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HOuse CleaningHouse Cleaning!


Acceleration Radio:

We had a lot of emails concerning the “voice” that appeared uninvited at 39:26 minutes into the show.   Here’s what Producer Rick had  to say.

I reviewed the tape it sounds to me like a microphone was left on, and it appears tone my voice in the distance playing with one of my animals, sorry of the trouble I know a lot of people are concerned that it might have been something more sinister, I can’t definitely 100 percent sur say it wasn’t but it sure sounds like me playing with my dogs

Richard Shaw, the Producer and Director of the Watchers series also weighed in: Ha HA!!!  I heard it.  Probably what was also causing all the clicks and pops throughout the show.  Someone hacked into the signal and is whispering into a mic up close — very unprofessional — but you can hear the interference in the signal.  Whoever it was tried to hoax us.  Really stupid.

Prayer Update:

Paddy Heron:

Hi L.A.,
Just home after a month in Hippocrates in Florida. Feeling better and think I’ve turned a corner. Hard enough to keep to the diet and swallow all the supplements, but we must keep on truckin. It’s a long and hard road ahead. But there is healing available.
 The health institute is top notch but quite expensive for all the treatments. But many, many thousands have been cured of cancer by sticking to the regime. So I am on the way to being cured. But the road is long.
Thanks for your love and support. I look forward to seeing you face-to-face soon when Jesus comes to gather His Bride.
God bless and love to your wife,

I’m looking for a Specialist!

I have an old picture which has two figures in it.  One is standing in the background the other is in a reclining position in front of the person standing.  There are objects in the picture.  I know the height of the man who is standing.  I’m trying to determine the height of the individual in the reclining position.  What I need is someone who can take the photo into a computer program and get the measurements for me.   Hint:  This will be in Volume II of, On the Trail of the Nephilim

Please respond by sending me an email:


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  1. I am baffled by Rick’s explanation. Is he saying he was playing with his animal and said “This is the ghost of ____ ____tomb”? I am not understanding this.

  2. I appreciate Producer Rick’s willingness to take responsibility for this, but I don’t buy it. Whoever spoke was right up on the microphone – you could hear his breath. I think Richard Shaw’s explanation is most likely.

    And, I also heard all the clicks and static. That went away further on in the program, which points to some kind of interference.

    And, honestly, EVPs are seldom that long. It is a rare, rare thing to get a complete sentence. Somebody cut in and tried to perpetrate a hoax.

  3. Strange happening. I suspect Richard Shaw is on the money or close to it. I appreciate Rick wanting to take responsibility for it but that probably isn’t necessary.

    I’ll put my nose to the ground for that specialist. Still keeping Paddy in prayer.

    Wishing everyone a blessed Atonement Day in the Lord.

  4. In addition, if the mike was on, wouldn’t L.A. and David have heard it if it was Producer Rick speaking? It was obvious that neither of those two gentlemen heard what the audience heard at the time.

    • Ok Nome!

      I fell for this movie, mostly out of curiosity. Well done as far as drama, editing, content is really good.

      Is this “Conspiracy” real?

      Pros: The credits state that this movie was “inspired by actual events.”
      There really is a website referencing The Taurus Club:
      There really is a “Mithra” and “Mithras” concept: &
      According to the Credits, the character/actor, Aaron Poole is real, he is on of the Executive Producers (Executive Producers Timeline 1:23/23).

      Cons: However, on the other side of the concept, Murray Chance and William Jensen, referenced in the film and with Mr. Jensen speaking as CEO of the Taurus Club at the end of the film, are also Executive Producers of this film (Executive Producers Timeline 1:23/23)!

      According to The Taurus Club website (global), Murray Chance is: “After receiving a Doctorate of Law from Harvard, Murray Chance served as the U.S. assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, a position in which he won two Distinguished Service medals. In 1969 he took over for his father as the Chairman of Chance Investments where he continues to serve on the board of directors. He has worked as an advisor to three sitting US presidents, and sits on the board of The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the current co-chairman of the EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table and chairman of the European Academy of Business in Society. He is also a member of the board of numerous North American and European companies. In 2009, the newspaper EUobserver credited Chance as “one of the leading forces that helped create the euro in the 1990s”.

      I did learn about the Mithra/Mithras concept because it leads to another word I had been seeing but had no clear understanding: the Zoroastrian angelic divinity (yazata) of covenant and oath.

      According to the Jewish Encyclopedia:
      ZOROASTRIANISM – …the spirits of the righteous (called “fravashis”), and also several abstract concepts, like victory, religion, kingly glory, and the divinity known as Mithra, an incarnation of light and truth. The rabble of hell…

      Summary: I believe this movie is really inspired by actual events using actual rituals found in the Mithra/Mithras (Zoroastrianism) practices.

      Is this club real? I’m leaning on yes. Maybe it’s a tool for acclimation and the arrogance that the elite can actually tell the truth hiding behind “secrets of stories.”

      So I guess building the New World Order needs the Illuminati’s, the Bilderberg’s, and others, including the Tarsus Club who are now getting high on each other and spreading their wings of deceit upon us “lessers?”



      P. S. Here’s another blogger/researcher who wrote about his research into the Tarsus Club with interesting results:

  5. LA, thank you for the update on Paddy Herron, I, too, have been wondering about his progress. Glad to hear that improvement is taking shape and that there continues to be hope in his situation. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.



  6. L.A., you are covering Fukishma better than any mainstream media. have you seen the “UFOs” filmed and photographed starting apprx one week before EQ and tsunami over Mt. Fugi and then during the tidal wave. mostly filmed by accident such as news agencies filming the wave. some had the “bell” shape.?

  7. Question for all: did LA’s blog increase font size for everyone? It throws the videos off. It’s been 2-3 days for me now.

  8. California Bill Allows Nurses, Others to Perform Abortions
    California’s liberal Gov. Jerry Brown now has a bill on his desk allowing nurses, certified midwives, and other specially trained clinicians to perform early-term vacuum aspiration and medicine-induced abortions.
    AB 154, whose main sponsor is Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California and is supported by numerous pro-choice groups, passed both legislative chambers this past week and is now on Brown’s desk,
    If Brown signs the bill, it will allow non-physician staff at Planned Parenthood’s clinics, among others, to obtain licenses to perform the abortion procedures

    I hear rumors that California was once a wonderful place to live. Liberals have absolutely destroyed the culture of this nation. This is true California fashion: no guns allowed, but it’s ok to kill the unborn. How it is perfectly fine to murder babies in the mother’s womb but we citizens can not be trusted with firearms for self defense?? My hope is one day all those involved will be charged with premeditated murder. Receiving or performing an abortion should be a capital crime.

  9. I read his book…..not a real good book, no matter what he calls himself! I thought it was weird!
    He’s not a Christian in the sense of the word, if he thinks all he wrote and the above is o.k. I don’t agree with him!……

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