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L. A. Marzulli

The Bible is a book that is full of supernatural events.  Think about it for a moment, a Virgin birth, talking donkeys, floating ax heads, a staff that turns into a viper, and yet the same staff strikes a rock which then gushes out enough water to quench the thirst of 3 million people.  Two gold coins which are found in the mouth of a fish, a man who is swallowed by a whale and then is regurgitated three days later on a beach, a man who walks on water, another who is transported from one town to another, water that is changed into wine, storms that are shut down with a word, men who foretell the future, and on it goes.

As Christians, this is what we believe!  If we step back and think about it, this is crazy stuff but everything I listed above is what is preached to us in our churches, and we believe it without batting an eye, yet the moment we go outside the church walls we have a disconnect when it comes to the supernatural.

We are told in 2nd Thessalonians 2:9  Satan works with all power and signs and wonders.

With that in mind, if we are living in the last days, as many of us believe, then we should expect to see a demonstration of power, signs and wonders from The Fallen One.  So where are these signs and wonders?  May I suggest they are manifesting all around us?  In April, 2013, there were over 1000 sightings of UFOs, or lights in the sky, reported world-wide.  Are the occupants of these craft from Zeta Reticculi, or the Pleiades, or are they inter dimensional beings that are in the words of Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception.  I hold fast to the later, that these beings are, in fact, messengers of deception!

I will be speaking about this very subject next week in Colorado, and will show what I believe is the best UFO footage to date, as not only is the craft visible, but the occupants are as well.

The paradigm that I embrace is mostly scoffed at in the UFO community.  Those folks who are firmly entrenched there, believe these are extraterrestrials from other planets who have come back to visit us.  Some, like Erich Von Daniken believe they were here in the far distant past and created monuments and architecture which is sill here for us to see, like Puma Punku, in Bolivia, or the megalithic wall at Saqsayhuaman, in Peru.  However, there is another paradigm one can embrace which actually has more evidence and it is that of the fallen angels dwelling on the earth, just like the Bible tells us they did in Genesis 6 and elsewhere.

In closing todays Bun.  UFOs, Black-eyed-kids, Shadow People, shape-shifters, skin walkers, and even Big-foot, all are signs of the supernatural manifesting in our time.  They’re here and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  While most churches are asleep and won’t even discuss these things, the New- agers, and the UFO community are leading the way and dominating the conversation.  TV is full of these type of shows and a never-ending-stream of movies are centered around these subjects.  We live in a supernatural world, so let’s be bold enough to have an answer for what we are seeing.  Let’s lead the conversation instead of being shut out of it.  We have the answers to what is happening in the skies above us, in our book, so let’s use them!

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  1. Amen to this. Like Russ keeps saying: The Church should be on the cutting edge and have the answers for all of these things.

    See you all later this week! 😀

    • Eric, Im believing somehow I will make it. But its totally in Gods hand. I need to be around strong believers and teachers. Keep praying for me to get this all worked out. Its getting down to the wire for sure.
      The schedule is amazing! And tho I want to see LA as much as possible, gotta miss him for Russ Duzdars advanced spiritual warfare. Cuz I need to know how to fight this stuff the right way. Those demons just wear me out sometimes. And I hate to admit this, but I back down a lot in my prayer life because they are so aggressive against me and wreck my life in the natural realm. I’m tired of this.
      Is also like to apologize to everyone for being so “me” centered when I write. Thanks for standing with me despite my short comings.
      Be blessed all on this Son Day!

  2. YES!!!!! Like I tell my kids and grand kids…..if Stargate SG1 seems like something that “could” happen then why can’t ya see the Transfiguration in the book of Luke as a plausible gate to the heavenly dimension?
    The Bible is so much more interesting than the syfi channel!!!!!

  3. “”
    Scientists Discover Quadruple Helix: Four Strand DNA In Human Cells


  4. Can someone, in a single paragraph (they don’t call me “pithy” in vain) please explain the biblical underpinnings of grid lines or ley lines? Makes no sense to me. I’m into Gen. 6 and all the spin-off phenomena mentioned in the “bun,” but grid lines seems to come out of nowhere.

    • You did say pithy…

      Job 38
      1 Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,
      2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?
      3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.

      4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
      5 Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
      6 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;

    • I dunno. That seems to be referencing a plumb line (single) like a few other prophecies do elsewhere. But thanks for keeping it short.

    • The concept being explored is basically: Could these grid lines have been a means of global control over communications, weather, energy, (fill in the blank)?

      We don’t know yet but what’s been uncovered thus far seems suggestive.

    • We live on a planet that has a moon sized iron core whirling around. It produces an awesome amount of magnetism. I’m no electrical engineer or particle physicist, but I know where there’s a moving magnetic field there’s the possibility of getting electricity. Similar to seeing a moving river and recognizing there’s a way to get hydroelectric power, or wind currents… or ocean currents… or geothermal… or solar power…. Of course, you have to go to a river for hydro and not the desert… (which could lead to a discussion of cymascopes, water droplets in space, what the 3D array of violin sounds looks like… and even the sound of the Lord at His return, etc. related to energy patterns and lines in a globe)

      Now who would want “free energy?” Or “clean energy?” Or “natural energy?” Who would possibly be interested in techie contraptions for such? Preppers? Maybe Greenies? Hippies? Communitarians? Off-gridders? Farmers? Small government types? The poor? The unemployed? How ’bout those that would listen to ascended masters or aliens promising “free energy for everyone” and a genetically modified chicken in every pot?? Or those following the chackra gurus, that extend that doctrine to gaia….

      LA’s point (as I understand it, hoping not to gloss too much) is that the ancient energy network used by the global nephilim cultures that might have been used to move and mold huge and heavy stones — and to dupe and enslave entire cultures — is going to be used again for the same ends, as in the days of Noah. Sounds like something the stichin, pye, & ancient alien crowd would get. Likewise the Jacques Vallee folks. Also the “big splat” moon origin crowd. Though they’d vehemently denounce my assertion that their 4.5 billion year sequence could happen in less than a day at the hands of Almighty God. Not that they could prove their splat theory, ever. So that’s not science, but something else….

      Paul, I’m not sure one can get more pithy than Proverbs 8:22-31 as regards design and wonderful bounty of the earth. He who provides for the sparrows as very amply provided for us.

      But I could have just responded regarding “rods” … “measure twice, cut once.”

    • I think that’s where I stop following the argument. If we’re talking nephilim, we’re talking beings that don’t have to resort to “old school” technology. Magnetism? Who needs it when you have the power of Satan at your disposal. By their very definition it’s a being that mingles power from another dimension.
      So ley lines and grid lines sound, to me, like tin-can and string telephones compared to the power UFOs harness. Where does Satan get his power? From God. God doesn’t need grid lines, nor does Satan.
      That’s how my reasoning and doubting goes. It just sounds like a hypothesis someone from the 15th century (who never dreamed of electricity) might conjure up as an explanation for moving rocks around.
      PS Even quantum physicists, 100 years after the discovery of QM, are clueless as to what’s really going on inside the atom. They know it’s not a particle but it’s not a wave either. Some now think it’s “relationships” between “things.” If we can’t understand the basic building block of the universe, how could we ever understand what’s behind the power of the nephilim? I say, let’s not even go there because it’s only pure conjecture and not very imaginative at that!

    • I apologize for the double post… had a youtube trigger moderation.

      Granted, it might be easier to harness lightning! (… though I think Ben Franklin was in cahoots with the rebels …. rebel angels that is)

      If you’re not interested in exploring what LA brings to the blog — such as nephilim, grid lines, prophecy — why are you here Paul?
      Of course others who are interested will have a different opinion.

      And as for satan getting power from God … he’s still “the prince of the power of the air.” (But not much longer. It’s down the hatch for him possibly even quicker than the tribulation. Yea!)

      Regarding global grid lines — for those interested — what’s the pattern? Possibly dynamic!

      This astronaut should have tried this with a floating droplet…

      Don’t resonate with the speaker and become hypnotized in this video, (just turn off the sound, except Matt, I don’t think he’s susceptible)

      And now for a piano demo…

      Imagine global magnetic field lines… moving!
      (consider the magnet in the vid rotating about its axis, cp. earth core rotation out of sync with planet rotation)

      I’m not concerned about the pole shift, but more interested in moving lines of magnetic force on the surface…
      …possibly as a result of solar storms! …music of the spheres!!
      “” (I think this vid triggered moderation, since it was the only one without quotes.)

    • I’ve always been interested in nephilim, prophecy, UFOs. My interest in that goes back further in time than even LA’s! (I’m talking ’60s.) But this grid thing has never been floated before, just seemed to pop out of nowhere in the past few weeks…that’s why I’m raising the question.
      When it comes to the powers the unseen world taps into, we’re talking physics that hasn’t (nor will it) been discovered. Even the CERN people raise that possibility, with trepidation.
      But hey, it’s always fun to speculate, as long as it doesn’t lead to quarreling. I’m just not sure grid lines enhance our “image” in the eyes of the skeptical world.

    • you may want to look into geomancy, Paul. Thomas Jefferson studied it and built accordingly. I’ll see if I can find a good video abut it and post it for you. (It may take awhile, I forget the name of it.)

    • Well that didn’t take long at all! “” The full video is at the bottom of the main page.

    • pithypaul; It is the privilege of Spirit filled believers to Question that which has no biblical proof.

      Some time ago I posted the possibility that the construction of Megalithic structures may have very well been the work of sorcery Ex7:11 (This ancient craft of levitation is still practised today in places like Tibet) Look it up on line! These monks are lifting Giant size rocks and floating them at various locations.

      The reality of the nephilim race (giants) biblically portrays them to be of the stature of king Og or Goliath, probably one of the Anakim Num13:33, Josh11:22 who stood six cubits and a span 1Sam17:4, which is in our standards of measurement Between 9ft to 10ft. Even at the stature these men, supernatural powers would be required to construct some of these megalithic structures. A midget having this ancient craft at his power could do the same today.

      Victory in Jesus


    • In The Beginning….

      God CREATED everything….The Heavens & The Earth (Genesis 1:1)…..
      also see Colossians 1:15-17….”HE CREATED ALL THINGS VISIBLE and IN-VISIBLE…IN THE HEAVENS and ON EARTH.”

      That covers it all. So, we see that JESUS is THE CREATOR. And With WISDOM, HE CREATED. Proverbs 3:19-20, 8:22-31, 30:4

      NOW THEN,
      Isaiah 45:18 says,
      “…HE is the GOD …..who FORMED the earth and made it, HE established it and …..did NOT ….create it ….”a waste place” (in vain),
      BUT…FORMED…. it to be INHABITED……” Also note: Isaiah 45:12 and 44:24

      This tells us THE EARTH was CREATED by GOD to be INHABITED. The EARTH was NOT CREATED ….”a waste place” or “in vain”.

      HOWEVER, WE CAN SEE IN GENESIS 1:1 …”IN THE BEGINNING”………God created the heavens and the earth.”

      THEN….We see in Genesis 1:2 ….
      “The earth was FORMLESS and VOID….” This actually means: “A waste and emptiness”.
      You will note that this is OPPOSITE of Isaiah 45:18……..where it says, “GOD FORMED THE EARTH / HE did NOT create it “a waste place”.

      Something “FORMLESS”….. is opposite of something “FORMED”.
      Something “a waste”…….is opposite of something “NOT a waste”.

      Therefore……….SOMETHING OCCURRED BETWEEN GENESIS 1:1 and GENESIS 1:2………Answer: “Rebel Angels REBELLED !!!”

      This is “A PERIOD of TIME” when man was NOT yet created….and BEFORE….the rebel angels fell into pride and sin.

      “The FALLEN angels” were once a PART OF THE ANGELS WHO “SHOUTED FOR JOY” in Job 38:7….WHEN………
      “ALL THE SONS of GOD shouted for JOY”…..WHEN JESUS CREATED THE EARTH TO BE INHABITED as in Isaiah 45:18.

      WHEN GOD ….laid the foundation of the earth (Job 38:4)
      WHEN GOD ….set (the earth’s) measurements (Job 38:5)
      WHEN GOD ….stretched THE LINE on (the earth) (Job 38:5)
      WHEN GOD ….laid (the earth’s) cornerstone (Job 38:6)

      Then in verse 7….The morning stars sang together……ALL the sons of God shouted for Joy.


      That speaks of GENESIS 1:1. Again see the list of verses in PROVERBS noted above.

      But….Satan fell into pride, got booted from his place in heaven, along with all the other rebel angels, and they fell to the 2nd heaven
      ….where all the planets and stars are……..and from there ….. they planned out a destruction of all that God created.

      THAT is why Genesis 1:2 tells us that the earth “BECAME” ….”a waste and emptiness”….cause the rebel angels destroyed the earth.
      THAT is why MARS has obvious structures made on it.
      THAT is why some astronauts say they SAW “aliens”….angels….on the dark side of the moon with LARGE SHIPS.

      It is my understanding and BELIEF that The rebellious angels COULD NOT HANDLE ………..
      WHEN GOD MADE MAN …..IN HIS IMAGE and IN HIS LIKENESS !!!! MAN is NOT like angels.

      I feel they SAW MANKIND … “their replacements” ……after they had fallen by the way side and were “judged”…as noted in ENOCH.

      THAT is why they HATE MANKIND SO MUCH. REDEEMED MAN GOT WHAT THEY DID NOT………”Forgiveness & Redemption.”

      SO……..Go back to when JESUS created everything………..WHO WAS AROUND BACK THEN???? >>>> ALL THE ANGELS !!!!


      SO, Could the “rebel angels” desire to follow suite…”since they were somewhat knowledgeable of “The Secrets of Heaven” ????

      The Book of Enoch seems to give some indications of this very thing!!

      THIS MEANS EVERY NATURAL SYSTEM THAT FUNCTIONS ON THE EARTH……{ Gravity, hydro-dynamics, electricity, lightning, light, et al. )….

      which STILL includes…”things beyond our knowledge”…and are CREATED by JESUS…THESE “things” MIGHT HAVE BEEN “studied” by the

      “FALLEN angels” …..who rebelled sometime AFTER Job 38:1-7.

      So…. REMEMBER, “the sons of God”…..ANGELS…..THEY were THERE when GOD created the earth.

      COULD the “fallen ones”……… HAVE “lost out on some of there previous GLORY” ??? Maybe they have.

      God Speaks Now to Job in 38:1-41….take note of verse 4, 5, 7, 8-11, etc etc. There are many things spoken of that we don’t fully know.

      It very well COULD BE that “the FALLEN angels” took notice of HOW GOD CREATED EVERYTHING….then “they” wanted to use


      I encourage you to stroll through this passage in Job 38 and the other passages mentioned prior on this post…so MUCH is here for us!

      1Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said,
      2″Who is this that darkens counsel By words without knowledge?
      3″Now gird up your loins like a man, And I will ask you, and you instruct Me!
      4″Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell [Me], if you have understanding,
      5Who set its measurements? Since you know. Or who stretched the line on it?
      6″On what were its bases sunk? Or who laid its cornerstone,
      7When the morning stars sang together And all the sons of God shouted for joy?
      8″Or [who] enclosed the sea with doors When, bursting forth, it went out from the womb;
      9When I made a cloud its garment And thick darkness its swaddling band,
      10And I placed boundaries on it And set a bolt and doors,
      11And I said, ‘Thus far you shall come, but no farther; And here shall your proud waves stop’?
      12″Have you ever in your life commanded the morning, [And] caused the dawn to know its place,
      13That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, And the wicked be shaken out of it?
      14″It is changed like clay [under] the seal; And they stand forth like a garment.
      15″From the wicked their light is withheld, And the uplifted arm is broken.
      16″Have you entered into the springs of the sea Or walked in the recesses of the deep?
      17″Have the gates of death been revealed to you, Or have you seen the gates of deep darkness?
      18″Have you understood the expanse of the earth? Tell [Me], if you know all this.
      19″Where is the way to the dwelling of light? And darkness, where is its place,
      20That you may take it to its territory And that you may discern the paths to its home?
      21″You know, for you were born then, And the number of your days is great!
      22″Have you entered the storehouses of the snow, Or have you seen the storehouses of the hail,
      23Which I have reserved for the time of distress, For the day of war and battle?……………..MAYBE Ezekiel 38:22 ??
      24″Where is the way that the light is divided, [Or] the east wind scattered on the earth?
      25″Who has cleft a channel for the flood, Or a way for the thunderbolt,
      26To bring rain on a land without people, [On] a desert without a man in it,
      27To satisfy the waste and desolate land And to make the seeds of grass to sprout?
      28″Has the rain a father? Or who has begotten the drops of dew?
      29″From whose womb has come the ice? And the frost of heaven, who has given it birth?
      30″Water becomes hard like stone, And the surface of the deep is imprisoned.
      31″Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion?
      32″Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, And guide the Bear with her satellites?
      33″Do you know the ordinances of the heavens, Or fix their rule over the earth?
      34″Can you lift up your voice to the clouds, So that an abundance of water will cover you?
      35″Can you send forth lightnings that they may go And say to you, ‘Here we are’?
      36″Who has put wisdom in the innermost being Or given understanding to the mind?
      37″Who can count the clouds by wisdom, Or tip the water jars of the heavens,
      38When the dust hardens into a mass And the clods stick together?
      39″Can you hunt the prey for the lion, Or satisfy the appetite of the young lions,
      40When they crouch in [their] dens [And] lie in wait in [their] lair?
      41″Who prepares for the raven its nourishment When its young cry to God And wander about without food?

      YAHWEH is AWESOME !!!

    • Power grids are one thing. Ancient navigation systems and ancient world maps another.

      The geekglyph site makes the case that the Nazca lines are a world map. They made it easy to examine. Left hand window shows the lines in place. The right hand window shows them expanded to the globe. You do have to learn the controls. And it’s not just the figures (animals, people) but the lines that are important since they connect to distant points and not just point to them. Such as Easter Island and New Zealand.

      We’re told in 1st Thes. 5
      21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
      22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

      So far, in my explorations, I can see it’s plausible that their navigators may have been trained on the local Nazca map — including what hazards to avoid.

      There’s some skew, which anyone that georeferenced a pdf map into a GIS program understands. “Rubber sheeting” a map comes with areas of distortion. It’s notable that the number of Nazca lines increases around distant points of interest. I’m guessing that line groups include a numeric script much like the Maya’s dot-bar number system. Only more like quipu cords. And a syllabic script in the figures. In other words, they might have annotated the navigation routes, (more likely trade routes). The big question is where did they get knowledge of the layout of the globe from?

      Some of the “close misses” pointed to in geekglyph’s geometry, angle, and intersection proofs can easily be accounted for by using thicker lines. Our modern computers exaggerate the “hyper-thinness” of the lines.

      LA perked up when Peter and I started a discussion about Carl Munck, Uluru, and Australia. He may have some suspicion of what’s going on from Brien Foerster. Some of the projected Nazca lines fall in Australia north and east of Uluru. Some go beyond Australia, “the draco spiral” locates just below Indonesia. It seems to point to a navigation path through the islands — and through the mountains adjacent to the Nazca plain.

      Anyone that wants to see can at “”

      Put another way — the Nazca mapped the Pacific, North America, Northern Canada, parts of Europe, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean. Laid out in large on the Nazca plain, possibly for accuracy and as a memory aid; a place they could practice. Navigation routes stand out. The land boundaries are less definite, but there’s some.

      ps. If anyone figures out the sync buttons, let me know.
      cp. “” (primer on modern navigation charts for comparison)

    • In the astronomical parts of the Book of Enoch, the angel Uriel is taking Enoch on a tour above the earth and in the starry heaven, showing him how the angels are mapping the stars in a grid system much like a modern astronomical computer program. This is basically a description of a tour in space in a highly sophisticated starship. I’m not talking ancient astronauts, this is just the physical aspect of it, there is also a spiritual aspect. The angelic ships (ophanim, galgal) are not made of earthly material, but of the same material as in their bodies, which can pass through solid matter and become invisible. But the idea that angels, both good and bad, doesn’t need technology simply is not according to the scriptures. All creatures, also angels, are subject to the laws of the creation.

      Angels are not outside the universe. They are a part of the universe, just as we.

    • I don’t buy into the e.t. craft thing from other planets, but there clearly is something that traverses the globe via the air. Clearly its demonic (fallen angel technology), but remains to be seen if its physical craft, dimensional craft, some hybrid.

      In light of that such lines like these ley lines would be visible from the air. So, they could be a form of physical global positionIng system. The “high places” were also of interest to both pagan and Godly religions alike. High places and man made monuments also easy to navigate from the air, while also giving worshipers places to congregate while they wait for visitors.

      JUst thinking outloud.

  5. Amen L.A.!! Thank you for addressing this subject of today’s Sunday Bun! Interestingly enough, I was hoping for a forum to leave my comments on this very subject! I was “asleep” for most of my life to the reality of what is happening in the world today in light of Bible prophesy – as most are! Thank you L.A. for the “wake-up” call! Yeah, I have been watching some of these tv “shows” on the supernatural and all I can say is that they are “disinformation flunkies!” They bring the supernatural issues up – only to put a spin on it and then either dismiss the whole thing or lead the viewers clearly away from what is truth! It frustrates me to see this happening as I know it is the evil one up to his old tricks of deception. For instance, I just watched a show on giants unearthed in America…and was so exasperated at the way the archaeologist totally blew off the possibility of there being giants by saying that {giant} bones found on a farm were disjointed and when put together, resulted in an average size human, BUT the man who actually uncovered the bones said – “I know what I saw – they were not average-sized bones.”

    Typical of the ongoing disinformation campaign that has been put in place! Thank you so much L.A. for stepping up and speaking out to keep us informed with the TRUTH!
    God bless you brother!

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  7. Hi L.A., I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like about 99% of the church is asleep in the light. I just got an e-mail from another ministry that referenced the blog that warned against you, Russ, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, etc. Unbelievable that our dear watchmen are called heretics and accused of spreading mythology and fanciful tales. Herescope is warning against the upcoming Pikes Peak Conference! How sad. I am praying for all of you.

    • Amen, Gina! How many of the lost go to the heresy hunter blogs? Fat chance, right.

      What was it that drew the winebibbers and gluttons to those places that Jesus was accused of frequenting?
      Accused by the pharisees was it? No surprise their children would still be incensed today.

      I’ve said it before — when fishing, the idea is not to eat the worms, nor dive headlong into the net.

      Rise Peter, kill and eat! (Acts 10:13-16 & 11:7-11 … cp. Rom. 14:13-23)
      Not talking about crawfish…. fallen angels make really good bait. 😉

    • Are you coming to the Peak, Gina? 🙂

      Word has it Nephilim Mounds 2 will be in the third week of October back in Newark. 😉

      It’s a shame that people copy and paste articles like that to their websites sight unseen when I can guarantee you a lot of them don’t even know who LA, Russ, and some other folks even are.

      They don’t like the subject matter in general so down comes the hammer.

      Then of course we come to the writer of those herescope pieces that constantly target all the people you just named and some others. That lady has issues and an agenda it has nothing to do with Biblical discernment. Pray for her.

      Matthew 5:10
      2 Peter 3:3

    • The woman who posts there needs to repent. She is spreading a false witness. We need to pray for her and let Father deal with her and at some point He will. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God….

    • Those idiots should get a stick and poke it in their own eye!

      Cuz that is EXACTLY what they are doing. UNREAL.

      Kinda like Hank Hanegraff in the mid 90’s … all the time on the radio…so annoying to hear his ignorance of the Bible.

    • The REALLY difficult thing about the website mentioned above,
      ………………. is that picking through all the STICKS is very tiresome when trying to eat the HAY !!!

      So much WRONG interpretation of Scripture! So much MANIPULATION of Scripture and books quoted by other people!

      And the REALLY SAD thing is…..

      “the un-saved” have little KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING to discern TRUTH with…
      …..and it’s “about the same” …with MANY Christians…………
      ………….Cause they DON’T take time to STUDY THEIR BIBLE & LISTEN TO The Holy Spirit of TRUTH.

      There is “no” …Renewing of Their Mind ….with The Word of God !!!

      Romans 12:1-2, 1 Timothy 4:13-16, 1 timothy 5:17-18, 2 Timothy 2:15, 24-26 (just a few)

      “My people PERISH for ………..The LACK of KNOWLEDGE.” Hosea 4:6

    • The video with Gary Kah and Sid Roth is a MUST LISTEN ….touches on may topics of TIMELY IMPORTANCE.

      I don’t think I have EVER heard of Gary before this video……..I will certainly find more of his stuff !!

      Worth While!

      Thanks to Gordy! 😉

    • excellent video. I think the one world religion is a little bit more than just about practicality. it really comes down to Angel worship. angels (ascended spiritual beings) are a common denominator for every religion. they will say Jesus was not the resurrected back to life, but ascended as an angel.

      Nazism, communism and Sharia law were never meant to win out. they are the catalyst to unify us. people will choose a dictatorial unifying good to overcome a dictatorial unifying evil

  8. Coast to Coast had a couple of good shows on last week, on Friday they had Vanishing Dead, UFOs .

    “paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren, who on bodies vanishing from local cemeteries and how it could be related to UFO/alien activity .. According to Warren, the latest weirdness involves 40 or so corpses that have disappeared from a small mountain graveyard. Locals believe something akin to a biblical resurrection is taking place, he revealed, noting that something more sinister may be occurring. The bodies may have been taken by people who practice a dark magical ritual to capture and control the spirits of the dead, Warren suggested. The ritual requires human remains to be placed into a caldron, wrapped in chains, and fed animal blood, alcohol or tobacco, he explained.

    The dead have vanished from an area where UFO activity has spiked, Warren continued. He spoke about tracking down a man who had accidentally captured an unusually-shaped UFO over his uncle’s cattle fields. The man had been prompted to snap photos with his mobile phone after the animals began behaving strangely, Warren added. Residents of that region claim to have seen aliens as well. Warren shared a story about finding an alien in a jar at a bar. According to a source there, a local farmer told the bar’s owner about seeing a UFO land on his property and finding a dead alien the next day, he said. The farmer put the curious being into a jar of rubbing alcohol and it immediately shriveled, Warren noted. He also talked about other strange creature sightings in the area.

    The on Wednesdays night show “”explorer of the weird and unusual, Varla Ventura, discussed her research into Mermaids and other strange and mythical creatures that come from the sea. She also updated her investigations into magical beings, including fairies, banshees, gremlins, werewolves, and shape-shifters. One of the earliest myths of a mermaid goes back to around 1000 BC, in which an Assyrian goddess killed a mortal man, and then tried to hide herself in a lake, where she turned into a half-fish. This legend contributed to the idea that mermaids lure mortals (usually men) into the water, where they drown, she suggested. Later in the 19th century, W.B. Yeats wrote about Irish mythology, documenting tales of mermaids from throughout the ages.
    Most often a mermaid is described as a beautiful woman in the waves with long, tangled hair, and a tail that is underwater, though in some cultures they are depicted as enticing from a distance, but attacking like a vampire when up close. In our era, there’s a lot of disbelief and mocking regarding mermaid sightings, she remarked, yet she received one recent report of an encounter in the Bahamas of a merman-type creature with glowing eyes. She also received a story from a woman living on a boat who had a disorienting experience when she heard a mermaid-type song out in the fog. Ventura contrasted mermaids to selkies, described in Scottish and Irish folklore as a creature that lives as a seal in the sea, but turns into a human when on land.
    She spoke about changelings, who are said to swap out a human baby with one from the fairy realm, and pondered whether recent tales of the Black Eyed Children might be related to this phenomenon. Banshees, are thought of as the ghosts of women who died in childbirth, or whose children died young and then they took their own lives. “You hear these kind of crazy wails and cries,” somewhat akin to Irish funereal keening– a long mournful wail, Ventura explained, adding that seeing a banshee can be a portent of death”

  9. How to Cop Proof Your Cell Phone ……..this is actually some very GOOD advice in our day!!

  10. someone said there was evidence that in the past the magnetic forces of earth were much stronger. (they have decreased by 50% every 1500 years, as I remember, and if this is correct, going back about 5000 years would make them 8 times as strong)… which would have a VERY significant effect. Thus perhaps the ‘lines’ are sort of residual from the original design.

  11. LA
    i recently returned from a visit with relatives in the 4 corners and during a discussion with my nephews i was told this story. One of the young men was making his delivery rounds and noticed a sign beside the road announcing a guest speaker, he rounded up two of his cousins and they attended Friday nights seminar, regretfully, scheduling conflicts prevented them from returning for the following presentations. The fingerprints you left on these young minds are indelible, LA, and i appreciate that. For those who don’t know , or are not familiar with this part of the country, it is a hotbed of demonic activity and i would ask of this body to remember this army of soldiers who love the Lord Jesus Christ and to lift them up in prayer, By the way, LA, you might remember Micah, long black hair and covered in tats. He sure remembers you and i would like to take this time to thank you and all the other watchmen for all you do. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. keep it up…much Love, vaya con Dios

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