescue? Jesus or some other?

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