Deception? You bet!

Crop circle in the desertCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

13.3 miles of lines were carved into a dry-lake bed in Oregon. What was discovered looked like a Crop Circle in the middle of the Desert…A perfect “Sri Yantra Mandala Formation”. This ancient symbol was so precise it was flawless…Each line was 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep carved into extremely hard compact dirt that is very difficult to dig in…No cars where seen for miles, no tire tracks were seen for miles…No footprints were seen at the site or anywhere around it…No apparent signs of tools were used…And no one was seen in the area.

13 mile long Crop Circle in the Desert – YouTube

If it’s real it is incredible!  My first thought was/is that it may be a hoax.  However, planes which fly over the area regularly did not see the image being made.  Whoever made this, and let’s assume it’s the beings in the craft that fly overhead and do so with impunity, was very deliberate.  The image appears flawless.  If I wasn’t going to the Colorado conference this week I most likely would fly up there to look at it for myself.

Nazca LInesjpegCrop circles are nothing new but this image did not appear in a field of wheat, corn or rapeseed.  It appeared in a dry lake bed and according to the reports I’ve read, the ground was very hard to dig in, as it was compacted.

This image is reminiscent of the Nazca lines found in Peru.  (To the left.  By the way we will visiting them on our 2014 Peru trip with Brein Foerster and yours truly!)

The picture is of the Sri Yantra Mandala, and is supposed to represent the sound of Om, which is the sound that created the universe.  Om has been chanted by Hindu Mystics for thousands of years and as with most eastern meditation, it is a technique used to put the person who is practicing it, into an altered state of consciousness.

I covered some of this in The Cosmic Chess Match.  

We we should stay clear of this, as that it opens us up to those who reside in the second heaven.  This is the real danger, as those beings are malevolent and masters of deception.

When I was with Guru Maharaj ji from 1971 to 1974, I was given what was supposed to be the primordial word, a mantra.  I was told to mediate on this 24/7, to clear my mind and focus on this “magic” word.  The mahatamas—the priest like class of the gurus followers— had this down and they would look at you with this goofy, blissed-out expression on their faces.  However one of these so-called holy-men would later attack a vocal opponent of the guru was later charged with attempted murder!  So much for transcending!  They would also smoke a lot of Hash to help then get into an altered state.

Mahatmas of Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

Guru Maharaj ji

(This is what we all did.  Bow at the feet of this 14 year old kid, believing he was God!)

In closing todays post.  I was deceived 40 years ago, and this is part of the reason I’m so passionate about what I do.  Chanting Om, or the magic mantra Maharaj Ji gave his followers, won’t take away the sin nature, as demonstrated by the actions of the wayward Mahatma.  Chanting this stuff just masks the problem with all of humankind.  We do stuff we shouldn’t do.  Say things we know we shouldn’t say.  We hurt those we love.  All of us have fallen short.  This is why we all need Jesus!  I know some of you out there are rolling your eyeballs at the last statement, but it’s true.  When He came into my life 33 years ago, everything changed.  It is a real, personal experience, and has really nothing to do with the trappings of the Christian church.  What I mean by that is Jesus is not found in a building, or a cathedral, a choir, or a procession. He comes into our hearts and minds and there he begins to talk to us and we change.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is bigger than my fears, concerns and is able to change me from the inside out.  He is faithful to strengthen us and protect us from the evil one.

This post is more of a Sunday Bun.  However, it is important to see the deception of this latest “circle” representing the Om sound, as having been on the other side, a follower of Eastern mysticism, I know that it masks the human condition, it does not change it.  These circles and those who are making them, are, in my opinion,  engaged in a complex deception.  Are these part of the lying signs and wonders we are told will be seen in the last days?  I have to say yes, and thus the warning. Deception? You bet!

TMU: 13 Mile Long Crop Circle-like Formation Found In Oregon


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62 thoughts on “Deception? You bet!

  1. I find L.A.’s post today of the image carved into the dry lake bed to be incredible event. The timing of this post is especially incredible to me after the dream I had last night. It was the first time I had ever dreamed about UFO’s. In the dream, an “alien” presence had already established an outpost or settlement on earth and the government knew about this and was hiding the information from the people. Only a small group of people were privileged with the knowledge of this settlement. In the dream, I was allowed to look at it through binoculars. It did not look much different that a large condo or apartment complex. But, as I was looking at it, someone spoke to me and said, “yes there will be a disclosure of their presence that will be made in the near future”. Somehow, the date of October 1st was impressed upon me in the dream.

    I don’t know how much credence I would put in this dream and especially the date (I am not much for listening to “date-setters”) but it was a very real dream to me and as I say above, this was the first time to my recollection that I have ever dreamed about UFO’s. Very strange…..

    • @ Wayne: Do you know God’s voice? Can you tell the difference between a genuine vision/dream from God vs the voices from hell?

      Have you ever experienced any supernatural events like miracles that God has manifested in your presence or known to you?

      Do you trust this dream/vision to be from God? There is a distinct difference when God releases information into a person’s spirit. Do you know God’s voice in your spirit?

      Are you a born again Christian with an open door to hear God’s voice?

      I don’t want to leave you wondering if it was God vs the enemy speaking to you. If you’re unsure it was from God, then rest assured it’s probably the enemy speaking to you trying to deceive you and make you distrust it when God genuinely speaks with you.

      I know the difference when it’s God speaking with me and I’ve learned to trust that still comforting voice and I know when it’s the enemy trying to deceive me.

      *For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7):

      I wrote an article October 15, 2011, titled “She Belongs To Me!” where I experienced a nightmare and questioned it to the Lord:

      You have the right to question the Lord to see if it was He speaking with you.


    • Hi Mary….thanks for your comments and concerns. I would answer a resounding “yes” to all of your questions above. I have been a born-again Christian for 38 years and have experienced the supernatural presence of God on numerous occasions. I have also been trained in dream interpretation and have walked in that gift for quite a few years. This dream was not from the enemy and did not come to me with any sense of fear. In the dream I was acting as a “watchman type” observing what was going on. Given that, it is still unusual for me to receive a specific date in a dream. The only reason I shared that part is to take it as a matter of advisement and not as a non-negotiable fact. We all “see as through a glass darkly” and every vision, dream or word of knowledge is subject to the personal bias of the receiver.

  2. Pretty hard to imagine guys on stilts with walkie talkies making all of those. 😉

    Still seeing a lot of mixed signals, hash, and scuttlebutt as far as this next round of supposed peace talks go between Israel and the PA. Keep a close eye on it, folks, and take extra care to vet.

    Wishing everyone a blessed day in the Lord.

  3. Wow!! This is amazing. I was born and raised in Oregon, and I can say from personal experience there are strange phenomena all the time there. When I was 12 we traveled 4 hours to Pendleton Oregon for a wedding and it looked like a barren desert much like the 4 corners area. Out of at least 10 family members of mine who traveled there, not one person (myself included) remembers ANYTHING about the drive back to the hotel, checking out, ANYTHING after the wedding took place. I sure would like to know happened during the lost 17 hours of lost time, there is definitely something going on out there…

  4. Starting as a child I have been confronted with various cults, one of my best friends was a Jehovah’s Witness, my sister’s in-laws are mormon, mine are catholic. As a teenager I worked for a company owned by the moonies. And they have one thing in common: enslavement. Jesus said: “I came to set the captives free.” Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. If you are even in a church where they are making you jump through some hoops in order to be in right standing with Jesus, you aren’t free. He comes in and resides in you, it is His Holy Spirit which guides you, thereby making the right choices.
    I watched a PBS documentary last night of Baghwan Shri Rajneesh, I’m sure it was very similar to Mr Marzulli’s experience. It all looks good at some point: communal living, self sustaining/growing organic vegetables. They took a desert wasteland and made it lush and looking more like a resort. But lurking behind it is someone garnishing all the control, they even poisoned the community to sustain their control. The Baghwan had 94 Rolls Royce on the ranch, a little problem with greed perhaps?
    All that to say this: I agree, there is deception lurking about everywhere. Hold strongly to Jesus- only Jesus.

  5. Mrs. M, couldn’t agree with you more, it’s all about the money. Do you think Jesus would “join” or be a part of a 501C3, ie., “Sorry I can’t really comment on that particular sin due to the fact of my 501C3”?

    • Brian; very true. It is all about the money which is intricately tied in with the ‘Beast system’

      501C3 is the yoke of slavery by which the Beast system controls your churches and ministries

      The time cometh when the fetters will not be able to be broken, It is best to come out of Babylon whilst it is still day
      lest you wish to preach at the Beast’s direction.

      Victory in Jesus


  6. Yes I did this mantra stuff too, and I am ashamed how many years it took for me to wake up. It took pain and illness and desperation to wake up. I do not know why my husband and I went along with it…perhaps it was that our previous church experiences were failures. Today, I find most of my church experiences failures still. Jesus DID come into my heart in a personal experience, and into my husband’s heart the same way. But I have to wonder this: how do kids get Bible training if there are no churches or at least home churches–you know, people organized to teach the Bible to adults and children. How can you recognize the One who comes if you have not read about Him in the Bible? Don’t you need guidance reading the Bible, from a Bible scholar? When you are old you may not need this. When you are a child you need someone to tell you at least the fundamentals.
    This yantra deception in Oregon is really a nasty bit of work. (Yantras are symbols like this). I do think we are in a very bad way when things like this happen, and many will need the Lord’s personal help to avoid deception.

  7. Mandalas don’t come from Christ or His kingdom. So whether from rebel angels, craft, or proxies — definitely not good.

    The ramifications of the Nazca lines as a global map the size of a city are intense. (see geekglyph site)

    I can’t help but note that the lack of coastal detail suggest that the lines (likely trade routes) were made from the ground or water and not the air. So bubble burst #1 is that the Nazca figures (animals, people, designs) were not necessarily meant to be seen from the air — just scaled up to fit this huge map.

    It’s possible they learned to navigate and memorize the global locations based on practice on an actual 1/666 scale global map in the Nazca plain!

  8. Stocks Are Setting Up For a Truly Epic Collapse

    At this point, the market is beyond overextended.

    Last week was options expiration (Wall Street’s favorite time to shred options traders). And thanks to Ben Bernanke’s promise to keep the money printers running (“none of what we’ve said implies tighter policy any time soon”) traders shot for 1,700 on the S&P 500 last week.

    What’s truly worrisome is that stocks are rallying higher and higher while economic fundamentals get worse and worse. GDP estimates for the second quarter have been reduced to 1% or even lower. Goldman Sachs has growth at 0.8%. Barclay’s sees 0.5%. And Morgan Stanley sees us hitting 0.3% growth.

    These are truly horrible forecasts coming after the brutal downward revision for the first quarter (from 2.4% to 1.8%). And when you consider that growth is slowing like this while the Fed is running QE 3 and QE 4, then it becomes quite clear that the Fed is fast running out of out of evidence that QE accomplishes much of anything.

    The signs of this are already showing up in corporate results. IBM, Intel, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Blackberry have all missed revenue estimates. Corporate profits can be manipulated in a variety of ways. Revenues on the other hand cannot be fudged. Either money comes in the door or it doesn’t. The fact that so many firms are missing revenues estimates does not bode well for the market.

    And against this backdrop of slowing growth and weaker corporate returns, inflation is once again rearing its head. Crude oil just hit a 16-month high. Home prices are soaring across the US with year over year increases over 30% (the highest on record) in some metropolitan areas. Costs for food are up with beef rising 4%, steak rising 11%, and so on.

    In short, the sheer number of negative factors facing stocks today is enormous. And in this environment of slowing growth and falling corporate results, stocks are at all time highs.

    This will all end very badly.

  9. ………… We do stuff we shouldn’t do. Say things we know we shouldn’t say. We hurt those we love. All of us have fallen short. This is why we all need Jesus!……

    Amen, Amen, and Amen.

  10. an old friend of mine passed away yesterday morning. it was so odd I had just been speaking to him about the Lord 2 days before. I hope he was ready. Told you it always comes in 3’s.

    • Someone must have let a crow fly into the room. (Tip) When there are two passing’s within a few weeks, keep all windows closed. Also a scarecrow in the yard is highly recommended.

    • Come to think of it, I highly doubt Bigfoot or anyone else for that matter would show up for me, as when I have a bad day, week, month, year, I don’t advertise it, I just keep moving on and do the best I can to survive. Life has many up and downs and going through trials and tribulations at times is what life is all about. It’s how you deal with those rough times which will determine if you will fold like a house of cards or be resilient and strong to face another day. I choose to be a survivor and not let the evil one steal my joy no matter what he throws my way. I refuse to let him get me down and declare victory of me. We all deal with tragedy in different ways, that’s what makes us unique and different, I chose not to seek out sympathy from others when dealing with life’s unexpected bumps, however, some may find peace and security in that, I personally do not, however, if it helps someone deal with their pain/hurt that is all that matters in the end.

    • good matt I pray for that for you as well. lets all come together and love one another and share each others pain and victories. I hope your resilience is just as strong as mine and you conquer through each day in the battles that shall face you. May you arise strengthened in the end a far better person than me. May the Lord GOD that made us never separate us in the same tests matt and may we share in that same abundance until he returns.

  11. It was old Hippies with Garden Hoes… Yup, that explains it… Seriously, how is ANYBODY gonna be able to explain away this one??? Guys with boards strapped to their feet ain’t gonna cut it on this one!!! This is not humanly possible. So does that mean that the deceivers are ramping up to an outright revealing of themselves??? Me thinks time is shorter than any of us thought…

  12. wow, the lastest news in the middle east, it’s really heating up….now the muslims, are chanting, to destroy america, britain, france, rome, and there leader has warned obama, that they will not bow’s getting really close to WWIII, wow, this is exciting, cause the sooner this happens, the sooner the lord will return for his people and to live w/ out sin, so good……….







  14. Everyone: I’d like to do a SHOUT OUT to the Lord Jesus Christ! HALLELUJAH!

    My 74 year old mother was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach a few months ago. She had been unable to hold down her food and had no appetite, loosing weight rapidly. Medical testing didn’t initially show anything wrong so it went on for several months–her inability to eat.

    I considered the possibility she was becoming anorexic so I along with my sister had been praying for her health.

    Then finally testing showed she had cancer cells in her stomach and increasing. Immediately she was placed on a medical regime to help fight the cancer. Last week she was told the regime didn’t work as her scan was showing no decrease in her cancer cells.

    So the medical doctors were going to start another regime, this time involving chemotherapy with the hope that her body would be able to tolerate it.

    She was rescheduled for one more test for this morning, an endoscopy, to double check if the scan was correct or if either an increase or decrease in size of the cancer cells had taken place.

    My sister texted me this morning to say that the endoscopy shows NO CANCER CELLS! My mom is HEALED!

    Note: We had always prayed and maintained our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A few weeks ago, I went to visit Mom and had mentioned to my sister the Lord Jesus had compelled me to pray over Mom along with one of my sisters before leaving to come home.

    In prayer, I verbally cursed the cancer cells into NOTHING, in the name of Jesus Christ, with my sister and my mother in total agreement.

    Hang on and never stop believing, no matter how bad it looks. I keep saying that we get to stand in the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, and no matter the outcome, the Lord Jesus Christ gets to make the final decision.


    • I usually lurk in the background, so a new name here. I will see you all there! I want to see LA’s photos of the up-close and personal UFO with the inhabitants inside. That should be quite interesting. I wish PITN would provide name tags with lanyards instead of wristbands. This way, we have names to match with faces. Anyway, safe travels to all who are planning to attend.

  15. “”

    Community organizers (being paid up to $48/hour!) will use a Federal Data Hub to sign up people for subsidies — and even ballots.

    “The Obama administration wants something the federal government has never done: a computer system that connects HHS, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, Homeland Security and perhaps other departments,” John Goodman, a health-care expert with the National Center for Policy Analysis, wrote in the Wall Street Journal in May. “For perspective, consider that the Veterans Administration converted to electronic medical records in 1998 and the VA and the Defense Department tried without success to share records until February [2013] when then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that the plan would be abandoned.”

    & then putting the pieces together you can see with the economic fallout soon to come they can put all this info plus your banking all on this one little chip to be inserted by your medical provider.

  16. The other day somebody posted about the 22 and 23 being somekind of super power days for those playing with the dark side team. Interesting that the new royal baby pops out now eh? Our maybe not? Just a pausing thought.

    • Got to love the disconnect with reality this media has. As expected that’s basically been the so called front running news today.


    • Good things happen in our family on the 22nd. My hubby proposed on Dec. 22, 1990, we married on June 22, 1991, and our sweet girl was born on Jan. 22, 2002!

  17. For anyone who may be interested, Coast to Coast has a good show on tonight, editor of Unicus Magazine and expert in UFOs, Robert Stanley, will discuss the epidemic of missing people who have disappeared without a trace from Earth from various hot zones including the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea in the Pacific Ocean, plus ten other “vile vortices” found around the world.

  18. I like and respect Jimmy DeYoung and his teachings but he really took the pikes peak conference and all these “new ufo and nephilim” teachers out there as apostate teachers of the last days,mentioning Gary Stearman by name. The weekend radio show at prophecy today at about the 61 minute mark is where he interviews Terry James and makes some valid points. How about a debate between Jimmy DeYoung and Terry James and La Marzulli and Stearman?

    • Wow, I’m extremely surprised and disappointed if that’s the case and I’ll be listening to that show as soon as I can.

      I’m hoping you mis-heard.

      Jimmy has been on Prophecy in the News in the past.

    • I just listened to this myself. Here’s the segment time for this particular discussion.

      Start at the 57 minute mark and listen through to about the 1:08:00 mark thereabouts. It’s obvious when the break hits that the subject is over.

      The tip off is when I hear Jimmy ask David James about the phrase “postmodern prophetic paradigm” and what it means.

      I know exactly where he got that phrase and from whom.

      Jimmy and David James took a VERY broad paintbrush although they do name a handful of concepts that I have concerns and disagreements with myself like the Gap Theory and especially Pre-Adamite concepts and a few other things along those lines.

      Unfortunately, they throw out the baby with the bath water entirely as far as I’m concerned and that’s unfortunate.

      David James expressed his concern that the folks at Pikes and PITN could be wittingly or unwittingly setting up scenarios that are last days deception in and of themselves and Jimmy agreed with it and that’s a very unsettling accusation.

      I’m very troubled and saddened after listening to that segment. David James sounded like he’d looked some things over but I’m not convinced he’s done a lot of research specifically which is why I say a VERY broad paintbrush was applied here and the baby got thrown out with the bath water.

    • Yeah, I’m not so convinced that James did a thorough study either. I have heard Jimmy DeYoung talk about (I believe it was the Branson conference last year that LA was at) how he was concerned about how all this ufo and nephilim talk was making it’s way into the prophetic circles. He did say in this last weekends show that,and correct me if I’m wrong, that he felt that the ufo and nephilim teachers could very well be helping to set up the deception of the last days. Sorry, this is rushed as I’m tryiing to work at the same time I type this and get ready for bed at the same time.

    • ” He did say in this last weekends show that,and correct me if I’m wrong, that he felt that the ufo and nephilim teachers could very well be helping to set up the deception of the last days”

      Yes he did and that’s one of several things that was said that I found to be troubling and saddening because he took a broad paintbrush and scooped everyone away with it with no exceptions whatsoever. I think that’s unfair and inaccurate.

      Not to put too fine a point on it but Jimmy has a little issue himself if we want to play this game. Fair’s fair.

      He’s taught that people can still be saved after getting the Mark and he still stands by it which I find incredible. I’ve heard him even argue and get combative over it. More than once. Even with his friends.

      His reasoning for that is that he simply can’t see a merciful God really throwing the final kill switch. I sympathize with that sentiment but the Scripture on that is SO black and white.

      People need to be careful before throwing rocks and flying Pharisee flags.

      Just sayin’.

    • I wonder if DeYoung understands the theory about the mark of the beast actually changing a person’s DNA to that of a nonhuman. If he considers this part of the “postmodern prophetic paradigm,” which he believes to be false, then I see why he wants to believe that those who take the mark can still be redeemed. We don’t know how it will all play out specifically, but scripture tells us that God is indeed merciful, which we have to trust, as well as that those who take the mark are damned.

      To me, it’s similar to the issue of God smiting whole nations in the Old Testament. Didn’t jive with my idea of a merciful God, until I understood about the literal interpretation of Genesis 6 and the genetic corruption that took place. I always believed God was merciful, and chalked it up to my limited understanding.

      As LA says, it will all become self-evident soon enough. Too bad that DeYoung feels the need to attack other watchmen. I think LA and Stearman are careful to say when they are speculating.

  19. Seahorse, pray fo me too, and for Richard Combes, editor of A and O Report who has terminal cancer and 45 to 90 days to live.
    I have a long lasting form of blood cancer where i make too many platelets and red cells, but right now the blood particles are stabiiized at the right level. This is either a cure or transition to the end stage where the factors go too low. Like Richard Combes I am fed up with this. Time to be well at last.

  20. YES !!! VERY soon it will be built. You can count on it.

    BUT FIRST….WAR is coming to the region of ISRAEL.

    Then the “false peace” of Daniel 9:27 will be “made firm by covenant”.

    Sure is AMAZING ….WE are about to see these things UNFOLD BEFORE OUR VERY EYES !!!


    Tisha B’Av: The Children are Ready To Rebuild The Temple >>>>>>>>> I thought this brief video was a bit INSPIRATIONAL & PROPHETIC.

  21. I always like to research things. I looked it up… Google earthed it… found these coordinates….Latitude: 42°44’17.42″N
    Longitude: 118°18’50.59″W. Doesn’t exist.

    • Sorry MaLor…what doesn’t exist? What are these coordinates supposed to be? Sorry if I’m being thick!

    • The Youtube video indicates that the picture of this mandala and the media reports of its formation occurred in 1990! So….it is not surprising that it does not show up on Google Earth at the present time…..

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