The Big One Cometh?

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L. A. Marzulli

‘Big One’ is due, quake experts say

“It’s going to shake here,” she said. “Single-family homes will bounce off their foundations. Landslides will cause transportation between I-5 and (Highway) 101 on the coast to be cut off for three to five years.”

Lines from Washington state gasoline refineries cross 15 rivers, leaving them vulnerable to quake tremors, she says. Most of these were built in the mid-20th century, with no thought to making them quake-resistant, she says, adding that they would be offline for at least six months.

Electrical power would be down from one to three months until transformers and the electrical grid get going again, she says.

A region’s markets have food enough for only three days, so families should store at least three weeks of non-perishable food — tuna, beans, freeze-dried items — and other vital commodities, such as toilet paper.

I was at a dinner a few months back with a pastor who stated that we shouldn’t prepare for emergencies!  I was at a loss for words, which, as some of you know is a rarity for me!  I looked at him and asked him to clarify his remark.  He launched into a diatribe about faith and trusting God.  I listened and when he was done I countered his argument saying, When Joseph interpreted Pharaohs dream, they hoarded food to offset the seven-year famine which was going to come.  The short of it is this, Joseph prepared the people for an emergency, and in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that!

The article above is a grim reminder that when the Big One hits, and we all know it will at some point, it will be devastating.  Why not dare to prepare—as Holly Deyo would exhort us—by stockpiling the basic necessities of life?  Why not be proactive?  I’m not promoting building a “Doomsday Castle,” but certainly having the basics like extra food, water, medicines, toilet paper, and a means to protect ones family is just plain, old-fashion, good common sense.

We now have an active root cellar, which I dug into our hill behind the house.  We also have a large, ever-expanding, garden.  I’m going to harvest the Spaghetti squash today and put them in the root cellar.  I also have my onions and potatoes stored in there too.  Then there’s the rows of canned foods and meats, the two 50 gallon trash cans of beans and rice, tons of spaghetti noodles, toilet paper and other basic necessities.  The root cellar is earthquake-proof, and fire-proof.  I can rest assured, knowing that I’ve got a good emergency supply of food and water—we have two wells and a 5000 gallon storage tank.

In closing todays post.  I strongly disagree with the pastor who stated preparation for a disaster was somehow showing a lack of faith.  Take a look at the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  Frustration has now turned to anger for many Hurricane Sandy victims after living in limbo for more than six months, and they say the slow response and inaction by the Obama administration is taking its toll.

The Red Cross showed up with cookies and cocoa!  This is a grim reminder to me that we can’t rely on anyone else except ourselves.  Remember, if the grid goes down and the roads are impassable, most people have about three days to a week of food in their house.

So the bottom line for me is this.  Do we rely on Big Government to ride in on the tax payers dime and save us, or do we rely on ourselves?  As for me and my house, I will choose to be self-reliant, as a cold cookie and some watered-down cocoa won’t cut it when the big one hits!  Take a moment and check our Holly Deyo’s book!

Dare to Prepare


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48 thoughts on “The Big One Cometh?

  1. I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee learning about the “New Madrid” fault line and preparing for it to go off again was a part of everyday life for us. We also had to worry about tornados and when they would knock the power out. I witnessed hurricane katrina with my own eyes like many other Americans did. Preparing for disaster should not be frowned upon by anyone. Even Joseph son of Jacob (Israel) prepared for the disaster of world wide famine in Egypt. Joseph saved many lives because he prepared. Noah saved the whole world because YHWH warned him disaster was coming and told him to prepare. YHWH and Yeshua warns us of a coming disaster and gave us signs to know this disaster would come and would herald the second coming of Yeshua. They warned us so we would prepare because there is no pre-trib rapture! The warnings were given because They are merciful!

  2. Back when I first began to wake up I thought immediately of Joseph and got 25 lbs of hard red winter wheat berries! Then learned that they can be sprouted for a couple days and make a delicious unleavened dark and incredibly flavorful cake like bread! That was all I could afford at the time……but something about going to the Bible for advice on preps gave me peace that passeth understanding until I could stock more and then got Holly’s book and a few cans of beans!
    But today’s blog has reminded me of how we can never be totally prepared on our own……..I will follow your pastor friend’s advice and trust God when crisis comes but also trust Him now when He causes canned goods to go on sale!
    Then when disaster strikes I will wring my hands and wail for cookies and cocoa! 🙂


      There is a reason why Christians are referred to as “sheep”…..

      ….because “sheep” are among the dumbest of animals.

      AMAZING that a person can watch a TV or go on the internet and actually SEE the tragedy and heart break, yet NOT prepare.


  3. This shooting is another lie perpetrated on the American public.

    The Navy Yard Shooting so far has provided ZERO evidence there actually was any sort of shooting in the building. There are cameras all over this particular piece of real-estate which should show EXACTLY what happened inside the building- yet these have never been shown, or talked about or even mentioned on the media.

    If the talking heads on the media admitted there were cameras not only all over the exterior of this building, but also all over the interior, the American people might start asking annoying questions like: “Can We See The Film?”

    “Can We See the Film” is a question the people staging these events do not want asked.. ever.

    Where are all the videos and photos from people who were inside the building from their cell-phone cameras?

    Are people inside this building allowed to bring shotguns into their first day at work, but not allowed to bring in cell-phones?

    The AR-15 Myth has now been completely rescinded by the media (not covered in this video) which begs the question: Why was the media parroting that an AR-15 had been used over, and over, and over again, if in fact that actually never happened? We even had FrankenFeinstein talking about getting rid of AR-15s before any investigation had started.

    The “Iconic” picture of a man laying down, being helped, with military personnel in front of the CVS Pharmacy that time and time again was said to have been “1 Block Away from the Shooting” was in fact 4 blocks away from the “shooting”- a “minor mistake”.. yet, later, it turned out this man lying on the ground actually had nothing to do with the Navy Yard Shooting- further reducing the amount of photo “evidence” any sort of shooting event actually happened.

    The fact that that particular photo was unrelated did little to deter Mainstream media from airing it over and over again, and the online “news” sites from showing as some sort of proof of a shooting-

    The “iconic” image of the man laying down with caution tape being strung up was provided by non other than a government “Communications Director” working for Representative Steven Horsford – a Rep. who of course “Supports restrictions on gun purchases.”

    Conveniently, helicopters removed the “victims” from the scene- “victims” who don’t appear to be injured, or be bloody at all.. one guy smiling as he’s being bucketed up.

    So, not only was the most “iconic” image from “shooting scene” proven not to be one block away as reported (actually 4 blocks) and not actually part of the shooting- and the AR-15 not actually used in the shooting either (makes you wonder how they got that wrong) Nobody shown leaving the scene in a helicopter appears to be injured, and no images cell-phone, surveillance or otherwise have been mentioned to exist or released to the public.

    Compare this event, and the recent “super shooter” events to Columbine: At Columbine there was volumes of security film, hundreds of images of obviously injured people, and news crews were showing injured falling out of windows and running away. Yet, as technology has gotten more advanced in 2013, on a military installation full of cameras covering multiple angles and people having cell-phone cameras on most phones- proof of a shooter event amazingly doesn’t exist.

    We have staffers of a Rep. who wants gun control supplying photos not related to the shooting as proof being re-uploaded across all news agencies- yet the follow-up explaining how these photos are unrelated to the alleged shooting never seems to make the air.

    The Story of the Viral Navy Yard Shooting Photo That Wasn’t (The Atlantic Wire):

    AP’s Navy Yard photos unrelated to shooting? D.C. man who says he was in them tells his story

    From the Above Link: ”

    When James Birdsall arrived with his AED, “It became pretty evident that he was shot,” he said. “He had an entry wound on the left side of his face.”

    A spokesperson for George Washington University Hospital told journalists Monday that, “This injury was not survivable by any stretch,” a hospital official told reporters. “The patient was dead on the way to the hospital.”

    Since there were no other shootings nor murders that morning excepting for those that took place at the Navy Yard, the “wounded” man on the ground was a “victim” of the Navy Yard incident.

    Looks like we caught AP a willing participant in a badly staged false flag operation!

    Ladies and gentlemen, the myth of a free press is just that…a myth. Governments can’t allow for a free press, for obvious reasons. YOU have to do your own research in order to learn the truth. And any politician that mimics the press’ lies, must be defeated at the next election…that politician can’t be trusted.

    Let this incident be your wake up call.”


    Crisis Actors again??discern.

    • I also think that eventually it will be proven that the whole video game angle to this story will be as relevant as the film “The Innocence of Muslims” was to the Benghazi attack.

      Just a schtick to discredit Aaron Alexis with no basis in truth.

    • Well, I am confused: Why would somebody make a video like the one posted here? Also, both of the links posted came up with the “Not Found”. I “googled” “names of victims of navy yard shooting” and this is what came up: “” My question is “What is the truth”? Is the man doing the video making claims that are not true or are the pictures and bios of the victims a hoax? Who do we believe?

      In either case, may God help us all!


    • It doesn’t surprise me that the links can’t be found – that’s why I captured the whole article. The facts have been changing since the event, which is why the articles are taken down.

      A good deal of legwork will be necessary to validate the victims. Were those people really there? Were they really employees? Or are they convenient images to throw off the public?

      And, if they were truly victims, why were seemingly healthy people taken up in those helicopter baskets? That is highly irregular. Where were the ambulances? Where were the medics? Where was the triage and the medical equipment one sees during emergencies?

      Compare the response to this with the response to Columbine or Aurora – the victims were seen being taken out of the buildings and the sites were crawling with police, firemen and ambulance personnel. The Navy Yard wasn’t.

      In fact, the D.C. swat team that did show up was told to stand down and the leader of the team was then fired and his men were put on leave of absences. Why? Why would they be punished for trying to do their jobs?

    • The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
      Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit,
      Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
      Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

      Persian Philosopher, Omar Kayyam (1048AD-1141AD) talking about modern mainstream media.)

    • Thanks Rose: Sometimes I think I’m just too old to figure out all the deception that is going on! Praise God that we have Him to take care of us. By the way, I believe that we definitely should store extra of everything we might need in an emergency situation! It just makes sense to do so!

      Psalm 91 (KJV)

      1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

      2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

      3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

      4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


    • Sorry… i meant to add that that is part of a poem by Omar Kayyam about the the modern mainstream media and politicians/government (among others) lies.

      I realize Kayyam was of the Islamic “faith”, however his words here from poem are still profoundly true regarding how the media/politicians/corporations (faceless entities) can knowingly tell blatant lies to to assist their agendas and thereby damage or hurt the reputations of individuals and so on.

      As a former journalist (late 80s) for major Australian newspaper I do believe that , for whatever reason be it political or financial/corporate, the Editors/Chief Executives could/would print something that was blatantly untrue about a person could and display on the front page so that people saw the headline in big black bold print (or even a story on TV news or radio news broadcast) and Voila! the damage was done and the subject person’s reputation would be ruined by false accusations. Then afterward, the newspaper would print a retraction (“apology”) saying they made a mistake regarding said story – except that it would be a filler (small paragraph) somewhere in the back of the newspaper that was easily missed – of course, too little and too late, the damage is done and people only remember the big black bold headline and person it was about and hence the newspapers’ (whoever) agenda was achieved in destroying the individual’s (and their family) reputation forever. Unfortunately for the ‘victim’, it wasn’t just reputation of individual destroyed/ruined. As a result of the slander/defamation and so on by the multi-national companies/media etc, families were ruined re divorce, careers ended, bankruptcy through court challenging (the little man can’t afford to fight the big ones) etc etc and of course the stigma of the false labels being forever attached because of aspersions cast and distorted facts and false ideas and the fact that that is all the public recalled about the individual. Also, it wasn’t just limited to defaming an individual.. Perhaps, for example, a small company which patented a new invention which was of great use and economical would be silenced and their invention (as useful and sensible as it was and beneficial to humanity) would be ridiculed or company managers/inventor would be ridiculed/defamed/slandered etc and as a result the great and useful invention would be supressed never to see the light of day for use by the public citizen.

      Of course, the truth is also written, even when mentioned in parts of a non-fiction story as it reveals some elements that would make people aware of some truths (even if only a small portion). Very dangerous! So they burned those books/scrolls, as has been the case throughout history just because of a little mention of truth that was revealing.

      Further, the “alleged” navy shooting.. Understandable that if one was an eyewitness on the scene and perhaps filming with a mobile phone camera may not be wise or safe or possible re danger of person (or personS) with a gun/s going around shooting the place up – but given how common a camera phone is these days, one would suspect that there would be some independent footage (as opposed to news cameras turning up after or during incident).

      Appears that in the Nairobi incident there are some videos displaying footage captured by civilians caught up in that evil event. It is surprising that there has been no public display of CCTV/Surveillance/Security (whatever you want to call them) cameras of the navy yard incident or even just edited parts (for “viewer discretion”). As has still been the case with the Aurora cinema incident – I thought, by now, the media would have shown James Holmes entering or exiting the cinema complex, either through the main foyer doors (with all the other cinema goers) or the back exit? Then there are those who have made interesting observations and raised interesting questions regarding photos/video of the Boston marathon bombing. Plenty of security camera footage of action of robberies/violence in a small ma & pa deli/general store!

      It was interesting to note, also, that having viewed BBC news report (last night) of the Nairobi incident as it was still occurring the reporter would not label the alleged perpetrators except to say they were “terrorists” – no mention of what organization or background, a deliberate avoidance in not stating whom they were. If the terrorists were “Christians” it would be certain that the media would announce and label the criminals as “Christian Terrorists” in the news broadcast. [At least, that was the case up until much later in the event – that is, that they were not described as “Al Shabab” or “Muslim terrorists”. Insanity of political correctedness. Not allowed to tell the truth, anymore, in case you offend somebody with the truth!

      Also watched Al Jazeera (along with BBC world news, it is shown on (Australian) ABC TV 24 hour news anchor-woman giving a very lengthy interview with the commander of Al Shebab (based in Mogadishu, Somalia) via phone, who clearly stated intentions (of those terrorists in Nairobi) and reasons ‘muslim duty to fight for freedom, and that Al Quaida are there mentors, teachers, instructors, and that there would be no negotiations! The AJ anchor-woman would only mention (in questions) of how these muslim Al Shebab militant group murdered/killed other muslims in Somalia… no mention of the other peoples they murdered, just muslim victims. Noticeable, also, was the commander of the Al Shebab (in Mogadishu) had a very strong British accent, not African.

      [Ps. I am not interested in viewing people in the act of killing one another (however it may have been done and with what and by whom) – hearing about it or reading the news stories is troubling enough and I certainly have no desire to want to have such wicked images burnt into my memory – they remain forever. As a former journalist (mainly police rounds), and then many years working in the criminal courts/justice system as a transcribe/court reporter/monitor of criminal court trials and transcripts , Unlike those who may have a perversion or macabre obsession with graphic images of death]. However, as far as affirming truth of events, and with respect to victims/families and so on, it can be done without the gore videos/pictures.]

      What a world.

      Maranatha! Indeed.

      God bless.

      Regards, Peter.

  4. Those that say “don’t prepare” also don’t read the Proverbs. When Jesus said “don’t worry about tomorrow” — He clearly meant: don’t doubt, don’t fear, have faith in God — not “don’t prepare.” Christ is Wisdom (… Glory, Riches, Power, Might, Blessing, and Honor), WE DON”T GET THOSE WITHOUT PRACTICE! And preparation. And workout. And overcoming. How will you know you have faith unless it’s tested? How about wisdom without the opportunity to exercise wisdom or folly?

    I’ve proved and re-proven that I can live on packaged tuna with rice cakes and water for more than 6 months. Vitamins help. Definite weight loss. No cooking required. No major storage or transport concerns. I know I don’t need electricity nor refrigerated meds. I can’t do the same thing using salmon. Salmon protein doesn’t give proper scar formation, at least in my body, when used as a main protein source. Granted — I might have high levels of mercury from all the fish….

    If you have meds that need refrigeration — you better make serious preparations now. Every major hurricane brings the same demand: Ice and Water.

    As for first aid and such… that’s extra.

    I have a question. What can be used as Christian coinage now? Gotta be small and not too precious. How about nails? Stainless or galvanized? Something else? Brass casings for bullets?

    I’ve tried carrying platinum nobles on my person for an extended period of time. Too bulky. Not negotiable enough. All kinds of things have value — but what has more value in a disaster — that can be used as coinage? It’s hard to make much out of an alloy dollar. Nails can be turned into many many things easily.

    No worries! Lord be Praised !!!

  5. Exactly!!! Well said, LA. I love to refer to the Joseph/Pharoah story when Christians tell me that God will provide and they don’t need to prepare for disaster. One of my friends once told me that God can send manna to feed them. I asked how? And she said, she might literally walk outside and find food when they need it, or have a neighbor share with them. I said, “Oh so God will provide for you through the food of the faithless prepper” and we laughed.

    It was just a hundred years ago when every family farmed their own food, and would store enough food to last them all winter. Now we are making it a “lack of faith” issue for someone to have enough supplies to last them a few weeks. It doesn’t make sense.

    Storing up food for your family is our responsibility. Acting like someone who is prepared for an emergency is not a strong Christian is wrong.

    Thank you for the reminder L.A.

  6. You have two wells, L.A., and that is the important factor that most of us do not have. When we bought our houses we didn’t think of the necessity of wells, in case water cannot be pumped to us, because computer generated electricity is gone. I don’t think I have the strength to fill 50 gallon barrels with water and move them in any direction, and I could not tolerate the chlorine which the Deyo book says to put in the water to keep it fresh. I do have an excellent filter under my sink, which gives me well-filtered water, but that won’t work without a water source coming into the house. So in spite of the fact that I have stored some food and toilet paper, I will have little water–just whatever plastic bottles I have filled.

    The municipal water people may provide water in some manner. We are pretty highly organized in these parts so they might POSSIBLY have a contingency plan if water cannot be pumped by computer generated electricity. Maybe will just pass out plastic bottles of water.

    When I think of storing food for a longer period than a couple of months, I realize I won’t live without water anyway. Not saying the County will not supply water–it may. But no way to know. One could not ask them, I presume, as they have probably not thought about what happens if the electric grid goes down.

    I have read on some sites recently that possibly not all of the US electric grid will go down in single emergency. There may be spotty holdouts, or half the country may go dark and the other half still be light. So we wait to see what happens, and keep praying.

  7. This reminds me of the story of the ant and the grasshopper. The ants prepared and the grasshopper did not, in the end the grasshopper had to go to the ants for help…….and they helped him.

    • I fully intend to help anyone (evil is the exception) who comes to our place for help. We have a non electrical dependent water source. I have even given food storage for neighbors and friends….but it is going to irritate me, those who come empty handed, who I warned to be prepared. Can I at least say….”I told you so.”

    • The problem with that is, if people know you have it, they will come and TAKE it by force! That’s right…does not matter if you are giving willingly or not, at some point supplies will run low and there will not be enough for all those that come for help, the word will get out quickly that you have stock piles of goods and necessities for survival, and the second you decide to shut it off, to guarantee your own families survival they will change their demeanor quickly and attack, to take what you have, that is why I highly recommend arming yourself. Having a so called panic room, food storage, needed first aid and medicines are great and useful, however, not being able to protect the things you have stored is ignorant, naive and not living in reality. People fight for trinkets in stores during Christmas just imagine if it was a matter of life and death. Forget the police, they will be trying to take care of their own families in an emergency, you are on your own, I say stock pile ammunition as well as the other necessities, you will be glad you did.

      PS Please learn how to use the weapon you purchase, a firearm is useless as a hammer if you have no idea how to load it, clean it, secure it, and fire it with lethal precision.

    • You’re right, Matt. Besides buying the Berkey Water Filtration System, I also got my conceal and carry permit and took an NRA firearms instruction course.

    • Yeah I have had my eye on a Berkey Water Filtration System for awhile now; they are very nice but also very expensive. They have a scratch and dent section on their site if you don’t mind one with a little cosmetic damage, still works perfectly fine just not in pristine condition, may have a dent or a few scratches on it, no big deal really, worth it in savings if you are ok with that.

    • I am currently enrolled in a weapons tactical training course. I thought more training was necessary other then the basics of which I have pretty much exhausted on what those classes could teach me. These weapons tactical training classes are designed to push someone to the limit and beyond with their firearm. The main goal however, is to teach someone how to shoot faster & more accurately. The course is also designed and geared toward those who want to move to the next level in their pistol training skills, and include weapons training in tactical carbine, handgun, and shotgun. I am in my 3rd week of a 6 weeks course and most of it is mentally working through tactical situations, like team movements, shooting on the move, use of cover & concealment, shooting from vehicles, vehicle bail outs / ambush drills, multiple target engagements, problem solving principals. Essentially, I am enjoying the class as there is no box to think outside of,
      My favorite so far as when they taught firearm retention techniques which center around protecting your holstered firearm from a suspect’s grab. What really surprised me is we have a very mixed class as far as ages, from as young as 18 all the way up to a married couple in their 80s, plus a good mix of men and women, about 50% equal in numbers. This just shows me people are tired of becoming the next victim. On the news last night we had 3 people dead, a middle aged couple eating at a Denny’s when it was robbed, they were shot and killed and another on the same day, a man eating at a Subway restaurant when it was robbed, he was shot and killed as well. Enough is enough; people must fight back, legally of course. If I am in a restaurant when it gets robbed and my life or the lives of family life is threatened in any way I will do my utmost to project my family and if that means killing the perpetrator of the assault I will do that and will just have to take it up with God at a later time.

  8. Amen. Better safe than sorry!
    “You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them.” Genesis 6:21
    “A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” – Proverbs 27:12

  9. So, how many (non-BEK) refugee children are you prepared to help? Dozens? Hundreds? Just the little ones?

    Will people that abort their babies abandon their kids? Along with the elderly and infirm….

    Loaves and fishes, beloved!

    • I do believe the Bible has scriptures that people will be eating their children. I believe the Hebrews have already been in that situation in the past.

    • yes Claudia, Moses foretold it in Deut28:53 It came to pass as recorded by Josephus during the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD No Food was available!

      Some refer to that time of distress upon the Jews as Jacob’s trouble. Some say this is to reoccur during the tribulation that is to encompass the whole earth.

  10. “Weary of mass killings, Obama fears tragedy is ‘new normal'” @ MSNBC 1 hour ago

    Proverbs 17:13 “Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.”

    • BHO really doesn’t grasp that he’s a bigger mass murderer than most rulers in history because of promoting and enabling legalized abortions, including late term.

      And some will say, well he couldn’t do it alone. And I’ll say, nor did most rulers.
      I don’t think he knows he’s being used for such mayhem anymore; just another one of the blind leading the blind.

      The real battle is still with the rebel angels. Our armor against them remains: Grace, God’s Word, Peace, Truth, Faith, Kindness, and True Witness. All in Christ.

      As for those that call good evil…

      Jesus says. per Matthew 18…

      5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
      6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me,
      it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.
      11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

  11. Something I found interesting was the news said he had moved to 3 different hotels complaining and filing a report to police of 3 men following him with a machine putting voices in his head also not being able to sleep for a mount on count of vibrations and sounds ,voices in his head…not ears get it.Thats probably when he started going to get meds. Well never know.But the strangest thing is him carving My ELF weapon on shotgun.Was he trying to get a point across,did he know what was being done to him.I knew I had heard of elf before.Did some research.It has to do with frequencies…there are ELF machines.Google it.

    • Yes. The technology has been around since the ’60s.

      Did you catch what Dr. John Hall said on Coast (he was also on the Hagmanns’ and on Alex recently). He said that: “… the victims of electronic harassment are actually the outliers who are not susceptible to the control system. ‘That’s a very scary thought,’ he observed, ‘because that tells me that the majority of people are already being controlled.'”

      Alexis was FIGHTING the control.

    • No what i read was written by an individual who worked with frequencies.I researched on my own googled something like ELF frequencies, machines, sounds, vibrations.Symptoms he complained about.There was a lot about it.

  12. Ive been doing a great deal of praying and I’m starting to get the upper hand again. Pray for me. I can sit and watch these things fly and slither all around me. blacker than shadows..Ive heard growling from back rooms but with a rebuke they flee. They always come back but that’s the oppression and grief. Ive let it get to me for too long. She’s in a better place and now im starting to think that way again. God bless

    • All the better to practice your authority Ffe. Sadness, grief, bitterness and such come from unforgiveness. You need even more grace in that area.

      Who do you need to forgive? Possibly your beloved, for leaving. Yourself for not doing more or putting her in the crossfire. The Almighty for allowing y’all to be separated. Family for not being more involved. Neighbors for not being more neighborly. Medical practioners for inability to lengthen her time here. The Church for not exercising the gifts of healing or the gifts of miracles….

      Understanding is one thing of course, feelings another, and spiritual attacks yet a 3rd.

      But take a look at the larger pattern for a bit for me.

      past … unforgiveness … sadness, bitteness, grief (overlong or seeming more than you can bear)
      future … unfaithfulness … worry, doubt, fear (this is where you’re gifted and strong, my brother ! )
      present … uncaring … selfishness, detachment, jealousy (prepper and bunker mentality)

      Can you see how this relates to God’s Armor? Do you doubt she’s with Chris now? Not likely, that’s not you.

      You’ve told us all along about your neighbors and your family and her family.
      What would Donna want for you right now Michael? What does she want for you being with Christ….

  13. National Park Service produces videos praising Islam

    A series of videos produced for the National Park Service promote Islam as a pioneer in women’s rights and addressed a “general ignorance about what Islam is.”

    “Islam within itself, Islam itself means peace,” the government video states. “Islam brings nothing but peace if you truly look into it.”

    The National Park Service did not respond to questions about whether they’ve produced videos promoting other religions – like Christianity or Judaism
    The video praised Islam’s treatment of women – while completely ignoring the violence and discrimination many women are still facing in modern-day Islamic nations.

    The US government is using our hard-earned infidel dollars to produce videos exploiting children to proselytize for Islam….. What’s this got to do with the National Park Service? We are going bankrupt as a nation, people can’t get work, and the National Park Service is shilling for sharia and jihad under the guise of women’s rights? Madness.

  14. It’s worth reviewing the Unsealings of Revelation 6-8:01
    (remember that 3 & 4 are across from each other in Heavenly Throne room array, as with the tabernacle furnishings)

    1 White horse thief conquering vice rescuing (false heroes)
    2 Red horse thief stirring up trouble (false prophets)
    4 Pale horse thief warring (false pastors) false shepherds false flagging their sheep
    3 Black horse thief gouging (false teachers) ivory tower academics plying their mysteries
    5 Souls under the altar crying (false apostles) the souls of babies aborted due to adultery (and spiritual faithlessness)
    6 False leaders hiding in their bunkers (false servants), false deacons in the churches, false public servants
    7 Silence in Heaven (false witnesses) that remain silent when something just should be said

    Joseph didn’t hide in the disaster. The Almighty made him an overcomer tried in the fire of slavery and prison. Joseph prepared not just to save himself, but nations (… and as a result his family).

    • refs:

      John’s order of travel around the Throne Room:

      …where John sees one side then the other of the end time events
      (such as the trumpets in Rev. 08-09 and the vials in Rev.15-16)
      where Trumpets are a high sabbath and Vials are smoke from the golden altar

      As for timing… more like in sync with candles burning started about the same time…
      The candle 7 events are where John starts his tour of the Heavenly Throne room and ends (starting on one side of the throne and ending on the other)
      … Rev. 4-5 (The Lamb in the midst of the Throne) … looks over again in the first part of 7… and ends Rev. 19-20 (Great White Throne)

      So for instance in the latter parts of the Unsealings (6a) and latter parts of the Two Witnesses (2a) we see the latter events of the end times.

  15. A bit of Q & A this early morning…

    – Q: Where will the 666 system be implemented? A: In the cities, not in the wilderness.
    – Q. What’s this about Christ wiping away tears, no more death, no sorrow, no crying, no pain… A. That’s what His beloved went through as they overcame.
    – Q. Where does the woman (Heavenly Mother) go to be sustained in Rev. 12? A. Into the wilderness. (cp. Shekina Glory and Exodus)
    – Q. Should we bunker down or hitch up our wagons? A. When the Holy Ghost moves, be ready to move. Light by night. Cloud by Day.
    – Q. Should preparing include “escape and evasion” prep. like caches? A. What do you think?
    – Q. Is the Exodus a foreshadowing of End Time events (Moses’ Life)? How about Elijah’s life? A. … When the Almighty says strike the rock once — He means once!
    – Q. Should we store up gold and silver? A. Are you going to use them to build golden calves? … or golden caves?

    • ps.
      Another way of looking at the organization of the Heavenly Throne room and hence the organization message of the Revelation is as God’s Chariot (vehicle).
      – with 4 horses, reigns, wagon, and seat (1-4, 5, 6, 7)
      – prepare to move out (lest you suffer the plagues of babylon)
      – mystery babylon has a place in every worldly city

    • pps.
      – Q. Who went through the fire with Daniel’s Friends? A. Same as with Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
      – Q. Who sustained Elijah in the wilderness? A. Same as with Noah.
      – Q. Why did Jesus go into the wilderness 40 days? A. He likes to emphasize His points from different angles.
      – Q. Are you telling me that there’s a wilderness event during the Revelation? A. Doh!! (handpalm!)

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