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L. A. Marzuilli

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On 29 September around 21:00 hours near Bustamante Park in the downtown area, a strange flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another. Its size was estimated at around 2 meters tall and shaped like a manta ray.

W7-Key-ArtA report had come out of Santiago Chile about a flying man.  I am reminded of the similarity between this sighting and the “Mothman” sighting that happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 19666-1967.  I interviewed Lawrence Gray, who was an eye-witness to the phenomena as the entity appeared in his room in the middle of the night.  That being said, here is the excerpt from the Alien Interview book.  (Time for a shameless plug)  I’m in the process of reworking the book, removing some of the interviews and adding many new ones and also updates.  We’re going to release this new book along with Watchers 7, together sometime in November.

Lawrence Gray Interview

This is the man who saw the Mothman and had what I would call spiritual victory over it.

L. A.: Can you give us some background on your life, specifically, what you were doing in Point Pleasant way back in 1966?

L. G.: In 1966, I felt called to the ministry and to missionary work in Papua New Guinea. So, I enrolled into Bible School at Frankfort Pilgrim College in Indiana. Prior to this time, I worked in a supermarket in Pt. Pleasant, WV. I was married and had a young daughter. We served the Lord waiting for His directions for our future. We attended the Pilgrim Holiness Church at that time.

It was in the early seventies that God gave me a definite call to PNG while reading the book Perish for Their Saving. It was not until 1977 that we left for PNG with Evangelical Bible Mission out of Florida. In between the call and going, I graduated from Marshall University and supervised the Gallia Co. Children’s Home just out of Gallipolis, Ohio.

L. A.: What specifically did you see while you were a missionary? Supernatural in Papua New Guinea.

L. G.:  This is what was told to me by the people. They had a lot of stories that related to, what I would call, demonic activity. One boy was in the living room of a man who was a missionary. This thing comes to the door and asks him to come and sleep in the cemetery. It was a spirit. It had form and was very convincing. The boy was afraid of it, but he would go with it. This happened several times…[and the boy would] sleep in the cemetery. Finally the boy slept with the missionaries [in their house] and the spirit stopped visiting him. One time this spirit got the boy and put him up in a tree…on another occasion, the spirits came and took a woman and put her in a little cage. People came and got her but this thing had power over her. These things would happen regularly. In another region of the country, Wally (the name of a demon or spirit) would walk around in the swamps and he would put curses on people.

Masalias were spirits that would manifest at night. They would walk around and torment people and cause illnesses and fevers.

They had spirit houses. When they worshiped the spirits, which I thought was the devil, they would sacrifice a pig and ask for favor. The men would go into the Tombuna house and pray to the devil. They believed that there was a god in heaven and would occasionally sacrifice to him. Oggle Nuk Nuk was his name. They all had different twists and turns in their relationship. From one tribe to another there were different beliefs.

L. A.: So you were immersed in the spirit world, which is a different paradigm than what we see in the states?

L. G.:  I think we have it in the states, but the devil works differently here. It’s different here. It has another quality, a different dynamic than over there. There are demons and the approach here is different. The devil uses worldliness and luxury. Over there it was right to the point, because they had been into it for many generations, more of a reprobate spirit here than there.

L. A.:  How would you describe your worldview?

L. G.:  I’m a born-again Christian believer that believes in the second coming of Jesus. I graduated from the Methodist University and served in the mission field. I believe that we’re right on the very edge to the tribulation. I believe that what we’re doing in the Middle East is wrong. What we’re doing in Israel is wrong. It’s not going to bring peace.

Missionary work is still viable but it’s getting different.

L. A.:  Can you describe the events that happened in Point Pleasant in 1966? I’m assuming that you had heard of this Mothman manifesting before your encounter with it.

L. G.:  I heard about it, but I gave the devil the credit for it. I had it all figured out.

L. A.:  What do you mean by all figured out?

L. G.:  The Bible says that the devil can change his shape and walks around as a roaring lion. He can manifest in whatever shape he wants to. It can be ugly or beautiful or whatever he wants it to be. I just figured that the devil was manifesting himself in whatever way he wanted to. The devil was manifesting himself.

L. A.:  At this point you had already been in New Guinea?

L. G.:  No, I hadn’t been to Bible school yet. I went to New Guinea later.

L. A.: So you later drew on your experiences in New Guinea to explain what you saw in Point Pleasant?

L. G:  No, I thought Point Pleasant was it. When I went to New Guinea it was more of the same.

L. A: Ok, tell me about what you saw.

L. G: I came out of a church and across Jefferson Avenue. We lived in a house right across from the church. I walked up to the door and had a sense that somebody was in the house. I didn’t say anything to my wife. But I felt that there was somebody in the house. I opened the door and went into the living room and walked around in the bedroom and bath and other bedrooms and looked around and didn’t see anything. I turned around and went into the kitchen. We had a basement door and hooked a wire hook that locked it and that night that hook was not hooked. I thought that whoever was in the house was in the basement. I opened the door and went down in the basement and looked all around and still didn’t see anything. I was wondering and thinking and went to bed that night. At about three in the morning I was awakened from sleep. I woke up wide awake. I looked out the window and saw a car come up to the intersection.

I turned my head to the right and then I saw it. It was about six feet tall but I was lying in the bed. I was looking down diagonally toward my wife’s side of the bed. He had wings. Everything was bending together. There were feathers. Two wings that came out to points, like a wing. His eyes were sunk into his head. He had a head that was formed with his shoulders [apparently it had no neck] and wings down both sides. Down from his hips it was kind of a robe-like thing. From his hips down it was different. No seams. No trousers… more like a robe.

L. A.: What did the thing look like?

L. G.: A silver glow, but it wasn’t bright and sunny, but it was lit up. It had the wickedest spirit I have ever felt. I couldn’t say anything; my voice was choked… I couldn’t make it work. I was paralyzed with fear. It overwhelmed me…. I knew the only thing I could do was plead the blood of Jesus. I kept repeating it over and over. Little by little it faded away. It went into nothing and was gone. And all of its wickedness went with it.

L. A:  Can you describe in detail what the thing you saw looked like? Did it have a face? Did you see its eyes and were they hypnotic in any way? What did you feel when you first saw it? How did your body react to it?

L. G.:  The presence I saw standing on the right side of the bed at the foot was about six feet tall. It was a dirty lunar color that glowed somewhat. It was a dim glow, but a glow. It had a face that had sunken places for eyes, but it was clear they were looking at me and I looked at it. I was frozen with fear from the feeling of the evil power in the room. It was the personification of evil. Evil is like a pain; you cannot see it but you know when it is there.

L. A.:  How did it make you feel while you looked at it?

L. G.:  I felt awful. I felt afraid. I knew the devil couldn’t get me, but the wicked presence froze me. I lost control, I was overcome with fear. I was totally engulfed in what was there.

L. A.:  You mention that you had an overwhelming feeling of evil. Can you explain this? In our interview you use the word wicked … can you elaborate on this?

L. G.:  Wicked is a term used in the Scripture and when it is used it described the condition of right and good being completely abandoned. It is the total opposite of righteousness – that’s the devil. You feel that, when the devil is close by.

L. A.:  You mention that as you started to pray it was like salt being poured over a snail. What do you mean by that?

L. G.:  It was like pouring salt on a snail… it went into nothing.

L. A.:  Did he go into another dimension?

L. G.:  He disappeared… he was gone. Back into nothingness. A snail turns into nothing, and, like that, he was gone.

L. A.:  What happened next?

L. G.:  Here’s where my wife… she doesn’t remember me trying to wake her up. I thought that I woke her up. The night was over and the presence was gone, there was nothing in the house.

L. A.:  Were you able to say anything to the creature, or was it mental?

L. G.:  No, I was froze up. It was mental… a mental prayer.

L. A.:  Did you say anything else besides the blood of Jesus?

L. G.:  Over and over in my mind I kept saying the blood… the blood has power… dear Jesus, the blood of Jesus.

L. A.:  So you used your spiritual weapons?

L. G.:  Right. I had no defense with Lucifer. I had no defense with anything with my flesh. No weapons, no defense. All I could use was the scriptures. I knew the scripture and made a stand. It all happened so fast. It was done and he was gone… Alleluia.

The devil today, he’s around, but people can defeat him through the Word. That’s the only way we can defeat him.

L. A.: Where do you think this is all heading?

L. G.: Well, I think that right now God is letting Lucifer have his way with the morals of our nation. People can enjoy the pleasures of this world. The church is losing their perspective. What is happening in Iraq and the Middle East ties into the endtimes….

L. A.:  Why do you think it went after you?

L. G.:  Well. I’m not bragging on myself. As a young man I prayed a lot. I was trying to put into practice everything I knew. The Lord filled me with his Spirit, and I was trying to get close to the Lord. I think the devil didn’t like it. The devil is trying to get in your way. People who lead lukewarm lives, the devil leaves them alone, and that’s my opinion. You pursue God, and he will come close to you…

L. A.:  Now that it is years later, how has seeing the Mothman changed your life?

L. G.:  I can tell, as far as changing it. It makes the Bible more real when I read it. I know there is a devil, [fallen angel] because I saw him with my own eyes.

* * *

One interesting aspect of this interview was this. While recalling the experience, Lawrence began to feel overwhelmed by the memory of it and so we stopped, prayed and then continued. I was amazed at even after all these years, this wicked Being, still caused fear to well up inside him….


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    I’m sure all these people are just hallucinating or making it up. There’s nothing to see here.

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    Wishing you all a blessed day in the Lord. 🙂

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  4. LA thank you for this article. Have you ever come across someone who said they could smell the demon or the evil presence? I have to put my armour on literally every night and day. I can relate to this man in the fact that the more I press into God and His Word the more I get harassed. That’s how you know you are on the right tack and doing something right! Just wondered. Thanks again!

    • Sulfur and a rather intense unpleasant smell of flowers or perfume has been my experience. When researching it on the internet, I was surprised to find that others had encountered the same odors when under demonic attack. Sulfur would be expected, but I would not expect the flowery, perfume smell…doesn’t really make sense.

  5. Sightings of winged humanoids seem to be more widely distributed around the globe.

    On 11 July 1908 a man walking in the Sikhote Alin mountains saw what looked like a man’s footprint on the path ahead. His dog began to act strangely, and something could be heard trampling among the bushes. After several minutes of standing and listening, the walker, V.K. Arsenyev, threw a stone towards the unseen creature, whereupon he heard the sound of wings beating and saw something “large and dark” fly away over his head and towards a river.. Mr Arsenyev told the local police what had happened, he identified the creature as a man who could fly in the air.

    A Brazilian couple, the Reals, had a closer view of ‘their’ winged people. Early in the 1950’s they were walking one night in a wood near the sea at Pelotas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul when they noticed two gigantic ‘birds’ in the trees. As they got nearer, the ‘birds’ came down to the ground, and the amazed pair saw that the creatures were about 6 feet (1,8 metres) tall and looked human. They were crouching on the ground as if observing the Reals. Luiz do Rosário Real wished to approach them more closely, but his wife insisted they return home.

    A strange report describing an even closer sighting comes from Houston, Texas, :0 The night of 18 June 1953 was hot; three neighbours were sitting out on the front porch of an apartment house in the small hours. Mrs Hilda Walker said later:
    “We were just talking idly, when I looked up and about twenty-five feet (7.5 metres) away I saw a huge shadow across the lawn. I thought at first it was the magnified reflection of a big moth caught in a nearby street light. Then the shadow began to bounce upward into a pecan tree. . . . I could see him plain and could see he had big wings folded at his shoulders. There was a dim gray light all around him.”
    The shadow was also seen by Howard Philips and Judy Meyers, and they described it as “the figure of a man with wings like a bat. He was dressed in gray or black tight-fitting clothes. He stood there for about 30 seconds, swaying on the branch of the old pecan tree. Suddenly the light began to fade out slowly” They agree also that he was about 6½ feet (2 metres) tall and wore a black cape, tight trousers and quarter-length boots.
    As the light faded, the figure seemed to melt away, and the three heard a loud swooshing noise over the houses and saw a white flash. All were adamant that they had seen this inexplicable apparition.

    Winged Woman

    Three marines on guard duty near Da Nang in South Vietnam, in July or August 1969, got a closer view of the extraordinary entity that flew over them in the early hours of the morning. The story was later told by one of them, Earl Morrison:

    “All of a sudden – I don’t know why – we all three looked out there in the sky and we saw this figure coming towards us. It had a kind of glow and we couldn’t make out what it was at first. It started coming towards us, real slowly. All of a sudden we saw what looked like wings, like a bat’s, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night – kind of a greenish cast to it”

    The three saw her long enough to notice she had arms, hands and fingers, but that these were joined to her wings. They just stood there and watched as she flew overhead, a couple of yards above them.

    The Cornish Owlman

    He was first seen on 17 April 1976, hovering over the church tower, by June Melling (12 years old) and her sister Vicky (9 years old). June described and drew a feathered birdman. Nearly three months passed before the second sighting, made on 3 July. Again the witnesses were young girls: 14-year-old Sally Chapman and Barbara Perry. They were camping in the woods and at about 10 p.m. they realised that they were not alone. They heard a strange hissing noise, and then saw a figure standing not far away among the pine trees. Sally described what they saw:

    “It was like a big owl with pointed ears, as big as a man. The eyes were red and glowing. At first, I thought it was someone dressed up, playing a joke, trying to scare us. I laughed at it, we both did, then it went up, we both screamed. When it went up, you could see its feet were like pincers.”

    Barbara added..

    “It’s true. It was horrible, a nasty owl-face with big ears and big red eyes. It was covered in grey feathers. The claws on its feet were black. It just flew straight up and disappeared in the treetops.”

    The next day, 4 July, yet another young girl, Jane Greenwood, along with her sister, saw the Owlman. Jane described what they saw in a letter to the local paper:

    “It was Sunday morning and the place was in the trees near Mawnan Church, above the rocky beach. It was in the trees standing like a full-grown man, but the legs bent backwards like a bird’s. It saw us and quickly jumped up and rose straight up through the trees. My sister and I saw it very clearly before it rose up. It has red slanting eyes and a very large mouth. The feathers are silvery grey and so are his body and legs. The feet are like big, black crab’s claws. We were so frightened at the time. It was so strange, like something in a horror film. After the thing went up there was crackling sounds in the tree tops for ages. Later that day we spoke to some people at the camp-site, who said they had seen the Morgawr Monster on Saturday, when they were swimming with face masks and snorkles in the river, below where we saw the bird man. They saw it underwater, and said it was enormous and shaped like a lizard.
    Another sighting in 1997 just outside Swindon on the Road between Wootton Bassett and Swindon.
    “We were driving back to Swindon at about 11.30pm and it was sat on the fence. It was about 4ft tall, white (or grey) – it was dark so it is difficult to say the exact colour – with a body the size of a child of about 8 or 9yrs old. The body was completely human like but with an owl’s head and wings. It opened it’s wings ready to fly and I couldn’t believe the wingspan. It was enormous, I’d never seen an owl in the flesh before at the time and my first thought was ‘I didn’t realize owls were that big’. This was when I realised something was not right. It jumped off the fence with it’s wings spread, dipped down slightly (presumably because of it’s weight?) and flew right across the front of the car just a few metres in front of us. Unbelievably, my husband who was driving didn’t see it. I have no explanation as to why he didn’t see it, especially when it flew right past the car and it could clearly be seen by me. I never saw it again but I can honestly say for definite it was not a normal owl. It was human-like and much too big for an ordinary owl. This sighting has baffled me ever since as I don’t believe in ‘strange creatures’ such as Nessie, Mothman, etc! I’d love to know if anyone else has seen this in the same area. If not, then just for the record I can confirm it is still very much alive!
    If some form of energy, known or unknown, is involved in the genesis of these strange happenings, it would seem that it tends to cover the globe. . The result is an upsurge in sightings of monsters and UFOs, and an increase in strange happenings of all kinds. Doubtless there will more waves of sightings or weird winged creatures in the future…. But, as with UFOs and Bigfoot, it seems very unlikely that we shall acquire any unambiguous physical traces of the winged humanoids seen – we cannot count on having a corpse to study. The phenomena seem too elusive.

  6. “”
    This has a video attached, ENSENADA MEXICO: Eye-witnesses claim seeing UFO land, change shape into a Fallen Angel while landing and spread out its wings

    • Mrs. M, John T and I were talking last week about the fireballs that had landed in Sept but he was specific about a fireballs landing in Ohio and Valenzuela. I pointed him to the website noting that there has been a dramatic increase in fireballs (meteors) landing on earth, specifically in September 2013.

      The video you are referring to appears to be directly tied in with the September sightings but I see that perhaps the aliens, aka Mothman (aka: La Lechuzas) are sneaking in right along with these fireballs. However, people are able to discern the difference as noted by the female eyewitness:

      ENSENADA MEXICO: Eye-witnesses see UFO land and transform

      The Lord said: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Well not this time, because as long as we track these beings and understand to plead the Blood of the Lamb, these aliens cannot overtake us!


    • When I was younger I used to watch Sanford and Son which I hated, but Flip Wilson could always make me laugh, I liked him a lot, especially because we share the same name. But now the things I used to love I hate, and the things I used to hate, I love, that’s why I hate this video. Satan’s biggest weapon is to portray all ministers as greedy perverts and just in it for the money, so why would we agree with the world against ourselves and laugh as he lumps all preachers together and mocks the whole program ? I think this video is offensive and I would never laugh with the world and call attention to the flaws in God’s program. Yes there are some greedy preachers who sleep around, but they are in the minority and not representative of who we are.

  7. LA, I didn’t know you were on with Travis Short? For some reason I don’t remember that, although I know I’ve heard this show.

    Mothman : Supernatural or Dimensional Being ?

  8. Hi LA! I’ve often heard of the “Mothman” but I thought it was something of an urban legend ripe for a good Hollywood screen thriller.

    After reading your article, I am reminded that there is a chilly Mexican-American legend called La Lechuza, a winged type of owl–but in the form of a person–a witch. My elders would always warn us not to venture out late at night alone or the “La Lechuza” would grab us, fly up and and…you get the picture. I thought it was just a tool to keep (my brothers and sisters) in line.

    Mothman and La Lechuza is one and the same!

    I did a brief google search on La Lechuza and sure enough, it’s a winged type owl/witch.

    We need to pay better attention to myths and legends because they’re turning out to be true.


  9. Flying Witches Filmed Over Mexican Skies

    Lord Jesus, I plead the Blood of the Lamb-these stories are coming to be genuine.


    • I don’t understand your prayer. You plead for it to be genuine or you don’t plead it to be genuine?? In any case, if you plead for it not to be genuine, then your prayers have been answered……, I saw this debunked on a recent Nat Geo show… It was exposed and found to be a cluster of balloons. Sorry, but witches don’t fly, but it’d be interesting if they did. I already knew it was a cluster of balloons because of the wind driven motion; a disappointingly explanation to be sure, personally I was hoping it was Billie Hayes aka “Witchiepoo” from H .R. Puf-n-stuf trying to make a dramatic comeback…

    • @ Matt: I plead the Blood of the Lamb for my personal protection because the stories of the Mothman, La Lechuza’s (& UFO’s) are real (genuine).

    • Seashoremary,

      I understood what you meant.
      There are lots of legends about such things in the SW because of the fallen angel and nephilim dominance in the past.
      Many of the small towns in NM, AZ and TX had Curanderos that they went to for healing through herbs, roots, etc. also to lift curses/spells and or to make contact with the dead. Many Spanish and Native communities are still using Curanderos to this day
      as they’re ignorant of the power of the name above all names.


    • Ok got ya, I read it out of context my apologies…

      I think some stories have merit but certainly not 100 % of them….problem is today with video and special effects being so advanced it’s just too easy for a layperson to manipulate film and fake a lot of what we see. ….I have more interest in stories that have been passed down for generations, before there were cameras, video, computers or special effects. I don’t need pictures or video to tell me if someone is telling the truth. If you see or experience something supernatural or unnatural you never forget it…. It will be ingrained in your mind and thoughts forever, I had an experience with a demon as a teenager and it has stuck with me to this day…so when I hear LA say the person he interviewed had to stop as it was just too emotional to continue, I believe that 100 %….I am not saying the mothman is evil, I do not have enough data to make that determination, although I do lean towards that theory, obviously the witness though so, enough to have a deep-seated fear years later. In particular, people say that a sense of pure evil overcomes them when they see Mothman’s eyes. Mothman sightings have been associated with at least two other cryptids. Gigantic thunderbirds with gray bodies and red heads were sighted in the same area at the same time by a few witnesses. I do not feel the thunderbirds are evil. The reason I feel the jury is still out on the Mothman is cryptozoologists that have looked into sightings have suggested sandhill cranes, thunderbirds, or some variety of unknown bird or giant bat….I’m not saying witnesses are lying, I feel they are telling what exactly what they witnessed and remember, however, when one is scared and adrenaline is pumping and you are in high-stress situation, things can seem to be what they are not, even perhaps mass hysteria can be to blame. I do give them the benefit of the doubt however, as I was not there, I have no reason not to believe their story; I just feel there could possibly be something else at play.

    • Personally ,,,I like the idea that there are many dimensions and sometimes they overlap and we can pulled in to an area simaler to earth or vice versa beings can move into ours. Or, maybe just the awareness sees through and beings are there all the time but don’t interact because there’s no awareness on either side. . I guess you need to experience the paranormal world to even begin to understand it , at least that’s my opinion.
      I will say, John Keel was a dedicated journalist; his writings on the event are fascinating, however, some say “The Mothman” was created by Gray Barker, a renowned UFO hoaxer. Keel based his book on Barker’s fictitious account and prank calls made to him by Gray’s friend…. I do know the Mothman story goes very deep, it depends on how deep one wants to go…the stories are also similar to the Spring Heel Jack appearances in London, England in Victorian times. I think Charles Fort said a mouthful when he opined that some explanations are themselves in need of explaining.

  10. All this reminds me of what was said on coast to coast one night by a guest (maybe Tom Horn). I know Tom has spoken of it before – He mentioned that at the sight of the Roswell crash years ago, a NASA astronaut performed a ritual at the site called “The Babalon Working” in which a visible portal was created and a certain entity came through it from the other side (dark side) and into this world. It seems that portals are being opened from the dark side and these entities (demonic spirits) are coming through.

    A rough draft.

  11. Hey L.A. This is off topic – but I thought you might find it interesting.
    Awhile back you mentioned the video “Madness in the Fast Lane.” I wondered if you had heard the whole story.
    Here are two video’s that show what happened in the aftermath of that incident which became even more tragic and horrific. One of the sisters went on to kill a man who was simply trying to help her. There was a cover-up for sure!
    Definitely worth checking out! God bless you bro’!

    • Jay you’re definitely in the right place. LA has used that as an example of supersoldiers.

      “” (google search on the blog re: “madness in the fast lane”)

  12. LA and friends have you ever heard of BA man?It is about cultures in ancient times that personified the celestial bodies as gods.Like Ra Horus Apollo.Egypt was Bat derived from Ba.The milky way was the horned cow goddess the ancients referred to as darknight of the soul.It speaks of Ba falling from heaven.It has to do with dec.21 2012.Makes me think of 2012 hype and the Batman shooting and the darknight rising movie.Watch the youtube video.Type in…. the ba -dark rift of the soul the truth behind the myth.It sounds a lot what the new agers think is coming.VERY interesting

  13. Do you suppose this person could be possessed to do something like this?


  14. Hi LA,

    I was listening to your radio show with Richard this week and he talked about being approached by people who had been abducted or visited by aliens/demons. A word of warning … I believe you are leaving yourselves open to being “set up” by the devil and extreme discernment is required from here on in. It would be most unwise to be unwitting channels for demonic approaches in the guise of regular people who say they have been abducted/visited but are really the origins of the devil in disguise. Just be careful, that’s all I am saying. Please take time to pray about this warning and see what the Lord says to you before you dismiss it.

    Lots of love in Jesus Christ our Lord, Kate

  15. In other News…
    South Korea’s spy agency confirms North Korea has restarted its mothballed Yongbyon nuclear reactor – @YonhapNews
    North Korean Army issues ’emergency order from its supreme command’ to ‘promptly launch operations any time’ amid presence of US aircraft carrier – @W7VOA
    (As if N. Korea weren’t just a barking dog for China)

    President Putin says Russia, US have common understanding on what needs to be done in Syria after meeting with John Kerry – @Reuters
    (As if they ever weren’t … same spirit as that which is behind the “Ten Horns” in the Revelation … which have one mind)

    Head of Bolivia’s coca control and industrialization agency is arrested for selling seized coca – @BBCWorld

    A group of robbers crashes into an Oak Cliff cash business and yanks out the ATM. We’re live on the scene starting @ 4:30. @CBSDFW

    No Way U.S. Would Allow Debt Default? Don’t Bet on It By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN @NYT

    Big Lies:
    – US Federal Government is Shutdown (just a slow down with back pay and later billing … for political theater)
    – The US is Going Bankrupt (a government can’t go bankrupt since they print money)
    – Social Security is Going Bankrupt (see above)
    – Abortion is not murder
    – Obamacare is not tax theft

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