The Watchman are Under Attack! Wilkerson, Flynn, Jeffrey…. Muster the Prayer Warriors!

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Emergency Prayer!

I am not posting today so we can come together and pray for Paddy (Patrick) Heron.  I believe the Watchmen are and have been under attack for some time.  With this latest news it would appear that The Fallen One, is trying to take down another Watchman.  Prayer changes things.  The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man or women availeth much!  This is warfare, as we center and focus our prayers for the healing of Paddy.  We lift him to the throne room asking for healing.  Please pray for him and also Dr. Roger Leir as he has been down again.  In the meantime for those who feel led, please fast and pray for Paddy today.  L.A.

Paddy Heron

I recently found out I have cancer. I prayed to my Father and pleaded for mercy and grace to help in this time of need. I also asked Jesus to intercede on my behalf. I have been quite ill over the past six months and that is why I have not been so active on FB. Tomorrow I find out the extent of this disease, so I need help from those of you willing to support me.

We are all in the Family of God. Brothers and sisters all of us. I am asking my family to rally around now in prayer by coming with confidence to the Throne of Grace and beseeching our Father to grant me strength and faith as I face into this spiritual battle with our enemy.

The night I got saved, in my bedroom, on my own, back in 1976, the Spirit of God descended on me in a big way and I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ while reading the Gospel of Matthew. I ended up taking my shoes off, on my knees, giving my life to God. Quite a turn around for a 24 year old hippy who knew nothing of God or Jesus. By about 1:00 AM in the morning, I reached Matt 24 and the question,”What will be the signs of the end of this age and of your coming?”

“What coming”? I asked myself. The reference led me to Acts 1:10 and, “Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven,shall so come in like manner.”

When I read this, I almost went through the roof myself as I had never heard of the second coming of Christ. In that instant I believed that God showed me that I would be alive when Jesus comes back for his Church. I have always held to this and I still do. This belief has spurred me on to do the things I have done in my Christian walk. So I do not want to ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ just yet. Thus I need the love and prayers and help of my family to see this through.

Please do not expect me to reply to every message sent. I get tired easily. My wife and three girls were devastated when they heard the news. But they are rallying around now. I have also learned of an alternative route to healing via a change of diet and lifestyle as opposed to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which I really do not want to do.

So those of you who choose to pray for me in the coming months, thank you. Your petitions and prayers are a powerful force. And I need you now.

God bless, Patrick Heron.


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end timeIn Other News; Tracking the Birth Pains!


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35 thoughts on “The Watchman are Under Attack! Wilkerson, Flynn, Jeffrey…. Muster the Prayer Warriors!

  1. I will pray for Patrick . I can say that I agree with him if he saw himself going then no matter his illness no matter the stage then go he shall. I am at a place id rather not be but it was here where I saw us being taken up. I am torn because though here I have little worries I cannot do what I was sent to do. I feel as if I have been drawn and quartered spiritually. Warnings fall upon deaf ears and hard hearts and there is little to sway the apathy I see. So many pray only for themselves if they pray at all but who am I to judge I have become a husk of what I once was. I too see us going but the Lord can stretch out a span of time as long as he wants. I will pray for you pray also for me.

    • Paddy, check Jonathan Grays site, he highly recommends some stemcell stuff made from algae..he has lots of miraculous sounding healings of people, I have not tried it, but it might be worth trying? God bless…God is greater than Cancer and greater than the devils wiles and attacks!

  2. There is a doctor by the name of Tullio Simoncini who has stated that cancer is a fungus. His treatment is revoluntionary. Just type in his name and you can find many sites about him and watch his video and hear testimonies.
    If someone can get this info to Patrick, it may well be the avenue God will use for his recovery. Will pray.

    • Yes it is true. If i remember correctly he has more than 90% cure rate. All about making the body alkaline fast…and not acidic.

      Cancer { Fungus } can’t live in an alkaline environment. Type in ALKALINE BODY in youtube….lots to learn.

  3. G’day, Patrick and friends.

    Prayers from Australia!

    Let your good works shine so that all may see the Glory of God!

    Regards, Pete


  4. I have been praying since Eric W told me last night…….I think we all need to make prayer for our watchmen a priority!

  5. Bear with me, there’s more…..

    In Phil 2:13 it says “God is working in us both to will and to do, of His good pleasure.” God helps us to Want to do His will, by His Spirit, using His word. The word of God changes us from the inside out. It makes us first understand what the right thing to do is, and then it makes us have a desire to do it. The word firmly planted and rooted in our hearts causes us to do the right thing in every situation and temptation.

    The Word of God makes us Want to do those things that will keep us healthy, in body ,soul and spirit. It encourages and motivates us to practice things such as temperance, abstinence, and moderation. The word of God is like a tree in our brains putting down deep thick roots, with branches continually growing and stretching throughout our whole mind. Each scripture believed and received is a new branch growing on the tree, until all the other things planted before, have been swallowed up and overcome by this holy tree of life.

    Once the word of God enters into a mind and takes root, it immediately causes healing on so many different levels, going to war on our behalf, by revealing and pulling down strongholds, we had no idea were even there, and even if we did, we had no power of our own to overcome. It shines light in the dark hidden forgotten places, so a man can see and clean out the toxic debris that’s been causing him spiritual and physical sickness and pain.

    The word of God brings inner strength and builds up our spiritual muscles. That’s why a baby Christian will have such a great hunger for God’s word in the early days, so they can grow strong, quickly. The word of God is what does that. We have to continually be feeding and building up our spirit, especially those in ministry who are constantly under attack. If our spirit is down our whole body will feel the effects.

    Proverbs 18:14 “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?”

    If only we would learn to keep our spirits healthy and strong, we would save ourselves from a lot of unnecessary pain is what the Lord has been teaching me.

    • TGBTG, thanks again for sharing what the Lord is teaching you. I am tired and achy from illness, and my brain is foggy, and it helps for someone else to articulate these lessons. I am spending more time in the Word and trying to soak up/process as much as my slow brain and body will allow!

    • GB Jen, I’ll pray for you, that the Lord in His mercy will heal this illness for you and give you a clear, sound mind, which is His will for you.

      I’m not specifically talking to you Jen, but I think we all get used to the word after a while, and don’t really desire it the way we used to in the beginning. We don’t have that strong desire we had at first. We need to stir it up! Its still in there, as a gift from God. We didn’t earn it, this desire for the word, which brings and imparts to us so many good things. It’s a gift! Jesus says in Book of Rev. that He expects us to do what we did in the beginning, (which included reading the word like crazy among other good things) and not allow our spiritual lives to grow lukewarm or cold, or too busy, or indifferent.

      @ Jen “I am spending more time in the Word and trying to soak up/process as much as my slow brain and body will allow!”

      It’s your spirit that will absorb it. Some of it will always bypass your mind because its spiritual and is food for our spirit man and has power within IT to sustain us even through illness or tragedy, or whatever this world throws our way. It will just be stored in there until the Holy Spirit quickens it at the proper time and gives your mind the revelation when you need it the most. Once we receive the revelation its ours forever, and can never be taken away. It’s important to just keep putting IT in there, trying our best to get the full revelation of the knowledge that God has given to men. All contained in the pages of a Book filled with living words that come alive spiritually when the Holy Spirit quickens them. Just like we plant a seed and we don’t know how that little plant shoots out of that seed, in the same way we don’t understand how Gods word grows in us and has power to change our whole personality. Things we once hated we now love. Old friends are amazed at the transformation that took place in our lives. God used His word to do that.

      All we ever have to do is put God’s word in there like we did in the beginning and obey what we understand. Even though that may be very little compared to others, it really doesn’t matter. Its our willingness and obedience that makes all the difference. As we actively put Gods word in our hearts, we’ll receive more Light and understanding in proportion to our desire and effort put forth. We can go as fast or as slow as we want to go. It’s been left up to each one of us how slow or how fast we want to run this race. Pushing and stretching ourselves with enthusiasm all the way to the finish line, or indifferently, sidetracked by the pleasures of this life, casually stopping to browse every vendor along the way.

      But thank God, the Holy Spirit was given to us to come along side and help us on our way. He ( working from within) helps us to desire this transforming word because He knows that its good for us, feeds us and brings healing to our inner man who’s often wounded, sometimes very seriously without our knowing it, until its wounds are manifested outside on our physical body. Half the time we don’t even know how seriously we’ve been hit in the spirit, until something manifests in the physical to slow us down and forces us to evaluate the last weeks, months or years of our lives, is what the Lord is saying to me.

    • Yes, I especially appreciate the point about it being my spirit that absorbs the Word through the work of the Holy Spirit! My physical body isn’t ME, just my container.

  6. As we grow in Christ, we become more like Him. To start, that’s largely by faith.

    In terms of the Armor of God, we know we need all of it. Leave off any part and the attack gets through — the battle moves from outside to inside.

    The next level of Armor comes with application (practice). Gotta walk the talk.
    That means…

    1 Salvation — belief in Jesus as Savior
    2 Obedience — Bible Study to know God’s will and way (conforming to Him)
    3 Peace — Expressed in Fellowship with Christ’s followers
    4 Truth — Practicing / Reproving what were taught by God gaining wisdom
    5 Faith — Prayer, Watchings, Fastings… to focus and help bring in God’s will, His way, in His timing
    6 Service — Doing what’s caring, kind, and loving, without which the rest means nothing
    7 Witness — Zeal for merciful justice tempered by experience and overcoming

    We can’t do any of this well without Christ.

    Additional power and strength comes when we join together concerned for others. That’s when ministry fully kicks in.

    In all your prayers, please remember how prayer fits in. All of which ties back to Christ by His Spirit, the Holy Ghost.

  7. Last night on C2C was a good example of what we’re up against. A guy named John Lash (“scholar and mythologist”) basically saying Christianity is a lie and an attempt to enslave humanity. He said the “master race” concept came from the Bible. He was instead preaching Sophia and Archos.
    When some guy from SF called up and called Lash a fraud, Lash indignantly shouted “This is MY interview, not yours.” George Norey, forever the chameleon, abruptly cut the caller off and didn’t let him finish. Norey went on to say C2C is about people’s opinions and thoughts and that everyone has the right to express themselves.
    Makes you wonder if Hitler could have booked an hour or two on C2C.
    This is the enemy we’re fighting. He’s well-spoken, sounds wise, seems logical and fits in with all things New Age.

  8. I will for sure keep them and you(LA) in my prayers. it is coming on fast and intense now, (the birth pangs), that i pray that we see Jesus come soon and what a day of victory that will be. i see a shift, i can feel it, i am reading tomorrow’s headlines daily, never to this scale. come Lord Jesus!

  9. Scoffing has hit a whole new level but be of good cheer, it means the hour is very late.

    If you have perused headlines recently, or watched a TV news hour, you are stunned at what’s going on. I am every morning as I post headlines here. I let them sink in and I shake my head. When has the world been in this much chaos? When have people been this unhappy, confused, addicted, pagan, angry and tuned out?

    So Hollywood is making the apocalypse a joke in two movies: This is the End and Rapture Palooza. The latter features a scene where Jesus is blown out of the sky as He returns in His Second Coming. It doesn’t get any more outrageous. (What if a movie shot Mohammed or Allah out of the sky?!) And one movie critic states, “Satan, God, and Jesus are ultimately killed, leaving non-believers to live in peace.”

    Well, not quite because that’s not the way it will happen. And if “the end” plays out sooner rather than later, the producers of such nonsense will not be laughing for long.
    Sadly, it’s not just the pagans doing the mocking and scoffing, however. Many Christians, churches, and even entire denominations have similar attitudes. And while they are hardly as offensive, the end result is similar.

    When Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life came in years ago, I was turned off by his scoffing at the Lord’s return and the topic of prophecy. On pages 285-286, he suggested that Jesus said His return was none of our business.

    Excuse me. It’s almost one-third of the Bible! Warren suggests that considering it might get in the way of our purpose.

    Two things define eschatology in the church today: Ignorance or apathy. People will tell you it will all play out as it is predicted but in the meantime, enjoy life. Or church leaders will tell you it is divisive and controversial. This is just another manner of scoffing. It’s nowhere near as offensive as the above-referenced Hollywood movies, but the result is the same. There is a giant turn-off.

    We scoff at eschatology (Bible prophecy) by ignoring the warnings that are a part of it. Haven’t you heard: All of the previous warnings have been false alarms so why should we pay attention to any of them now? Jesus will get here when He gets here. Settle down. What’s there to get so excited about? You end-time people are so negative! The sky is always falling for you people. Come on. Beasts coming out of the sea, plagues, famines, hail and an evil man called the Antichrist. Can we move on to good news? The stock market is doing super well! Don’t talk to me about bad times and rough sailing ahead! My 401K has never done better.

    We scoff with our apathy. Our unbelief. Our doubt. Our skepticism. Our boredom of the topic. Our disgust. Our prophecy fatigue. We’ve heard this story over and over since Hal Lindsey made the complicated plain over 40 years ago. No, we aren’t radicals like the producers of the sickening films mentioned who literally glorify the Antichrist and assassinate Jesus Christ in their productions.

    But we are still scoffers. And we are oh so busy. We are running to and fro and we are trying to keep our ducks in a row and some day when they are all lined up perfectly, we’ll sit down and ponder His return. Maybe happy days will be here again this side of Heaven!

    We go to marriage seminars, financial seminars, how to manage kids’ seminars but please spare us from an end-time focus. Boring. Depressing. Scary. We want to go to Heaven some day but maybe not right now!

    One reviewer says about the This is The End flick, “When the apocalypse literally sets the world on fire, and the good people ascend to heaven while the not-so-good people are destroyed in gruesome fashion, one young star is stunned to learn there really is an afterlife, and a God, and all that.” The movie actually has an “aha moment.” It resonates with some truth although it was likely unintended.

    But that comment says it all. Some day wicked mankind will realize that what the Bible predicted actually will happen and there will be consequences. There is a surprise ending for the unsuspecting.

    Life on earth during the very end-of-days won’t be a series of silly escapades as portrayed in the Rapture Palooza and This is The End movies.

    In one of them, the Rapture happened and millions are left to cope with plagues of trash-talking locusts, foul-mouthed crows, rains of blood, and fiery rocks from the sky, all preparations for the return of Jesus. The cast can relish in the fact that the world is a lot less crowded but the fact is, when this day actually transpires, no one left behind will even have a smile on their face.

    The Bible contains detailed prophecies about the end times we are living in, and there is just no way to fully understand much of what is happening today apart from those prophecies. From the meltdown in Egypt to the surveillance of Americans who thought they were safe and secure, only an end-of-days scenario can connect the dots and make things make perfect sense.

    We can scoff at the scoffers and hold our heads high as we look up. We have the most marvelous news known to man. The King is coming.

    Jan Merkel Olive Tree Ministries

    • Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto….Ditto

      SO many people do NOT want to listen to the TRUTH………..and that’s NOT talking about the UN-saved.

      I’m talking about THE ONES IN THE CHURCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Good afternoon L.A.,
    My name is Sharon Engram, I was reviewing your interview with Sid Roth, I too have been shown many things as you mentioned on Sid Roth through the Holy Spirit. I noticed in the bible the mentioning of the Book of Enoch and I was very curious about it…why was it taken out of the scriptures? Clearly, it had to be important because it is mentioned a few times in the bible. Also, when I begin to read regarding the falling angels coming in to the daughters of men in the bible, it was only a blip in the bible…I was very curious about this scripture because it was a high treason event against GOD and the Kingdom. I purchased the Book of Enoch a few years ago and it goes into more details on how this all went down with the names of the angels that were involved. Holy Spirit also took my studies deeper to look at the origin of this high treason…It first appears in Genesis 3 and see how Eve was beguiled…this was an illustration of how the fallen angels did it. The incident lead by lucifer went in and laid with Eve which set the tone for the other angels to go into the other daughters of men and lay with them . Theology show that Cain was born after Adam went into Eve and became pregnant…right? Cain was actually the offspring of the Eve and lucifer, to help perpetuate and propagate his seed on the earth.” Gen4:4 ” And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.” Who was Eve’s Lord, it was not GOD at that time…it was lucifer. Eve also had sex with Adam to cover what was growing inside of her and produced Cain. Many think it was Eve and Adam’s child, but he wasn’t…think about it. When Cain was banished he mentioned that all who look upon him would want to kill him…why? He had to look different than any other person to stand out from among them.
    Gen4: 12-15
    12 When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.
    13 And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment is greater than I can bear.
    14 Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.
    15 And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

    The word also spoke of the days of Lot. The spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah is what you are seeing so prevalent in this country. The spirit was not destroyed…it came out with Lot and his family. Wherever you see deviant sexual behavior in a nation, you will also see an increase in crime and violence, idolatry, defiance and disobedience … these are the characteristics of this stronghold. Because of Abraham, Lot was spared and because Lot laid with his wife and produced these women, the Ammonites and Moabites tribes were birth. It also ties into the abortion spirit. The gods of both tribes were Molech and also the female goddess Ishtar. Depending on the location/region she has many names but all dealing with fertility and Molech deals with destroying your seed, your children your future. He also goes by different names depending on the location/region. To read the characteristics of the different spirits leads you to believe the spirits traveled and did as the book of Enoch spoke about, teaching the mysteries and the people made them their gods and sacrifice to them. Why, because the desire of lucifer and his fallen angels are to be worshiped and also to propagate their seeds. Demons are the foot soldiers carrying out the will of the ruling fallen angels. Demons are the disembodied Nephilim. Demons do not shape-shift, they embody…fallen angles or GOD’s angels have the ability to shape-shift because they are true spirit. I believe because man was made in the image and likeness of GOD, we have certain characteristics that GOD has and not the angels…so by going in onto them, they produces hybrids that have both abilities of the falling angels and GOD’s abilities given to us.
    You see because man does not use all of his brain, he does not know all the possibilities and capabilities. Satan and demons knows the abilities and when a demon enters it uses the person’s abilities and conveniences that person that the demon gave them the power…but in actuality the demon uses the power of the person to do the things that are supernatural. We have only scratch the surface of the deeper meanings of the kingdom and our roles as children of GOD.

  11. Paddy is the first person I heard that made sense about the nephilim. From there I found LA, Tom Horn and Chuck Missler. Great speaker! We hold Paddy up in prayer. We plead the blood of Yeshua over his health and well being.

  12. I don’t know about anyone one else, but here is a trip down memory lane…this is where it all started for me, the program” In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy. I’ll watch anything with Nimoy narrating. I use to love this show! I was creeped out by the opening theme when I was a kid. Oh, the good old days, In Search Of was a show that helped turn me into the dedicated paranormal enthusiast I am today 😉

  13. Hi LA,

    I have just recently watched an amazing program on God TV by Wendy Alec in a segment called A Word From Heaven. It is the Video On Demand section of the God TV website. She talks about her own battle with life threatening illness and ministers with an extremely strong anointing in prophetic insight and healing. I would like to encourage Paddy to watch her program. Could you please let him know about it? I have prayed for Paddy also.

    Regards, Kate

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