The Coming Spiritual Tsunami….

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L. A. Marzulli

It’s coming…. The Spiritual Tsunami is coming and when it does the beliefs that many hold will be swept away with it!

The statement from the “Pleiadianseeds” should serve as a warning of what to expect.  There is a Trans-cultural spiritual revolution, that is headed our way.

The reason why I’m going with this today is I have had mental impressions of what it will be like, when “they” show up.  In short, it will be overwhelming!

I’ve discussed the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence on this BLOG many times, but now, I feel obligated to warn again that when it does finally happen it will be a paradigm tsunami, which sweeps all other beliefs away.

When the revealing happens it will be life changing.  Can you imagine mile-wide mother ships hovering over a city near you?  ET will be all news, all the time.  Everyone will be talking about it, it will dominate all forms of media.  Books, movies, articles, scientists, clergy, all will offer their opinions.

When they give us free energy, it will be the ultimate game changer.

Steven Greer & David Wilcock – Free Energy & Disclosure (1 hr audio) | Alternative

The New-agers, UFO researchers, Disclosure guys, and the Exo-politic crowd, all are awaiting it.

Recently Richard Shaw and I interviewed Steven Bassett of the Disclosure project, who led the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, this year in Washington DC.

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: UFO Believers To Testify At Congressional-Style Hearings (LIVE UPDATES)

Bassett believes disclosure is eminent and when it finally happens every aspect of our lives will change.  I believe he’s right and this is the spiritual tsunami which is headed out way.

We are told in prophetic passages of the Bible: God will send them strong delusion because they did not believe the truth. (2nd Thessaloninas 2:11)

We are now living in a post Christian world.  Many believe God is dead, or never existed.  Christianity is scoffed at and mocked.  The supernatural is laughed at and scorned.  Recently in England a poll was taken and the results were shocking! (See link below!)

More people in the UK believe in Aliens than believe in God – The Commentator

In closing todays post:  It’s coming.  What I call The Great Deception is coming and it is a spiritual tsunami.  The old paradigms will be swept away as the new is embraced.  The churches will be emptied, as the new religion descends from “on high.”

While the churches sleep and the heretic hunters call those of us who are trying to wake up the sleepers, heretics, what will they say when “they” arrive?  I’m sure there will be silence and these trolls and naysayers, will be nowhere to be seen.

We are told by Jesus: Luke 21:26 NKJV  men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken.

It’s coming…. will you be swept away?


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end time In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!


Barring the IDF, Netanyahu’s last resort against possible Obama détente with Iran is US Congress


Surgeons questioned about involvement in trade in human body parts


Ft. Hood shooter first considered killing soldiers at Ft. Benning, Ga., report says | Fox News


PressTV – Six killed in three bombings in central, north Iraq


63% of Israeli Jews oppose major West Bank pullout, poll finds | The Times of Israel


New U.S. spying revelations coming from Snowden leaks: journalist | Reuters


Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon |


Russian scientists: Earth can expect a new ice age | Russia Beyond The Headlines

64 thoughts on “The Coming Spiritual Tsunami….

  1. Thanks L.A., in spite of all this it is a great and exciting time to be alive and born again of God’s Spirit…come quickly Lord Jesus. Love to you and your family, thank you for serving the Body of Christ.

    • i have been saying the same thing and the unbelievers think i am cruel and pessimistic. you cannot explain or clarify at this point any of the current events/labour-pains it seems if one can not see already. you are 1000% correct and please come Lord Jesus and God The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless all on this comment forum! Nick

  2. Free energy… Tesla designed a method to send electricity through the air so that it could be free for all and no ugly wires. But, Edison and others wanted to make money from selling it. This technology has been around for a hundred years at least.

    Promises of free energy are beads for the natives.

    • beads … wampum…. interesting!

      cp. technical know how … prometheus … Enoch re: angel tech

      cp. quipu (Inca knot language) … also a memory storage system (low tech RAM)

      cp. Universal Turing Machine … and the theory that a simple computer can do anything a more powerful one can … though it may take longer

      – Caral, site of discovery of a “proto-quipu” (ca. 3000 BC)
      – wampum, North American beads used as memory aides
      – yupana, an Incan calculating device

    • Interesting, Nome. It’s the same smoke and mirrors with different levels of tech – people are so blinded without the Spirit of God. Whether one uses a knot ring or a Cray computer (and I know I’m dating myself by using this machine as an example), it’s the same schtick.

    • maybe The Hopi Nation’s “Blue Kuchina”. it seems The Hopi have knowledge of Scripture and Christ.

  3. My wife and I were sitting on our back porch in the summer of 2005. We lived on open space that looked towards Castle Rock, CO. There was nothing between us and the mountains. It was beautiful. At about 9:00 in the evening one summer night a craft that looked like a white boomerang rose vertically, slowly out of the mountains. It was probably 20 miles away but looked every bit of half mile tall. It was huge but just solid white. As it rose out of the mountain making no sound it stayed stationary and stopped motionless at about 4,000 to 5000 feet. It stayed there for about 20 seconds before jetting east. It moved the whole length of the sky within a second making no sound before disappearing.

    Both of us were just dumfounded and speechless. No words could comprehend what either of was were seeing. There was no rationalization of what we saw. For weeks we just looked at each other and said I just don’t know. I cant believe it.

    That’s when I started researching UFO’s in connection to scripture.

    The hard part is really just internalizing what we saw. We quickly realized that when you told people what you saw you were just ridiculed. What were you smoking? How much did you have to drink?

    I ll be honest I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tie in what I saw, to scripture and that’s when I came across LA and others who I call “Christian Ufologists”.

    When the mile wide crafts do show up. There is no doubt that men’s hearts will fail them. I remember my heart was beating and my adrenaline shot up. I felt like I was ready to fight someone. There was a sense of panic.

    It did make me question my faith to a certain extent. Its coming and its coming soon. Im glad I’ve had an exposure to that kind of experience. Hopefully it will soften the blow when the mile wide crafts do show up.

    I have seen 4 other UFO’s since my original experience.

    • My brother saw the same kind of craft over Chatfield Reservoir last summer. And my parents both saw one over Jerusalem several years ago.

    • i have a question. how does anyone really know if they will fully manifest and hover over cities? maybe seeing them once in a while like they are now, is about all its going to be. i mean what proof is there that they will come out soon and hover over cities?

    • that is how i found LA also but w/o the sighting. coast 2 coast AM interview apprx. 5 years ago. i stayed up all night cause i was on the edge of my seat, never heard someone clearly articulate the Scripture connection on all “supernatural happenings”. i believe you were destined to be born into this generation and to do what you are now doing. keep it up LA, i keep you in prayer whenever i can.

  4. re: ET forerunners (channeling pleadians)… and similar such snakes…


  5. Gee L.A.
    I was hoping your mental impressions would show that the rapture occurs before the revealing. We must remain strong in the spriit and our faith.

    God Bless and Godspeed,
    Jimmy D

  6. Lol…why am I not surprised that when I clicked on the video or followed all kinds of links to different sources, no matter what I do the message remains the same “THIS VIDEO DOES NOT EXIST”. Interesting wording don’t you think? Its not this video has been removed by the owner…no. They are saying it does not exist. They may as well say…it never did exist its all a figment of your imagination! To bad we know better huh?

    God bless and save us all!

  7. Excellent reminder L.A. that we should prepare our hearts to remain grounded while the rest of the world gets swept away.

    I must say that we might be called heretics now by a few vocale groups, we’ll be called heretics by EVERYONE one the great revealing happens, because what ever they bring won’t be sympathetic to those who have faith in the “genuine” Christ. I say genuine, because I fully expect there to be a substitute Christ to fill the void.

  8. I see about 3 or 4 of these a night. They are not like other stars…..not sure what they are. This video was posted about a year ago but best describes what I see. I’m in Redlands, CA.

    • Yep. I see those things in Central Oregon too! Many nights I sleep outside on the hammock and watch the stars.

      oftentimes, I will be watching an area of the sky, and then out of nowhere, these things would start to blink and move.

      SOME “stars” would start to move…….and at times I have seen them start one direction and then change…”ain’t NO planes either.”
      But I’ve never seen one …”just take off real fast.”

      As LA says, I also ‘REBUKE FIRST’……..”BUT… I don’t ask any questions……….’cause “they” are ALL subject to The Blood of JESUS.”

      I am fairly certain there are “drones” up there too … doing their spying. But, I would think they fly without lights, although I can’t be sure.

      I often “wonder” ……if the “Revealing” or “Great Deception” will be BEFORE the rapture……or right AFTER…to “explain” the rapture.

      2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 seems to indicate “The Revealing” will be AFTER the rapture. I think “The Revealing” will be….AFTER the rapture.

      I do know FOR CERTAIN………I ain’t looking for NO anti-CHRIST………………Because I AM LOOKING FOR JESUS CHRIST.

      ……..and our Groom is coming …..Be SURE of that !!!


    • Lizp~
      this vid is an answer to prayer for me thank you so much for posting it! I have been seeing these for 3 1/2 to 4 years up in the So.Cal.High Desert (east up mts.elev.apx.4000 ft. from Palm Springs) At first there were only three and now they all all over.I asked a couple yrs. ago on here if anyone else saw them and also on D.Flynn’s watcher forum.I was told stars twinkle.GLP had a few reports over the yrs. but no vids showing what this one does.It is not Snell’s Law either…Some are indeed close to the horizon but they are all over the place and some so teeny and far away but your eye can still see them easily.Others are huge like the one in the east I watch and is always there and wonder to myself “doesn’t anyone see these things !?” I told a Ch.friend about them when I first started seeing them(they freaked me out) and she said she had seen them and when I asked her what she thought she said she told the Lord they are pretty.I asked her if in her entire life if she had ever seen tri- colored stars and she ans. no….wake up wake up~we are no longer friends.She has stayed in the church learning about “faith”…~ sigh~
      I never have one move either, but I have seen new ones appear seemingly overnight and replace one of the stars in the big dipper (top right) and also Arcturus went tri -color (my name for them… the Tri’s) in July of 2011 or 12. I’d have to ck. my calendar.Hard to keep all data these days so much to record!These are flashing or rotating and the colors seem to be almost like in the old neon signs.Crystal clear and the blue to bluish green is not very visible on this vid ,but it is quite an experience to view these things.Naked eye is pretty wowsers w/ some of them but binocs make it a stomach flipping time in the Holy Spirit !
      Now I can sent this to my friend in MA.and she can see what I have been talking about all this time.
      I have friends in Redlands and was born in Oregon so woo- hoo and keep watching my friends~thanks again for this post!

    • Your welcome Windsofchange! Yes, they are out there and growing in numbers. I did notice tonight that two were replacing stars in the big dipper. I have been using binoculars, all I can make out are the colors (green,red,blue, white).

      Late Night Lisa, I was telling my teenage daughter tonight that we need to dust off her fathers telescope, really dust off because it has not been used for a long time. I would love a better look :). I have to say the star’s are gorgeous! God’s creation is beautiful!

  9. Some interesting ‘coincidences’ around the comet ISON

    The place where the two guys discovered it is translated into ‘sour waters’ look it up

    and from five doves

    The name of the first guy, Vitali, means life. His last name, Nevski, is an offshoot of Neva, which is a river in Russia and means “sea” or “water”. Therefore, the name of the first guy breaks down into “Vital or Living Waters”. In Latin, the meaning of Neva is radiance or brightness. In this case his name would mean “alive with radiant brightness”. Scientists are interested in ISON due to a study in how icy comets seed life throughout the universe. Without water there is no life.
    The name of the second guy is where it gets horrifying. The name Artyom originates from ARTEMISIOS and means WORMWOOD (a bitter herb). I will repeat that because it is worth driving home.
    The name of one of the Russian discoverers of this 3 to 4 mile wide comet with a 200,000 mile tail translates to WORMWOOD.


    Artemisia is a feminine form of Artemisios,[5] a Greek name which derived from Artemis,[6] the name of the Greek maiden goddess of hunting.[7] Artemisia is also the name of a genus of plants that includes sagebrush and wormwood.[8

  10. Hollywood movies are conditioning us to believe in the existence of aliens. This phenomenal buildup of UFO’s and aliens are depicted in movies, TV shows, and science fiction novels and one of the reasons for this I believe is for a certain revealing. “Holly-weird” started out many years ago with films that have very telling plots and sub texts that are now summer blockbuster movies. The huge media hype over these movies about aliens and UFO’s that never seem to end, can only mean one thing: the appearance of Antichrist is getting very close. I am a movie buff so to speak, I see a lot of these movies and out of it all I come away with one message that I feel the powers that be in Hollywood want to convey, and that is the film makers wants us believe aliens are just like us in many respects, although with more intelligent and more advanced technologically. That they are friendly beings able to live at peace, thus being able to teach us warring humans to live in peace, having only our own interests at heart
    I read an article awhile back in a Hollywood trade magazine that a writer for the Times gathered together a group of 8 people experienced in UFO and extraterrestrial encounters for a special screening of Steven Spielberg’s movie “E.T.” The columnist for the paper noted the following reactions of the group to the movie:
    `This is a true movie, not a romance. It’s part of a CONDITIONING PROCESS TO PREPARE US FOR THE ARRIVAL OF ALIEN BEINGS.’
    `The movie is a vehicle…It invites the audience to be less afraid of the so-called para-normal. And what better place to start than with the children?’…Everything is being done through the children…”
    Everything is being done through our children, and has been for over 20 years. Thus, the first generations to be so conditioned are now having children, who are also being conditioned. Don’t believe for a second that Disney is innocent in all this alien propaganda, even Disney is getting in on the alien act, with film that portrays aliens as loving and harmless. What is the purpose? Remember that the movie and TV industries are openly hostile to Christianity and are very obviously New Age. Also remember that the #1 objective of the New Age is to successfully stage the appearance of Anti-Christ.

    I feel strongly that when the Anti-Christ stages his appearance, he will claim to be an ascended master from another dimension, i.e., an alien being. He is just as friendly as those aliens you have been seeing on TV and the movies. . He just has put humanity’s best interests at heart and wants the lead the world into a new peaceful existence.
    Here is film coming soon to a theater near you. The total plot has not been revealed however, the word is these “Astronaut’s will be saved by??? You guessed it, Aliens. I for one am not really surprised, although I was hoping it would be William Shatner 😉

    • hehe… the following question is definitely rhetorical…. speaking of “hollyweird aliens…” (weird word origin = fated)

      “Are you now or have you ever had a wookie poster or princess leia fantasies?”


      As for disney… (uncle stan … thinly disguised “satan” reference … re: illuminati)
      note: boiled frog approach aimed at kids

      Gideon is a televangelist-style pscyhic wannabee character (cp. false prophet)…
      …but Bill Cypher … watcher … all seeing eye … flatland escapee … (mocks The Logos / The Word)

      And if you think disney is still all just good clean fun….

      … psyop, agitprop, and talking head spin …

      The $64 million question then is — “Can the rebel angels port themselves directly into your heart and mind via cartoons?”

      (cp. 10 horned, 7 headed beast, which have one mind … cf. Rev. 17:12-13)

      ps. there’s no such thing as a good dragon … even purple

    • I reckon the antichrist will be a Man “For the Number is that of a Man” Rev13:18

      “And he will show no regard for the Gods of His father or for the desire of women Dan11:37

      That verse of daniel can only apply to a Man.

      Victory in Jesus


    • It’s definitely worth attending to details in Daniel. Russ Dizdar is particularly aware of the details…

      Dan 7
      1 In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters. 2 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. 3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. 4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. 5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. 6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it. 7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. 8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things. [The last horn — The antichrist — does not have human eyes, but eyes like humans, based on the reading.]

      Dan. 10
      2 In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks. 3 I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. 4 And in the four and twentieth day of the first month, as I was by the side of the great river, which is Hiddekel; 5 Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz: 6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude. 7 And I Daniel alone saw the vision: for the men that were with me saw not the vision; but a great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves. 8 Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great vision, and there remained no strength in me: for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption, and I retained no strength. 9 Yet heard I the voice of his words: and when I heard the voice of his words, then was I in a deep sleep on my face, and my face toward the ground.

      The point is that “The antichrist” could be physically hybrid… spiritually hybrid… rebel angel controlled like judas… some combination, etc. My guess is that the same rebel angel prince that’s the sun god and which directs false messiahs is also “The antichrist” and “The beast,” (like a wolf and definitely not The Lamb)

      Russ covers the issue of the eyes of MPDs appearing to have multiple demonized personalities trying to control them at the same time…

      Gotta say that I believe the rebel angel princes use cartoons and entertainment to mask their efforts — and that they do more damage with duplicity, seduction, fear, evil speculations and such day-in day-out than would occur with actual open undisguised manifestation. Their methods are to spur others to do their wickedness, such as:

      Gen. 3
      1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
      4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

    • With this I agree “rebel angel controlled like Judas”
      Judas was entered by Satan and the Lord referred to him as The Son of perdition.
      The same Title that Apostle Paul uses in reference to the Apostate in 2Thes2:3 that will be satanically energised and worshipped.

      Therefore; I would have to dismiss the ‘Physical and spiritual Hybrid theory’ and acknowledge the infallible Word of God.

      Considering the Hebrew/Greek rendering of the word ‘Man’ in Rev13:18 and the word ‘Fathers’ Dan11:37 and the word ‘Son’ in 2Thes2:3 all imply the ‘physical constituency of man created in the image of God’.

      Victory in Jesus


    • Yet man is not merely physical… having body, soul, and spirit… or as Paul points out a physical body and a spiritual body.

      1st Corinthians 15
      44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body.
      There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

      45 And so it is written,
      The first man Adam was made a living soul;
      the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

      46 Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.
      47 The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.

      48 As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.
      49 And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

    • nomemoleste said

      “Are you now or have you ever had a wookie poster or princess leia fantasies?”

      No… definitely not , Carrie Fisher never did a thing for me , in or out of a Star Wars costume…
      In fact, Jabba the Hutt may be more appealing ….I’m with Kirk, it’s all about nurse Chapel 🙂

      I actually have an original Chewbacca mask given to me by a kid’s dad that worked for George Lucas. I was in 4th grade and this kid was somewhat of a loner and I befriended him. Next thing I know I find out his day works for Lucas and gives me the mask and an original 1977 movie poster. Both are worth quite a bit now, thankfully mom didn’t let me run around the neighborhood with the mask. She put it away for safe keeping which bummed me out then, but at least they didn’t go the way of my baseball cards in the spokes of my bike….
      Went to Comic Con here in my city…wow what a freak show. Id love to go to the one in San Diego, I hear that one is way over the top.

    • As for disney… (uncle stan … thinly disguised “satan” reference … re: illuminati)

      So thinking along these lines Christians should not take their kids to Disney Land/World?
      Satan World? Illuminati Land?

    • I promised the kids a vacation so the answer could save me some serious scratch. If Disney has any connections with Satan or The Illuminati , well then, that’s it , we’re going to Six Flags…Although The Illuminati ride at Disney sounds fascinating, it’s supposedly a roller coaster that takes you through a series of world events that are being controlled and manipulated by a secret society, which never can be proven.

  11. LA, we must keep our spiritual weapons tuned up and sharp. He has given us power over ALL the power of the enemy. We need to teach the spiritual. babies how to use those weapons. It’s no different than other times when dealing with oppression in people. Only difference is that when it happens they will be visible . I’ve see a lot of them when counseling people and praying with them. Everything the devil does is a lie. Deception.. Stand on what you know and refuse to be moved. In Christ, Bonnie

  12. I’m so grateful that The Lord brought me to It’s Supernatural (Sid Roth) at the time I had questions about who or what the Nephilim were. LA was on his show and answered my questions. I was instantly inspired. When we got stationed somewhere else and moved it just so happened the church we started attending was having an LA Marzulli conference. I was over joyed knowing this was my opportunity to learn more. The conference literally blew my mind and changed my life. I see God’s word so differently now and the power behind it is awesome!! I am absolutely thankful for the revealing of God’s truth through LA’s ministry. I know for a fact I will not be swept away from God’s truth!! Because, of what I’ve come to learn and understand. Yes, I’ve had and been having hard times. But it’s through these hard times that I’ve been shaped into a new person. My life though complicated at times, has been worth the struggle. It’s all for The glory of God. Is it wrong to say I’m excited for that trumpet to blow!! Everyday I think it’s the day. I’m ready.

  13. Mystery lights: ‘There’s more! They keep coming!’
    New reports of strange phenomenon across nation

    “There’s more! They keep coming!”

    That’s the reaction heard on a video taken Sunday night, Aug. 4, as Virginia residents stared at more mysterious lights that danced in the night sky.

    It’s the latest in a series of reports by citizens across the U.S. of a strange phenomenon that has yet to have a confirmed explanation.

    Catherine Crabill of Irvington, Va., submitted the new video to WND.

    “I personally saw at least 30-plus [lights],” she said.

    “This is not the best video as they show up more like pinpoints of light when they were actually bright orange orbs. Some seemed in formation, others were randomly arranged. They were headed in a southerly direction in the western sky from us. We saw this from my backyard at about 10:15. There were at least 10 witnesses.”

    Meanwhile, Doug Crites of Missouri says he saw similar lights last Sunday, July 27, from his front porch in O’Fallon, Mo., some 25 miles west of St. Louis.

    “My wife and I were standing on the porch enjoying an unusually cool end of July evening,” Crites told WND.

    “It was dark so it must have been about 10 p.m. although I didn’t actually note the time. Two orange fairly bright lights appeared, the one on the right somewhat higher than the one on the left but both in a fairly tight formation. They caught my attention because they were orange and appeared to be moving toward us although they were quite a ways out.

    “The lights were constant, not blinking, and they definitely were not aircraft green and red aviation lights. I commented to my wife that they were unusual and that I wasn’t sure what they might be. Anyhow, after 20 or 30 seconds watching them appear to move toward us, they both in formation turned north and several seconds later disappeared.

    “A few seconds after that, a third single light appeared from where the others had first appeared. It, too, was seemingly heading in our direction and then also turned to the north a disappeared.”

    Bob Busch in New Jersey says he saw them as well.

    “These lights were seen over Clinton, N.J., also,” said Bob Busch. “The sky still had light to it and no stars were seen yet. These two objects very close together were very bright.”

    The new reports come on the heels of a WND report Sunday about mysterious lights in the night sky over Arizona and Missouri on July 27.

    The lights appear to be floating in formation over Tucson, Ariz., and Kansas City, Mo., with witnesses indicating they were silent.

  14. “And it will com to pass that in the last days your old men will dream dreams and your young men shall see visions”… (or something like that).

    Thought that I would come on here and relate a dream I had about two weeks ago now. Take it for what it’s worth. May be too much special sauce on the steak and cheese hoagie sandwhich, but…

    I dreamed that I and certain family members and other people I knew were standing in an area overlooking a big city (got the strong impression that it was in New York) possibly Manhattan. We all noticed a UFO appear in the sky and perform a “drop”. It dropped something out of the craft and onto the ground. This “drop” object was lit up so that you could see it drop to the ground. It made a cylindrical shape and looked as though it had swirling smoke inside of it. Not sure what the contents of this “drop” was, but it was very peculiar. We all stood in amazement watching this thing drop out of this UFO. The very next thing I remember saying in the dream (rather passionately) was “The War Is About To Start”. I said it with conviction as if I absolutely knew this to be the case. It was a rather vivid dream that I still remember. Usually dreams go away and you forget about them. This dream I really felt in my spirit. This war could be the happenings of Psalm 83/Ezekiel 37 & 38. I got the distinct impression that this war I was talking about in the dream meant the big daddy that will get everything rolling prophetically. It meant to me the one that will signal that we are going to soon be out of here. After I spoke those words, I looked around at everyone around me and it was as though everyone didn’t really here what I was saying. It was as if it didn’t register with anyone but myself. They all seemed to go back to their conversations as if the words were never spoken. When I think about this aspect of the dream, it could be saying that the world at large is in spiritual darkness and they have no idea of what is about ready to hit them. It was as if I was the only one who understood the significance of what I saw and what I then said. This reminds me of what L.A. sometimes mentions. A war will break out in the middle east and these UFOs will show up with some answers. Not sure what the “drop” thing was but I do remember that about two weeks before this dream, I watched a video that someone had posted on this site showing a “drop” taking place by a UFO. After seeing this video, I never gave it much more thought until I had the dream about two weeks later.

    I’m pretty certain that the special sauce on the steak and cheese wasn’t working on expiration date time. In other words, I think it probably was a legit dream of some kind. But… ya never know do ya?

    • @Corey. Dreams are my area. i have studied from John Paul Jackson. took alot of his courses online, studied his dream cards, i have his teachings also on dvd. God has given that man the gift of interpretation. maybe i can help you some with the meaning of your dream. first, God gives us dreams, he speaks in parables to us. (draw us into a more deeper relationship with him) its always good to journal the dream upon waking, so you get down all the details, because we tend to forget the dream after a while. ask yourself these questions, was there color in the dreams? One of the most important things to remember about your dream—and it’s important to do this right after waking up—is how you felt during the dream and what lingering feeling you had after waking up from the dream.

      Sometimes “how you felt” about the dream can be subtle. It’s on these occasions where it’s most important to include this somewhere in your dream journal, For example (Feeling: When the dream started, I felt a little apprehensive, but as it progressed, I felt more and more comfortable).

      Remembering and writing down how you felt right after having a dream is an important habit to get into. Seemingly positive events can happen in a dream, but if you wake up with an uneasy feeling, the interpretation of that dream might change—from an encouraging dream to a warning dream. Sometimes this is the subtle difference between good and God.

    • I hope that helps you somehow 🙂 always ask the Holy Spirit to interpret you dream, he gave it to you, you have to seek him for the answer. i do it all the time. i get dreams alll the time from the Lord..lately it was snakes! the other nite, i knew when i get a dream about a snake, thats the enemy fixing to strike, and i have to get up and pray, and stop that thing from happening! its chilling. snakes represent, lies and accusations and distortions..and for instance if your bitten by a snake in a dream, the lie is painful and has lingering effects.. but God is so loving he wants us to know things, for the most part he speaks to us in dreams, because when we are asleep, we dont have an arguerer. we are asleep. he can talk to us in our spirit, give us intruction, guide us. 🙂

  15. When you look at their word Believe it is the ‘i’ that is enlightened. The “I” has to go! “I”mage is what is getting all into trouble, but it is the image that all worship-the “I” in self.

  16. Today I was chatting w/a Christian man who’s been though the ringer. MK Ultra mind control – etc….. & he was really questioning about UFO’s & what would Christians think if Jesus came back via one. (I guess really asking if we are open minded enough to consider it.) I gave him some answers & Bible scriptures describing Jesus Return but he wasn’t very satisfied. Seemed like he kept going back to the fact that the Bible “doesn’t” mention that UFO’s would not be involved in His Return.

    • Should that not say; The bible doesn’t mention that UFo’s will be involved in His return.

      Victory in Jesus


    • The logic is kind of backward. Since the Bible doesn’t mention UFO’s then we should keep an open mind that it would be possible for Jesus to return in one. Even though the Bible describes details of His coming – keep an open mind to the unexpected. (Instead of just reading The Word & sticking to what it tells us.)

    • LNL, can you clarify what you just said? Are you saying that JESUS ‘could’ come back in a UFO and that ‘we should’ keep an open mind to the unexpected?

    • I love this… reminds me of riding a horse, or foal of an ass…
      or cherubim with wheels within wheels (Ezk. 1 or 10)
      or being clothed with clouds…

      Revelation 1:4-8

      John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace,

      – from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and
      – from the seven Spirits which are before his throne; And
      – from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and
      – the first begotten of the dead, and
      – the prince of the kings of the earth.

      Unto him that
      – loved us, and
      – washed us from our sins in his own blood, And hath
      – made us kings and priests unto God and his Father;
      — to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

      Behold, he cometh with clouds; and
      – every eye shall see him, and
      – they also which pierced him: and
      – all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.
      — Even so, Amen.

      I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending,
      saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come,
      — the Almighty.

    • When He ascended on High “a Cloud received him from view” Acts1:9

      That matches perfectly “Behold, he cometh with clouds” Rev1:7 For the Two angels said he would return in like manner.

      “All the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of man coming on the ‘clouds of the sky’ with Power and great Glory” Mat24:30

      ‘Clouds of the sky’ is precisely what they are Clouds, Not UFO’s

    • The Word explains itself.

      2 Samuel 22

      10 He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under his feet.
      11 And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.
      12 And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.
      13 Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled.
      14 The LORD thundered from heaven, and the most High uttered his voice.

      Zechariah 6

      1 And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and,
      – behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and
      – the mountains were mountains of brass.

      2 In the first chariot were red horses; and in the second chariot black horses;
      3 And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses.

      4 Then I answered and said unto the angel that talked with me, What are these, my lord?
      5 And the angel answered and said unto me, These are the four spirits of the heavens,
      which go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth.

      Matthew 24
      29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days
      – shall the sun be darkened, and
      – the moon shall not give her light, and
      – the stars shall fall from heaven, and
      – the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

      30 And
      – then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and
      – then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and
      they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

      31 And
      he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and
      they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

      Revelation 19
      11 And I saw heaven opened, and
      behold a white horse; and
      – he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and
      in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

      12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and
      – on his head were many crowns; and
      – he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.
      13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and
      his name is called The Word of God.

      14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses,
      clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

    • When Jesus ascended, those present saw Him in bodily form being taken like manner shall he come again and the angels with Him.
      A physical ascension = a physical return in His physical form as the Risen Lord.

    • Amen to physical return during the Day of the Lord. The horses could easily be heavenly creatures with trans-dimensional abilities. Whether physical horses, spiritual, transcendent, etc. — including just simply “flying” or descending — it’s reasonable to call that “unidentified” in the same sense as with Elijah’s transit.

      When Christ returns “as a thief” (Rev. 16:15, 6th Vial) that’s more likely spiritual. Though I’d easily allow for opening a dimensional portal for all those saved “who have their oil ready” wherever they’re at — physically.

      His sheep, (Y’shua, as The Good Shepherd), will know His voice — so no worries.

      And I’m perfectly happy to “Rebuke First, Ask Questions Later” with the holy angels. They get military security, challenge questions, bona fides, etc. So even though some encounter may seem like a UFO — we’ve been given ways to check and deal with it. In the Name of Jesus!

    • And let’s not forget Ezekiel. He saw a big cloud coming down from the sky, and then out of the cloud came the heavenly chariot, with the ophanim/galgal (wheels) and the cherub “pilots”. I think the clouds are just some natural reaction to the presence of the heavenly matter, whether it is a body or a machine.

      This verse seems to confirm that the clouds are real clouds, though in these cases they cover something not natural:

      “And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.” (Ps. 18:11)

      Also Habakkuk chapter 3, read literally, which it should, shows that the Lord, the Angel of the Lord, came down to Sinai in a terrible heavenly chariot that caused several natural disasters, and supernatural phenomenon, in the war against the nephilim.

  17. Anyone know a source pointing to a refutation or thorough exegesis of Gary DeMar and his preterist position on eschatology? Seems to be, at least to this guy, that the preterist are coming…..the preterist are coming. Any help would be much appreciated. Go ZulliLama!!!!

    • Found this interesting on wikipedia:
      There has historically been general agreement with non-preterists that the first systematic preterist exposition of prophecy was written by the Jesuit Luis de Alcasar during the Counter Reformation.[9][10] Moses Stuart noted that Alcasar’s preterist interpretation was of considerable benefit to the Roman Catholic Church during its arguments with Protestants,[11] and preterism has been described in modern eschatological commentary as a Catholic defense against the Protestant Historicist view which identified the Roman Catholic Church as a persecuting apostasy

  18. … more on ancient rulers propped up by their gods (or as I suspect, rebel angels) ….

    nothing new under the sun… what has been is coming again… what was, is not, yet is…

    • nothing new under the sun… what has been is coming again… what was, is not, yet is…

      I like that. It’s sort of like the “Who’s on first” routine.

  19. Demons claiming to be Aliens give Warning Message Live on TV in UK-“We Come to Warn you….notice the new age philosophy and lies


      Below you will find quotes from various sources by well known people in the UFO field. Not everyone believes that the entities that are associated with UFO’s are from other worlds. Following are a few quotes….please read them all:

      “A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities as well as phenomena like poltergeist (ghost) manifestations and “possession.” Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena…”
      -Lynn Catoe, “UFO’s and Related Subjects: An Annotated Bibliography.” 1969 US Government Printing Office. (Prepared under Air Force Office of Scientific Research ; Project Order 67-0002 and 68-0003)

      John Keel observes, after studying literature on demonology that: “The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar if not entirely identical to the UFO phenomenon itself.”
      -John Keel: “UFO’s: Operation Trojan Horse (New York, Putnam’s, 1970) pg. 215

      “The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon.”
      -John Keel: “UFO’s: Operation Trojan Horse; (New York, Putnam’s, 1970) pg 299

      “The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture…the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals…the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the [occult] entities that were described in centuries past.”
      -Dr. Jacques Vallee citing the extensive research of Bertrand Meheust [Science-Fiction et Soucoupes Volantes (Paris, 1978); Soucoupes Volantes et Folklore (Paris, 1985)], in Confrontations, p. 146, 159-161

      “We are dealing with a yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to the earth…I do not believe anymore that UFOs are simply spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations throughout recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact.”
      -Vallee, Confrontations – A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact,. P. 89

      “The ‘medical examination’ to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons. It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical or biological framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in shorter time with fewer risks”
      -Vallee, Confrontations – A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact; pg. 13

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