ACHTUNG! Welcome to the United Soviet States…

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L. A. Marzulli

Experts: Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work | McClatchy

In an initiative aimed at rooting out future leakers and other security violators, President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques that are not scientifically proven to work, according to experts and government documents.

Federal employees and contractors are asked to pay particular attention to the lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors – like financial troubles, odd working hours or unexplained travel – of co-workers as a way to predict whether they might do “harm to the United States.” Managers of special insider threat offices will have “regular, timely, and, if possible, electronic, access” to employees’ personnel, payroll, disciplinary and “personal contact” files, as well as records of their use of classified and unclassified computer networks, polygraph results, travel reports and financial disclosure forms.

When I was in school I remember reading about life in the Soviet Union.  The article told about restricted travel, neighbor spying on neighbor, children informing on their parents to the government, and of course life in the Soviet Gulags, or prison camps.  We are sliding closer to becoming a mirror image of the USSR, all we need is the gulags and according to some, their already here!
FEMA concentration camps – RationalWiki  While I believe this is overblown, as the article I linked to sates, we can remember the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, so the concept is not without precedent.
Then we have the arrest of Adam Kokech who was arrested by a SWAT TEAM, using flash grenades to stun Kokesh before arresting him.  Helicopters were also deployed as his front door was kicked down, all because he spoke up about the right to bare arms.
I can also point to Boston, where hundreds of troops closed down the city, searching house to house to find one 19-year-old suspect, and the people of Boston folded like a broken lawn chair, without event a hint of outrage at their search and seizure rights being violated.  Fortunately Ron Paul spoke up about it.Ron Paul: Shutdown After Boston Bombings More Frightening Than Attack Itself
I agree with Paul as he pointed out that shutting down the city was more frightening the bombing attack!
In closing todays post:  I travel to conferences all over the United States and I spend a lot of time in airports.  The TSA has a tape which is played over and over again, warning passengers about unattended baggage, and how it will  be destroyed by the TSA, who promises, our safety is their priority.  We are searched, patted down, and in some cases pulled into a private room and interrogated.  Now our president tells us to spy on each other.  To report suspicious behavior like odd working hours or unexplained travel.   Is this what we have come to as a nation?  Is this our presidents idea of leadership?  I’m dismayed by what I see and can only wonder what will come next… Achtung!


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Suwanose-jima volcano (Japan): ash plume reported


Toronto Flooding 2013 | Flood in Toronto, Ontario Canada July 2013 – YouTube


Egyptian army’s financial coup: 13 billion petrodollars from Saudi, UAE, Kuwaiti fans


Israel Hayom | Hezbollah blames Israel for Beirut bombing


BBC News – Is Egypt heading for holy war?


Experts: Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, unlikely to work | McClatchy


» Adam Kokesh Raided By “Storm Trooper” Cops Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

72 thoughts on “ACHTUNG! Welcome to the United Soviet States…

  1. The short answer to your question at the end is, sadly: Yes. That’s what we’ve come to. Welcome to the New World Order. There’s no turning back.

    The whole world is in the same handbasket and you know which way that handbasket is headed. 😉

    Skype video conferencing is a wonderful thing. I have friends and people I know in ministry now that refuse to fly for more reasons than one and have been that way for a pretty long while.

    They’ll drive in their motorhomes only so far and after that it’s Skype videoconference time. I don’t blame them.

    Believe me: I’m flying to the Peak against my better judgement and my own desires because I really want to see everyone in a bad way.

    I haven’t flown in ten years and I’d written it off.

    If I had my way I’d never fly again so that ought to tell you how much meeting you all at the Peak means to me. 🙂

    A couple of quickies:


    ^^ Cool archaeological find.

    Syria update.

    Rebels Hint that Israel Attacked in Syria
    Syrian rebels claim that “foreign forces” destroyed advanced Russian anti-ship missiles in Latkia last week.


    So have the “heroic rebels” crossed “the red line” now? What a joke. Except I ain’t laughing.

    Egypt is being set up for a Syria like civil/proxy war.

    If you listened to Gary’s update the other day it comes to the Saudis, the UAE, and the Gulf Arab states supporting the Egyptian military and the coup and of course us and our dumb allies supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and aiding and arming terrorists.

    Salus and others warn about “if” America is on the wrong side. We are. We have been.

    All we’ve done is load up all of Israel’s enemies including all of the Psalm 83 participants. ‘Nuff said. Game over.

    Make no mistake about it. We’re finished.

    There isn’t going to be a revival or the country getting together to march in the streets against this super powered NSA NWO government.

    No way. No how. No sir.


    I’ll let that picture speak for itself.

    Hurry Lord!

    • “”

      Here’s our Sunni king’s statement about the “sacred” holiday of Ramadan.

    • Hey Eric-Satan has been messing up my money badly. I’m suppossed to go to the conference but right now unless is by angels flying me, I’m not sure how. believe me, im not above sitting in a tryckstop with a cardboard sign reading Co. Springs!
      I AN NOT ASKING FOR MONEY! But if you could pray for God to make this happen, the financial ability for me to get there, I would be grateful beyond belief. Thank you!

    • @ Alley: If you cannot fly to Colorado Springs for the Conference, you can watch it on internet live streaming:

      I am unable to fly to Colorado Springs but I did sign up for the live streaming conference so I won’t miss anything! The fee for live streaming is $50.00 which can be applied to their DVD packages once they are edited and ready for purchasing.


    • God willing, I’ll be there! 🙂

      The streaming is a great deal. $50 gets you access to the main presentation live AND on demand for 30 days after the event. Plus, like Mary said, that $50 goes towards the DVDs. Great setup! 🙂

    • Would it be possible to have a group pic of all those who post comments here. It would be so special just to see some faces. I can’t attend the conference and I can’t get the live stream. We’re just so stretched with our finances right now. At least that would be something at least.
      I am so excited for all that are going and perhaps if God gives us another year, I can attend that one.

      God Bless and thanks !

  2. We ALL have to remember that it doesn’t matter which side you are on. Democrat Republican, both are controlled by the global elite. All direction comes out of the Illuminati and the Central Bank “The Global, Federal Reserve out of Basil Switzerland. The same group controls the EU Africa essentially everyone outside of parts of Russia and possibly Saudi Arabia.

    America is still under this delusion that our vote matters. We are still under the delusion that we can do something. Most of those voters you can tag as either an “uneducated voter or ignorant.” Most people are just clueless.They are too wrapped up in their own lives to even dive into things that bother them or ask questions.

    The global elite have been preparing for years for the collapse of our global currency. I’ve read economist postulate the collapse could occur the 4th quarter of 2013 or 2014. Everything looks good on the surface. They desperately need and want full Marshall Law. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theory to see the puzzle pieces coming together.

    Jamie Fox called on people to riot when Zimmerman is acquitted. I think it could happen. It might very well be the tipping point.

    Two weeks ago I spent 15 minutes alone with Colorado’s senator Michael Bennett. I grilled him on everything and I got generic responses. Here are some of my questions and the responses I received.

    Me “Mr Bennett What are you going to about the deficit?”

    Mr Bennett, “Well I have four daughters do you think I want them growing up in this mess.”

    Me, “So what are you going to do about it?”

    Mr Bennett “No Response”

    Me “Unemployment #’s are the worse they have been since 1967. That’s people no longer looking for work. I was recently laid off at my company. What makes you think adding more illegal immigrants to our country will help America? The CBO said that they “new illegals” will cost America Billions not help”

    Mr Bennett “Im sorry you got laid off”

    Me “That’s it?”

    Me “What are you going to do about the IRS targeting Republicans?”

    Mr Bennett “Well from what I understand there are only several rogue agents in Cincinnati.”

    Me “No to be exact there are over 350 that have been identified”

    Mr Bennett “No Response”

    Me “Why didnt any Democrat point out the additional add ons to the bill that gave perks to casino’s for Harry Reid?”

    Mr Bennett “No Response.

    We went on and on. He was frustrated with my knowledge and gave generic responses.

    The senate and the house are clueless too. We did agree on one thing that we need to get the special interest out of Washington and I said what are you going to do about it? No response

    The Global Elite Endgame is no different than the Scriptural Endgame. One global financial system for one global leader to rule and the Global Elite want that ASAP. If you havent watched “The End Game” Its a MUST SEE!

    The Global Elite postulated that Obama would be the President of the New World Order in 2008 when the market crashed.
    Listen to Bildeberg Leader Henry Kissinger tell MSNBC on Squawk Talk that “Now was the time for a New World Order and to put Obama as its leader.”

    • Good response Richard and Eric.
      I have an immediate concern about the George Zimmerman verdict and the possiblity of rioting. I believe both sides will rest their cases at the end of this week. Does anyone have a specualation when the verdict may be handed down? I have to travel by car this weekend from Amarillo, TX to Dallas, TX this weekend for an appointment on Monday. I will be alone and I am not familar with navigating in Dallas at all. Being stuck in the middle of a major metropolitan area when the verdict is announced is not really where I want to be if I can help it.

      God Bless and GodSpeed,
      Jimmy D.

    • Richard: You’re singing from the same hymnal I use. 😉

      If there’s rioting it’s all thanks to deliberate hype by the media. Oakland, parts of Detroit, places like Overtown and Liberty City near Miami…you don’t want to be there or near those places.

      The Zimmerman trial isn’t news. Look up Journalism 101 and what merits “news.”

      It doesn’t affect any of our lives.

      If that had been white on white, black on black, or black on white it wouldn’t be in the news. They want this to be more than it is. It’s a great sideshow.

      Notice how it’s taken everything else out of the news? I think a nuke would have to go off the Middle East to upstage the “gavel to gavel coverage” which is absolutely insane.

      Obama is the “luckiest” person I’ve ever seen. Snowden, NSA, Benghazi, economy …everything’s gone and out of the news except for Zimmerman trial BS.


    • I was listening to Rush today. The Judicial Watch just released the content of the FOIA documents received concerning the Zimmerman trial. The DOJ paid for, propped up, and encouraged racially motivated protest against Zimmerman, the police chief, and the DA. Any questions why the New Black Panther Party, among many other racist groups who have called for killing whites, have not been met with handcuffs and indictments? The DOJ and this administration is yet again eyeball deep in criminal depraved indifference for human life.

    • i agree, political party affiliation no longer matters nor could stop the birth pangs that have started. it is sad for America but good because we all here can rejoice because our Redeemer is drawing nigh. a sign for sure; i think Isaiah 19.1-17 is happening right now. i even checked rainfall and water level of The Nile in Egypt and it is going away and stinks, and i am sure the thugs in Egypt will try to do away with the dam built by Ethiopia i think. it does not matter prophetically because i think Isa.19.5 just happened or still is. The LORD is shaking His Hand over Egypt.

    • It’s rigged. The fallout from the Zimmerman trial *could be*…I stress that what if qualifer…an excuse to try and get something going at least in some isolated areas. Or some kind of legislation.

      No, I don’t think we’re going to martial law because we might have a few race baited riots. Just for the record.

    • DOJ Provided Support for Trayvon Rallies

      On Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced that the Department of Justice had turned over documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act request showing that the Community Relations Service (CRS), a small division of the DOJ, was sent to Sanford, Florida after the Trayvon Martin shooting to help manage rallies and protests.

      In April 2013, Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan first reported the role of the CRS in Sanford.

      The new documents show that from March 25 through April 12, 2012, the CRS spent thousands of dollars helping organize and “work” marches and demonstrations regarding Trayvon Martin. Tasks included:

      Working “marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain”;
      Providing “support for protest deployment in Florida”;
      Providing “technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”;
      Providing “technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

      In April, the CRS reportedly “set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

      Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented, “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman. My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstration

  3. Gotta say I agree with Eric and Richard. Not sure they’d agree with me that the old USA ended when NAFTA began.

    Moreso, I’d point to all the evil that the USA has done since it’s founding along with the good. It’s always been a mixed bag. Those that were on the receiving side of the evil were never deluded by patriotic indoctrination that somehow the USA is better than any other place.

    I’ll spare y’all the list of those that have been oppressed and destroyed by the USA, (slaves, indians, workers, etc.). But I have no illusion that it goes on the same today with somewhat different groups. Illegals substitute for slaves today. Locals (rural areas, towns, etc.) substitute for indians as the globalist heard them into “reservations” etc. Corporations still grind children and foreign workers into the ground overseas….

    Say what you want good about the US and I’ll give a counter example. Such as harboring the Nazi elites after WWII (paperclip) or providing arms to the Nazis (both sides) before….

    What’s going on today is what went on with the FBI, CIA, and Hoover before. It’s reasonable to make the assumption that for any group 1/3 are working for God, 1/3 for the devil, and 1/3 haven’t decided yet. And it’s easy to see that a sizable faction in the US has always been corrupt.

    Like Eric said, that’s not going to change. The only change is that another group is targeted as they lose dominance. Like dog eat dog. And boomers will fare no better as they pass into old age, used up and discarded.

    I say the USA died with NAFTA. Others might say with the institution of income tax. Others might say with the assassination of Kennedy.

    Let me tell ya… when you’re on the outside — the delusion of some “great nation” was never merited. Who will vehemently disagree? The new rich… while they’re stomping over the faces of others to get their self-made rewards and benefits….

    And though the newly empowered might like their current positions in the administration — as they lose power all they’ve planted will come back to haunt them….

    • I’d say 1913 was the beginning of the end certainly.


      ^^ This is what’s in the immediate future. Unofficially we’re already there and have been for a while which is one of the reasons we’re seeing “bipartisan” amnesty.

      (There is no such thing as bipartisan. I just said that for the effect. 😉 )

    • Hello, Nomemoleste, and friends!

      Sorry to change subject you have commented about here…

      Thanks for Hatcher-Childress radio discussion other day… I was unaware that the Egyptians (and others) possessed similar boomerangs to the Australian Aborigines.

      Further re recent mention of the Gosford Hieroglyphs (Central New South Wales,… seems that they may be a fraud.. allegedly some local who lived in area (1970s) killed some time by carving copies of hieroglyph characters/symbols into rockface – likely copied from an old school text book!

      Just browsed a youtube video title ‘World’s 10 Most Mysterious Pictures’… number 1 on its list is/was ‘Geophone Rock Anomaly: “image/photograph taken by crew of Apollo 17 (December 11, 1972) near the Geophone Rock, during last flight to the moon “on last which appears blank on film/negative but with adjustments to contrasts etc it then depicts images of pyramid structures etc.

      Don’t know if these are fair dinkum or just ripping yarns…

      What was surprising was mention of the Apollo 17 mission badge… features image of Stonhenge.

      Regards, Pete (W.Australia)

      ps… I’ll have to get down to State Library to research information re local Nephilim Structures/Archaeology… in middle of studies at moment so will take me a little while to get round to it.

      another quick note… paragraph from Graham Hancock’s book, ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’:

      ‘Several aboriginal Australian peoples, especially those whose traditional homelands are along the tropical northern coast, ascribe their origins to a great flood which swept away the previous landscape and society. Meanwhile, in the origin myths of other tribes, the cosmic serpent Yurlunggur (associated with the rainbow) is held responsible for the deluge.’

      Also, Charles Pellegrino’s ‘Return to Sodom and Gomorrah – Bible stories from Archaelogists’ has some interesting ideas.



  4. Obama’s plan is to make a snitch out of everybody! Eliminate all trust, everywhere!
    Sort of like in Communist nations like Cuba, where there are neighborhood watch committees, who pretend to be your friend and neighbor, but actually are working for the state. All totalitarian regimes do the same and Communists are not alone in that category. The United States is a de-facto police state already.I’m not sure if Obama is this foolish or this inexperienced or both, but he sure is an ever increasing disappointment.

  5. 10 Virgins Parable fially expained

    Jesus is talking to Israel about Faith (believing) in Him as thier sacrifice and covering for sin. Not to gentiles
    or believers about a relationship with him to be saved.

    1) Salvation comes by faith, believing in Jesus.
    Not relationship. When he says he did not
    know you he means he did not know you as a Believer

    2) taking their lamp with oil means looking for their
    messiah to make final atonement for sin. when
    you believe you have a lamp full of oil. Holy Spirit

    3) Lamp going out means missing the fact Jesus is
    their messiah. Did not believe, no oil, no Holy Spirit

    4) Go buy your own oil means. if you dont believe
    in,receive, Jesus then go BUY animals to sacrifice
    for yourself, for your covering as they used to buy
    animals for sacrifice when they did not have the
    money. as if to say, Buy your covering then if Im not
    the one sent by God to cover all sin.

    5) when they returned it was too late. He will say to them
    I did not know you as one WHO BELIEVED.

    relationship is important and comes with time. But you
    are saved when you repent and Believe.
    Beieve in Jesus. He is speaking To Isreal. He just got
    there. He is telling them he is the messiah. Now
    Christians. Relax you are saved if you beleive in Jesus.
    Be Wise and Believe in Jesus as your sacrifice for sin

    • There’s more.

      The parable is about the Kingdom of Heaven — which includes many who came before the Israelites or the Jews, (along with angels and other creatures that are not human). Those others include Enoch, Abraham, and Elijah and should not be considered gentiles — nor ethnic, cultural, or religious Jews.

      For those saved, for now, we know the Kingdom is spiritual — and within. Paul makes very plain that our “conversation/citizenship” is in Heaven. And that the Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Jude likewise.

      After the door is shut (and all that don’t belong are cast out) there’s no way to get in. The body without the Spirit (i.e. the false church) is dead. Their doom is to be consumed by the carrion eaters.

      Those that think they can “buy oil” — like the sorcerer trying to buy the power of the Holy Ghost — clearly don’t know Christ. Nor are they joined to Him through His Spirit, as in “the Vine and Branches.” The Kingdom is given to those who produce the fruits thereof — and the Holy Ghost courses through them as living waters and power via Christ.

      Matthew 25

      1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

      10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.
      11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.

      12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. 13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

      Matthew 25 is awesome! But that you’ve done it to the least of these — so you’ve done it to me — as Jesus said.

      By way of prophecy, the Great Multitude comes out of every nation, tribe, tongue and people regarding the Kingdom in the last days. Clearly not just out of Israel.

  6. All that is missing to finish the destruction of the USA is something like the Reichstag fire.. . . . . . The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

  7. Slightly off subject, however I feel this is relevant to current events as this is about to hit the fan.
    Police prepare for Zimmerman verdict, a plea not to resort to violence.
    Anticipating that the outcome of the very public Zimmerman trial, law enforcement agencies have set up a response plan. Part of it is a public service announcement that is the released this week. In it, a black teenage boy and a Hispanic girl urge viewers to “stand together as one. No cuffs, no guns.”

    Despite the courts attempt to convict Zimmerman “Judge denies key defense evidence for Zimmerman” “A Florida judge ruled Wednesday that Trayvon Martin’s cellphone text messages about fighting and a defense animation depicting the struggle between Martin and George Zimmerman won’t be introduced as evidence at Zimmerman’s trial”
    I feel after yesterday’s expert testimony by Dr. DiMaio, there shouldn’t be any question what was going on when the shot was fired and Dr. DiMaio’s additional testimony regarding the injuries to Zimmerman’s head injuries pretty much sealed it. In this case, Science should top speculation and misinformation but there’s still the wild card: the jury and the threat of violence if found not guilty.

    • my city will be like a battle ground if Zimmerman goes free…’s even making me feel a bit nervous and I always pack heat when I walk out my front door.

    • Revelation 8. Lets keep PRAYING! I am sorry Matt, I didn’t realize things were that rough for you (whever you live). Although I can relate. Our daughters boyfriend is black. We love him! He got some kind of ticket recently and was forever in court out in a county not friendly to blacks and we were nervous for him, until he called. JESUS help us all please!

    • A white female judge and a jury of all white females.

      Hellllooooo?! As soon as I saw that I started laughing. I had the same reaction back when OJ’s jury got picked. Are you kidding me?

      Except chances are it’s not going to be laughing time when this is done. I’ll be praying for anyone near any potential trouble spots.

      Like I said in the other thread: Everything po sible to blow this local non-event into something much larger than it needs to be has been done. On purpose.

    • moonpye20 , have you ever been to Houston? It’s a war zone. It’s like the wild west here, guns blazing everywhere. We have at least 5+ murders a day, enough assaults, robberies and rapes you can’t even count. How I survived here is only a miracle from the Lord. Nothing good happens here after 9:00PM; you MUST be off the streets by that time or you take an extremely terrible risk. . You have to watch your back at all times, your home must have top of the line security system as well as cameras at every angle, a very large guard dog is also recommended. You see, this city is what they call a sanctuary city, our openly gay mayor allows illegal’s to roam the streets and loiter all around the city committing crimes at every opportunity. The police hands are tied and can do very little as the city’s policy prevents them from upholding the law. After Hurricane Katrina 100s of gang members and the low life’s of society evacuated New Orleans and moved to Houston. They never went back and our crime sky rocketed to levels unseen in this city before. This has always been a terribly violent city , with people shot down in the street and in their vehicles every day, however, with this added strain from the influx of denigrates from New Orleans only made matters worse , the local police were out numbered and not effective in stopping home invasions and other violent crimes. Both my wife and I carry concealed hand guns and won’t leave the house without it. It’s a shame we have to live this way, but I refuse to be another victim seen on the nightly news, I would rather be a victor. Thank God I have never had to use it up to this point, however, if the situation arises to where it was matter of life and death and my family’s survival I wouldn’t hesitate to use it and I am trained to do so. I go to the shooting range almost every weekend and quite frankly I am prepared for any situation that might present itself. . I served noticed at the last HOA meeting in my neighborhood to the fact I was locked an loaded and my house is one of the few on the block that has not been broken in to in the past year, so evidently someone got the message. One police officer I know told me, don’t ever count on us to be there in your time of need, we are really only there for the clean up and aftermath of a crime. So what he was saying was, don’t count on the police to protect you or your family in your time of need as most likely they wont be. Say all that to say this, if Zimmerman is found not guilty; let’s just say I will be staying home in the evenings for a few weeks.

      Deirdre, yes it can be rough here, but this is not about a black thing, a white thing or Hispanic thing, this is a THUG thing. Most whites, African Americans and Hispanics are law abiding citizens and will abide by the law regardless of how they personally feel about the outcome of the trial, it’s the trouble making thugs and gang bangers which this city and many others are full of , that will cause the problems.

    • sounds like camden nj, i just moved two years ago AWAY from the city! we felt led by the lord to get away now! before all hell breaks loose in our country. We listen to John Paul Jackson, hes a a propehtic ministry and God has givine him the gift to interpret dreams from the lord. amazing man. well, hes been saying lately for people (if they can) move at least 10 miles outside a city, because the lord showed him riots, home invasions, robbing, etc..evil stuff. arm guards will have to ride on food trucks! he saw this in a vision, its on youtube i think, part of it called, “A Perfect Storm” if you can try and listen to him, you would really be blessed Matt! 🙂

    • This video was taken by a professional meteorologist. It’s not water droplets on the lens. He saw it in the sky.

      The Hagmanns interviewed him last Monday:

      “” (second hour)

    • Looks REAL to me. lenses would effect the whole video frame. Could be the HAARP effecting the ionisphere/atmosphere.

    • well guess its time for another one…you did this rose not me.

      We sat upon them in their puffy whiteness. They could be as firm as earth or as supple as quicksand. I remember the elder that was in charge of us and perhaps our protection giving us instructions about not being seen by peering off the edges. I remember The conversations though faces and forms are still without I was there. There came a time when it was no longer safe nor desirable to be there anymore and that’s about all I know. I also can recall lying upon them. We were obviously not physical atleast in the sense im thinking of. I don’t know what it all means nor why I remember it. But a madman sees what he sees that doesn’t make him a liar. Keep telling yourselves that its far more convenient than the fact our faith is not what it should be. We fall by the wayside and are without even when we think we are comfortably within. I amaze myself at my own hypocrisy. Im still warning though and still in the war. I return home tomorrow perhaps there ill fare better when I have time to pray for more than 3 seconds at a time. GOD bless you my family the above was not for you. though perhaps it was? I know not. I just relate what I saw. Rose opened it up with that because we could make things up there though they were only as permanent as the Lord allowed and I don’t remember the strictures.

      Im also categorizing the enemy by attachment manifestations I see around certain types of criminals and religions. It seems this can vary greatly. There are those that look like ferocious wolves both upon the skin and in the hair of many new age apostalites, not the teachers but the ones that are making money off it sort of the entertainer types. Many others as well but im just getting started ill tell you guys some of the others the more I study it. it not a full wolf body though I have seen that once- its more of a head and torso only.

      GOD bless everyone.

  8. Radioactive cesium level soars 90-fold at Fukushima in just 3 days


    • from wiki “nuclear meltdown”

      Once the fuel elements of a reactor begin to melt, the fuel cladding has been breached, and the nuclear fuel (such as uranium, plutonium, or thorium) and fission products (such as cesium-137, krypton-88, or iodine-131) within the fuel elements can leach out into the coolant. Subsequent failures can permit these radioisotopes to breach further layers of containment. Superheated steam and hot metal inside the core can lead to fuel-coolant interactions, hydrogen explosions, or water hammer, any of which could destroy parts of the containment. A meltdown is considered very serious because of the potential–however remote–that radioactive materials could breach all containment and escape (or be released) into the environment, resulting in radioactive contamination and fallout, and potentially leading to radiation poisoning of people and animals nearby.

  9. I just want to say I love you good people on this blog and thank you for being such an inspiration. Bless you all!

    • you as well many of you have made this grief bearable in many different ways. The Lord has increased my “sight” due to my own asking and praying so don’t be afraid to say when you guys see things no matter how silly or crazy it sounds. Also don’t let yourself talk your mind out of seeing what it really saw. That’s the real trick to it all. We were given eyes to see and ears to hear for a reason!

  10. The following video reveals increasing UFO sightings in Hawaiian Islands. Some of the locals believe it is a sigh of the return of the old gods. On the Big Island of Hawaii many of these sighting are in an around the Waipio Valley where in ancient times temples were places of invocation, human sacrifice and ritual worship of the gods. The Night marchers and the old gods of Hawaii are being more frequently seen by locals and some tourist. There is a rival of interest in the old religion of Hawaii according to Christian researchers such as Sandy Simpson creator of the “Deception in the Church” website:

    • In the following documentary Haunted Hawaii there is a depiction of reported sightings and encounters of the Night marchers ( so called ancient Hawaiian warrior spirits) in the Waipio Valley on the Big Island. In other parts of the Hawaiian islands gods such as Pele, the volcano goddess are being encountered.. As mentioned in the above video the locals believe the increase of ufo sightings is a sign of the return of the old gods. Is this a pattern what may take places in other parts of the world? Fallen angels and spirits are that can transform themselves as gods etc. are seeking worshippers again and choosing some humans to bear nephilim children. This is a clear sign we are living in the end times as Christ warned it would be like the time of Noah.

    • they are preparing the world for the time when they are FORCED down. THey know its soon but never HOW soon. Its the great question I heard them asking nonstop. IS it near the time? Is the TIME near. They are without time but soon they Will be just as knee deep in it as we are.

  11. I have a theory, and I admit it is only a theory, although I also have the witness of the Spirit to back it up. I can’t prove to 100% from the Bible that this theory is correct, but at least it doesn’t contradict the Bible in anyway. The theory is that only if nephilim marries within their own nephilim tribes, their offspring becomes nephilim. If a human and a nephilim marries, the offspring becomes human, either in that generation, or the next generation. That is the only answer to how the nephilim tribes, the jebusites and the gibeonites (of which king Saul and Jonathan were descendants), could be assimilated into the israelite population, without causing the israelites to become nephilim too. So, only fullblood nephilim are real nephilim. Offspring together with humans may well become giants, but they are not nephilim giants. They don’t have a nephilim spirit. They are redeemable, by the blood of Jesus.

    And to be a little more specific, I believe, based on history, that if a human male marries a nephilim female, the offspring becomes human directly. If the male is nephilim and the human is a female, the offspring will become a nephilim, but in the next generation, if that offspring marries a human, the offspring will become human.

    Either that, or the israelites, and the rest of humanity, are nephilim and cannot be saved, because intermingling has been going on through all history between humans and giants. There is definitely nephilim dna in everyone of us, as the giants spread all over the world.

    Deut. 7:1, Amos 2:9, 2 Sam. 21:2, 1 Chron. 12:4, Josh. 10:2, 1 Chron. 9:35-39, 1 Sam. 9:2, Josh. 15:63, Judg. 1:21.

    • This is pure conjecture. To say that all human beings are polluted with angelic DNA is to make our God a fool and the care he took in keeping Jesus’ bloodline pure a fool’s errand.
      To make such a definitive statement without proof is simply to serve the interests of Satan in confusing the understanding of Christians in the know, so that when this filth comes out into the open, we will not have a clear philosophical and biblical position. The military terminology for this kind of action is called, “preparing the battlefield.” This is an attempt to intellectually “soften up” the body of Christ.
      If this were true there would have been no distinction between the DNA of the father and the mother in the samples taken of “Big Foot” fur. They would have both shown up as “human” since the standard for “human” DNA would have been Nephillic.
      This is purely Satanic. Jesus died for mankind, not the children of the Angels. Anyone with angelic DNA is the progeny of the angels.
      Think of the logic in this: Why would a God who ordered the Israelites to kill everything that breathes in the towns polluted with Nephillim then chastise Jonah for his lack of concern for children and animals in Ninevah?
      Either our God is vicious and capricious or there was another factor involved.
      He wiped out almost all life on Earth because of this pollution and Satan’s attempt to disrupt the Messianic bloodline. This is the missing piece in our understanding of why God has done what He has done.

      Don’t fall for this. The standard for humanity was given by God in reference to Noah: “pure in all his generations.”

    • Keith, I hadn’t thought of that. If nephilic dna exists in human beings, Melba Ketchum’s analysis wouldn’t have come back with an unknown “other” finding. That dna would have been present in the human samples.

      It would also have been the same result with L.A.’s hair samples he took comparing the red-haired giant and the hair taken from the “alien” encounter.


    • Life ; you are going beyond what is written!
      Saul, the first King of Israel was the son of Kish, a Benjamite. How do you get to be a Jesubite and a gibeonite from a Benjamite.
      Saul’s great,great, great grandfather was Aphiah also the son of a Benjamite, a mighty man of valour. 1sam9:1,2

    • Neandertal is most likely nephilim. There’s a very large neandertal DNA contamination in the human populace. Neandertal evidence is massive. Better understood as hybrid than a parallel line of hominid.

      Of course, I don’t agree with fossil dating theories, which are often revised, just as I don’t agree with much that’s presented as history by the revisionists.

  12. I drove by and stopped an estate sale today. At one point I just sat back and watch as the frenzy unfolded before me. I couldn’t help but think that who ever this was that past away, here where strange people in his house going though his personally things like rats at a 3.99 Chinese buffet restaurant. (No disrespect to any owners of 3.99 Chinese buffet restaurants) There was just something sad about that. Everything this person worked for and strived for, his personally possessions now being plundered by the masses looking for a bargain. I’ve always known this but at that moment the realization was so strong; that all the trinkets we acquire on this earth are worthless once we leave our bodies behind

    • I thought the same thing, Matt. It almost feels disrespectful in a way, to pick through all their stuff. I’ve watched as men who worked their whole lives and accumulated all sorts of expensive things suddenly get sick and end up spending their last days alone in a nursing home, because they had cut off friends and family, thinking their wealth would always take care of them and saw no need for people. So they lived their lives pleasing themselves and saw no reason to be thoughtful and kind to others. No reason to love, because they were in love with their wealth. With things.

      When I think about these things and the temptation to indulge in materialism, I’m always reminded of this warning from Jesus, to keep our lives in perspective, and beware of acquiring too many “things”.

      Luke 22:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
      16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:
      17 And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?
      18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. 20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? 21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.
      22 And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.

    • Nothing petrifies me more than the thought of dying in a nursing home…God forbid.
      My father is in a nursing home and is suffering from Alzheimer’s and I see how they treat the seniors there…it’s horrible. My father hasn’t had his wedding ring off in over 50+ years, the staff snuck into his room one night and forcibly took it from him , ripped it form his finger, then denied it, they knew he wouldn’t be able to stop them or be able to remember who exactly took it from his finger. The staff steals anything of small value such as transistor radios, clothes and ever his hearing aides. The elderly that have to stay there are at the mercy of the corrupt staff. You can’t stay there to protect your loved one 24 -7, so any complaints to the administrator comes with the risk of reprisals of revenge against your loved one. Everyday I see the pain and suffering and the mental anguish of the elderly in that nursing home and it chills me to the bone, like so many other senior that must stay at a facility due to their advanced condition, some like my father have very few options. The senior in this country are not respected, appreciated or cared for as they should be, I see this first hand every day, and its so very sad as they all have so much to offer in guidance and wisdom but our society pushes them aside and are more of a nuisance then anything else, this is so very wrong, If anyone has a chance stop in local nursing home and talk to some of the elderly please do,, they are so very lonely to talk to someone…anyone, many don’t get visitors at all and are thrilled that someone took the time just to say hi.

    • Hello, Matt.

      I feel for you there.

      I have been full-time caring for my mum as a result of her having had major stroke and then mild ones over the last four years. And recently began taking care of my brother who had complications from cancer/tumours – the transfusion he was given were contaminated.

      My mother asked me recently if it was ok for her to go into a nursing home as she did not want to be a burden to me.. it broke my heart to hear that as I told her I would rather have her at home with me where I know I can be there for her and know she is alright as I am reluctant to have her in a home where the staff may not care so much.

      Unfortunately, my sisters resent me as they consider that I have given up my own life to be near my mum over the years since father passed away when I was young. The family (brother and sisters) all took off interstate to live their own lives but I remained nearby my mum – I felt obliged to stick around (someone had to visit and take her shopping and mow the lawns at home – lol). I’ve had no assistance from anyone – except friends, occasionally. My sisters hate me for not living my own life. And to make matters worse, recently parted with girlfriend (whom I had hoped to marry) – so I feel a little abandoned and alone. I keep occupied with studies (in hope to return to work full-time and new career – GOD WILLING!), music instruments, books, this website 🙂 and catching up with friends now and then when can do.

      I helped friend with his job the other day – spent time cleaning windows at a nursing home (this just after my mum asked me if ok for her to go into one)… my mum’s health is a day to day thing… her mind is good.. just physically she has her good and bad days.. but she is able to get herself out to visit her old Russian Church and friends. Actually, she gets out more than I do! lol but I there for her and on-call and transport.

      Visiting/working at this nursing home distressed me in light of mum request… I felt for the people there, and I was grateful to see some of the nursing staff were well-meaning and good-spirited with the various patients they coped with and cared for. Still, I am reluctant to place my mother in there…

      I don’t know what to do… I like her being around and knowing that she is alright with me.. but other days I wish I could go without worrying about her. I am depressed too, because of breakup with girlfriend.. I was hoping mum might see me finally get married (for once) while she was still around. And these days, people want security and money and a home and not some guy who cares for his elderly mum. And I’m a shy boy so it will take me another few years to meet someone! lol

      She wants to go into a nursing home which is in Sydney – but I have no desire to live in Sydney… and the distances are great between here (Perth) and Sydney – so I would be unable to pop in every so often for a visit.

      I don’t know what to do?

      I admit I am having a struggle with life and having trouble coping with certain things. For some reason God keeps me going, anyway. I pray that HE removes all fears from me.

      God Bless!

      Regards, Peter.

      I agree with you in that people should give the elderly more respect and time. Even in the few hours I spent at nursing home… despite people’s conditions, be it dementia or alzheimers or whatever… the smiles I received from having just simply greeted some broke my heart.

    • Thanks for sharing that Peter. Don’t feel guilty about having mixed emotions. I do as well. In fact some days I don’t want to visit at all and it only by God’s strength that I go and sit for hours as he looks at a blank wall not really knowing who I am. I am in the same boat as you as I have pick up the slack for my mom who is now living alone, mowing the yard, car repair, home handyman jobs, etc…I hardly have time for myself, my siblings have distance themselves from it all and decide to live their own life with very little involvement, in fact they rarely visit “dad” at all. I feel you are doing the right thing and God will bless you for taking care of your mom and brother who is suffering. Not many “kids” today take care of their parents, most want to ship them off to a home and wash their hands of it all and push any responsibilities to someone else. I wish my dad could be home but at this point he needs 24 hour care which we just can’t do. I will pray for your situation and you have my respect for being a stand up guy for your family. God Bless.

    • Its all dross and trash. I am a pauper its the most liberating feeling in the world to HAVE to live upon The Lord. In his hands I am fed or not fed i am led or not led. I prayed i would not come to rich parents because of what i saw. They were always materially minded which affects one’s spirituality. If a man loses a million dollars how much more than when he loses two? I see them though always around them looking over their shoulders tempting and prodding. Why? Because they have more influence and are held in higher regard by society. The enemy is ever on the hunt and this world is just one big safari. As Christ said to the would be apostle. Give it all away and come with me…ive yet to meet anyone that’s come close to doing that. Even a pauper needs shelter and there are many lions roaming about. Warn them my brethren. Warn them all! The Time is near. HE IS COMING>>> !!!!!

    • Keep Thy FAITH matt you will be going home soon. You are cherished. Stop this living in fear my brother. You are called to spread the JOY. This shell this husk is decaying every second. Weep for those walking upon the earth not those passed over that sing with HIM and Praise HIS mighty name. I hope this doesn’t come across as self righteous for i have not that intent. I hope it comes across as a refreshing slap on the back. I pray for death. Does that seem sad to some of you? WHY? I yearn and thirst with every fiber of my being for HIM. Does that surprise you? if it does you’re not where you should be. Walk with Him. Talk with HIM. He listens. HE lives. HE is COMING SOON. Don’t let anyone take your crown least of all some thug that might or might not want your wallet filled with worthless paper. Let not that fear have you stricken down for you are in HIS hands. They cannot kill you and Death will die dear brother. You know all these things. I love you. God bless you and strengthen you.

  13. AT 236 TO right of tree you can see them Before the leaves. One looks like an old hag with pointy nose ears. There are quite a few all around it however . Adjust your vision and pause and come back to it later to see them manifest even clearer. how they do this I don’t know but do it they can.

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