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18 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Specials! Acceleration Radio Tonight – Ask L. A. Anything Night.

    • I haven’t watched “the Lone Gunmen” (cp. X-files) interview of LA from last night yet. Their Canadian Quebecois viewpoint is refreshing, “an everyman” (net denizen) approach contrasted with the “talking head” interviews we’re used to seeing. Robert & Mario at times bring in a friend from New Jersey, who’s much more of a NWO-wary mindset.

      When all 3 of them get together it really seems like Byers, Frohike and Langly (the Lone Gunmen).

      Mario has gotten a bit (blue) froggy recently… every pun intended. 😎

  1. I trust LA & Peggy are having a prosperous Christmas season, esp. after C2C and black friday sales ! We all know y’all need to take care of business when the blog is closed or after a late night session.

    playin’ catch-up:

    @ frankenstein re: written as an expose of the French Revolution / socialism, with direct tie to the Jesuits and implied tie in to the NWO… see: “”

    @ debunking Blood Moon Theory … quite soundly and well reasoned

    @ NSA (and similar intel agencies) using telemarketing, spam email, malware, etc. using smartphone and computer to expose political, spy, criminal, terror, and anti-globalist networks…
    See especially the link “(Graphic: How the NSA is tracking people right now)” … or search it…

    @ C2C W7 Noory-LA Interview re: what different people see … all lead back to the enemy angels
    – fatima: sun, orb, demon, apparition, ufo, mass mind control, enemy angels
    – abductions: slave breeding program, black program cover, organ harvests, alien experiments, chimera…
    – nephilim: superheros, cryptids, neandertals, cranial deformation, hominids, ruling blood lines, demi-gods

    …the point is that the same phenomena though perceived differently are characteristic(**) but trace back to the same enemy schemes … possibly as a result of a type of mental camouflage … or spiritual perception (whether 3rd eye, discernment, etc.)
    **- so typical that they group into easily recognized tropes

  2. LA (or whomever)….regarding the implanted chip being able to change DNA…is there a book written by a christian biologist that looks into DNA in all its glory? I’m aware of Meyer’s “Signature of the Cell” which is good. Any others that perhaps look at DNA as God’s crowning achievement and one that Satan has tried to unravel (pun intended) since the Garden?

    • Good video Gordy. I hate, hate, HATE watching people having to suffer. And to think that what was shown in this video can not even begin to compare to the calamity that will befall mankind when God pours out His Holy wrath on this unbelieving world. Trying not to, but can’t help but imagine the the horror that people will go through because they choose to not believe in Jesus Christ. Thinking of what they will endure in just heart crippling. This video can’t even begin to tell the story of what is to come but is a good motivator to pray for the lost. Thanks for posting it Gordy

  3. What seeks to fill the void of Nelson Mandela’s passing?

    If I get Chris Pinto’s work right…
    … then the hegelian dialectic
    … devises a contrived opposition
    … to create a polar confrontation
    … to be resolved in a synthesis
    … which was the goal all along

    For instance…

    Paleoarchaelogy Skeptic Jason Colavito, an ancient astronaut debunker,
    lumps Tellinger, Horne and Putnam together




    South African antichrist, Michael Tellinger, a “Stitchin Politician,”
    … pop star, apartheid rebel, and presidential contender…

    “They just create another martyr…”
    “I don’t care I know where I’m going, I’m going to sit on the right hand side of Jesus”

    (2 hour ubuntu manifesto, against government, money, barter, etc. … )

    The synthesis of which produces tribal secular stichinism to throw off the bonds of mythic history.
    as if that could save anyone

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  5. Mike Hoggard exposes the signs that the enemy uses to mark their attempts to control world events.

    Hoggard makes no reference to Perry Stone in this video, so there’s another twist.

    The “11 .. 22 .. 33” pattern of key events like the JFK assassination (+ MLK & Bobby), Waco, OKC, 9/11 events, etc. is presented as part of a larger conspiracy. Disaster patterns of 46 .. 72 .. etc. are also exposed along with geomancy/

    He includes control of the papacy, the masons, etc.

    In the land of the blind
    – most can’t see
    – some see in 1 color (money)
    – some in 3 colors (but are called “color blind”)
    – others in 7 colors
    – a few in full spectrum
    – which extend to categories (“spectrums”) beyond color
    – spiritual discernment is most rare

    Just because you can’t see the pattern doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    • So regarding entities that see in spectrums beyond that which humans perceive…
      … when they leave their mark on history
      … it’s like graffiti
      … or beasts marking their territories
      — which are exposed by the light of prophecy
      — by the Word of God

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