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L. A. Marzulli

(Note:  There is a great video In Other News Section today about disasters.  Do we really think this is business as usual?)

Roswell UFO Incident: Crash Made Front Page Of Roswell Daily Record 66 Years Ago


This is an excerpt from my book: The Alien Interviews!

UFO Sightings:

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Interview

 In some ways Jesse Marcel is the only person alive who has actually had contact with what may be the wreckage of a UFO that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. I think you’ll find the interview, although short and somewhat terse, as revealing as I did. He recently appeared on the History Channel as witness to those events. 

His Website is


Biographical Information about Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

Born 30 August 1936 in Houston, Texas, Marcel is a retired military officer who served as a medical officer in the United States Navy from 1962 to 1971, having received his specialty training in Otolaryngology while in the Navy. He joined the Navy in 1962 just in time to take part in the Cuban Missile Crisis by serving on-board a troop transport ship, just missing being part of the invasion of Cuba when the crisis was thankfully, peacefully concluded. 

Marcel opened his medical practice in Helena, Montana, in 1971 and eventually joined the Montana National Guard as a medical officer in 1975 and earned his Flight Surgeon Wings at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. In those days the flight surgeons were allowed to solo in helicopters. During his career in the National Guard, he was appointed State Surgeon of the State of Montana and retired from the military a second time on his sixtieth birthday in 1996. The Iraqi war (Operation Iraqi Freedom) required his returning to the military September of 2004, and he spent the next 13 months as a flight surgeon for the 189th helicopter Battalion in Iraq. He spent his 69th birthday in Iraq and eventually flew more than 225 combat hours in a Blackhawk helicopter. Currently he is employed by the VA Hospital at Ft. Harrison, Montana, but is in the process of retiring. He and his wife Linda live outside Helena and look forward to slowing down and enjoying life. 


*                     *                      * 


L. A.: Can you give us a  thumbnail sketch of the Roswell Event.

 J. M.: Late June or early July, 1947, an unknown object crashed outside of Roswell on a ranch northwest of Roswell. The Army Air Force authorities recovered the debris and sent a portion of it to Fort Worth Army Air Field for their information. General Ramey determined that the debris was of unknown origin and floated the cover story that this was just a misidentified weather balloon and sent the debris for further study to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Most people who actually saw the debris felt that it was of extraterrestrial origin, in that there were apparent non-human remains associated with a portion of the debris.

 L. A.: How old were you at the time?

 J. M.: I was born 30 August 1936, which would have made me eleven years old.

 L. A.:  What did your father do in the Army Air Force?

 J. M.: He was the intelligence officer for the 509th Composite Group, which dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war. As an intelligence officer, a part of his responsibilities was to interpret photographs and brief bomb crews on appropriate targets. He was with the 509th at Wendover, Utah, where the crews practiced dropping what they called the pumpkin, which was a dummy atomic bomb in order to practice their skills on targets. After the war he received raw intelligence and it was his job to decipher this intelligence and give briefings to the appropriate personnel.

 L. A.:  Tell us the account of the night your dad brought the debris home.

 J. M.: I had been asleep for several hours, when my dad came into my bedroom and awakened me. He was very excited and led me into the kitchen where my mother was standing in the corner. On the floor there was pre-positioned pieces of metallic foil, beam-like structures and black plastic fragments like pieces of a broken phonograph record. My dad said, “Take a close look at this as you will probably never see anything like this again.” I think he used words like parts of a flying saucer to describe the debris. He first wanted us to look for anything that could have come from a radio, such as vacuum tubes, resistors or condensers, which there wasn’t anything like that. I think he already knew but wanted my mother and myself to satisfy our curiosity. We looked at the debris for a total of about fifteen or twenty minutes, then my dad boxed it back up and brought it out to the car. 

 L. A.:  What was the wreckage like? 

 J. M.: There was primarily foil-like metal beams that resembled “I” beams to my recollection, and the black plastic debris. The foil was very light but tough, and the beams were metallic with a peculiar type of writing along their length. The writing resembled hieroglyphics–but not exactly. There were more geometric shapes and figures that were of a purple violet hue. The black plastic pieces resembled a broken phonograph record [or Bakelite]. 

 L. A.:  What was the “memory” metal like?

 J. M.: I did not try to bend or tear the metal, but just felt it so I did not witness the metal unfolding, etc.

 L. A.:  What did your father say to you that night?

 J. M.: I remember him saying words like, “this is parts of a flying saucer,” or something along that line.

 L. A.:  When did the story change?

 J. M.: After my father returned from Ft. Worth he was firm in his instructions never to talk about this again, treat it like it never happened. I think it was at Ft. Worth where the cover-up was started that he was pressured into saying that this “never happened.”

 L. A.:  How did your mother react to this?

 J. M.: She was pretty closed mouth about this, never really talking about it.

 L. A.:  When did he go public with the story?

 J. M.: In 1978 or 1979, Stan Friedman, who was given a heads-up about the Roswell story from a fellow radio amateur friend my dad had–who apparently was told about the Roswell debris during a ham radio conversation with my dad–interviewed him

 L. A.: Was there pressure from the military to confuse your dad’s memory of the event.

 J. M.: I am not aware of any pressure from the military, except for perhaps a verbal order not to discuss this.

 L. A.:  Have you ever been pressured to back off the story?

 J. M.: No

 L. A.:  What do you think the Roswell event was?

 J. M.: I think that it was as advertised, the downing of a probe that came from another civilization. Whether it was crewed or not, I do not know.

 L. A.:  Has the validation by Edgar Mitchell of your dad’s story about Roswell change anything for you?

 J. M.: It just reinforces what I had thought all along.

 L. A.:  What do you think the alien agenda is? Good or bad?

 J. M.: I think that they are scientists with a curiosity about other civilizations just like we would be. I do not think they are malevolent. If they were, we would not be here–certainly we don’t have anything they want.

 L. A.:  Why the government secrecy? What are they afraid of?

 J. M.: I have thought long and hard about this and don’t have any good answer for it. I don’t think they would be afraid of causing public panic like the “War of the Worlds” broadcast in the 1930’s. They may think they are protecting us from ourselves, which, of course, is not true.

 L. A.:  Do you think there may be an event that will trigger full disclosure?

 J. M.: I think the aliens themselves will disclose their presence in a dramatic fashion when they are good and ready. I don’t think there has been any official contact with any of the world’s governments, although I may be wrong. It may be that the aliens have more to fear from us than we from them.

 L. A.:  Final thoughts.

 J. M.: I would hope that full disclosure will be made in my lifetime, but even if it isn’t, I know what the truth is.

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45 thoughts on “Roswell 66 Years Ago — My Interview with Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

  1. Thanks LA, for your drive to get Gods message out with warnings and understandings that He has given you…they really are taken to heart… 🙂

    • Amen. 🙂

      Sure wasn’t business as usual with the torrential downpour we had here last night. We found out what our sump pump is really all about!

      This Egypt thing is going ugly.

  2. Good Stuff

    J. M.: I think that they are scientists with a curiosity about other civilizations just like we would be. I do not think they are malevolent. If they were, we would not be here–certainly we don’t have anything they want.

    Could be but after all of the alien abduction stories I doubt it. Although I was baffled by Whitley Streiber’s opinion of them at the end of his book “Communion.” After a lifetime of abductions and being scared to death he finally thought that they might be benevolent. That comment shocked me because the whole book he is frightened by them!

    John B Wells from Coast to Coast the other postulated that they “the aliens” are probably both benevolent “good angels” and malevolent “bad angels”. Definitely an idea to think about.

  3. good angels and bad ones fighting it out…”war in heavenly places”…why doesn’t God straighten it out? Stan Deyo, in various interviews, describes this as a program in which the bad guys and good guys fight it out to prove that Satan IS a bad guy and Satan’s way won’t work. On interviews of late, Stan has said he believes the tipping point will come soon, 2013 or early 2014. Last interview he had (see is website) he said the rapture would probably come early in the trib or no later than just before the “wrath” of God. So he does not know, doesn’t pretend to know the exact time. But he sees the present strife as a working out of the proof of Satan’s evil doings, and that the proof is nearly complete.

    We do need completion of this holocaust.

    • Mariel, it was good to see your post today. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been and praying for you. Regarding your post: When I was a child, old enough to remember what I dreamed or saw, as in a vision, I don’t know,I saw in the night sky a heavenly battle being waged. It looked like I was standing in a desert, like the southwest. Stars filled the sky and there were what looked like gladiator-like beings fighting with swords, almost like a movie in intensity. They were outlined with light, colored light like neon lights. I’ll never forget that fight and how hard they fought. That was all there was to what I was allowed to see. As a child I didn’t understand what was happening, but now, of course, I know perfectly well what I was seeing.
      If we only knew the battles that rage in the heavenlies. Perhaps what we’re seeing on earth reflects what’s going on there..

    • Thanks for your prayers, Phyllis. I am home, mostly inside due to alternating smoke and clear days…but doing some yard watering and even taking a walk when possible. I feel I have been living in a hiatus.

    • wonder if the vatican telescope in arizona is watching this? and when they say ‘drops’, drops of what??

    • Just saw this on Stan Deyo’s site….very interesting.

      MAYBE….since the gov’t is now tracking all phone calls, e-mails, and regular mail…….

      MAYBE….this is the “other dimensions” new way of communicating….since all the other ways are now tracked by different agencies.


      WHY CAN’T “they” JUST USE FED EX………..opps! ………..guess because THAT is tracked too!!

  4. video link to Texas house infanticide debate…

    “” (1st item)

    Amazingly bizarre to hear the “coat hanger faction” ignore the “scissors & suction” faction!

  5. LA ,I know 3 places you might be interested in.One is Bell Rock [looks like a ufo] in Sedonna.The other 2 are Shiprock and Mt.Taylor in New Mexico they are Gateways?They form a triangle.They say the ancients worshipped them as living, compared it to even the rocks themselves would cry out.

    • Mt. Taylor? I climbed to the top of that when I was doing the Continental Divide Trail back in 2008. Never would have guessed it was a gateway, but it was sort of windy up there. See “Overexposed” (my DVD) for more visuals of the climb and the entire hike as well.

    • go to youtube put in Freddy Silva, watch his conference start at pt.2… pt.1 is mostly intro.Use discernment he is very lost, but knows a lot from opposing side so to speak.

  6. Yesterday I posted a great article from Jan Merkell about the great apostasy that’s going on not only outside of the church but also within.I feel apostasy has hit us and is spreading like a wild virus.

    My ex-wife the mother of my son said last week that she is tired of me sending her religious prophecy articles. Shes asked me to stop sending them all together.

    I was listening to a sermon this morning and I thought it would be nice to hear my old pastor so I started researching the sermons he had on line and noticed that there was not one single prophecy sermon in the last 3 years. He’s at a mega church in Los Angeles. I was shocked.

    My current pastor does an excellent job on prophecy and has written a book on it. Dr Jim Dixon of Cherry Hills Community. Hands down the best pastor I have ever had. I will miss him when he retires next year.

    For the longest time I have not only been in prayer but wonder. God why this fascination with prophecy and fallen angels? Ok I get it! I wont be deceived when they “the fallen angels: show up. Big Deal. There has to be a reason for the fascination and the constant thought process that consumes me and I know many of you? What is it? It doesnt seem like an avenue to warn others most don’t want to hear it.

    The % of Christians who believe in fallen angels are less than 1% in my estimation. The other 99% could just care less?

    Whats the purpose? Although I will say I have been able to open up about the christian connection to non believers who follow UFO’s?

    • Richard…

      You are NOT alone. I too have been told by others to STOP sending any prophecy stuff to them, cause they just want to raise their kids.

      Some in my OWN FAMILY are the same way. My sister(clueless) is married to a fire-fighter back east (also clueless),

      whose dad is a methodist pastor….and he ain’t got a clue either!

      get this: the pastor asks his “congregation” what they’d like to hear on Sundays………!!!!!!!!!!!


      In all seriousness, so many pastors FLUNK being leaders in their congregations! So many are the “Pulpit Yes men”…and NOT leaders!

      You should ask your “best pastor” to reconsider “retiring” and to make that BE IN HEAVEN. there is work to be done in The Kingdom.


      Ps … So many people do NOT even CARE that they do NOT know. They just want left alone to Die on their own. pathetic.

    • we are to warn them with the knowledge we were given. they cannot stand infront of THE LORD and say they had no clue no warnings were given. Hopefully many will remember the things passed on from us when “they” are forced down. Then some will repent and warn others.

    • There is a definite pall taking place. don’t know if that’s the right word or not, but it is the one that comes immediately to mind. I have also noticed a definite lack of what I would call pure or true joy at social gatherings as well. It’s not something that can be measured, but a sense of oppression. People don’t laugh much. They don’t laugh as loud and they certainly don’t laugh as long. Oppression has set in and whether they are acknowledging it with their mouths their hearts are telling the story. Peace is being taken from the world. I think there’s a horse riding.

  7. “”
    The Cohens – Key to a Prophetic Priesthood?
    Genetic Research Indicates that the Priestly Line of Aaron is Intact After 3,300 Years

    ^^ Secular source, too. Fascinating read. Prophetic implications off the charts.


    LA this would be great presentation. It was just published and its only 16 minutes long.

    Matthew 24:7, Jesus Christ spoke of earthquakes when He stated, “Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.”

    • Mr. Marzulli logged this in today’s listing above called “tracking the Birth pains”.

      So MANY videos like this on youtube now….you could watch them back to back for several weeks.

      Amazing thing is this: Most in the World and in The Church do NOT take notice of these signs taking place !!!!

      So MANY multitudes are sleeping and don’t want disturbed.

    • Richard…

      You are COOL man…You are COOL. I appreciate your MANY insights and the “news-worthy” items you post.

      There is so much “news” …that we ALL miss things going on ALL OVER THE PLACE IN OUR CRAZY WORLD….impossible to see it all.

      Glad we can all add our little piece of the puzzle! There just ain’t enough time in the week to stay up on everything…

      as much as we’d all like to try.



  9. Everyone should have a copy of The Alien Interviews by L.A. It’s an excellent resource. Also, L.A., could you please post on your blog when you are going to be on other radio shows? I just caught you on Hagmann and Hagmann on July 2 and I found that you were also on Tri-State Ministry Radio with Pastor Stevie. I listen to you on my iPod when I am working and I am so blessed by your interviews.

    • Just for you Matt…


      “” (note comments, esp. platypus)

    • Google+ has free calls in the US now. Anyone want to follow-up with the Navajo investigators to see what’s happened in the last year? Major increase of sightings?

    • Ahh wait…maybe not a slow news day after all….Actor Joe Conley, who played Ike Godsey on ‘The Waltons,’ dies at 85.

      Thanks for the Bigfoot links; I particularly like the one that says it does not exist. I guess thousands of eye witnesses are wrong…same with UFO’s, they don’t exist right? I knew it all along…swamp gas.

    • Taken from a true story, Bigfoot Documentry, the story of Ben Matine.
      On Oct 06 2006 Ben Matine was running from a trumped up and false charge.
      Rumors from a small town bar that local police where going to arrest him, so he fled.
      He ran North on the old CN rails from North Bay Ontario and ended up in Temagami Ontario.
      At a hunt camp and old set of deep mine shafts he arranged to meet friend, Jim Jardineau for some supplies.
      During the meeting as Jim was returning with supplies when he was struck by a standing figure that was not present before.
      Jardineau snapped 4 high resolution photos of the figure standing at the bottom of a tree root.
      2 pictures at a distance, the 3rd blured from zooming, but
      his 4th picture was extremely revealing, giving a clear accurate view of what he was seeing.
      Ben had no idea what was happening until Jim told him to turn around slowly , pickup Jim’s video camera, and shoot. Ben shot 2:34 sec. of HDV video.
      While video tapeing the large grey black figure was constantly looking to the left of Ben, indicating communication with something else they could not see .
      Terrified both men backed off of the seen immediately.

  10. In the “Coat Hangar Back Alley Abortion” vs the “Monster Doctor Cutting Off Baby’s Heads with Scissors” confrontation…

    It’s looking like that old demonic bugaboo of “a poor small town rape victim maiming herself in a back alley since she couldn’t get a supposedly safe legal abortion” is falling before the stark reality of unregulated so-called-doctors preying on — and even murdering — frightened downtown girls while sucking their babies brains out. Those “parents” and “politicians” waving coat hangars to incite fear are aborting their own souls.

    The delusion is exposed. Women are far more likely to be butchered and maimed by quacks doing late term abortions far far from the light of accredited surgical practice. What’s really the difference between a back alley and a dirty clinic with some monster doctor that’s even more of a nightmare than a pedophile priest? Why should dirty clinics be legal? Every monster has it’s lair.

    Choice without love means nothing.

    James 2

    8 If you fulfill the royal law according to the scripture,
    “You shalt love your neighbor as yourself” — you do well…

    11 For he that said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not kill…. ”

    12 So speak you and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.

    13 For they shall have judgment without mercy, that have shown no mercy;
    and mercy rejoices against judgment.

  11. 1960 USDA Film Admits Scientists “Fixed the Glutens in Flour”
    What triggered a whole market based around ‘gluten-free’?

    Melissa Melton
    Activist Post

    As I’ve reported before, it’s not just some new food fad; gluten is actually making people all kinds of sick and slowly killing others.

    Wheat, a major source of gluten, also happens to be the number two food subsidized by our government; it’s grown all over the place and put into a large majority of our foods. Studies have shown that back in the 1950s, one in around 5,000 people might have a severe and potentially deadly allergy to gluten known as Celiac’s Disease; now it’s more like a staggering one in 133.

    In short, in 60 years, here’s what Celiac Disease figures look like by the decade in America:

    1950s: 1 in 5,000

    2010s: 1 in 133

    Population increase alone cannot come close to accounting for such a vast difference.

    Many more people who do not have full-blown Celiac disease may suffer from harmful gluten intolerance issues as well; estimates show as many as 18 million Americans suffer from gluten-derived health issues.

    People who get sick eating gluten do so because the protein triggers an auto-immune response that causes the body to attack its own intestinal lining. When that happens, any one or more of 200-300 different symptoms can occur, as the body stops being able to absorb its nutrients properly. This can end in so many diseases…and, ultimately, death.

    Because the symptoms of gluten intolerance are so varied (and numerous), many people don’t even realize they are suffering from gluten sensitivity issues. Click here for a condensed list of the 200-300 symptoms gluten intolerance can cause.

    What has happened to our food that so many people who eat it are getting sick enough that large numbers of us require whole entire stores dedicated entirely to removing an ingredient that just so happens to be found in the majority of foods in our country…?

    The clip below includes an excerpt from a 1960 U.S. Department of Agriculture short film “Miracles from Agriculture” which might shed a clue on how gluten first started to become such a huge health problem for so many people.

    MELISSA MELTON is a co-founder of, where this article first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.


  12. And for disaster overcomers…



  13. And for a roadmap of other research in the Alien-Gospel & Aliens-are-Demons area…

    “” (gives a mind map of links to related sites_)

    “” (sasquatch pearltree)

    “” (sasquatch from another angle)

  14. On the “image of the beast” front…
    (ala AI’s, transhumanism, internet oracle, hive mind, mechanical turks, etc.)

    Unreality(*) has moved a step closer with the creation of the Optical Transistor.
    (* cp. virtual, augmented, or alternate reality, i.e. the great delusion)


  15. Question: Why do we read our Bible? What is the purpose?

    The goal of Bible reading is so that we can intimately share in God’s thoughts. We are trying to overwhelm our minds with His words until there’s more of His thoughts going in and out, than our own. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The more time we spend thinking His thoughts, the greater will be our transformation into His likeness. We’re not reading just to read a chapter a day. There’s a purpose. We’re trying to train our minds to think the way Jesus thinks. To see things the way He sees things, to love people the same way He and the Father love them. To get so used to thinking His thoughts that we automatically know His take on things in every situation. His ideas, His loves, His desires, what He’s passionate about, what He hates, and what He wants us to do, because its not us anymore, but now He is thinking/living through us. We have died. Our thoughts and desires have been swallowed up by His. There’s very little left of us — its all Him.

    When we automatically think His thoughts, when there are more of them then our own, we become one with Him. We’re in Him and He’s in us and we know it. We are so intimate with Him, so close to Him, that we have become His very flesh and bones and He is in us. The goal of Bible reading, is to become one with the Word. To remove all frivolous/superficial thinking and allow that Word we’ve been reading/meditating on, to govern our lives. Our most important lifetime goal, is to become one with Jesus, in our spirit, in our soul, in our mind and body, is the word I was given. The next time we go to read our Bible, pray; Dear Holy Spirit please transform me into the image of Jesus”

    • Of course, many come here to LA’s Blog to see and hear about spiritual and supernatural reality; including, spiritual experiences that have impacted, attacked, or shaped us. When that’s led to PTSD or phobias or being bound or oppressed… we also share the overcoming that stills our minds, quites our fears, and severs the bonds which have been heaped upon us.

      For those blessed with work which allows them to listen to The Word for a season in their lives — many books of the Bible can be listened to each day. Likewise for those that have long commutes, or shop, and so on. With repetition — the Word of God has become part of me. It resonates when I consider any topic. Such as this…

      Christ’s Word not only resonates, it reprograms us on all levels.

      His Words are Spirit and Truth…

      The Revelation gives, “Blessed are those that read and hear….”

      Likewise, The Word is a Light unto our feet and Lamp upon our path…

      Jesus’ sheep know His voice…

      His Word is sharp and powerful, able to perform the surgeries that restore us…

      Psalms 119 is worshipful appreciation of the Word of God…

      Faith comes by hearing, and hearing from the Word of God…

      By the foolishness of Preaching, God has chosen to save…

      Christ is the Word of God and much much more.

      The King James Version was written for hearing and for memory,
      almost in the prose of the time.

      How to listen? Load up your phone or an MP3 device.


      TGbgt is telling exceeding great and precious truth about How we become reprogrammed and restructured and more … the very Seed of God is placed in us.

      And in due season it matures with application and brings into being not only the transformations in our lives, but the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven within us.

      Matthew 4
      3 And when the tempter [the devil] came to him, he said,
      If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.
      4 But [Jesus] answered and said,
      It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone,
      but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

      Amen and Amen!

    • heheheh…yeah, so is my Tempur-Pedic bed. This alien technology is really paying off. First they give us Atari Pong in 1972, what’s next mirrored sunglass that reads minds? I say we keep bribing them with strawberry ice cream till they give us an American car that can last over 100,000 miles without falling apart.

    • Ron…

      maybe the “memory foil” is what makes ’em cost so much for what you actually get. they do spark well in the microwave if you like fireworks! 😉

      BTW…Which flavor of Poptart is the best?? Hmmm. it’s been a while for me. But that frosted strawberry and blueberry are always good!!

      Wholefoods (aka= whole pay check ) has there own variety too…don’t know if they’re “healthier”…but sure are pricey!

  16. Everyone…

    Below is a quote that was on the Comment Section under a GREAT VIDEO by a guy named LA Marzulli…many of you may have heard of him. 🙂
    He is one Righteous Dude!! He and Gary Stearman, another Righteous Dude, have a great discussion in this video from a while ago. Enjoy! 😉

    Kimmi Scott wrote this….4 months ago…about the VIDEO below. It is a very telling quote as to the MINDSET of people EVERYWHERE !!!

    “I have been watching all these signs as well, since last year when I became aware of these things.  It amazes me how no one wants to see the signs or simply ignore what’s going on. One of my Christian friends flat out told me she did NOT want to know, but my thinking is that if God did not want us to look for signs he would not be sending them. I truly believe we are in the birth pangs and most people are going to be caught off guard…
    and sadly… even Christians who should know.”

    the youtube video is titled: Perilous Times with L.A. Marzulli

    LA…you are APPRECIATED and thanks for all your efforts, preparations, travels, and time away from your family to serve The Kingdom.
    Even when you are under the weather, tired, exhausted and depleted of all natural strength…you continue to PRESS ON.
    Thanks for your example to all of us to KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON !!! You are da man …CAUSE YOU SERVE THE SON of MAN !!!!

    kirk 🙂

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