Acceleration Radio Returns! Tonight: David Weatherly

Acceleration Radio Returns!

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Strange Intruders

David Weatherly will be my guest tonight!  He will be discussing his new book, Strange Intruders, (Review Below) which is a look into supernatural/demonic events manifesting in our time.   

Back in May 2012, I reviewed David Weatherly’s excellent book, Black Eyed Children, which is a great study of the entire, perpelexing BEK phenomenon. Well, on the heels of that book is yet another release from David. His new one isStrange Intruders, which includes a foreword from Mysterious Universe regular, Micah Hanks. And the good news is that, just as with his first book, David’s latest title is a fine read. It’s also one guaranteed to provoke the proverbial chills and thrills.

After Micah sets the scene with an atmospheric opening for what is soon to follow, David gets right into the heart of the action. And, in this case, the action is David’s personal studies of a wide body of anomalous entities that, to varying degrees, manipulate, torment, terrorize and even feed upon the unlucky souls who happen to cross their paths. If you think that our otherworld visitors are all about “love and light,”  forget it. They’re not.

We’re talking about a cast of creeps including the Slenderman, the Djinn,Pukwudgies, the downright ominous Grinning Man, and much more. When you’re covering such sinister “things” as these and much more too, writing style is as important as content.  Indeed, there’s not much worse than finding the author’s style is as boring as watching paint dry.


Fortunately, David recognizes this and, as a result, he presents the facts, the data, and the theories in a writing style that both John Keel and H.P. Lovecraft would have been proud of. It’s fair to say that the entire book, in terms of data and style, is menacing to read – and, yes, I do mean that as a complement! So, with that said, onto the content.

David begins with one of the most dangerous and deadly of all supernatural beings – the aforementioned Djinn. He shares with us a great deal of lore and legend about these Middle Eastern nightmares, including their twisted love of screwing with us, the Human Race. We also get the lowdown on some truly disturbing encounters with Djinn that result in disaster, ill health (both mental and physical), overwhelming negativity and much more.

These things will take advantage of you, trick you, use you, beat you down, and when they’re done with destroying your life, they will spit you out and move onto the next person unfortunate enough to cross their paths. As for their motives: a downright hatred of us. It’s as simple and stark as that.

The Shadow People are the subject of a full chapter in Strange Intruders which, like the Djinn, manifest as ethereal, rather than fully formed, creatures. Also like the Djinns, the Shadow People appear to enjoy making our lives a misery – and all just because they can.

Moving on to the Pukwudgies, in this chapter David demonstrates that, as is the case all around the world, the people of Massachusetts have their legends and beliefs of the “little people” kind. And, like the “wee folk” just about here, there and everywhere, their interactions with the Human Race can be trickster-like, friendly, foreboding, and overwhelmingly unsettling.

The very strange May 2001 saga of the Monkey Man of New Delhi, India gets good coverage, too. While we can never say for sure that hysteria- and nothing else – was behind the Monkey Man mania, it certainly helped elevate the controversy to stratospheric levels. Another case that authorities were keen on dismissing as having been caused by imaginations run wild was that of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon. He – or it – terrified the good folk of Mattoon, Illinois in 1944 by bizarrely unleashing noxious gasses on the unsuspecting victims.

Imagine you’re taking a pleasant drive down a rural road. It’s a nice day, the weather is good, and the countryside is inviting. That all changes, however, when, at the side of the road, you see a strange man staring at you. But he’s not just some hitchhiker. Nope. This is the Grinning Man. This is no normal grin, however. It’s a grin of chilling and diabolical proportions. It’s a near-impossibly wide grin, too. If you see him, keep driving. This chapter is particularly eye-opening, as it deals with David’s very own encounters with the grinning ghoul.

I have to say that my favorite chapter in David’s book is the one titled Hiding in Human Form. As you might guess , it is focused on a wide and varied body of entities that can reportedly shape-shift into human form. Just occasionally, however, we see them as they really are: hideous creatures of a monstrous kind. They are here, they are there, and they are everywhere. Controversial? Of course! But, David presents his case in fine fashion, and particularly so when he delves into the really unsettling stories of the Snakeheads and their motley crew.

Then there is the Slenderman. Although it’s an entity born and bred on the Internet, the fascination for, and the belief in, this mysterious figure seems to have given birth to a real-life version of its fictional self. Here we see David digging into a world filled with things that I am fascinated by: Tulpas. Is it possible that as Net-based tales of the Slenderman spread, and as more and more people became acquainted with the imagery, the monster left behind its shackles of the imagination and strode out into the real world? Creating and unleashing a mind-monster is not as far-out as many might think.

And it wouldn’t be a David Weatherly book without something on the Black Eyed Children. In Strange Intruders, it’s a chapter that updates us on the latest data that has surfaced since David’s previous book was published. As he shows, the mystery is very much ongoing. Notably, we also get to read about black-eyed adults, too.

With excellent cover-artwork from Sam ShearonStrange Intruders is packed with case upon case of mysterious beings that appear to co-exist with us, that have the ability to jump from our reality to whatever dark domain they call home, and which have no love for us at all. Although there are (at first glance, at least) worlds of difference between the Djinn, the Grinning Man, the Mad Gasser, and the Shadow People, they – and all the rest – have one thing in common: a seemingly obsessive need to get their claws into us, to torment us, to deceive us, and to use us.

Is it really possible that we are indeed considered the “property” of something else, as Charles Fort famously worded it? After reading Strange Intruders, you might well think that’s exactly what we are.


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28 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio Returns! Tonight: David Weatherly

  1. A new show?! 😯 😉

    Looking forward to it although aren’t these “the same talking points I hear all the time from New Agers and seculars.” You know who I’m quoting there. 😆 😉

    Wishing everyone a blessed day in the Lord. 🙂


    Good read and companion video from Paul McGuire about Syria and the Middle East.

  2. If you believe this gospel of “if you follow your conscience, then you’re forgiven” – you might as well just open the door to all these evil spirits. (see other news article) If your conscience is your god, this is a kind of apotheosis, who needs the atoning work of Jesus? It’s blasphemous- I think Putnam and Horn are right concerning Francis.

  3. I hope to make that show. I would love to order and read the two books. The cover’s sure creep me out though.

    God Bless and Godspeed,

  4. 6 hours to wait!!!!!! I am giddy just to hear our friend’s voice again!
    And perfect topic for the week I have had……very odd kid at my door a few times this week! It has given me a whole new insight into the dilemma of how to decide what kind of “people” we are dealing with!
    I was torn between helping him and let him mow my front lawn but not the back because I didn’t want him to see all the ways into my house. Then 2 days later, he wanted to borrow money…..I said, “No, sorry” but he came back 20 minutes later asking to borrow the lawn mower. I said “no” again because I was getting uneasy…..he asks for cigarettes from my son and asked for pop or juice from me……I am not stingy but I just never have pop or juice in the house and I just have a feeling that I should not ever invite him in……but then again, very very quiet and seems “slow” or is he sneaky and casing the joint?
    This is so hard for a follower of Christ who would be devastated if I was meant to do more for the guy!!!!!
    I gave him a dollar extra when he mowed the grass and said, “God bless you and thanks”…..but was I supposed to do more?
    I am praying on it!

    • As the Lord leads. In today’s day and age, sadly, you can’t be too paranoid for more reasons than one. Gypsies. Scammers. You name it. Just be careful. As it stands I don’t really like the way this reads.

      “Then 2 days later, he wanted to borrow money…..I said, “No, sorry” but he came back 20 minutes later asking to borrow the lawn mower.”

      ^^ These are red flags for me right here. The persistence. I don’t like it.

      I agree: Don’t invite him in.

    • Elaine, I wondered whether you saw where he came from, direction in your neighborhood-wise, and about how old he was? Maybe other neighbors had similar experiences. I agree with Eric W. can’t be too careful. However, I almost feel sympathetic toward him…almost. Perhaps if you haven’t already, you might want to anoint your doorways.

      Keep us apprised if you can. God bless and will pray along with you about the whole thing.

    • Phyllis and Eric…..I did find out his first name and where he lives. I spoke to a friend cop who is aware of him. The cop says he seems to be learning disabled and we have no idea how he ended up in this small city…..sure glad I had not heard tonight’s show last week but sooooo glad that L.A. has done others on these kind of things so I was careful. YES my doors are anointed and I am really freaked out listening to the guest…… least the kid asked for pop…..LOL, asking for canned meat would have had me screaming down the street! 🙂

  5. I dare say LA your book review re: Strange Intruders is downright creepy! So that tells me that David Weatherly has a “hit” on his hands on his new book.

    The jury is out for now if I want to purchase it or not. I tend to want to gravitate to Jesus Christ in my uplifting His Name and Majesty not to say that I shouldn’t know who my enemies are including the seen and unseen ones.

    I’ll be on the lookout for the radio interview though.

    Re: 2 million bikers to DC in honor of the victims of the 911 event, I was so struck by this entire event that I was just praising the Lord for coming up with this new spectacular idea — taking a stand!



    • Possible good bait for the halloween crowd though. Kinda like Christian biker clubs.

      When Christ saves a person from some trap, that’s a ministry area for them. (goth, gangs, and so on…)

      “” (This is mainly an audio link about biker ministry.)

      The youtube was too slow to buffer right for me today (local 5 pm rush hour), but it’s funny…. I started messing with the settings, turned on “captions” (icon), selected english, found a “transcript” button down to the right of the “share” button. So I can scroll down through the 45 minute transcript — which is a blessing indeed for other youtubes! Praise the Lord !!!

      ps. The book review was from Nick Redfern, which LA linked at the bottom.

  6. BreakingNews: “”

    Official: 7 civilians reported wounded after car bomb goes off outside US consulate in western Afghanistan – @AP

    New York MTA reports a power failure on A, B, C, and D subway lines – @eyewitnessnyc

    An armed clash is underway near US consulate building in Herat, Afghanistan – @EsmatKohsar

    Asian shares slip as Fed stimulus cut looms – @ReutersBiz

    Commerce City: A dam has failed at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge; new evacuations ordered – @9NEWS
    Adams County, Colorado, OEM orders immediate evacuation of Commerce City’s Irondale neighborhood due to a dam break – @TWCBreaking
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    USGS in Denver: Creek flow readings indicate it’s official; this is now what the experts term a 100-year flood – @dailycamera
    Flooding breaks two dams in Colorado, one near Denver and another in Larimer County – @denverpost
    Denver Police orders evacuation from Colfax to 11th Ave; evacuees should go to 11th Ave and Yosemite; buses are at that location – @DenverPolice

    New Jersey Governor Christie: Damage from Superstorm Sandy affecting water supply needed to battle Seaside Park fire – @nbcnewyork
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    Fire in Seaside Park, New Jersey, burns at least 20 buildings near boardwalk – @eyewitnessnyc
    Fire in Seaside Park, New Jersey, has destroyed at least 80% of the boardwalk, police chief says – @nbcphiladelphia

    Sorry for any the double post, I missed a short link … 1st try sent to moderation.

  7. My husband and I were listening to L.A.’s radio show tonight and heard a raspy, guttural voice cut in and say about 6 unintelligible words about 45 minutes into the show. My friend, who was listening at her house, also heard it. It made the hair on my arms stand up. It sounded so demonic. Did any of you hear it?

  8. The radio show was just posted. If any of you want to hear the sinister voice that spoke, fast forward to the 39:27 minute mark on the player. Freaky!

  9. The voice sounds like it is saying, “This is the ghost of ______ ______ tomb.” Did any of you make out what this thing is saying?

    • Yeah I just heard it; I jumped a mile off my chair. Its 1:00 AM here and I’m the only one up…I had to play it again to make sure it was from the audio, thankfully it was, creepy just the same , very creepy. At the 39:28 mark in the audio.

    • it gave me quite a fright when I first heard it, however, I didn’t hear a “raspy, guttural voice” don’t know of its my cheap PC speakers or not, but the voice I heard sounded like Hervé Villechaize, which could be just as terrifying in itself..

  10. “”


    Sooner or later “the news” will realize that the way google makes smartphone apps non-removable, nags about logins, limits anonymity, tracks wifi, etc. etc. is due to NSA ties.




    “” (wrong on so many levels)

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