13 thoughts on “CLARIFICATION! The Person who was rushed to the ER is Rick Hendrickson, the Producer of Acceleration Radio Not Richard Shaw.

  1. I want to also put in a word for a dear sister in Christ that is struggling at the moment. Let us remember that we are all His children and are all welcome here.

  2. can never express how much i love you guys. Its so awesome to watch how quickly everybody pulls together in an instant. Cohesively and with love. Rick and Richard both got powerful prayers and they are still being sent up to the Father. Though it was a mixup, it will somehow be used in a positive manner because thats how he works.
    Still somewhat in awe of the real brotherly love here. I can feel Jesus sometimes just hanging out.
    Praying in the best company! 🙂

  3. LA I Hate to put this in a prayer thread but I have something you HAVE to see. I cant stress this enough and I never do this so that means its important can you leave a reply on this and then ill send it. Just tell me what heading to use. You sir are about to freak out.

    • since its me La hes agreed to let you view it. just send me an email at deadly777@live.com or reply on here with the heading you want and ill set you up with him. After that all i can do is pray and guide him the best i can but they are in open contact at the moment…if you call getting bit and things thrown at you open contact…

    • ok La ..this guy is waiting to speak with you but ill tell him it might be awhile as your very busy. He believes in God and knows they fear us more than we them . I think his uncle is the one doing the filming but it might be him I haven’t gotten that far.

    • sorry to blog hog but did you see when he showed his bite mark the face materialize on it? there are faces all through it if you pause it a lot youll see them. The manifestations at the pillar and in the hallway around 4min mark were strong…they’ve been summoned or something very dire is going down there.

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