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L. A. Marzulli

An Excerpt from the Cosmic Chess Match:

I was  going to write about taking every thought captive and then realized, wait a minute, I already have! So here it is!

Take Every Thought Captive!

I remember when I first read this thirty years ago; I thought to myself, how could anyone possibly take every thought captive?

In our own strength it would be impossibility, however, the Spirit of the living God who dwells in us will train us and teach us how to do this. If we learn to hear His voice and mind the checks that He gives us, we will find that we are able to keep track of the thoughts that are not in line with His kingdom or more specifically in line with His written word, His TORAH (the Law, or the first five books of the Old Testament). We check everything by what is written in the Guidebook to the Supernatural. We need to be familiar with the whole of Scripture, both the TANAKH, or what we would call the Old Testament, and the New Testament. There is a saying that goes like this: The new is in the old concealed while the old is in the new revealed. The bottom line for me is this, we need to know and study Torah, so that we will know what is right and good and what is not, and we need to flush that study out by what is written in the New Testament! We need the whole of the Scriptures!  Remember that the early church did not have what we call the New Testament. They read and re-read Tanakh: the prophets and psalms and meditated on those Scriptures.

You see there are three kingdoms. There is the Kingdom of the Most High God, the Kingdom of the Fallen One and then there‟s our kingdom.

The Most High God‟s kingdom is one that is known by the fruits of love, faith, and peace.

The Fallen One‟s kingdom is known by hate, fear, and no peace.

Our kingdom is characterized by the “me first above all else” attitude; it is the kingdom of self-obsession!

That being said we must realize that all our thoughts are coming from one of the three sources or kingdoms. We must learn to differentiate between the three. This is why it is important to study and know what the Word says… in other words, as the commercial with the most interesting man in the world says, but with a pithy addition from my friend Bob Ulrich of Prophecy in the News: Stay thirsty my friend…. for the WORD!

All sin enters into us through our five senses. I will refer to these as gates. Through the gates of the eye, the ear, the nose, the skin, and the tongue, the information is sent to the brain, our computer, and from there we make judgments regarding how we will review the data.

Everyone has a worldview; this worldview determines the way in which we filter and process the data that comes to us from varied sources.

There are many worldviews on this planet. There are other religions and philosophies, but in my opinion the only true and correct worldview is found in the Bible. Some will scoff, but having tried many other systems or views, I have come to realize that the words that are in this book are inspired and hold the truth that have withstood the test of time for millennia.

Having said that, our goal is to weigh every thought against what is in the Scriptures, but in order to do this we have to know what is in the Scriptures.  Here’s an example taken from this book.  If Blossom Goodchild—a new age channeler— knew what the Scriptures say regarding what she is engaged in do you think she might reconsider her position?  Please consider this, when the Fallen One tempted Yashua/Jesus, He answered by saying, It is written! He was fighting here; He had is armor on!   He was using the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  This is our example and it is our offensive weapon.

Finally, there are the uncounted, unchecked thoughts that enter our minds.  We are told by the Lord’s brother James that a thought enters into our minds then we think about it and then later we act on it.  When David saw Bathsheba bathing, her image entered into him through the eye gate.  He didn’t look away, instead he dwelt on what he had seen and because he didn’t check that information and take it captive, it eventually led to death.  Bathsheba’s husband was set up by David to be killed in battle.  The man was set in the front lines and then on a prearranged signal his support withdrew and he was left alone on the field of battle and killed.

This is a cogent example of how an unchecked thought leads to death.   Here’s another.  If a married man watches hours of porn, he is setting himself up for the destruction of his marriage.  I know of case after case in which the guy is watching porn and the next step is an affair and then another affair until he is caught and in many cases the marriage, the children and everyone involved is caught up in the disaster.  Lives are ruined, children damaged, jobs lost, all because of an unchecked thought life.   I deliberately choose sexual sin because most men fall prey to it.  It is what men struggle with so let’s not pretend that we don’t.

We must learn to take the thoughts captive.  In other words the guy watching the porn has an option not to watch it.  At the point of entry he must take authority over it in the name of Yashua/Jesus.  This is warfare on a personal level.

As I have pointed out throughout this book, the Fallen One comes to rob, kill and destroy and he starts with a thought, a suggestion.  Once we entertain that suggestion we are caught in his web and for the most part wounded and not prepared to do battle!

In order to understand how this works I’m going to suggest some war-footing strategies that I have employed and found victory in for the last thirty years.  This is by no means an exhaustive study of spiritual warfare but it will get you started.

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  1. Wonderful…Romans 12 LIVES::::[Rom 12:2 KJV] And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    Thanks L.A…..God Bless you and yours on this fabulous day to be alive!

  2. Awesome word! I am a man, you are exact to deal with “flesh lustful eye”, In honesty I have repented of this.
    The whole thing that starts to sin.
    The gaze of the eye, the entertaining of thought ,it is at that point I hear the voice of the Spirit that alarms me to reject / cast off that stinking thinking of self, and flesh gratification.
    It is a spirit control life / disciplined as a true disciple of the Lord.
    It is a day to day, hour by hour walk in the spirit. Your morning Bun is spot on for such a time as now. Keep up the good work.
    Watchers Seven cover looks spectacular, can’t wait till it come out…. we are still here!
    Even so come quickly Lord -Maranatha

    Brother Phillip

  3. Regarding Jay’s comments on yesterday’s post concerning the fireballs streaking across the sky and beginning to dramatically increase… I think this probably and more than likely has to do with the approaching Planet X or Nibiru. Coast to Coast has had many very credible guests on talking about people who are beginning to see this thing starting to approach us. Along with it’s approach, it’s going to start hurling fireballs, comets and meteors at us. It will also be responsible for triggering many (if not most) of the Judgments that will transpire in the Tribulation period. It is set to arrive here around 2016 or so. We may be seeing the beginning signs of it’s approach with all these things steaking through the sky, including the increase of all these comets lately… Not to mention an asteroid. It goes to show you how close things are to wrapping up.

    • I just saw Russ at a conference over the weekend, along with Rob Skiba and Doug Woodward. It was excellent. Russ showed a video of him praying while in Wewelsburg Castle. Both times Russ spoke you could hear a pin drop. Powerful stuff. If you ever get the chance to see him in person, I highly recommend it. (But be ready for information overload. Like Russ said at the end of the conference, your head will feel like a baked potato twice stuffed.)

      And LA – you were there in spirit. The three guys each mentioned you and your work several times during their respective presentations. Hopefully one day you can get out here in the Midwest in person!

  4. “”
    Islamic terrorists kill at least 40 students in attack on Nigerian college

    This is noticeably picking up. 😦

  5. There are major stories in the news about gross excesses in government;
    including, yet another big inflated pork run program called Obamacare in the US.
    (… not that you’re supposed to compare with Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, or Social Security)

    Similarly, other reports detail the obesity epidemics in India(!) and Mexico.
    So let me ask…

    Who can rule and reign (serve) with Christ if they aren’t part of His body through salvation? (His sacrifice on the cross)
    Who can serve as a elder (bishop) or deacon in the church, if they can’t rule their own house well?
    Who can rule (serve) their own house, if they can’t keep their own body in subjection?
    Who can discipline their body for the long term — if they’re a slave to sin?

    The Answers are spelled out in the New Testament in detail.
    Those led by the Spirit of God do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
    (Those that don’t get that there’s a spiritual side are doomed to fail from the start.)

    Babylon (hollywood, bollywood, wall street, market street, etc) keep people dreaming,
    till they fall from the skies like dead stars and dead presidents when real life catches up.
    (Take for instance Michael Jackson or Miley Cyrus for a poster child of what not to do.)

    I’m beginning to see it’s far more merciful for the whole world to be brought to a screeching halt;
    especially, before the rest of the rebels are kicked out of heaven and dragged down to earth.


  6. Christ White shredding preterism…

    “” (show notes & links)

  7. good “Sunday Bun”. i needed that, that reminds you with all the current events and Prophecy coming to pass at super speed and the nation and global tension and oppression being placed on ones who believe as we do. keep our feet on The Rock which is Christ. if i start to pay attention to the “world” smoke starts coming out of my ears these days.

    • “” (9-29)

      …the gravest geological bomb that now ticks is the Makran Subduction Zone (MSZ). Located in the Arabian Sea, this is the precise point where all three tectonic plates are active with each other….

      Gemma L. Smith and her colleagues from the University of Southampton recently published a paper on the Makran Zone.

      The team has developed a two-dimensional thermal model of the subduction zone, which suggests that earthquakes ranging from 8.7 to 9.2 magnitudes are probable, approximately within 350 kilometers of the area, with a reoccurrence frequency of 100-200 years.

    • Nomemoleste; I am shaking the heavens, I am shaking the Earth saith the lord…

      In due Time not far from Now “the earth will real to & fro as a drunkard, for the wickedness of Men weight heavily upon it.
      Bring it on i say , bring it on… Let God arise and his enemies be scattered… All will fall who knoweth not my name.. saith the Lord.

  8. Man dies from seawater bacteria in Volusia Co.
    Central Florida health officials warn of seawater bacteria after man’s death

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