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Watchers 7 DVD ($20.00) and the companion book Further Evidence ($24.95) by L. A. Marzulli, with Richard Shaw: Further Evidence – with over 40 full-color photos of UFOs, expert witness testimonies, behind the scene shots, and more!

“This may be the best UFO documentary I have ever seen!”  Bob Ulrich – Prophecy in the News!

Watchers 7, is over 80 minutes in length, with riveting, in-depth interviews!

Further Evidence, is a 7″ X 10″ oversize book, with startling UFO pictures, like the “Turkish UFO”, which shows “aliens,” inside the craft.

See and hear the former Canadian,Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, state unequivocally: UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over head! 

In depth interviews with:

Gary Stearman – Host of Prophecy in the News.

Stephen Bassett – Organizer of the Citizens Hearing on UFOs in Washington DC.

Cris Putnam – Co-author of EXO-Vaticana.

George Filer – Former Colonel and UFO witness.

Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher.

Jamie Maussan – Host of the weekly UFO program seen by over 4 million people in Mexico each week.

David Stinnett – UFO researcher.

Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher.

Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research.


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9 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli – Richard Shaw – Prophecy in the News Daily Update!

  1. Area 51 declassified: Documents reveal Cold War ‘hide-and-seek’, November 13

    To dive into the Area 51 files, go to the National Security Archive’s website:

    The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs
    Declassified Documents Describe Stealth Facility in Nevada
    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 443
    Posted – October 29, 2013

  2. mmm… national archives search engine

    “http://goo.gl/AphMKf” (cuba kennedy assassin)

    LITEMPO: The CIA’s Eyes on Tlatelolco (CIA Spy Operations in Mexico)

    … of communism and Cuba in Mexico but reluctantly conceded that the student movement was not communist controlled. That summer the U.S. Embassy …
    … were inspired by Cuba and Vietnam. Four of the demonstrations put forth demands related to the authoritarianism of the Mexican system. (Note 9) In …
    … President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, by interrogating Mexicans who had contact with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Another one of …
    … files on the Kennedy assassination, carried out by Ray Rocca, a senior counterintelligence official. The extract included here states that …
    … with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Another one of Scott’s agents, according to CIA records, was Luis Echeverría, a sub-secretary at …
    … with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Document 5 Date unknown Sylvia Duran’s Previous Statements Re Lee Harvey Oswald’s Visit to the Cuban …
    … presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission’s documents on Duran state that her interrogator was Gutiérrez Barrios. …

    • quote: “But Mexico was not that place, and 1968 was not that time. Mexico in 1968 was a nation of secrets and lies, where rumors trumped facts, propaganda masqueraded as news, and government officials were accountable to no one. ”

      Sounds familiar.

  3. Hello, L.A. and everyone.

    Came across a news story/video, ‘Schoolgirls Become Demon-Possessed After Encounter With “Alien” Being’. Not sure date of alleged incident, happened in Panama – Spanish language (or Portuguese?) . Description of “humanoid” featuring half-man/half woman and combination of animal parts re limbs etc.


    • The description was from comments section made in regard to story – not sure of accuracy of translation (I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese).

    • It’s spanish. Panama.

      see here for info re: shiva (snakes around neck)


      enemy angel is my bet

  4. Heartfelt prayers to those suffering in Phillipines, and now Illinois, USA. Even, Sydney hit by a ‘tornado’ and east coast of Australia hit by major storms (fortunately, not on scale as caused catastrophic destruction in Phillipines, Illinois and other regions).

    It seems when news is reported of certain governments mention of abandoning or going against Israel, they’re soon suffer some sort of catastrophe.

    Birth Pangs.

    God bless.

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