The Wounds that Won’t Heal – The Underlying Issue.

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L. A. Marzulli

Protests erupt from coast to coast after George Zimmerman goes FREE: Second day of demonstrations planned after night of anger | Mail

Protests spread across the country Sunday in a second day of demonstrations in the wake of the sensational not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman after he shot dead unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

Demonstrations, from Florida where the trial took place to Atlanta, DC and New York, remained largely peaceful, though Los Angeles protesters managed to shut down an entire freeway and thousands of New Yorkers mobbed Times Square and blocked traffic for an hour.

Emotional crowds screamed ‘Justice for Trayvon’ and carried signs that likened the struggle of the slain teen and his supporters to that of the original civil rights movement.

Slavery was common throughout the world 400 years ago.  The slave trade was big business and the trafficking of men and women from Africa to all parts of the world was deemed acceptable.  The slave trade separated families from one another, and thousands died en route to the “New World.”  People were chained like animals to the lower deck of the ship and up to 50% of the people died and their bodies were thrown overboard like refuse.   Sharks still follow those routes today, as the dead who were thrown overboard were an easy meal.

Slavery resulted in the Civil war, and pitted brother against brother.  The Black man became “free”, but for all practical purposes wasn’t free, as the KKK, and blatant discrimination and racism was the accepted practice in the South, while in the North, the African-American was looked down upon and segregated into one section of town.  It was this way in 1962, when I was 12 years old and learned of it.  The Black’s were “herded” into two sections of Berwyn, PA.  I had a friend who was a Boy Scout like me.  I was color blind and it wasn’t until he invited me over to his house did I begin to understand what was going on.  He lived in a different world, a world that wasn’t as privileged or filled with the same opportunities as mine.

It would take Martin Luther King to change America.  King pointed to the Bible and our Constitution and proclaimed that all men and women are created equal and have inalienable rights set by their creator.  King changed our nation, and President Johnson signed into the law the Civil Rights act of 1964. President Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act of 1964 into Law –

The Zimmerman verdict has created a firestorm as demonstrations,  erupt all over our nation.  We are a nation divided not only along the color line, but of class, white collar and blue collar, educated and illiterate, Republican and Democrat.  Perhaps not since the Civil war have been a nation so divided as we are now.  There is a deep distrust of our “justice” system and who can blame the African-American as many family members can recall the injustice done in and through the court system.

None of us saw what really happened to Trayvon, when he was shot by George Zimmerman.  If Zimmerman shot him without cause and not in self-defense then he deserves to be locked away. However, if his story is true, and the jurors seemed to believe his version of these tragic events, then what are we to do?

In closing todays post:  The church could help with this.  The church could come together and declare a national day of repentance regarding slavery.  The church could pray and fast and try to heal the wound that festers still.  The church could ask for forgiveness for slavery and in some cases its support of it, something I don’t think has ever happened.  There are no easy answers and Tayvon’s family has lost their son.  Because of the media, Zimmerman will go through the rest of his life as a marked man.  I wrote last week that the Zimmerman trial was a distraction and I still believe it was/is.  It did however fan the flames of rascism and now we are left with impassioned people crying out for justice.  Their cry, which is an echo coming to us from past centuries, exposes the underlying issue, slavery, which is the wound that won’t heal.


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75 thoughts on “The Wounds that Won’t Heal – The Underlying Issue.

  1. Be careful not to fall victim to the race industry. As far as they’re concerned, the US will NEVER be off the hook for slavery.
    Personally, I believe the US has done its share of repentance along with the churches as well as individual believers. The past is just that…past and gone and behind us.
    A recent poll showed that blacks harbor more “racist” attitudes than whites.
    This is purely a Satan-driven event that will be one more nail in the coffin that ultimately buries the US and makes the nation become irrelevant on the world stage and the prophetic stage.

    • You stole the words right out of my mouth. We’ve apologized quite enough. We’re all more than a little sick and tired of this constant attack on whites. The race peddlers will never let it be. Too much money to be made to keep America’s past sins ever before it’s face. The white House is now reportedly pressuring the Justice Department to file “snivel rights” charges against Zimmerman. Apparently, this is what you get for just defending yourself against a thug. I also believe that there is way more to this than meets the eye. Our Illuminati/global bankster controlled government is gonna use this to the max to divide us and conquer us and to implement Marshall Law or sneak in lesser laws that puts us one step closer to Marshall Law. Never let a good crisis go to waste right? The flames are being fanned by Obama administration and the shadowy groups that control him and the office of the Presidency. This whole thing is really beginning to stink if you ask me.

      It really disgusts me that we’re still having to hear about “snivel rights” when minorities in this country have never had it so good. Do the words affirmative action mean anything to anybody? Talk about unjust discrimination. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It isn’t about equal opportunity or racism, it’s about war on the white male. This is indeed what they want. The black community at large is buying it hook, line and sinker. “The evil white people” line is being dangled in front of their (black community) eyes constantly by these nefarious forces in our government to divide and conquer America. They are stoking the flames of hatred against the whites. Therefore, the black community will never move on. It’s time for Americans to quit apologizing for the past. Enough is enough.

    • there was a young waitress in florida recently killed by three black guys for her tips!! why isnt this on the news like the zimmerman case was?? makes me so mad. if zimmernam was black you would not of heard aobut this, because blacks kill each other dailey. i lived near the worst city in the ocuntry, camden nj, that was and still is a dailey thing there.

    • My husband is half black. He hates being identified as anything but his first and last name. I agree. For the topic though I am identifying him as such. I am what the media would call “white-Hispanic.” My point is I hate the race card an I hate being blamed for slavery. I was told because I married a “black man,” I now feel exempt from what “my people,” did to blacks. Shameful! My mother was even asked how it felt to married to a white man. Her reply was “I don’t know. How does it feel to be married to a Mexican?” My whole life has been an identity crisis. Until recently, when I realized none of that matters. I am beautifully created by an amazing God. Who doesn’t see us the way we see us. My husband and I are so bothered by all the racial tension and threats. Your absolutely right Paul! It is satan-driven.

    • Luke 21: 7-12 (we’re living this all now)

      7 And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass?

      8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

      9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

      10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

      11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

      12 But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

    • Kristen…. and whoever…I would make a clarification and say that I don’t put all black people or all Hispanic or all whatever in a blanket statement. There are many blacks and Hispanics and whatever who aren’t a part of the mob mentality of “get whitey.” Many blacks and Hispanics and whatever don’t dislike whites and vice versa. So if you are here or wherever, no offense. I’ve had acquaintences and friends of other races whom I’ve liked. So it’s not necessarily and exclusively about skin color here. Want to make that clear lest the whole discussion be misunderstood.

      But… whatever… I’m over it now. I’m sick of hearing about race. The bottom line is probably that we are to turn the other cheek and love our enemies as Christ said. Not always easy sometimes, but I know I’m trying. I’ll do a little or alot more praying.

    • Corey, in all honesty I don’t get offended by much. No worries. I myself have been learning to turn the other cheek and love. I know it’s hard. The race issue irks me. Only because its a waste of time. Not worth the energy. In the end it’s not important to our existence. We should love regardless of skin tone.

    • Apologize to whom? For what? Repent has to do with turning from sin unto the Lord. We do not repent or apologize to the media circus, to politicians, or anyone else for the past. We most likely were not even born.

      During Vietnam a wise sargent taught that dislike or hatred of another mans color was not going to be tolerated. So a white man and a black man both gave some blood placed on a white piece of paper and the color of the blood was . . . the same crimson red color for all to see. The point was understood by all. The commonality of the human race is in the blood.

      There is only the human race ( per the Bible ) and the life is in the blood ( per the Bible )

      Skin color has nothing to do with anything. It is a Satanic lie to adhere to the secular doctrine of races. Do not be deceived.

      If any are old enough to have participated in a lynching or the mistreatment or misuse of a slave then sure . . . you need to repent before the Lord for the sin you committed. I seriously doubt any are old enough to have had slaves; and as to lynching, that would be between you and the Lord.


    • Truth is Africans sold vast numbers of other Africans into slavery, Europeans did not go running around in their territory, catching people willy-nilly as they like you to believe on TV. I think some people are reluctant to face up to the fact that the slave trade would not have been impossible without the enthusiastic cooperation of a lot of Africans. The fact is that Africans captured Africans from other tribes and sold them to African slave traders who took them to coastal ports and sold them to European slave dealers. Many Africans did extremely well out of the slave trade….. I think part of the problem is that people prefer to see Africans as victims of white imperialism and are reluctant to accept that any African could possibly have benefited from the trade. Also, many blacks owned slaves by the time of the civil war, in fact there were over 3,000 of them in New Orleans alone, or 28% of their total population, owned one of their own kinds as a slave by the time of the Civil War. Meanwhile, it is well documented that no more than 2-5% of white Americans ever owned slaves. In fact, 70% of the slave owners in America were of Jewish decent, and a vast majority of slave owners in this country were from African heritage themselves…. My ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, in fact they were not even in this country at the time, and I imagine it is the same for many of us. I take great offense to that fact because of my “race” or skin color I am lumped in with anything to do with the slavery. The slavery controversy is nothing more than a way to continue to hold the white race hostage with things like affirmative action and reverse discrimination. The fact that Europeans practiced slavery hundreds of years ago does not mean that Whites today would do so, even if they could. The abolitionist movement developed in England and eventually spread through the United States. One does not choose one’s ancestors. We can take pride in them while recognizing their flaws. And it’s more important for us to be making history than it is for us to try and relive it by endlessly fighting over trivial points in it.
      On another note, I work with an African American that uses the “cracker” word to describe white co-workers every chance he gets, nothing is done and its considered acceptable for him to say this, however, the N word use is not acceptable and is cause for termination as it should be, however, the double standard here leaves me seething with anger. Respect for all races should be universal and not one sided. Instead of blaming slavery or “the man” consider, jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, black on black crime, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other black people is what’s keeping them from moving forward. Other races have come and acclimated themselves and made success in a short amount of time. It’s just a fact. It’s time to forget about “getting mines” and do more for your community. I recently moved out of my neighborhood, why? Because it was being trashed by the very people that lived there, doesn’t makes much sense does it? Can’t blame that on slavery or poverty, that’s a cultural thing.
      I grew up not to see “color”, and always believed All men are created equal” That said, I went to a predominantly black High School, over 90% of the students were African Americans, and will I tell you there is no question there are cultural differences between races, that doesn’t mean any race is better or worse,, it just means we have cultural differences which can be difficult to ignore.

  2. WW3 Brews As Nation Distracted By Trayvon Martin Case

    As the world reacts to the Trayvon Martin case, including prominent rappers calling out the media over its race baiting, reports detail around 160,000 Russian troops were called to ‘combat readiness’ following an Israeli strike on Russian-made missiles in Syria.

    Is the nation too distracted by the George Zimmerman trial’s 24/7 news cycle to even know about this developing situation that coincides with escalating tensions between Russia and US-affiliated nations around the world?

    First up is the new revelation that Israel was behind an attack on Syria that targeted Russian-made anti-ship missiles. According to the Israeli National News sources within the U.S., Israel recently launched an attack on Russian missiles that were apparently sold to Syria and stationed at a critical point within the country. Until now, it was unknown who had initiated the bombing that had rocked Latakia on July 5th.

    Ultimately bombing the ‘critical point’ holding the Russian’s Yakhont anti-ship missile, Israel is believed to have initiated the bombing via aircraft or a ship in the Mediterranean. According to the anonymous U.S. official who corresponded with CNN:

    “This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean.”

    Now enter new reports surfacing from the Russian Defense Ministry on orders of Vladimir Putin that the largest military ‘state of full combat readiness’ drill is taking place with around 160,000 troops ordered to report from all corners of the military. Specifically, the translated reports detail how Putin is calling together not just Armed Forces of Russia troops, but all forms of long-range aircraft, 70 naval ships, bomber and fighter aircraft, and so on.

    According to a syndicated Russian announcement:

    “On Friday, during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Russian, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an unexpected military drill, urging all forces to enter a state of full combat readiness on the night of July 13.”

    In other words, these reports says that Putin is essentially assembling the entire military in the largest such event since the Soviet Union. This is coming in from the Russian language version of Forbes and other Russian sources translated to English.

    Is this massive ‘state of full combat readiness’ initiated on July 13th just a training exercise with no further intention, or is it related to to the attack by Israel on Russian-made missiles in Syria? Whether this is truly the initiation of a massive conflict between world powers or not, it’s certainly worth the attention of the media and general public. While it does take a lot of digging to sort through all of these Russian language announcements and get to the bottom of the story, it’s much more important than what George Zimmerman’s lawyers ate for breakfast this morning.

    • Thank you. There’s some REAL news.

      Has the end game begun? Privately, senior Israeli officials now warning Iran war could come in 2013. Netanyahu preparing public.

      This almost seems cyclical at this point but in the context of everything else I wonder: How many more runs around the block can this really go?

  3. i know my opinions are not popular. but after reading that. i have to disagree a little..i dont feel i should be sorry for blacks being held slave, or picking cotton. its not my fault. i wasnt even born yet. this isssue is really still a ‘black attitude thing’ i was just at a stop street this morning and this big black guy turned pass me and stared me down. im like, wth? i dont like that. at all. its ignorant, and plain intimadating. im tired of blacks intimadating, especially white women. and YES, it goes on! all over the place. theres a attitude with them that never seems to go away. yes, we can kiss thier rump all day along, still theres an ‘attitude’. im sick of it. isnt anyone else on here? and im all for showing love. i dont hate soemeone for their skin color. slavery was mean and downright wrong, BUT it wasnt my fault. and i wont aplogize for something i didnt have a part in.NO.NEVER.NOWAY. i repent when i feel conviction on something, i do it alot, i try to stay right in my heart about things. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are antagonizers, they keep the fires burning, with their lawsuit talk. they travel all over the country starting fires. wont be no peace in this issues with men like that letting the devil use them to spread hate and doscord all over. Anyway, this is my thought on the whole things, i realize alot may not agree with me, but that wont cchange my mind.

    • The best way we can respond to anyone, regardless of skin color, etc., who shows us unkindness and disrespect, is simply turn the other cheek, as hard as it may be. And just walk away if the situation calls/allows for it.

      “Attitude” is not limited to blacks–anyone can have “attitude.” As Christians, we must never return “attitude” with “attitude.” As it says in Proverbs 15, “A soft answer turneth away wrath.”

      Just some thoughts.

    • If the blacks that are still upset about slavery are indeed still angry then maybe they should look at themselves. While many of the slave traders were white many more were their own people and the muslims as well that sold them into slavery. I wasn’t there and neither was anyone else alive today when slavery was thriving, and still is in many African nations and more. I could get into a whole race issue and how much better life is today in America for blacks (I just have to think of the convertible BMW that I saw today) than any African nation that I can think of but I won’t. I’m just reminded of the words that Jesus spoke about nation against nation(ethnos) and kingdom against kingdom in the last days generation.I don’t care what your skin color is, I care about a person’s character.

      This is a spiritual battle, not a physical one and I won’t get caught up in the tricks of the fallen one.

    • Heheheh yeah…I knew you couldn’t resist a little dig 😉 and you didn’t let me down,,, That’s ok, after that post I see your not all that bad after all, there is some good in you, its just WAY deep down inside 🙂 j/k

    • i wasnt digging, i swear! i really meant it in a good way 🙂 but i was thinking the same with you, your not that bad after all. there is some good in you, its just way deep down inside. yea. there is. :p

  4. The native Americans, the Irish, and many other groups also have grievances. It seems instead of black and white, the real problem facing this country is makers versus takers. The fiscal path this country is on is just not sustainable. The coming equality is that everyone will be impoverished. I think it is Rush who said that slavery is the original sin of the religion of liberalism. Words of reconciliation are always good, but I suspect that it would fall on deaf ears. If only the liberal rank and file realized that the liberal utopia is eugenics and suffering and death. As pithy-Paul said, it’s Satan-driven.

  5. Same sex marriage in UK about to pass into law


    As in thew days of Noah

  6. Joel Rosenberg’s Blog from today July 15, 3013


    * Netanyahu begins public diplomacy campaign to prepare public for “military option.”
    * Watch 2013 Epicenter Conference messages online.

    By Joel C. Rosenberg (@joelcrosenberg on Twitter)
    (Netanya, Israel, July 15, 2013) — Over the past several weeks, I have been hearing from current and former senior Israeli officials and advisors at the highest possible levels, that the showdown with Iran is entering the critical ”end game” phase. I’m hearing from people with direct knowledge of the plans that war could come in 2013.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is beginning to prepare the public in Israel and around the world for a “military option.” This is why he appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday (see excerpt of transcript on the blog).

    The PM called the Iranian a “messianic, apocalyptic” regime bent on genocide, a reference to the Shia eschatology Khamenei holds that Iran must annihilate Israel and the U.S. to usher in the reign of the Twelfth Imam. Netanyahu also called the incoming Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, a “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” who has bragged in the past about negotiating with the West while secretly advancing nuclear enrichment. What’s more, Netanyahu vowed not to “wait too long” to stop Iran.

    Expect more public diplomacy by Netanyahu and his team in the weeks ahead.

    This is one of the reasons why the PM is sending his most trusted foreign policy advisor, Ron Dermer, to the U.S. to serve as Israel’s ambassador. Dermer will work to ensure U.S.-Israeli relations are strong at this critical moment. Dermer (who grew up in Miami Beach and is a native English speaker) will also explain Israel’s principles, objectives and actions to the American people before, during, and after any crisis with Iran.

    Here’s the key: Israeli intelligence now believes Iran will likely have a “nuclear device” in as soon as four to six months, and an operational nuclear bomb or warhead within a year.

    But top Israeli political and military leaders — up to an including the Prime Minister — do not believe they can afford to wait that long. Therefore, they are making final preparations for war, a war that they increasingly believe may have to be launched before this year is over.

    Yes. I do believe it is coming…and this year too. MUCH is pointing in that direction.



    PSALM 91…Proverbs 3:25-26


    • September seems like a good date. (Rosh Hashana-Feast of Trumpets… perhaps the Rapture.). We must not forget the lunar and solar eclipses next year and 2015 on those peculiar dates. The rapture should happen before then if these eclipses signal this coming war in the middle east. Don’t forget the solar eclipse smack dab in the middle. This year is looking awfully suspicious for the occurrence of the rapture doesn’t it? Just some fun speculation, but it almost veers into an educated guess that Jesus is hinting at!

    • Whoops. I should have scrolled all the way down before posting this up above a bit.

      Seems almost cyclical. Every summer we hear this talk for the last five years now but I really do have to wonder how many more runs around the block we really have on all of this.

    • I liked that comment you posted the other day about the parable of the Ten Virgins. I read that and took some mental notes. I always suspected that this scripture had more to do with the saved and the unsaved seeing that he was talking to Jews and all. The possession of the Holy Spirit or not and all. I have to say that I read Chuck Missler’s book “The kingdom Power and Glory” or something like that, and Chuck has a different take on it. I think Chuck is a very sound bible expositor and recommend his teaching to anybody, but I don’t necessarily recommend this book. After reading it, you walk away with the idea that Christians will spend 1000 years in Christian Hell in Heaven. His explanation of the Ten Virgins kinda disturbed me there for awhile.

    • Eric… Ya know, I had the same thought. There is a difference this time around because now we have these Lunar and Solar eclipses falling on these Feast Days unlike any previous year. This is truly it in my opinion. It’s almost not just my opinion. These eclipses are signaling something here. These eclipses are a crucial element in the announcing of when it will be.

    • It doesn’t happen very often but that’s definitely an area where I have a respectful disagreement with the Misslers. I’m troubled by that concept. It flirts with purgatory.


      ^^ I agree.

      If you go through the PITN backlog go back to around January of this year when Bob Ulrich did those two shows with Sam Hoyt about The Judgement Seat of Christ. I’m not sure if they knew it, but among other things they shot down the concept that the Misslers are running with six ways to Tuesday.

      Awesome, encouraging programs.

      The eclipses are definitely taking note of. 🙂

    • Yes Corey…I do think late summer/early fall could be the time frame. The Eclipses ARE pointing us to a time nearly upon us.

      For those AWAKE and WATCHING, this season we are in “is the calm before the storm”….The STORM is on the horizon. Thunder Rumbling.
      Rain drops starting to fall. Wind is blowing. Birds are hiding in their nests. Dogs are barking and running for cover.

      When will LIGHTNING STRIKE ?? AND WHERE ??



    • WASHINGTON – Iran is moving “closer and closer” to building a nuclear weapon and Israel may have to act before the United States does, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday.

      “They’re edging up to the red line. They haven’t crossed it yet,” Netanyahu said on CBS News’s “Face the Nation.”

      “They’re getting closer and closer to the bomb. And they have to be told in no uncertain terms that that will not be allowed to happen.”

      Netanyahu went on to say that Israel had a narrower timetable than Washington, implying it may have to take unilateral action to halt Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

      “Our clocks are ticking at a different pace. We’re closer than the United States. We’re more vulnerable. And therefore, we’ll have to address this question of how to stop Iran, perhaps before the United States does,” he said.

      Netanyahu said Tehran has been building “faster centrifuges that would enable them to jump the line, so to speak, at a much faster rate — that is, within a few weeks.”

      WITHIN A FEW WEEKS. How exciting to the rapture could be so close.

    • Yep. Good to see others observing these dates of MAJOR significance!

      Amazing how it’s been so much like clock-work down through the years.


    • Kristen,
      I was working my way down the blog to see if anyone else mentioned the 9th of Av. You beat me to it. So many things negative for the Jews and Israel have happened on that day. I am feeling strongly something adding to the list will happen tomorrow. I try to pray for the Jews, but often ask the Spirit of God to help me pray. My main prayer is for salvation for each and every person (too big? too impersonal?). After that I am at a loss. How do you out in Marzulli blog land, pray for the unsaved and saved masses that you don’t know? I ask for your insight.
      Dear Lord, after being put down so many times for believing in inerrancy, the importance of the whole Word, and the soon coming of the Lord, help me not to get complacent, and lose my fervor. Sometimes I feel myself slipping.

  7. God only sees us as one of either two camps: His own or of the devil. I’m sad to say a pastor in Seattle has told his congregation to “raise Cain.” Seriously. Go the way of Cain. Is this what Jesus Christ would say? No way. I would rather build up than tear down. On that note, check this out:

    • Sometimes we have to tear down in order to build.. Clean out the old leaven and replace it with the New.
      The original foundation has been over laden with the dead works of cain, Apostasy is here, and many are caught up in it with a false concept of the Jesus of their imaginations.
      The Problem is bigger than it looks, Too many false prophets and teachers already firmly entrenched within.
      The churches is a Babel of confusion, many look to men for guidance instead of His anointing.
      We all got to do the Lord’s work within the sphere of our placement. For soon no man will be able to work,
      not because we are all going to be raptured as many are avowing, but because of persecution. That is right! Persecution.

      Victory in Jesus

  8. Actually something awesome came out if this zimmerman verdict for me. I have an unbelieving daughter who sent me a text yesterday. In it she said “zimmerman gets away with murder, I can’t see my own child and my mom is a felon. There is something so wrong with this world”. And I responded by saying, “Honey, thats why I believe and trust in God so much. The people on this planet are never gonna get justice. I’m waiting for God to handle it and its gonna be soon”.
    Usually she would send me some horrible anti God psychobabble. But this time, she was nice and said that seemed like an intelligent positive Christian outlook. I almost fell out if the chair.
    If any if my friends of color discuss trayvon with me, I understand. I felt the same way after the oj trial. 😦
    But it wil all get sorted out soon. I feel pretty confident about that. Don’t you? 🙂

    • THE MAN DID NOT GET AWAY WITH MURDER! HE was DEFENDING HIMSELF against a THUG trying to bash his head in and broke his nose!! i WOULD DO THESAME TO! and repent later!

  9. There’s a permanent “slave” class under the jackboots of the USA and global corporations. Historically that’s gone from one group, to another, then another. Various different races, ethnicities, ages, and sexes have all been enslaved. Currently it’s the undocumented in the US and foreign factory workers in sweatshops abroad.

    The undocumented in the US are used for human trafficking, cheap labor, illegal drug transport, illegal arms transport, and money laundering. They’re forced to live stacked up in undeveloped colonias and slums. Most can’t say anything both because they don’t speak english and are blackmailed with the threat of deportation. What little money they do make is sent back home to family abroad. And no matter how many are ever “decriminalized,” there will always be more to take their place.

    So slavery has never been eliminated, only shifted. And those that are “moving up” or “upwardly mobile” are only too happy to climb over the bodies and blood of the tens of millions used in the sex and drugs trade. So I don’t see the progress.

    Ask the new class of slaves — the permanently unemployed or underemployed. The game is to get the elderly to be labeled mostly disabled and not cleared for work. Then their only option is illegal labor. A large portion of the boomers are finding that out now.

    Jesus told us and showed us how to have a civil society. In His Kingdom, there is no distinction made about citizens (neither greek nor jew, male nor female, bond nor free….). It’s not about rights, it’s about what’s fair and just. There’s a place to celebrate our God given distinctions — in the home and in the church — but not among the citizenry or the public arena. All, including the young, old, and disabled are treated the same. Help comes from family, church, and neighbors, not the corporation nor big government. That’s the ideal; I have zero expectations of finding anything in this world that’s like it. It’s all corrupt and has been everywhere throughout history with very few and very temporary exceptions. That doesn’t change in prophecy, except for the millennial kingdom — which is also temporary. This world is the prison for the rebel angels — not a place you want to remain in.

    If you had your DNA checked. you’d find that you’ve got a lot more mixes of races and nations than you expect. So why be at war with yourself? And as for prejudice, try living and working some place that you don’t speak the local language fluently. Also, it’s been very enlightening to see how the conquistadors and inquisition tried to wipe out the Maya, Aztec, and Inca cultures and language compared to how the indian tribes were exterminated in the US.

    Remember — Jesus saves out of every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. In His Kingdom, it does not yet appear what we shall be, but we shall be like Him when He returns.

    1st John 3
    1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.
    2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.
    3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he [Christ] is pure.

    • “”

      Workers’ wages in China are rising, and so the company’s research in robots and automation has to catch up, Gou said, while speaking at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Taipei. “We have over 1 million workers. In the future we will add 1 million robotic workers,” he said. “Our [human] workers will then become technicians and engineers.”

      Foxconn is the world’s largest contract electronics maker and counts Apple, Microsoft and Sony as some of its clients. Many of its largest factories are in China, where the company employs 1.2 million people, but rising are threatening to reduce company profits

  10. I don’t have my bible in front of me so I may be taking this verse out of context, but I don’t think I am. I heard a scripture read the other day that talks about a day coming when “The wicked shall cease from troubling”. I almost kinda think that this is referring to the Illuminati/Globalists banksters causing so much havoc upon the world through their wars and social engineering. You know… the ruling cult elite. I guess you could read that scripture to say, “The wicked (the occultists that are ruling the world in the shadows) shall cease from causing any more trouble to the human race in that day when Christ puts down all wickedness and the earth falls back under the control of God through his Son. Just a word of encouragement there for everybody. What an awesome day that will be.

    I hope everyone is aware of the fact that the bible does say that we will judge the angels who fell with Lucifer. Ultimately, the occultists that are ruling the world and causing so much havoc and trouble to the human race are taking their orders from these demonic entities, the rulers and principalities of the air. Indeed, our warfare is not against human flesh and blood, but as scripture says… “against these entities.” I know we all here know that, but it is good to remind ourselves of that now and again, especially as we enter these tumultuous times when these entities know that their time is getting really short. I think we may have to engage in some personnal spiritual warfare and ward this thing off until the trumpet sounds.

    • There are ONLY TWO (2) times when the devil and his minions attack.

      1) When we are doing GOOD.

      2) When we are doing BAD.

      Any questions ??

      Enjoy The Fight. We already WON.


    • Yep indeed kirk. Good way of putting it. I do think it’s a massive, awe-inspiring thought though that we are going to be judging the fallen angels. We won’t have our sin nature then, so God is going to entrust us with it. What a thought!

    • Yes. That is an amazing thought…The Judging of Angels. I wonder…will it be THE CHURCH as a WHOLE doing the judging ??

      Or will we “as individuals” do this ?? You know what I mean ??

      Will guys like Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Charles H. Spurgeon, ….do the “harder cases” …like Moses did ??

      Or are we all the same ??

      Something to ponder…


  11. COREY??!!! did you ever go and get the book by John Shorey yet?? The Window Of The Lords Return?? it will answer all your questions, you guys are throwing guesses and theories out there! this book by John Shorey will give you the real truth on the rapture and tribualtion! hes got a bran new site called, Please check it out! He actually called me on the phone last week! huge surprise to me, i couldnt believe it! i had ordered more of his book to give out for ministring, and he called me, the stuff he shared with me, i will forever treasure.

    • Hey Marlene…. I haven’t as of yet. I was gonna go onto Amazon or his website the other day because I remembered what you said about him and the whole post-tribulation rapture position, but I got busy with something else and then it slithered out of my mind. I am gonna get to it though. I do enjoy reading people’s position on prophetic issues even if it differs with others and the clear teaching of the biblical text. I enjoy reading about why people believe what they believe so that I can combat it with the truth 😀 😀 😀 smile really big Marlene 😀 😀 😀 Breathe 😀 But I am gonna read it.

      I’m getting ready to go to work right now (the dreaded night shift). I plan on stopping and getting myself a “pre-tribulation rapture pepperoni pizza with pre-tribulation rapture specially made cheese”. I don’t eat like this too often, but once in awhile isn’t gonna hurt (Especially if it’s a “pre-tribulation rapture pizza”. 😀

    • Well, “tribulation {truth}”……that is laughable.” That website is another waste of time. Kinda like those that teach “we’re in the tribulation”.

      The guy “Rick Wiles” that interviews the author “John Shorey”…really has a problem with taking verses out of context and his assumptions.

      i have heard him other times before …interviewing other people, and he just hasn’t a clue that JESUS bore “the believers” WRATH….



      Out of “hope against hope” I did listen to the interview he has on the website…and still….NO change from before for Rick Wiles.

      The ignorance of many people who can’t read things in context and in the idioms and shadows of the Jewish culture really make a mockery
      of studying the Bible. unreal. When you have to spit out more sticks than hay, it’s time to find a good pasture to feed on!!

      These guys say,
      They have read “so many books” on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and “none of those other authors”, whose books they mention in vagueness,
      quote from the Bible. Oh really! These guys are saying, These “other authors” DO NOT QUOTE from the Bible ??? What a crock of ….

      Please give me an exact author and book title? What passage or What verse(s) are you (rick Wiles) speaking of ? (refering to interview)
      WOW… Moonpye20…”guesses and theories”………interesting.
      “Shorey’s book will answer all [my] questions ???” >>>>> NOT.
      The Bible interprets the Bible. And The Spirit of God confirms the Word….period.

      I sure hope Apostle Paul gets the memo from these “experts”…cause he’s got to re-write most of his books in the New Testament.

      how about 2 peter 1:20-21……….and 2 peter 3:14-16…..take note of verse 16.

      “….which the UN-taught and UN-stable DISTORT, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, ….TO THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION.”

      Does anyone ever wonder why THE PRE-TRIB rapture gets mocked so much and lies are portrayed about it in the movies & in history ???

      REASON: Because the devil knows the TRUTH and he wants to confuse the Bride of Christ and put her in fear.

      Same thing happened to the Thessalonians…they were freaked out because of the persecution they were experiencing and thought
      they were IN THE TRIBULATION …way back then!! Paul wrote BOTH 1 and 2 Thessalonians to combat the LIES they were told in a letter!

      Really sad that Christians can’t KNOW THE TRUTH, but the devil does and aims to deceive the ignorant and UN-taught.


      Has anyone ever read 1 Thess 4:18 or 5:11 …..??
      IT’S ALL ABOUT BEING COMFORTED and ENCOURAGED…ALL about NOT going in The Tribulation / The Day of The Lord !!!
      …….OR…….how about 1 thess 2: 13-16….BIG difference between “the persecution of man” and “The WRATH of GOD”.

      here is another thought:

      WHY WOULD THE BRIDE of CHRIST BE LOOKING FOR THE anti-CHRIST ???? ( Is that Not adultery ??? )

      Here is what THE WORD plainly says:

      1 Corinthians 1:7 says….”Awaiting EAGERLY the revelation of our LORD JESUS CHRIST….” [ Not the anti_CHRIST !!! ]

      Titus 2: 11-14 says….”…Looking for THE BLESSED HOPE and THE APPEARING of The Glory of our Great God and Savior, JESUS…”

      2 Timothy 4:7-8 says…”a CROWN of RIGHTEOUSNESS is for ALL WHO HAVE LOVED JESUS’ APPEARING.” [ Not the anti-CHRIST !!! ]

      1 John 3:2-3 says “…when JESUS appears we shall be like HIM….” [ Same idea as 1 Thess 4:13-18…1 Cor 15:50-57…Phil 3:20-21 ]

      1 Peter 5:4 says….”When the CHIEF SHEPHERD appears, you will receive the unfading CROWN of GLORY.”
      [ NOT SUDDEN DESTRUCTION like it says in 1 Thess 5:3 ]

      2 Peter 3:10-12 says “we are to HASTEN the COMING of The Day of God….” [ Not hurry the Tribulation or “intense heat” ]

      Colossians 3:1-4 says ” WHEN CHRIST IS REVEALED, THEN WE ARE REVEALED WITH HIM IN GLORY.” { NOT fleeing for our lives !! }

      Philippians 3:20-21 says “Our citizenship is in HEAVEN…from which WE EAGERLY WAIT FOR A SAVIOR, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.”
      [ Notice: “EAGERLY WAITING FOR JESUS” …..NOT …”dreading the arrival of the anti-CHRIST !!! ]

      1 Corinthians 15:50-57 says….”our bodies WILL BE CHANGED …INTO THE IMMORTAL” { NOT the “unrecognizeable with NO head !! }


      1 thess 1:10 says…”And to WAIT FOR HIS SON (JESUS) FROM HEAVEN.” { NOT looking for “the beast” out of the sea of humanity }



    • It would also be really AWESOME if people studying prophecy and end times events,


      THEY ARE “NOT” THE SAME. 1 Corinthians 10:32 MAKES THAT CLEAR.

      Using Scriptures that apply to ISRAEL and instead applying them to THE CHURCH makes for a bunch of NON-sense.

      That is called “Replacement Theology” and it is a root of Anti-Semitism in the Church.

      That is evil.

    • Kirk says; Because the devil knows the TRUTH and he wants to confuse the Bride of Christ and put her in fear.

      I got news for you buddy; The devil is the father of lies! if he knew the truth, Judas would not be what Jesus called “the Son of perdition’
      You Kirk; is pushing The devil’s false ‘pre-trib rapture’ lie. You best pray that you got the guts to stand when persecution knocks at your door No saint of God knows fear!

      victory in Jesus


    • Marlene; good to see you are on track, The devil is a lier from the beginning! There is much darkness being portrayed as light…….

      victory in Jesus


    • @Kirk, why dont you buy the book sit down , read it, you will see you cant argue with the scriptures he lays out and what God himself has shown this man. there are pastors all over this country that hes given the book to, they have now ALL said they have been wrong, in how they have been teaching pre trib to the church. they now see the truth. so before you cut loose, try reading the book. are you afraid? Revalation chapter 1 says, Blessed are the ones that read the words of this prophecy. BLESSED. do you want to be blessed? or scared? i would rahter know the truth, so the TRUTH can set me free, and i can prepare, because God is gonna use his bride in these last days to win the lost. YES even in the tribulation! why would a lovong God take his bride and leave so many behind in the tribualtion period to fend for them selves? hes not just gonna use an angel flying thru the air to proclaim the gospel! this is where its gonna be a huge test of faith, its going to require patient endurance on the part of the saints. thats not gonna be easy. trust me when i say this, GET THE BOOK. 🙂

  12. I see the protesters burned a California state flag??? They do realize that the trial was in FLORIDA right Anybody surprised by this? Honestly?

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Stupidity knows no race. Protesting the verdict is fine. It’s your right. Starting fires, breaking windows. spray painting courthouses, and burning flags? Idiotic, and doing nothing to help your cause. Here’s a solution; hand out job applications to the rioters/protestors. They will disappear in 0.002 seconds

    • I’ll say this, food doesn’t appear to be sparse judging by the physiques of some of these “marchers”.
      Such children so easily manipulated. So cheaply do they sell themselves in to slavery for so few welfare dollars.

    • The only way for blacks to break the bonds of slavery is to quit selling themselves into slavery for the welfare dollar.

    • Matt; have you pondered the fact,(reality)
      that The welfare dollar is the only option!

      victory in Jesus


    • you are so right matt! i know of some blacks that, not only do they get welfare, BUT unemployment, working under the table, dealing drugs on the side, ALL kinds of serious bank rolling in! they are slick! and when they have some free time, they spraypaint nice buildings. 🙂 LOL

    • Sorry Getreal , I have to call bull (you know what) on that. Why is it their only option? There is plenty of work out there if you want it, but some don’t want to work for 7.00 hr why should they when they make 12.00 on the government cheese. The system is set up to make them dependant on the government in return the Dems get their vote…Its diabolical really. The very government that says they have the African American community’s best interest is enslaving them and the black leaders do nothing allows it to continue.

      Wow, moonpye20, you have really out did yourself today…You have really amazed me with your wisdom; you need a new career as one of those cable news TV pundits, there is still hope for you yet. 😉 Fox would have to put you on late night as they want a “clean” show during the day, but you could really let loose say 3 AM…right after On the Record w/ Greta, your show could come on, Moon shadows moonpye’s for all those late night viewers. 😉

    • LOL MATT!!!! LOL im very opinionated. in case you havnt noticed. 😛 i spend alot of time studying, making observations. what did you just say? fox would have to put me on late nite to keep it clean? LOL im not THAT BAD. am i?? i would have to walk around with bodyguards if i had my own show tho..LOL i dont hold back! i never have. but i do have to be careful how i put things, because i know God hears me, and i dont want to greive the Lord. i have a feeling i have done that alot lately. not meaning to thats for dad, use to tell me when iw as little, its not what you say that gets in you trouble, its HOW you say it. im still trying to figure out what he means? LOL

  13. This whole sideshow/trial illustrates the new society of Hope & Change. We are no longer restricted by criminal or civil law or by the Constitution. Anyone can be dragged in front of the court of political correctness, to be tried not by a jury but by social media. Zimmerman has been turned into a caricature of a racist gun-nut for the Progressives. Today, it’s Mr. Zimmerman, tomorrow it could be you. :0

  14. The saddest day on the Jewish calendar, the ninth of Av. The observances of the day are very similar to Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. The 9th of Av this year will be July 15,16.
    Today and tomorrow are very important to the Jew and his remembrance of history and the significance of this date on the Jewish calendar 9th of Av, Tisha b’Av. Will it bring anything of note this year? We’ll have to wait and see.

    This is copied from: “”

    What happened on the Ninth of Av?
    A Historical Overview.

    The 9th of Av, Tisha b’Av, commemorates a list of catastrophes so severe it’s clearly a day specially cursed by G‑d.

    Picture this: The year is 1313 BCE. The Israelites are in the desert, recently having experienced the miraculous Exodus, and are now poised to enter the Promised Land. But first they dispatch a reconnaissance mission to assist in formulating a prudent battle strategy. The spies return on the eighth day of Av and report that the land is unconquerable. That night, the 9th of Av, the people cry. They insist that they’d rather go back. The Jews were shocked to realize that their Second Temple was destroyed the same day as the first to Egypt than be slaughtered by the Canaanites. G‑d is highly displeased by this public demonstration of distrust in His power, and consequently that generation of Israelites never enters the Holy Land. Only their children have that privilege, after wandering in the desert for another 38 years.

    The First Temple was also destroyed on the 9th of Av (423 BCE). Five centuries later (in 69 CE), as the Romans drew closer to the Second Temple, ready to torch it, the Jews were shocked to realize that their Second Temple was destroyed the same day as the first.
    When the Jews rebelled against Roman rule, they believed that their leader, Simon bar Kochba, would fulfill their messianic longings. But their hopes were cruelly dashed in 133 CE as the Jewish rebels were brutally butchered in the final battle at Betar. The date of the massacre? Of course—the 9th of Av!

    One year after their conquest of Betar, the Romans plowed over the Temple Mount, our nation’s holiest site.

    The Jews were expelled from England in 1290 CE on, you guessed it, Tisha b’Av.

    In 1492, the Golden Age of Spain came to a close when Queen Isabella and her husband Ferdinand ordered that the Jews be banished from the land. The edict of expulsion was signed on March 31, 1492, and the Jews were given exactly four months to put their affairs in order and leave the country. The Hebrew date on which no Jew was allowed any longer to remain in the land where he had enjoyed welcome and prosperity? Oh, by now you know it—the 9th of Av.

    The Jews were expelled from England in 1290 CE on, you guessed it, Tisha b’Av

    Ready for just one more? World War II and the Holocaust, historians conclude, was actually the long drawn-out conclusion of World War I that began in 1914. And yes, amazingly enough, Germany declared war on Russia, effectively catapulting the First World War into motion, on the 9th of Av, Tisha b’Av.

    What do you make of all this? Jews see this as another confirmation of the deeply held conviction that history isn’t haphazard; events – even terrible ones – are part of a Divine plan and have spiritual meaning. The message of time is that everything has a rational purpose, even though we don’t understand it.

    Genesis 12:1-3 Now the Lord said to Abram,“Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father’s house, To the land which I will show you; 2 And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great;
    And so you shall be a blessing; 3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

  15. The protester are blocking Highways and main streets in my city and the plan is to continue this all week… and this accomplished what? aside from disrupting people’s commute who had NOTHING TO DO with the outcome/verdict. Must be nice to not have to work for a living, to live off of the people they hate so much
    In 513 Days Between Trayvon Dying and the Zimmerman Trial Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Have Been Murdered by other BLACKS…and the media remains silent. Where are the media ? black leaders? Now if this was done by the TEA PARTY, it would be reported MUCH differently.

    • WOW…that is much killing…very sad.

      The media is all bought off and they move “the agenda” forward with each passing “event” …regardless of truth.

      PEOPLE ARE SO BLINDED. 2 Cor 4:3-4

      The Elite “scumbags” do NOT care how they kill people…whether by vaccines, GMO’s, wars, crime, abortion, ……….


      Their day is coming…..QUICKLY.

    • I would love to have mounted an anti-protest rally, but I had to work. ):

      It amazes me how smart, otherwise intelligent, black people can get sucked into the sewer of race politics. They (many blacks, not all) have been so brainwashed to be the anti-uncle tom, that they will do ALMOST ANYTHING to maintain their supposed street cred. And still NONE OF THEM want to discuss the dead in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, NY,…..week after week……the body count balloons…….but silence from the race pimps…..jackson, sharpton and the gang

    • Protest all you want, but do it legally and peacefully. Where is the logic in protesting in the middle of a busy highway? Someone could have been seriously hurt or killed. There were children there too! What then? What if one of the protesters had been hit by a car driven by a white or Hispanic driver?

  16. Step back from the issue of “reasonable” protest. There’s a spirit of demonstration, mob action, and rebellion lose in the world.

    That’s the collective spirit of the rebel angels and now their proxies (zombies). Like the cannibal crazies, all one has to do is switch off self control for an instant. That’s all the time it takes to kill, maim, and destroy. You have popular movies about it. Like the one where the people go wild one day a year along with all the other zombie movies.

    Same goes for the arab spring. Same goes for the new so called “civil rights” movement. Same goes in Brazil. This isn’t about peaceable assembly. It’s about mobs and violence and overthrow. And it’s not peculiar to any particular nation or situation.

    As for judging angels… “know you not that we should judge ourselves?” And if we judge ourselves we need not be judged. And in the true Church — it’s not the esteemed who are given to judge. Tell me please what verses I’m getting this from.

    As for quote “the wicked shall cease from troubling,” see Job 3. It’s part of Job’s whining about how it would have been better if he’d never been born. Job didn’t understand overcoming yet.

    It might be a real surprise and possibly a shock to Corey to see it used by the masons as part of their polytheism:

    “” (which actually kinda shocked me too like a bad odor, the mix is worse than santeria, repugnant)

    Remember, in Christ’s Church it’s the least esteemed that judge matters. (1st Cor. 6) And who are probably gifted by the Holy Ghost to do so.

  17. So, we get rid of the trial by jury system and let mob rule decide who is guilty and who isn’t? Reminds me of an old song…

    Close the city and tell the people
    That something’s coming to call
    Death and darkness are rushing forward
    To stamp light from the wall!
    Oh! You’ve nothing to say
    They’ll drag you away!
    If you listen to fools,
    The mob rules.

  18. Good Show on Coast to Coast right now. Demons & Exorcisms
    Mon 07-15

    Dedicated to studying how various cultures view Christianity and various forms of spirituality Dr. Robert Bennett will discuss his work with demon possession and spiritual warfare, including his research on Haitian voodoo and mass exorcisms in Africa.

    First Hour: Author Whitley Strieber talks about an NBA player’s alleged alien abduction, a July 4th UFO wave, and the recent release of Russian UFO documents.

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