Baghdad – Still A No-Mans Land!

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L. A. Marzulli

String of bombings kills nearly 60 people in Baghdad

Nearly 60 people have been killed and dozens injured in a series of car bombings across Baghdad. The blasts, which took place in predominantly Shiite districts, are the latest in a surge of violence in Iraq.

At least 14 cars exploded across the city on Tuesday, RT Arabic correspondent Ashraf al-Azzawi reported. 

The deadliest explosion took place on a busy street in the northern Talbiya neighborhood, killing nine people.

“There is a connection to the events on the ground in Syria, in Lebanon, in Egypt. And for months now, the Saudi government was pouring money into Sunni insurgents who were a major part of the violence and terrorism going on in Iraq,” Jeff Steinberg of the Executive Intelligence Review Magazine told RT.

“It is part of a larger regional strategy of basically promoting Sunni versus Shia conflict, which has a big geopolitical factor with Saudi Arabia competing with Iran for who is going to be the dominant power in the Persian Gulf region.”

The sectarian violence continues unabated in Iraq, with car bombings detonating almost weekly.  When the media labels this “sectarian violence,” it should be honest and tell it like it is!  The continual bombings in Iraq, are the result of a 1300 schism between the two predominant sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia.

They hate each other and call one another apostates.  Then they resort to blowing each other to smithereens.  This article ties in with my post yesterday as it becomes evident that the Saudi’s are funding some of the terrorism in the region in order to eradicate any possibility of a Shia dominated Iraq, which would strengthen the Shia crescent, headed by Iran.

These acts of terrorism cripple even a modicum of normality as one never knows if he or she is sitting near a car that is rigged to explode.

Imagine yourself sitting in a cafe in Baghdad, drinking coffee and chatting with your friends.  Suddenly, a car which is parked in front of the cafe, explodes.  The force of blast blows out the windows and you find yourself hurled through the air, slamming into the rear wall of the building.  You black out for a few minutes, and when you awaken you hear the screams of the wounded.  Blood and body parts are everywhere and the cafe is burning.  In the distance you hear the wailing of sirens.  You try to move and it is then you realize that part of your leg has been blown off and you are bleeding heavily….. 

While the above account is fictional, I believe it is a reasonable facsimile of what these horrific car bombings create.  This kind of insanity shuts down commerce, creates a constant state of fear, as one never knows where the next target will be going to be, and keeps the entire populace in an undeclared religious war.

Something else to consider is this.  Knowing that these two sects of Islam hate each other and will resort to extreme measures to kill each other, why is our government allowing them to migrate here?  Is anyone keeping track of who is coming into this country?  Do our officials really believe this hatred between Shia and Sunni will somehow go away in America?  Furthermore, we see the radicalization of those like Major Hassan, The Fort Hood Shooter, who gunned down 13 innocent people and wounded many more, as he cried Allah Akbar.  His actions were an act of terrorism and yet our government refuses to call it what it is/was!

In closing todays post:  I am alarmed at the church burnings throughout Egypt.  Not a hint of tolerance or goodwill toward the Coptic Church there!   I also wonder when the next Fort Hood Shooter will show up here?  Will we see car-bombings in our cities as Sunni against Shia violence erupts here, in the USA?

With the almost weekly car-bombings in Iraq, the country is still a no-mans land, and the 1300 year old hatred between the two sects, continues to burn.

Note:  I’m on assignment tomorrow and will not be able to BLOG from the location.  I’ll see you all on Friday!  L.A.


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26 thoughts on “Baghdad – Still A No-Mans Land!

  1. Excellent description of what it must be like over there! I often think that games and movies have caused the great American disconnect and “film at eleven” is just considered entertainment! We need hypothetical descriptions like the one you gave to give us empathy…..not just sympathy!
    It also made me think about how dishonest the great liar, Satan is… can’t ever win his games. For example….the stupid secular sheeple who say, “Big deal, I could say I will become a muslim but it won’t really mean anything to me….I don’t have any religion” Well, picture this, the big bad jihadist tells you to choose Islam and you say okay…..then he says “Sunni or Shia?” …..trick question with a 50/50 chance the last words you ever hear as you watch your head roll away to hell ahead of ya will be, “allahu akbar”
    I think McCain is a perfect example of that brainwashed sheeple manchurian republican…..playing video poker as WWIII is touted! I bet he wants to sit in the Tuesday morning video game club that drones O’s enemies! All a game.
    Finally, saying that allahu akbar is like saying, “Thank God” leaves out an important element……we do not say thanks to God as we commit murder!!!!!!!

  2. I’m not sure if Damascus will be leveled by an earthquake or a nuclear bomb. Clearly, though, when a single nuke event happens in the Middle East, we will have entered a new phase.
    Meanwhile, I fly over to Israel, Lord willing and my back issues not manifesting before then, on Monday. I’m planning (hoping) to hike the 600-mile Israel National Trail. This has been one of my dreams for 15 years. Bought the ticket (and had to re-schedule twice since) back in January. There’s never a “right” time to go. To God be the glory.

  3. More on McCain… (A double minded man…)

    McCain opposes Senate resolution on Syria

    He now opposes a resolution crafted by Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. It puts a 90-day limit on action and says no American troops can be sent into Syria.

    Asked if he supported it, McCain said, “In its current form, I do not.”

    • McCain is turning out to be major idiot…he now (as of 4 PM) is on board with the resolution. He’s playing games (literally – Ha! Ha!) with his position to make it appear to his constituents that he actually has intelligent opinions and objections…What a joke he has turned out to be!

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  5. But wait! I thought we “won” in Iraq! 😆

    Window dressing aside with some of our politicians playing footsie I’ve resigned myself to this Syrian thing happening. Keep praying, folks.

    • I believe you’re right Eric. I think Obama is going to go ahead with or without Congress. He may even stage an attack here in America to make it seem justified. Yes. Pray, pray, pray.

      By the way I really enjoyed your blog. You’re a very good writer. Keep up the good work. : )

  6. You know, how does anyone begin to know how to pray for the people over there?
    That’s when I remember Jesus knows how to intercede when we just can’t .

    • “”

      ‘Syria Resolution Intentionally Vague So Obama Can Put Boots on the Ground’ Says Napolitano


  7. What should the US do about Syria?

    The same can be asked about the Cartels, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sudans … on and on. If cartels use nerve gas what should the US do? If Israel uses nukes (preemptively) — what should the US do? Strike Israel!?

    Everyone pitch in a dollar (or euro) and put a bounty on Assad — to be brought to trial for war crimes. Same goes for Obama if he acts against congress and without a broad consensus of nations. Take them to court for crimes against humanity.

    In the mean time — sue for civil damages. Class action for all the refugees. If as Putin asserts, Syria is a legitimate government — treat them like it — with due process. It doesn’t take a Harvard Law President to figure that out.

    The answer is Pray!

  8. Obama on Obama

    I don’t oppose all wars … What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war … I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied U.N. resolutions, thwarted U.N. inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity … But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States or to his neighbors … I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al Qaeda.

  9. (Russia sends missile cruiser to Eastern Mediterranean)

    All eyes on the impotent little clown in DC.. once again.. If that idiot would just learn to keep his mouth shut.. he was put in office to invigorate the bottom of the barrel voters, which he did, and nothing else.. he is a paper princess meddling in affairs so far over the community organizers head.. he will do anything to stand side by side with his muslim brotherhood, even if it means WWIII… Keep in mind, Moscow, Slava-class ship, overhauled 2009 fires salvo of 8 large Basalt supersonic missiles (Mach 2.5) toward aircraft carrier or other large ship. Range 500km or more. If there is surface ship made to take down aircraft carrier, that is the one. And USA cannot effectively attack Syria and stay out of range.

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