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watchers-7-and-further-evidenceFurther Evidence.


I get many emails each month and this one came across my desk resulting in this interview. The person wishes to remain anonymous, and thus, will be referred to as “Jane.” Her story is unique to me as I have never heard of an unborn calf being taken from its mother’s womb prematurely and then mutilated. As far as I know, law enforcement has yet to bring charges against anyone in these mutilations that have continued now for decades. Here’s her story and afterward I will comment. (All the names have been changed in accordance with the witness’s wishes).


My story begins on Sunday, January 1, 2005. At least if my memory serves correctly that was the actual date. Our daughter and grandson were living with us at the time: she, having gone through a divorce back in March of ’04. My grandson had received a rifle that year for Christmas. He was excited because he was going to the pasture with Grandpa to check on the cattle and then sight in his new rifle. My daughter was in her room on her computer and I was in my room on my computer. I heard Tom come back in and didn’t think they’d been gone long enough to check both the cattle and sight in a rifle.

In a few minutes I heard the conversation as my daughter Sherri asked, “Did you get to sight in your rifle?”

“Oh no, Grandpa Bob is too mad.” Tom replied. “What’s Grandpa mad about?”
“Someone mutilated my cow.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I went to my daughter’s room and asked if I had heard what I thought I’d heard. She stated that what I heard was correct: a cow had indeed been mutilated.

I asked Tom where Grandpa Bob was. He’s outside, but he’s mad. At that point I went outside to locate my husband. He was visibly upset and rightly so.

I was naive enough in those days to believe we should report it to local law enforcement. So I called the sheriff ’s department; I recall asking if anyone else in the area had reported any cattle mutilations. The shock on the other end of the line gave me the answer. I requested they send out a deputy.

About an hour later a deputy showed up. She followed my family out to the pasture where the cow was located. We all know what mutilation means, but to actually see it in first person is quite a shock. I had a sense of icy cold evil around me.

cattle-mutilationThe cow’s left eye was severed flat with her skull, the lower half of her head was pretty much gone. All that was left was bone oozing very minute amounts of blood.

The jaw bone was laid bare, and her tongue, nose, mouth, were all gone. “They” had made a very smooth, precise, rather semi-circle type cut to remove these tissues. The tips of her udders were blackened and her rectum had been cored.

The deputy was trying to tell us that a wild animal was likely to blame.

For weeks, nothing would touch that cow, no coyotes or other regular predators would take any of her for food. The buzzards would sit on her and poop but not eat her, and the carcass lay there for a long, long, time before it eventually rotted away and the bones drug off. Very unreal.

Flash forward to Tuesday morning of the same week. I’m up and dressed and ready to depart for work. In fact, I was walking through the kitchen headed toward the sliding glass doors to leave when my daughter called out to me from her room to ask me a question. As I started to turn around it was like I ran into an invisible hand or force field of some type. It hit me dead on in the chest and I was actually moved back a couple of steps.

I stood wondering what in the world was going on when I felt a tingling sensation in my feet. This sensation began rising upward as I stood there. I began to realize that if this continued, I was going to fall. Luckily for me there was a kitchen chair within arms reach and I grabbed it and literally fell into the chair.

I recall that my heart was skipping a few beats and I was thinking that at any second I would be in the presence of the Lord. After a short time and I was still here, I decided to see if I could get up and stand. Since everything appeared to be normal I went on to work. After getting to work, I kept having the feeling that I needed to call in my replacement and go home. It was just one of those weird things: hard to explain to someone else, but I called her anyway and my replacement said she would be there shortly.

Everything was fine until all of a sudden I felt like someone was poking my stomach with about 10,000 tiny needles. If I sat down and stayed still, it wasn’t so bad.

My replacement finally showed up and I left to come home.

I pulled into my driveway at 10:00 am (keep note of the time). I almost drove down the road just a little farther to check on the cows but just didn’t do so. Instead I went in and just lay down and rested.

That afternoon when my husband got in from work, he went to check on the cattle. What he found was a newborn calf that had been mutilated in the same manner as the cow had been two days prior.

The thing was, the mother cow wasn’t even due for another couple of months. She had previously shown no signs of giving birth any time soon.

After hearing the news, I again called the sheriff ’s department out to file a report and the same deputy came back and took a report, this time saying a panther was probably responsible.

Later that night our neighbor called, having heard about the earlier incident. For the record, this particular neighbor lives right across the road from our pasture where the two incidents took place. Although, from their location they would not have been able to see anything going on.

My daughter spoke with the neighbor on the phone, and told him about our second event. He told her that about 10:00 am that morning their dog was going nuts and looking in the direction of our pasture. His wife looked out but couldn’t see anything. I have to wonder what I might have seen had I gone that way at 10:00 that morning instead of pulling into the drive.

My family has owned this land for over 100 years. Nothing like this has ever occurred before, and hopefully never again. This was not an experience that I would care to repeat – ever!

I can’t explain exactly what happened to me on the day of the second mutilation, although I’ve never felt anything like it before or since.

Also these are the facts as closely as I can recall. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I feel your work is “spot on” and I am very thankful that someone from “our” side of the fence is tackling these issues.


The story you read is true and “Jane” came on my radio show, Acceleration Radio, and told us about what she experienced. The questions remain: why would anyone do this and then leave evidence of the mutilation unless it was to cause fear?

It’s one thing to read about this here; it’s another to be living it. How would you react when realizing that whoever is doing this does so with impunity?

This phenomenon has been going on for decades and so far law enforcement has not brought charges against anyone that I know of. Linda Moulton Howe created a video a few years ago entitled Strange Harvest. It remains one of the best videos on the subject, in my opinion. What is this strange harvest being used for? What is even more unsettling is that there have been cases of human beings mutilated in the same way. To me, this bears the fingerprints of the Fallen One. Is he using this genetic material to build hybrids? That’s where I would put my money as I believe we are in the days that are like those of Noah. Will we see the return of the Nephilim? Only time will tell. 

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    • I hear ya…. I had one of mine deleted yesterday. Initially I thought I may have been upsetting someone or ticking them off over what I was saying, but I’m not sure how as I am not the type that goes looking to “start stuff.”

      It was the little mischievious black eyed kids saying “LET ME IN THE L.A. MARZULLI BLOG SITE” as foam oozed from their mouths hissing while singing the musac version of Muskrat Love.

    • Corey do you think there is reason that what you said could have upset some Mod? I know what I said had absolutely zero cause for alarm. I have never had a comment removed before, have you ?

  1. You should have Linda on the show. She also has several good interviews with relatives who’s fathers were Drs that worked on the Alien bodies that were found at Roswell that were taken to Wright Pat Air Force Base.
    Two dead one alive.

    • Wow… that is some truly amazing information. This is what Jesus meant when he said that there will be signs in the heavens. And we are to be taking note of these signs. Many argue things like this…. “But, But, But Jesus never said to look for a comet streaking through the skies!” Indeed he didn’t. But he did put clues up there for us to watch and watch the significance of where they go and when they go. In other words, God is putting his fingerprints up there for us to take notice and share with everyone. Get educated on these significant happenings and share with the lost. But to do that, we must know how to interpret all these things such as this guy just did.

      And who cares if you make a speculation of some timing and it turns out to be wrong. Just make that clear that it’s your speculation of “when” something “could” happen and leave it at that to let people decide for themselves. People are so afraid that they will “discredit” themselves by being wrong on a speculative date. So what. The important thing is that you pointed out to someone the very peculiar happenings going on in the Heavens and showed God’s fingerprints on it… which glorifies God. Nothing wrong with speculating what “could” occur on a certain date. It doesn’t mean that one is being dogmatic. I think people truly appreaciate it when people do this because it stirs up some positive excitement… whichi is what is sorely lacking. Kudos to this guy and everyone else who does this. I’m not saying be another Harold Camping and be dogmatic on a specific Rapture date and paint yourself into a corner. Just pointing out to people the peculiararities of something and making an “undogmatic” speculation is perfectly fine. People appreciate it. I know I do.

      People need to lighten up a bit and get excited.

    • COMET ISON OUTBURST CONTINUES: The abrupt brightening of Comet ISON on Nov. 14th has pushed the comet into the range of naked eye visibility. Dark-sky observers around the world report seeing it with their unaided eyes on the morning of Nov. 15th. To the human eye, ISON is just a faint smudge of magnitude +5.5. Backyard telescopes are revealing much more. The effects of the outburst have propagated into the comet’s suddenly riotous tail, as shown in this image taken on the morning of Nov. 15th by Damian Peach: “It’s hard to believe this is the same comet I photographed on Nov. 10th,” says Peach. “Now that ISON has experienced an outburst, the show has really begun.” The increase in brightness and emergence of multiple gaseous streamers could be caused by fresh veins of ice opening up in the comet’s nucleus. Rapid vaporization of ice by solar heat is a sure-fire way to boost a comet’s visibility.

      But, as NASA’s Comet ISON Observing Campaign states, “we have no idea.” The comet’s nucleus is hidden from view by a hazy green atmosphere, so events in the interior remain a mystery. “I have a strong suspicion that this is Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4) all over again,” says Mark Kidger of the ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre in Madrid. In the year 2000, Kidger other astronomers monitored Comet LINEAR as it disintegrated en route to the sun. “The sudden appearance of ISON’s gas tail, the increasing fuzziness of its coma, and now this sudden outburst all remind me of C/1999 S4 just before it broke apart.” To reiterate: No one knows what is happening to Comet ISON. This could be the comet’s death throes–or just the first of many brightening events the comet experiences as it plunges toward the sun for a close encounter on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28th). Monitoring is encouraged. Comet ISON rises in the east just before the sun. Amateur astronomers, if you have a GOTO telescope, enter these coordinates. Dates of special interest include Nov. 17th and 18th when the comet will pass the bright star. –Space Weather

  2. November 15, 2013 – CINEMA – The first official trailer for “Noah,” Daren Aronofsky’s much talked about follow-up to 2010’s “Black Swan,” hit the Internet Thursday. The latest adaptation of the Book of Genesis narrative stars a grizzly-bearded Russell Crowe as the titular hero, and also features Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone. With the exception of a leaked trailer that circulated online late last month, the clip is the first real look at the director’s grandiose take on the biblical epic. Despite the release of the trailer, there are reports that the director and Paramount are currently at war over the final cut of the film after test audiences reacted poorly to the movie in New York, Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif. “Noah” is expected to be released on March 28, 2014. –NY Post

    • Once we watch the film we can then discern whose theology backed the film. If It was the Mormons we might expect to see Nephi instead of Nephilim. “And they took them wives of all which they chose.” see Joe Smith he took wives of all which he chose, took mind you, the young and beautiful, married or single. Angelic monkey business.

    • After watching this Noah trailer the either day, a friend of mine posted a question about what other Old Testament stories you think would make a good epic-style, big-budget Hollywood film?
      Whether you believe the Bible to be literal and historical fact, a blend of history and metaphorical parables, or just a bunch of old folklore stories, it’s hard to argue against the literary value of the Old Testament.
      Modern CGI and big Hollywood budgets have made it possible to more-fully retell many of these epic, surreal, and bloody stories. And having seen the trailer for NOAH, it appears that this could be hit for both religious and non religious audiences. The Ten Commandments also comes to mind as a great big-budget movie based on an Old Testament story.

      Personally, I have always loved the story of King David. I believe his dramatic transformation from shepherd, to giant-slayer, to fugitive, to King, and then his unfortunate fall to become an adulterer and murderer, and eventual redemption could absolutely make a wonderful character-study film…Also I’m sure a talented director could tackle the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and raise thought-provoking questions of morality, violence, sexism, mercy, and the eventual punishment for guilt that would be applicable to modern American audiences.

      …and Samson single-handedly killing 1,000 Philistines with a donkey’s jawbone as a club could make the Spartans from 300 looks somewhat average. 😉

      So what’s your favorite Old Testament story you would like to see on the big screen?

  3. Wow that is a frightening story on the blog today. I’ve always wondered why cows and not pigs. Aren’t pigs more similar to hunans in dna? They were also the animal of choice in sacrifice to pagan gods. Not that that has anything to do with it. Interesting blog again.

  4. Good grief, the four comets video is amazing, thanks!
    I intend to listen to LA’s interview with Fetzer as soon as I have time. I have always believed in “more than one shooter” on the JFK death event. However, I watched every bit of the PBS Kennedy remembrance videos which aired on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. One hour was devoted to forensic proof (very convincing) that a single bullet (the second bullet) could have struck both Kennedy and Connally, while the third bullet killed Kennedy by striking his head. This material posits that Oswald (a trained armed forces marksman before his Communist days) was probably the only shooter. But if he was the only shooter, this does not rule out conspiracy by a long shot. He could have been an elaborately constructed patsy with years of preparation put into place.

    All of the PBS remembrance videos were fine. It made me realize, with Jay, that Kennedy was probably our greatest president. The videos showed in detail how he had a steep learning curve about civil rights, how he was a conservative on the issue of national defense but still knew how to head Kruschev off in Cuba. I was touched by the detailed information about his terrible health, which required him to live on steroids and pain killers to keep looking like a young, vigorous president. I was touched by the pictures and narrative of his youth–and his gap-toothed smile reminded me that I too had a gap-toothed smile until my parents corrected it, perhaps a mistake, as it is a sign of Irish proficiency in psychic discernment.

    I am old enough to have seen Kennedy campaigning in the Chicago area, where I lived for 8 months in that period. I have always felt he was a coddled elite, but now I think he was much more.

    The hour devoted to Walter Cronkite’s coverage, along with other UPI staffers, reminded me of my own brief stint as a
    UPI staffer in San Francisco; the newsroom which was the “set” for Cronkite’s show is exactly like the one I inhabited in the days before cell phones, when “stories” were phoned in on land lines, typed on typewriters, and handed to men who ran
    the teletypes, all things that are gone now.

  5. There are many in the new age and exopolitics movement that claim ET’s are here to help mankind with new scientific knowledge, free energy, accelerated human evolution and an enlightened exo-consciousness etc. If we go along with the alien agenda humanities problems will be solved once humans are accepted into the so called, Galactic Federation. A glance at the Exopolitics and the Thrive movement websites will verify their hope of a Star Trek like future. Are they, the ET’s really here to serve and help us or is there are more diabolical purpose? The following Twilight Zone episode should be a warning to everyone.

    • Gordy, that episode hit the nail on the head. Giant cranium head that is. Another episode had aliens using fear to turn people agaunst each other. The title was “the monsters on maple st”. There is no fear with Jesus though.

    • Following is more information on the Thrive movement by a former new ager who is now a believer in Christ:

      Thrive Movement EXPOSED !!! New Age Illuminati Propaganda !!!

  6. L.A.

    I just read your post regarding the interview with “Jane”. It makes me furious when I read these kinds of reports!

    Besides the actual atrocity/s the impunity is maddening!!!!

    Psalm 50:10-11 comes to mind: “For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird of the mountains, And everything that moves in the field is Mine.”

    I know the context of which this Scripture is written, however God still “lays it out” All of creation belongs to Him. He just gives mankind temporary lease or ownership, but one day it’ll all revert back to Him in totality. But for right now, I believe these ranchers and farmers have something they CAN do, if they’re willing and if someone will share with them.

    If you remember, L.A. you and others were asked to pray for some ranches out in Colorado a little over a year ago – that they had experienced the same type of thing with their stock, including a beautiful horse. My heart was broken and God sent me on a “mission” to share God’s word with them and lead them, the best I could to understand what they were dealing with. They weren’t “wrestling with flesh and blood”. It was 6 0r 7 pages. I sent it in a large thick padded mailer. It never got there. Three months went by. I began to smell a rat. I re-sent it in a small manila envelope and it got there. I made calls out there and no one could figure out what had happened. I have my thoughts about what could have happened.

    Anyway, whenever I woke up at night to go to the bathroom or get something to drink, I’d look at the clock and it would be around 2 or 2:30 am which would be midnight or so out there. Several weeks went by and I would intercede before I’d go back to bed. Then the urgency to pray gradually lifted. I still pray when these things are reported. God just gave me compassion for these particular types of situations. He does this at times with us, even if we might not fully understand why.

    Would there be a way to have something in print that would help these folks to understand what’s available to them in Christ, that they don’t have to suffer – sometimes – over and over again this fear, sorrow and economic theft?

    I’d be willing to help if I could, even to talking with them by phone. If I had the money, I’d hop on a plane with a bottle of canola oil and anoint everyone of those animals even if it meant traipsing through and around hundreds of cow paddies!

    God bless you!

    PS I Do understand about what “Jane” experienced in going home instead out to check on the cattle. God has to certainly lead in situations like this. It’ll be interesting to hear everyone’s comments.

    ALSO, it took me 4 times to get this typed. It kept disappearing.

    • Thank you for doing that for those ranchers, Phyllis. It is heart-wrenching to hear of these stories. I remember when L.A. interviewed Chuck Zukowski and he talked about these ranchers weeping at the sight of such mutilations in their animals. These aren’t the kind of men to weep easily – I know, I grew up with several of them. But, they care deeply about their animals.

      And, losing one of those mature cows would be much like losing a car – it ain’t cheap.

      Spiritual warfare training is necessary for those farmers and ranchers.

    • These mutilations are akin to rape done in a diabolical hateful act perpetrated on both man and beast. How pathetic.

      The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.
      .. as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  7. “http://spectator.org/articles/56494/really-happening”

    Is This Really Happening?

    Obama accedes to Israel’s possible annihilation.

    By Ben Stein

    • I agree 100% with Ben Stein. Moreso, The Holy Bible including the Old Testament warns repeatedly that most people absolutely should not be trusted (with only a single exception in Proverbs 31).

      That means neither the US nor its presidents should be trusted. It was always a foregone conclusion that the obama administration would soft peddle on Iran, just like they do on US border laws, drug addiction laws, worker protection laws, family protection laws, etc. Just like the empty promises about Guantanamo Bay.

      But, even if Iran and Syria dismantle their own nuke, chemical, and bio-weapons WMD programs — what stops some psycho anti-Israel faction from buying nukes from Pakistan or North Korea etc. and doing the same thing?

      Any day now I expect terrorists to use drones or “gagacopters” to deliver suicide bombs or worse under the radar.

      It’s far more likely that NYC or Tel Aviv are attacked than Jerusalem. It’s ironic that the insane fixation of the palestinians for a state and the muslims for the temple mount — protect earthly Jerusalem and the region from mass attacks.

      It works the other way of course also. Israel could send in nuke drones or set off nukes in place in not only the major cities of the anti-israel factions — but the cities of nations that “fail” to help protect them. It’s the same type of pscyho diabolically driven mentality that kills innocents in mass attacks that would kill those that don’t stand with them. Bizarre yes. But no more than the massive abortion practices of the superpowers.

      Ask yourself what stops gangs from torching neighborhoods and you’ll find the reason that Israel still stands. Same goes for NYC, DC, etc. By the Grace of God.

  8. There has been a series of brutal sheep mutilations here in my town recently, and has caught the attention of the UFO investigation community… A local rancher says 21 of his prized sheep have been mutilated in recent weeks. All of them had their sexual organs removed. The local law enforcement investigating say that the method of removal of the organs looked very surgical in percussion. The grass was untouched around the mutilated animals with no traces of people or animals. The detective in charge of the investigation said. “What really gets me is the lack of tracks and evidence,” “It’s not kids. Whoever is doing this knows what they are doing.” It wasn’t a wild animal, which would tear the meat,” “This was too clean to be an animal. Whoever did this knew what they were doing.” There were no footprints, there were no crossing marks, and there was no evidence whatsoever to lead us in any direction,” the detective spoke about a group of self-proclaimed Satanic worshipers that were in the area in the late ’70s, The sheriff has seen some strange things in his 35 year career in law enforcement and says, that group was linked to cattle mutilations similar to this, but said he is not linking this to devil worshipers.

    “This could be someone who has nothing else to do but hurt animals for kicks,” he says.
    The rancher said he was very fond of the sheep that was mutilated. His voice cracks a little when he speaks about them
    “It hurts me severely,” The animals were very much a part of my family.

    Two theories come to mind in this case; either the Chupacabra makes its return to Texas farmlands,, or Reid, and Pelosi are running around Texas donning their sacrificial robes and bearing daggers.

  9. If humans doing tests for toxins (chem trails?) or plague tech or gene engineering … does that mean the testing has moved to Texas. (The idea being to distract from the facts with a “ufo fog” or “alien psyop.”)

  10. As disasters increase in frequency (part of the prophesied end time Birth Pangs) and places like China and North Korea continue their blood baths…

    Tell thet Great Multitude (including the refugees from Japan’s nuclear nightmares and the Philippines super-typhoons) that they are welcome in North America.

    We’re continuing to open wide the door to the downtrodden and tempest tossed…

    “Immigrant Rules to Be Relaxed for Military Kin,” by Miriam Jordan, WSJ, Nov. 15, 2013 (requires login)

    There’s plenty of Filipinos that served in the US military — so the policy should likewise by extended to veteran’s families — especially in this time of dire need in the Philippines!

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