Prophecy – Israel and the End Times

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L. A. Marzulli

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With prisoners’ release, Palestinians demand Israel withdraw to 1949 lines, renounce E. Jerusalem’-release-Palestinians-demand-Israel-withdraw-to-1949-lines-renounce-E-Jerusalem

The logo to the left says it all.  Israel, as we know it today, does not exist, period.  There is no two-state solution, there is only Palestine which will be ruled by the Arabs.

How do you spell, unreasonable?  Take a look at the link above and see for yourself what the Palestinians are demanding.   They want Israel to return to the 1949 armistices border, which is national suicide for Israel, as it would create an indefensible, 7-mile-wide, strip of land that would be impossible to hold in the event of an attack.

The article goes on to state that the Palestinians will only sign a peace treaty with Israel after all of their demands are met.  There is no good will being shown here and in fact, it’s more of the same land for peace nonsense we have heard for decades.

The Israeli’s gave back the Gaza strip in 2006, uprooting settlers, homes and business and as they were leaving the mortar shells were being fired by the Palestinians!  The shelling has resulted in numerous crackdowns by the IDF.

It’s time for John Kerry—the latest in an ongoing list of US negotiators—to face the music, The Palestinians do not want peace with Israel, they want and end to Israel.  If Kerry was honest in his approach he would bring this to the forefront, but of course this is the elephant in the room, and Kerry doesn’t have the guts to tell it like it is.

We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i. e. The Bible, that in the last days Israel would be gathered from the four corners of the earth and established in her ancient homeland.  This prophecy was fulfilled, in 1949 as Israel declared state-hood, and today, Jews from all over the world continue to migrate to Israel.

Added to the one prophecy is another, which tells us Jerusalem will become a stumbling block to all the nations of the earth,  and this is happening now,  in what I believe is the end of days.

The source of this ongoing, unmitigated, hatred of the Jewish people has deep supernatural roots that go back thousands of years.  It starts with the two sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael and runs to the present day.  The present political landscape—What is happening in the Middle East—is in direct correlation to supernatural events—Moses being sent from God/the rise of Islam—that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.  

This is source of the ongoing tension.  There are two, separate, supernatural events which have shaped the body politic in the region, and are at logger-head with one another, without a chance of reconciliation.  How do you sit down to negotiate with people who are taught from birth that you are a descendant from apes and pigs?

In closing todays post:  Contrary to the wishes of the Palestinian, the Arabs and the Iranians,  Israel will never be moved out of its land again.  There is a supernatural component to what is taking place over there and the play book—written by the God of the Bible—will not be altered.  If this is true then it points to someone outside of space and time that calls out the future with great specificity.  Who knows the end before the beginning and the beginning before the end.  What is happening in Israel and her surrounding neighbors is prophecy unfolding in our lifetime.  In the end the Arabs will bow before Israel. How can I make such a rash statement.  Watch this clip and see for yourself!  I use this at the end of one of my presentations and when I show it people weep openly.  This clip shows what the power of God is capable of doing when He changes peoples hearts.  This is the power of the living God.  It will happen…. What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold.



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34 thoughts on “Prophecy – Israel and the End Times

  1. Ok, now I am back to first today. 😉

    Amen to this post. I continue to consider it an outright miracle at this point when I wake up in the morning and it isn’t kiss kiss bang bang time over there. Really.

    I don’t do date setting nor would I even attempt to flirt or tease it but simply going by deduction and law of attrition…I literally cannot see this situation holding out in the current status quo for much longer. 20 -50 more years on this smoking cinder block? I honestly can’t see it.

    These folks want Israel gone NOW. An increasing number of at least orthodox Jews want that Temple rebuilt (along with other elements) and they’re ready to do it.

    Something’s got to give. Soon. That’s before we get back to Iran, Syria, Iraq and the rest of the hotbeds.

    Pray for the Peace of Jersusalem and ALL that the prayer entails.

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  3. There is a lot of discussion of Nibiru and comet Ison on Youtube, for example. Any confirmation this concern is based in reality?

  4. re: caliphate / mahdi delusion … sharia … shi’a … Iraq + Levant + Syria (with assad ousted) … Al-Q
    — hic hamzah bin a l hussein (hic = “his imperial caliph” cp. hrh)

    re: back and forth rip-saw prophecy b/t king-of-the-north vs. king-of-the-south
    — see end chapters of Daniel

    What to do? Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness

    • hrh hamzah bin al hussein — is the other hashemite that can become king in Jordan and/or Iraq … and then “king of the south” as in Daniel

      see ISIS / ISIL

      the russian dominion is part of the “king of the north” group, including assad & iran as their proxies in the mid-east

      correction: for al qa’ida it’s sunni … sharia … not shia

  5. There is a new film coming out on the supernatural phenomena surrounding the Skinwalker Ranch. The film is inspired by true events that shocked the paranormal community around the world. Tagline for the movie “There is a place The Unexplained calls home”

    For those that don’t know about the paranormal activity that has been going on at the Skinwalker Ranch, the ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 480 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah that is allegedly the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Native American legend. There have been over 100 incidents on the ranch that include vanishing and mutilated cattle, sightings of unidentified flying objects or orbs, large animals with piercing yellow eyes that they say were not injured when struck by bullets, and invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields. The National Institute of Discovery Science went to investigate and witnessed a few things that they can only classify as ‘paranormal’. It is rumored that NIDS was once the OSIR (Office of Scientific Investigation and Research). It is said that NIDS receives their budget from the government…
    When the Gorman family occupied this ranch, they were tormented by a potpourri of unrelated and unfathomable weirdness. They encountered the following: A multitude of UFO sightings, a bulletproof wolf. Yes, they shot this wolf many times after it attacked one of their calves. After they shot this wolf several times, the wolf ran off into the wilderness. The Gormans followed the wolf’s tracks and at some point of time, the tracks stopped. It seemed that the wolf vanished into thin air. Could this wolf have been an interdimensional entity of some sort? There have been MIB (Men in Black) sighting at the ranch, as well as poltergeist activity, ghostly haunting, shadow people, multicolored orbs, Bigfoot, a Mothman type creature, American Indian Skinwalkers (shapeshifters) An RV that reportedly leapt over their fences, only to turn into a UFO and fly off, as well as many cattle mutilations. I have read that the consensus about the ranch is there is believed to be a dimensional rift that is over this ranch that brings in an assortment of strange paranormal entities.

    • Yeah, I can’t blame you Mrs M, the movie looks pretty intense… I just got back from staying in a supposed haunted hotel room. The Hotel is called the Shapira Hotel built in 1904; I got a real kick out of it. They have this room blocked off for guest but you are welcome to request it if you are so inclined and I just happened to be so inclined. Only a few strange pictures that I took would I consider to be creepy, other than that I slept like a baby, and I must confess the comfort of a pillow top mattress and 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are a must.

  6. It is true the Jewish people are back in the land- but not all of Israel. That will be done by God, when He brings them back. God in His infinite wisdom have “kept hidden” His people much like Joseph was hidden. (Christians aren’t labeled as being part of Israel, I guess they have an identity crisis) By doing so He has amassed a great multitude- a melo ha goyim: a multiple of nations grafted into the commonwealth of Israel. And no one is replacing anybody. They both have a part to play. Praise God for the arab in that video declaring himself a son of the Holy One of Israel.

    I truly hope this doesn’t stir controversy. I just found this site which explains it well if you are interested:

  7. I must have missed the posting on the contest…..what is it ? I can not wait to see the new video #7 I know it will be great!

  8. WOW…that last video LA posted in the blog today was PHENOMENAL to see !!!!

    i bet the spiritual forces of darkness needed “depends under garments” that night !!

    What a divine statement was made there!!! POWERFUL TO SEE !!!!

    recently, over the last 2 weeks I have been studying The Life of Abraham starting in Genesis 11:26 -Genesis Chapter 25 when Abraham dies.
    That chapter 25 has 2 lists: one of Ishmael’s descendents and one of Isaac’s descendents…prophesied in Genesis 17:15-21…
    in these verses there is a CLEAR distinction between the two lines……any ARAB only has to read that, humble himself to God’s plan, and live!

    But….the arrogance and pride of so many Arab people ….that choose to ignore the Bible….and what GOD HAS SAID IN THE PAST……
    they will either be broken in TRUE HUMILITY….or….they will be broken and UTTERLY DECIMATED.

    The Arabs are “blinded” by their anger and hatred toward Isaac, The child of the Promised Covenant.

    In spite of God STILL blessing the Arab people in Genesis 17:20, …..they will look on with their own eyes and see Psalm 83:16-18 fulfilled.

    The God of Abraham….Isaac….and Jacob…..HE IS GOD !!!

  9. To: Rose from Kentucky and Kirk

    Re: My post to Kirk yesterday

    I definitely had no intention to argue or create an argument. I grew up with dissension in my birth family and swore it would not be a part of my adult life. I understand what you are saying about some ot the arguments here and don’t want to be the cause or participant in anything of that nature. I think if you will note the first part of my post you will agree I was NOT attempting to IMPOSE my belief on Kirk or anyone, rather I was offering up something that had rather been an epiphany for me — for consideration only. Had Kirk said ‘I don’t see it that way’ my reply would have been, “That’s fine, Kirk. I added this for your consideration (not conviction)”. As a psych nurse who facilitated group meetings of patients, I taught there is a healthy way to discuss differing opinions vs. arguing. Note the non-threatening manner of my post to Kirk yesterday:

    “Just wanted to give you something to consider. I’m not trying to convince you because I believe each individual has to come to that moment where they ‘see’ (in the brain and heart) what convinces them personally.”

    I added: “Since I haven’t seen the video yet I can’t say it will take place prior to happenings you are speaking about – you may be correct that we will be here for some real problems. I’m also with you on the belief that Yom Teruah will be the happy occasion for us maybe 2014 or 15.”

    Arguments do not convince people about anything – I simply added it for Kirk’s perusal – no pressure applied or intended. There are differing views on much since we still ‘peer through a glass darkly’ — but discussing as adults and offering for consideration vs. arguing as children are two different things — but I promise I will not offer again even for consideration (since it may not be seen for what is intended) since it isn’t advisable or welcomed here.

    Again, my apology for what you mistakenly saw as ‘arguing’. Good bless you both and please accept my sincere, honest apology.

    • Blessed Hope…

      Just so you know….

      I did NOT in any way receive your post as trying to “stir up things”….Not in the least. I also responded with a “few thoughts” and something
      to ponder at the end. So, personally….I don’t see any reason to apologize. I recognized your input and felt free to share my own.
      I think Rose just miss-construed “our conversation”. But i am a “big boy”….and I didn’t have anything “brewing” in me.

      But …one of the things “that really grinds my gears” is when The Church does NOT challenge those things that are definitely wrong.
      Regardless of what it is. Paul and Barnabas had their issues, as did Paul and Peter. JESUS had plenty with His disciples!!

      So why do we think that we are different today ??? Does not IRON sharpen IRON ??? ( Yes, it does. )

      Too many Churches do NOT …….ACCURATELY HANDLE The WORD of GOD……and that bothers me. Should irk any Christian actually.

      Yet…too many Churches / Christians are “dumbed-down” by our society and THAT IS WHY so much “false teaching” abounds.
      Very FEW people know ….”HOW to TEST anything from The Word”. and from my perspective….THAT is really pitiful.

      The CHURCH is supposed to be “The Pillar and Support of The Truth”. 1 Timothy 3:15

      “Preach The Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with ALL patience and instruction.” 2 timothy 4:2
      ( I need to work on “the patience” part mostly !! )

      The very Next Verse talks about “sound doctrine”….which is certainly attacked in The Church today!

      BUT….very FEW people HAVE THE COURAGE to speak up and say something regarding The TRUTH these days.

      Often times…….the reason people do NOT speak up……… that they have NOT been TAUGHT The Truth, and thus, don’t know it.

      BUT….right now,
      I am going to have a nice bowl of home made cabbage soup along with my freshly made kombucha tea and enjoy my time in The Word.

      So again, No apologies are needed on my account.

      have a better than awesome day!


      PS- I wonder how Richard is feeling today ??? I know how I felt after breaking my ankle and having 7 screws and a plate put in it.

      let’s just say I was NOT very “chipper” for a few days! OUCH !!!!

      Plus, i am “allergic” ….to pain. Makes me do weird things! ( Like bite my pillow, climb the walls, bounce off the ceiling…. )

    • If I had offended anyone my apologies.

      As usually, I was not angry at anyone either just responding to posts. So no worries on my end. 🙂

      I never have and never will have any problem discussing biblical topics.

      It’s in these types of discussions that I and I believe a lot people learn the most.

      It’s to bad that a certain few in the past have messed that up for the rest of us…

    • Thanks to both of you for your graciousness. Everything I said was meant in goodwill and I’m glad both of you understood it that manner.

      Kirk, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding some congregations but I don’t have much sympathy for ‘dumbed- down Christians’. My view of it is ‘don’t wait to be taught’. If a Christian will just open their ‘Guidebook to the Supernatural’ – read it and pray for wisdom, the Holy Spirit will lead you in all truth. (Jn.14:26). But yes, the church should be disciplining new believers and old believers but the believers have to attend either home studies or Sunday School and so many won’t. I learned long ago not to swallow everything I hear – even from a beloved pastor – and not wait to be spoon-fed the Word. It is such an astounding book I don’t see how anyone could not study their love letter from God. In studying personally each testament and chapter — regardless of what you are told by a denomination — you will come away ‘rightly dividing the Word of truth’ and not misled by those who wrongly teach the church has replaced Israel.

      From reading your posts I think you and I are definitely on the same page. BTW, don’t we all need to work on the ‘patience’ part!

      And I’m praying Richard’s surgery was a breeze and he will experience a quick, uneventful recovery — at least those are my prayers!!

    • Kirk D., you have been on this blog long enough to know that this topic is not welcome because it causes so much controversy. When you post on the rapture, then Kirt is compelled to respond, and then new people like Elaine get pulled into it and are stung by the reprimand.

  10. LA, Hi, that you tube clip was amazing and it made me cry to. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have passed it on to another friend of one.

    God bless you brother, Kate (in Australia)

    Kate Campbell

  11. Yes, If I did NOT have to be on Dialysis 3 days per week ….I would sell my stuff and Move to ISRAEL in a heart beat to help where i can.
    Certainly PRAYER is my “Weapon of Massive Destruction”….but to BE THERE….helping in a physical way too would be AWESOME !!!
    Getting to share The Gospel with the Jewish people and watching Miracles of Provision & Protection right before me…..WOW !!!!
    Yet, I do think we all will be “stretching our Faith” …and Believing God for His protecting Hand over us and our families ….very soon!

    IDF- Born to be Wild

    Israeli Air Force 2013

    Israeli Army

    Israel Navy

    Israeli Special Forces

    • Kirk, thank you so much for posting the video yesterday. I just finished watching — sobering (but not really a surprise). Just a closer estimation when the other shoe will drop. I’m with you on the WMD prayer and also the deep desire to be in Israel – but constraints make it impossible for me also. In prayer for Israel, persecuted Christians throughout the world, and brothers and sisters here ( many with heavy burdens to bear). Keep looking up – our redemption draweth nigh. Blessings to ya and prayers for ya!

    • You should consider being a recruiter for the Isreali armed forces, that’s quite a display…it’s amazing what they can do with the power of the United States and her equipment behind them.

  12. I think La is correct when he says we are witnessIng prophecy unfolding in our lifetimes. Now if I can only convince people with whom I come into contact.

  13. Ahhh… now for a nice quite night with most off watching TV.

    Regarding 666 matching a name… most focus on hebrew or greek … possibly latin.
    It’s possible. The 666 = www match is well worth considering.

    For the End Time, I reckon the most common languages are fair game… chinese, english, spanish, arabic, etc.

    For english, with 26 characters, it makes more sense adding a space, to make it 27 characters and 3 groups of 6.

    Like this….

    _ 1
    a 2
    b 3
    c 4
    d 5
    e 6
    f 7
    g 8
    h 9

    i 10
    j 20
    k 30
    l 40
    m 50
    n 60
    o 70
    p 80
    q 90

    r 100
    s 200
    t 300
    u 400
    v 500
    w 600
    x 700
    y 800
    z 900

    What matches 666?


    666=against god

    666=satan decoded



    Contrived? Artifact? Possible… but interesting, like www=666 in hebrew
    … or 600+600+600 in english as above


    You might want to double check the math.

    ps. and in the process I found out that harry reid is mormon … no surprise

  14. I hope the swelling has gone down in Sarah’s knee and she is fully recovered. Praying for y’all. Love in Yeshua, Vicki

  15. Interesting article in the NYTimes:

    In Hungary, Anti-Semitism Rises Again

    “My father, Aladar Szegedy-Maszak, a Hungarian diplomat, dined with Adolf Hitler three times. And then he went to the concentration camp at Dachau.

    As secretary to the Hungarian ambassador to Germany from 1932 to 1937, my father watched the rise of the Führer. He encountered him socially at a reception and two dinners — the first time on Feb. 10, 1933, at Hitler’s first speech as chancellor. He remembered how sweat poured from Hitler’s face, soaking his uniform. The speech left my father cold, but also deeply unsettled by the rhapsodic reactions of the audience. “This was my first personal experience that we were dealing with a quasi-religious mass movement,” he wrote, “or perhaps more accurately, a mass psychosis.” ”

    “At a diplomatic reception in September 1934 before the Nuremberg rally that Leni Riefenstahl famously memorialized in “Triumph of the Will,” my father could not reconcile the old-fashioned, modest, almost shy Hitler with the raving lunatic he had seen at rallies.

    The final time he met Hitler was June 7, 1942. The prime minister of Hungary was invited on an official visit to the Führer’s wartime headquarters in East Prussia and asked my father — now deputy head of the political division in the Foreign Ministry — to go with him. They ate in Hitler’s dining car and my father saw what he later referred to as “the Satanic nature of his character.”

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