Watchers 7 and Further Evidence – an Excerpt by Richard Shaw

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L. A. Marzulli

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Richard Shaw!

Over the past few years, we are increasingly hearing accounts about sightings, abductions, alien beings, cattle mutilations — you name it. To most people, this is the stuff of fantasy and some might get angry if you try to talk about these things with them.

The only established organization in the world today that has taught about the supernatural has been the church. In this century, most of the churches have become corporate centers of religious dogma, not interested in studying actual manifestations of strange “miracles” or searching for evidence of the supernatural in today’s world. Many of them believe that time has passed — that it was written about thousands of years ago and no longer applies today. However, there seem to be clues opening up that are difficult to ignore. A thinking person can see these parallels to ancient texts or other forensic evidence around the world. The world and our universe are vastly more interesting places than what we have imagined. We have to grow up and try to understand the incredible things that God has designed: so complex that they stagger the imagination.

L.A., the author of this book and the host of the Watchers series, and I have worked closely together for the past few years. I’ve considered it a real privilege. This began for me in 2010 when I agreed to direct the first video in the series on UFOs on a shoestring budget. I never thought the series would take off as it has, but in doing these productions we’ve been exposed to things on a routine basis that have led us to realize certain truths. We now see evidence that perhaps the same entities that were on this earth thousands of years ago are back at it again. These are not the ramblings of deranged minds. L.A. and I are connected with some of the most highly respected, genius-level scientists, physicists, computer science professors, Torah Code experts, doctors and inventors on the planet. None of this information seems unbelievable to them. We all talk the same language and have built up a certain camaraderie together in that we don’t have to tear down a wall of prejudice before we can have a discussion. We all know something is happening. It is the most interesting time in human history to be alive.

We know so very little about our ancient past, and powerful corporations in the world are heavily involved in keeping that history a secret to the masses. Those corporations are covering up any physical evidence that someone could easily point to in proof of strange entities and ignoring the idea that incredible technologies have existed on this planet for thousands of years prior to our current existence. We are just now beginning to see evidence of this, both in unearthing giant bones in Peru, or in examining the megalithic structures there, as well as studying UFOs and the way they are able to fly without any sound and at what appears to be tremendous speeds. We are aware of case after case after case — thousands of them — that report what it’s like to be abducted and what happens to people during that process. We also can look into various biblical texts that once seemed obscure and now are beginning to make sense as we continue to study the current phenomena and see what these beings are actually capable of. I also realize that this is a lot for someone to take in for the first time, so if that describes you, please bear with me.


Case in point is the construction of huge structures around the world that seem so mysterious and yet have been built on ley lines that correspond to magnetic fields or lines of force on the earth’s surface. Many of the ancient structures we now know were positioned with great accuracy to the stars or constellations. Some have openings where the sun can shine through exactly at the equinox, just like an Indiana Jones movie. Structures that are in alignment in some important way exist in many places all over the world. When we were in Peru, we saw stones weighing over 125 tons that were precisely set into place, without any apparent damage or abrasion to their surfaces. These stones were handled with great precision and you might also assume with some delicacy. The idea that thousands of slaves using logs and ropes did this work now seems completely ludicrous. We have to open our minds to new possibilities that a technology unknown to us was used in the process.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas. His duties in 1967 put him at Oscar Flight, a military base that housed 10 nuclear ballistic missile silos. Each of these massive missiles had targeting equipment located underground to control the execution of their possible launch and the coordinates where they would deliver their lethal payload in case of a nuclear war. The ’60s were a very tense time. It was the first time the world was brought to the brink of possible annihilation due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, instigated by the Soviet Union’s secret installation of ballistic missiles in Cuba. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed in our government and the crisis was averted. The build-up of missile technology increased after that, and so did the destructive capabilities of the warheads themselves, soon eclipsing many times the destructive power of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During the ’50s and ’60s, nuclear tests were conducted by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. on a routine basis with warhead power multiplied to unheard of potential.

One day in 1967, Captain Salas got a phone call from one of the men on the base saying that there was a glowing red ship that was hovering over their missile silos. This also happened at another base known as Echo Flight. In mere seconds, the missiles were deactivated in one cascading sweep. At one of the bases, over 100 rounds of ammo were fired at the ship with no affect. A soldier decided to climb into one of the silos as all this was going on to try and reactivate the electronics to the missile. His report, which was only recently declassified, describes that his whole body seemed to be tingling with some kind of electrical energy — like static electricity.

“They knew exactly how our systems worked and what to do to disable them,” according to Capt. Salas.

During an inspection after the ship left, the missile systems were found to not be permanently damaged and were back online a couple days later. Curiously, the “lids” on these silos were lifted off and laid to one side. Perhaps you’ve seen videos of what these “lids” look like. They are made of concrete and weigh 20 tons, sliding back and away on steel rails. They slide open just before a missile launches. These were lifted off of their tracks and set on the ground, as easily as tiddlywinks. These events left a lasting impression on all involved, but the military told them all not to speak about this event to anyone else, and were ordered to forget about it.

This is our first parallel to the Peru stones. A 20-ton concrete lid to a missile silo is much lighter than the stones we found in Peru. However, could the same technology have been used in 1967 that may have lifted the stones in Cusco? Twenty tons are equivalent to the weight of six and a quarter Corvette cars, all stacked on top of each other.


Dr. David Jacobs is a man who has studied the abduction phenomenon for almost 40 years. He described in our interview what happens to most people when they experience an abduction. This story repeats time and time again and is corroborated by people who have never met and who live on the opposite side of the world.

Dr. Jacobs, like others we also know, uses hypnotherapy to help people remember their experiences once they have been abducted. This is not deep hypnosis like you see in old movies in which someone has a needle passed through his hand. This is more or less a relaxation technique to help the subject remember. The subject is in complete control of his mind.

Some – not all – abductees receive an implant during their abduction, or various tests are performed on their bodies. In some cases, these tests can be excruciatingly painful. Dr. Jacobs has a room at his house that is filled with miniature filing drawers, each labeled with a name of an abductee.

In one of these regressive sessions, Dr. Jacobs was listening to the recollection of a woman who was being abducted. She described being lifted off her bed and was floating through the room. She approached the window. Dr. Jacobs tried to suggest to her during hypnosis:

“Did you open the window?”

“No, I didn’t open the window.”

“Then, did they (the aliens) open the window?”

“No, they didn’t open the window.” Then she said, “I think I just floated right through the closed window.”

Not realizing, as Dr. Jacobs said, “Everybody reports this.” Dr. Jacobs calls this phenomenon, “future physics.”

In listening further to Captain Salas’ latest announcement, he revealed that he was abducted in 1985 at his home in Manhattan Beach, California. His story had many of the same points of the classic abduction scenarios. He just released a book on his experience, a brave thing for a former military officer to do.

He was in bed with his wife when he noticed a blue light in the adjacent room. When I asked him about this light, I wanted to know if it was a light source that he saw, or if the adjacent room was bathed in blue light. His wife was there also, and they described the scene as an alien creature, darkly lit, was standing in the doorway. The blue light seemed to be part of a fog, a “mist,” that wafted into the bedroom. Salas became paralyzed and his wife lay unconscious during the event, at which time he felt himself floating upwards and drifting towards the window. In his mind, he began wondering how they were going to open it. It was a double hung window that was locked. He remembered passing through the closed window, but when asked if he saw a light on the other side, that’s where his memory ended until he was on the spacecraft. He said that he only remembers snippets of information, with one painful event being that he was shown a needle “between 8 and 12 inches long.” They held this needle in front of his eyes so he could see it, and then inserted it into “a particularly sensitive area” that caused excruciating pain. When he complained, the pain instantly stopped.


Dr. Roger Leir is an expert on the abduction phenomenon as well as in the area of alien implants. He has surgically removed 17 of these over the years and also knows the details of many people’s abduction experiences. As we have shown in Watchers, many of the implants that are surgically removed have carbon nanotubes inside of them. Before removal, most of the implants he has removed seem to display similar characteristics. They often emit a radio signal that is at a very high frequency, many times above 300 GHz. They also tend to put out a magnetic signature that can be read on portable measuring devices. In one recent case that I was filming, Dr. Leir measured the Gauss reading of my camera, a Canon 60D DSLR. It registered about nine milli-Gauss. The patient nearby who had an implant had recently had a CAT scan as well as five x-rays of the implant, so we knew exactly where it was located in his leg. We also knew that the implant was about six millimeters in length, about the thickness of a pencil lead, and located near the bone. When Dr. Leir checked to see if it was emitting a magnetic field, the device registered close to seven milli-Gauss, only two milli-Gauss less than my camera that is powered by a lithium ion battery. As Dr. Leir’s measuring device was moved away from the implant, the reading fell dramatically, proving that this was not a fluke but that the implant was generating a magnetic field. Later tests on the same implant proved it also was generating a radio signal of approximately 333 GHz.

A by-product of a so-called “visitation” can manifest itself as a magnetic field appearing where normally one would not exist. This can mean that wooden objects such as a tree or even a Formica countertop can register on the Gauss meter. There have been reports of the ground spontaneously catching fire after a ship has touched down on that area.

We visited Jaime Maussan’s television studios near Mexico City where each week he puts out a UFO update and shows sightings from around the world. Steve Colbern, a scientist from A&S Research, brought a Gauss meter with him to our shoot. While we had a moment of

spare time, Steve as a fluke just thought he would take some magnetic field measurements in the garden of Jaime’s studio. His instrument, with L.A. and me watching the process, went crazy. We all thought there was something wrong with the device. So I pulled a new battery from my camera kit and put it in the Gauss meter so Steve could try it again. The needle on the meter pegged, even when putting it near Jaime’s plants in the garden. We then decided to walk out the front door and measure anything along the sidewalk and the driveway. The driveway put out an enormous magnetic signature. This was a normal concrete driveway. Because of what appeared to be erroneous readings we stopped doing this, thinking that the meter was somehow broken. The next day, back at our hotel, we tried the same tests with the same instrument to see if the garden around our hotel also registered any magnetism on the plants there. The device registered nothing. They acted like normal plants: no residual magnetic signature. The logical question remained: was Jaime’s studio being visited because of the work he’s doing?

Another interesting thing happened during one abduction that I am familiar with. The man who was abducted was sleeping next to his wife. He was taken and his wife was left. Later, the mattress material was tested and found magnetized on his side of the bed, but not on the side his wife was sleeping on. Normally, a mattress isn’t magnetic.

If we are looking at fallen angel technology (and I believe that some of these experiences

reflect that potential), then the good angels that we read about in Scripture also have the same “powers” or technology, if you wish to call it that. Since we are discovering first-hand scientific

data about these experiments, I have been making comparisons to the Scriptures.

What is usually referred to as “supernatural” may be coming to light with us possibly being able to understand more fully what is really going on and that the Bible is merely relating actual facts that are repeatable if we knew how they work. In the New Testament, Yeshua relates in Matthew 24 about angels coming for the elect during the time of the end. These angels, I would assume, would have identical powers that modern so-called ETs probably have. If so, then His statement about various people doing different things, “One will be taken and the other left…” could be directly correlated to what we are studying scientifically with laboratory test equipment.

Perhaps during this process described in the Scriptures, we might expect nearby people to become incapacitated as well: paralyzed temporarily, if you will, as the other is “taken.” This might also help us understand how so many people could simply disappear without any human intervention to prevent it.

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In depth interviews with:

Gary Stearman – Host of Prophecy in the News.

Stephen Bassett – Organizer of the Citizens Hearing on UFOs in Washington DC.

Cris Putnam – Co-author of EXO-Vaticana.

George Filer – Former Colonel and UFO witness.

Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher.

Jamie Maussan – Host of the weekly UFO program seen by over 4 million people in Mexico each week.

David Stinnett – UFO researcher.

Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher.

Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research.


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51 thoughts on “Watchers 7 and Further Evidence – an Excerpt by Richard Shaw

  1. I believe a false rapture will certainly be the trump card Satan uses before the return of Christ. With so many people on this side and that, he would be a fool to not play that hand.

    • Is Satan really *that* powerful? Where would all those “falsely raptured” people go?

      I’m sorry I just don’t see a false Rapture concept anywhere in the Scriptures.

    • The parable Jesus gave about the wheat and the tares reveals that the tares are taken first to their destruction. Some ufo contactees and abductees are being shown apocalyptic futures for mankind and are told they have a future mission. This mission includes directing people or going to selected locations to be rescued or mass evacuated. The movie “Knowing” depicts aliens rescuing chosen children that are guided to pre-selected locations while those left behind are destroyed by a massive solar flare event. This so called mass
      evacuation event could fulfil the parable of the tares and Christ’s warning that the tares will taken first. Some Christians are being warned in dreams not to go to certain locations to be raptured by a telepathic voice claiming to be from God. In the dreams the people who go to these locations see ufos lowering a blue beam to the ground. Those that step into the beam are taken up into the craft, but are heard screaming on their way up and once they are inside. Something like this was depicted in the movie “Skyline”. This is what some Christian researchers are calling the “false alien rapture.” The following short video gives the Scriptural warnings.

    • Don’t be fooled by the Dragon Hill UFO prophecy…it one of many deceptive prophecies that abductees and ufo contactees are given to prepare them for the false alien mass evacuation. Fallen angels posing as ETs are passing themselves off as mankind’s saviours and creators. The Ancient Aliens theorists, Exo-polictics believers and many new agers view aliens as god-like beings that have inspired or helped to create all the mainstream and pagan religions.

    • “”

      Regardless of timing of the Rapture this is where I’m coming from on it and I think a much more firm and solid reading of that passage.

    • So after the REAL rapture, the church will be seen as the Tares, case closed A.C. wins the argument, now its time to worship his Image.

      And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    • gather in — kick out

      wheat — chaff

      marriage clothes — no clothes

      humans in — enemy angels out (plus those not in the Lamb’s book)

      into heaven (later into New Jerusalem) — out of heaven (into earth later into Lake of Fire)

      earth destroyed (heavens rolled up) — new earth (and new heavens)

      …. seems like a lot of folks get hung up on the ” — ” part

    • to eric w., “if they are waiting for messiah to come a second time and pull them out of the hell on earth, the way i see that is about 50% of prophecy on The Last Trump which is the 7th is not understandable or uneeded as some denominations teach you do not need to understand Revelation because you will be out of here and come back a the second second last trump. “take heed that no man deceive you”. Rev.13.18 count or better calculated as with stones used for computation worn smooth over a long time of counting. “it is the number of a man” 666 6th trump, 6th vial, 6th seal. he does not need the power you speak of and no i do not believe he even comes close to that “dunamis”. he does have power to con people. and he does it best through the pulpit.

    • Eric, I don’t think we have any modicum of understanding of just how “Powerful” Satan is. Considering he has been around the cosmos since before dirt and understands the complex creation of science in ways that I wouldn’t in a thousand lifetimes, yeah, I would say he is *That* powerful.

    • To be or not to be deceived that is the question.

      Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    • Eric, From one who has literally breathed, walked, and crawled out of the darkness, and who has had to relearn a whole new way of living because of that, I can hundred percent tell you that ” yeah” Satan is ” that’ powerful. He has done more damage in this world that most people, especially IN the ” Body of Christ”, will ever be able to understand.

      He is adept at leading the ” holy and righteous” astray with the same kind of mentality that those who live without any care ,whatsoever , that he IS alive and well on planet earth. He has taken people, either before birth, and after, and convinced parents, grandparents, strangers or not , that to break ones spirit , and sadly, sometimes the same bodies by complete heineous acts of power and control bordering on torture, that they have no understanding that what had been done to them was even wrong. And this sometimes comes from those who call themselves father and mother, brothers or sisters and friends.

      People, who rightfully question the power of God truly find the Power filled God, in Jesus.. Amen? But sadly, sometimes people who need to question the existence of Satan, and his power never look outside the box of their cushy existence because if they had, they would see with blinders taken off that Satan lives and breathes, and walks in the lives of those even in the church.. even in the homes of those we hold in high esteem. He lurks around every corner of our planet ready to devour those that just don’t get how his presence deceives, and connives so that eyes are only on him, and not on what is happening behind ” closed doors” of our society.. Trust me, I looked for ways out of my childhood, out of the hurting , confusion, out and out lies that I didn’t even know were lies until not to many years ago. I have seen the POWER of God take me to the Cross, and back, as well as seen Satan take me to places in this lifetime that I still have to have Christ bring healing in. I know, that I know, the Power of God is bigger than the power and destruction of Satan, and I claim for my own, God’s healing in that lie that I don’t have to question satan’s authority anymore. Because I know the destruction of his never ending power to bring people to his side of the camp.

      John 14: 6 is one verse that unfortunately most believers don’t even have the ability to really know the true power of it’s words – that Satan comes to Kill..Steal.. and Destroy… He does it every day. In every place, in every way – including in websites just like this one.. Satan is no respector of time, people, or place..

  2. Thank you Richard for your post. There were some things you said that merits further thought, in particular about the angels of God that should be able to do the same ‘supernatural’ things the fallen ones do.

    It’s always good to hear from you. You and L.A. are a fantastic team – one that God surely forged by His Spirit. How special that is!

    God bless you and meet all of your needs and particularly in the financial realm. We all know this endeavor isn’t cheap and costs lots – even though we realize you both are good stewards of the money that comes in. Lets believe for an influx of finances!!!!

    • I apologize for thinking Richard Shaw had posted today. I was going too quick and the words “an excerpt by Richard Shaw”.just didn’t register in my little lightening fast brain!!!

      Having said that, I still mean what I wrote. I’m just gonna shut up now.

    • I think I have solved the mystery , if you look very close, freeze the frame at a certain point, it’s quite clear that’s it’s James Carville

    • lol! I think his wife is morphing into him, have you seen her lately? How could two people on opposite ends of the political spectrum be married? Proves it’s all a farse. (2 parties-just different sides of the same coin)

  3. LA:

    1st) The post by Richard is absolutely powerfully fascinating. Can’t wait for the arrival of my DVD/book for more information.

    I’m remembering that when I was younger I visited a psychic who was willing to read my fortune (future). Yes, I was naïve, but curious enough to try it. Anyway, the lady was quite nice. She never really read my fortune but I remember sitting in her living room while she went to get something to drink, a coke, I think. As I sat waiting, I looked around her neat, small living room and suddenly, my mind was “changed!” I was no longer seeing furniture but was seeing static. It’s like in the early days of tv, when the station no longer was televising shows because it was late at night, but we hadn’t turned off the tv and the screen would shift into a massive snow like effect with the sound of static. Now, the way Richard has described it, it’s magnetic waves! As quickly as it happened, I didn’t really panic but highly aware of the change, I shifted back into “normal” viewing of my surroundings. That’s when the lady came back. We chit chatted a few minutes. I never told her what had happened but she was telling me about the different “levels” that a person can travel into. I don’t remember the names of the different levels. I wasn’t concerned any longer.

    I excused myself saying it was late and I needed to get back home. She followed me out the side door of her home and we both admired some of her plants and flowers, then I left. Apparently God protected me because I wasn’t “taken.” I was never involved in the paranormal but as anyone else, I was curious. I now understand these are open portals. I didn’t call the effect onto me and I don’t know if this lady was doing something in the kitchen that activated the static by trying to get into my mind. I will say it was powerful and I was completely helpless for a few moments. (Thank you Jesus for your powerful protection!)

    2) Your post re: Nephilim Giants! The video suggests that partnering with the professor is available for DNA testing to determine it’s origins, height, weight, etc, by writing a proposal to have the femur bone tested. Perhaps he is still open to it if it hasn’t already been done.

    Giants in South Africa – by Michael Tellinger

    Everyone, have a great day in the Lord!


  4. I’m feeling encroached on. The Kardashians are UFO enthusiasts!

    Kardashians go to Area 51 with Alejandro and Travis Walton

    LA are you planning any trips to Area 51 with a team of your fans anytime soon?

    • I know I said I was going to “shut up” for the rest of the evening, however, I have to say this: Maybe the Kardashians CAME from Area 51. I’d prefer they stay there, somehow. If L.A. does take a group there everyone should check their backseats and trunks for stowaways.

      I, too, was “disturbed” and rather annoyed that they’re ufo enthusiasts. Could explain a lot though.

      If anyone heads out for work one morning and finds a Kardashian on their front porch, they’re in big trouble!


    • I think it was just front loading the masses. It’s cool to be into it- just to get us use to the idea so we aren’t too overwhelmed when they show up.

  5. LA, over the week end had a very interesting conversation with my brother in law regarding an encounter he had with a green man when he was a child. After 30+ years he shared his story with his next to oldest brother. After sharing it they were both totally shocked to find out they experienced the same thing that many years ago regarding the green man & never told anyone until now. Have you ever heard of “green” men? I noticed blue men have been mentioned. Both these boys are Christians & were raised in a Christian home. Just wondered!

    • besides the obvious….

      re:greens and grays (not to be confused with blue vs gray)

      cp. pale horse (contagion green or palor gray)


    • hmmm….. camouflage


      quote: [with reordering…]
      Mature chromatophores are grouped into subclasses
      based on their colour (more properly “hue”) under white light:”

      1 leucophores (white)
      2 erythrophores (red)
      3 melanophores (black/brown)
      4 [pale / dappled & gray]
      5 xanthophores (yellow)
      6 cyanophores (blue)
      7 iridophores (reflective / iridescent)

      Some species can rapidly change colour through mechanisms
      that translocate pigment and
      reorient reflective plates within chromatophores.
      This process, often used as a type of camouflage,
      is called physiological colour change or metachrosis

      where… angels of light / orb entities
      present the colors of the rainbow (cp the “signature” of God after the flood)

      1 white horse
      2 red horse
      4 pale horse (3 & 4 in parallel)
      3 black horse
      5 under altar (cp. embers / censer)
      6 “stars of heaven fall to earth … heavens depart as a scroll” (*)
      7 silence (**)

      (* — rebel angels cast out of heaven … loyal angels depart earth in waves? … clouds?)
      note: cp. chariot of God / throne of God

      (** – as cypher … or visually nondescript
      … stealth … no echo … no return
      … camouflage … camies … ghillie … military uniforms)

      no assertions here … just resonances … seeing how things might fit

      … orders of angels? … in uniform?

  6. I think so. He personally told me what happened to him. I can email you what he told me if you want. But like I said this happened over 30 years ago in Portland, Oregon. I truly believe it was demonic. I’m not sure if it would help you at all, I was just curious if you had ever heard of “green” men.

  7. George and Laura were on Leno Tuesday night. Oh how “Different” things have become in just the few short years since he left office. It just seemed more palpable watching the two of them there as normal folk. I have never felt so isolated from being able or even thinking I can make a difference as I have the last few years.

    • “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress. If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under”.

      Ronald Reagan

    • Jeff,

      I think you know that the tares are left to bud, bloom, and flower…
      … so that the young wheat aren’t pulled out by those less “surgical” than the angels.

      And that the Psalms tell us to consider the end of the wicked.

      Also that Christ preached the present reality of the Kingdom of Heaven — within
      … as righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

      And moreso, Yeshua taught much by parable and direct explanation that
      – we must be born again to enter in (I believe that means spiritually since it’s a spiritual reality)
      – those that find it (like a treasure hidden) would sell all they have just to buy where it’s hidden
      – as part of the Gospel by way of salvation and receiving the Holy Spirit we become citizens
      – it’s a great net cast into the world to draw in even those apostate that will later be cast out
      – we are His ambassadors and soldiers, with His Armor extended to us — for His intents

      The nations we were physically born in or physically dwell in can’t compare.

      So yes, I get grieving over the loss of what might have been…
      But there’s much joy in exploring, discovering, and using the “features” of the Kingdom of God
      ( Check out the climate control system. 😀 )

      If you wanted to see LA’s videos and could not purchase…
      … would you not simply just email him and gain the source and not just the product?
      (considering another comment tonight)

      How much more will Our Heavenly Father give good gifts to those that ask Him — personally.

  8. Texas stands against infanticide…

    Albuquerque 1st city to go pro-death…

    • Those who support abortion are like those in the Roman arena with their thumbs all down, they are just spectators for their enjoyment.

    • Murdering babies is disgusting and should carry prison sentences of long terms. I just cannot figure out why someone would want to murder them before they had a chance at life, even if it is run by a bunch of dictator democrats…..The Supreme Court was correct in letting this law run through the legal system…. Texas enacted this law to prevent the very serious abortion related pain, suffering and medical trauma that women were going through as shown with the trials of abortion clinics in Pennsylvania and Florida. What the testimony brought out was that due to the huge numbers of failed abortions, arms, legs and other body parts of the fetus were left in the mother which quickly required emergency room treatment a short time after the failed abortion…… The abortion clinics decided that to prevent these emergency room treatments, they instructed the women to give birth at the clinic and then destroy the newborn at birth. That’s why when all of the fetuses were found in dumpsters it led to the criminal charges.

    • Albuquerque voters went to the polls yesterday to vote on banning abortions after 20 weeks/ 5 months of pregnancy. As it stands now Albuquerque is said to be the late term abortion capitol of the US.

    • A real inconvenient truth.

      When a person has a virus we take something to kill the virus. When a person has an abortion the word kill is conveniently omitted.

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