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  1. 3 hours south of Paracas is Nazca, located on major great circle grid lines.

    If you get quipu as calendar, then you can grasp quipu as distance (think space-time).

    The Nazca lines (and not just the animal figures) may be syllabic language, like maya glyps, with quipu style number/distance/time spelled out.

    In which case, this youtube may blow your mind… showing either a depiction of a battlestar like space battle — with ufos, and animal figures designating the craft “names,” …or perhaps a global or spatial map with distance encoded….

    Who would be the audience for a pre-Inca version of Star Wars?

    • please note: to scale the Nazca map to the globe, enlarge it by 666 and rotate 72 degrees.

      There’s a disclaimer about fear of the number 666 at time 9:05 here:

  2. And for those still wondering how global grid lines relate…

    … which may point to global rebel angel cultural manipulation via the nephilim hybrids.

  3. It would be wild to use quadrocopters with gps and lidar to peer through the tree cover to map the lines that are still hidden!

    Definitely check out the interactive map tool here: “http://www.geekglyph.com/MapTool.aspx”

  4. For this youtube, I hope you like geometry. They overlay the Nazca lines on a larger region especially using the spiral as a marker. Part of their theory (I think) is that Nazca is a map of the landmarks of various ancient cultures, (… or that the landmarks were put in a locations based on a much larger plan — spanning the Americas).

    key: Are spiral emblems portals? I think dimensional portals, others will say stargates.

    It helps to use geekglyph’s google earth based map tool (linked in previous post) and turn on the “model” feature (check the box) on the lower right hand side of the right map frame.

    We are definitely no longer in Kansas.

    • This is what’s de-classified:



  5. Here the glyphers establish a warrant for a very ancient map system as evidence of a culture (Aztlán) that is the source of the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, Inca and other civilizations.

    They’d probably say it’s Altantis. I suspect the rebel angels & the nephilim hybrids instead.

    Don’t miss that the hummingbird glyph stands for their sun god. And of course they have pyramids and landmarks for the moon god also. Likewise for the flying serpent — which I believe is the milky way (aka “the stars”). In other words their gods were the hosts of heaven (cp. rebel angels). While planets may be hard to track in their orbits, the Milky Way is much more prominent.

    Their rulers which they worshiped and ancestors which they venerated used blood rituals — which likely opened them up to demonic possession. The bodies of their dead remained in their dwellings (along with demonic spirits). They often built over burial places which became mounds and stacked pyramids — layer upon layer — generation by generation.

  6. What I want to know is; How the fallen angels who descended from?….. according to the book of Enoch within the specific location of Mt Hermon, are now also found in Peru…. Curious ‘I am’ only because, The flood and Babel had not occurred as such…………………………… and the boundaries of nations not yet realised.

    victory in Jesus


    • Nomemolest; You seem to have been granted a deposit of wisdom, could you please answer my post above.

      Thanking you


    • We could ask similar questions of the “prince of grecia” and “prince of persia” in Daniel.

      Also, we could ask how satan “walks to and fro” throughout the earth. (Job 1:7, 2.2)

      And it may well be that the “chariots of god” in the form of cherubim are able to transport others. (see “to and fro” in Zech.)

      per Kirk…

      Jim Wilhelmsen does a great job bringing out some thoughts on CLOUDS on his site: Echoes of Enoch dot com

      my response


      Quite a read !! Basically, drawing from the Word and Book of Enoch, that there’s an order of angel [cherubim, heavenly creatures] that bends time to transport in the heavenlies — that even the Almighty uses, no magic, just His method. That the fallen have lost access to heaven’s methods / tech and are trying to keep / regain it. Including especially “The antichrist” who will be adept at getting such knowledge.

      That the chariots of God are the four winds of heaven, the cherubim — also “the clouds of heaven.”

      I’d add as no doubt would others that they carry / transport the “throne of God.” That they are the “horses” which are “stolen” in Rev. 6., unsealings 1 -4 (revealings).

      Which gives me pause to wonder if we’re going to be able to transport similarly, thinking of the Lord’s Return with the 10,000 — on white horses.

    • To which I’ll add this, comparing Rev. 6 and similar in Zech.

      1 white horse … “stolen” by “the beast” (a rebel angel prince, the sun good)
      2 red horse … “stolen” by “the false prophet” (another rebel angel prince, the moon god)
      3 pale horse … “stolen” by “death” (another rebel angel prince, the mars god, cp. ‘tlaloc”)
      4 black horse … “stolen” by “babylon” (yet another r.a.p., the mercury go)
      5 etc.
      6 etc.
      7 etc.

      for more on the googly eyed goggled god of rain and war…

    • other links:

      Revelation 16:12-14
      And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates;
      and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
      And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon,
      and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
      For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles,
      which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world
      , [cp. “to and fro”]
      to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

    • not enough warrant yet to equate “gog” with “death” as the last enemy…. but worth considering

      re: googly eyed goggled god … also frog like

    • plus you have to remember they see farther and we just cant comprehend their existence…we see their fruit and on occasion a bit more. There is a gap..there has to be. For instance we see all these horribly powerful fallen angels released. When were they imprisoned? Why? We also are told they are not bound in the same places.

  7. This grid system may have to do with the division of the nations after the tower of Babel. There were 70 or 72 angels who were set over the nations, so it’s possible they used the magnetic fields for borders between their territories.

    • also see:

      for 72…

      similar for 70, with advantage 7 x 10 divisions. re: the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns

    • Thanks I will check those.

      The angels probably were able to “see” the grid lines and magnetic fields, so it was just a natural thing for them to arrange their territories after them. While the nephilim probably were able to feel the lines, and nowaday’s humans use instruments. The ancients also used animals to decide where to build temples. The place of Solomon’s temple were pointed out by the Angel of the Lord. Many, if not all, medieval churches were either placed on older ancient sites, or placed by supernatural guidance. (He who controls the grid controls the world?) Or as territorial markers for those above to see.

  8. LindaFromToronto…Thank you so much for the prayers. Many blessings to you in Jesus and I pray that God will multiply them upon your household.


    Daniel Ellis

    • You’re most welcome Daniel. Hoping you are feeling better (especially following the horrible heat wave), and that both you and your wife experience God’s increasing provision and healing in the days ahead.

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  10. I feel a great stirring in my spirit this morning and would ask that each of us take more than a minute to openly Praise our Father who is in Heaven. Pray for one another and redemption of the lost around us and near us. Thank Him for the peace and protection – the guidance and blessings that surround you and think about how much harder your life would be without HIM in it. GOD bless you guys!

    • Faithful, I agree. Lately, more so than ever, I am praying 1 Timothy 2:1-5. This is something I’ve been praying for loved ones for a long time, but now it seems more urgent than ever.

      God bless and continue to help you, Faithful, through the very difficult times you’ve been going through, also.


    • Robin…


      Signs Nibiru is on its way


      After viewing the video you placed above (AND HUNDREDS LIKE IT OVER THE LAST 4 YEARS SINCE 2010)…I simply say this:


      Read Romans 2:4-11

      Sobering Times!


  11. LA:
    The ad for the trip shows a Peruvian burial stone depicting a Tyrannosaur. Haven’t the stones been proven to have been created in a shop to generate $$ since they are so controversial among Darwinian evolutionist? I believe in a literal 6 day creation as Genesis clearly states and therefore believe man lived with and saw dinosaurs. If the stones were created by a people who saw and lived with the dinosaurs..it completely destroys the whole fable of Darwinian evolution!! Of course…. they would have a real hard time accepting that ..

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