Obamamess – Double Speak and Dodgeball!

obama-constitutionWhite House Will Not Say If Obamacare Website Will Be Fixed By March

October 21, 2013 5:03 pm

White House spokesperson David Simas attempted to whitewash drastic technical issues with the Obamacare website Monday on CNN’s The Lead.

Host Jake Tapper asked Simas several times if the website will be fixed by December 15th or the March deadline for individuals to purchase insurance.

Simas did his best to reroute his answers, continually repeating that the alternative methods of phone and paper registration will be available for consumers prior to the deadlines:

TAPPER: […] You didn’t answer my question. Will the website be up and running, can you promise by  December 15th or the by March deadline, either one of the dates, can yes or no, can you promise?

SIMAS: So Jake, yes, between the website and all of the other ways that people have to sign up –

TAPPER: That wasn’t really the question.

SIMAS: But here’s the reality. Any American over the course of the next six months who either doesn’t have insurance or is on the individual market, between the website service that prior to october 1st didn’t exist, a 1-800 number prior to October 1st that didn’t exist, navigators and the ability to do it on their own, they can get insurance and will.


TAPPER: David, you won’t even say whether or not it will be fixed by March.

SIMAS: Jake, I did. I said –

TAPPER: No, you said the phone service will be working.

SIMAS: Jake, I said that the main purpose of the Affordable Care Act is not a website. It’s to make sure that any American who is either uninsured or in the individual market has options to get insurance. That will happen. That’s our sole focus and that’s what we’re going to do.



As most of us know by now, the government web-site that Americans were told to go to, to sign up for Obama-Care, is hopelessly flawed.  This site, according to the link below….


….is the most expensive in the history of the web, with a price tag of nearly half a billion dollars!

Our government does not produce anything.   It does however legislate, and “govern” nearly every aspect of our lives.  All of this regulation calls for people to oversee it and file endless reams of paperwork to keep everyone in line.

Think of the DMV.  The lines here in California sometimes stretch for half a city block.  I remember accidentally cutting in line at the DMZ and almost causing a riot, as people had been in line, waiting their turn for, in some cases, over an hour!  Think of how this may relate to people waiting for an operation, a heart transplant, a check up.

Here’s what happens in Canada: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/health-exchange/2013/09/09/a-look-at-the-long-waiting-times-under-canadas-health-care-system/

Obamamess will now attempt to legislate our healthcare, which is 1/6 of our economy.


So the Obama administration rolls out Obamamess and the website doesn’t work?  How lame is that?  Can you imagine Apple doing this?  What would happen if people bought the new iPhone and it didn’t work!  Well, that’s what we have here isn’t it?  Obamamess isn’t working, even after spending a record half a billion on the web-site.

Then we have the Double Speak and “dodge-ball” antics of whitehouse spokes-hole David Simas, who assures us that everything is fine!  He can’t say whether or not the web-site will be working, because he and most likely everyone else involved,  doesn’t know when, or if, the web-site will ever work!  This kind of deliberate tap dancing around the issue is beyond the pale and this is another reason why we need to clean house in Washington.  By the way, that half a billion dollars spent, was our hard-earned money!  Oh well.

In closing todays post:  This might be the shortest “close” I have ever posted.  Obamamess is just that…. a mess!


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51 thoughts on “Obamamess – Double Speak and Dodgeball!

  1. What a mess! My conspiriatorialpersonal opinion: they’re not that stupid. This glitch thing was all on purpose.

    By the way, I watched the program “Ancient Aliens” last night on History Channel. The preview for next week’s episode is about the fall of satan. One of the guests interviewed makes a statement about what if he is really not the bad guy (paraphrase) — although I don’t know the context of her whole statement. Right then, I said out loud, “There it is. There is the end time scenario.”

    • My understanding from a number of sources seems to indicate…..

      that by just attempting to sign up for “Obama’s Mess”….that your computer’s “URL/website connection” is then “tracked” for content.

      IF….that would be the case…….THEN….that actually plays into “gov’t control of the internet.” Seems in line with their “Agenda” of “Control”.

      Also, since our gov’t does NOTHING well or efficiently….WHY would we even “consider” that “Obama’s Mess” would be different ??

      ohhh….the gov’t does do a few things well……..


      Now ain’t that kinda funny………..those sound ……..”JUST LIKE THE DEVIL !!! “

  2. Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism..it is the merging of Federal government with corporate America…it is Obamacare……this is not socialism…no, not at all….it is fascism and it is designed to put us all under government authority in every aspect of our lives….reject it ……But cleave unto the LORD your God, as ye have done unto this day.

    • The pope has spoken against capitalism, now he’s spoken out against rigid beliefs in conservative Christians. He’s in stark contrast to last pope. Argentina (current popes country)was a friend to fascism and Hitler’s followers. Fascism is rising in France. Strange days indeed.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like I think the pope is a nazi. I just believe that Christ’s Truth is an absolute. This relativistic attitude of “anything goes”, is of this world.

    • All Governments and banks…………..SERVE THE VATICAN. Vatican bank is a monstrosity of epic proportions!

      The Pope is behind the scenes of EVERY GOVERNMENT ON EARTH….and all Heads of State pay homage to THE POPE.

      A “few” out there that do NOT…..well, they are “removed”.

      This “reality” will simply play right into The False Prophet giving rise to the anti-CHRIST.

  3. “So the Obama administration rolls out Obamamess and the website doesn’t work? How lame is that? Can you imagine Apple doing this?”

    This is comparing lemons to apples.

  4. I’am staying with my grandfathered plan even if it did raise 17%. I’ll be on medicare in 3 years if that is still around.

    • Catherine, I’m “grandfathered” in too. I’ve had my plan for 10 years. My company doesn’t provide any kind of insurance. My premiums did shoot up an extra $100 a month this year. Thanks Obama.

  5. Anyone that thinks this is about healthcare or helping people out is sorely delusional and kidding themselves. The horror stories I’m already running into…personally, not hyped up stuff in the news…. this is a meat grinder, folks. That’s all there is to it.

    Honestly? If they were going to do this thing, they should have just gone straight single payer and be done with it. I’m not an advocate of that but it’s cleaner than this. What you see is what you get and that’s that.

    The real answer to this is: An itemized hospital bill. If I didn’t see a $50 toothbrush on there any more, as an example and it’s a real one…then I’d be in favor of anything that takes care of the real problem: the COST.

    But of course this doesn’t.

    Different subject:


    What’s going on with these earthquakes in Israel?

    I even did a brief write up myself about this other day when it was only two. Not we’re up to five. To save myself a bunch of repeat typing here ya go: “http://banditzlayer.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/israel-national-news-concerns-as-israel-hit-by-two-earthquakes-in-one-day/”

    All I’m going to say here is this: If Israel gets rocked by a major quake…all bets are off. ANY of Israel’s enemies will see an easy opportunity at that point and that’s just one of several potential worrisome scenarios.

    The Israelites are becoming increasingly worried and scared about this and rightfully so.

    Watch it.

    • They never had the plan ready for rollout in the first place… they sold the American people a lie that they are now spending 1 billion dollars on trying to get it all in place. I seriously believe Obama could ruin a two car funeral, I certainly would not trust him with this massive endeavor. So, you get the idea of what is going to happen in the overall outcome??? It will be billions more we are going to pay to fix it if it can be fixed at all ? Another waste of taxpayer money. Taxpayers get another Obama sham, I am not surprised.

    • Some think that these giant oarfish washing up on california beaches is a precursor to an earthquake. Let’s pray not.

    • Eric: Your first sentence is right on target! It is not about healthcare, it is about total control!


    • John T., last night I dreamt about a devastating earthquake that literally rocked the whole U.S.! Scary indeed!

  6. We Aussies may be pretty far away from Europe and America etc.. but we still get the news reports via TV and Radio and Newspapers and Internet, so we have a little idea of what’s supposedly going on here and there across the globe.

    The issues of ‘glitches’ with the website was thoroughly explained by John Stewart on Daily Show.. not so much explained, but the numerous glitches were listed – from logging onto the website (not being able to log on, that is.. to the calculator not working!)

    Later I viewed another news video featuring the fainting woman behind OB at the press conference… and Obama caring, “I got you”. I know domestic surveillance of US citizens has been a headline recently.. but BO has eyes in the back of his head! Amazing!

    What a load of academy award nominations….or Golden Turkey nominations.

    Of course, that’s just my observation from Down Under. 🙂


    Regards, Pete 🙂

    • Jay last year I dreamt of a war coming on last thanksgiving, it didn’t come to pass and I was relieved it was just a dream. Hoping yours is too, though a figurative earthquake is coming to the financial world one day soon for sure. Either way the Godlessness of this country makes it seem like we’re in shambles already.

    • I should add that, I don’t go to the Daily Show for news stories. Obviously, that show’s ‘personalities’ make mockery of whoever and whatever, however, in this instance they outlined the various glitches with the Obamacare website, albeit it in their ‘comedic’ style. It was a youtube video linked via The Blaze website (which occasionally features some newsworthy reports.

      I prefer to get the real news from you good people here at LA Marzulli’s website. And the Holy Bible, of course!

      Matt, I totally agree with your statement re issues coming down the pike etc.

      God bless.

    • Very troubling, Gordy. I will depend upon our Savior to take care of us because there is no way I will accept being chipped despite several serious health problems that require numerous medications. Let’s keep looking up for our blessed hope so prayerfully we won’t have to face this issue.

      Maranatha – even so come, Lord Jesus.

    • Sorry to hear that, a blown knee can be very painful…take it easy and be careful getting around as it heals up.,,,. if you are ever going to blow out anything again make sure it’s only your” flip flop.

    • Sorry to hear that too. Praying for a miracle. It seems like I’ve heard of quite a few of us getting injured lately. I hurt my back which is rare and has caused me to slow down this last week. I got a prayer request from Joseph Herrin- parablesblog who had a bike accident. Gives us more time to focus on the important things, the lateness of the hour.

    • Thanks for the support Matt and Mrs M. Im rather depressed about it. I’ve had 5 surgeries on the other knee now the left. Not to mention its been a strange month in our apartment.

    • Praying for your complete healing, Richard. Stay strong and positive. Our Lord and Savior is with you every step of the way. Keep us posted on your recovery and we’ll keep praying for you.

    • Richard,

      I’m praying for healing for your injured knee. I’m sure you have lots of inflammation in it right now and would recommend that you take enzymes to reduce the swelling which will reduce pain and aide in healing.
      Papain and Bromalain are two that work quite well in these cases. I have a lot of experience in this and hope you’ll try them.
      You can pick them up at the Vitamin Shoppe and there are a couple locations in Denver.
      Bless you brother.

  7. My guess, it was not intended to actually work well or efficiently.

    At the level where leeches bleed off funds on every transaction — including those to redo prior transactions
    — the more transactions the more they leech.

    And a catastrophe is just as much a way to prompt money flows (not money but flows of money)
    — to build up more activity in the economy.

    Basically speculators make more off manipulated chaos. Very similar to fomenting wars, meaningless research, etc.

    If they had really wanted to provide a well run service,
    then it would have been prototyped and proven in a trial … say for Washington DC.

    As is, more skeptical groups (like folks in New York State) won’t sign up till the kinks have been worked out.

    Another approach would have simply been to expand the public clinics
    — and reduce wait times by expanding contract suppliers during higher demand.

    But the point is that even when something is done at the federal level that’s half-baked or worse
    — it still expands the economy — at least in the short term.
    And the market speculators — especially insiders gain.

  8. These web problems with Obamacare are nothing compared to the issues coming down the pike….. We’ve seen security breaches at Facebook, Microsoft and Google, which had superior engineers on these project instead of government hacks…plus those sites don’t have or shouldn’t have all your vital info. This Obamacare system is designed to theoretically get all our personal data from everyone in this country. This is just a massive security issue waiting to happen. I see bank accounts emptied in the short run, but in the long run all our Social Security numbers will be known and can be attacked over and over again. I will not, under any circumstance, participate and I recommend you not to either. I have no confidence the security will be any better than the programming. In fact, security usually comes in a distant second to logic as priorities go. My guess is that those few people that have managed to signup have probably already been compromised. Glad I am not one of the guinea pigs!

  9. Ok so Obamacare needs a bunch of young healthy kids to sign up for this or it won’t work, right? Mmmm. Pay between $200 & $400 a month or just pay a small penalty on their taxes. What would you do?

    • Exactly what I have seen in Redlands. I can see it flashing but I couldn’t get a really good look using binoculars. They (as in more than one) are out every evening. Thanks for posting!

  10. TGBTG….

    I tried the second one and it worked. TB Joshua deals with alot of demons and principalities that come into his meetings.
    Much more “out in the open” when dealing with fallen angels and demons.

    TB Joshua has had many prophetic words spoken over the years that have been right on.

    MANY people come to JESUS through his ministry.


    • Kirk, thanks for the info, this video has had a PROFOUND effect on me. I never heard of TB Joshua before, but I knew this was real. What I took away from this video is how Lucifer sees pride. As if its no big deal, and in the times we’re living in Christians have also come to think of pride as the least of all sins, but God HATES it. He loathes it! I KNOW He does! Yet today so many have adopted this thinking that pride is no big deal. Many preachers today are following scripture perfectly but they’re filled with pride, and have no clue they are sleeping with the devil or that the devil has found a place in them and that’s the door he uses to bring in other things.

      Another thing that caught my attention is the way he kept saying “I am a Master”, and in his realm, he is! He’s a Prince. Micheal the arch angel wouldn’t even verbally accuse him, but said “the Lord rebuke you”. He’s a real prince with authority and rule, and not just some ordinary entity. These are princes – principalities and powers with great authority and power. Angels of lower rank used to do their bidding. They were HIGHLY respected, and then what does God do? Well, how does God always handle pride? He humbles them, and humiliates them, and so what Lucifer kept saying is “I am a master” and you are a boy, don’t command me! God has humiliated this great powerful, high level being, by making him subject to the Name of Jesus spoken by mere men, who are far less in power.

      He said he came back for revenge because, “you turned my kingdom upside down” ( when he cast out demons the day before)So he talks like Jesus, they speak in terms of ‘kingdoms’. That’s what it’s all about, two kingdoms fighting against eachother. When Jesus cast out demons, He said the kingdom of God is come upon you. The Kingdom of God, overtook Satans kingdom on earth and made the demons leave men’s bodies. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. Helping Jesus and His angels go after Satan and cast him out of men.
      I didn’t go looking for this video, it came to me, and God is really using it to teach me things and to do something deep in my heart. I just thought I’d share with others because I wonder if eventually this video will disappear and all of the weird exorcisms, remain.

    • AMEN !!

      Matthew 4:1-11……….We use THE WORD to overcome our enemy! ( …and The Blood and Name of JESUS and His Spirit within us too !!! )
      Matthew 10:8…….Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons……..ALL THESE WE ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO.
      Matthew 16:18-19…Gates of Hades will NOT overpower The Church !! The CHURCH binds and looses on earth & God’s angels do in heavenlies!
      Matthew 18:15-20…Church Discipline …. Bind and loose …. Power in Agreement …. God’s Presence !!!!

      In book of Mark….there are 15 different passages that deal with the devil and demons and how we are to CAST THEM OUT !!!
      Mark 1:13
      Mark 1:21-28
      Mark 1:32-34
      Mark 1:39
      Mark 3:11-12
      Mark 3:14-15
      Mark 3:20-27
      Mark 5:1-20
      Mark 6:7-13
      Mark 7:24-30
      Mark 8:31-33
      Mark 9:14-29
      Mark 9:38-40
      Mark 16:9
      Mark 16:14-18

      Luke 10:17-20 ….. What a GREAT passage showing our AUTHORITY over the kingdom of darkness !!!

      Sure, these are but a few verses, But it is the knowledge of our AUTHORITY IN CHRIST that we have over ALL the power of our enemy!

      YEE HAA !!!!

  11. In regard to TB Joshua, I feel I have to share this. I’ve seen a few videos of him and it became clear that this made is a false prophet with demons controlling him. There was a video of a woman sharing the heart-breaking things she experienced and what he does with young women and girls behind the scenes. Its disgusting to say the very least. She wanted to let people know what she saw. There were videos that were filmed of supposed manifestations of the Holy Spirit that were anything but! I won’t tell you what these women were doing in front of everyone. One woman walking around with her blouse all the way open showing supposed healing of a cancerous draining breast. Another woman had a baby down on the floor of the meeting. (Yes, I know that you can’t control when a baby is going to come) False signs and lying wonders to be sure. You can give a salvation message but what’s the fruit going to be when they get involved with this man’s false ministry. Demons play off themselves and have a field day promoting Satan’s empire. People fall prey to this without discerning the truth.

    You can look at this site if you want, just be xxx – tremely cautious. I would pray before I watched – even to see whether the Holy Spirit wants you to view it and have it in your memory bank.

    Love you guys and meant only to make you aware. Also, I want to mention that there are false healings and many times will wind up worse than you were before. If you’ve never read Joanna Michaelson’s book, The Beautiful Side of Evil, it is an eye-opener that I feel all Christians ought to read. I may have spelled her name a little wrong, but you can for sure just Google the title.

    • Phyllis S. ….

      JESUS dealt with a NAKED man living in tombs of dead people….possessed by demons….(aka – UNCLEAN spirits ). See Luke 8:26-39

      AFTER the man was set free from the demons (6,000 of them…a legion) … THEN…. the man was CLOTHED and IN HIS RIGHT MIND.

      How else do you expect demons that are UNCLEAN to act ???? They will do ANYTHING to “mock” and “dishonor” mankind and God Himself.

      Demons act UNCLEAN. Does that surprise you ???

      Why do you feel casting out demons is somehow supposed to be “all primp and proper” ???

      Demons do NOT want to submit to the AUTHORITY of JESUS CHRIST that all Christians have been given….BUT “few” operate in today.

      So, why is it a “surprise” to you that demons “manifest” themselves in ways that are not proper ?!?!?! That’s what demons do !!!

      Demons are NOT “holy” by nature…..but the very opposite.

      I would say that MOST PEOPLE that don’t CAST OUT DEMONS….will always be “freaked out” by demons and how they act.

      JESUS is NOT….neither are MATURE men and women of God. They just exercise their AUTHORITY and overcome the evil one!

      Ohhh, and by the way….JESUS …NEVER…explained Himself to others….He just did The Will of His Father.

    • Okay, both opinions have been voiced. Let it drop. No more preacher fights on the blog lest L.A. give us all a time-out.

  12.   WordPress.com lamarzulli posted: “White House Will Not Say If Obamacare Website Will Be Fixed By March BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff October 21, 2013 5:03 pm White House spokesperson David Simas attempted to whitewash drastic technical issues with the Obamacare website Monday on C”

  13. John T mentioned the pope above and this is what it was in reference to (I think)”http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/10/21/pope-francis-right-wing-christians/”

  14. Hey L.A., just out of curiosity what is your view on the ‘Four Blood Moon Prophecy’? I’ve been reading up about it and it sounds really intriguing and sounds like too much of a coincidence to be put away on the shelf. I’d love to hear your opinion on it, maybe you could do a blog post about it? Thanks and God Bless.

  15. When you travel and work in a foreign country such as Canada or Mexico compared to the USA, then visa restrictions can be eye opening. Access to public healthcare, education, work, etc. are restricted for foreign nationals.

    So how does that work in the US now? Must foreign visitors or work carry US health insurance like they have to have accident insurance to drive?

    Who enforces? Not the loophole ridden IRS? What about sheriffs (deputies, police) that can’t profile foreigners?

    Or perhaps TSA will be checking for other papers now when we all travel… obamacon, etc. Or maybe that’s the new task for the kinder gentler disillusioned Border Patrol, now that they no longer have a real job.

    And how long before that extends to vaccinations?

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