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L. A. Marzulli

I was at the Paradigm Symposium last weekend and spoke for an hour.  Most of the people there were not Christians.  That’s OK, I got along fine with everyone and met some really great folks and engaged in some very enlightening conversations.  I presented On the Trial of the Nephilim and thought it went over well.

That night there was a live radio show in the bar of the Hotel where we were all staying.  I was asked to come on the show, which I did.  After the interview I was talking to someone about the Nephilim and my findings.  In the course of the conversation I mentioned Jesus, by name, and the man actually took a step backward, and looked around nervously, thinking that I was trying to convert him, and this is what I want to address today!

A lot of people think they know Jesus.  They see the hucksters on Christian TV asking for the $1000.00 seed faith offering, or magic holy water being peddled by another “minister”, or some guy yelling and screaming about who knows what from the pulpit and unfortunately, in my opinion, this has little to do with Jesus.

Others have been hurt by the churches they attended in their youth. I know one man who was embarrassed in front of the entire congregation, by the pastor and never went back after that horrible day, which was about 40 years ago. He doesn’t want anything to do with that Jesus, and who can blame him.

Then there’s the pedophilia and the molestation which happens in pretty much all the churches, at some point.   Many of these people wonder why God would allow them to be so deeply hurt and so, they co-mingle their pain and violation with who they think Jesus is.

Still others think Jesus was a good man, or one of many avatars and wise, holy-men who have incarnated here on earth, but surely He wasn’t the Son of God.

I spoke at a UFO bar a few days ago…. no kidding, and there were about ten people there.  One of the men came up to me and before telling me his name, informed me he was a hybrid and had been abducted over 80 times!  Others too, had been abducted and all of them had seen UFOs multiple times.  I was reticent about speaking there and I wasn’t sure what I was going to present.  However, as I started my impromptu presentation with my laptop facing them, I found myself talking about Jesus.

I told them He wasn’t who most of them thought He was.  Then I told some “Good-News” stories.  How wherever He went people were healed, made whole, deaf ears were opened, blind eyes saw for the first time, leprosy, which was a death sentence in the ancient world, was healed on the cellular, molecular level.  Demons fled at the sound of His voice.  Men and women were raised from the dead when He called them forth. Raging storms yielded to His command.

In short, He is/was amazing and he also had a great sense of humor, as I pointed out in the story where he sends the disciples out in a boat and then tells them he’ll catch up with them later!  What was the first clue to these guys, that something wasn’t as it should be!  How is He going to join them if they leave ahead of him in a boat?!?  Most of us know the story, He goes out walking on the water and instead of calling to them, so they won’t be startled, He calmly walks by them, like he’s out for a casual stroll!  I love it!

When I finished my presentation I prayed for some of the folks, as many of them had medical issues and needed healing.

When we share Jesus with those who don’t’ know Him, what do we show people?  A set of do’s and dont’s?  Do we have a list of rules we present?  Do we talk about their sin and tell them they’re going to burn in hell?  Do we act like we know it all?  Are we pompous windbags going on and on without a comma?  Do we cite chapter and verse to impress our listener how much we study?

Jesus never did any of those things.  Think about the woman caught in adultery?  He says to her, go and sin no more.  Think about Levi the tax collector.  Jesus dines with him.  He also hung out with prostitutes, gluttons and wine-bibbers.  He talked to outcast like the Samaritan woman.  Everywhere He went, there was goodness.  Goodness and peace followed him and people’s lives were touched and then change happened, to them.  How can anyone argue with that?

In closing todays bun:  We are told that the greatest commandment is love.  It’s not our doctorate degrees, or our position at a university, or how much we think we know.  It’s all about how much we love one another.   In fact Jesus told us that they—the world—would know that we were His disciples by the love we had for one another.

So who is the Jesus we present to those around us?  Think about it….

Dr. J. Vernon Mcgee used to say, Prayer Changes things….

Please pray for:

Patrick Heron – for healing.

Sue – for healing.

Dr. Roger Leir – for strength and healing.

Mrs. I. D. E. Thomas – for comfort in her time of mourning.

Pastor Hectors wife – for comfort in her time of mourning.

Katherine B – Healing

Nancy Missler – Healing

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  1. I thought this is one of the best “Sunday go to meeting Bun”. I am so tired of TV evangelist that needs a reintroduction
    to the real Jesus. People have been so crippled by the churches. The prevalent evil abusers in the church have no concept of sin. ???? Good read. I agree.

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  3. While I do agree with what Mr. Marzulli said, I would have to somewhat disagree respectfully with the whole “don’t mention Hell to anyone” idea. Jesus spoke quite extensively about Hell to the unsaved if I’m not mistaken. The book of Revelation and Jesus actually warns the unsaved about this place. In the old days, people would actually get saved in droves in church hearing about this place. In fact, if I saw my next door neighbor’s house on fire at night and he was asleep and didn’t know that he was about to burn up and die a horrible death if he wasn’t warned, I would feel a bit compelled to run over there and smash out the window to warn him if need be.

    I do understand what L.A. is saying though. We can’t just run up to people and bash them over the head with hell fire and brimstone and run them off, but it is possible to warn people about hell in an interesting and attention getting way without turning people off. Such as L.A. did in the Watchers 4 segment and ways like that. But… in fact… just flat out warning people about their eternal destiny if they reject Jesus offer of salvation does indeed work as well. I’ve seen it. In fact, the bible speaks of “saving some with fear, hating the garment spotted by the flesh”. (I believe that scripture might be in either Obadiah or Jude). Although it’s not the best way, it is a legitimate way. Scripture makes clear that this is the only way that some will get saved.

    But I do understand what L.A. is saying though. We can’t just rudely and awkwardly start yelling hellfire and brimstone to people unless we do it tactfully and in a way that might get their attention without seeming like we’re condemning them. But I do think we need to at least subtly and gently warn them.

    • We need to understand that pulling people of the road to eternal death is the whole reason for Jesus coming to earth and dying a horrible death on the cross. He said the following… “I have come to seek and to save that which was lost”. Let’s not forget his very vocal warning to the Saducees and the Pharisees about this horrible place either. He even spoke of “where the worm dies not” and the “fire is not quenched”. Also his warning about the rich man. So many other examples of where Jesus was very vocal about Hell to listeners.

      But again, we can do it tactfully. I know I probably just lit a “fire” storm under the rump of alot of people by saying all this but… if Jesus said it, I guess he intends for us to say it to right? If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. 😀

    • Richard… I know. I totally understand that. I have to. Some are not going to care because in their minds, they are as good as they need to be. Certainly they are not going to Hell (in their minds). But like that scripure says I quoted above, some will get saved by this type of subject matter.

      The ones who don’t… their blood is on their own hands. At least you warned them. Their blood won’t be on your hands.

    • The whole reason for Jesus coming to earth was to put the Living Waters here, which not only put out the hell fire, but guide us on our journey of restoration. Yeshua came to put out the fire! His Waters are free flowing and cleansing. They will separate out the hearts that are selfish and self seeking…and without love.

    • Cory, I think the person I have seen that does the best job of including the fact of hell initially is Ray Comfort. He uses a street preacher approach and draws quite a crowd. He approaches it more on logic and does it in such a light-hearted, humorous way that the crowd is usually laughing but you can see that he really gets individuals thinking. I thought I had a video of him since a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead I will just include a link to his website. A wonderful man! Wish I could be more like him but our Savior uses all kinds, even me.

      I’m glad you understood that L.A. was meaning there is a time and place. Oftentimes a person needs to be won with love first and then hell talk comes in the disciplining process. But a very effective question on first meet approach is to casually ask, “Have you ever thought about where you would go if you died tonight?” If asked in a non-threatening manner at the right time (and only you will know when that is) it can lead to a deeper discussion.

      To: Richard I also understand what you, Richard, said regarding your non-believing friends. Sometimes it is much harder to win someone close to us (like lost relatives/friends) than a total stranger but I always remember what was said about a wife drawing an unbelieving husband ‘by her quiet and chaste behavior’. Despite those friends and relatives not listening to us, Richard — never for a moment forget that they are watching us for one signal that it isn’t real to you. If they see us gossiping, drinking, cursing, talking bad about others (even if it’s true) – anything at all – we’ll never win them. We have to be a walking Jesus to them (and that is almost impossible in our carnal nature although I’ve seen some dear souls get close to it) so don’t give up. Be on guard but also get some Christians who can easier see your heart even if you slip. I am not saying to leave your non-saved friends – they NEED you even if they don’t like ‘that part’ of you. Pray, pray, pray for them. Prayer is the most powerful tool a Christian has in their arsenal. Plant the seed. Someone else will water (or do it yourself). You may not see the harvest but all you have to do is plant the seed and pray for a good harvest. You are an important soldier in Jesus’ soul-winning army. Bless you – don’t get discouraged and give up. Okay?

      I have included a short Ray Comfort. Watch him engage unbelievers…


    • @ Corey: I did a quick scan on how many times hell and heaven appears in the online bible. Hell appears 35x and heaven(s) appears 692x.

      I do agree that we must be careful how we address the issue of going to heaven or hell. Not too long ago, I got involved in a Facebook conversation where homosexuality was being supported by President Obama. The ranting went rather wild and, in particular, it landed on a male individual who was planning his wedding to his partner but was making it clear he wasn’t going to invite his cousin who was the owner of the Facebook page dressing down homosexuality. It really did get wild and then I remembered a video that I think rather settled the issue for all those who were taking sides towards the homosexual practicing person.

      23 minutes in Hell. Bill Wiese & Sid Roth. It’s Supernatural

      People do know that there is a hell but don’t really want to admit that hell is real. Using the above video had pretty well stopped the in-fighting that was taking place and reminded people that the owner of the Facebook page was the wife of a local minister who is called by God to preach His holy word.

      We cannot forcefully change a person’s heart–only God can do it. We are required to discuss hell when the occasion demands it but we shouldn’t slam the subject onto anyone.

      Heaven is outnumbered over hell in the bible, so we should concentrate on the good news and that heaven, too, is real.

    • Yes…ultimately it comes down to …..”Being Led”….by The Holy Spirit.

      We don’t know who’s heart is ready to hear the Truth, but we share anyway. God uses His Word and His Spirit to get to their heart.

      Some people DO TAKE LONGER….”to GET it”….. Maybe MANY times HEARING The Gospel and “Seeing it lived out.”

      FAITH….does come by HEARING (Rom 10:17)

      Some people have “soft” hearts, while others can be very “hardened” by life’s hurts and disappointments, and lies they believe.

      Each one should be “handled” in a different way….and THAT is WHY….we each need “to be led” in how and when we share “The Good News”.

      Some people need a “pat on the back and a hug”, ….while others NEED …”a 4 x 4 to the side of the head”.

      John 1:12-13 and 6:44 and 65….These basically say “No one can come to JESUS …UNLESS The Father ….draws him.”

      And consider this:

      We have been seeing “The Birth Pains” for years now …..with MANY devastating natural / man-made disasters….

      and REALLY……..HOW MANY people are “Getting Saved” ….and “Coming to Jesus” ??? ( I do NOT see many in America !! )

      Many people see their houses and possessions GONE in seconds, YET…..they never do REPENT and come TO GOD.

      So, again…….ULTIMATELY………it is “US”……..trying to do our best……..”to hear” and “obey”….and LET GOD DRAW THEM TO HIMSELF.

    • Blessedhope… I do know who you are talking about, but I’ve never actually seen him though. I have a book on my shelf called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”. Inside the book is an audio CD teaching, but I’ve never actually seen him. I guess I’ll have to “checketh” it out.

      As Richard mentioned through the video he posted with Bill Wiese… if that doesn’t get someone saved, then I guess nothing will. I have a few recordings on DVD of Bill Wiese’s experience of “23 Minutes In Hell”. Very sobering. I remember reading his book “23 Minutes In Hell”. It became a New York Times # 1 bestseller when it was released.

    • If anyone is interested in a very good documentary about Hell with near death experiences, watch the documentary video “To Hell And Back” hosted by Dr. Maurice Rawlings (who passed away in 2010). I have it on DVD. It’s quite an attention getter. Some very riveting stories told by people who have had the experience of temporarily stepping out of their bodies at death and what they experienced.

    • Amen. God bless you Kirk! Faith does come by hearing. Great perspective on the differing hearts being ready to hear the Gospel. We should be encouraged not to give up in doing good in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You just never know who’s heart will be changed by hearing the good news of Christ! I truly, truly love L.A.’s post today. Very encouraging indeed! God bless each and everyone of you! Blessings to all!

    • This is one of the reasons I’m kinda fascinated with the Shroud of Turin. Not only do we have an actual picture of Jesus as he was being resurrected (which is mind blowing in itself) but it also proves that there is a hell. Think about that one. The Shroud of Turin actually proves the existence of Hell. It proves the existence of Jesus. And if it proves the existence of Jesus, then…. uh oh! ….. It proves the existence of Hell. The whole point of him dying on the cross was to save us from this very place. The perfect sacrifice for sin. It also proves that there are people there right now suffering. I’ll bet most people don’t think of the Shroud of Turin in this light. Like L.A. has said before, The shroud of Turin is God’s calling card to the world. It’s as if God is holding this thing up in front of the eyes of the world and showing them in a loving warning. Showing them that there is an escape from your alienation from God.

      The shroud of Turin is astonishing when you think about it.

    • SeashoreMary… I curious about something. Your scan revealed that Hell is mentioned 35 times in scripture. Did it include the times when Hell was referred to not actually using the word Hell? Oftentimes, Hell is referred to as eternal destruction and other terminology in the Old Testament. Did it just scan the word Hell? If the scan didn’t count the times that Hell is referred to in other terminology or phraseology, I would assume the number of times that this place is referred to in scripture would rise dramatically.

      Just curious.

  4. Thats awesome. A hybrid thats been abducted over 80 times. I hope you got his phone number I would love to see that interview on a Watchers DVD.

  5. Yes, yes… have jumped into the mighty clear flowing River of YHWH!

    “As it is written; there is none righteous, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. ”

    When is man going to stop looking towards man for his answers and his guidance? Measuring his worth via the opinions of this church or that? Is not the Holy Spirit given by Yeshua enough??? The Bible clearly speaks that we are to put our trust in no man! All of us are faulty. We will only come through these times by totally trusting the Holy Spirit that we allow to indwell in us through a sincere heart belief in Yeshua. HE will teach us what we are lacking….but we won’t even totally understand what we are lacking until we stop seeking our source in mankind…..and clear the fog of man’s opinions and judgements away so that the Holy Spirit can be audible within us.
    What doubts do we have that we must constantly seek the approval of other men? We will never be released from nagging imperfections until we are transformed. No others opinions will be the salve that makes you feel whole and on the right track….because it is still coming from an imperfect mankind.

    The Holy Spirit cannot be captured in words.

    Give me the GOOD perfect wine, poured within me, the cup, made by YHWH…..and pour the bad upon the ground that comes in a container made by man. The GOOD perfect wine will work within me to bring me from where I was, to where I am now, and to where I am to be according to YHWH’s understanding…..not mine.

    He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God!

    Does the LORD require us to understand? NO! He has shown us what he requires.

    Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgement; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD’s anger.

    There will be no agreement amongst mankind, until all come to the TRUTH through YHWH’s transformation of us through His Son…..not through the transformation of finding the correct understanding of man. (Which “correct understandings” are what have turned many off from seeking Jesus.)

    Allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in justice, mercy, and humbleness. Understanding will come when our King of Kings returns.

    I see a vast flowing clear river, and those who hear Yeshua’s Word and Believe throw themselves into those waters. Than some start having doubts (perhaps because of their own expectations of the journey they would take) and they seek the rafts and boats constructed by fearful man, floating on the surface of those waters. They use their efforts to swim towards those man constructed vessels….the more they depend upon the vessels and the captains of those vessels….the more they lose their YHWH created abilities to be one with His waters, trusting the waters completely to take them on the journey that YHWH planned for them. Much like the journey that L.A. Marzulli is taking.

    • And this thought just occurred to me, his info was so vital to this group, because next time they come across the abduction scenario, they are now “armed”!!

  6. Amen and Amen again, L. A. I’m so glad you served this message with your Sunday bun!

    Non-Christians need to see the LOVE of Jesus in you and Christians need to feel the Fire and shape up so souls can be won, discipled and kept! Would the SALT of the earth please show yourself in the Church. I have lived through years of carnal Pastors and so-called Christians who caused me and others to leave their congregation and many were lost for good (but I never left the church or Jesus). On the other hand we church-going Christians need to Disciple new believers to be able to withstand the ‘wiles of the devil’ because they need to learn ‘tares are growing among the wheat’ and develop a thick skin and go on to be about their Father’s business. I see the church failing on DISCIPLING. It is too much about the numbers – not to include the discipling-quality! Of course that means Christians need to stop gossiping and complaining and get off their widening duffs and about the WORK of our Savior. I’m not the kettle calling the pot black since I am a disabled lady suffering neurologic damage that causes chronic intense pain (bad stuff) — I’d have plenty of excuse but instead I’ve learned the joy of seeing hard work pay off in a young soul growing up to be a teacher – preacher of the Word. I want to see many more like my grandson helped by the love of Jesus within me! I’m sick this morning but I got in my car to go pick up underpriviliged little children so they would have a way to Sunday School until we can afford a van since we are in a new church plant. All those that spend their time watching the schisters on TV peddling a ‘rub your genie-bellied jesus’ for riches and wanting to turn their gift into blessings for their selfish wants SEND YOUR MONEY TO HELP US BUY THAT little bus and I will guarntee you a crown with expensive jewels to throw at Jesus feet but not a new house or car or any other SELF-SERVING ‘seed-faith’ blessing of that kind. I have to wonder about those that follow or preach that kind of faith – Jesus said you would know if they were His by their fruits and what proceeded out of their mouth would come from their heart. I’m about what I CAN DO FOR HIM to show my faithful gratitude – not about what he can do for my carnal wishes – just gratitude for his changing my heart and saving my soul from Hell!

    Thank you L. A. for speaking the Truth! We have a blessed hope… John 14:3

    Maranatha! Keep looking up!

  7. In my earlier rant I forgot a few things. Seashore Mary, I want to thank you so much for the information on the nascent iodine. I now have five bottles which should arrive in 3 weeks after they restock! Thanks for the ‘heads up’. I, too, have hypothyroidism but I’m happy there is something more body friendly to offer to my extended family for radiation protection and good health. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I also live on the coast – Gulf coast, that is.

    Also forgot to say I will be in prayer for all listed, L.A. Dr. I. D. E. Thomas was a great loss for us and a great gain for Heaven. He and J. R. Church and the other greats are exchanging notes as we speak! And my brother is looking over their shoulders listening intently. Dr. Leir just has to get well soon. He’s needed here right now to continue his work!

    • @ Blessed Hope…glad the iodine information helped you. I went ahead and ordered 2 more bottles and will probably get 2 bottles per month to build up a supply. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas (Coastal Bend area, off the Gulf Coast), which city are you living in?

    • Hi SSMary — we’re not too far apart — I’m near Gulf Shores, AL. I lived in San Antionio for many years and visited Corpus just for a look at water that wasn’t a lake or pond!! It’s amazing how different the Gulf Coast is from one state to the other. Glad to ‘meet’ you and I’m sure I’ll be forever grateful to you. Can’t wait to have the energy I need to keep up with all I want to accomplish before we head home (real home) for eternity!! The good Lord bless and keep you and I hope to see you in person – before Heaven, that is!

  8. Thank you for posting today’s Sunday Bun I needed this reminder. May God heal and comfort those you have listed at the end of your post in Jesus’ name amen.

  9. I just want to add my heartfelt thanks for what you shared in the Bun. It was also wonderful to read all the comments.I sensed a sweet spirit of unity here today – not to say that there isn’t at other times, it just seemed to wash over me through reading the comments. How precious!

    Blessed Hope – thanks for your comments and the blessing it brought to me.

    L,A. – I believe your DNA specialist will be forthcoming if you already don’t have someone. Also that they’ll be the RIGHT one!

    Blessings to all in the Name of the Lord.

  10. It’s no wonder so many people are confused today. However, if you pass out a Bible track, it is simply specific about how we are sinners, Jesus is the way to salvation, and we need to repent, etc. There isn’t a lot of time left–showing love is great and important, but like an above comment–the road to salvation is narrow and we need to repeat over and over that salvation only comes through Christ, and we need to make that decision.

  11. I just recently discovered you LA and I,m so glad I did! I asked Jesus for the truth and He led me to you on Youtube. Do you need a volunteer? lol I think I have listened to all of your interviews on youtube now and I’m starting over again.

  12. I’ve blabbed enough today – but God placed this video in my face when I was looking for something else and it goes along with what we are discussing. Well worth the short time to watch it. It will reinforce what L.A. was talking about and give you hope. Please take a moment to watch…


  13. Yes indeed. As I was reading it, I thought “this is very good”…and I see many others were thinking the same.

  14. Amen! God bless you L.A. for yet another great Sunday Go To Meeting Bun! Brought tears to my eyes and gave me much to think on! Blessings my bro’!
    Love one another as Christ loves us – it is the goodness of God that draws men to Him!

  15. Amen and amen also.
    Thank you L A for one of the most important reminders we must keep always at the forefront of our minds.

    “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.”

    Blessings everyone

  16. Your are right, ” hucksters on Christian TV” have nothing to do with Jesus; they have turned Christianity into a mockery, in fact ,doing more harm than good as they are turning people away from Christ. They have essentially turned the gospel into a business, where they only thing that matters is the dollars coming in, not ministering to the hurting and lost souls.

  17. On my web site under the headings of the books that I am trying to get published, a “troll” has failed the “did Jesus come in the flesh” and “it” has become quite obsessed with my web site. So, PRAISE THE LORD for that! Sort of like the man that LA was trying to talk to about Jesus.

  18. How do we love those lost and caught in slow motion disasters?

    Like asking what to do in a:
    … battle, tsunami, raging fire, contamination zone, building collapse, plague, famine,
    … or their spiritual counterparts, such as a “spiritual emp” — utter darkness where there is no light ??

    It’s a lot easier to love others when there’s plenty of time and resources.



    HALLOWEEN AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE….is there any light? (Russ Dizdar)

    VFTB 162:Christians and All Hallow’s Eve (Derek Gilbert interviews Judd Burton)

    • Today is moon-day in the secularized pagan cultures…

      Insurance mediated medical care is our modern frankenstein.

      The secularized god of government…
      — is close to the promise of secular immortality for the elites
      — who have healthcare access to replacement organs and organic fluids
      — through neutralizing immune reactions to organ rejection
      — so that the bodies of the dead can be reconstituted
      — as a massive organ replacement bank.

      Just a modern horror fantasy?

  19. I love you, L.A. you are such a pastor. This post just warmed my heart. God bless you in everything He sets your hands to and may you be protected by the Blood.

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