Terror Attack? I thought Al Qaida was on the Run?

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U.S. extends embassy closings; warnings renew debate over NSA data collection | McClatchy

Senior U.S. Official: Intercepted Al Qaeda Communications Indicate Planned Attack ‘Big,’ ‘Strategically Significant’ – ABC News

Congressional leaders agree on drastic response to al Qaeda terrorist threat – Washington Times

Kristol: Obama said al-Qaida on the run now we’re on the run | The Daily Caller

The State Department has announced that it will keep 19 embassies and consulates in the Middle East and Africa closed throughout the week “out of an abundance of caution” in the wake of terror threats that shut them down.

Posts in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Cairo, Riyadh, Dhahran, Jeddah, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Manama, Muscat, Sanaa, Tripoli, Antanarivo, Bujumbura, Djibouti, Khartoum, Kigali and Port Louis have been instructed to close for normal operations from Monday through Saturday, department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.


In the wake of the Arab Spring where the entire  map of the Middle East has changed, and then, as in Egypt’s case, changed a second time, there seems to be a new dynamic, adding yet more instability to the region.  Al Qaida has reared its head again and like the fabled Hydra, to pose yet another threat to Americans.  Obama assured us Al Qaida was on the run, now, as Bill Crystal exclaims—see above link—we seem to be on the run!

All of the major news outlets are running with this story.  So what are we to think?  Is there really a threat?  Is Al Qaida planning something?  The pundits point to 911, and remind us of the terror attacks.  However, how do buildings fall into their own footprint and disintegrate in mid-air?

Dr Judy Wood explains DUSTIFICATION re NYC WTC on 9/11 – YouTube

How does Building 7, collapse into its own footprint, at free-fall speed, when it wasn’t hit by a plane?

▶ 9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7 – YouTube

Before you move your mouse and leave this blog and accuse me of being anti-American, are you aware that there are over 1500, engineers and architects who are calling for congressional committee to investigate what happened?

World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? | AE911Truth

So with that in mind, once again we are being told the illusive bogey man, AL Qaida, which Obama assured us was on the run, is back again and planning a big attack.  Meanwhile the weasels in Washington are tap dancing around the revealing of CIA operatives who were on the ground during the Benghazi attack!  I wonder what they were doing, buying souvenirs. going on camel rides, opening a Falafel stand?

Exclusive: Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack – The Lead with Jake Tapper – CNN.com Blogs

I no longer trust what Washington tells me is going on.  I would even go as far as to say this new threat might be a prelude to some false flag operation.

In closing todays post:  Scandal after scandal plagues the elected officials in both parties.  Lies, cover ups and deceit seem to be the status quo.  Congressional approval is dismal and this reflects the deep distrust the American people have in our government. U.S. Congress Approval Remains Dismal

Our government tells us there is a threat, but allows people from countries that harbor terrorists to emigrate to this country.  Our southern border remains porous, as well.  The war in Afghanistan drags on, when we were told years ago that it was over. Arianna Huffington: Afghanistan war drags on : Wsj

Now our embassies are closed in 19 countries because of Al Qaida…. and I thought they were on the run!


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the BIrth Pains!

PressTV – Bomb explosion on train kills 3 in central Pakistan


▶ Review of UFOs activity around the Sun in August 4, 2013 – YouTube


Near death experience still a mystery – TeleManagement


WND » Mystery lights in sky spotted across America » Print


Huge mysterious pentagram in remote Kazakhstan explained – NBC News.com


Mystery surrounds rise in dolphin deaths along East Coast | Fox News


Kansas sinkhole: Is this monster sinkhole in Kansas still sinking? – Long Island Top News | Examiner.com

64 thoughts on “Terror Attack? I thought Al Qaida was on the Run?

  1. If you believe as I do that the Globalist have taken over and that Obama and our crony senate and house or representatives are nothing but puppets you might agree with my assertion that many of these “FALSE FLAG ALERTS” are nothing but an opportunity to exert more control on the citizens of the United States.

    Thats why I feel that this recent alert that we cant travel anywhere out of the United States as well as the embassies in the middle east is nothing but an alert notifying us of a planned false flag from Illuminati.

    Lindsey Williams friend to the Globalist believes that we are going to see the collapse of the dollar within in the next year. He claims that his globalist friend told him that the planned collapse is coming soon possibly before year end. Lindsey Williams is stating that they collapse will occur as I believe that the market will collapse when the derivatives market crashes when interest rates are expected to rise. That could happen this fall.

    I feel as I think many bible prophecy scholars do from listening to them at the Colorado Springs Bible Conference that the orchestrated collapse is coming soon.Dr Monteith of Radio Liberty was ringing the bell specifically.

    Its coming this people soon.

    • You beat me to it.

      I don’t even have to go past the MSM amazingly enough to lay this one up.

      Let me get this straight: We’re openly funding Al Quaida “rebels” in Syria and yet all of a sudden we’re back to them wanting to blow us away? C’mon.

      I don’t buy any of this any more.

    • If you believe the MSM…LOL!…then supposedly this is thanks to Susan Rice making the call because she’s worried about more Benghazis.

      You know, the same Susan Rice that really should have been sent out on a rail at the very least but instead got a promotion? Yeah, that one.

    • US Govt In Turmoil Over ‘Big New Al-Qaeda Plot’ While Obama Funds Them

      The mainstream media is reporting on the latest ‘big terror’ threat from al-Qaeda that is apparently the ‘most significant’ threat in years, yet they simultaneously fail to mention that the Obama administration is all the while funding al-Qaeda through arming and financing Syrian rebels that have major ties to the group.

      Surely this essential point is at least worth mentioning when you consider the fact that Obama even initiated the large-scale arming of the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels through a ‘secret order’, which was reported by mainstream news outlet Reuters back in 2012.

      It was this ‘secret order’ that began the steady stream of arms and resources towards the Syrian rebels group that even the mainstream media admits goes around killing all Christians and innocents who fail to submit to their cause via public beheadings.

      These barbaric rebels are truly a respectable group that Obama has chosen to fund with taxpayer dollars, equip with assault weapons (which he meanwhile attempts to ban in the United States), and is now pushing for yet another year of full-fledged funding despite the reports of beheadings and boundless bloodlust exhibited by the rebels.

      But none of that matters to the mainstream media now, which is absolutely flailing around yelling about this new ‘big threat’ from al-Qaeda that apparently has around two dozen United States embassies closed within the Middle East and North Africa. Senator Saxy Chambliss, who actually was the first major politician to reveal key points regarding the Boston bombing intel, says the new threat is the ‘most serious’ he has seen ‘in years’. ABC News is now even reporting that it is a planned attack that is one of the biggest ever caught on record.

      The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, told ABC News:

      “We received information that high level people from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are talking about a major attack… And these are people at a high level.”

      It’s all coming from al-Qaeda, the same group Obama is funding through the Syrian rebels to overthrow Assad via chaos and bloodshed. So which is it, are al-Qaeda members the good guys or the bad guys? Well, it seems the mainstream media will flip and flop all day on this issue whenever convenient. Because just looking back at recent news, the argument wasn’t even about whether or not we should be funding the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels, but whether or not we were giving them ‘enough‘ funding.

      Watch as this story develops, and watch as they ignore this key factor I am addressing to you. Instead of discussing it, watch as al-Qaeda transitions to the bad guy once again in order to escalate ‘security’ measures within the United States for law-abiding citizens. Checkout this video I recorded exposing how Obama funds the Syrian rebels who kill Christians and other innocents who do not convert to their cause for a full breakdown, and be sure to share this information to combat the media madness.

    • We do this every year leading up to 9-11. Fake build up, hype… it’s all nonsense.

      We all know something’s going to happen soon to “encourage” people to not be so down on the NSA and how awesomely protected we all are and the rest of it.

    • Stating the obvious… arms dealers sell to both sides, not enough to overwhelm, just enough to prolong the conflict — indefinitely.

      – unending mid-east war (seed of Israel vs. seed of Ishmael) … note 1
      – unending drug war
      – unending terror war
      – unending korea war
      – repackaged cold war (US & EU vs Russia & China)

      1. contrast Jacob vs. Esau, Abel vs. Cain … nephilim vs. chosen, rebel angels vs everyone else

    • Interestingly, this afternoon a local Denver radio talk show host stated that one of the threats may be ingested bombs. He indicated that he foresees a soon-coming change to pre-flight-security. Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what that “search” might entail??

      We’ve remained unbelievably silent and impotent regarding the harassment/violation we have endured as a nation in recent years at the airport. Do you think John Q Public will cry out when he is informed that cavity searches will be required??? You see, the goal is to close down our freedom to travel and it appears that they are moving rapidly in that direction!

      We are our own worst enemies!!

  2. Unrelated item:


    ^^ This guy gets in a car and deliberately plows down a bunch of people on the LA boardwalk for about 1/4 of a mile. It’s a miracle this wasn’t a lot worse.

    Certain details stand out to me. I find this somewhat suspicious.

    I’ll be even more suspicious if it comes out he has the all too familiar memory issues and we see him on camera with that glassy eyed, glazed over “where am I?” look.

    Ally: Love ya hun! 😀

    • “http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d7e_1375601605”

      Security cam footage.

      Several people said they caught a glimpse of his face and it was clear to them by his expression he was “intent to kill.”

  3. Michael Savage: Terror alert is ‘Muslim president’ trying to ‘justify spying’

    Michael Savage expressed skepticism on Saturday about the weekend’s Middle East terrorism alert, which has closed U.S. embassies throughout the region. Savage said that rather than a real heightened possibility of terrorist action, the threat announcement is actually an attempt by the “first Muslim president” to “justify spying” on U.S. citizens.

    “Do you believe this terror alert is real, or an attempt to justify spying on American citizens?” Savage asked during the broadcast. “Why should I believe this at all?”

    A caller asked Savage about a right-trope currently circulating, that the Obama family celebrates the Islamic festival of Ramadan, but not Christmas.

    “He’s the first Muslim president, everybody knows that,” Savage insisted “Why are we even mincing words about it? His first father was an African Muslim. His second father was an Indonesian Muslim. Isn’t it true that most boys are impressed by their father’s religion, practice their father’s religion? Why are we shocked by this? Why is it even a question?”

    • And now for the rest of the story…

      The NSA has likely collected (often recorded) … all the worlds’ radio communications (including satellite) and all the worlds telephone communications. Which they routinely process for key patterns and words ….

      The US Post Office (or related agencies) has likely collected … most US sender and receiver information….

      Our employers are likely collecting records of all our office communications, (mail, email, phone, etc.).

      Might as well preach to them in the process.

      Here’s my working assumptions about groups:
      – 1/3 work for satan and the other rebel angels
      – 1/3 work for Christ
      – 1/3 don’t know who they’re working for — yet

      … and it’s the 2/3’s that are not devoted to Christ that make up the political majorities 😉

  4. JERUSALEM – The current al-Qaida terrorist plot against U.S. and Western targets is a direct result of U.S.-supported efforts currently underway to purge al-Qaida affiliates from the ranks of the Syrian rebels, according to informed Middle Eastern security sources.

    The sources have specific knowledge of the terrorist threat that has prompted a worldwide travel alert and the closure of 22 U.S. embassies.

    Those sources said the U.S. has been working with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states to support a U.S.-armed Free Syria Army effort to cleanse al-Qaida affiliates from among the rebel ranks, including al-Nusra and other groups.

    For months now the U.S. has reportedly been providing lethal support to the Syrian rebels amid widespread fears the Western weapons could fall into the hands of al-Qaida organizations known to work alongside the Free Syria Army.

    Now with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad closing in on the insurgency targeting his regime, U.S. allies in the Gulf and throughout the Middle East are deeply concerned the freshly armed al-Qaida groups could turn their efforts from Assad to destabilizing the moderate Arab regimes.

  5. “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” “we aren’t in Kansas anymore”
    I’ve been trying to not get too excited about going home for a long time now. It seems so close sometimes and then gets held back again. Its become for me, like waiting for a soldier to return from war, delayed over and over again. Until I see him on the tarmac. Then to run, rushing into his arms, tearfully, exstatically, gloriously happy. Finally, we are home!
    Oh to hear that shofar sound!!!!
    Like Dorothy, we stand at the curtain, gazing at the “wizard” controlling the world of Oz. We recognize him clearly while most still are blinded. And we know we aren’t hanging out there much longer. Soon the things of Oz will grow strangely dim, they already are starting to for me.
    Smart people on this blog. The kind who pay attention!
    Love and Blessings to all!

    • re: tarmac.

      R&R … yes. (times of refreshing)

      MIA or desertion … nope. (compare evacuations re: the fall of Saigon)

      And then there’s E&E (escape and evasion) … but that’s a special forces issue….

    • hehe! Yes, indeed. We know the Lamb has special forces…”the Seven Thunders” (perhaps? cp. trumpet blasts) … martyrs? … saints of old?? … advance troops for the Armies of Heaven??? Or perhaps those who stand before the Almighty in continuing praise with an open heaven….

      Or just maybe the righteous even from the ranks of those aborted!! Perhaps even those unborn babies slaughtered in the most unspeakable ritual sacrifices by rebels angels — babies given their opportunity to return — as the first wave of the first resurrection, singing the glories of perfect praise to The Lamb, who leaves none of His own behind and is most revered in absolute and certain justice!!!

      Rev. 14
      1 Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had His Name and His Father’s Name written on their foreheads. 2 And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps. 3 And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. 4 These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins [*]. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. 5 No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless.

      (* – cp. spiritual defilement, i.e. idolatry as being like adultery is in a physical relationship … possibly a direct reference to pantheism like in Ezk. 8 or end-time all-faiths abominations like “coexist” or ecumenism. lit. multiple “women” as poly religious tolerance.)

      Matthew 18
      10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. 11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.
      12 How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray? 13 And if so be that he find it, verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth more of that sheep, than of the ninety and nine which went not astray. 14 Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.

      Matthew 21
      16 and said unto Him, “Hearest thou what these say?” And Jesus said unto them, “Yea, have ye never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise’?

      “http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Joshua+6%3A1-5&version=KJV” (Josh. 6:1-5)
      “http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation%2018:20-24&version=KJV” (Rev. 18:20-24)

      The blood of all that were slain most certainly includes that of those aborted and in innocence ritually slaughtered.

      There is much yet scheduled — before the Lord returns!

  6. US Marines, along with an international coalition, are practicing maneuvers in San Diego to; “Quell civil unrest in case of an emergency or natural disaster.” This morning here in Buffalo, NY. I counted no less than 14 Chemtrails criss-crossing the sky… Why would our military use such patterns? AND, what are they spraying us with??? Lithium??? to create a subdued populace that will willingly board the trucks/trains to go to the FEMA camps??? Lithium is used to treat Bi-Polar/Manic depression disorder… I also passed by the Buffalo Armory and saw a military convoy of trucks pulling trailers loaded to the gills…??? “They” are gearing up for something folks!!! Time to hit our knees!!!

    • We are stationed here. I haven’t heard of this. Surpringly we/military are out of the loop a lot of the times. There are times where some of us question certain things. Like increased training (artillery) and or presence of foreign military personnel. You’d be surprised how much we don’t know……

    • It was on all the major News networks… My Brother is stationed at Camp Pendleton, this info is VERY easy to vet… I believe that there were 7 foreign countries involved in the exercise… The quote about; “Quelling civil unrest…” was a direct quote from the news feed by a high ranking Marine officer on camera… They were doing amphibious beach landings just North of San Diego and then moving inland to practice “Door to door reconnaissance.”

    • We too are stationed here at Camp Pendleton. I noticed heavy training. this past weekend and heavy helicopter traffic. Even so…like I said before we are out of the loop more than it seems. The increase in foreign troops has been interesting though. Makes one wonder what we are really getting ready for. I don’t believe most troops put much thought in to the times we live in. Meaning they don’t put two and two together. Although, some do. They are only given little if any information. My eyes am ears are open for sure. I can tell you I feel no safer on base.

    • What prompts the response to “quell civil unrest?” One for sure — nuclear disaster.


      The CBIRF’s security element was a standing unit of approximately 120 Marines, mostly infantrymen. With an infantry company as a security element, the CBIRF had a force trained in a variety of roles including security patrols, military operations in urban terrain, riot control, and vehicle and personnel search. The element’s roles were equally as varied in CBIRF operations. Members could be tasked with providing security patrols for the reconnaissance element, quelling civil unrest, detaining hostile forces, assisting with the evacuation of casualties, securing the contaminated area a providing security to the CBIRF site. The unit was equipped with M870 shotguns, M16A2 service rifles, M203 40mm grenade launchers, M249 Squad Automatic Weapons, and M-240G medium machine guns. If necessary, they could operate heavy weaponry such as the 81mm mortar and Mk 153 Shoulder launched, Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW). While all infantrymen continuously received intense training in numerous areas, including NBC identification and defense, the CBIRF’s security element had also received heightened training in operating in a chemically and biologically contaminated environments.

      Japanese article on when to use of foreign military assistance (US) … re: nuke disaster
      “http://apdforum.com/id/article/rmiap/articles/print/features/2013/07/01/feature-pr-11” (original in japanese)
      “http://goo.gl/mTp71H” (translation)

      National Institute for Defense Studies considers “increased readiness to accept foreign aid” as lessons learned from the disaster responsiveness to various aspects. The foreign aid comes in the form of U.S. Marines Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) or Army Chemical Biological Incident responsiveness. They were sent to Japan two weeks after a series of explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from 12 to 15 march 2011, which led to leaking of radioactive materials into the air.

      “We consider the placement of this unit as an important matter,” said the Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa at a press conference on 1 april 2011. “This is a special unit forces that provide capabilities of detection and identification of substances, decontamination and medical care related to incidents of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-explosive level [CBRNE].”

      The marines CBIRF of approximately 150 people were in Japan for a month mainly engaged in training their peers in the JSDF. This training focuses on core CBRNE tactics and procedures such as the search and extraction in a contaminated environment, decontamination, command and control, and implementation of training placements.

      So factor in the Wormwood prophecy… which of course the scoffers won’t do…

      Q. What is the least likely protected nuclear complex at present in a key first world nation?
      A. The Fukushima area reactors.

      And if they’re blown up (plural) — by terrorists or false flag — what happens to Japan and Tokyo? And the ocean? And world travel? And world trade? And world economy?

      … mass evacuation of tens of millions of Japanese to start … fulfilling their dread…
      … but then what happens to the contamination? Especially on the US west coast…


      No doubt Australia looks more likely for such mega evacuations.
      (Imagine Marzulli doing whiny scoffer voice… “Oh that’s just another bedtime horror story.)


      Better question, “What conditions would fulfill the Wormwood Prophecy?”

    • link corrections (due to mis-paste)



    • Here in the Pacific Northwest, they had slowed the chemtrails way down for the last few weeks. Then a week ago today, like you described there in Buffalo, they hit it hard all day long. Here they mostly spray in a north/south orientation, up and down the I-5 corridor, where most of the population is. But that day it was coated with crisscross trails. Made me wonder, Why the change? Just throwing in my two cents. I love you guys in the Lord. Prayers, Louie

    • The Lithium is in our water nationwide. It may also be something they are releasing via chemtrails. Listening to Hagmann & Hagmann on geoengineering….a must-listen!!

    • Yes Louie,

      I live on the east side of the cascades and I watch “them” spray chemtrails all the time. Amazing to see one plane after another after
      another after another…all lined up spraying.

      Your description in your post is spot on! I too was wondering why “they” switched up the pattern.

      One thing I do know for sure, the earth has tilted, because the sun comes up and goes down in different places now.

      I also remember when the moon’s spots were turned differently and the crescent of the moon was like it symbolized Islam.

      All the other planets and many of their moons have been doing the same thing.

      The effect of the Planet X / Nibiru “red Dwarf” is causing all these effects, warming up our solar system, and causing earthquakes
      and strange weather patterns because the earth is on a wobble now. Exactly as it says in Isaiah 24. The wobble effects the jet stream.

      Revelation 6:12-17 will be fulfilled when this red dwarf goes around our sun!! I often wonder ( and think it may be true )….
      that This is also tied into the same event as Ezekiel 38/39. The tail on the red dwarf is supposed to be filled for millions of miles
      with all sorts of asteroids and junk and that stuff will pummel the earth’s surface as it says in Revelation 6:12-17.

      Pole Shift will occur then and probably a CME from the sun due to being effected by the red dwarf.

      Also the moon will be as blood and the sun into darkness (Rev 6:12)……and since we have a tetrad of 4 Blood Moons coming up with a
      solar eclipse in the middle…….it seems like this “time frame” of that event will be soon.

      Many things are lining up quickly….and I think the chemtrails may be a way to keep the red dwarf hidden from view until the last minute.

      Time will tell.


  7. About the Louisiana sinkhole possibly being a volcano –


  8. Blah,blah,blah….And so called prophecy teachers travel around the world saying the same thing year after year after year all on the poor dupes dime who pay for their books and dvd’s. Maybe it will happen in the fall? Fall comes and nothing happens so let’s say the winter, it doesn’t happen in winter either so how about the spring(see Bill Salus and his thoughts on a Israeli preemptive strike during Bush’s last year in office)? And around and around it goes year after year for poor saps who look forward to the latest prophecy post and star trek next generation and xfiles reruns with their popcorn and candy at the ready.Stick to the Bible and know God is in control and He is coming back soon,stick to what we know and not speculation.I’d rather know more about Him than unproven theories about what might be happening. What works better in reaching the lost, that we are sinners heading to hell in need of a savior or that maybe those lights in the sky are ufo’s with fallen angels inside? Gotta go, bigfoot and the blackeyed kids are at the door.

    • Hey Duped, and duped you are. Where is the promise of His coming? The signs are here and are manifesting everywhere. You can ignore them at your own peril. Blessings. L. A.

    • Duped, I find that biblical explanations of current events can strengthen faith. The “speculation” about UFO’s, arms people with knowledge to fight any deception which may happen.

    • Yo “Duped,” please believe me when I tell you that I have been slammed by both friends and family for trying to “sound the alarm” and, wake people up!!! When Dec. 2012 fizzled and died without a whimper I was counted as a fool… BUT, date setting is a fatal error, (that’s why Watchmen like L.A. don’t do it.) However, if you take an HONEST look at what is currently transpiring… you cannot honestly deny that circumstances, as well as evidence, is piling up at an outrageous rate!!! Men like L.A., David Flynn, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Greg Everson, Russ Dizdar, Stan Deyo, etc.etc. etc… ALL different pieces of the same puzzle… Ya gotta admit man, we don’t have much longer before the “status quo” is no more. Don’t let yourself be offended at the cost of yourself and your loved ones… Please believe me when I say that SOON, EVERYBODY WILL KNOW HOW WRONG MOST OF US HAVE BEEN CONCERNING UFO’S, THE ILLUMINATI, AND GOD’S EVENTUAL PLAN FOR MANKIND. Peace-out friend.

  9. re: unusual activity around the sun…
    Review of a large UFOs activity, Holograms and Anomalies in the solar

    I think we’re passed “anomalies” as a usual description for what appears to be definite design of constructed structures.


  10. The continued silence on this story is astonishing:


    Fukushima plant ‘not addressing emergency properly’, says watchdog

    Radioactive groundwater has likely risen above underground barrier meant to contain it, says Nuclear Regulatory Authority

    • Hmmm… cross linking to a related response….


    • And a few days ago…

      Mystery objects with high radiation found on Fukushima coast (8-03)

      As he slowly walked around with a dosimeter, he reached a hot spot where radiation levels nearly doubled those of the surrounding areas. Using a fallen branch to clear away dirt, Kato uncovered a grayish pile about 3 centimeters long, about 1.5 cm wide and about 0.5 cm thick.

      The surface of the pile, which looked like soil, had gamma ray readings of about 85 microsieverts per hour. The total reading, including beta rays, came to 1 millisievert per hour….

      On july 2, a fluffy object that looked like tree bark was found, followed by what looked like a black plastic sheet and wood chips with no elasticity on july 5….

      Another theory is that the objects were swept out to sea from the Fukushima No. 1 plant and eventually washed ashore. The coastal levee that was once located in the area was destroyed by the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake on march 11, 2011….

      The gray pile appears to be made of rubber.

      The fragile object that looked like part of a black plastic sheet had an extremely high radiation reading of 36 millisieverts per hour when combining beta and gamma rays, TEPCO officials said.

      Wiki says… “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sievert#Health_effects”
      1 mSv/h NRC definition of a high radiation area in a nuclear power plant, warranting a chain-link fence
      27 mSv/h close proximity to a 100 W radioisotope thermal generator
      190 mSv/h Highest reading from fallout of the Trinity bomb, 32 km away, 3 hours after detonation.

  11. Hi again LA,

    Thanks for responding to my question a couple days ago on whether or not Watchers 5 & 6 would be on Amazon Streaming in the future. I only ask because it seems many of us can’t always afford to drop down 20 bucks on Dvds but we can for 1-2 bucks via streaming services. If I was a wealthy man, though, believe me I would rather have the hard copies and support you that way.

    Thanks for all you do! God Bless.

  12. PAstor JD’s August 4th Middle East Update

    Now let me hasten to say, by way of a preface, that what I’m about to say is in no way meant to be perceived as provocative or sensational. Actually, I prayed this morning that the Lord would give me, under the control of the Holy Spirit, self-control so that I wouldn’t become that pulpit-pounding Palestinian passionate pastor – **laughing along with the congregation** – not necessarily in that order.

    I am personally of the belief that something is about to happen. Something has to happen. And it will be the likes of which the world has never seen before.

    Now when I say that, I’m not being arbitrary. The reason I say that, and the reason I believe that, is because that which is now on the table of Bible prophecy has a shelf-life, as it were — or an expiration date, if you prefer. In other words, there are prophecies in play now that have this unstoppable momentum, and as such, you cannot push the Pause button on them. You cannot stop them (just like birth pains: you cannot stop birth pains). It’s just a matter of time; it’s not if, it’s when and how soon.

    Now again, I can’t overstate this enough — and I know I run the risk of sounding sensational. And I’m trying to — sort of — play it down, in the sense that in the over 25 years that I’ve been studying Bible prophecy, I’ve personally never seen it like it is now. I have never seen that which we are witnessing right before our very eyes.

    Perhaps you’ll indulge me for the remainder of our time in this Prophecy Update. I want to present the evidence and argue my case for why it is that I believe this may in fact be it. This may in fact be the final warning.

    I don’t want to hype it up, I don’t want to again come off as being — you know — provocative, but I’m just going to simply — and even humbly — present to you why it is that I with all of my heart believe that we are at the End. You’ll forgive my approaching this using courtroom lingo, but I’m going to enter in as Exhibit A the nine-month target date for a “two-state solution” (as it’s called).

    Now I see this as forensic evidence, if you will, of the sudden destruction that will come under the banner of Jews and Palestinians living side by side in, quote, “Peace and Security,” end quote. I would suggest that it’s also evidence of what could arguably be the coming implosion decimating the United States of America, thus explaining her absence from the pages of Bible prophecy.

    If you’re reading some of the same news reports that I’m reading, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion amongst the experts — Christian and non-Christian — that it’s just a matter of time that the United States of America will cease as the world power: nay, even a world power on the global scene.

    Now I find it rather ironic that the very nations who, Satanically — and it is Satanic — and even secretly, want to wipe Israel off the map, will themselves be ultimately decimated and removed from the prophetic program, if you please.

    Last week, when one Arab Knesset member said, quote, “We were here before you” — speaking of the Arab people (my people) — “and we’ll be here after you’re gone.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu, pictured here, was quick to respond, saying the following: quote, “The first part is untrue, and the second won’t come true.” **congregation reacts in approval of Netanyahu’s words**


    • Israel is a US ally…. The Masonic principalities erected them both. Do the historical research.

      As to the decimation of The United States of America, It will result because of the Sin of the people!
      Judgment has always been the result of Sin. The US promulgates Sin! not only upon the people, but also abroad.

      Let us not think that Israeli politics is not in conjunction with US.. They are one and the same. (Masonic NWO)

      All of this ‘sensationalism’ about the US and Israel being enemies, stem from sensational theology based on the misconception of prophecy about the Messiah’s ministry.

      Victory in Jesus


    • I dont even know how to respond to “All of this ‘sensationalism’ about the US and Israel being enemies, stem from sensational theology based on the misconception of prophecy about the Messiah’s ministry.”

      The US and Israel are not on the same page. Obama has been releasing Israeli strikes on Syria and they have said that Israel will go it alone versus Iran.

      Maybe someone else can.

    • Richard: All nations are being prepped for the Masonic ‘one world order’ and Israel is not excluded from it.

      There is an ‘element’ within the Churches that says; (Messiah’s work is not over until He saves all Israel) because God favours the Jews. As a result, a misconception of Romans 11: 26 becomes effective as to who The Israel of God (the olive Tree) be.

      The voice of Messiah cried out “it is finished” There is nothing to be added to Grace. Grace has come to The ‘Lost sheep of Israel’ He was their Messiah Jesus.

      The Messianic ministry fulfilled ‘the passover’ for all mankind. (Jews and Greek) “for God so loved the world” and He atoned for Jewish and Greek sin alike.. One Messiah, One atonement, One grace. That is ‘finished’ and established as the only way and means of salvation for all mankind, race and creed. Grace terminates with Judgment.

    • GetReal for your own protection I would watch my language regarding Israel. We are to bless Israel and the Jew at all times. If you choose to ignore this fact you are inviting God’s judgement upon yourself. I pray God opens your heart with the love you should feel for His people as a believer in Christ.

    • Get Real I was being facetious. Your opinion in my opinion is off base and just plain wrong.

      “There is an ‘element’ within the Churches that says; (Messiah’s work is not over until He saves all Israel)”
      I know of no element that thinks this.

      Scripture say that 2/3rds of the Jews will die during the tribulation.

    • Richard: we agree therefore, that it is only the Lost sheep of the house of Israel that will be saved.

      Bruce: what have I said that is going to bring God’s judgment upon Me. I telling it the way I see it.
      I love all men equally as God does, and sent He Jesus to atone for us all..What is the problem!

      Victory in Jesus


  13. Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard and regular commentator at Fox news, has said

    When embassies are closed, it is usually because war is imminent. The lines of the Versailles Treaty are dissolving as nations disintegrate and new entities take shape. What those new lines will look like is anyone’s guess, but it could be that Iran allied with Russia will be the biggest power-broker in the Middle East, but not without a dreadful struggle.

    The question before Israel is whether or not she will allow Iran the capacity to annihilate her, as Iran’s leaders have expressly said they would like to do. Will Israel passively face another holocaust?

    Not likely.

    The survivalist mentality that has served Israel so well is probably already kicking in. Israel has often said, “Never again.” For her, it is indeed now or never.

    It may be that the chaos and confusion now gripping the Middle East will afford her the opportune moment to strike as the nations surrounding her fight one another.

    As for the United States, it is anyone’s guess as to the role this administration sees for our nation regarding Israel. There is warrant for suspecting that our president will opt out of any meaningful alliance with Israel, leaving her to face the consequences of a strike alone while he mouths empty words of support.

    Time will tell, of course.

    . . . the unprecedented closing of our embassies gives us a big clue that ominous events are happening behind the scenes, soon to burst into the open with consequences we can scarcely imagine.

    • But we have the testimony of two witnesses — history and prophecy.
      The lost and the damned do not — nor can they understand.

      The testimony of history points to holocausts and pogroms getting worse….
      “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogrom” (thunders)

      The testimony of prophecy from the Word of God is an open book
      — we need not imagine….

      And Christ via the Holy Ghost speaks beyond words directly to our hearts.

    • 6 & 9 august 1945 — atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

      About the same number of babies are legally aborted in the US every 3 months …or every 2 days world wide.

      About the same number died in the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

      What’s coming in prophecy will be worse — whether during the time of birth pangs, tribulation, or great tribulation (billions).

      Near the end of Revelation 11 (The Seventh Trumpet)

      14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

      15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying,
      The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ;
      and he shall reign for ever and ever.

      16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,
      17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come;
      because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

      18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
      and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name,
      small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

  14. Food Inc, Full Documentary – warning about GMO crops and their devastating effect on animal and human health…many experts and researchers believe it is part of a sinister program for population control

    • http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/06/17/the-illuminati-depopulation-agenda-2/

      The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda
      July 31, 2013 — Dean Henderson
      (Excerpted from Chapter 13: USS Persian Gulf: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

      While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food. Austerity measures aimed largely at the poor are being imposed on all the nations of the world. Weather events grow more deadly and brushfire wars more frequent. An AK-47 can be obtained for $49 in the markets of West Africa. The depopulation campaign of the inbred Illuminati bankers is accelerating.

      In 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower, who later warned of a “military-industrial complex”, commissioned a panel of scientists to study the issue of overpopulation. The scientists put forth Alternatives I, II and III, advocating both the release of deadly viruses and perpetual warfare as means to decrease world population….cont

  15. Ramp up to war in Yemen?

    “http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/intelligence-official-killed-by-suspected-al-qaida-gunmen-in-central-yemen/2013/08/04/d9dbdf68-fd48-11e2-8294-0ee5075b840d_story.html” (US intel officer killed in Yemen, 8-04)

    Drone strike … or bombing (massive coverage in current news)

    US military has evacuated 2 planes of American citizens out of Yemen following order for immediate departure – @barbarastarrcnn


    recent history…
    Yemen’s AQAP, Al-Qaeda’s most active arm

    Qaeda wages war against ‘homosexuality’ in south Yemen (sharia … 2013-07-20)

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