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L. A. Marzulli

Oh my gosh! The government has shut down and now the live Panda Camera at the National Zoo, went dark!  What are we to do!

Parks are closing all across the country and who knows what else!  How will we survive?!?  What will Yogi bear do without Pick-a-nick baskets to swipe!

Seriously though, I’m glad the stinking, rotting, bloating carcass, which is our government is shutting down.  I think it’s great and I can only hope the actions of the pack of weasels in washington will cause the American people to rise up and say enough is enough and vote them out of office! Hey!  BALANCE THE BUDGET!!!!!!  The rest of us have to balance our spending in order to make ends meet, so you should too!

The Senate voted along party lines last night 54 to 46, and shutdown the House bill that would have delayed Obama-mess—my new name for Obamacare—for another year.  Obama appeared on TV and told us that Obamamess was law and that it was voted on by the people.  Hold it!  Stop the presses!  Obamamess was jammed down our throats and now almost 5 years later no one, and mean no one really knows how this is going to work?

How can a government keep track of the health-care for 300 million people?  In my opinion, it can’t and here lies the rub!  We were also reassured that many of us would be able to keep our existing health care.  Apparently this isn’t so!

Adding insult to injury is this!  The Office of Personnel Management ruled Monday that members of Congress and their staffs will be able to buy health care plans that pay for abortions, even though the premiums are funded largely by taxpayer money — a move that conservatives say breaks federal law on abortion funding. 

In closing todays post.  Obamacare will more than likely be Obamamess, as glitches and confusion will frustrate and impede many.  I believe the law is an onerous one, and all we can hope for is that at some point it will be repealed.  Government doesn’t create anything it only gets in the way of those who do, by legislating and restricting the private sector.  I predict Obamamess will collapse of its own weight.  It will be interesting to see how things play out in the days ahead.  The big question for me is this, who will clean up the mess, once the weasels in Washington realize it’s not working?



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71 thoughts on “Shutdown!

  1. The big question for me is this, who will clean up the mess, once the weasels in Washington realize it’s not working?—Answer…The Lord Jesus Christ and He alone will do it…eventually.

    [Rev 22:20 KJV] 20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  2. The Illuminati conspiracy is so deep and entrenched in this country and the world that I can’t help but think that this is all just a show. It’s fake opposition from the republicrats. The Democans and Republicrats are in bed together putting on a show to make it look like there is true opposition from the other side that the sheeple don’t wake up and recognize the illusion behind the smokescreen. Meanwhile, the destruction of the USA continues unabated… and their plan is just about ready to activate.

  3. Obama said “the people” voted for Obamacare? Excuse me, Mr. President but it was not put to a public vote. A bunch of idiots in Washington voted for it without even reading it.

    • That is the truth, which is something that is lacking in DC! It is so apparent to me and those who are awake and watching, that the govt is on track to fail so they can bring about their NWO, their new ‘currency’ which will all be tracked on your person, via chip. (see the video I added yesterday, Howard Dean says it’s so!)

      Now we have the ball rolling thanks to ‘terrorists’ on our perpetual police state, (think NDAA) to prepare for the coming war…against whom may you ask?
      I felt led to read from my book, “The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English” this morning and here’s the answer. (btw: dead sea scrolls were written 1 BC, so Melchizedek = Jesus) Under IIQ13: The Heavenly Prince Melchizedek
      Here Melchizedek is portrayed as presiding over the final Judgement and condemnation of his demonic counterpart, Belial/Satan, the Prince of Darkness, elsewhere also called Melkiresha. The great act of deliverance is expected to occur on the Day of Atonement at the end of the 10th Jubilee cycle. (think Daniel’s 70-7’s, Jubilee occurs after every 7 years, so 7 x 10=70)
      Note this: And concerning that which He said, In this year of Jubilee (each of you shall return to his property (Lev 25:13) and likewise, And this is the manner of release: every creditor shall release that which he has lent to his neighbor He shall not exact it of his neighbor and his brother, for God’s release has been proclaimed Deut 15:2, and it will be proclaimed at the end of days concerning the captives as He said, To proclaim liberty to the captives (from Isaiah). It’s interpretation is that He will assign them to the Sons of Heaven and to the inheritance of Melchizedek for He will cast their lot amid the portions of Melchizedek who will return them there and will proclaim to them liberty, forgiving them of wrong doings of all their iniquities.

      You see, Jesus even said the ruler of this world is the devil. He only has a limited amount of time to rule. After the time period allotted, Daniel’s 70-7’s tells us how much, then the proclamation of liberty to the captives. That’s why Jesus didn’t finish that portion of Scripture reading, as it wasn’t the allotted time yet for the fulfillment.

    • “Obama Blames Government Shutdown on ‘Ideological Crusade’

      Right now the President is on the radio lying through his teeth about the reason the government has shut down. He stated that the Obamacare bill was put in place to provide insurance for 15% of the population. He also stated that the 85% who have health care will not be effected. ,,,,yeah right,still lying

    • I say the very first person to lose their paychecks should be every member of Congress — and not some entry level groundskeeper or park ranger.
      The problem is not party specific. They’re all a bunch of selfish, greedy losers. Vying for every benefit only for themselves and their buddies. How can we start a revolution to change the way this country is run. It’s NOT working the way it is
      If any (shut down) three letter government agency happens to monitor LA’s blog, I was not serious about a revolution; I have absolutely no means to do so, all my funds are tied up in taxes. Thank you.

  4. BBC Undersea Drones… (3 minute)

    Revelation 20
    13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:
    and they were judged every man according to their works.
    14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
    15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

    • Century 6, Quatrain 44

      By night the Rainbow will appear for Nantes, By marine arts they will stir up rain:
      In the Gulf of Arabia a great fleet will plunge to the bottom, In Saxony a monster will be born of a bear and a sow.

  5. White House says ‘unexpectedly high volume’ causing early problems some consumers are experiencing when trying to log into – @politico

    Do people really think they’re going to have shorter lines and shorter waits online Obamacare sites or at the doctor’s office, the ER, the dentist, the lab, the pharmacy, the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, clinics, hospitals, home health, etc. etc. etc. Also now at the IRS….

    “affordable” is just another way of saying “get to the back of the line”

    unless you’re a super-citizen like the congressmen, or elected officials, or the rich and famous

    Kinda like the difference between lines for 1st Class vs. the rest of us on planes….

  6. “the live Panda Camera at the National Zoo, went dark”

    heheheh yeah, this is terrible news for some, according to The National Zoo; so many people are watching its panda cam that it now has to limit each viewing session to 15 minutes…. Though I think if someone is watching a panda on a webcam for more than 15 minutes, maybe they are the one who needs to be monitored..just a thought 😉

    As far as the government shut down, I’ve been watching the sky all day and it hasn’t fallen yet. If this means that the TSA goons all go home I may start flying again.

    Plus I read in today’s news that as Harry Reid’s shutdown loomed on Monday night, more than one lawmaker was reportedly boozing it up.If this report is vetted, well, then “spending like drunken sailors” now has a proper context.
    Also, we now have a plausible explanation why things happen there. Would a sober Pelosi say half the stuff she says????

  7. ToGodbetheGlory, you posted in response to me yesterday:

    @ Stonedragon, Why did you cherry pick one article in order to represent what a ministry is all about when there were others on the same page that you could have chosen just as easily as that one? Such as the one about street evangelism and reaching out to those in need, specifically those who suffered damage in the Colorado flood? Is that honest? To only tell half a story? Yes what you said was true, that story you posted was on there, because part of their ministry is to train people to stretch their faith, but so were these other ones.

    I had my own blog for a few years and through my research I learned a few things, things I never knew before, such as Christians, in order to make their point, will leave out evidence they uncovered in their research that is contrary to their position, and by default allowing people to assume half truths. I find that behavior dishonest, in them and in you. I understand that its very tempting and convenient but at what cost to conscience?

    And your absolutely right- I didn’t post more examples. I selected one thing to use, in order to introduce my point, which is, that I find the focus of the Word of Faith to be utterly heretical. I could fill 700 pages with examples from all these ministries in question, and then some other movements, that ignore the actual Gospel, sin and salvation. It wasn’t my intent to cherry-pick, in order to isolate an instance and shut out the contrary for fear of my argument being invalidated. I never claimed that one quote was the whole of their ministry. Its indicative of what they pander to, though- worldly flesh. Gettin’ right with your walk so you can be blessed. So God can be allowed to breakthrough and give more goodies. GOD did the work. All of it. But the theological thrust at the core of WoF is that YOU do more, then a puling, obsequious genie god will be enabled to finally take some action. In WoF, what you speak has consequences, and you have to speak and claim and stretch and never whine. Where is God’s work in that? All this hoping for a ‘breakthrough’. The logic follows that if you get cancer, if you get into foreclosure, if you loose a child… you didn’t stretch enough, you didn’t believe hard enough, you must have spoken something over your life and cursed it. That puts the onus on you, and takes all power from God, and such a message will not save any single soul.

    Do they do good social works? Thank God Almighty that in His mercy and grace, He uses anything and everything to show mankind gentleness and mercy and relief. Yes, these mega churches do many things that benefit humans here in the temporal. But reaching out to those in need, relieving their suffering- is not the same thing as a gospel message that convicts them of their wretched sinfulness and their desperate, desperate need of Christ’s completed work on their behalf, on the cross, that set us right with a righteous God. Do they tell people about Jesus’ love? Yeah, I’ve heard, over and over and over, their brand of ‘Jesus’. Its not the mighty God that humbled Himself to deliver us. Its the Jesus that went through it so’s we’d know how to suffer the loss of a job, and wait patiently for better and bigger the next time around.

    • And, TGBTG- I am not ranting at you. Please don’t take this as a personal attack. You simply are the one that opened the door and I don’t often debate here, because the vast quantity of what gets discussed here isn’t salvational. But I am ranting- at the filthy, unsupportable message that the vast quantity of churches is spouting to the millions, without bringing a single soul to life. I am sick of social gospel being held up as a good work in a way that confuses ears so they can’t discern that salvation isn’t being preached. I’m angry at being shouted down and being slapped with all the nice-y nice things these ministries do that cover their suppurating boils. I’m ready to vomit the next time I hear Joyce Meyer tell an audience that your mouth has to be shut up so you can’t kibosh your future, and God will do it for your own good so you can’t derail His plan for your greatness. I’m sick of wolves ravaging left and right and being told when they’re called out for their DOCTRINE, that its horrible, mean, and unChristian to ask them to be accountable for their teachings, to point out where they fall short, Biblically. Are some discernment ministries mean-spirited? Absolutely. But its not unloving to point out where doctrine is absent, its unloving to allow it to go on. I’m tired of giving the benefit of the doubt to rank, manipulative charlatans who will be barking in hell if they don’t repent, and who are dragging down uncounted amounts of souls with them. A bad tree does not produce good fruit. If there’s bad fruit in there AT ALL, the whole tree is cankered, now matter how pretty some of the cherries are.

    • @ Stonedragon, when I have doubts about a ministry and whether or not I’m free to discredit that ministry or minister, scripture gives me some clear guidelines:

      Is the foundation of their ministry the cross of Christ? Do they preach that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh, died on the cross for mans sins, rose again and that being washed by the blood of Christ, is the only way for mankind to have their sins forgiven and be reconciled to God? If that ministry agrees with these truths that Jesus is the way to God, then 1 John 4:1-3 Says unequivocally that this person/ministry has come from God and we then need to be careful what we allow ourselves to say against them, lest we be found fighting against what God is trying to accomplish through them, whether we understand it, agree with it or not.

      (1 John 4:1-3)
      1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

      2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

      3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

      ( You’ll never find any new ager calling Jesus, Lord, the way K.Copeland does. )

      Something I’ve learned through the years is that no ministry or man is squeaky clean and without some error in his beliefs, somewhere. It’s not unreasonable to think that any one of us can be deceived along the way, even with the best intentions. Did you know that the “discernment crusaders” were also active in Paul’s day and were “examining” him?( 1 Cor 9:3 ) And what was their problem with Paul? His doctrine (Roman 3:8) and money of course! 1 Cor 9:11 “If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?” Anyone who is familiar with spiritual warfare at all, knows that ascribing shady motives to discredit ministries is one of satan’s favorite tactics. Why do we willing give ourselves over to be used by him to accuse our brethren?

      Basically, every ministry that comes from God will build upon the cross of Christ, but they must take care what they build with, whether wood, hay, gold, or silver etc ,tried by fire, the day will reveal what their true motives were(1 Cor 3:11-15) whether or not their work was for God or for their own selfish gain. We can’t read hearts, we’re not God. There are things going on in others lives we know nothing about, but God in His mercy knows all. There is also a difference in our sinning willfully or through ignorance. One thing I DO know is that if any man or ministry is walking in love, that expression of love will cover a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8)so don’t discount their good works so easily as love and mercy are extremely important to God. And as far as any of us judging each other, if we do it without the compassion of God, we have just set the standard for our own audience with the King, “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” (Mathew 7:2)

      (James 2:13)
      “For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.”

      Peter also says above all things walk in love (1 Peter 4:8). We’re suppose to have compassion one for another, if we see anyone stumbling pray for him as YOU would want to be prayed for.

      And frankly scripture says that some of us are just plain immature according to 1 Cor 3:3 because wherever there are envyings, division, and strife we’re not walking in love through the Spirit, but we’re still walking like we used to in our former lives, we’re still judging things according to the flesh, as men, when we feel the need to attack our brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to grow up in the love of God and judge things from up there.

    • Also once we’re saved we don’t just stay there, but we need to grow in faith and the knowledge of God. We need to learn how to access the things that were freely given to us when we were first saved, such as the measure of faith. The Holy Spirit was given to help us ( 1 Cor 2:12 ) We don’t just immediately understand how to operate in the Kingdom of God, these things need to be taught, and God has given us teachers for doing just that.

      Where did the idea of sowing and reaping originate? Is it in the Old Testament? Yes, all over the place, specifically read Proverbs. Is it in the new testament?

      2 Cor 9:6-8
      6 But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

      7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

      8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:

      So if its in the Bible and Paul taught us that if we’re generous in our giving God will be generous towards us, is it heretical to preach that? The problem is that churches refused to preach the faith message which should’ve been included in the whole package but because they left it out, they were forced to go out on their own. Read the gospels, Jesus Himself was all about faith and if you wanted to make Jesus praise you or marvel at you, just use your faith.

      Matthew 8:10
      “When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.”

      Learning to exercise our faith is a good thing. How many people have learned how to exercise their faith and then went on to give the money to missionaries and every good work, but they first learned how to operate in faith by these heretical “faith preachers”. Satan will always attack those the hardest, who are doing the most damage to his kingdom.

    • Life…..and….To God Be The Glory ( Great posts by the way TGBTG !!!)

      If anyone would CLICK on the video link at the end of Pastor Copeland’s awesome rendition of that song….



      >>>>>> SAME MESSAGE of SALVATION ……….they’ve been preaching for longer than I have been alive!!!”

      BUT………..Because MANY are sooo religiously brain washed themselves ….with RELIGION…..they will NOT humble themselves to LEARN.

      And because of THAT VERY THING…………..there are MANY very DUMB people in The Kingdom of God…..saved, yet very dumb….

      And they will choose to live BELOW what God Almighty has called them to live in………

      “Beloved, I pray that….. IN ALL RESPECTS……you may ….PROSPER…..and ….BE IN GOOD HEALTH….just as ….YOUR SOUL PROSPERS.”
      3 John verse 2

      And don’t forget Hosea 4:6…..

      “My people ……….are DESTROYED……for LACK of knowledge.”

      Thanks LIFE for the great song! Copeland could always belt out a good song !! May not be a Sinatra….but it’s a JOYFUL sound !!

      HALLELUJAH !!!

    • TGBTG-

      Your extremely well thought out response is lovely. I don’t disagree with anything you just said- where I differ, is that I do not name most of the modern day big preachers as my Christian brothers. Do I know their hearts? No. Do they uphold the list of things you list as a test of their Christianity? No. I do not see that they teach the very things you list. I see them get cozy with the cross and Christianese speak, to serve themselves, and I see them addend a million little guilts and obediences, to the message of the cross. This is cause to get angry, Christians. Not for a difference of opinion- but for twisting of the Message.

      I pray for them, and I pray for their listeners, and I thank God for every one the Holy Spirit grants the faith to believe.

      Kirk, I’m confused. That video just proved my point entirely. What Kenneth was warbling to the itching ears was assurance that if they keep workin’, it’ll pay off. He means worldly wealth- he is NOT singing about casting the bread of the Gospel on the waves- he’s talking about getting a return on the effort and obedience his audience invests. He didn’t say one word that was the love of Jesus- it was the lash of works he was flogging there. I am heartbroken you don’t seem to see that. Not once did he sing of the net full of SAVED SOULS. That was just abysmal.

    • Stoneddragon…..

      You COMPLETELY missed the entire point! Do you even know where the verse is found that Kenneth Copeland was singing ??

      He was singing the principles of a verse of Scripture! Do you know where it is found….and the context of it….and what it means ???

      Just like we can sing songs of joy, of love, of perseverance, of suffering, of pain, …….even songs of our Salvation in Christ Jesus.

      BY the way, ohhh …. “short sighted one”………..God’s Word to His people REPEATEDLY and without reservation……

      tells HIS people to believe GOD for “stuff”…because we live on this planet…and GOD is our Provider….but He expects us to use our faith.

      We also use our faith to be HEALED, for PROTECTION, for PROVISION, for FAVOR, for our SALVATION & for OTHERS, for money to help
      others pay their bills when they’re broke, ( you can’t help “the broke” …IF …you ARE “the broke”), for EXPANDING OUR BUSINESS,
      and it goes on and on and on……

      If you can’t get that message through 66 books of the Bible, then NO WONDER why you criticize and condemn those that DO THE WORD.

      And by the way, YOU take…… “a”….song….”and say it proves your point”……..

      ………..and yet you …NEVER EVEN CONSIDER………this is 1 song ……….of an entire evening of God’s people singing in fellowship to God.
      ( Do you think they sing the SAME song …over …and over….and over….all night ? )

      Again……”get your glasses fixed”…… you can have a better “out look”……….BEFORE ….you run head long into a wall…..

      ………The BEAM in your eye seems to be getting …..B I G G E R.

  8. Sooooo, about the government shut down…

    If our national parks and national seashores are shutting down and it would disrupt the lives of those who visit, maybe it’s time they woke up and understood that many of those national parks and seashores don’t belong to the U.S. but rather to the United Nations.

    Maybe it’s time that the United Nations started funding their interests rather than taking property from the U.S. and expecting the citizens to continue to pay from their hard earned salary to maintain them.

    There was a time when I had a desire to work for the FBI but it wasn’t to be. I guess God knew better than I that I could still do law enforcement but not on a federal level because He knew there would come a day when the $$ wouldn’t provide for me.

    Thank you Jesus.

  9. The video was not mine I don’t even know how to make them. I get them from people sometimes asking for tips or insights, sometimes just to see if I can lead them. I send the ones I think that are authentic here to warn and show. I thank you for the defense Rose. I can see them and they are everywhere. My life is one black shape anymore. They flee upon rebuke but always at night or the next one they’re back. Im under oppression but I am slowly breaking out of it. I think the Lord has a strong hedge around me with all I am going through. It’s not that I have lost my faith ..not at all. I just don’t seem to have the spirit anywhere near what I once did. Therefore I will not be hypocritical. Love you all God bless and hope to be “back” one day soon!

    • You have many people praying for you, Michael (and you, too, Kris). Remember, it’s not your faith nor your strength, but the Lord’s. Just continue to call out to Him – He will not fail you.

      You are still in deep grief. Don’t be harsh on yourself – you are the least hypocritical person I’ve ever encountered.

    • I post from my phone and at times my picture will show and won’t. And my name will be Kristen and then at times it will says daviskris. Obviously, I can’t get it together 😉

      Anyway, I love you all and thank you for your prayers. I haven’t been posting as much lately. But! I do see the blog and posts daily. God is working in my life. I struggle…but I know He’s guiding me. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the influence that LA’s work/blog has had in my life. And I appreciate all of you!! 🙂

    • Faithfulelect…….


      Listen to these GREAT TEACHINGS !!!

      three part series (on youtube )

      1) Kenneth E. Hagin – The Believers Authority – 01 – The Believers Authority 10/31/88

      2) Kenneth E. Hagin – The Believers Authority – 02 – Exercising Our Authority 11/1/88

      3) Kenneth E. Hagin – The Believers Authority – 03 – Reigning With Our Authority 11/02/88

      + a bonus video:

      The Devil’s Under My Feet by Kenneth E. Hagin W.B.S. 2/16/97

      Just COPY and PASTE each of these in youtube search window…get notebook and Bible out…and LEARN what You HAVE in JESUS CHRIST.

      Romans 16:20…..1 John 4:4…….Luke 10:19…..1 John 5:18……John 17:15……1 Peter 1:3-5 and 5:6-10….
      Hebrews 2:14-18….2 Thess 3:3….Colossians 2:13-15…..Philippians 2:5-11…..Ephesians 1:18-23, 2:4-7 and 6:10-20…..
      Galatians 4:4-7….2 Corinthians 2:9-11, 14-16



  10. Meteorite fragments hit near serpent mounds in ohio and another on Yucatan peninsula. Pope wants to change catholic constitution. Curious what is LA’s opinion. Sq’s site has links.

    • @ John T….strange that you should mention meteorites. I’m reviewing youtube videos from Fire In The Sky News the American Meteor Society youtube channel

      Something very dramatic is taking place in the skies…there were 376 reports on 9/28/13 placed on their website from “affiliates” (people who are members from around the country) satellites crashing down, meteors streaking across the skies, fireballs spotted in the northwest…

      They are currently investigating 888 reports about fireballs being spotted across the country/world.

      Fire in the Sky News / 30 states reporting / “Most amazing!” / “Incredible

      This is how we become informed from the experts and best able to explain to others when questions pop up about what’s happening in the skies.


    • Seashoremary, wow i don’t know what that Yucatan object is, amazing that story wasn’t on evening news, unless i missed it. Network news is becoming more and more irrelevant.

    • LIFE…..

      Great video !! Kinda forgot about that story…..what a riot !! ( YES….it is good to LAUGH in The Kingdom of God !!! ) God LAUGHS too !!!

      Jesse Duplantis was a guitar player MANY years ago……….i think it was a band called…. “Black Sabbath” ….if I recall correctly.

      BUT…God reached into jesse’s dark and destructive life……and TOTALLY REDEEMED that man….and made him a BOLD & Joyful witness!!

      Thanks again LIFE……..what a hoot !!

    • Thanks Kirk.
      Can’t have been Black Sabbath, they’re from England, but his band may have had a similar name. Yes, Jesse Duplantis can really cheer you up.

    • Yea…..I just can’t seem to remember the band he played in, but it was a TOTALLY UN-SAVED group that many kids in school would listen to….

      I could NOT stand them at all……Wicked music it was! Similar i think to “iron maiden” type of music.

      Jesse said he had waste long hair back in those days and would shake his head all around, waving his hair.

      But hey, JESUS is all about CHANGING A HEART and CHANGING A LIFE……which is EXACTLY what happened to Jesse!

      Soooo sad that “religious” people can’t be excited for a person SAVED and DELIVERED !!!

    • Here’s a snippet from The Telegraph. Its tragic in the extreme. Does anyone here have a video with a message in it, that would have delivered this person from this extremity? Assured them of God’s deliverance from this broken world?

      Nathan, born Nancy, Verhelst, 44, was given legal euthanasia, most likely by lethal injection, on the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering” on Monday afternoon.
      Wim Distelmans, a cancer specialist who carried out the euthanasia, is the same doctor who late last year gave lethal injections to congenitally deaf twins who were frightened they were also going blind.
      “I was the girl that nobody wanted,” Mr Verhelst told Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper in the hours before her death.
      “While my brothers were celebrated, I got a storage room above the garage as a bedroom. ‘If only you had been a boy’, my mother complained. I was tolerated, nothing more.”
      Mr Verhelst had hormone therapy in 2009, followed by a mastectomy and surgery to construct a penis in 2012. But “none of these operations worked as desired”.

    • I don’t think brother Jesse ever played with or for Black Sabbath. . I would find that very hard to believe. He has never been credited on any Black Sabbath record/cd…perhaps he met them at one point and the story grew legs from there, but, actually played and recorded with them??…no.
      On a side note, years ago it was said Morris Cerullo and Peter Popoff were once members of KISS…I don’t buy that ether.. Morris Cerullo?? No way… Peter Popoff?? perhaps. I will say if there is any truth to it, Popoff never got over wearing makeup on stage, he comes off as a strange orange color on my TV.

      Duplantis Testimony


    • 🙂 Sorry about that, posted that in wrong place, the creepy entity sighted in Texas if NOT, I repeat NOT Brother Jesse.……or is it? 😉

  11. Hey Matt… file under: “who loves ya’ baby”


    This Drone Is Going To Find Bigfoot

    The Falcon is a 48-foot-long blimp that can fly silently, equipped with a NASA-quality camera to pick out a giant ape from the sky. If it ever gets off the ground, it could finally confirm or deny the legend of the creature lurking in our forests….

    This is the raison d’etre of the Falcon Project. It’s a kind of supernatural missing persons mission, calling for “eyes in the sky” in combination with a “quick response investigative ground team.” They would spend months at a time scanning undisclosed locations with high Bigfoot potential, hoping not only for irrefutable video, but to make contact. “You know, putting out a
    transmitter in a banana that can be passed through the gut and while it’s internal serve as a tracking device,” says principal investigator Jeff Meldrum. “Those kinds of things….”

    The other big piece of technology in the project (also proprietary) is the “high definition thermal imaging” camera, created by Infrared Cameras Incorporated. “To our knowledge no company has used a telephoto lens of this size with an uncooled 1024 x 768 camera for such a project other than possibly the U.S. Defense,” avers the breathless description on the Falcon Project’s defunct Kickstarter.

  12. hello…………………

    Read……..Luke 21:25-26 ….JESUS said it ……….

    25″There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,

    26men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

    Fire in the Sky News / 30 states reporting / “Most amazing!” / “Incredible sight!”

    • This is just the start. As the earth will enter the debris trail of comet ison next year. I try to warn people at work, but it falls on deaf ears.

    • Just imagine when Planet x whips around the sun and the earth goes through a million+ mile long trail of debris…Revelation 6:12-17

      Earth Quake…Solar Eclipse…Blood Moon…Meteorites…CME blast….Pole Shift……people hiding in caves and the rocks of the mountains.


      “THE DAY of THEIR WRATH HAS COME”……….”And WHO is able to stand?” Rev 6:12-17 note verses 16-17

      Revelation 6:15 = Isaiah 2:10-22 ……soon it is coming…………and we will be RAPTURED out of here just before this earth is rocked !!

  13. Not far from where I live… they want me to believe that central americans are being kidnapped from bus stops and held for ransom.


    Central americans that take buses don’t have families that have enough money to even try to hold them hostage for ransom from their families.

    Much more likely being held for human trafficking and slavery in the US.

  14. You know it’s coming. The ‘Bama Corp. Draft for the unemployed.

    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.
    We’re not behind a plow.
    We’ll never get rich diggin’ a ditch.
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.
    We’ll never get rich on the salary which
    We get in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We’re eating ‘Bama Corp. grub.
    And let me tell you bub,
    We know what it means
    They’re feeding us beans
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We’re marching everywhere.
    It’s getting in our hair.
    We follow the rules
    and follow the mules
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.
    We’re making dough, and how!
    On twenty-one bucks
    Who says we’re ducks?
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We left our loves behind
    I wonder if they mind?
    Who gives a hang?
    We’re with the gang,
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    No more we’ll have to hear,
    “How late will you be, dear?”
    We go where we please.
    And do what we please.
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

    We’re happy as can be.
    Have lots of company.
    The cooties at night
    Drop in for a bite.
    We’re in the ‘Bama Corp. now.

  15. I have news about a Trucker’s Strike/Convoy on the 11th, 12 and 13th of October, they are asking people to support them by not spending, buying, or paying bills and not driving either unless you are in the convoy of hopefully 1 million trucks heading to Wash. D.C., that’s about all I know, but it was on you-tube and someone said that it was taken off somehow. From Arlene Trueblood


    • I have read the same thing many times. i wonder if it has something to do with the Fema Region III “false flag” plans and why MANY
      M-rap vehicles and tanks are being moved all over ???

      COULD get to be a VERY ugly situation down there IF the bullets start to fly.


      Father God, we ask that You intervene and bring a stop to the plans of the wicked.
      We BIND every work of the evil one and DECLARE …”NO weapon formed against us will prosper.”
      We ask O’ Mighty God that You will CONFUSE, CONFOUND, and BLIND the camp of our enemies!
      We ask that Your Strong Arm would be pressed against the enemy and that You would repay the wicked to their face.
      Father in Heaven, we ask that You send forth Your angelic hosts to surround Your people wherever they are and make a hedge about them.
      Father, we LOOSE Your PEACE that passes all understanding across this nation of ours.
      We ask that You would move mightily upon Your Church and bring us to repentance so that our prayers can be powerful & effective.
      We ask You, Father, to release Your Holy Spirit as a consuming fire to burn up those bent on destruction so that people can be spared death.
      Awesome God of all Glory and Might, let Your Salvation message spread swiftly and let Your Church be BOLD in these last days!
      Father, we ask that You help us reach the lost and that You open up their ears to listen and their hearts to receive Jesus, Your Son!
      Lord, apart from You we can do NOTHING, but through JESUS CHRIST…we can do ALL THINGS !!!
      Thank You for hearing my requests. And I look for Your Name to be Glorified again!
      It is in The Name of JESUS that I pray for all these things. AMEN !!! AMEN !!!

    • That’s a10-4 good buddy,thanks for the heads up. I will see if this happens around my 10-20 before the smokies catch wind of it and try to shut it down,so far it’s clean clear to flag town. Keep that hammer down.

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