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Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch

Lynd explained the cards weren’t showing limits and they called corporate Walmart, whose spokesman  said to let the people use the cards anyway. From 7 to 9 p.m., people were loading up their carts, but when the cards began showing limits again around 9, one woman was detained because she rang up a bill of $700.00 and only had .49 on her card. She was held by police until corporate Walmart said they wouldn’t press charges if she left the food.

A little “glitch” in the Food Stamp cards, and chaos ensues.  Where is the honor system?  It’s not functioning, as dishonest folks, like the one referred to in the article ring up an illegal bill for $700.00!  Ah yes, the government handout is alive and well, and when there’s a glitch in the system, call out the local police to protect and serve, and enforce the law.

And here’s the rub, this little glitch exemplifies, the rise of lawlessness in our country.  When people do this with a food-stamp glitch, what will happen when something a lot more serious comes down the pike, like perhaps an EMP—Electro-magnetic-Pulse-bomb?  I shudder to think about it!

The picture above has nothing to do with the article that I linked to.  However, It is a snapshot, of what I believe is a harbinger, of what is coming to America; chaos, anarchy and lawlessness.

Our country is bankrupt!  We’re trillions of dollars in debt and because of this China is calling for the world to De-Americanize!

The 543 elites in Washington are playing with us, closing the WWII memorial and wagging fingers at each other in the blame game.  As I posted last week: Throw the BUMS out!  Every last one of them and elect people who will uphold the constitution, balance the budget, disband the Federal Reserve, and stop the military-industrial complex from waging endless war!

Of course, most likely this will never happen and the American people will roll over and play dead, by watching endless ball-games and reality shows!

We are a country obsessed with reality shows but  ignore reality!  L. A. Marzulli 2013

In closing Mondays short post.  Self reliance is the key to survival, not depending on government handouts.  I’m in favor of a safety-net for folks who are struggling, however, those who live off the government largess and who are capable of work, are dishonest slugs who are a bane to our society.  The food-stamp/welfare/Obamamess/Big government boondoggle, doesn’t work, as there is an element who will always seek to beat the system. 

We live in a society which has a very thin veneer of civility and this is kept in place by law enforcement.  Without the enforcement, society slides into anarchy, chaos, looting, and murder.  This is Lawlessness…. and it is coming here.


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Sakurajima Volcano in Japan erupts for 500th time this year!


Fukushima on the Hudson?


Temple Mount!


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UFO Cloud?

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  2. Gotta say it seems like real churches should teach first aid along with Bible Study. And escape and evasion along with prayer. I’m thinking of Peter when he was locked up.

    Imagine what was taught during church services during persecutions in:

    – the 1st New Testament house church meetings in Jerusalem, under religious persecution
    – later services under government persecution in Rome
    – under the persecution of catholics and other dominant religions
    – likewise among the missionaries re: warlords, tribes
    – much the same re: Nazis, Soviets… etc.
    – now the underground church in China or Iran or Saudi Arabia…
    – soon the persecution of the Apostate Churches
    – not long from now … the persecution of the 666 government…

    Why? They’re evil and damned already.

    They slaughter their own infants and strangers with little notice and celebrate such atrocities as human rights.

    Think about what’s coming. Institutionalized euthanasia is the next step before stripping the definition of a person away from the dead — along with their wills and inheritance. Who but the partisans and elites will hold property? The unborn are “legally” considered non-persons now — next will be to make the dead non-persons.

    You already see the trend with the brain-dead and the severely disabled (like a Helen Keller or Stephen Hawking). Much as racism and sexism and slavery treated others as non-persons — we accept by Prophecy that there’s a time coming when those without the 666 mark will be considered non-persons also.

    When the Testimony of History and the Testimony of Prophecy both show a pattern — then what happens in between in current events is just a brief transition from one the the next. Who of you really believes our generations should be spared?

    If you believe that the past and the future somehow exist as though we lived in the pages of a book
    — then we have 2 Witnesses already
    — those saved in Christ who have passed on already (that greater cloud of witnesses in Heaven with Him)
    — and the last days saints revealed in prophesy (the Great Multitude before the Throne of God in Rev. 5 & 7).

    If LA is right — and Heaven is outside of time
    — then the Great Multitude that come out of Great Tribulation are already there.

    If you’re saved — then you’re also there with them
    — citizens of Heaven in the spirit. Praise God! Get excited.

    If you’re not saved — and not just lost soon to be saved
    — then you’re cast out into the Lake of Fire with the enemy angels.

    The Testimonies of History and Prophecy as a chorus confirm that Christ is worthy
    — to receive unending Glory, Riches, Power, Wisdom, Might, Blessing, and Honor.

    So the only ones that have reason to worry are the damned
    — no matter what happens next.

    • You say “who believes our generation should be spared”. I do. I believe every generation could be spared this horror, and pray for it. It is our duty, whatever we see as “current events” to cling to the blessed. Jesus said to pray to be protected from temptation and delivered from evil. He said this in the Lord’s Prayer, our most basic guide to the Father’s will. Realizing how dreadful are current events, nevertheless we pray for His will to be done. Some say it IS his will that the Tribulation should happen, and I accept that, because it’s in the Bible. Nevertheless…pray for that which is blessed.

  3. We continue to see all of these kinds of things on the increase in both frequency and intensity. It’s sobering and it can be scary if you lose focus but then I remind myself and others:

    “2 Timothy 1:7

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


  4. “”

    Earthquake: M 7.2 – 5km E of Balilihan, Philippines
    2 mins ago from “” by feed
    Philippines earthquake Oct. 15, 2013

    Photo: Store shelves collapse after earthquake in the Philippines – @marky_bautista, via @MicahGrimes
    5 mins ago from “ by editor”
    Philippines earthquake Oct. 15, 2013

    No threat of a Pacific-wide tsunami after Philippines earthquake, says Pacific Tsunami Warning Center – @Reuters
    14 mins ago by editor

    Earthquake: M 5.0 – 59km SSW of Painan, Indonesia
    18 mins ago from “” by feed

    Earthquake: M 7.2 – 2km S of Nueva Vida Sur, Philippines
    18 mins ago from “” by feed

    Earthquake: M 7.2 – 2km S of Carmen, Philippines
    18 mins ago from “” by feed

    7.2 earthquake recorded 1 mile from Carmen, Philippines – @usgs
    18 mins ago from “”

    local time 7:49 CDT

    • “”

      Earthquake: M 5.4 – 6km NNE of Nueva Fuerza, Philippines
      55 secs ago from “” by feed

      Earthquake: M 5.3 – 1km SE of Catigbian, Philippines
      57 secs ago from “” by feed

      Flash-flood watch posted for all Hawaiian islands until tuesday afternoon – @StarAdvertiser
      1 hour ago

      Mandatory evacuation ordered in part of East Los Angeles because of a gas leak – @ABC7
      1 hour ago

    • And earlier today…

      POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Oct 14, 2013

      ANCHORAGE, Alaska » Despite the federal government’s partial government shutdown, Americans have a full team of scientists tracking every possibility for an earthquake-triggered tsunami.

      The nation’s two tsunami warning centers remain fully staffed and operating in Alaska and Hawaii.

      “There’s been no change in our posture,” said Stuart Weinstein, deputy director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach. “We’re still 24/7.”

    • hmmm…

      POSTED: 02:36 p.m. HST, Oct 14, 2013

      A large earthquake has struck the Philippines but did not generate a tsunami threat for Hawaii, officials said today.

      The quake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2, was centered 3 miles east of Balilihan in Bohol province at 8:13 a.m. Tuesday at the epicenter (2:13 p.m. Monday in Hawaii) at a depth of 35 miles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

      Interesting when the Tsunami warning center does a partial govt shutdown self promotion an hour before a possible tsunami event.

  5. @ Corey
    “Our suffering down here on earth are opportunities that the Lord has given to us for our reward up there”. It’s not pleasant to go through it in the here and now, but then it will have been worth it….”

    I love so much what you said, Corey. No, it’s not easy sometimes like you said, but it will be SO worth it in the end if we can just make ourselves use our God given gift of faith to keep our eyes focused on Heaven. That’s what Moses did, when he could have lived it up in Egypt, but it says he chose to suffer with God’s people now and get his reward – LATER. That’s what we have to keep telling ourselves, the reward is coming, but its coming later, the big rewards, anyway. That’s what Jesus did too, He focused on the reward and that’s what He wants us to do . Think about Lazarus and how he suffered so much from being sick all the time and poor ( can anyone relate? ) he was laid in front of the rich man’s house, who after living the “good life” is now suffering in hell.

    (Luke 16:25) “But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.”

    Right now we’re accounted as sheep for the slaughter, and are Satan’s favorite targets, but one day the tables will be turned, we have to keep believing that, trusting and believing what God said, and never stop believing until ( Mal 3:18 ) is fulfilled. “Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.”17 And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.”
    I know we already know all this, but some of us are suffering and it’s good to encourage eachother from time to time. Our day is coming, but not now. Because right now we’re all still actively engaged on the battle field of life!
    God bless you Corey!

  6. Greetiings!

    Read the presstv article re ‘Israeli settlers storm alaqsa mosque’. I expect that this reported event/incident will turn the heat up somewhat in middle east – with effects across the world as witnessed in recent years when a certain peoples get annoyed about something minor or major that ‘offends’ them! If you view the story… read the comments below it. Shocking… but no surprise. I think there was only one, amongst the many comments, in support of Israel. Again… no surprise there.

    God Bless!


    Regards, Peter

    Ps… On a personal note.. How do I express? My ex-girlfriend… she hurt me and betrayed me and in response I was unkind in words at her hence us now being ex. However, I feel ashamed and guilty for saying unkind words because I was in love with her and did love and I still am in love with her. I desired to marry her. I hoped to. We would share the Gospel and would visit a (Baptist) church (just up street from my house) but later things happened which upset me (lies and cheating and sleazy men interfering).

    Of course, I am the ‘evil villain’ for being annoyed and expressing profanities and blamed for “damaging” the relationship (which is true, in part)! I still have deep feelings for her and despite what she did, and how I reacted (by saying foul words) she will not forgive me but even afterward she has relied on me (at times) and so I give and do whatever I can for her – even when I couldn’t afford to (financially speaking) and I’ve never asked her to pay me back (I would offer her before she asked (she dropped hints) and said I did because I love her and cared about her. I’ve never asked for any help/assistance from her. I want a relationship with her and I don’t want to leave God out of it. (And nothing works out for me because I forgot God first – but now I finally have wisdom to acknowledge that. Hallelujah!). I ask God and her to forgive me.. because I do love her and forgive her. I’ve met other women, since ex (strangers), when I have socialized with friends, who have expressed “desires” but I’ve said, “No, thank you. I’m flattered but I love my ex-girlfriend with whom I broke up recently.” I don’t consider myself a sleazy person ( my non-god believing friends think I am “weird” for not taking up these “offers”). I want love and companionship and affection and to give those to partner/wife. I did have fears because, many years ago, I came home from work and found girlfriend in bed with one of my so-called friends – this after we’d spoken about marriage and children. I almost allowed it to destroy me and held that bitterness and distrust for long time before I considered going into a relationship with another woman – so to go through again (although this time not with a so-called good close friend).

    Am I doing the wrong thing by holding her in my heart and keeping thoughts of her? Am I wrong to ask God to bring her back into my life to be my partner/future wife? I feel lost about it. Any verses somebody can suggest to help me with this, please. I know God does not want me to be alone – and I have spent too many years being alone. Plus, I want to marry before my dear old mum finishes her ‘visit’, passing through in this world, and begins her eternal stay in the Lord’s kingdom. And I thank God that I have remained relatively cool and calm with this recent drama, compared to before where I just about gave up on everything for a time – except having that mustard-seed sized grain of faith. And all this ‘drama’ because it was so easy to text ‘profanities and insults’ on the mobile phone. Oh, well, at least God forgives me.

    Oh, in other news (good): I am writing-off several “friends”. I no longer wish to be around those who claim the Holy Bible is ‘BS’. This last weekend, I’d attended gathering for birthday for friend. Conversation came up about certain subjects and so (as someone with more than just a deep interest and belief in God and the Bible), I was compelled to defend the WORD and attack the nonsense spoken. I’ve never “bible-bashed” any of these people (or anyone for that matter) but at same time I have not denied telling the truth and correcting some people for their incorrect and misplaced quotes and observations of things related in the bible. Again, some people think I am ‘weird’ because of my faith and because I don’t do most of the things they do or would do (such as accept offers from women at birthday parties or pubs – and I no longer going to pubs for something to do and to catch up with friends -birthday exceptions, and some rock n roll bands re talented musicians). They’ve rejected the truth. Too much good and bad has happened in my life to not see and accept Yahweh and Y’shua as the truth.. At least, BS is a very good and useful fertilizer in the garden. I have tried to plant seed in these people. I feel sorry for them.

    And sorry.. I know there are more important issues to discuss here than my woes! And since you are people of faith in God/Christ, I appreciate your views in all regards. 🙂 God bless!

    • More issues? Well then Pete let’s deal with all of it… Gomer & Hosea, The Love of God no matter what, Christ’s sacrifice for us all, and (no offence), the Bride bought back out of sex slavery…

      Back to bed for me, for work tomorrow… Let there be confirming witness, my brother.

    • Peter,

      That is a real bummer about what you’ve experienced.

      I will tell you this plainly, but there is a DIFFERENCE between those we can truly trust our heart with and
      those who WE are to influence with The Gospel Message. Expecting someone “to change” without a true heart
      transformation is the road to swift disappointment.

      This is very true in relationships, hence God is clear that we are NOT to be unequally yoked with someone. A mature
      believer will find “many difficulties” with someone who is NOT wanting to grow up into The Fullness of Christ. Two people
      with the mindset of being in a relationship TO SERVE the other has a great chance over the long haul. Two selfish people…
      is HELL on earth. Marriage “can be” the closest thing TO HEAVEN …or … TO HELL that we experience on this earth.
      We must choose wisely! Setting our hearts on someone NOT saved, or a carnal Christian, is opening the door to heartache!

      Translation: First, “dating” someone …in order to “get them saved”…VERY, VERY, VERY RARELY ever works!
      Yes, there are exceptions, but God wants us to BELIEVE HIM and TRUST HIM for someone who will TRULY be trusted
      with our heart. Sure, no one is perfect…and we ALL make mistakes, sometimes serious ones, in which there is much regret.
      True, we have forgiveness, yet this will only work if a person’s heart is honest, genuine, and vulnerable themselves.

      Second, WE each are responsible for who we let close to our heart and who comes in close to the person that we really are.
      NOT everyone is worthy of that spot close to our heart. JESUS Himself “entrusted” Himself to NO man. He knew man’s heart.
      Personally, I feel we each get to “see into” another person’s heart …over time…in many situations…and with other people around.
      We need BOTH our eyes “open” when getting to know others…”seeing” everything…as we ALL want to make a “good impression”.
      But, that does leave room for us “playing the fool” because WE failed to honestly and authentically recognize the CHARACTER
      of the other person, both in “good times” and in the “bad times”. This is where “having other people of CHARACTER” to be
      able to “speak into our lives” (this includes God), when they see us “straying into something” that MAY NOT have our best at heart.

      Third, WE all need to set our expectations HIGH, rather than accepting someone we can “deal with” or “tolerate”. Again, we are
      all sinners, but I don’t want someone who is going to “jack with my heart”. I want someone who VALUES me for me…WHO I am
      at the most vulnerable places…and will be trustworthy of that place I permit them to access. Not always easy to find, but God
      knows the heart of everyone and who will HONOR us in every way. You see, we ALL fail other people. That’s obvious.
      Yet, some people will CHANGE and GENUINELY acknowledge their sin … and WANT to be a TRANSFORMED person …
      who will learn from their “mistakes” and really use that “area of failure” to be propelled into “something much better.”
      None of this is possible without God. We each must GUARD OUR HEART…and NOT “awaken love/passion until it is time!!”

      Fourth, We all have seen people “swoon” over someone, without REALLY knowing who they are “at the core”. And after time,
      we want nothing more than to “run away from them” after some time or “events” occur which “open our eyes to the truth.”
      I personally don’t want “to sign up for a train-wreck”….if you know what I mean. Life is difficult enough without a relationship
      that is “doomed” from the start. I have seen this TOO MANY TIMES …. and I don’t want that life for myself. I will continue
      to be single myself until that time which I myself am “ready”…whatever that includes…and the other person is “ready”.
      God alone orchestrates “two lives into one”….but we have to follow His principles for that to come about “in real time”.

      Fifth, and this will be my final point, basically since we have “5 fingers” by which “to grasp something”…and that is all I want
      to do with this response…is to help you “see” things more clearly in order “to grasp” what God Himself may be saying to you.
      That takes time in His Presence, being in His Word, being led by His Spirit. I have heard it said, that the only reason we make
      mistakes in this life….is because ….”we are NOT led by The Holy Spirit”. He leads us into TRUTH…ALWAYS !!! When we
      CHOOSE to ignore His “promptings”…that is when we get ourselves into trouble.

      Peter, I do “feel your pain” to a certain extent. We all want life to be “perfect” …without the pain and disappointment that comes.
      We all want to TREASURE someone …and…to be TREASURED BY someone. That is a God-given goal and purpose!
      It is a worthy and heartfelt pursuit……..yet, sometimes we must LEARN “the hard way”….to NOT be in a “rush of feelings” that only
      leaves us “feeling empty” or “feeling alone”………even if in a “relationship”. There are countless MARRIED people that “feel alone”.
      That is a real “bummer”. God desires BETTER for us all….but we must LEARN TO BE LED BY HIM.

      I hope my thoughts give you room to pause and consider … and point you to God Himself…for only He will truly COUNSEL you.

      Keep your eyes on JESUS…He is The Lover of your soul !!!

      Kirk 🙂

    • Hi Peter,
      I had just watched the video that Nomemoleste sent… moved me to tears.

      What a Awesome God we belong to !! Beyond words and emotions yet we struggle to contain Him and the world we live in.
      I do not agree with the way some people talk of prospective partners as having to comply with a check list,
      When I met my wife I fell in love and the rest is a journey of twists and turns, 25 years and counting.

      I believed in God but did not know Yeshua as my Lord my King, My wife was an atheist when we met, now she believes in God, but has not as yet found Yeshua,

      So if I continue to grow, I have an opportunity to lead….it has taken me many years and many mistakes but I now believe it is not what what we say, talk can be cheap,
      it is in our actions…so if I can change and lead by example, I can allow God to work thru me, But not by talking about it, no easy way my friend we must own it , and with that type of humility and sincerity mountains can be moved !!

      I try not to over analyze or intellectualize,
      just love and let God do his stuff, thru his Son and our King Yeshua and it will pop out of us !

      Stay strong Brother, you are precious in the eyes of our Lord and King Yeshua the Christ,


      I also live in Perth.
      you can email me at:

    • Peter, I’m so sorry for your hurt. You’ve done a good job accepting your fault in the breakup and asking for forgiveness. That is so hard when you are hurting! My advice is to work on yourself…you and God…Keep studying your Bible, ask the Holy Spirit how to apply it to yourself. Continue to yield your situation to God, accepting that God’s will is best whether that includes your ex or not. I know it’s hard…I have been there myself. But God works in the mess, as I was reminded during a Bible study last week.

  7. And more insanity and wickedness.

    Last night on Australian TV ‘news’ type show ‘The Project’… The [alleged] benefits of TM!! That is, Transcendental Meditation. Claims that TM is beneficial to one’s health and general well-being! Claims by those that “scientific studies show that it does help! And of course, they are seeking for government to spend money of further scientific research on the [alleged] benefits of TM!

    And… one promoting it’s [alleged] benefits stating that people should receive ‘professional’ instruction by a “guru” and be charged $1000-1500 to be educated/trained/instructed by a ‘specialist’ “guru”! Of course, their explanation of why $1000-1500 should be the price/cost to receive TM instruction from a ‘professional guru’ is because (and “disregarding books and tapes/CDs which would be cheaper”), “Well, people pay alot of money to learn to play piano and to be taught by a professional piano teacher (in person) so a professional guru should be paid a fair price to teach TM!”

    Fair dinkum!!! … what a load of

    Some on here have recently posted various videos on the dangers of these New Age mysticisms such as Yoga and TM etc. How timely for you to have provided these exposes!

    God bless!


  8. The age of apostasy is here as foretold by Christ himself. I am seeing this everyday as I work in the retail industry. I don’t even have words to explain what is happening anymore. The only word I can use is, “apostasy.” This may sound as an understatement to many. But this word epitomizes all lawlessness and filth in these latter days. The only silver lining to this is, Christ is our hope and refuge. To him be all glory and praise.

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