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40 Paracas SkullSpecial Announcement!

L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster 2014 Nephilim Skull Tour!

Dates: January 27 to February 5, 2014

January 27: Guests arrive in Lima – Introduction and lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
January 28: Museum of archaeology and anthropology, and gold museum
January 29: Drive to Paracas – Lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
January 30: Candelabro, Islas Ballestas, Paracas History Museum and Chongos ancient cemetery – Lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
January 31: Drive to Ica; Ica Regional Museum with elongated skulls, Ica Stones museum, and then overnight in Nazca
February 1: Fly over the Nazca Lines, visit Cahuachi Pyramid and cemetery, Antonini Museum in Nazca – Lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
February 2: Drive back to Lima via Maria Reiche Museum and Palpa Lines
February 3: Drive to Caral Pyramids, north of Lima and stay overnight in Huacho – Lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
February 4: Visit Bandduria ancient site (5000 years old) then return to Lima.
                            Farewell dinner at the Pucllana Pyramid – Lecture by L. A. Marzulli & Brien Foerster
February 5: Free day in Lima, and then people fly home
This is a limited tour with only 25 spots available and the cost is $3500, which includes all Hotel expenses, fees, bus rides and lectures, and in most cases breakfast.  It does not include airfare to and from Lima and dinners, except for the farewell dinner.  Some of the aspects of this trip require a person to be in decent shape as there is a lot of hiking and climbing.
If you are interested, please send me an email for details!




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8 1/2 X 11 Over size book with 120 full color photos in On the Trail of the Nephilim!

 If you buy these separately it would cost $50!

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 Hey LA, Richard Shaw, and crew!

 Watcher’s 6 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!History Channel eat your heart out! Watcher’s 6 not only gives you clear video evidence but they present sane logical explanations about who, what, when, and how! You don’t have to check your brain at the door when you view Watcher’s 6! (But putting unfounded prejudges aside might help )Thanks for all the HARD work, and consistent dedication to these topics.   Kerry

 Hello L.A.,I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.  Alan

23 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio Tonight! Ask L. A. Anything Night!

  1. I don’t know if this article has been mentioned on here before, but thought you might find it quite interesting, as it actually refers to this “anunnaki overloard” as being demonic, and all that is says is quite astonishing to me as the article origniated and linked to the Veteran’s Times. Although, BIG WARNING, there is a part of the article that mentions the “synagogue of satan” that I find horribly wrong, but the rest of the article is jaw-dropping IMHO.


    May all of you be deeply blessed, and please come soon Lord Jesus!

  2. Question for tonight.

    Do you think your skull is a nephilim or a gray? I thought grays were inter dimensional beings with no true body?

    Whitley Streiber referred to grays as “just skin.” He said when he was in the craft he found grays in drawers rolled up like clothes.

    He said they were inter dimensional almost like blow up dolls.

    The skull resembles a gray not a nephilim. Wouldn’t that defeat the thought process this skull was a gray if they are inter dimensional?

    Just Wondering Richard

  3. As in the days of Noah and Lot:

    White House to name new liaison to Jewish community,a LGBT activist and point man

    Lawyer Matt Nosanchuck has served as LGBT pointman in Justice Department, was active in crafting Obama’s gay rights agenda

    The White House is set to name Matt Nosanchuk, a lawyer who has been prominent in advancing the Obama administration’s gay rights policies, as its new full-time Jewish liaison.

    From 2009 to 2012, Nosanchuk was a top staffer in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, where he helped shape the Obama administration’s response to a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. That challenge last month successfully nullified the act, extending federal rights to same-sex couples.

  4. Praying for tonight’s show!

    I have several people eyeballing that January tour down to Peru. That’s going to be exciting.

    More on Egypt

    • Amazing to see sooooo MANY prophecies coming to pass or being “readied” for fulfillment by The Lord.

      Certainly there are many twists and turns in the process. THAT is why we WATCH and PRAY.

      This video is another one worth your time to understand.

  5. If you haven’t seen it yet, Brien Foerster, who LA toured with in Peru, has a youtube channel that definitely resonates with the interests folks have here.

    for Matt … bigfoot language

    for those going on the tour … a Taste of Inca Explorations

    plenty more:


    Of interest to me … the substructure for a possible parabolic dish (cp. Arecibo, PR)

    “” (needs covers like they would do with a roof, using something reflective, possibly moist and mineral salts, also a collector … the point like with Nazca and SETI is to communicate with the heavens)
    “” (scale model of the lines … I suspect that all the lines are meant to communicate, not unlike the string counting system called quipu.

    About BF…

    note: re: Lloyd Pye (Starchild) links. LP thinks modern humans are a bad copy of a created race of ancient slaves.

    • Speaking of Bigfoot, Coast to Coast had Bigfoot investigator Cliff Barackman on the other night (07-10-13) he mentioned that occasionally he runs across strange stories like the creature becoming invisible or speaking English. He said “Bigfoot are not monsters, and they deserve our compassion and should not be hunted down”

  6. This qualifies as A VERY BAD DAY FOR DRIVING !!!!! GLAD HE DID NOT DIE !!!


  7. “’ ”

    Israeli green light for big Egyptian Sinai offensive, after Islamists fail to assassinate Egyptian general

  8. “”

    What the… Look at the picture. I’m not sure I’m buying the official explanation on that one.

    *******RECOMMENDED *******



  10. Kirk, Pastor Baldwin scores some points, but maybe God is not looking for people to be active in politics. That seems to be Baldwin’s weakness, confusing the church with the state. Jesus was not active in politics.

  11. Yes. i am NOT saying “politics” is the answer, BUT ….JESUS is…and He wants us to effect EVERY area of our lives…in EVERY arena.

    The Old Testament showed tons of examples of The Righteous having prominence in The City Gates, which was essentially how and where
    decisions were made for the community…and The Church is to be THAT WHICH EFFECTS A COMMUNITY.

    Sadly, most ‘churches’ have NOT been effecting The State, but rather effected by The State putting LIMITS on our influence of Righteousness.

    Being “watered down” and “salt-less” has made The Church less effective to preserve our culture. Our culture has permeated the Churches.


  12. faithfulelect said “Keep Thy FAITH matt you will be going home soon”

    Faithfulelect, I always enjoy your cryptic messages and post, however this one hits little too close to home. You know something I don’t? I have no plans of checking out anytime soon, much to the dismay of some 😉 I don’t plan on leaving this planet until the new Star Wars film “Finding Yoda”is released. . This will be the tale of a 300-year-old boy named Yoda who is scooped up by the Empire from his home of Dagobah, amongst the plants, and how his father must brave the farthest reaches of space to find him. Yoda’s father teams up with Dory Dory Binks, a useless, idiotic character who barely says anything intelligible, but has an affable quality that most of the audience find annoying by the end of the film. Since the Star Wars franchise has been purchased by power house Disney, except to see a swashbuckling Star Wars adventure that soars over the sandy dunes of Tatooine and will feature a spectacular performance by Johnny Depp as Lando Calrissian’s adopted son, Brando. Rumor is, Depp chose to sign-on so he could do his version of a Marlon Brando impression. Watch out for musical numbers and ridiculous comic-relief characters throughout the film. 😉

    • Compelling viewing, no doubt! 🙂 I can picture Neil Hamburger as a wise master jedi in it. 4 1/2 stars

    • Well, Peter, as we all know Disney likes a sure thing, and after the success of films such as Shaggy D.A., we can be sure coming to a theater near you will be Star Wars spin offs, such as Wookie D.A, followed by Honey,, I Shrunk the Jedi, Artoo Goes Bananas, Leia and the Tramp, Song of the Sith and of course last but not least, Aladdin IV: Jafar goes to Mustafar 😉 So, there you have it. The top secret word about Disney’s new Star Wars movies. Next up, we’ll be discussing Disney’s plans for the Indiana Jones franchise, and the upcoming announcement about the next sequel: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Pooh.

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