Chuck Smith has Passed Away

Chuck SmithPastor Chuck Smith went home to be with the lord this morning at 3:20 am

In my opinion he was a great man who loved the Lord with his whole body, mind and soul.  L. A.

Chuck Smith, 86, Dies After Cancer Battle

18 thoughts on “Chuck Smith has Passed Away

  1. Chuck taught, led and sent out many pastors into the world, not to mention the hundreds of thousands if not millions he brought to Christ. He no doubt is rejoicing with the Saints right now. He will be missed.

  2. I’m going to miss him dearly. I really enjoyed his radio show. He was a man who truly loved Jesus and loved people.

  3. I told my wife my observation that there seems to be more doves and swallows this year. She recounted that during a recent outdoor funeral service, two swallows landed on the casket and perched there during most of the ceremony. I knew that doves represented God’s love and the Holy Spirit. But swallows in art and literature(I have learned) represent “returning home”. Comfort and prayers to the family. May we all return home to the Lord.

  4. “When somebody tells you pastor Chuck has died, don’t believe them, because I wil be more alive than ever in the presence of the Lord.”

    Pastor Chuck Smith.

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  6. There’s a lot of love and resect being poured out for Chuck Smith today. I’m glad he was there in the late 90’s when I returned to The Lord after a 5 year backslide. He baptized me at Corona Del Mar along with hundreds of other people that day. I have been blessed to have been on a worship team that led worship before his mid week bible study a few years ago. I haven’t attended any services at Calvary Chapel for a while, but I’m still going to miss him. RIP pastor Chuck.

  7. I felt so bad when I read that Pastor Chuck has passed on to Heaven and I pray for his family. But I know he is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord and no greater reward could be given. He will be greatly missed by many, but we are blessed to have his sermons on tapes to encourage us and continue his ministry. I also couldn’t help but think about the fact that so many of God’s great men of the Word have passed on recently in the last few years. It makes me pray that the Lord will raise up men of equal faith, diligence, and character to fill their spots in the Kingdom work and I believe that men like LA and his watchmen workers and friends are some of those very men the Lord is putting into position to fill those roles. God bless Chuck Smith and those that are still here proclaiming the Word of the Lord. Amen!


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