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two OswaldsJFK Month – 50 Years of Lies!

Pat Shannan!

“Fifty years later, it’s still the same old Military/Industrial complex, the same powers still calling the shots, still threatening, still trying to keep us from the truth. A lone gunman, a magic bullet? Wake up!”  —Jesse Ventura
After half a century, the conspiracy is no theory . . .

The 21st century writers who refer to a singular Lee Harvey Oswald distort their own content and deceive their readers with antiquated data.  The John F. Kennedy assassination and the people’s deception over the past half-century is the classic example of disinformation, as it actually was probably the most efficiently performed coup d’etat and cover-up in world history.

At around 11:30 a.m. on November 22, 1963, Julia Ann Mercer was stalled momentarily in traffic at Dealey Plaza and saw a man emerge from a car carrying a rifle case in front of the grassy knoll, just 50 yards west of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). It was driven by a man that she later identified as Jack Ruby, after his picture was plastered on TV to the world two days later.

On November 20 and 22, while “Lee Harvey Oswald” was working at the Texas School Book Depository, he was identified by multiple witnesses at the Dobbs House Restaurant, the Top Ten Record Store in Oak Cliff and the Jiffy Store on Industrial Boulevard. He was also positively identified as being seated with Jack Ruby after midnight, some 10 hours after he was jailed on November 22.

Moments after Officer J.D. Tippitt was shot dead, detectives conveniently found a wallet containing the ID cards of both Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell.  Also found on the street were five ejected .38 caliber shell casings. When Harvey was arrested in the Texas Theater some 40 minutes later, he was carrying a .38 revolver which, of course, does not eject its shells. Astonishing to detectives, Harvey was also carrying in his wallet at the same time the exact two ID cards.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the case of the “two Oswalds.”

Inside The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswaldsby Pat Shannan you will see for yourself the mountain of forensics and photographic evidence proving that there were two Oswalds, the truth of which leads us to even more attempted cover-ups.

Softcover, 158 pages

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In depth interviews with:

Gary Stearman – Host of Prophecy in the News.

Stephen Bassett – Organizer of the Citizens Hearing on UFOs in Washington DC.

Cris Putnam – Co-author of EXO-Vaticana.

George Filer – Former Colonel and UFO witness.

Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher.

Jamie Maussan – Host of the weekly UFO program seen by over 4 million people in Mexico each week.

David Stinnett – UFO researcher.

Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher.

Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research.


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45 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – JFK Month – Pat Shannan – The Two Oswalds

  1. quick note on tech to change DNA
    — Will HIV victims get “cures” that result in engineering a new species?


    • Gnome-Memoleste

      If we can`t fix you we will fix you where not even God can.

      p.s. The good think about Obamacare is that you can still keep your same spouse.

  2. What a joke? I dont know what Ventura was thinking. Kennedy’s killing was a highly organized “GLOBAL ELITE EVENT” done to squash Kennedy from Killing the Federal Reserve.

    There are estimates that anywhere from 20 to 110 witnesses of the event were murdered!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! THERE WERE AT LEAST 20 DIFFERENT SHOOTERS IN PLACE TO KILL KENNEDY THAT DAY!

    Some writers who have investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy have claimed that a large number of witnesses to the event have died in mysterious circumstances. The Sunday Times reported that “the odds against these witnesses being dead by February, 1967, were one hundred thousand trillion to one.” When the Select Committee on Assassinations questioned the newspaper reporter who wrote the article, he admitted he had made a “careless journalistic mistake”.

    In his book Crossfire, the author Jim Marrs, provided a list of 103 people who he claims died in mysterious circumstances between 1963 and 1976. In reality, most of these people died of natural causes. Some of these people did die in accidents. Others were murdered or committed suicide. However, these people rarely had information that would have been important in helping investigators discover if there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

    The first person to die linked to the case was Karyn Kupcinet. In his book, Forgive My Grief, W. Penn Jones reports that “a few days before the assassination, Karyn Kupcinet, 23, was trying to place a long distance telephone call from the Los Angeles area. According to reports, the long distance operator heard Miss Kupcinet scream into the telephone that President Kennedy was going to be killed.” Karyn’s body was discovered on 30th November, 1963. Police estimated that she had been dead for two days. The New York Times reported that she had been strangled. Her actor boyfriend, Andrew Prine was the main suspect but he was never charged with the murder and the crime remains unsolved.

    Some researchers claimed that there was a link between the death of Kupcinet and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was argued that the conspirators were trying to frighten off her father and journalist, Irv Kupcinet from telling what he knew.

    Grant Stockdale, a close friend of John F. Kennedy died on 2nd December, 1963 when he fell (or was pushed) from his office on the thirteenth story of the Dupont Building in Miami. Stockdale did not leave a suicide note but his friend, George Smathers, claimed that he had become depressed as a result of the death of the president. However, it later became known that four days after the assassination Stockdale flew to Washington and talked with Robert Kennedy and Edward Kennedy. On his return Stockdale told several of his friends that “the world was closing in.” On 1st December, he spoke to his attorney, William Frates who later recalled: “He started talking. It didn’t make much sense. He said something about ‘those guys’ trying to get him. Then about the assassination.”

    • @ Richard: I agree–there were more than one shooter that day in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald isn’t Kennedy’s “shooter” but he was in the “know” about the attempted assassination. History is changing the perception of his role and now a more understanding and knowledgeable public is aware about our rogue government.

      I’m reading the kindle version of Law & Order’s Richard Beltzer’s book “Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination” [Kindle Edition]–Depth-Investigation-Assassination-ebook/dp/uc077-20/

      I’ll be doing an ebook review on Beltzer’s investigation/research of Kennedy’s assassination week of Nov. 22. I’m completely fascinated on how much information is now available due to the courage of the people who are journalists/researchers/investigators, who seek the truth.

      Coming from Texas, I want truth and justice for the Kennedy family as well as for America so we can lay to rest that fateful day once and for all and move forward better equipped on how to handle the hurtful truth–we have a rogue government.


  3. Ok… I’m going to be “that guy”. 😉

    I understand it’s the 50th anniversary and all and I get that but really: With everything that’s going on…a whole MONTH for JFK?


    • Grin and bare it, before you know it will be Turkey Day then Black Friday Mayhem and then a whole month of Ho Ho Ho.

    • Ho Ho Ho has already started. Been getting all kinds of “get ready for Christmas” emails, snail mail, catalogs, etc.!


  4. Speaking of Ho Ho Ho, has anyone considered that this might be our last christmas? With what these Lunar and Solar eclipses are signaling (not to mention comet ISON) it’s very probable that this will be our last christmas! If not, probably the first of the last two. Just a thought.

    As far as the whole Kennedy thing is concerned, it really was a turning point for America. If Kennedy hadn’t been killed, the Federal Reserve may not be in existence today and thus we probably wouldn’t see America imploding and collapsing from within like it is. America still would be greatly feared and admired across the globe like we always have been since at least the early 1900s. To a certain extent, we still are but our prestige is slipping (by design).

    For all interested (if you don’t already know), there is a reason why America is withdrawing from the eastern Meditteranean Sea (I wasn’t really up on that info until Kirk said something about it in yesterday’s post). The reason is that the global elite/Illuminati controlled banksters are intentionally trying to give Russia the confidence it needs to attack. If America’s forces remain, they won’t. We’re trying to goad them into attacking us and/or Israel through the whole Syria conflict (A Russian ally). This is part of their agenda of world depopulation through war and various other means. One need not kid themselves into thinking America is disarming for good purposes. I would argue that secretly, we’re not disarming. That’s what they are making it look like. The next step was to start withdrawing America’s most strategic powerful weaponry and then Russia has the confidence it needs. We must remember where all of this UFO technology fits into play here. Anyone interested in this subject matter ought to listen to Alex Jones’ interviews with Joel Skousen on YouTube. When we get Russia to strike us, this is when America will emerge with it’s secret weaponry it has been developing over the years through DARPA and other technologies (probably gained from all of this UFO contact) and then we emerge under a new world order after we have let Russia attack. This new world order will then say to the masses that it is absolutely necessary for world government (already in place) and muster the western forces and prosecute a war against Russia and China and defeat them. This is the plan anyway. God has his. This is why we see America making some very peculiar, seemingly non-sensical military maneuvers that don’t seem to make any sense. It looks as though we might be withdrawing militarily, but don’t believe it. It’s all a ploy for Russia and China. They don’t have America’s interest at heart either though. It’s for world depopulation and world government.

  5. Some evidence of a controlled media – 1960’s MKULTRA Subliminal Government MIND CONTROL VIDEO — It’s THEY LIVE!

  6. Ryan Maue ‏@RyanMaue 12m ago “”

    As impossible as it seems, Super Typhoon #Haiyan continues to intensify
    — raw T numbers of 8.1 which is above the scale which goes to 8.0

  7. Hmmm….

    Oswald as suspected russian agent…

    Russians suspected in polonium poisoning deaths…

    Swiss scientists say Yasser Arafat ingested radioactive polonium, most probably as a result of a deliberate poisoning – @AP

    • Alexander Litvinenko was the other polonium poisoning (possible assassination).

      Of course, Arafat was a terrorist, so perhaps he poisoned himself like a bomber who blows herself up when making a mistake…..

  8. “”
    Iran State TV Presents: Missiles on Tel Aviv, Dimona

    As new round of talks on its nuclear program begin in Geneva, Iran airs threatening simulation of attacks on Ben Gurion Airport, key sites.

    Real subtle.

  9. Oddly enough, I woke up this morning thinking about (or was it dreaming about?) Obama the night of that debate with Romney when he seemed dazed and stupid……it was so bizarre and my half awake brain was saying, “Oh wow, they activated the wrong clone that night!
    Maybe because I watched the 2003 version of The Manchurian Candidate last week…..never watched because I don’t usually like remakes but WOW…..they really updated the plot….They did everything except actually cast Dr. Roger Lear as the scientist!
    …..hmmmmm, they say Hitler had several doubles too

  10. On a subject that been looked at front just about every angle and pretty much beat into the ground, here is a film “Parkland” that finally takes a fresh look at some of the other folks that were involved in the tragedy. By the way, I was riveted by this movie. There were so many fascinating details that I’d never heard before, such as Oswald was treated by the same Dr’s that worked on JFK. … At the end of the movie, the kindness shown to Oswald’s brother and widow was a testimonial to the basic decency in most human beings. I felt the movie was refreshingly well done, and captured the public reality of this tragic event. This film focus is on personal individual reactions, instead of conspiracy.,,,if conspiracy is what you are looking for, then I say pass on this film and stick with Oliver Stone’s version… as this film it doesn’t add a thing to the “mystery” surrounding Kennedy’s assassination. If you want to see a well-made and acted docudrama that deals with one of the most important and terrible tragedies in our lifetime with the story being handled in a very respectful and serious manner, I say it’s worth a watch

    “Recounting the chaotic events that occurred in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, the film weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances: the young doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital; Dallas’ chief of the Secret Service; an unwitting cameraman who captured what became the most watched and examined film in history; the FBI agents who nearly had the gunman within their grasp; the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald, left to deal with his shattered family; and JFK’s security team, witnesses to both the president’s death and Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s rise to power over a nation whose innocence was forever altered”

  11. The 1965 best picture oscar went to the family-friendly movie, The Sound Of Music. The 1969 Oscar went to the x-rated Midnight Cowboy. My oh my, how the country changed during the 60’s.

  12. Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Elongated Skulls in France

    Brien Foerster has written extensively on the subject and has presented compelling evidence relating to skulls that were significantly elongated through genetics and not through cranial deformation.


  13. An interesting tid bit I found out… If Japan suffers another major earthquake, it’s bye bye Japan and the west coast of California will have to be evacuated. Here is the tid bit… China and Japan are in talks (apparently) to move the endangered/threatened Japanese citizens move into China’s ghost cities they have been building that are unoccupied. China’s ghost cities have been a mystery that has been subject to much speculation, but no one really knows what the true purpose of this strange ghost city construction is. I think we may have our answer finally (if it’s true that they are in talks). This would make China the largest economy in the world practically over night…. bigger than the United States and European Union combined (I think).

    This raises an important question. These cities started being constructed well before the Japan earthquake back in 2011. If the plan all along was to put Japanese citizens in these cities, that means that the Japan quake was man made and set into motion on purpose, probably using HAARP technology or some other technological means. This would mean a huge conspiracy by the Illuminati (perhaps) to make China the largest, gargantuan economy in the world for the purpose of building it up to leverage out America and the rest of the world and to use China for purposes stated in my comments above. They’re building up China very rapidly economically and militarily. Looks like they are giving them the economy to do so. This fits in nicely with scriptures in the book of Revelation that speak of the rise of the Kings of the east. In order for China to fulfill this role, it’s going to have to be built up significantly more than it is right now… especially considering how close we are to the Tribulation hour given the signs with the eclipses next year and 2015. If the eclipses are signaling the start of the Tribulation hour, then China will have to rise a little higher very rapidly in order for it to become the instrument in the tribulation that is responsible for 1/3 of the population being killed. Of course, America by itself could accomplish this, but it says specifically the Kings of the East.

    Who would have thought that even the Japan quake would have been part of a larger conspiracy involving the Illuminati and China. Bizarre world we’re living in.

    • Corey…

      Those “ghost cities” have been in the process for years now. I WONDER….since it is easier to “control a population” …in a city…
      COULD this be part of the Globalist’s plan of DE-population ?? ….taking a large segment of a population and “couping them up ???”

      Giving the ghost cities to the japanese people (to me) seems very strange. REASON: I don’t think The Chinese/Japanese like each other!
      ( Have Not liked each other for a very long time !! )

      So, I speculate that there is “a hidden motive (s)” behind this “supposed” generosity.

      i do agree that “The Kings of The East” is forming to a greater degree in the last few decades…NO doubt about that.
      China’s been building up there Navy…..definitely something the USA is watching.

      I also would consider that CHINA is getting ready for a “pole shift” event in the near future, so they are getting prepared to MAYBE move
      their own population into them. CHINA has kept very good records of Global events….like the one time where the SUN set TWICE in one
      day….that means the earth’s rotation was effected by some passing space body….an outside force effecting the earth’s rotation!

      Therefore, I think there are multiple “good” reasons for WHY China and Japan are “talking”.

      Regardless of WHAT they discuss….I can’t understand one bloomin’ word !!!

    • Corey it seems like I read that one of China’s ghost cities is modeled after Paris. Real freaky stuff. Not sure if it had it’s version of eiffel tower.

    • “Hmmmmm”…. he said as he blew some smoke rings from his 800 dollar pipe glaring down at the book of Revelation in his hand with his glasses resting on his nose. “Say… you could be right there Kirk and John T”, as he nodded approvingly with his eyes scouring the text chapter by chapter with his magnifying glass close to his eyelashes. “Hmmmmm”….. he grunted again as he turned to his nervous assistant and snapped his fingers signaling his want of another cigar whome his assistant huriedly rushed to him and lit the match.

  14. Greetings, LA and friends!

    I was going to write a spiell about the Kennedy assassination (like I usually do on here about something or other, occasionally. But I won’t!

    50 years later and across the globe some still hold more than a keen interest in the events of 22 November, 1963. Is this event part of a strong delusion which distracts people from the truth (of Christ and the Creator)? I know I was obsessed with the Kennedy assassination as a younger bloke (I still look at the occasional new documentary about – but I don’t spend big on books of that subject, anymore). And I was born in ’69 – after the event. But for some reason, I got interested in it.

    For many years I was obsessed with the JFK event… I just thank God I’m released from that and now look to Him for the important stuff and truth. And what matters. And I don’t mean any disrespect, as JFK was an important figure – especially with the Cold War threat. But as believer’s in Yeshua’s words know, there are certain events and actions that will take place, that taken place and are taking place right now in this world.

    Ps…. the anniversary doco’s there showing this month.. ‘The Smoking Gun” pic of Secret Service agent Hickey with AR-15 in the following car to Kennedy’s (and first time revealed), looked a bit dodgey! 🙂

    Maranatha 🙂

    God bless you (especially those in the USA.. I see things are getting more chaotic and intense there).

    Regards, Pete.

  15. Did anyone look at drudge report today? A man is stun gunned by police to prevent him from saving son in burning house. Super typhoon in asia. Father deemed unfit for denying child mcdonalds. Fireballs light up California sky. The world had gone mad.

  16. Corey it seems like I read that one of China’s ghost cities is modeled after Paris. Real freaky stuff. Not sure if it had it’s version of eiffel tower.

    • John T… why would it be modeled after the Eiffel Tower? That’s a very curious thing to do, unless it has something to do with the Illuminati. I guess I probably just answered my own question. Is there anything symbolic of the Eiffel Tower? Just curious.

    • I do know that I read a very interesting article not so long ago that presented the story of how the Illuminati control China as well. I have actually seen photos before of occultic symbolism having to do with the Illuminati in interesting places throughout China.

    • Corey, I googled the chinese ghost city that looks like Paris. It does have an Eiffel Tower. There are a couple thousand people who live in this city built for 100,000. All I can think of is Paris is the city of Lights(as in Lucifer). That’s probably going too far with this line of thinking. Still wonder about those empty cities though.

  17. Wow! The devil gets stomped!


  18. Billy Graham’s Message………Makes it very clear.

    Touches a number of challenges that we all face or know others are facing.

    • Kirk, I saw this earlier today on Hannity. What a powerful tool to reach the millions of viewers with the one and only Way…Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to work through Brother Billy with the time He has blessed him with on this sorry old world. Happy Birthday Billy.

  19. Corey….

    You will want to watch this video ……it sorta-kinda-maybe ties into “The Ghost Cities”….though NOT necessarily in China.
    I saw this video years ago and many others like it that all reveal a ton of stuff ALREADY being prepared that MOST have never heard of…..
    and I think some of this will BLOW YOUR MIND.

    New World Capitals

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