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“We all admire the senator from Texas for wanting to talk,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “But it’s been a big waste of time.”



Ted Cruz should be applauded, instead our media attempts to tell us his actions were silly, a waste of time, and were absurd! (See links above)  However, there are a lot of Americans who are cheering his actions and I for one, will be counted as such.  The American people were forced to accept ObamaCare, as the more than 1000 pages of legislation was voted into law by the democratic controlled house and Senate.


As I stated in my last post, Speaker of the House Pelosi stated: we have to pass the bill before we can read the bill!

It is this kind of arrogant, condescending statement, that makes our House of Representatives look like a High school Student Council meeting gone wild!  Who are these people and how can they get away with this type of governing?  It’s no wonder Congress approval rating is at an all time low!  http://www.ibtimes.com/congress-approval-rating-all-time-low-obamas-lowest-2011-1360879

Our media blasted Cruz and attacked his actions rather than his ideas.  This is standard fare, as our media regularly engages in the public evisceration of whomever they set their sights on.  Here is a part of what Cruz actually said, which is NOT being reported, and thus, may expose a media which is not doing their job, but are more than likely “in the tank” with Obama.

*       *      *

Mr. CRUZ. Madam President, I rise today in opposition to ObamaCare. I rise today in an effort to speak for 26 million Texans and for 300 million Americans.

 All across this country Americans are suffering because of ObamaCare. ObamaCare isn’t working. Yet fundamentally there are politicians in this body who are not listening to the people. They are not listening to the concerns of their constituents, they are not listening to the jobs lost or the people forced into part-time work, to the people losing their health insurance, to the people who are struggling.

A great many Texans, a great many Americans feel they don’t have a voice. I hope to play some very small part in helping provide that voice for them. I intend to speak in opposition to ObamaCare, I intend to speak in support of defunding ObamaCare, until I am no longer able to stand,  to do everything I can to help Americans stand together and recognize this grand experiment 3\1/2 years ago is, quite simply, not working.

I also say at the outset that I am particularly honored to be standing side by side with my friend and colleague Senator Mike Lee from Utah. Senator Lee has shown visionary leadership in standing and taking the mantle of leading the effort to defund ObamaCare and to challenge this train wreck of a law, and Senator Lee has been repaid at times with vilification from official Washington.

In my judgment there is no Senator in this body, Republican or Democrat, who is more principled, who is more dedicated, who is more fearless and willing to fight for the principles that make this Nation great than is Senator Mike Lee. It is a singular privilege to serve with him and to stand side by side with him and so many others in this body, and, even more importantly, so many millions of Americans all across this country.


There is a problem in Washington, and the problem is bigger than a continuing resolution. It is bigger than ObamaCare. It is even bigger than the budget.  The most fundamental problem and the frustration is that the men and women in Washington aren’t listening.  If you talk to the man and woman on the street, that is the message you hear over and over again: Why don’t they listen to me? Why don’t they hear what we have to say? They aren’t listening to the millions of people, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, across the spectrum who say our elected officials get to Washington and they stop listening to the people.


*    *    *

Cruz is what I would consider a populist, he’s for the people, he’s not a Washington insider, who is more concerned with reelection than the welfare of his constituents.  Cruz stood for hours on the floor of the Senate, and he did so because he believes in what he was saying, it is part of his core values, it is a reflection of his ideals, his principles.  It is not a stunt!  I wish there more like him in the halls of government.

In closing todays post:  I believe Cruz is in touch with the people.  His voice is raised in protest, against what will be the biggest the tax increase—because that is what ObamaCare is—in the history of the country!  http://reason.com/archives/2012/07/09/yes-actually-obamacare-is-the-biggest-ta

We, the American people need to raise our voices by calling our senators and demanding they postpone this onerous law.

237 years ago the people in this country rose up against the King of England.  We demanded taxation with representation. Now we are taxed from the moment we awake until we go to bed.  Almost every facet of our lives is taxed and that money goes to a bloated government who has now over 800 military bases world-wide, and who is bogged down in the quagmire of the Afghan war for over 12 years, after Bush declared, mission accomplished!  What  happened to, we the people?  Both Congress and our media are out of touch with the average American.  Surely if we raise our voices loud enough “they” will hear us, at least Ted Cruz will!



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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains












Warning!  Very Graphic!   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2434278/Kenya-mall-attack-torture-claims-emerge-soldiers-Eyes-gouged-bodies-hooks-fingers-removed.html



47 thoughts on “Ted Cruz – Aftermath!

  1. I know everyone will not want to do this…but I am preparing to live as simply as possible and as much off the grid as I can. I am also out of the money system and have turned all of my investments into gold and silver that I actually took possession of…not paper gold and silver. This I did years ago when I saw what was happening to our fiat currency system. Prepare yourself while you still have time…more chaos is on it’s way.

    • I would strongly recommend widening and spreading your investments and assets as much as you can. The wider and more diversified the better. Work the system as long as it’s there.

    • You are online telling everyone what you have. That is not living off the grid that is giving every criminal and government agencies a inventory, motive and a map to your front door. I do agree people need to live simply but for those of us who cannot afford to go off the utility grid we still need the near-worthless paper dollar because the utility companies do not take payment in precious metals but only paper money. Same way with wal-mart or where ever we shop for clothes and the food we cannot grow or raise. I can grow some food on my small property but not enough to feed my family year around.

    • A friend of mine invest heavily in precious metal stocks and is down 60%, I am up 35%…so, for the time being I will stick to my investments until proven other wise. It runs in cycles, I knew when gold was astronomically high it would come down to earth and it did…I got caught up in the “precious metal” hype myself but thankfully I came to my senses and dumped them before the could do any real damages to my portfolio, that’s not to say I don’t believe in having and collecting, gold coins, gold bullion bars or better yet, silver, palladium and platinum. Problem is you can’t really risk having those in your home due to theft, so if you can’t afford a 2000.00 safe that’s bolted to your floor, then you are at the mercy of the banks safety deposit box, which it really defeating the purpose of your investment as it puts it all at risk of never getting to them in an emergency if there is ever a bank failure.

    • Preparation will be different for each individual….I have done a few things that are working for me…I am not off the grid but am preparing to be….not everybody can buy gold and silver, I realize that! It will be different for different people and the best thing I know is to keep your fellowship with the Lord intact and allow Him to lead, guide and direct you.

    • I don’t know I feel kind of selfish If I pray to the Lord about my investments, I can’t run to my prayer closet every time the DJIA takes a dip.. I can just picture him rolling his eyes, “not Matt’s investments again”….. I just feel more comfortable praying for others, not my own monetary gains…I will leave that to the spiritual leaders such as brother Duplantis and Brother Joel…

    • Does living of the grid include using solar energy and living off the land, using what you grow yourself? I visited the Earthship homes in New Mexico and was quite impressed, talk about living off the grid, these folks have got it down to a fine art… They showed me how the Earthships are kept cooler by using air vents combined with angled windows to maximize the sun’s energy in the winter and keep out intense rays in the summer, plus, all of the homes are designed to be fully sustainable and use natural and recycled building materials (tires, bottles, stucco, etc.)

  2. You forgot to say those tax dollars they ream from us also go to the hordes of southern invaders pouring across our borders so they can drop 25 kids per family and destroy our culture… which we then more and more are being required by alot of employers to start being bilingual and speaking their language… the most obvious spit in the face that we all encounter day in and day out. Oh yea… and forget about the cities not being safe anymore because of it. All financed by your tax dollars folks.

  3. I certainly agree with today’s blog and appreciate the sentiments behind it but I really think this “uprise and take the country back” talk is neither realistic nor viable for a whole slew of reasons I could get in to and I suspect would be preaching to the choir by and large.

    That ship set sail a LONG time ago and probably before any of us were alive if we really dissect it and get down to it. It just isn’t going to happen. This is much bigger than “a country.”

    I really shouldn’t have to go any further than last night’s conversation to make that case even if you don’t fully buy the Final Babylon thesis to make that case right off the bat.

    Do what you feel led by the Lord to do certainly. 🙂

    Here’s another easy reason I can come up with off the top of my head for why there isn’t going to be an uprising or taking the country back:

    As long as I can get my $500 smartphone, watch football on my flat screen, be 300 lbs or more riding around in my SUV and I can still be considered “poor” and do ALL of this and more on the government dole and I make more there than I would at most of these crappy slave wage jobs for less hassle and headaches to boot?

    Guess what? Why would I want to change or “uprise” against that?

    That’s the majority of the country, folks. That’s what’s out there.

    Anyways, great show last night! 🙂

    I’m ready for King Jesus. I’m a monarchist. I’m tired of all of this.

    • I strongly agree with Eric here.

      The US and all the worldly nations are a mixed bag now. They’re wheat and tares. Since “wide is the way that leads to destruction” the majority will always be tares. So I have zero expectation regarding either political change or protest.

      At one point, I was strongly libertarian and strongly pro-secession re: “Free Texas.” I became a Christian Anarchist. Because of Vernard Eller’s book on Christian Anarchy — I quickly realized that I’m not an anarchist at all — but monarchist (as Eric pointed out). I’d even go so far as to say I’m a Christian “totalitarian.” There’s only one legitimate ruler whose Kingdom is forever. For those who are citizens of the Kingdom, I just don’t believe we should serve two masters.

      In effect that leaves me with no allegiance to the USA, the west, or even christian culture. Nor to any other that’s outside of Christ’s Kingdom (the Kingdom of God). I don’t say the pledge or take oaths. I’ve even declared my exclusive allegiance to Christ to the US State Department in writing. So I have no divided loyalties. In some sense that’s the day-in day-out dying to self that I need to practice what I’ll do when it’s clear that the US becomes part of the 666 system.

      Ultimately there are only two groups, the Assembly of the Saints (Saved in Christ) and the assembly of the damned. Some just haven’t admitted which they’re in yet.

      ps. Similarly I’d include that all who are not part of the Bride of Christ are part of babylon — who rules over the kings of the earth.

    • Smartphone?? Flat Screen TV? What’s that?? I still have the old “tube” style 200 pound gorilla of a TV… with a remote the size of a satellite dish…and a flip phone, which seems to get a lot of chuckles when I pull it out…its kind of like having an Atari video game system. If you keep it long enough, it becomes cool and hip again, look at LP’s and turntables, a timeless classic.

    • By the way, I’m the only one in my area that still has an 8 -track tape deck installed in the car. ..admittedly the selection of music is pretty low, but everyone in awhile you can score .25 cent 8-tracks at pawn shops and garage sales, but usually its artist (and I use the word artist here loosely) artist like Engelbert Humperdinck, or Burt Bacharach, an added plus, this is one sure way to never have your kids wanting to borrow the car…

    • Speaking of Smartphones, I have my 7 year old flip that is used (gasps of horror) strictly as a phone. It is not my life, nor my life support. I am not technologically illiterate or anti-technology by any stretch, but this has gotten out of hand. We have clients with $500 phones who lay out $200 to $300 each month, but they don’t have all of their TEETH. what have we come to?

  4. Of course, I see some of the more dumbed down generation walking around attempting to speak that other language as if it’s a cool thing (a product of the public school system). They don’t even realize that their own neck is being slit and their own heritage destroyed and that they should look at this whole thing with disgust and utter disdain. They are brainwashed in the public school system (by your tax dollars) that their culture is bad (in not so many words) and that all foreigners should be bowed down to and lick their boots because they are from another country. Their heritage is being ripped from them and they will have none left thanks to these criminals in D.C.

    It truly disgusts me when I see someone from a younger generation attempting to speak the language of a culture that disdains us. But oh yea… we’re christians. We’re supposed to not say anything. I know at this point I’ll get a myriad of rebuke responses to this comment saying I’m supposed to love everyone and accept it. NOT SO FAST! Yes… I do believe that we are to love everyone no matter what as Jesus commanded us all to do, but to sit back and accept the fact that Washington is destroying us through third world cultures doesn’t fly with me. No one is talking of “hating” anyone here. If you are a christian and someone wanted to come into your house that absolutely hates you, would you just let them in and and accept them in because, after alll, I’m a christian. I have to let them in. No… of course not. Just because we are called to love everyone as christians doesn’t mean at the same time you let them run rough shod all over you. Jesus talked meekness not weakness. What should be happening right now is that Americans ought to be marching in front of every state house demanding that our government quit destroying us through third world immigration… All financed by your tax money.

    • Of course, I can’t much blame the dumbed down generation. They were brainwashed by these D.C. criminals. As Eric W. just said, as long as they have their bread and circus, everyone is happy to just let their heritage be stolen from them.

    • Corey, I understand where you’re coming from, but I believe it’s important to remember what the apostle James says, in James 2: “My brethren, do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favoritism.”

      While patriotism is all well and good, it should never interfere with our primary identity, which is in Jesus Christ. I am a Christian first, American second. I help–and have helped–teach English to many Hispanics and people from third world countries, and never has it crossed my mind to deny them assistance simply because they may not be here legally. I am to show them the love of Christ, no matter what, even IF they run roughshod all over me. I understand the need for stricter immigration regulations and enforcement, and I share some of your frustrations over what is happening to our country, but while I agree that we shouldn’t “lick [immigrants’] boots,” neither should we, as Christians, hold them in contempt, simply because we dislike their language, culture, etc. If patriotism is causing us to show any sort of favoritism, then it is hindering us from seeing and loving people the way Jesus does.

      Instead of feeling threatened by all those people from third world countries who are “destroying” our country, why not see them instead as more people to share Jesus with? That’s how I look at it anyway. I believe preserving our heritage is extremely important–and I grieve at the dumb-downed educational system we currently have–but I don’t believe it is more important than maintaining our Christian witness before those Jesus died to save. Remember, all the nations are as a “drop from a bucket” to God. Including our beloved US of A. God doesn’t just see nations. He sees people. I think that should be our attitude as Christians as well.

      Just some thoughts! 🙂

    • What you need to sign up for new health plans

      In just four days, those without insurance will be able to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. On Tuesday October 1, those without health insurance can sign up for coverage. But with four days left before the sign ups begin, many are unclear about what they will need to get the coverage started.
      You need to bring ID, proof of who you are, income and also how many people are in your house hold

      How racist!!!! Demanding that I provide ID to get health insurance. Obama’s administration including Eric Holder says it’s racist to make me have to provide ID to vote…so why would I have to have it to get my free obamacare insurance????

  5. Hi LA,

    I love what Mr Cruz did before the nation! I voted for him but with hesitation. Mr Cruz’s wife is a member of the CFR. She worked in 2000 for George Bush Jr. Election and I believe in Washington for his administration. I believe she served under Condalezza Rice.
    Having voted for both Bush’s as well as Jrs. Governor runs, I feel burned. I’m not sure that we are not being setup again! So I am pleased that he exposed Obamcare but I am hesitant!

    Great Post as always,
    Laura from Texas.

    • I too am suspicious of Cruz. There are several others I’d prefer. I won’t get into it again, as I did yesterday. I have work I have to do to keep this place going. But if we are still here (questionable) in the next presidential election, I will hope for someone better than Cruz. Not my man.

  6. Would he be so bold to take such a stand for the voices of his constituents if it was a neo-conservative issue such as the patriot act or illegal foreign wars like Iraq and Afghanistan? After almost 10 years of being awake to the corruption which is most of my adult life I have learned one thing. The republicans appear to be the good guys when the democrats are in charge and the democrats appear to be the good guys when the republicans are in charge. At the end of the day they are both bad guys one following the communist school of Stalin (the dems) the other following the communist school of Trotsky (the gop). I refuse to hail Cruz as a good guy until I see his full record. I would urge anyone doing so to do the same. In our society, especially with our politicians you have to be careful who you can trust. Remember when the GOP was in charge, there was democrats that proclaimed speaking for the people and listening to the constituents while opposing GOP issues but on the inside they had their own evil agenda. You cannot judge a man’s character by what he opposes but what he supports with actions and not words.

    • Remember what happened to the President of Poland and most of his cabinet? That is what happens when you don’t tow the party line, (the nwo line)


      I think Mr Cruz can only do so much, or else he may slip and fall down some stairs.

    • This is on drudge:

      Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh says that the raid which killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is “one big lie” and that “not one word” of the Obama administration’s narrative on what happened is true.

      So you can see why Feinstein believes in her Orwellian philosophy in regards to having govt approved journalists protected under the shield law:
      In the definition introduced in Feinstein’s amendment, somebody writing for a small town paper with a circulation of 30 would receive First Amendment protections, but quality news people such as Steve Quayle, John Stadtmiller, Jeff Rense, Doug Hagmann, Stan Deyo, Michael Edwards, Alex Jones, George Noory and Matt Drudge would not be considered journalists and therefore, the First Amendment would not apply to this group of aforementioned newsmen.

      With the passage of this amendment, our sources would not be privileged and many of our sources would dry up. But Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper can take bribes from the CIA to not cover certain stories, yet Feinstein thinks they deserve protection as authentic journalists.

      Witnesses dead:

  7. Yesterday men and women across America prayed for Pastor Saeed who has now been imprisoned in Iran for a full year for preaching the gospel. According to his wife Pastor Saeed has lead at least 30 people to Christ since he has been in prison.

    Jordan Sekulow and his ACLJ team knelt in prayer in Washington next to Senator Ted Cruz. Jay and Jordan Sekulow have led the fight for the pastor’s release. We must pray for this wonderful man who only wants to see his native people come to Jesus. Praise God!

    • And thank you L.A. for today’s blog. I completely agree with you. There are still a few good people in this country who will stand up for what’s right. If enough Christians had gotten out and voted last year we wouldn’t be stuck with Obama for a 2nd term. We can’t be afraid to make our voices known. If we fall we fall. At least we went down fighting. Put the pressure on your Senators and Congressmen (and women). Believe me they will feel the heat if enough people speak up.

    • Been praying for Pastor Saeed for a while now and will continue to do so.

      Too bad someone doesn’t pull a black bag operation and RESCUE him already.

    • for the record…


      quote: “This is the first time that Obama has spoken out about the imprisonment of Saeed. Pastor’s wife, Naghmeh, said it was “the most encouraging news I have heard since Saeed was imprisoned one year ago.” “I am very grateful to President Obama for standing up for Saeed and for the other Americans who are held captive in Iran,” Naghmeh added. “This development is truly an answer to prayer.”

  8. The powers that be are much more powerful than Ted Cruz is. Our entire government is hi-jacked by the globalists with their power tool the Federal Reserve. He who holds the power of the purse makes all the rules. It doesn’t matter what any “Ted Cruz” will say or do. It’s largely symbolic and futile. Unless the Fed is abolished and the creation of the nation’s money supply is returned to Congress, nothing will change. There have been many Ted Cruz’s come and go through this government down through the years (Ronald Reagan) and others, but if you will notice, nothing really changed for the better did it. It only had the illusion of it for a short time. Meanwhile, the globalists continued their destruction of the USA from within. I would argue that Ronald Reagan was an Illuminati puppet. He effectively passed legislation that destroyed the family farmers and other lesser known chicanery. People would do well to take a better look at Ronald Reagan and realize that it was not as it seemed.

    Ted Cruz means nothing. He or anyone else is not where the power lies. It’s with the Federal Reserve being run by foreign banksters with all their occultic powers at their disposal a.k.a. Illuminati. I’m surprised that people who even know this even would talk of it as if a single politician or even a group of them could turn anything around. Let’s face it… our government is being controlled by a power bigger and more criminal than anyone could imagine. But then again, I’m only preaching to the choir here aren’t I?

  9. Had to put one youtube link in quotes….

    Back to Ted Cruz… and his dad, Rafael.

    I did not check the wiki notes on Ted Cruz… but I wonder what he’d say about rebel-angels?

    He is pro-life, also Southern Baptist.

    Cruz’s senior thesis on the separation of powers, titled “Clipping the Wings of Angels,”
    draws its inspiration from a passage attributed to President James Madison:
    “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

    Education: Princeton University, Harvard University, Harvard Law School

    Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is a junior US Senator, TX-GOP
    – Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008, with many successful wins in Supreme Court cases
    – born 12-22-70 in Calgary, Canada

    Cruz said he does not believe he has Canadian citizenship and would renounce any that he might have.[94]

    Spouse: Heidi Nelson Cruz, 2 daughters

    Cruz’s wife is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice and in New York as an investment banker.

    dad: Rafael Cruz
    – Pastor in Carrollton, TX
    – born 1939 in Cuba, fought with Castro, went to Austin in 1957
    – earned degree in math
    – US citizen 2005

    mom: Eleanor Darragh
    – born in Deleware of Italian and Irish descent
    – degree in math, programmer for Shell Oil
    – parents owned a seismic-data processing in Canada
    – Cruz’s mother and father divorced after he left home.

    After graduating from Princeton, Cruz attended Harvard Law School, graduating magna cum laude in 1995 with a Juris Doctor.

    While at Harvard Law, Cruz was a primary editor of the Harvard Law Review, and executive editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, and a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review.

    Referring to Cruz’s time as a student at Harvard Law, Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.

    connections to: William Rehnquist, John Boehner, George W. Bush, Houston law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

    Cruz has been named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America
    – by The National Law Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America, and
    – by Texas Lawyer as one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century

    Gun rights. Opposes same sex marriage. Avoid entanglement in Syria.

    Rafael Cruz (Ted’s dad)

    “http://youtu.be/0SWYINkftMQ” (part 2)

    says, “I praise god for men like Glenn Beck”

    Also see:
    – president of Kingdom Translation Services
    – director of Purifying Fire Ministries (couldn’t verify this)

    – professor of Bible and Theology at Avance Bible Institute.

    • “I did not check the wiki notes on Ted Cruz… but I wonder what he’d say about rebel-angels”?

      Rebel-angels?? I have heard of the Bandidos, Outlaws, Hell’s Angels, Warlocks, Pagans, but have not heard of rebel-angels…or perhaps you are referring to “Rebel Angels”, the second book in a fantasy trilogy by Libba Bray?? I haven’t read the trilogy myself but it would be interesting to get Cruz’s take on it.

    • More specifically what he’d say about “rebel angels” governing mankind….

      re: ““If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.””

      cp. “do what you will shall be the whole of the law”

  10. “We all admire the senator from Texas for wanting to talk,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “But it’s been a big waste of time.”

    Is that right, Harry Reid ?? If it was such a “big waste of time” then how sir do you explain this?

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare is paying off politically as he is now the top choice of Republican voters for president in 2016, according to a new poll released Friday.
    In a survey taken by Public Policy Polling (PPP) from Sept. 25-26 of 743 Republican primary voters, 20 percent now say that the Texas Republican is their pick to lead the party in the 2016 presidential election — gaining eight points since the last PPP poll taken in July.

    I am 100% with Ted Cruz…. tired of the spineless liars in Washington DC promising their constituents one thing and delivering another. Time for real Change… Time for Ted Cruz-type Republicans to take over and get this country turned in the right direction. Finally those of us of the conservative persuasion have someone to cheer. Sen. Ted Cruz, along with Sen. Mike Lee and a few others, has taken a stand against the socialistic policies and regulations being force upon the American people by Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. and telling them exactly what we want from our government. If we can elect others with the same convictions, maybe there is hope for us yet.

  11. “http://wthrockmorton.com/2013/09/does-ted-cruz-believe-the-first-amendment-is-only-for-monotheists/”

    quote: Reading Senator Ted Cruz’s endorsement of David Barton in monday’s edition of Politico brought to mind Barton’s narrow reading of the First Amendment. First, let’s note again Cruz remarks:

    David’s historical research has helped millions rediscover the founding principles of our nation and the incredible sacrifices that men and women of faith made to bequeath to us the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.


    “I’m not in a position to opine on academic disputes between historians, but I can tell you that David Barton is a good man, a courageous leader and a friend,” Cruz told POLITICO. “David’s historical research has helped millions rediscover the founding principles of our nation and the incredible sacrifices that men and women of faith made to bequeath to us the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.”

    Radio host Glenn Beck’s publishing company, Mercury Ink, has even announced plans to republish “The Jefferson Lies,” although a spokesman would give no details about timing, print run or whether the manuscript would be edited to address the criticism.

    “http://www.noiseofthunder.com/noise-of-thunder-radio-show-tw/tag/david-barton” (Christ Pinto exposes David Barton)

    Both Beck and Barton owe inspiration to Skousen, a former FBI agent and professor at Brigham Young University who became a frequent speaker on the John Birch Society circuit in the 1970s, Stookey observed. Skousen frequently is cited in the works of evangelical Christian America advocates like Barton, he noted.

    “Skousen argues that the genius of America is found in the production of wealth through free market capitalism and natural law. His writings decry the decline of America’s Christian foundations, presenting the nation as a constitutionally established Christian nation. There is striking parallel in Skousen’s works and Barton’s The Myth of Separation,” he said.

  12. Little off subject but this article made me very angry.. It just shows how far we have fallen as a society when we cant protect our children and allow cooperate greed to pimp them out for the sake of the almighty dollar…take a look at the costume they have for kids now on the bottom of the link, its shocking. Why on earth would any parent but any of these for their children?

    Walmart pulls Naughty Leopard costume for toddlers
    It’s not even October and children’s Halloween costumes are already brewing up controversy.

    Earlier this week, some parents complained to Walmart when they spotted a Naughty Leopard costume for toddlers on a store shelf in Oregon


    • those costumes from tab to tab are all at least glenn beck level sick and twisted

      one costume ad shows “in goth we trust”

      the next letter the enemy will push for civil rights to add will be a “p” as in pedophiles

      the frog-boiling method continues (tares maturing along with the wheat)

      previously the line of outrage would have been anime, earlier still carnival

      somewhere along the line society passed sexing up kids in beauty pagents, and sexting, and teacher-teen affair movies

      — and many are blind to popularized holidays like halloween … as if there could be a “christian halloween”
      … or a “good witch” or a “good dragon”

      do the boys costumes show cannibals and shooters? what about “breaking bad walters” or “serial killer dexters….”

      can you see how things circle the drain in the descent into depravity?

  13. Back to Ted Cruz … from Sarah Palin.. Breitbart 28 Sep 2013, 4:53 AM


    You get nothing at all if you preemptively surrender before the battle even commences.

    Imagine how much stronger the GOP’s hand would have been if every Republican (and those Democrats who’ve finally admitted Obamacare’s devastating flaws) stood together against cloture in order to prevent Harry Reid from cutting off debate and stripping Obamacare defunding from the bill?

    Not only would there have been pressure on red state Democrats up for re-election to join the right cause, there would have been pressure on Reid and the White House to negotiate agreements. Even if the GOP couldn’t have defunded all of Obamacare, they could have negotiated some relief for average Americans who now feel they can do nothing but brace for the coming train wreck. We average Americans know we’ll never get the exemptions and favors Obama gave his political cronies and Congress, but any relief for the middle class would have been welcomed.

    But Republicans got nothing from squabbling with each other and denouncing (on and off the record) the brave men who tried to do something.

    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee fought to fulfill the campaign promises every Republican made, and their actions have been revelatory for all of us.

    Hunters know what flushing dogs do. Cruz and Lee were acting as the grassroots’ flushing dogs. Their actions showed us who was willing to stand up for hard working Americans and who wasn’t.

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