Further Evidence! Excerpt with Dave Stinnett!

watchers-7-and-further-evidenceInterview with David Stinnett, MUFON Investigator

L.A.: Dave, you are a UFO investigator from what organization?

D.S.: I don’t work for any particular organization. I am the director of the New Jersey UFO Congress and Conference.

L.A.: Okay. And you’ve been into this for how long?

D.S.: About 30 years, a little over 30 years.

L.A.: And you’ve seen lots of craft?

D.S.: Yes, I’ve seen practically everything there is to see as the stuff goes. I’ve been concentrating more on the “stuff ” that’s closer to the ground than the lights in the sky at this point.

L.A.: You’ve been investigating a woman by the name of Allison Cruz. Tell us about her.

D.S.: Allison Cruz is a relatively new UFO researcher. She’s been documenting some very strange orb activity by her house.

L.A.: When you say orb, define that. D.S.: Flying spheres of light.
L.A.: Okay.
D.S.: Of various colors.

L.A.: Kind of like the foo fighters of WWII?
D.S.: Exactly. Same type of phenomenon. She got bit by the bug trying to find out what these things are. She’s put a lot of her own time and money and energies into trying to capture good footage. She probably has some of the best footage available.

L.A.: Where is this footage located? Where was it shot?
D.S.: Right in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.
L.A.: Okay, how far is that from where we are now in Hamilton, New Jersey? D.S.: It’s a good five hour drive.
L.A.: So, western Pennsylvania?
D.S.: Western Pennsylvania, yeah.
L.A.: So tell me what we’re looking at here; this is fascinating.

D.S.: What she captured in her night vision was one of these bright orbs, something that’s fairly common. The only difference with this one is it’s shooting a laser down to the ground, or a light down to the ground. Now people will say it’s just a helicopter. We checked to see what was in the area, so we know it’s nothing commercial, nothing military. If you look at a helicopter with night vision, because the friction on the tips (of the propellers), it leaves a halo that you can see on the top and the bottom of the helicopter. People who do this know that. It would be nice if that fact was out there a little more.

L.A.: And there’s no halo in this footage. Tell us how big this particular orb was? Was there any way for her to discern how big this light in the sky was that was shooting down beams of light?

D.S.: We don’t have any type of measuring technique for something like that. No, but I think it was a pretty big craft.

L.A.: Did she hear any noise while she was filming this? D.S.: No. These things are completely silent.
L.A.: Were there other witnesses to this?

D.S.: Yes, there were. She’s had the department of homeland security chief from Pennsylvania in some of these sightings. She’s had police officers in the woods while these things are over their head. You can’t see them with your eyes, but you can see them with the night vision. The police are aware of it and from what I understand, they have been told by the government of Pennsylvania not to speak on the subject.

L.A.: How many reports are you getting from people from New Jersey seeing craft, seeing balls of light, anomalies in the sky? Are you getting reports on a daily basis? Weekly basis? Is it peaking? Is it burgeoning? Is it lessening? What’s going on?

D.S.: New Jersey by and large is fairly quiet, but it has been picking up some. New York has been picking up. Pennsylvania (too), and the states up north. L.A.: What are people seeing?

D.S.: They’re seeing the orbs. We don’t seem to be getting a lot of the lenticular craft, you know, the classic UFO shapes.

L.A.: Cigar shape, disc shape? Like what happened in Stephenville, Texas, a few years ago? Ricky Sorrells saw a mile-wide craft.

D.S.: It seems the further south you get like (in) Texas, (the more) they seem to film that stuff like it’s going out of style.

L.A.: There seem to be two paradigms which people can embrace regarding the UFO phenomenon. One paradigm of course is that these are extraterrestrials from “Zeta Reticuli,” the ancient alien/ancient astronaut theory. That they’ve been coming to earth for thousands of years, and now they’re visiting us again! The other side of the aisle, as it were, is that no, these are not extraterrestrials, these are inter-dimensional beings. Jacques Vallee wrote about this in his book, Messengers of Deception. What paradigm do you hold to and why?

D.S.: I take a beating from…especially from the “newbies” because these guys don’t have any time in on this. They don’t have any research. They haven’t read Valle (Jacques Vallee’s Messengers of Deception) That’s probably why I came over into the other camp as I wasn’t seeing these coming from outer space…even in my mid-twenties. They’ll (the UFOs) pop into a valley. They’ll pop in and pop out. Some of them will go up, but by and large they’ll be cruising across and poof, they’re gone!

L.A.: They’re gone…
D.S.: That’s standard operating procedure. That’s how that’s running. L.A.: So you lean toward the inter-dimensional?

D.S.: I am full on inter-dimensional. You get people who say, you see them around the ISS (International Space Station), but you get into the modern physics model and you realize this could all be a big program. (See Chuck Missler’s interview about the digital simulation)

L.A.: The holographic universe…
D.S.: Yes, this could be inserted wherever it needs to be inserted.

L.A.: Speaking about Jacques Vallee’s book, Messengers of Deception, from Vallee’s point of view these beings, whatever they are, seem to lie and do so habitually. Your thoughts.

D.S.: He makes a very good point and he takes it across the timeline saying that in the 1300s you had the hidden commonwealth, and there were gnomes and fairies and they would abduct people. And if you didn’t eat their food, which was usually buckwheat pancakes…

L.A.: (Laughs)

D.S.: …and you were able to escape…yet there was a time differential when you got back to the village. Now you move that to the 1800s, you have these air ships. These people would land…you have engineers who saw these things and talked to the people there and they would say, “I don’t know how the thing operated but they offered me buckwheat pancakes!” Then you move into the late 1950s and 1960s and you have aliens and UFOs, and the people offer them buckwheat pancakes. And one guy had one analyzed and it was just a buckwheat pancake!

L.A.: (Laughs)

D.S.: Well the common thread is the buckwheat pancake, but the real thing is…what you’re seeing is that, whatever this is, it’s presenting itself to each generation in the vernacular that generation can understand. It will be gnomes and fairies, it will be dirigibles, and it will be UFOs. So whatever it is, it’s changing itself to meet whatever is going on in our society at that time. And that’s the deception; it’s presenting itself as one thing, as this, as something else. It could be Zeta Reticuli here, a reptilian there, whatever it wants to show us, and that’s the dangerous part. That’s the deception of the whole thing. We know that everything that is truthful is done in the light.

L.A.: It seems that whatever or whoever these beings are present themselves, in whatever period of time they manifest, in a way in which the local populace at the time can understand. Is that what you’re saying?

D.S.: Take the Marian apparitions you get: the one in Egypt at the Coptic Church and other previous sightings. It doesn’t look like a Marian apparition to me, but whoever “they” are try to put it in a way that people can accept it so they’re not frightened of it. When a UFO guy like me is looking at this, it doesn’t look any different from the stuff I’m filming. It’s (The Marian apparition in Egypt) popping in and then you see it collapse in on itself.

L.A.: I saw that, sure.

D.S.: It’s the same phenomenon, and the people who have been in it a long time realize that all of this is associated phenomena.

L.A.: Now when you say the same phenomenon, what are you tracing this back to? What do you believe the source of the phenomenon is? Who’s behind this?

D.S.: I mean, being an ancient text guy…and even as a young ufologist, I always called it The Shining One because that’s how Lucifer is referred to in those texts; and when you see these things up close, and when they’re in full manifestation, The Shinning One is exactly a great description of it. I mean its brightness that you can’t describe.

L.A.: So without putting words in your mouth, do you think that the phenomenon is benevolent or malevolent, good or evil?

D.S.: You can get guys on both sides of the fence. When I see benevolence it is done “above board.” It’s not something that’s hidden away. I don’t think cattle and human mutilations are a

benevolent situation. Let’s face it. At this point in the game it looks malevolent to me.

L.A.: Where do you think this is headed? There are craft, UFOs which are being seen everywhere, so where is this going? What is the end game here? What do you see happening in the not-to-distant future?

D.S.: I think that if we have to go by ancient texts, what they’re saying is going to happen. There has to be paradigm shift. What do we have out there that could change the paradigm so

much that it could have the church folk and the very elect leave the churches.

L.A.: Be deceived.

D.S.: The last big paradigm shift was Jesus. Let’s face it, He changed the whole operation. It has to be something that big, even bigger. It has to be someone feeding hundreds of thousands of people with loaves and fishes. The only thing we have sitting out there right now is the UFO/ alien stuff. So guys like me are looking to that. I mean when you’re amongst that community, you think, “Hey, this stuff is going to pop any second,” you know? (When) you step away from it a little bit you gain perspective. You realize, it is happening, it’s moving forward at a fast rate. The funny thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the early church fathers, let’s say 40 to 60 years after Jesus’ death, were saying somewhere around 2012 something is going to happen. So, we’re in those times. Something’s going to pop; as far as what it is, I’m not entirely sure, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to pick it off as soon as it comes around. What I believe is that guys like me and like yourself are going to be the heretics. Because we’re going to be the holdouts saying, “You guys need to second think what’s going on here.” It’s going to be that big, and we don’t know what this is about. We don’t know whether it’s good alien/ bad alien, or if this is real or fake, but we need to slow down and parse this out a little bit.

L.A.: Right, right.

D.S.: And that’s my mission basically. Not being a guy thumping Bibles and going at it like that, but people need to know there’s another narrative. One’s going to right and one’s going to wrong. Choose wisely at this point.

L.A.: We hear reports of some sort of a breeding program. We interviewed Dr. Jacobs recently who believes that the breeding program has reached its zenith. That these hybrid beings can now pass as fully human. In Dr. Jacobs’ words, he believes that they are now integrating into society. What have you heard about the hybrid program, and what are your thoughts regarding that?

D.S.: It was in one of Ingo Swan’s talks (he started the remote viewing program for the U.S. government) where he states that he was walking through the city streets and he sensed one of these things. He walks past it and then turns around; he looks behind him and he sees the individual looks human, but it has stopped and is looking at him. He says at that point you run like crazy, because it’s not a good thing to let them know you are aware of them!

L.A.: Have you had contact with people (who have) or have you had contact yourself with hybrid beings?

D.S.: It’s hard to vet that type of thing because it’s supernatural. L.A.: Thanks for coming on the record.
D.S.: It’s been my pleasure!


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Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher.

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David Stinnett – UFO researcher.

Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher.

Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

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50 thoughts on “Further Evidence! Excerpt with Dave Stinnett!

  1. Really good insights and sober warning that the big deception is directly from the “Father of Lies”. Glad to hear him say it is all about to hit the fan soon. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  2. Awesome. Can’t wait for this loot to show up here at the house. 🙂

    That radio show about the Two Oswalds was fascinating. I’ve never heard that particular angle before. Nothing would surprise me as far as all that goes.

    Wishing you all a blessed day in the Lord. 🙂

    • Eric, when you have the time this is a ‘must see’ to round out the scenario. It is complicated (to say the least) and should be watched in its entirety to be well understood regarding the gov connection — but the 30 – 60 minute area has the connection to the Oswald/Ruby/gov issue – all surrounding the Cuban missile crisis and Castro plus the ‘money machine’ in charge. Oh, the tangled web they weave… even begging the rocks to fall on them (Rev. 6:16) won’t be enough in the day of His wrath.

  3. “http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/11/08/bipartisan-bill-to-delay-individual-mandate-introduced-as-obama-apologizes-over/”

    Obama apologizes to Americans who lost health plans

    This makes it all better now. 🙄

  4. Interesting videos you posted at the end of yesterday’s session Kirk. After watching them and particularly the last video about Kasakstan (probably slaughtered the spelling of that word) it becomes even more obvious the absolute power and occultism of the Vatican and how they quite literally rule the world. After watching that last one, I had nothing but thoughts and images of the Pope draped in his vestments and images that would come into your head concerning everything to do with the catholic church under the Vatican.

    It becomes very, very obvious that Mystery, (comma) Babylon the Great is this entity… called the Vatican, the Catholic Church headquartered in Rome. It was quite astounding. In my opinion, this has direct relation with what is being discussed in today’s post with the increase in UFO sightings and the breeding program being complete and these evil beings integrating into our societies passing as human.

    • Corey…

      Yes, i kinda forgot about those videos, but thinking about the “ghost cities” that you brought up….my wheels got a spinnin’….
      then i remembered ….and typed in “astana” …and watched them again. “The Elite” are certainly “going all out” and sparing no expense!
      Soooo nice of them “to steal our money” and re-route it for their “projects”…………NOT !!!

      Glad you got to watch them though, ….gives us a lot to ponder.

      Definitely some “messed up” stuff going on regarding The Vatican too….but that is nothing “new”….same stuff with different “flavor”.

      Also….the guy named “Freeman” …who did the one long video….I don’t know if he is a CHRISTIAN …or more “new-agey” ( ??? )……But
      Maybe LA MARZULLI knows….cause “I think” LA has had an interview with “Freeman” in the near past.

      Freeman…IS…. well-researched…NO doubt about that !! Blew my “wig” back about a few things!

      Here is a video (below) that I am currently watching this afternoon…..and be sure to check out the videos listed to the right side!!!
      Some VERY interesting videos pop up about CLONING, HYBRIDS, BREEDING PROGRAM, SYNTHETIC HUMANS….wild stuff !!!

      Obama and Human Cloning

  5. Just watched a program by perry stone in which he taught on the subject of “Six things You Must Do In The Last Days.” Part of the teaching in the beginning was about Matthew 12: 43-46. He seems to think that the Rapture is a reward for believers who are performing up to par rather than an escape for ALL believers. I have to say that I would disagree with that statement. On the surface, it looks as though this scripture is speaking of “servants” who will be left behind and be appointed his portion with the unbelievers. But upon closer examination, one has to remember that Jesus is speaking to Jews of that day and it is referring to the second coming… not the rapture. The proof of this is when you back up and read the full context of what Jesus is saying in verse 36… “And you yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, “WHEN HE WILL RETURN FROM THE WEDDING”; that when he comes and knocks, they may open to him immediately.” This wedding being spoken of is the wedding that occurs in Heaven during the 7 year Tribulation with the raptured saints! The Jews that are being spoken to here being appointed their portion with the unbelievers who are “beating the menservants and maidens, eating and drinking and being drunken” are the unsaved Jews who have just gone through the Tribulation.

    I’ve always wondered about these verses of scripture. They used to scare the living daylights out of me and gave me no peace. I was always afraid I wouldn’t “measure up” and being counted among those “not living up to the standard.”

    Context! Context! Context! …. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • Corey,
      by mentioning Perry Stone’s teaching on the rapture you’re addressing a subject that LA has asked us not to discuss on the blog.


    • Forgot to put a smiley face after the exclamation points…. so just imagine it there. I know sometimes when we put exclamation points after what we say, it comes off on a computer screen as though we’re trying to argu about something and causing division or something like that. The exclamation points in this case as I meant them were intending to express more of an “excitement” emotion.

    • I would also add that Perry Stone is a sound biblical teacher and all and you learn many important things from him, it’s just this one matter that is a little off. No one is perfect. Definitely not me! 😀

    • What a bunch of crap. Perry seems to really be diverting from scripture. Its like Irving Baxter Junior preaching several raptures or Bill O’Reilly who argues that Jesus did not say “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” from the cross. He says it wouldn’t have been physically possible.

      “You die on a cross from being suffocated,” he says. “You can hardly breathe. We believe Jesus said that, but we don’t believe He said it on the cross because nobody could have heard it.”

      Despite his controversial remarks, O’Reilly says the Holy Spirit inspired him to write Killing Jesus. He claims he woke up in the middle of the night and thought, “Killing Jesus.”

      Hey Bill no one inspired you besides your bank account your moron!

    • Corey….

      Yes, I agree with you that Perry is “off” on that one idea. I have NEVER heard that idea prior to hearing Perry say it.

      I do admire his ability to teach….and he does a phenomenal job, …but on this idea…SALVATION is “By GRACE through FAITH”….

      NOT…a result of “works”. There are many other passages that confirm that. Plus, “dividing up” Christ’s Body goes against sound teaching.

      I love Perry Stone. I just think his “zeal” for purity in the Body of Christ was taken too far.

      In 1 John 5:4-5 it says, ….

      “For whatever is born of God OVERCOMES the world; and this is the victory that has OVERCOME the world……our FAITH.
      And WHO is the one who OVERCOMES the world ??……But he WHO BELIEVES that JESUS is the Son of God !!”

      ( Ain’t about “earning it”. )

      Also, take a quick read of 1 Corinthians 5:1-5…….take note of verse 5. That Guy was “still saved” …even after what he did.

      My prayer is that God will convict him in that area of his teaching and stay on track going forward.

      Even the “mightiest” of us can be “knuckleheads” at times!

    • richard said “Hey Bill no one inspired you besides your bank account your moron!”

      hehehe,, 🙂 your knee must be feeling better richard, that’s good stuff right there…you win post of the day with that one.

      Here is something to keep in mind, Bill has a co-author who is actually doing the writing and he (Bill) uses his name i.e. platform to advertise the product. I read ‘Killing Lincoln’ (bought at yard sale 50 cents, I over paid, but got a nice pair of tubes socks thrown in the deal so I took the book.) and it seemed it was just a rehash of ‘American Brutus’ or ‘Manhunt’ in my opinion. I mean, how can you possibly come up with new, groundbreaking info regarding Jesus-Lincoln-Kennedy? He’s making bank though . . . can’t argue with that fact of life. ..What’s next for O’Reilly? Killing Bigfoot?

      Jesus wanted no part of this world, didn’t want money, government, or fame. I will go out on a limb and say, he would not want any part of Bill’s book either…I’m pretty sure that it was Bill’s bank account that told him to write about Jesus.
      I just hope this not a start to some kind of trend for talking heads of the media. , I would hate to see a Rush Limbaugh book on extreme dieting; Killing Buddha.

  6. Is this crazy? I saw a small circular aircraft this morning on my drive into work. I pulled over into a parking lot and watched it for 10 minutes or so. It was disk-shaped and rather small. It had no propeller or wings It was not a plane, it was not a helicopter and it was not a blimp….that only leaves one conclusion: a UFO. It disappeared as quick as it appeared. The strange thing about it is that it appeared out of one of those long contrails and seemed to be flying parallel with it, but then it suddenly changed directions. I was in total disbelief of what I had just witnessed! Still shaking my head!

  7. [overheard in a diner]

    gnome: More syrup?

    bull frog: No thanks, I’ll stick with the raisin waffles. A little buckwheat goes a long way.

    gnome: I thought you foreign legion types preferred black berets? Blue is so “Euro.”

    bull frog: Camouflage is more about local surroundings. You didn’t say anything about my “elder oswald” mask.

    gnome: You didn’t mention my “grateful elvis.”.

    bull frog: Back to the point — crop circles are made by stealth drone copters. NSA’s used them for distractions for years.

    gnome: Back in the day… we’d just blame the fairies.

    bull frog: Well these days that’s a bit too close to the truth with all the gays becoming caballeros “officially”
    and assuming the positions in the Secret Service, congress, courts, bureaus, lobbies, and other closets…

    gnome: Are you now, or have you ever been “in the closet”

    bull frog: funny you should ask

    gnome: Let’s suppose for a moment that camouflage for a “light entity” fails to trigger “recognition” responses,
    so for instance instead of jumping to the conclusion of a NWO or Rome agent pulling strings behind the scenes,
    those who are awake can see “them” for what they really are…

    bull frog: You mean “light entities” or orbs?

    gnome: No, I mean camouflaged to trigger certain memes. Like a king dreaming in personally meaningful imagery,
    but a true prophet interpreting the dream the way the Almighty see’s it which communicates across all of human history.

    bull frog: Why just human?

    gnome: Intended audience. The point is that the sleepers seeded across the populations need to be left alone
    in the sense of “don’t resist evil” so that the infected can be identified. Once they come out — then they’ll be taken out.

    bull frog: Hybrids?

    gnome: Yes, but more than just physical. The physical is just the tip of the other dimensions iceberg.

    bull frog: So what’d you think of “Blue?”

    gnome: Well what’d you think of Revelation 16:13 ….

    • Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine
      I never understood a single word he said
      But I helped him drink his wine
      He always had some mighty fine wine, sing it

  8. Good interview. These creatures may lose their inter-dimensional ability when defeated by heavens angels. Christ could also take away their shape-shifting power with letting people see His Truth. The Truth is such a poweful weapon. Something to ponder.

    • Well said John T. Most powerful indeed! The truth cannot be broken. The truth stands when all falseness and deception falls.

    • John T. I can’t even imagine what it would be like for an unsaved person in that day when and if the Lord takes away their shapeshifting ability and allows humanity to see them in their true form. Imagine the horror of what they will see.

      Glad I’m going out on the first load!

    • Jay it seems we get into trouble when we forget the truth is an absolute. Relativism gives way to “anything goes”. It makes me sound rigid, but I believe his Truth is as true as any law of physics or math. Even basic economics is not taken seriously in society.. Debt is cured with more debt. I could go on endlessly on this subject.
      I sound like a stern fuddy duddy, but this is a joyful time for me. Great family, descent job. But what times we live in. I just don’t want to do the Harold Camping thing and let people down. Corey, Kirk and I go off on some speculation. We all agree though, His Will Be Done. Sorry for the wordiness.

    • John T., you are no fuddy duddy! lol The one TRUTH I speak of is found in John 14:6: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Amen.
      Blessings to all my brothers & sisters in Christ.

    • Also, Yahshua was the Torah in the flesh.

      Joh 1:14 And the Word (Torah) became flesh and pitched His tent among us, and we saw His esteem, esteem as of an only brought-forth of a father, complete in favour and truth

      and the Torah/commandments are truth.

      Psa 119:142 Your righteousness is righteousness forever, And Your TORAH IS TRUTH.

      Psa 119:151 Thou art near, O Yahweh; and all thy COMMANDMENTS ARE TRUTH.

      1Jn 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and KEEPETH NOT HIS COMMANDMENTS, IS A LIAR, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM.

      Rom 2:20 an instructor of foolish ones, a teacher of babes, having the form of knowledge and of THE TRUTH IN THE TORAH

      1Co 13:6 Rejoiceth NOT IN INIQUITY (lawlessness), but REJOICETH IN THE TRUTH;

      Mal 2:6 “THE TORAH OF TRUTH WAS IN HIS MOUTH, and unrighteousness (lawlessness) was not found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and straightness, and turned many away from crookedness.

      Neh 9:13 “And You came down on Mount Sinai, and spoke with them from the heavens, and gave them straight right-rulings and Torah of truth, good laws and commands

  9. A Masonic murder, September 11th, 1826

    The Plot to Kidnap and Murder William Morgan
    (following pages are actual depositions taken from court records)

    On Sunday, Sept. 10, 1826, the Ontario county coroner, Nicholas G. Chesebro, himself the Master of the Lodge at Canandaigua, applied for and obtained from Jeffrey Chipman, justice of the peace, a warrant to arrest Morgan, who lived fifty miles away at Batavia. Morgan’s alleged offense was larceny for neglecting to return a shirt and tie that had been borrowed the previous May. Armed with the warrant, the coroner hired a carriage at the public’s expense to pick up ten Royal Arch Masons along the fifty-mile route. Their names and occupations were: Holloway Hayward – constable; Henry Howard – merchant; Asa Nowlen and James Ganson – innkeepers; John Butterfield – storekeeper; Samuel S. Butler – physician; and finally, Ella G. Smith, Harris Seymour, Moses Roberts, and Joseph Scofield – occupations unknown. All ten men were anxious and willing to share in avenging the insulted majesty of their Masonic law.
    On the evening of 9/10, the party stopped at the tavern of James Ganson. They were six miles from Batavia. Before daybreak Monday morning on 9/11, five of the Masons were led by the constable to rent another coach at public expense. They proceeded from Ganson’s Tavern to Batavia. At daybreak they seized Morgan.
    Near sunset on 9/11, the Masons arrived back in Canandaigua. The prisoner was immediately taken before the justice of the peace who had issued the warrant. The futility of the complaint was established and Morgan was set free, since the person from whom he had borrowed the shirt and tie had not shown up in court. In fact, this person was unaware of the actions against Morgan and had not sought a prosecution for the so-called offense. The idea originated in the mind of the coroner, who executed the plan by using the law to serve the vindictive purpose of Freemasonry.
    Morgan’s release posed a problem for the conspirators. They needed him jailed to give ample time to complete their schemes against him. Out of jail, Morgan could elude them. So, no sooner had the hapless prisoner been released that he found the same coroner tapping him on the shoulder; this time armed with a bogus writ for a debt of two dollars to a tavern keeper of Canandaigua. Without the ability to pay, Morgan was returned to jail.
    With Morgan secure, the Masons could concentrate on making arrangements to complete the remainder of their plot. On Tuesday evening of the next day (Sept. 12), the same coroner made his appearance at the jail. After some negotiation, Morgan was once more released. No sooner was he on the street dreaming of escape from these annoyances, when upon a given signal a yellow carriage and gray horses were seen by three witnesses rolling toward the jail in the bright moonlight with extraordinary speed. A few minutes passed. Morgan was seized, gagged, and bound, then thrown into the carriage, which was filled with Masons. Without turning, the carriage sped away. Morgan was now completely in the power of his enemies. With the veil of law removed, the arm of the flesh would now be employed.

  10. The carriage moved along night and day, over a hundred miles of well-settled country. Fresh horses and carriage drivers were supplied at six different places, with corresponding changes of men guarding Morgan to carry on the conspiracy. With one exception, every individual involved was a Mason bound by secret oaths “to conceal and never reveal the crime of a brother Mason.” The inadvertent exception was Corydon Fox, a last minute carriage driver on one of the routes to Lewiston. Fox was later initiated by unanimous vote of the Masons in Lewiston. Officiating in the ceremony to initiate Fox was a reverend clergyman from Rochester. This clergyman was the only Mason in the carriage with Morgan on the leg from Rochester to Lewiston. The driver of the carriage on that leg was Freemason Jeremiah Brown, a member of the New York state legislature.
    It afterward appeared in evidence gathered by citizen investigators that the Buffalo lodge was also involved in the plot, as were the lodges at LeRoy, Bethany, Covington, Lockport, and Rochester. Each lodge contributed manpower, horses, or other preparation made along the route traveled by the party. Nowhere was there delay, hesitation, explanation, or discussion. Everything was carried out in silence, right up to the hour of the evening of Sept. 14, when the prisoner was taken from the carriage at Fort Niagara and lodged in the place originally designed for a powder magazine.
    Fort Niagara was an unoccupied military post near the mouth of the Niagara River. During the War of 1812, jurisdiction of the fort had been turned over by the State to the Federal Government. At the end of the war the Federal Government had entrusted the Fort to a Mason. This Mason opened the gates to the conspirators.
    On the evening the carriage arrived at Fort Niagara, there was an installation ceremony at the Masonic Lodge “Benevolent” in the neighboring town of Lewiston, at which the arch conspirator, Nicholas G. Chesebro (the coroner), was to be made Grand High Priest. The ceremony was actually a cover for planning the next move against Morgan. An invitation was given to Masons from distant points to come together at the ceremony and consult upon what to do next with this Masonic traitor.
    At the “ceremony” several Masons hesitated at the idea of murder. Messengers were dispatched to Rochester for advice. At Rochester they did not proceed hastily, nor adopt their ultimate decision without long and painful reluctance. They earnestly deliberated upon their Masonic obligation. Their final conclusion was that Masonic oaths were binding. Morgan had certainly and essentially violated them. The Masons at Rochester made a unanimous decision that Morgan must die.
    In understanding Masonic thought, as well as Masonic common sense — if their obligations are binding, Masons are righteous in their decision to execute Morgan. Hence, it was not a sin, but rather an honor for the eight Masons who volunteered to draw lots to carry out the penalty. Three of the lots were marked. The executioners were not to look at their lots until they arrived home. Those three with marked lots were to rendezvous at a predetermined location and carry out their Masonic duty.
    The same clergyman who had accompanied Morgan from Rochester to Lewiston adjourned the meeting in prayer. He blasphemously invoked God’s blessing upon the premeditated violation of His most solemn law – “Thou shalt not kill.”
    At midnight Sept. 19, the three executioners took their victim from the fort, rowed him by boat to the middle of the Niagara, fastened weights around his body and pushed him overboard. Twenty-two years later (1848), one of the three confessed on his deathbed the evil deed he had done. That deathbed confession is printed in detail in Finney’s book, pages 6-10.
    That such a tragedy could be executed in a land that guarantees freedom of speech, security of life and liberty; that it could enlist citizens of good reputation from so many quarters; that it could secure the cooperation of legislators, judges, sheriffs, constables, coroners, clergymen, generals, physicians, and lawyers; that with impunity it could involve all these possibilities and more, turned the current of popular indignation from the guilty individuals toward the Masonic institution itself. Thus, the Anti-Masonic Movement turned into a political movement, which opposed all secret societies at the polls.
    Freemasonry, instead of repenting of its diabolical murder of William Morgan, has since reinforced its devilish obligations by reminding Masons of what happened to Morgan when he broke his Masonic oath. From the Masonic Hand Book we read:

    When a brother reveals any of our great secrets; whenever, for instance, he tells anything about Boaz, or Tubalcain, or Jachin, or that awful Mah-hah-bone [a blasphemous name representing Jesus Christ], or even whenever a minister prays in the name of Christ in any of our assemblies, you must always hold yourself in readiness, if called upon, to cut his throat from ear to ear, pull out his tongue by the roots, and bury his body at the bottom of some lake or pond.
    Of course, all this must be done in secret, as it was in the case of that man Morgan, for both law and civilization are opposed to such barbarous crimes, but then, you know you must live up to your obligation, and so long as you have sworn to do it, by being very strict and obedient in the matter, you’ll be free from sin.

  11. This will challenge the understanding of MANY Christians……..probably 95% of Churches do NOT let people know this stuff !!

    Doug Riggs – The Nephilim Mothers

    • Kirk…. Looks interesting. Listening to it right now. I’m also still watching those Keith Moore videos you posted the other day. I back up a few posts in the last few nights and watch one or two of them a night. Interesting stuff.

    • Corey….you can go to DougRiggs.com for his website which has MANY GREAT TEACHINGS……for more TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING.

      I know you’ll appreciate these teachings. Lots of Doug Riggs on youtube as well. NOT for the “shallow” Christian …that’s for sure!

      Much will really STRETCH YOU…..I know it does that for me!

  12. I have followed Allison Cruz on youtube a few years back. Very interesting stuff. It would be cool if LA could actually go there and do a segment.

  13. “http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/11/08/exclusive-obama-s-secret-iran-d-tente.html”
    Exclusive: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente

    Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran, a Daily Beast investigation reveals. How the sanctions were softened…

    ^^ Even Drudge ran with that.

    Kerry to Join Iran Nuclear Negotiations
    U.S. Secretary of State will unexpectedly travel to Geneva, a strong signal that an agreement with Tehran is imminent.

    This cannot end well.

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