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L. A. Marzulli

A suicide attack on a historic Christian church in northwestern Pakistan killed at least 75 people on Sunday in one of the deadliest attacks on the Christian minority in Pakistan in years.

I will depart from my usual Sunday Bun to address the slaughter of at least 75 Christians who were targeted by a Muslim extremist.

First off, churches and Christians in Syria have also been targeted, leaving churches and homes burned, as well as many killed.

Radical Islam is alive and well and Christians are being targeted and killed because of our beliefs.

This post is a call to prayer.  We need to pray for the people in these countries whose lives have been changed forever by the heinous acts of cowardice.   We are told to pray for those who spitefully use us.

We have seen the massacre of people, in the name of Islam, in our own country, with the Fort Hood shootings.

Over and over again it’s the same insane slaughter of innocent lives in the name of Islam.  There needs to be a reformation in the Muslim world, but as it stands now there are not many who will broach the subject and those that do are sometimes killed.

This kind of slaughter, by these terrorists will only create a backlash.  At some point people will push back and this will only lead to more blood shed.  I am appalled at what I see happening in Pakistan, Syria, Nairobi and other places.

I have no solutions except to pray.

I believe when He returns and the Islamic world sees Him, they will understand.  There is a link that I use in my presentations which is a harbinger of this.   It is the reuniting of Jacob and Ishmael.  There is hope….. Jesus is the answer.


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  1. This and that Kenya mall attack where the shooters blatantly told all Muslims to get out and then went to it. It’s still going on, too. 59 dead so far.

    Appalling. Evil.

    Echoing the calls for prayer.

    • This news in Pakistan is as much a tragedy as the Muslim mall attack in Kenya. Why so little coverage?
      Islam has one single goal; dominate the world; in any manner available. This goal will never be abated until all infidels are dead or in some form of slavery. I have yet to hear a loud enough voice from the followers of Islam condemning their compatriots continued atrocities against persons of other faiths around the globe.
      People wonder why “westernize Muslims” do not speak out about such acts. It is because if you speak out against acts done by order of Mohammad in the manner of Mohammad, you would be speaking out against Islam.
      IMO, only religion can train someone to be so hateful. Killing dozens of people in the quest to claim your gawd as superior strikes me as the height of brainwashing.

    • Amen!

      Israeli commando force joins Kenyan military storming Nairobi mall seized by Islamist gunmen


  2. There are lots of terrible things going on in the world today. It is so sad. I read a story this morning on Natural News about a 2 year old Saudi Arabian boy having bariatric surgery. The simple solution would be to put the two year old on a diet not a surgery. At 2 years old the child cannot feed itself. It is young enough to learn self control. So many terrible news stories out there and not enough time to share them all.

  3. Adding my prayers for those killed in the Christian church in Pakistan.
    I didn’t know the Nairobi kill score was up to 59. And still going on? Pray for them, especially that those under seige will turn to the Lord, if they have not done so already.
    I notice that Fox news is no longer concealing that these are “Muslim” attacks.

  4. What to pray?

    – the lost in the nations of Islam nor any others not dwell over long in such darkness.
    – we have true gratitude the Almighty will save out of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.
    – the saved be granted the Psalm 23 prayer … to have peace with and a place among our enemies.
    – we understand clearly what sins lead to death (1st John 5:16-17, 3:12-14)
    – we love not only in word, but in deed and truth.
    – in as much as possible that we live peaceably with all men.
    – that the hypocrisy and false equity of interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance be exposed.
    – we not be false witnesses, remaining silent when something should be said (*)

    * esp. against false christianity and false christian culture, which legalize or decriminalize:
    idolatry, blasphemy, murder, covetousness (**), adultery, theft, and false witness.
    ** compare addiction, greed, love of money, etc.

  5. Islam is such a complicated spiritual religion. The people from that area, their generational culture, grow up into what they believe is the truth. These people didn’t get the full truth of Jesus Christ. And when they did, they didn’t know better so they couldn’t recognize it. Never mind that, they know that if they do embrace Christianity, death by slaughter will be at their door.

    I do, however, believe that they are hungry for “something of higher value” ie. God. At least many are willing to believe enough to die a martyrs death.

    Nairobi Mall Shooting Kenya. Westgate Mall Shoting 59 Dead In Terrorist

    Only Christ can change hearts. We are so blessed here in the U.S. that if we don’t believe in Christ, at least not yet, we wouldn’t be slaughtered for non-belief.



  6. An appropriate bun.
    I pray a lot for understanding why the Creator made so many creations that have gone evil. I think about how incredible every person, every hair, every cell, every soul is…..every life is a miracle and it is so sad that some will never be saved…..will be cast into the burning trash pit. It makes me sad for God.
    As an artist, I have “created” (not really me but Him with my hands) many many pieces. Some better than others, and some downright ugly stinkers and yet I rarely throw them away. Usually I stick them in my art supply storage room (and yes, LOL, that room is crammed to the gills) thinking that one day I might get an idea that will save them and make them beautiful. I know that I will never do that, and yet……I just don’t throw them out and my silly pieces of canvas and paper are nothing in the scheme of things.
    Now I am pondering metaphorically, whether that room will be empty or full of beauty when the millennial reign comes. And will I even remember that those pieces ever existed.
    Sad thinking about all those beautiful miracles that are now turned into the monsters that are murdering and maiming in that mall and the churches in Pakistan and Egypt and and and…….

    • I went to facebook right after I typed that and a friend had just posted, “Jude 1:12 (NIV) These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead.”

    • Elaine, what a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for your insight; you have a very interesting and unique way of looking at the events unfolding.

    • 🙂 Matt, thanks, I think LOL
      You reminded me of a time when I was a little girl and I did something silly and my Mom, laughing, said, “Oh my backwards child!”
      And my Uncle Bert said, “She might think sideways or all the way around to check all the doors to get in but she shore ain’t backwards!”
      I loved Uncle Bert LOL

    • I really liked what you had to say, it made perfect sense. I use to do ceramic pottery and have kept a few duds of my own…no one else would want them but for some reason I can’t get myself to toss them, much to the chagrin of my friends and family who receive them as white elephant gifts at Christmas every year.

      By the way that’s weird, I had an Uncle Burt as well, hmmm same guy possibly? 😉
      Not sure if that was his real name, it just what us kids use to call him because he looked exactly like Burt from Sesame Street,, had that uni -brow thing working if I remember right, actually talked like him too…in fact he had a little Chihuahua for years named Ernie. I would laugh when the dog would see something outside his window and bark..Ole Uncle Burt would walk over, would frowl up his uni-brow and say “Whattaya see, Ernie”? Whattaya see”?

    • How great is our God!!!!!!!!!! It is 11:30 p.m. and just before the end of this long day of praying about Him saving the savable in Islam and John Ankerberg had a show topic of Jesus appearing in dreams and converting muslims in the middle east! Cool…..sweet dreams!
      Good night all!
      oh, and Matt, we had a dog that I let my kids name and they chose their favorite Sesame Street character…..they didn’t quite get that it was two separate names so one little dog got the moniker, “Burtonernie” 🙂

  7. I have to disagree with you Mr Marzulli;
    When ‘He Returns’, There will be no more Grace but Judgment, “Dealing out retribution to those who do not Know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus” 2Thes1:8
    Jesus is the answer this side of eternity by the preaching of His eternal Gospel before that Great and Terrible day of his return.

  8. Re: Acceleration Radio interview “America as the last babylon”

    IF babylon can move around then the babylon code (or virus) can likewise move — and replicate — as in abominations and daughters…

    ducks are ducks and gorillas are gorillas

  9. I was just able to listen to the Acc. Radio with the Dougs – fabulous broadcast!

    I agree with them. I hope to hear more.

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