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L. A. Marzulli

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.  I believe it was a conspiracy that involved key players in our government.  I also maintain Oswald—the man who was later shot by Ruby in the Dallas Police Station—was a patsy.  I don’t think he fired any shots that day and was falsely accused by a government who came up with the ridiculous single bullet theory and the lone-gunman assassin.

The killing of JFK was, in my opinion a classic coup d’etat.  Eisenhower warned us of an out of control military industrial complex.  We now have over 800 military bases world-wide and endless war going on in Afghanistan.  We have the NSA spying on Americans and TSA groping us at the airports.  I think America changed forever 50 years ago today.  Had JFK, there might not been a Viet Nam, where over 50,000 Americans died.  The Federal Reserve might have been abolished and with it the slavery of the American people under the control of private bankers.  The CIA would have been shattered in a 1000 pieces and with it the illegal wars, drug running and subversive agenda’s the agency has been engaged in.  JFK fired Allen Dulles and LBJ appoints him to the Warren Commission.  LBJ had the means, the motive and the ability to cover up and control all the information.

Check out the links to the following stories and see for yourself.

1.  Did Oswald act alone? http://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/LHO.html

2.  Why were these Secret Service men called to stand down? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY02Qkuc_f8

3.  Grassy Knoll witness – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c69tZw5Uytw

4.  DId LBJ’s mistress spill the beans?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79lOKs0Kr_Y

5. Was the assassination of JFK a Coup d’etat? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbRbVudaFV8

6.  Did LBJ duck down in his Limo BEFORE the shots were fired?  If so this means he knew what was about to happen. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=16472

7.  Did LBJ kill JFK? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/21/jfk-conspiracy-theorist-points-finger-at-lbj/3660765/

8.  What happened to JFKs brain?  http://www.consortiumnews.com/1999/c010699b.html

9.  Oswald’s paraffin test. http://22november1963.org.uk/oswald-rifle-and-paraffin-tests

10.  Warren Commission Cover up.  http://jfkmurdersolved.com/warren.htm

 Layout 1“Fifty years later, it’s still the same old Military/Industrial complex, the same powers still calling the shots, still threatening, still trying to keep us from the truth. A lone gunman, a magic bullet? Wake up!” —Jesse Ventura

After half a century, the conspiracy is no theory . . .

The 21st century writers who refer to a singular Lee Harvey Oswald distort their own content and deceive their readers with antiquated data. The John F. Kennedy assassination and the people’s deception over the past half-century is the classic example of disinformation, as it actually was probably the most efficiently performed coup d’etat and cover-up in world history.

At around 11:30 a.m. on November 22, 1963, Julia Ann Mercer was stalled momentarily in traffic at Dealey Plaza and saw a man emerge from a car carrying a rifle case in front of the grassy knoll, just 50 yards west of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). It was driven by a man that she later identified as Jack Ruby, after his picture was plastered on TV to the world two days later.

On November 20 and 22, while “Lee Harvey Oswald” was working at the Texas School Book Depository, he was identified by multiple witnesses at the Dobbs House Restaurant, the Top Ten Record Store in Oak Cliff and the Jiffy Store on Industrial Boulevard. He was also positively identified as being seated with Jack Ruby after midnight, some 10 hours after he was jailed on November 22.

Moments after Officer J.D. Tippitt was shot dead, detectives conveniently found a wallet containing the ID cards of both Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell. Also found on the street were five ejected .38 caliber shell casings. When Harvey was arrested in the Texas Theater some 40 minutes later, he was carrying a .38 revolver which, of course, does not eject its shells. Astonishing to detectives, Harvey was also carrying in his wallet at the same time the exact two ID cards.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the case of the “two Oswalds.”

Inside The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds by Pat Shannan you will see for yourself the mountain of forensics and photographic evidence proving that there were two Oswalds, the truth of which leads us to even more attempted cover-ups.

To order your copy go to: www.lamarzulli.net



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46 thoughts on “JFK – 50 Years

  1. Not to mention countless homeless vets standing by the road begging because they are mentally not able to hold a job.

  2. If I had a gavel I would pound it in total agreement! What a turning point in history. Don’t forget the mysterious death of 50+ plus witnesses in “Hit List” that Richard Beltzer wrote about.

    On a side note Alex Jones is in Dallas protesting. Law enforcement went looking for him last night to arrest him! It doesn’t end!

    • Ha! Great minds. . .

      I was about to post about how all the security personnel – except for the driver of Kennedy’s limo – were dead within two years according to Richard Beltzer. Young men, in excellent shape.

    • A quick search on Beltzer’s claim showed that at least one of the men on the security detail (other than the driver) is still alive, Paul Landis in Cleveland, Ohio. Another one who was blamed for the accidental shot in the tv documentary, “The Smoking Gun” whose name I can’t remember died in 2005 or 2006. Anyway, point is, Richard Beltzer’s information is wrong. This is another thing on my long list to ask the Lord about when I get to heaven.

    • Okay, I’ll replace the word “all” with “many” or even “most” of his security detail, his mistresses, and bystanders who saw what happened, were dead within two years.

      I find it interesting that his death was almost 50 years after the founding of the federal reserve, and here at the 50th anniversary of his death (and the 100 year anniversary of the fed), the dollar is on the verge of collapse.

      He tried to eliminate the fed and break apart the CIA (firing Allen Dulles). It’s like the murder of William Morgan all over again.

    • Hello.

      The Smoking Gun is wrong also (in my humble opinion. Regardliess of whatever theories, this tragic event changed the world overnight. All part of the plan since Day 1 when Eve and Adam met the subtle serpent.

      LookingUp! I have often wondered if that is something the LORD will show us…although more impressive than a Hollywood 3D movie screen (of course)… that He will reveal all these momentous events in history, such as JFK, 911, and you name it. On the same token, I hope he has deleted my not so impressive moments and won’t be shown in replay (that’d be hell watching those regrettable moments over and over! Thank God, for salvation through, Y’shua! Amen!

      The JFK assassination even impacted on those not just in America. The Cuban, threats of world war, death in Vietnam all were a concern to many around the world even- and not far off from World War II. In Australia, people acknowledged JFK didn’t want atomic war, and for people to die in Vietnam.. and his assassination was upsetting to many.

      Here we are in 2013 and in a lot of regards, the change has not improved.

      No justice in this world. Only justice through the LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS.

      God bless.


    • I don’t know, Peter. Will we even be interested in any of this on the other side? I know I would like to see the Creation and the Garden. There’s part of me that would like to see Noah, crew and cargo getting off of the ark. I think we would all be shocked to see what life was like the first several hundred years or so after that. Definitely would like to see the crossing of the Red Sea. Do you think there will be popcorn in heaven? 🙂
      I don’t think the Smoking Gun is right either. That agent would have had to be very tall to swing his rifle high enough to clear the windshield of the car he was in and still achieve the downward trajectory necessary to hit JFK. Beats me.

  3. Sobering show last night with much to think on and ponder and that carries over to today. Even if you believe the official story about this…and I’m not sure how you could…there’s no denying this was a hinge and a game changer for the entire country and I think the last 50 years speaks for itself.

    Frankly…maybe it’s just me… I’m a little uneasy today and I’m praying today and comes and goes with no incidents.

    I do appreciate that LA made the point last night and it’s worth repeating here that we really do have much to thank the Lord for regardless of the likes of this and I commend that point.

    Please continue to pray for Patrick Heron and Dr. Roger Leir.

    Blessings. 🙂

    • I agree too……I have an oddly sad feeling today. I keep thinking about all the lost sheeple that refuse to know Him…..makes me sad for God that any of His beautiful creations would not love Him.
      I guess that means something…..I am not feeling that urgency to spread the truth. More of an Isaiah 26:20 kind of day.
      Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
      🙂 or maybe it is just the ugly winter weather……it was very odd defrosting the car while Jimmy Buffet music played tropical happy songs! When I realized what was on, I had to pull off my mitten and flip back my hat to wipe that tear of laughter!

  4. For shizzle what ever “for shizzle” means but I heard one of my neighbors saying “for shizzle my nizzle” it sounds like agreement to me. If it is not I am sorry for my stupidity. Great post LA!

    • I would be totally lost in my neighborhood without my convenient, “Ebonics handbook” I picked up at a local library..It has come in handy several times as I’m trying to decipher what is being said to me…I hope at some point they come out with an app that when spoken into, it immediately translates, that would certainly save me from awkwardly flipping through the pages of a handbook..

  5. “An exploded star some 3.8 billion light-years” ago.


    That’s right, astronomy says that gamma burst happened long long ago. And anything that can be said about it is just useless opinion since there’s no way to confirm what might have happened.

    Not only do they not understand it — they can never understand it.

  6. “http://www.alt-market.com/articles/1828-china-announces-that-it-is-going-to-stop-stockpiling-us-dollars”

    China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars

    China just dropped an absolute bombshell, but it was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States. The central bank of China has decided that it is “no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves”. During the third quarter of 2013, China’s foreign-exchange reserves were valued at approximately $3.66 trillion. And of course the biggest chunk of that was made up of U.S. dollars. For years, China has been accumulating dollars and working hard to keep the value of the dollar up and the value of the yuan down. One of the goals has been to make Chinese products less expensive in the international marketplace.

    But now China has announced that the time has come for it to stop stockpiling U.S. dollars. And if that does indeed turn out to be the case, than many U.S. analysts are suggesting that China could also soon stop buying any more U.S. debt. Needless to say, all of this would be very bad for the United States. . .

    And just this week there was another major announcement which indicates that China is getting ready to make a major move against the U.S. dollar. According to Reuters, crude oil futures may soon be priced in yuan on the Shanghai Futures Exchange…

    The Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) may price its crude oil futures contract in yuan and use medium sour crude as its benchmark, its chairman said on Thursday, adding that the bourse is speeding up preparatory work to secure regulatory approvals.

    China, which overtook the United States as the world’s top oil importer in September, hopes the contract will become a benchmark in Asia and has said it would allow foreign investors to trade in the contract without setting up a local subsidiary.

    If that actually happens, that will be absolutely huge.

    • These two events signal the death knell of the dollar. The petrodollar will become a thing of the past.

    • I would suggest that you convert “savings accounts” into “checking accounts” as the bank considers your savings an investment in their Bank, and they are paying you for the “loan” of your money to them. If they go down, they may be able to under the current laws keep your savings. The checking accounts are owned by you and you are paying them for servicing YOUR money. Just a thought.

    • From everything I’ve read, Claudia, the “confiscation potential” is about retirement accounts – IRA’s, 401-K’s, pension funds – and not regular savings accounts. Can you point me to anything that verifies that I own my checking account but not my regular savings?

  7. “http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Nov-22/238649-saudi-arabia-advises-citizens-to-leave-lebanon.ashx”
    Saudi Arabia advises citizens to leave Lebanon

    Someone know something we don’t? Heh, who doesn’t?

  8. Also yesterday, along with senate rule change, there were sharks caught in the Potomac river. How symbolic is that. This past year year saw snakes falling out of trees in a DC park, and a report of a vermin infestation in the white house. So very timely.

    • Hmmmm, John T….reading that, I just realized that I have not had any sign of mice for 3 autumns! I live in an old house built in 1883 and the neighbors are seasonal so usually when it gets cold after they have closed up for the winter I get a few cold little critters migrating across the narrow driveway that separates our houses! I guess they all moved to DC? 🙂

    • Elaine, coincidently, our house was built 1885. We’ve been clear for a few years also. There was one year though, coyotes got our cats and it was like a plague. Our garage and shed were filthy with droppings. Sorry if that is too graphic.
      Rush said something pertainIng to PETA in DC, they won’t allow killing of rats. They have to be trapped and set free. Maybe he was joking and meant democ-rats. Just kidding.

    • When I read Scripture about “the day of the Lord,” it always seems to be A DAY, not a period of time – the day that the Lord actually returns, i.e., Revelation 19:11. “The time of Jacob’s trouble” seems to be the time period of the tribulation.

  9. FYI…have located 2 audio recordings on the GPO website “Post JFK Assassination Audio Tape Recordings.” Feeling very weird stepping into history and actually listening to Air Force one Flight Deck: “audio tape recordings are of conversations between various individuals in Washington, DC, Air Force One pilots, and officials on board the flight from Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base following the assassination of President Kennedy. One conversation is of President Lyndon B. Johnson being connected to Rose Kennedy to offer his condolences.” http://www.gpo.gov/featured/Kennedy.htm

    Unable to copy the audio url for this blog comment.


    • side 1:

      side 2:

      Now if only Snowden had an uncle that worked in the Smithsonian archives. 😎

  10. I have been trying all day to consolidate my thoughts on this. Maybe y’all will be able to help me.

    For some reason, I’ve been mentally comparing JFK’s assassination with our Lord’s Resurrection. Fractured thoughts. JFK’s assassination continues to create conspiracy theories and raises more questions than answers. One man, one murder, no real answers. Impact, maybe, but limited to some in the US. The Resurrection truly did change history. The various alternative scenarios are limited and rebutted logically.
    Somehow, the whole JFK thing is another proof of how true the Resurrection is.
    Does anyone else here have any thoughts on this?

    • The two incidents are not in the same catagory. Yeshua’s destiny was co-partnered with YHWH, His Father Will….and affects the entire world….and was a Heavenly event, above and beyond the affairs of man, tho man was the reason.

      Kennedy event probably changed history…but was totally according to man’s will, and greed for power….and orcestrated by those who follow satan’s will.

  11. “http://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/faqs.html”

    With a very few exceptions, virtually all of the records identified as belonging to the Kennedy Collection have been opened in part or in full. Those documents that are closed in full or in part were done so in accordance with the Kennedy Act, mentioned above. According to the Act, no record could be withheld in part or in full, without the agreement of the ARRB. The guidelines for withholding records are outlined in the provisions in Section 6 of the Act. The full report of the ARRB is available online. A copy of the Act is in Adobe Acrobat PDFAppendix C of the ARRB Report mentioned above. In all cases where the ARRB agreed to withhold a record or information in a record, they stipulated a specific release date for the document. In addition, according to Section 5(g)(2)(D) of the Act, all records in the Kennedy Collection will be opened by 2017 unless certified as justifiably closed by the President of the United States.

  12. As far as the JFK assassination goes, all that really matters is that this was the moment in time when the average American realized that their world and government were predicated on lies and untruths…. Although history shows us that this was true long before November 22, 1963, I believe this was the moment cynicism was born into mainstream America….
    Now if you believe the Warren Report, you’re in the same group of kids that believe in the Easter bunny, Santa Claus and that Obama will save us from ourselves……
    The huge lie of the Warren Report is the ‘magic bullet’. …..Anyone who’s so much as thrown a rock knows that this lie was shoved down our throat much the same way Obamacare was, however, since the conspiracies theories on JFK’s assassination seem to be going on forever, if it would put the this story to bed, I’ll admit it, me and ole Lee were paid by Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello who were acting under the direct orders of the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex. There, now the fact that I wasn’t on earth at the time is irrelevant.

  13. “http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/the_spectator/2013/11/philip_shenon_s_a_cruel_and_shocking_act_stunning_reporting_in_new_book.html”

    quote: Shenon points to a far more salient reason for Oswald’s act, one that most conspiracy theorists have shuddered at contemplating because they can’t bear the idea that there might be even a hint of Cuban involvement. Because they will go to any lengths to refuse to take Oswald at his word—that he was a pro-Castro fanatic. Shenon’s terrific reportorial instincts led him pull on a loose thread in the tangled heart of the story: Oswald’s trip to Mexico City and his involvement with personnel from the Cuban Embassy there. And he actually came up with something new.

    quote: contrary to all the starry-eyed thinking the Kennedy idolaters hang on to about how the president wanted a reconciliation with Fidel at the end, because of the triple agent, Castro would have every reason to think the Kennedy brothers themselves, personally, not the institutional CIA, were at that very moment engaged in continued efforts to murder him … JFK and RFK were accessories to multiple attempted murder plots.

    quote: I take no satisfaction in saying this. In fact, I find it unbearable. It’s all an unbelievable tragedy and most tragic of all is that John F. Kennedy may not have died for the good he did, and tried to do, much of which was noble, however incomplete. He may have died because he tried to kill another president. I think it’s time for us as a nation to admit this.

    • Flipping the channels tonight all I see is shows on JFK…Ok, I’m going to do it . . . I’m just going to say it. I take no satisfaction in saying this either , however, enough already with the JFK assassination anniversary/Kennedy clan bombardment! We get it. He was the best President ever and they were the best family ever. Geez! These shows on his life Im watching also need to include that he was, at best, an average president and his most notable accomplishment was getting assassinated. Most of the legislation passed after his death because of his death. There money and connections came from dad’s mob days as a rum runner.

  14. After all the information I have read and seen over the years on the subject , I feel the assassination can be classified into two distinct categories: method and significance…… Few would argue that too much emphasis has been given to the method and very little to the significance…… This is exactly how the perpetrators, whom ever they are, would like it to be. Photographic evidence along with eyewitness testimony has already conclusively proven that JFK was shot by more than one assassin…… The Mary Mormon photo clearly shows the profile of a shooter behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll…… It is obviously someone wearing a policeman’s uniform (some speculate it was J.D. Tippit). This was the fatal head shot. Two other bullets struck the President; the first one entered at the base of the throat and the second struck him in the back. While the positions of the assassins makes for a good game of clue, the more important issue is the significance of the assassination which is at times over looked.

    • Just think of “the memory of kennedy” (TMOK) as an evil clone.
      (Bit of trope to actually clone kennedy, raised and groomed by the Kennedy clan to continue the dynasty, over and over)

      If as satan, you had a “resurrection card” to play, who would it be?

      Kennedy — as the messiah substitute
      Obama, Mao, Stalin, Hitler … Ghandi, Mohammed … Osiris, Nimrod … ???

      Perhaps the dispute of the body of Moses was about cloning?

      The point is that it probably wouldn’t be Kennedy.

      Turning TMOK into a superhero… maybe.

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