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L. A. Marzulli

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Note: Special thanks to Pastor Caspar McCloud for sending this story to me!

Posted on September 16 2013 by Efe Tega
Pastor Jeremiah Steepek transformed himself into a homeless person and went to the 10,000 member church that he was to be introduced as the head pastor at that morning.

He walked around his soon to be church for 30 minutes while it was filling with people for service, only 3 people out of the 7-10,000 people said hello to him.

He asked people for change to buy food – no one in the church gave him change.

He went into the sanctuary to sit down in the front of the church and was asked by the ushers if he would please sit in the back.

He greeted people to be greeted back with stares and dirty looks, with people looking down on him and judging him.

As he sat in the back of the church, he listened to the church announcements and such.

When all that was done, the elders went up and were excited to introduce the new pastor of the church to the congregation.

“We would like to introduce to you Pastor Jeremiah Steepek.” The congregation looked around clapping with joy and anticipation.

The homeless man sitting in the back stood up and started walking down the aisle. The clapping stopped with all eyes on him.

He walked up the altar and took the microphone from the elders (who were in on this) and paused for a moment then he recited,

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

‘The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

After he recited this, he looked towards the congregation and told them all what he had experienced that morning. Many began to cry and many heads were bowed in shame.

He then said, “Today I see a gathering of people, not a church of Jesus Christ. The world has enough people, but not enough disciples. When will YOU decide to become disciples?”

He then dismissed service until next week.

Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ should be more than just talk. It ought to be a lifestyle that others around you can love about you and share in.



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  1. For some reason this story doesn’t surprise me. Sad and pathetic yes, surprised me.??…No.
    I have been to enough churches to know this would be a common occurrence in large majority of them. There is no more compassion, even in many of the churches.

    • This really went around virally a couple of months ago and there seemed to be a number of questions about it.

      “Undetermined” is probably about the best description we can use at this point.

    • Real story or not, I don’t think anyone would deny that this could and probably would happen. I have never dressed as a bum but have been treat rather coldly at some of the so called “mega” churches I have visited. As a visitor not a single person greeted me, or welcomed me to the church…I won’t name the mega church where this happened as I feel it not necessary, however I will say the pastor is a bestselling author 😉 anyway, one of these large churches I went to did not have an alter call, or any kind of prayer for the hurting or sick, later after the service I found an associate pastor and quizzed him as to why there was not an alter call, after all I said, you can’t guarantee everyone in this building knows the Lord or has been saved…the look on this pastor face was as If I just took his wallet… I have come to the conclusion that most churches today feel they need to entertain people, not minister to them. This is what keep the cash flowing in, fannies in the seats, and the memberships up, everything else is just too much bother. These churches are not on fire for God, they are spiritually dead, the pastors are too afraid to preach about sin as they don’t want to offend or upset any of member or God forbid the board members. Say what you want about Calvary Chapel as I know there are some critics, as there are with any church, however, I visited a very small Calvary Chapel satellite church meeting inside a child care center (as they don’t have their own building) with a very small congregation and much to my surprise, I was greeted by each and every person there, they all seemed very sincere on how happy they were that I stop in for the service…most importantly they made me feel welcomed and loved. Keep in mind, there was no huge stage, no laser light show, no padded chairs, no band, just hard metal folding chairs, and a lovely elderly blue haired woman banging away on the piano, and bless her heart with a voice that reminded me of cross between Phyllis Diller and Ruth Buzzi.. …and to God I’m sure that sounded just as good as the mega churches 20 piece orchestra.

    • Urban Legend, Hoax or not. It’s true enough story of some.

      I am yet to find a ‘church’ that I feel comfortable or trusting of. I hate to be judgemental of the ones I have visitied but some of the things I saw and heard troubled me enough to not wish to return to the particular church.

      MR Marzulli, if you may know of any ‘good’ small churches in Perth, Western Australia, that you can suggest for me to visit and share fellowship with, I’d appreciate it. I am very alone in this regard since I am not a member of any church organization. I do not wish to be part of one which has hundred or thousands of patrons attending every Sunday and then being forgotten about for the rest of the week. Prefer that which is a bit more personal in that it has only a small number of people attending, and preferably non-denominational. There was a small church group I used to visit with an ex-girlfriend a few years back now, and featured a different pastor (usually visiting from interstate) that was held in a volleyball court on Wednesday mornings and featured the faith healings or laying on of hands, and people talking in tongues – although nobody translated the tongues, and some people laughed hysterically during their tongues speaking modes (that is, not laughing at other people speaking in tongues) which troubled me. I do not speak in tongues.

      I recall my late uncle telling me, “God would rather hear five words he can understand than a thousand words he cannot,” so that comes into my thoughts when I have been in a church where speaking in tongues has happened. On the same token, I have been in a very small congregation, where I received healing (laying on of hands by pastor) when I asked to have my sad angry heart and and severely damaged hand/wrist (re my being assaulted) and there were only 9 or 10 people in group. The pastor or another visitor would translate the speaking of tongues and announce what was being spoken. I believe my hand was healed through the Holy Spirit, as I was a victim of an assault and my left hand and wrist had been severely broken and fractured. It put an end to my hopes to be a full-time musician (I played guitar, piano, and drums – not all at once!) as I could not use my left hand, anymore to guitar etc. I had been playing in several bands at times over the years whilst still employed in my usual day job (so-to-speak). The pastor, whom I had never met before, called out and asked the small congregation who wanted to be healed? I had never experienced this before, it was first time for me to visit this congregation/meeting (held in a small room off a town hall). I eventually went to front and met pastor, whom I’d never personally met before and didn’t know at all before this occasion… yet he seemed to know about me! Even my name he knew without introduction! He asked me to what I wanted to have healed by the Holy Spirit and for some reason I replied, “My Heart, and my hand/wrist”. This was a few years after my hand been broken. I can’t describe what I felt next, except I had stumbled backward, but didn’t allow myself to fall and the pastor replied, “Peter, you are so close to God and you do not know it” (or words to that effect) and then I fell backward caught by whoever was behind me and laid on the floor. I felt like I had electricity going through my body (but not in the painful or dangerous sense) and another feeling of that of feeling like I was floating from off the floor so much so that I felt someone needed to hold me down as I would float through the ceiling and away! I felt very alive and overjoyed. Such joy and happiness for a long period afterward (weeks/months). A few months later, whilst visiting friends, one offered me a guitar (that was sitting in corner of room) friends knew I used to play but not since the assault incident which they were unaware of. I was reluctant to want to play because of my inability from injury which had existed from time of incident, and had been a few years. I had felt very brokenhearted because of not being able to play music and instruments and it being a desire to make a full-time career which I was unable to pursue. Anyway, the next thing I am handling this guitar and tuning it into pitch and key… then I began to fret notes and chords and play songs for the first time in three years. And very well! Before this, I could not wrap my left hand and fingers around the neck to form notes and shape chords. Tears of joy.

      I realized that music wasn’t the most important thing in my life. Being blessed by the LORD and being given the gift of faith and accepting Yahweh and Yeshua as the truth, and Christ giving His life on the Cross to save me from my sins, and having died for sinners, and His resurrection rising from the dead, and knowing that God is the Loving and Living Father of Genesis who created us was and is the most important thing in my life. I accept that as the truth. As an adult, i chose to be baptized. As an infant, my parents had me Christened in a Russian Orthodox Church.

      I have had many other dramas since, personal and others, physical, mental, social financial, career/job etc. Many frustrations and disappointments – as if punished for believing in God. But I never give up! SO I need to find a group to share Christian Fellowship with. I am alone, none of the friends that I do have are believers. I try to share the word with them, and they know that I am a believer, but they do not care or want to know or just don’t want to believe. I am bitter over my breakup with girlfriend, with whom I would attend a local Baptist Church. A person I met recently, claiming to be Christian asked me if I knew what my purpose in life was or calling in life, but I don’t understand what that means or is. Perhaps somebody here can explain what this ‘purpose or calling in life’ is.

      For those who may have bothered to read all of this: Can you assist me? I love the Creator and the Lord… but I feel very lost and not knowing what to do with my life and fearful in some regards (confidence wise). I have been currently still, full-time caring for my mum re her illness from strokes and, for some time until recently, also my brother re cancer complications. I almost feel afraid to just step out on my own again, and I do not know where to go or where to begin. I’m not in debt, but I am poor financially and need a job but not till I can do something about my mum, who I would rather continue to care for and not have her in a nursing home. And for last two months my own health has weakened as have been battling with bronchitis. I feel under constant attack and there is always one bad episode after another – especially when I learn more about God and Christ. Some things I only have my self to blame for, and many others are beyond my control. I don’t believe in coincidences, nor “luck” – good or bad.

      All I know is the truth that God is the Father and Creator, and Jesus Christ was crucified and died on the Cross and rose from the dead. I put my trust in Him, but I have been struggling to cope for a while. I not give up. (James 1:12). And I believe the LORD is returning soon.

      Any advice or discussion would be appreciated. Thank you.

      Regards, Peter (Western Australia)

      God Bless!


      Ps… I know I have mentioned part of the above comment before on this website. Thank you for your understanding and patience! 🙂 God bless. And forgive me for the long selfish diatribe, I am aware there are those on here who are also having struggles in their lives, too, be it floods or health or income, whatever troubles. I hope and pray to the Lord that He blesses you in this world and the next.

      Ps… Otherwise, I feel ok. 🙂

    • Peter,

      I may have a few points to contribute. We have plenty of guidance through the Bible that has spanned millennia. Such as that “in a multitude of counselors there’s safety.” (Proverbs 11:14, 15:22, 24:6)

      re: Your question, “Perhaps somebody here can explain what this ‘purpose or calling in life’ is.”

      There are very definite answers from the Word. In brief, collectively those who are saved are a help for Christ — as a wife is to her husband. So we need to know Yeshua well to know how to help. He extends Himself to us for that as His companion (collective). And that means taking on His character and Spirit, and doing His will as He does that of the Father. He is Father God extended to us. We become His extension. In the Gospel of John, He is the Vine, we are the branches. That’s spiritual. So what’s He doing? Please compare with the original…

      in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4… Jesus said,
      The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because He has anointed me” [i.e made Him “The Anointed” same as Messiah] to:
      1 Preach Good News [evangelize, He saves us — cp. His Name — for eternal life with Him.]
      2 Restore sight to the blind [prophesy, tell His way and His Word, and indeed Christ himself is The Word made flesh]
      3 Heal the brokenhearted [pastor … which others can speak to better than I can]
      4 Deliver the captives [teach the Truth, He is Truth, the Truth sets us free]
      5 Free the abused [the work of an apostle, works of faith, praise, prayer, watching over others, standing in for them before God]
      6 Preach the Acceptable Year, the Jubillee, [give lovingkindness and care as a servant of God with Him, such as forgiving debts and sins] and
      7 The day of Vengeance of our God, [for elders, providing True Witness, to establish justice by consensus, experience, and by proper authority]

      As someone gifted to play music, You probably want to watch for more about what the prayer warriors and praise leaders do. LA is a good example. He also adds in keeping watch and teaching. Also, you’re very much involved in caring for your family. That’s what you find in sharing service with Christ.

      In the Church, we each have gifts and callings we bring to share with others. I don’t think that means having degrees, certificates, licenses, or even ordinations. We’ve been appointed to share with Christ as he is apointed and anointed. We’re ordained as He is ordained — to help Him and others also helping Him.

      That’s plenty to consider. And there are others that can confirm, correct, or address the other concerns you shared.

      I know that’s a bit more like computer code or math … but Y’shua is the one that’s emphasized those points (or keys). You may be able to make it much more wonderful in song or tune! Something like King David…

    • Thank you, friend!

      I believe it is duty of believer to proclaim the word, but I don’t go ‘bible-bashing’ people as such… if it comes in conversation I will give my two-cents worth. However, if people do not want to know about it I won’t discuss or force on them. But when I do hear people speak nonsense of the bible I will speak with authority and correct them (as far as I am able to or given the inspiration to).

      I feel as an outsider, because I love the word. To me from what I know and experience (but still have much to learn) it just makes sense to me – I know this sounds a contradiction to what I wrote in earlier post but I hope you may understand what I mean, in that it is quite straight forward even simple such as “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”, for example.

      I try to be kind to whoever, be it a stranger or acquaintance or friend.. if someone has a problem or needs assistance I will offer before the person asks for help.. my problem there is often I have given help of some sort and then been badmouthed or even spat in the face by the person I just helped – it doesn’t stop me from providing assistance to whoever but i feel too often the case that where I give help people treat like crap afterward. Such appreciation! But I don’t do it for my sake or ego… I do it because I believe we are meant to help or show kindness for God’s sake! And with other moments, I often had to turn the other cheek – I’m 6’4″ tall… I’ve been told I am intimidating because of my size. I’ve had people for no reason come up to me and say “I wouldn’t mess with you, look at the size of you” etc. But I laugh and say why would you want to mess with anyone anyway? Plus, I wouldn’t hurt a fly (well, that’s a slight exaggeration – this is Australia! Flies are very pesty in the summer months!) I mean abhor violence. I try to be diplomatic if I encounter strife, however I will and have stepped in when I have seen other people in trouble. Not that I am fighter as such, actually not at all. I’ve often taken blows but never hit back because I believer in Jesus’ words of “Vengeance is mine”. So I leave it to Him.
      The other thing also is that, for example one occasion having just helped a friend in need, he publiclly humiliated by yelling at me (slightly embarrassing for me) and then spat in my face (very embarrassing).. he was quickly dragged away by friends because of the “look at the size of you, you’ll kill him” attitude – I said I am a believer in Jesus Christ so I turn the other cheek. Their words were, naturally, ‘I would have knocked his block off or killed if he did that to me”. So I repeated “I believe in God so He will sort it out for me”. And by the way, that attack was for no reason at all. I hadn’t provoked the person in any way, except for having just helped them the day before because they asked me for a favour which I gave. What troubles about all that is, it did anger me afterward, so I would grind my teeth about and say to myself “am I gutless for not having a go back at them or I should have belted the crap out of them and so on or am I just a weak person?”.. but thank God, I eventually get over that (though it hurt me for months afterward. I’d feel wise enough in most instances to be able to avoid confrontation if in a situation or venue where there are obvious ‘fools’ about. Plus, I’m worried if I do get hurt by someone I will not care that they hurt me (I’ve been beaten and broken before).. but if I retaliate I will severely hurt them – sort of like almost not caring if i get injured. SO i avoid that because I don’t believe in it. And I’ve stepped in to stop others.. but people tell me not to get involved – but not right let things happen where innocence my be in firing line. I suppose the point I am trying to make is that.. it frustrates or annoys me personally for a period afterward that I doubt myself and grind my teeth over it. My ex-g/friend did say to me a couple of times that I don’t need to resort to violence or get loud and angry because I am able to ‘speak with authority’. And sometimes I remember how Jesus spoke His words of “As you have been broken so to have I” (I need someone to show me that whole scripture.. because it blew me away the first time I found it and I thought, “My God, everything he covers about me.”

      Also regarding the assisting those only to be spat in the face by them… Discerning ‘casting pearls before swine’. I’ll give the shirt off my back to anyone – when and where I can, but too often I show or give kindness and get badmouthed or back-stabbed for it. I don’t know what I am doing wrong? So again, I’ll sit home alone and grind my teeth about it. I have same difficulty with my own brother who I have given all and constantly supported and help in many regards… but he sees fit to get loud. Odd thing, I am not fearful of strangers (in certain regards).. but he scares me. So again I get treated like crap for doing the right thing by him. I know when t hey asked but how many times must we forgive and Christ answered, 7 and 70 times (always and forever)… but now I really don’t want anything to do with him (my brother). had enough. Should I feel bad to finally say enough is enough.. I cannot cope with them in my life? Stay away? And all this after our prayers and assistance to him and for him and he has audacity to come into house and say ‘There is no God. No doubt Jesus was a good man but he’s not God or a god etc etc’ then all the ‘anthropomorphic’ excuses, universe/life came into existence as a result of conditions bla bla, to invalidate scripture as the truth. I ask and say this because, I love my mum, dearly, and she loves all her kids, and she is a very strong faith in the Lord (to me, she is epitome of what a Christian is and should be – except for the Russian Orthodox traditions and rituals which I don’t agree with – you know? kissing icons and candles/incense, the fact they don’t discuss prophecy etc – as I don’t attend an R.O. Church but I will drive my mum when she goes. I’ve had many arguments with her about ‘Mary Mother of God’ and what I believe it says in the Bible and the contradiction of practises or rituals or traditions in the church). I haven’t argued with her about it since before her strokes a couple of years back – can’t stress her! Not right of me to think.. but time will come when she ends her visit passing through in this world.. i will wash my hands of rest of family move in and forget about them – I have been ostracized by them, anyway, and received no assistance for four years now with regard to my mum and her health/strokes care. Would I be non–Christian to even think of this and then one day enact it (when that ‘time’ comes)?

      anyway.. thanks NOMEMOLESTE. I have much more to say and ask. Thank you for your kind response – it makes alot of sense, and some things I aware and others you have helped provide me to know. God bless you, mate! Ps. I still have to do research on the local ancient monuments – part laziness, part limited, part illness, part other preoccupations! And thanks for allowing me to communicate otherwise I keep thoughts to myself and can only share with the Lord as I have no one to really talk to. And I’m useless at small talk! 🙂 Apologies to go on about “poor me”. Thanks.

  2. I appreciate the lesson behind this story.
    We, as the body of Christ, are suppose to be concerned for the lost souls of this world. We are some times too busy “socializing” and looking to be entertained in our local Churches.
    However, dealing with homeless people can be difficult and dangerous too. I can understand why some people may choose to keep their distance from some one who may be emotionally unstable, become violent, etc.
    We all need to hold ourselves accountable (daily) and my prayer is that we seek the Lords directions for our lives.

    • I agree, This story may not be Fact, but that doesn’t make it any less True. “Probably a fake…” does not mean actually a fake…. And anyways, what glory do you get in proving the story to be fake? It has done nothing but open the eyes of hearts that have been closed to people less fortunate than themselves. Even if the story is fictional, the message was well needed.
      On a personal note most of the Evangelical Christians I know shun the poor and downtrodden without feeling the slightest bit of shame.

  3. Even if this story is a hoax(which by the way, I don’t think it is), it makes a powerful point. We Christians are so busy going to church, that we neglect to be the church. We at the church I attend work with the homeless.They need love just like everyone else and we have no more problems helping them then with helping others in need.

  4. What would Jesus do? It’s becoming increasingly hard to figure that one out in our society today! Oftentimes the true nature of people we see, in church or elsewhere, is hidden.

    My pastor’s son was sometimes seen at the Sunday evening service, where free dinner was served and a very good “alternate” service provided. (I was seen there, too). The pastor’s son looked like a “hippie”, although not dirty like the
    “homeless man” in the story presented on L.A.’s blog. He was not much good at making a living, although he got by.
    He lived unmarried with a woman and someone else’s child.

    This spring he died suddenly. What he died of was asthma, which he had had since he was a child. It was an incredible shock to the pastor and his wife, and came less than a month before the pastor was being forced to retire because of age,
    although no one except the bishop wanted him to retire, and he was still vigorous. The whole congregation, in fact much of the town, was wrapped up in grief over this death, coming so soon before the pastor was being forced to leave. Eight other pastors from the town came to the funeral. I was there, too.

    Some people might have said the pastor’s son died of taking drugs or some other curse of those who are not a success in worldly terms. Actually, he died of the asthma which had plagued him since childhood. He was not what he seemed, perhaps, a person made semi-productive because of illness.

    Only Jesus knows who we are, and the rest see through a glass darkly.

  5. It reminds me of several of the super churches here in Denver. One of the churches I attend did a slide show of the homeless in Denver and they started taking pictures of nice sculptures in down town Denver? Somehow that represented them?

    The church in my opinion is blind to the needs of the needy. When Jesus shows up very soon the first thing he is going to ask a lot of pastors is “why the millions in building funds when there was such a need for the local needy.” Or why the lavish ten million dollar home Joel Osteen? I like Joel I and I know he made his money I just dont think is glowing about his use of money.

    The Pope addressed big money this week one of the few issues he seems to be correct on.

    LA I hope you get Dr Mark Blitz on the show regarding the Blood Red Moons. I’m excited for the coming year. Its guaranteed prophecy we will see.

  6. This one is true with a good outcome! Watch it and be blessed by the transformation.

  7. When I was in graduate school for my masters in counseling, the professor asked the class who was the most discriminated against group of people. After much class discussion, the professor said “ugly people” (meaning physically). This was very thought provoking to me and I have found it to be true. Whether young or old, rich or poor, believer or non, people in general seem to have an aversion to un-attractiveness. food for thought!

  8. I think people should not walk away from this story until they have one thing clear in their mind (I’m very sensitive to the following)… This scripture has more to do with what Jesus is going to tell the saved and the unsaved when he returns in the second coming. Some are (according to this scripture) going to be cast into everlasting fire (the ones on the left hand). This scripture has nothing to do with being saved and going to heaven based on good works. On the surface, this is what it looks like. But at that time, people will have just gone through the Tribulation and by their works will have expressed their faith or lack of it (saving faith I’m talking about). Nothing to do with works. The ones on the right who got saved during the Tribulation (the ones on the right) will have domonatrated their saving faith by their works. The ones on the left will have demonstrated their lack of saving faith by not doing the works mentioned in this scripture. He is not talking about Christians having the threat looming over their head because they didn’t do these things. These are works demonstrated because of their saving faith, but it’s the saving faith in the Christ that is going to determine if they are part of the ones on the left or the ones on the right.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to split hairs and nit pick and take away from the point of the story, but I wouldn’t use this one if it were me because this can give someone who is not yet strong enough in the faith to start thinking that they have to start to depend on their good works to get to Heaven. That person (by misunderstanding this scripture) can start to feel tormented by worrying whether or not he is “doing a good enough job” for entrance into Heaven and will live their lives with the torment of being unsure of their salvation when they die or when Christ returns. I think it’s a huge disservice to Christians and the unsaved alike to fling a scripture out their like that out of context in order to prove a different point. It can create another problem within the soul of the hearer who is not yet strong in the faith as you or someone else might be. We really have to be careful about throwing scriptures around out of context… especially when it has to do with a very, very important subject such as salvation of someone’s soul. We cannot have people thinking that they have to be depending on their good works to get them to Heaven.

    Sorry for the rant, but thought it important to say.

    • Corey…


      The passage in Matthew 25:31-46 is in reference to the Gentile Nations and how they treated The JEWISH PEOPLE during the Tribulation.

      There will be people who come to Faith in Jesus during the Tribulation Period after the Rapture has occurred. This is the purpose of
      The 144,000 Jews sealed with the mark of God in Revelation 7:1-8….That they preach the everlasting Gospel during the first half
      of The Tribulation Period along with the 2 Witnesses who will perform their ministry in Israel. During the first half of The Tribulation,
      God will use the 144,000 Jews to minister The Gospel to the whole world, just as is noted in Matthew 24:14…as this was the original
      purpose for The Jewish nation. Although The Jewish Nation of Israel failed this at first, God will move upon the 144,000 to bring about
      a worldwide salvation of both Jews and Gentiles…during the First Half of The Tribulation.

      Now then, regarding the “Homeless guy who was a Pastor”…I have heard SEVERAL examples of this in my lifetime ever since I was in college.
      The reaction was basically the SAME as noted in the story that LA Marzulli posted for us today. Sadly, we all have seen this played out….
      possibly even WE OURSELVES have been the ones guilty of doing the same things!

      Truth is….we ALL have much to learn regarding this story and the example it is driving to make for ALL PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH.

      We ALL do well to use this as a CHALLENGE to make adjustments in our own lives.


  9. LOL! I hope this story is true.

    My mom worked with immigrants and the homeless for 30 years. She was able to find housing, medical care, education and fellowship for anyone who would work with her. She helped get people clean and cleaned up so they could find jobs, and she worked with employers to place and train the people.

    She was the kind of person who would stop the car if she saw someone on the street and go talk to them, give our her business card, and offer to assist them. However, very few of those people responded. She NEVER gave out money. She didn’t want to be known as carrying cash, however she could buy someone a meal 24 hours a day because she had so many contacts in the city.

    At her funeral last year, 200 Russian emigres showed up, several dozen Mongolian emigres, a handful of very tall, very beautiful young Kenyan men, and even some Serbs (who were the most difficult people in her estimation). And, what really touched me, were the women who were once American prostitutes whom my mom had met at the food bank she organized. Every time they would come in for food, she would tell them about Jesus. They saw that she wasn’t “churchy.” She didn’t care what kind of language they used (unlike some of the folks around here); she didn’t care about the way they were dressed. She cared about THEM. And they responded.

    It is a mistake to be naive about street people. Begging has become a business model in the U.S. The trick is not to ignore them, but to TALK TO THEM. See if they really need help or if they are shirkers.

    Remember, the Bible does say that if a man does not work, he should not eat, so there is error on both sides – ignoring the problem and giving thoughtlessly. Thoughtless giving perpetuates addictions and a lifestyle that is damaging to the person and the community.

    And, for those of you whose heart is too far ahead of your common sense – if you sense danger. Listen. As a rule of thumb, let women minister to women and men to men. If you must help someone of the opposite sex, take someone with you. This simple principle will save tons of drama and heartbreak.

    • I remember a book wich started with this phrase : “If someday you are accused of being a christian, will they find sufficient proff to condemn you ?”

  10. Pingback: Homeless man mistreated by mega church | Yahushua's Cleansing Reign

    • If names are named in a teaching, then we can take the story as based on real events. I like parables, since they’re much more obviously focused on principals. Somewhere in between, we situations like “the rich young ruler,” which was likely based on a particular event and generalized. I like this story about the pastor dressed as homeless, since it’s so obviously tied to Matthew 25 as a more modern illustration of the point Christ makes about how He not only identifies with those in dire straits, but may well have extended His Holy Spirit to them in some way. Perhaps in the same way that’s done with a family or place of assembly?

      Talking with my barber at lunch earlier… I was going to ask him if he knew of a church that would be open to those that are aspie, esp. in the sense of needing softer music (such as non-amplified). I wear ear plugs even when I go shopping, which I’ve done in many services. And before I could ask… it’s like I was asked inwardly, “How about the deaf church?”

      Wow! I was really blind to that connection!! Which is very welcome!! I will be reporting back as this progresses.

  11. Regardless of whether hoax or not…the message still rings true. When will we stop “playing church” and become the disciples Jesus intended for us to be? I can honestly say that I am guilty of judging others on appearances. It shames me to the core that I did and still do sometimes judge others. May God grant us godly sorrow that we may repent and become the salt and light to a truly lost and dying world. – Matthew 5:13-16 Good post L.A. God bless you bro!

  12. I have to be very carefull when people approach me for money. Sometimes they stand out in front of Aldi and appear to be well dressed,clean etc. and ask for money to buy groceries. How do I know if they really want to rob me as soon as I open my purse. Panhandleing in my city Columbus,Ohio is getting out of control. What am I suppose to do?

    • I firmly believe that it is wrong to give people money without requiring some sort of accountability. This is a wonderful opportunity for churches to get involved in food ministry. Even a home church or Sunday school class.

      I would start by asking the mgr. of the store if the same people show up day after day. As I said above, begging is now a business model in the U.S. When we lived in Monterey, we talked to a young street person and he told us that he made up to $600 a day (that was @ $80/hour). And that was in 1993! Of course, that was a very affluent area and people could afford to toss him a $20 just to sooth their conscience.

      Again, if you feel threatened, DON’T do anything alone.

    • “What am I suppose to do”?

      Carry a little 32 S&W in your purse, which will cut down on any attempted robberies from panhandlers. Open your purse give them a few bucks if you are so inclined, if they try and rob you then pull out your other little surprise

    • Panhandling is an issue. I ran into that situation when a male, who really wasn’t homeless–too clean, came up to me in the building parking lot of my employer. He simply asked for $$ because he needed to get back home to his wife and children and he was stranded. Unsure what to do, I did give $$.

      Later that day, my boss made a statement that there was a panhandler in the area approaching employees for $$ and he needed a description to give to the police.

      I was pretty struck with the situation because I believed the guy and I wasn’t going to let an opportunity to help get away from me.

      So I told my employer that if he needed a description for the police, I would be able to do it–I have a good memory. My employer never called the police.

      Later, another employee asked “how can we tell that a person really doesn’t need the $$ and we’re being had?”

      I thought about it and responded this way, “since we sometimes really can’t tell what the real situation is that is taking place, and if we can spare the $$ give it.”

      I still hold that concept true today. It was the Lord God who gives me the finances and if, indeed, the person is a genuine panhandler, Jesus would know and scripture states that we’re entitled to 7x back if we are being stolen from.

      There’s another scripture that states that we “lend” to the Lord and He will repay us according to His bounty.

      So, one more story: I was deeply impressed by the Lord God to give one of my sisters $75.00. I was surprised but did as I was told. Later I saw my sister and said “I don’t know what you’ve done but the Lord God wants you to have this ($75.00).”

      She was so surprised and meekly responded: “Mary, I was leaving after work and this homeless person came up to me asking me for money. I gave him my last few dollars that I had and hoped that God would get me through.”

      God does know how to take care of his people. The only responsibility we have is to listen to Him and do as He states.


  13. For many many years I have longed for reformed churches that resemble community centers, where food, clothing, help, rest, companionship, the Word of YHWH, are all available 24/7. Where anyone in need of help, or in need to serve can come and share in the “church”. No matter what day their “Sabbath” is (or even if they have none) they can come and serve, come to receive help,
    fellowship with others, and dine with them as a gathering in one place. If there were not these denominational wars there would be more than enough people available to staff these Centers of YHWH where ALL are welcome who can leave their egos at the outside door.

    Think of all the cathedrals, the mega places of “worship” and the money it takes to build and maintain them….and picture instead huge community centers (or smaller ones to fit the local populations), humble architecture and plain, but ample and roomy to accommodate all in need! Not just Christians. No stages highlighting the “works of man”, the “talent” of man. Instead of musicians, there would be servants attending the needy and uplifting the sad, sharing praises of YHWH with others of like mind!

    Many workers behind the scenes in all walks of life in order to make these Centers function as they should. THAT IS TRUE WORSHIP! That is worship and prayer in the “CLOSET”!

    The atheists in Florida not long ago set up a plaque in Florida. On their plaque were these words:

    “An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believes that a deed must be done instead of a prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty banished, war eliminated.”

    Reading these words……I felt shame for what man has done to what YHWH meant to be a Living Church on earth. I felt shame for the works of man which the atheist’s have witnessed that turned them from YHWH. Beautiful words above, and meaningful…..but very sad….because they give all credit to man and leave nothing to YHWH.

    Think of how many atheists would have attended these Centers of YHWH at various times in their life when in need…..think of the impression that they would have gotten of YHWH because of those within and without the Centers that serve under the simple Yoke of their LORD!

    Think on that. It should make you cry.

  14. 7.7 magnitude earthquake creates new island off the coast of Pakistan- death toll likely to rise
    Posted on September 24, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol

    Earthchange event: The 7.7 magnitude oblique-strike-slip earthquake was so powerful, it raised new land out of the Arabian sea.

    September 24, 2013 – PAKISTAN – A massive, 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck south-central Pakistan on Tuesday afternoon local time. The USGS warns that there will high casualties and economic losses, requiring international response. Seismologists have also confirmed that the quake raised a new island, about 30-40 feet high, off the coast. The island is about half a mile off the coast of Gwadar, in the Arabian Sea. Already, reports the International Herald Tribune, crowds have gathered to see the mountainous, rocky island. Some are claiming it is 100 feet high. It’s not unusual for earthquakes of this magnitude to change the coastline, or even deform the shape of the planet. In 2010, an 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile created new coastlines in that country and changed the shape of the Earth enough to shorten our days by a fraction of a second. Today in Pakistan, estimates of damages are still coming in, and it may be days before we know the full extent of the losses because the quake struck in many regions that are remote. The nearest city to the epicenter is Arawan, where damage is said to be extensive, with houses collapsing and people trapped inside. So far, death tolls hover around 40, but that number is expected to rise as emergency services reach more of the affected areas. The populations near the epicenter may be sparse, but according to the USGS, the problem is that they are extremely vulnerable.

    • I was just getting ready to post regarding this “mountain” of possible 100 feet that the earthquake made appear off of the coast of Pakistan. I found it interesting that the Extinction Protocol notice just before that one was about Pakistanians killing Christians. Couldn’t help but think YHWH might be saying something! According to the 70 Seven’s math in Daniel, this year coming from Sept/Oct to next Sept/October is the most likely time for the first 6 trumpet wars. Sept. 24th was the sixth day of tabernacles….and this evening through tomorrow is the 7th and last day of Tabernacles, with tomorrow evening starting the one day celebration of the Last Great Day, for the Hebrews. This is the last sacred celebration until next Spring’s Passover. I am guessing that come this time next year we will see some really strange things coming to earth.

    • Claudiaishis I thought the same thing.

      A 7.7 earthquake came as judgement right after the massive christian church killing today.

      God is responding quickly!

    • Timing and location are certainly suggestive. I really try to be careful to not “read God’s mind” if you know what I mean. 😉

      How ’bout that new island? 😯

  15. When I was newly suffering you guys helped me. It pushed me along. I’ve travelled closer to home online and I’ve found many of my old friends along the way. Some have been totally indifferent others were very kind and helpful. I’m getting more and more refreshed and I thank everyone for their prayers. This is a family and its stood the test of time. That’s one reason I don’t do Mega churches. How could you get that family atmosphere when its all become a show. GOD bless you all!

    • I’d like to add that I’m deeply ashamed of myself for asking my sisters to come back *they did* and then I disappeared. I did not do it on purpose and I will return. I just need more time. I cannot express to you guys enough what you mean to me however. I love you all. God bless ya!

  16. Matt, I wasn’t looking for Glory as you stated. Just pointing out the story is false.

    Richard, Who cares? We should all care when a story gets told as fact when it’s not true.

    Too many want to hear what tickles their ears and not the truth. I’m saddened that you got upset with me because I pointed out a story that gave some people confirmation and or the warm fuzzies.


  17. Rebel Angel Activity Alert — BioWeapons Terror “Security” Research Lab

    Remember Operation Paperclip… also Astana, the capitol of Kazakhstan, is a major hub for global religious pluralism

    NatGeo on a new $100 million “biosecurity” lab in 2015 in Almaty, Kazakhstan — Central Reference Laboratory (CRL)

    – funded by the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction
    – a secure place to archive existing disease strains
    – Plague is now regarded as a “re-emerging disease,” with several thousand cases, including a current outbreak in northern Kyrgyzstan
    – CRL will act as a hub for a large network of Kazakh diagnostic laboratories.
    – According to B. B. Atshabar, director of the Kazakhstan Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, plague is endemic to over 40 percent of Kazakhstan.

  18. Great story and a very truthful reaction! Too bad it is a fake story but it still has the same effect, if a pastor actually did this I’m sure the same thing would happen or he would be escorted out of the church. Thanks for the lesson l.a

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