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 Hey LA, Richard Shaw, and crew!

 Watcher’s 6 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!History Channel eat your heart out! Watcher’s 6 not only gives you clear video evidence but they present sane logical explanations about who, what, when, and how! You don’t have to check your brain at the door when you view Watcher’s 6! (But putting unfounded prejudges aside might help )Thanks for all the HARD work, and consistent dedication to these topics.   Kerry

 Hello L.A.,I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.  Alan


In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!







49 thoughts on “Watchers 7 – TRAILER!

    • When Chris Putnam says that the data shows more people believe in e.t. than in God, it reminded me of the song lyric that contained the phrase ” satan laughing with delight”. A Christian perspective is needed more than ever to interpret these times we live in. This new Watchers looks like a fascinating release.

    • I’m always skeptical of any politician whether they are from here or Israel or wherever because we know that these people are merely puppets and alot of times have shady connections to the Illuminati some how or some way…. the evidence suggests.

    • Corey,

      We must remember that the LEADERS of ISRAEL sign the covenant that is mention in Daniel 9:27……which is described more fully
      in Isaiah 28:14-22….which also ties into 1 Thess 5:2-3…..about “peace & security”……THEN…..”sudden destruction” comes upon “them”….
      and they shall NOT escape! Take notice of verse 22 of Isaiah 28…..”decisive DESTRUCTION……on all the earth.” Same thing is implied
      in 1 Thess 5:2-3…..Isaiah 13:6-16…..Zephaniah 1:2-3, 14-18……Joel 1:15……2 Peter 3:10-12…..and a whole bunch more!

      So, like you said above….being skeptical of any politician….seems to go with the territory.

      I do NOT know if Netanyahu is Born-again of The Spirit of God or NOT….I’ve never heard him say that myself.
      BUT, I would say that GOD is using him to position ISRAEL in these end times. I know he has Bible studies (a few) …
      and even picks out some AWESOME passages of Scripture….yet GOD has put him in this position for a greater purpose.

      I always enjoy listening to his very sober approach to dealing with very tense situations that could explode quickly, and his soft spoken
      assurance and confidence is very good for ISRAEL. He’s made errors in his leadership too.

      Yet, I see him as a REAL man……….Not the “goof nut” we have “parading around” as our president who came from Kenya.

      ISRAEL has a leader that is “super”………….America has a squater that is a “usurper”.

      A HUGE reason why ISRAEL is growing and America is declining.

    • I feel so bad for that man that confessed suffering lust to his pastor, and got treated flippantly. He needed to hear Jesus died for that sin, he needed to be prayed with, and to be assured of forgiveness, and set free.

    • @ Stone, you misunderstood……the man that came to Jesse was not a baby christian, he was a PREACHER who had a lust problem. Hes a preacher, a man to whom his congregation should be able to go to for advice about the same problem if they had one. He is in the position of leadership in that hes the one supposed to be praying for those entrusted to his care. He already knew Jesus died for our sins, he already knew if he repented Jesus would forgive him. This man wanted Jesse to say something powerful to him that would bring him to his senses and cause him to change his behavior and Jesse did just that – he said go tell your wife! To me, the advice is so simple, yet profound, because if he tells his wife he’s then immediately accountable, it’s out in the open, satan’s work is exposed, and his sin is not hidden anymore. If God’s wrath isn’t real enough for him, certainly the reality of his wife’s wrath would bring it all home to him, and not only that, she may very well work with him to end these lustful temptations once and for all, (never underestimate the power of a loving wife). So don’t feel sorry for that pastor, he got good advice that cut through all of his excuses and went straight to his heart, which is so much better than a short sympathetic prayer that wouldn’t do anything to stir him to change his behavior, I’m sure he received plenty of those.

    • So, the gospel is only for the first time, and after that- we fight sin on our own, perform our own righteousness. I get it. His urge toward lust will be under control for fear of his wife. Presumably that’ll solve sin. Excellent.

    • @Stone, I’m not quite sure the point you’re trying to make, Jesse gave the pastor good advice IMHO, we have to “do what we gotta do” in order not to allow sin to control us. He has a choice, he can tell his wife or he can cut off his hand, or pluck out his eyes. If you think Jesse’s advice wasn’t quite appropriate, maybe you would advise him to do what Jesus suggested?

      Mathew 5:28-30
      28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
      29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
      30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    • If the guy is in sexual sin and his choices are , to tell his wife , cut off his hand, or pluck out his eyes, he might want to consider the last two options, as Hell has no fury like a woman scorned…

    • Matt….( Stoneddragon)

      Just wondering, do YOU still have BOTH your hands and BOTH your eyes ??

      “Where sin abounds, GRACE abounds ….ALL THE MORE !!!”

      And it ain’t “greasy Grace”….it’s the kind that shows you WHY JESUS DIED…and brings a person to the honest place in his heart…
      When a person ACTUALLY SEES THE WRETCHED-NESS of his own sin and how deep it goes….AND THAT HE NEEDS A SAVIOR.

      Jesse helped a guy …..WHO HUMBLED HIMSELF ……..BEFORE ANOTHER MAN !!! Something neither of you know anything of !!

      Jesse has been used by GOD to bring MILLIONS to The Cross of Jesus Christ!

      Have you …discipled ANY ?? ( I actually hope not, cause you’d make them TWICE the Pharisee you are.)

      BOTH of you are “The Blind [trying] to lead The Blind.”

      Sad thing is that you both don’t see that BOTH of YOU….would be right there ….READY TO CAST THE FIRST STONE !!!

      Actually, I think YOU BOTH like throwing ROCKS!!

    • “do YOU still have BOTH your hands and BOTH your eyes” ??

      More importantly I still have my wife, much to my amazement. I’m telling you when God created woman he broke the mold…he really out did himself, a masterpiece in my eyes, such beauty and grace and understanding, next to women we are all but knuckle draggers

      I don’t care for throwing rocks but I do calls em as I sees em…a spade is a spade. There is no grey area, it is what it is, and not to admit that, or own up to it is not living in reality….Jesus is love and he is forgiveness yes of course, , but lets not forget, he is also a warrior. Jesus was NOT a pansy man, look what he did at the bizarre, he detests sin, and it stinks in his nostrils. When we pass from this earth some of us will be in for a shock of their life, if anyone pictures Jesus as some passive wall flower coward, they are dead wrong.

      And for the record I have no beef with brother Jessie, I have seen him in person many many times, I admit he got on my nerves a bit after he bought his jet as after that it seemed that’s all he could talk about for awhile, but I understand that, the man bought a new toy and was excited…If I owned a jet I would be excited too, I would rent out a church and go pick up LA as he hasn’t been to my neck of the woods yet…im still waiting.

    • Oh and as far as forgiveness, I have forgiven many as I have been forgiven by many, and will continue to do so as it’s requested by the Lord. I am willing to forgive 7 x 70 or 490 times….
      Of course the mere idea of counting the times literally is absurd…. Jesus’ response to Peter in Matthew 18: 21, 22 IMO, shows that there should be no limit to the times we forgive others…Love the sinner hate the sin. It’s true I cannot forgive as completely as Jehovah does. Yet, in most cases when someone sins against me, I can forgive in the sense of overcoming resentment and I can forget in the sense of not holding the matter against them indefinitely into the future. I feel when we forgive; we help to preserve not only the peace of the offender but also our own peace of mind and heart…. Above all, I will enjoy the peace that only our loving God, Jehovah, can provide.—Philippians 4:7.
      However, that said, I will not be dragged into a religious debate here, it’s not my forte. I am not here to lead any kind of crusade I am but a humble servant… I will leave the religious debates to experts like you Kirk. I detest religion with every fiber of my being, so if you two want to go at it be all means go for it., its entertaining at the very least.
      Don’t know why but a Winston Churchill quote come to mind “A fanatic is someone who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

    • Kirk, you’re being disrespectful and insulting those who have differing opinions. Please change your tone.

      “Jesse helped a guy …..WHO HUMBLED HIMSELF ……..BEFORE ANOTHER MAN !!! Something neither of you know anything of !!

      Jesse has been used by GOD to bring MILLIONS to The Cross of Jesus Christ!

      Have you …discipled ANY ?? ( I actually hope not, cause you’d make them TWICE the Pharisee you are.)

      BOTH of you are “The Blind [trying] to lead The Blind.”

      Sad thing is that you both don’t see that BOTH of YOU….would be right there ….READY TO CAST THE FIRST STONE !!!”

  1. Such a beast this DVD. There’s no stopping this series… NO STOPPING iTI SAY! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! IT’S OUTTA CONTROL!! IT’S THE BEAST! THE BEAST I SAY!! 😀 LOL!

    • Reminds me of a certain episode of Seinfeld with the B.O. in Jerry’s car that wouldn’t go away. It’s the beast! It won’t go away!

    • I think a weekly Watchers tv series would be cool. Just the segment tracking the birthpains would be of interest.

    • “Hey John & Everyone else! What if I told you Richard and I were thinking about a weekly program, Watchers TV!”


      That would be something. I’d love to see/hear the logistics on that plan. Internet TV, real TV, etc. etc.

    • The Watchers show would blow George Snoory out of the water.
      The following is a list of documented George Noory quotes. Known as “Nooryisms”… these non sequitur quips and half-witted, meandering ramblings serve only to exacerbate my feelings of disappointment over what has happened since Noory took over Coast to Coast AM…

      George Noory: “Dr. Leir . Ooh, that’s scary sounding. Alien scalpel.”

      Dr. Roger Leir: “Well, you know me George, I don’t try to scare people.”

      George Noory: “Yeah, with those fang teeth of yours?”
      July 6, 2007.

      “You know, Ray, everytime I think of things in the future, I think of the Jetsons.”
      July 19, 2007.

      “Well before too long we’ll all be cyborgs won’t we?”
      July 19, 2007.

      “Oh, yeah.” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Sure. That’s right. Uh huh. Gee. Ha ha. That?s true.
      Yeah. I was just going to say… Sure, yeah. Gosh, he comes up with some great stuff.
      (Noory’s interactions with Michio Kaku)

      “You know, you sound exactly like Don Johnson.”
      (Immediately following a lengthy monologue by guest Zeph Daniel.)

      “Did he have…..Lamb Legs?”
      (Referring to a half-man, half-animal thing a caller said was chasing her.)

      “Do you think asteroids have a brain and know which side of the planet to crash into?”

      Can you add hydrogen to, say, gasoline… or does that defeat the purpose?”

      “Bigfoot may well be an extraterrestrial, because… remember Chewbacca?”

      “Sometimes I wish the aliens would abduct me and crown me as their leader”

      “Elderly Thomas Edison was elderly.”

      “We’re not talking about dead people. We’re talking about the aliens… of their ghosts!”

  2. This is one of my FAVORITE teachings….about BOLDNESS….that we can have IN JESUS !!! AWESOME !!!

    • Maybe trying to sell the word of faith preachers could be better served on a blog that deals with that sort of preaching,

    • Hmmmm…..JESUS ….was sent to heal………The Sick.

      John Michael, matt and Stoneddragon…….you all need the TRUTH to set you free.

      But you all are too blind to see it. You don’t even have “ears that hear.”

    • Kirk and TGBTG

      Elaine L.
      Although I don’t usually comment myself, I have always enjoyed reading the comments and the friendly bantering between LA’s fans – at least until the last couple of nights… when you both started getting on your ‘holier-than-thou’ soapboxes – sending insults and barbs toward others who happen not to like your particular television preachers. You then started with the non-stop posting of videos of Jesse and the singing preacher seemingly to ‘rub it in your face’ or pick a fight with the others. Let it go guys!! Enough already! Move on and grow up. Stop picking fights and realize we all are not paperdoll copies of each other and will have different likes, dislikes and opinions. Matt and Stonedragon are just as entitled to their opinions as you are to yours – right? Lay down your sharp weapons (tongues) and Jesse and singing preacher videos and let’s get back to the way it used to be – peaceful, good natured and sometimes comical place this used to be. I’m probably old enough to be your mother so don’t go trying to pick a fight with me. I’m just trying to bring peace and civility back to this commenters section.

    • Hey! As Uncle Si would say. tone it down as reading this kind of stuff gives me a headache and makes me want to shut the comment section down. I don’t like the prosperity gospel, as it isn’t the gospel at all. It never addresses the central issue, which is what do we do with our sin and then once we’ve dealt with that, to go out and destroy the works of the enemy. Stop the infighing.

    • acg421
      So you didn’t mind that christian ministers were accused of not being christians and/or mocked, but you do mind that a few of all the blog visitors react and tried to stop the mockery?
      Don’t you know that such accusations are what grieves the Holy Spirit and take away the blessing? Without the blessing, this blog is just a religious cofferoom, but with the blessing people get helped, taken care of, prayed for, even delivered and getting new hope.

    • @Acg421, are the insults and accusations against God’s ministers OK in your eyes, but to defend them you call that insulting? To defend a ministry is not picking a fight, the one who easily defames a ministry has cast the first stone, do you agree? I know the Lord, He would not be angry with our defending His ministers, however he would be very displeased with unfounded slander having suffered the same Himself. No minister would like it if everyone just cherry picked his work, the things that might make him look bad, while leaving out all the good he did. How has defending Gods ministers turned into something we call “holier than thou”? WE, have “grown up” by leaving the slander behind, the ones who are doing the slander are the ones who need to grow up into the love of God and the knowledge of God, and to learn what is profitable and what isn’t.

  3. Chronous E Kairous

    To understand the prophecies in the Bible, you have to know that God is “time-blind”. That is, as we know, to him a day is as a thousand years and vice versa. So when speaking about future events, through the prophets, we cannot assume that every detail in the prophecy will be fulfilled in the same order or in the same timeframe, as other details in the prophecy. It is as someone has said, when you look at a mountain range in the distant, you only see the mountain tops, and have no idea of everything that is in between those tops, all the valleys, streams and so on. A prophecy of future events can be a short summary of distant things to come, with sometimes hundreds, or thousand year gaps in between the details. All we know is that those things are going to come to pass. We don’t know in which order, or in which time, because as I wrote, God doesn’t see time as we, and unless he expressly says that things are going to happen in a certain order (like using the word ‘thereafter’), or within a specific timeframe, we are not supposed to do it either.

    Continued here:

  4. “”

    This cave is so big it has its own weather system. Pretty neat.

    • That is amazing, awesome pictures. But I suspect there be dragons in their lair. The Chinese do talk about them but only in whispers.

  5. “”


    “” (another tank leadk)

    “23 And Me”

    China hornets kill 41 in north since July

  6. If christians only knew and understood what harm they cause themselves and others, by slandering each other and especially when they slander and accuse their ministers of the Gospel. It is this sin that grieves the Holy Spirit the most. It is this sin that cause strife and divisions, and even persecutions. It is this sin that causes non christians to lose confidence in us.

    I once was like that too, but the more the Holy Spirit and Jesus has got the grip on me, the less I have a drive to accuse and mock. I find it just silly now, and pathetic. What good does it make? What do I gain by it? Nothing. I don’t need it, God doesn’t need it. We are to bless and be a blessing, not to curse and accuse. We are not to be blind either, and look away from things that are wrong. But that’s not for our flesh to handle, it is to be handled by the Holy Spirit, through us. And he comes with love, and yes, truth, but never accusations, never mockery. That is of the devil, and we shall not be servants in his ministry, helping him day and night accusing the brethren.

    I suggest this to anyone who doubts me: Take one month, as a trial, and don’t say anything negative about anyone. Just speak what is good, and edifying. And take note how your spiritual life reacts during that month. I would guess it will grow and be strong, and even bring health to your body, and peace to your family.

    • @ Life, I SO agree with what you said. I used to mock and find fault with preachers too, but the Holy Spirit took me aside and showed me how wrong I was, its really easy to sit back and mock, but I also have a duty. When they mocked B Hinn and started their accusations the Holy Spirit stirred my spirit, and I had to speak up for what I know. I was there and sat under his ministry, I HAD to witness to what I saw and heard. Also the video on Jesse was misunderstood, the man was a preacher, was I “holier than thou” to point that out? Would everyone who didn’t watch the video be more comfortable believing a lie? It seems to be OK to bash faith ministries, but its not OK to defend them, somehow that stirring things up. The same thing happens when anyone mentions the gifts of the Spirit, its not hard to see the spirit behind all this. The Bible says that Satan is the accuser of brethren, one day all those vain talkers will see just how much damage they did to Jesus, yes Jesus, because when You have done it to one of His own you have done it to Him. These men and women have been born again, you may not like them, but God has accepted them.

      *Life, yesterday I visited your blog and found no where to leave a comment.

    • TGBTG, I don’t have a comment section on my blog, but there is a guestbook where you and everyone else are welcome to write comments or what ever:
      I also have a facebook page with the same content, and with comments:

  7. This is a good explanation on how we are supposed to judge:

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