Have We Come to the Tipping Point?

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L. A. Marzulli

Ten states to tackle gay marriage next – U.S. News

Energized by two big victories at the Supreme Court, advocates of gay marriage are turning their attention to a handful of states that they believe are most likely to allow it next.

One of those two wins made California the 13th state where gay couples can now legally get married. Counting the District of Columbia, gay marriage is legal in places covering about 30 percent of the U.S. population.

National gay rights groups say they now hope to persuade either the Supreme Court or Congress to legalize gay marriage across the country — in a matter of years, not decades.

Have we come to the tipping point in the United Sates?  Have we reached a point of no return, because of the rulings handed down by nine people who will change the fabric of our society?  These presidential appointed “supremes” have been wrong before and in my opinion, they are wrong now.  In 1857, these wise ones, decided the Black man was not entirely human and thus upheld slavery.  Dred Scott v. Sandford – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1973 the court made a landmark decision, allowing abortion,  which has in effect, has been responsible for the slaughter of 56 million unborn babies.  Roe v. Wade – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nine people, who in their own wisdom tell us what is good for us, and what we should adhere to, as it becomes the law the our land.  Nine people have been wrong before and in the case of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, they are in my opinion, wrong again.  Supreme Court DOMA Decision Rules Federal Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
This is no longer the nation I grew up in.  I don’t recognize it anymore and I am appalled at what I see.  A congress which votes on an immigration bill without reading it.  Drug use and addiction which plagues nearly every home.  A media which focuses on everything but what it ought to, as with its coverage of the Arias and Zimmerman trials  instead of holding our government accountable for Benghazi, the NSA scandal and the IRS probes.
However, the people do not seem to care.  The pulpits are for the most part quiet — factor in the 501C3 tax exempt laws here — and Americans are fed a steady diet of media pabulum, as with the Paula Dean so-called racists comments, hows that for the clown of the week distraction!
We are at a tipping point and here’s why.  Marriage has been the bulwark of western civilization for thousands of years.  Marriage is between one man and one woman and this is Biblically stated and is in fact, a mandate.  Nine people have decided to do away with this and allow gay men and women to marry each other.  This is a slippery slope because it opens the door to other relationships becoming legitimized.  How about the man who wants to marry three sisters?  Or the woman who wants to marry her pet monkey?  What about the pedophile who wants to marry a 12-year-old boy.  North American Man/Boy Love Association – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a Christian I am appalled at what I see.  I wonder where is the outrage and why we don’t rise up and say no.  We sat in silence and allowed nine people to remove prayer from our schools and take the 10 commandments down from our classrooms.  We have allowed the death of 56 million unborn babies, and even though we demonstrate and march on Washington nothing has changed.  Now we have this latest ruling and what will we do?  Grab a six-pack and watch a ball game or get serious about the country we are living in.
In closing todays post:  The people in California voted for DOMA twice.  This was the will of the people and now nine people have overturned this.   Shame on the court and shame on us if we do nothing.   We have reached a tipping point. 
Woe to them who call evil good and good evil….


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100 thoughts on “Have We Come to the Tipping Point?

  1. LA I agree. I too don’t recognise this country. I am about your age and the world I grew up in doesn’t exit anymore, not even close. I’t’s as if I steped out of a dream into a nighmare of society. Perversion has become the norm. God help us now.

    • HAVE no doubt in your mind catherine,THE LORD is watching,he told me he ain’t going to apoloigize to sodom and gomorrah,..he said get ready to go I’am going to burn america to the ground,BUT first their going to suffer a little,be prepeared to leave when I call,make your final preperations,and get your stuff stacked by your back door,OK LORD I’am ready to go……………………….

  2. Welcome back! 🙂

    To today’s blog: Yes, absolutely we’ve hit the tipping point. No question about it.


    The NAMBLA folks and the polygamists are celebrating and are tuning up their respective bands. They’ve been the script to follow and you see the same tactics, rhetoric and talking points all over again.

    Inside of the next two years we’re going to see churches forced to make a choice when it comes to the gay marriage issue from State pressure. Make no mistake about it.

    If you’re a 501c or 503c you’re on the bubble or will be.

    A major domino was shoved down this past week. God help us all.

    Quick Middle East news in regards to Egypt where IMHO they’re headed for civil war unless something else happens first:


    Report: Egyptian military deploys tanks on Gaza border

    Published: 07.01.13, 14:42 / Israel News

    Palestinian and Egyptian eye witnesses told Turkey’s Anatolia news agency that a large amount of tanks arrived at the Sinai-Gaza border on Monday for the first time in years.

    According to the witnesses, the Egyptian military has boosted deployment on the Gaza border by sending 30 tanks that are patrolling the area. “We’ve gotten used to seeing only armored vehicles, this is the first times we’ve seen tanks,” one witness said. (Roi Kais) “

    • “http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323297504578578991289439784.html”

      Egypt military has given Morsi a 48 hour deadline to get things under control and that was about 9-10 hours ago as I type this.

      Guess we’re going to know what’s what in Egypt real soon here.

  3. My mind is blown. Lately, I’ve struggled with processing the thoughts and actions of people. Things just don’t make sense. Is it wrong to say I’ve grown weary? I’m Mentally exhausted by the world. People are becoming more aggressive, less patient, and angry. I can only hope The Lord comes soon. I welcome it with open arms!!

    On another note. I’m very grateful for you all praying for me. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been struggling. Stay strong everyone!

    • Haven’t forgotten about you. 🙂 Will keep the prayers going. I think weary is a very word to use and I think we can all sympathize.

    • Daniel 7:25 (speaking of The antichrist)
      And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

  4. “http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/06/buildng-third-temple-jerusalem.html”

    The Temple could get rebuilt at any time.

  5. How right you are!! But when we do rise up, they call us terrorists … I hope the Lord takes us out of this would soon. I can”t see America recovering from the damage done. All in the name of political correctness,

    I loved watching my copy of Watchers 6 and am now reading your new book. How fascinating! Thanks L.A. for what you do! Bonnie Hendricks

  6. But, LA, I believe we HAVE done everything we can. We have protested, voted, written and called our congressmen and prayed.

    It was evident to me the day after the November elections that those of us who hold these values dear are no long the majority. Those getting free phones, welfare and food stamps are the ones who don’t care and they have increasingly become the majority.

    I, for one, believe this is all part of *God’s* end time plan and if it is, we will not be able to do one thing to change it.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

    • I agree Kathy and Late Night Lisa we are over the mountain. There is nothing we can do but watch the downward spiral until were taken home.

      The Judgement of America will only continue to get worse.

  7. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree with you more! This is NOT even the country I moved to in the 80’s. I feel so so sad for America, and can;t imagine how I;d feel if I grew up here! It’s changing rapidly. O is the perfect figure head ,as was Bill Clinton for his time.

  8. L.A, I’m really glad too you commented on the by and large SILENCE of the church in the face of such iniquity. This is perhaps the main reason I no longer go to a church building or do the whole church thing–to enable some man’s (pastor’s) personal vision and leadership.

    My teen kids tell me about the sermons and its all sounds good but when the rubber meets the road, they don’t get their hands dirty and be Christians when its no maybe convenient and I note in particular it seems clear the pastors don;t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Their tax exempt status prevents them from speaking out. I say we’d be better off with the church not being part of the word’s system at all even if it costs us financially!

    • There will be many shamed on That day when HE praises those that stood for him and the rest look on in silence. Its apathy there are times when we feel that pull or push to do or say something and we just await another to do what we were first called to do. What is your first love? I await HIM. He comes. There will be no second guessing truth.

  9. G’day, friends of tolerating intolerance of tolerance!

    I forget who said, and not precise quote (please correct me)… “Great civilizations fall and crumble from the rot within!”

    As one who keeps in touch with the other news, the “real” news, by reading the Gospel and then observing the ways of the world through eyes of a believer in the Creator, The Saviour and the Holy Spirit… I am not surprised at all of events in the world today. My only shock, I guess, is the efficiency and speediness of how quickly the world has been turned upside down within even one’s own lifetime – and I am only 44 years young! And even being able to see the events unfold from afar and so separated geographically from the rest of the world, and not to mention what is unfolding locally, from where I am located here in what was proclaimed as “La Australia Del Espiritu Santo”, South Land of the Holy Spirit!! Dedicated by Pedro Fernandez de Quiros, on the Day of Pentecost, May 14 1606 – about 180 years before the arrival of Captain James Cook on his ship, The Endeavour!

    Here we have proudly displayed on our national flag what we call the Southern Cross.

    Unfortunately, and I won’t be surprised, but certainly, with all this political correctness nonsense and evil as it is, we will have that symbol and sign removed as it will be considered offensive to those who object to the notion of a Holy Cross as displayed and referenced… And believers know that even in the first chapters of Genesis that God the Holy Father created the stars for signs and seasons – And I’m not talking about the newspapers’ daily horoscope!

    Australia has, again, within its own government replaced it’s leader – perhaps not by the electors (Citizens) as such but the ruling government party itself has replaced it’s own leader and prime minister in just the last week or so. This so-called ‘leader’ now re-instituted as Prime Minister only recently espoused, prior to his regaining position as Prime Minister, his approval of same-sex marriage. An election is soon to be held in this country. The new/old prime minister is Roman Catholic. The opposition leader is also, devout Roman Catholic. How timely and convenient to have such a choice of prospective leaders – same-sex marriage about to happen here soon?

    I gathered with some people the other evening (for a free poker tournament – it’s free! No real cash no loss!) and we shared some jokes – how ironic that there are no complaints when somebody said ‘certain’ jokes but when it came my attempt, I get to hear from one who responded with a comment of “that’s a bit politically incorrect”. To which I replied, “I don’t care for ‘political correctness’ – I defy ‘political correctness’! I Stand for the TRUTH!” I now it is sinful to mock people, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves… however, a funny joke is a funny joke. Ironic how suddenly intolerant people become. Again, what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good.

    I am not a member of any religious institution. I have a personal relationship with my God and Saviour. I feel alone in the sense that nobody among the people I know – apart from my dear and long suffering, and strongly faithful (to the Lord), mother – I am the only believer in the Word: Y’shua! So really, I am not alone, at all. And that suits me fine.

    I don’t “bible bash” people if they do not want to know – but I will correct those who misquote or take out of context the words of scripture.
    It is the fool who says in his heart that there is no God.
    And blessed are those who have not seen yet believe!

    Regards, Peter (from the Great South Land of the Holy Cross! i.e. Australia)

    ps… sorry if there is not much point to what I have said… just wanted to say it, anyway.

    Ps. Believers still can speak with Authority and without having to resort to violence to proclaim the Truth. But we might be met with some violence or ostracizing and ignorance.. or the combination. 🙂

  10. if you dont mind me saying, Prayer was never banned from our public schools, in fact the courts have repeatedly upheld the right of student prayer! it just cant be led in any way, or required by the school. Also, i think we see that earthquake hit california soon. we have to pray for God to have mercy on them and wa have to pray that he will change the hearts of those that are caught up in the homosexual lifestyle. i do think it is THE tipping point along with abortion. Abortion is sickening. thousnads dailey in this country alone.

    • Marlene, I live in Southern California. Not one day goes by that I don’t think today could be the day for the big one (earthquake). Especially after the the decision to allow gay marriage. I can only pray God shields my family and myself. If not….then I’ll see you in the air 🙂

    • oh hi kristin!! i just realized its you 🙂 hope you are doing very well 🙂 kristen i really beleive God will supernaturally protect his faithful people. try not to stress over it. i know, easier said than done, your gonna be allright.

  11. There was a 5 year period in my young life where I experimented with homosexuality. I’m convinced that it’s one of many corruptions that result from the downward spiral of rebelling against God. Gay sex is part of a long list of sexual sins that get worse and worse, darker and darker….

    Drunkenness (intoxication) lowers our inhibitions to the point that sex is more about mechanics than attraction. That opens the door to all kinds of perversion and crossing more and more lines. There was likewise a point where I was open to wiccan and crowleyian sex magic. So I also believe there’s a spiritual component…

    We need not go there, but let me be clear — there’s a downward spiral. Sex for power and control, sex with strangers, STDs, sodomy, divorce, abortion, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia … sex with demons or fallen angels….

    For those turned away from Christ — there’s nothing to protect from the downward descent of depravity. That enables the rebel angels and their demonic offspring to take over, and one’s life goes more and more out of control. In some that could be seen as being driven. In others… “genius and madness” in place of a beautiful mind.

    Ultimately, family relationships are destroyed by neglect, abuse, abandonment, and violence. That impacts all other social and civil interactions. Gotta say, I just don’t believe there’s any effective political solution for spiritual problems. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness….

    Jesus is the answer. He reverses the biblical “Romans 1” curse as we turn to recognize God for who and what He truly is face-to-face — as best we can in an ever growing relationship. One need not be a prophet to understand the fall that results from turning away from Christ. And His instruction to us is to repent and turn again to face Him as Savior and Son of God.

    How odd to see russian president Putin institute a law to protect from pedophilia after so soon demonstrating his own loss of control in adultery and divorce. He’s a control freak and on the downward spiral. You’ve seen the end. No surprise that Michael Jackson’s pedophilia is being openly exposed now after they tried so hard to cover it up. And yes, no doubt, the gays in their idolatry of youth want teen sex to be completely legalized next…. The same goes for larger and larger numbers of “straights” along with apostate christians.

    The bibles the gays have rewritten not only excuse but justify their perversions. A corrupt mind is truly blinded. Heed the warning in Romans 1: because when you turn from God to false images — God gives you over — to uncleanness, depravity, and a worthless mind. You become more and more like what you worship on the road of damnation — a mockery of God.

    • You would be amazed at how much sexual sin and perversion there is in the church…it really an epidemic that no one cares to address.

    • Thank you for that testimony, Nome.

      Here’s something to chew on:

      “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” – Leviticus 20:13

      20 13

      What year is it? Just putting it out there.

    • testimonials are the fruit of my faith. I see them and hunger for more. They are many times looked upon with embarrassment from all sides, yet it stirs the soul and refreshes it. I was an addict for years to big pharma and thanks be to the Lord have overcome it. You make me proud to know you brother and if I as a fallen bit of warm worm food can say that how much more will The Lord that saved you watch you grow under his mighty gaze.

    • G’Day, Nomemoleste!

      As Eric W. and others said, thank you for your testimony.

      ps. I apologize for delay in giving more thorough response to your recent questions about Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Nephilim Architecture in Australia. It will take me a little while to find information.

      The sexual sin and perversion is not confined to the church. As a former court reporter/transcribe/proof reader (for over 10 years) of hearings and trials in West Australian justice system (Magistrates/District/Supreme and Children’s Court) I dealt with 1000s of cases. Prior to WA courts system I also worked as editor/transcribe with sub-contractor to police, responsible for the transcribe of interviews with suspects by police (re audio recordings). I don’t watch much TV read the newspapers so I don’t know how many of these cases are mentioned or reported, except to say it’s not many. Of course, I only dealt with a very small percentage of these matters. God only knows how many of these cases how many of these cases have been discovered/investigated.
      Of the 1000s of cases I transcribed (re court trials and police interviews) I cannot recall doing one case that was announced as that involving a ‘priest’ or whatever church rank/title – I am not suggesting at all that members/clergy of whichever religious institution did not commit these abominable crimes against children. Far from it. Yes, it is amazing and astonishing, as you say, but somehow and for a very long time, the ‘church’ has been able to suppress these horrible matters, and it is only in recent years that some cases are now being exposed. There has only recently been admissions made by the Catholic Church here in Australia and, currently, there is a major inquest.

      I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, or trained criminal psychologist – I can only give account from my work experience in the so-called ‘justice’ system but what amazed me, also, particularly when I would transcribe the recordings of police interviews with suspects, was that the accused/perpetrators of these pedophile cases – whom came from all walks of life all over the country, all different people, various careers of employment, social status, marital and age and so on… to me – and only working from audio-cassette/CD recordings – they all sounded like the same person whom was being interviewed by the police, in the sense that they all had similar responses, mannerism in speech, and reasoning or excuses. How can that be, when it was more than likely that none of these people knew each other? I realize this is just my opinion from work experience.

      There is definitely something most corrupt about these cases, and especially an agenda by the ‘church’ for these to happen. I’m not sure what it is, except in some instances – though not reported or admitted to in the media or by investigators/police and the church itself – but there would have to be some occult ritual involved other than just the obvious evil perversion of these individuals. Also, the agenda of driving people away from faith in the true living God because of what the ranks of the church have committed.

      I feel very sad for the victims. I wish I never had to hear or know about any of these things, but that was part of the job… years later, it still makes me sick to my guts when the subject arises. Literally. Even still, there is no justice in this world. And no justice without God.

      God bless.
      Regards, Peter (W.Australia)

    • Peter and all… the phrases come to mind: “like passions as we” and “touched with our infirmities,” no doubt speaking of both Elijah and Jesus. “There’s no temptation which is not common to all of us.” We’re all children of Eve and Adam. And Christ experienced our temptations first hand; nonetheless, remaining sinless but still taking responsibility for us. He’s real family!

      Would that we’d never been spiritual children of the devil. Would that the old man nailed to the cross with Christ were much less a spiritual zombie and undead. It’s too easy to be haunted by what we’ve been, and the dopplegangers we helped create. Best to just stay fast on Christ leaving all that behind. I’m ecstatic to be truly free! The enemy wants us to believe otherwise.

      The image that comes to mind is like a battlefield ambulance. I’m not the medic nor EMT, just there to help triage and transport. So having come out of darkness means knowing the lay of the land and where the mine fields are hidden. Jesus is still the medic and the Holy Ghost navigates and helps us see in the dark and regain focus. It’s way too easy to become disoriented or distracted….

      But it’s definitely a team effort! LA’s driving this bus. Glad to contribute when I can.

  12. Gay Pride Disco Mass: New York City’s St. Mark’s Church In The Bowery Brings In The Divas For Celebration And Praise


  13. Definition of confusion: UK govt to re-term ‘husband’ and ‘wife’

    “A man can be a “wife” and a woman can be a “husband,” the UK government has decided, overruling the Oxford English Dictionary and effectively putting an end to the traditional meanings of the words for marriage partners…..”


  14. And for L.A’s favorite subject: Lady Gaga under fire after changing national anthem: ‘Home for the gay’



    An animal protection officer in the German state of Hesse has expressed frustration with a German law that makes spreading bestiality porn illegal — but the act itself legal. Madeleine Martin told the Frankfurter Rundschau that current laws were not protecting animals from zoophilia, and the problem was getting worse. ”There are now animal brothels in Germany,” Martin told the paper, and people were playing down the importance of the act by describing it as a “lifestyle”. Luckily Germany’s animal protection laws, dating from 1969, are due to be reformed soon. Let’s hope the German government sees sense and outlaws animal brothels, finally.


    • Im reminded of scripture where the Lord talks aobut 4 types of people. The Holy and the righeous, the unujust and the filthy…they are the filthy. i also believe those people will seek death but wont find it.

    • These people are so sick its unbelievable! I can’t believe that people are not just walking but “running” as hard as they can for the gates of Hell! They won’t bother to read the Bible and get saved…because they say they don’t believe in the Bible? huh, how do you not believe in something you have not read and know nothing about….satan has been hard at work and the deception is disgusting that so called “thinking” people can’t think past the end of their nose…..

  16. L.A. A slight disagreement here. I think we have left the slippery slope and gone over the precipice into darkness, and at the bottom is
    total destruction. Praying that the Lord opens the eyes of the ungodly, that they will be saved, and that the righteous will
    be preserved through the fire.

    Nice to have you back.

  17. Jewish groups praise US gay marriage ruling

    Reform, Conservative movements quick to praise US Supreme Court for striking down Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.


  18. “Atheists Unveil Own Monument Near Ten Commandments — and Promise 50 More Across U.S”

    Many of these atheists act like a bunch of immature adolescents who are away from their parents for the first time in their lives and free to do whatever they want. Instead of making an argument for atheism in a rational and persuasive manner, they ridicule the beliefs of Christians and Jews (the Old Testament). Do they believe that this kind of argument engenders understanding of atheism and influences those who believe in God to question their belief in a supernatural being? One thing is for sure,there will be no atheists in hell, by they time they get there, they’ll be believers. My advice to them is; everyone has an eternity… choose wisely.

    • If someone is an athiest, then why are they getting in such an uproar? They’re wasting their time, energy and money to fight against thin air. He doesn’t exist. All the millions of people who worship God are, in their thoughts, worshiping no one. But yet they’re still furious and rabid like an infected animal.
      So, if they don’t believe in God what are they REALLY angry over. What or WHO is causing their distress. Chistians shouldn’t bother them. We’re no threat. We’re praying to a nothing and we’re harmless, right. What’s the problem then? It’s a spirit clash. They are afraid and they don’t even know why. This an argument that I would pose to any athiest.

    • its a cult and theres a few good documentaries that qualify it as such. I don’t believe in the easter bunny…so therefor I don’t form groups and fellowships around that nonbelief. At the end of it all though is a true belief that’s just as old as The Lie itself …ah! pride you ruinous midden heap, tasting forever thy own flesh, forever yearning for what you shall never have.

  19. About 500 demonstrators are already at the Texas Capitol ahead of a rally opposing an abortion restrictions bill before the Legislature.

    This is going to get ugly.

  20. Forget the above post. My comments disappeared. This is my 3rd try. I’ll shorten my post. Could it be that the words Jesus spoke in Luke 24:38 were referring actually to “gay marriage” or union that was going on in the days before they flood? Ecclesiastes 1:9 says that there is nothing new under the sun.” It seems that we are indeed coming full circle. Depravity is increasing like rabies, even bestiality is increasing. Satan and his unclean spirits are ravishing “open” minds and it seems that we’re in for the “things that are coming upon the earth” and that will cause men’s hearts to fail.
    Again. L.A. what do you and the others think?
    Thank God for our Blessed Hope!
    Love you all!

  21. Status report on “the grid that was, is not, yet is” project.

    There’s an amazing amount of information about the Maya on youtube! The documentary on decoding the mayan language along with lectures from the mayanists and scholars (including national geo vids) give a great introduction. Google play has plenty of free classics on maya language and explorations, (for the google books app), with great photos and drawings.

    I’m at the point of trying to understand how the maya (and similar), used their symbology in architecture, (esp. where nephilim architecture and blood sacrifice is evident). For instance, 14 generations of rulers depicted in lifelike relief sitting on top of their “names” given in mayan glyphs. Or the jade mask on the mummy of lord pacal with the mayan symbol for breath (spirit) engraved and standing out on the lower lip….

    Also interesting that pacal was contemporary with mohammed….

    I expect to find that their cities had huge “signs” not unlike modern times — but largely unrecognized, whether in glyph layouts or architecture. They might have carved their symbology as building macro structures or large unusual blocks, (including the number system, which is a series of dots and bars, largely stylized). Interesting that they had the zero (like a football glyph), though the romans didn’t. The way to understand their glyphs is that they had sometimes a dozen plus variations for the same symbol, something like we do with fonts. Their glyphs wind out the page superimposed over each other, or intermixed.


    Another notable point is their building pyramids over existing pyramids over earlier pyramids, layer by layer, which makes me think of russian dolls. I believe the same process might be found in many mound works — meaning that where we thought the excavations were finished, they’ve likely barely scratched the surface! No easy thing to burrow into such things without collapses.

    Of course what the academics won’t admit is that the rulers of the mayas not only pretended to be gods — they were likely highly demonized — and possibly avatars of rebel angels. Their blood rituals are extreme. For instance, the ruler piercing the foreskin with a stingray spine (barbed), bleeding onto paper, which is then burned to produce visions in the smoke. And that’s tame compared to the regular practice of blood and gore torture and human sacrifice including children.

    The lid of pacal’s crypt was poisoned intentionally! Gotta say it’s a bad idea to be digging up such things without testing for toxins and wearing hazmat, (chemical, biological, even radiation). And dealing with the spiritual aspects! Same goes for the cenotes and caves — especially diving in them; compare digging in the ashes of holocaust victims.

    Sooner or later we’ve got to deal with the situation that when folks aren’t in control of themselves, it likely that controlled by demons or worse. Spirits don’t die they just move on. Very curious that pacal’s ancestors were depicted as “human plants…” (though I misplaced the reference, one of the lectures?). Pacal’s mother is said to be a goddess and cacao tree. Nephilim bride? (contrast Christ as the Vine)


  22. I don’t know if I have said it here but I do not care if they “call” it marriage……my lamp that I made by using an antique porch light shade rigged to hang from a vintage floor lamp stand is also known as a “marriage” but it will never be worth what each of those elements were made to be a part of. Neither element is what their maker intended.
    Now, when they start to force us to call gays rightful users of the term “Holy Matrimony” you will hear me screeching. The whole thing disgusts me and no matter what they legally call it…..they can never make me believe they are anything more than a legal partnership.

    I get far more riled up about abortion!

  23. I probably have a different view than everybody else. (wouldn’t be the first time) I say we keep doing what we’ve always done – preach the gospel! It’s still the only answer to sin, whether it be homosexuality or abortion, (by the way, are these the only two sins?) A country is made up of people, who could one by one, turn to Christ and be made the majority. But we know according to scripture, that will never happen. We’ll never be in the majority, so we’ll always be butting heads with the government and people around us. Why do we expect a perfect world, anyway? It’s just not scriptural.

    The problem with getting the gospel out to change our culture, is, many “Christians” who are going around making converts, think they themselves have been saved by just saying a prayer but no inner change has occured. The true gospel has been hijacked! ALL sin sends you to Hell, not just the one or two preachers like to focus on, and if you haven’t committed either one of those, you’re good to go. What really bothers me about preaching against homosexuality almost exclusively, is not only the distortion of the gospel, but the judgmental attitude they use. It’s not coming in the spirit of humility, from men who recognize that they were once sinners themselves, but as in the place of God. As if they themselves have a right to be angry at other people’s behavior. As if they’re sinning against them personally, and not God.

    For all those preachers who point an accusing finger at these nasty “sodomites” I would ask you, “what if that were your son? What if you knew how emotionally frail he was and that just one more accusing finger, or look of disgust could drive him over the suicidal edge? Some will get delivered instantly from this sin, for others it may take years of prayer with the Holy Spirit working on them. But we don’t want preachers backing them into a corner of hopelessness, where an angry God can’t wait to get His hands on them, while at the same time they’re struggling against powerful feelings that have been there from as far back as they can remember. We don’t want to do anything that might drive them to suicide, which is epidemic in the gay world.

    We have to be careful how we represent Jesus Christ to the world. His disciples warned, and pleaded with the people to turn from their sins. Where is the pleading, and the reasoning today. The caring? No, its all about – because of your sin God is judging MY country, etc. and we drive them away even further from God, because they never sense the love of God within us. Our friends may understand us and that we mean well, but if the people we’re preaching to can’t sense the love of God in us, we’re just sending them deeper into despair. And what’s it about anyway? Its all about bringing them to the Father after Jesus washes away their sins and gives them a new clean heart. Its about making God happy and saving a soul from Hell.

    • “We have to be careful how we represent Jesus Christ to the world”

      This is very true. The list of Christian leaders, pastors, evangelist, ministers, priest, heads of the church falling into sexual sin and perversion is at an all-time high and the list keeps on growing. Nothing is worse than a bad witness. How can a pastor counsel someone on infidelity when he himself is dabbling in the same sin? This goes for homosexuality as well; to me there is nothing worse than a so called man of God that denounces homosexuality then in the same tokens sneaks off to rest areas and park areas for midnight rendezvous to conduct the very perversion he has publicly denounced.

    • Matt, I agree! And on the other hand, Pastors might publically condemn homosexuality while at the same time they’re happily committing adultery, and remember adultery can also be done secretly, in the privacy of the heart (Math 5:28). Preachers are falling into the trap of emphasizing one sexual sin above all the others, and have made adultery seem more acceptable by default, by silently alluding to the idea of, at least adultery is more “natural” than what the gays are doing. As if any of that matters! It’s all sin, whether adultery or homosexuality and will send them all to Hell. That’s the important part. What happens to them is what matters to God. And if they go to Hell, Satan wins! We don’t want that remember? We want them to be with God. They’re not the enemy, Satan is! We don’t want to pin them in a corner, we want to reason with them and plant a seed.

      Rev.21:8 says that no liars will be allowed entrance into Heaven. How low is lying on our list of things to preach and warn them about, yet scripture emphasizes it, saying specifically that all liars will not make it and includes it right there among sexual sins. Something’s wrong with the way we’re presenting the gospel today, because all the emphasis is on homosexuality, so they don’t even know about what the bible says about lying, and how serious this sin is. As long as they’re not gay, they’re fine. Example: Two teenage boys get in a car wreck and both die. One was gay. Everyone assumes the gay went to hell, but what they don’t know is the other boy was a perpetual liar, who went to church week after week and heard plenty of sermons about homosexuality, but never heard a sermon on lying. According to Rev 21:8 where is he?

      I find gay people will more readily listen to what we have to say if we tell them the truth and not blow their sin out of proportion as compared to all others sins. The Holy Spirit has gone out of His way to list all sins together. 1 Cor 6. When we single out one sin as being the cause of everything bad in any country, we’re distorting the gospel, and the homosexuals know it! Which makes them immediately judge us as hypocrites and turn off to the gospel forever. Its not about fighting them with scripture and winning an argument, but about winning a soul! A real soul, who Jesus can then transform into the most beautiful person, if just given half a chance. We’ve seen Him do just that, so many times.

      The Holy Spirit loves to take broken, dirty sinful people and change them into the image of God’s beautiful Son. Jesus died for them. It is all about them and for them, these ugly / beautiful lost souls that are trapped in sin right now, that Hes focusing on, not us. He wants to rescue them from the god of this world who has blinded their mind. These are just things to keep in mind, while we’re shouting at them. Yes, tell them about the justice and holiness of God. And after you’ve scared the crap out of them, telling them about Hell etc, then pour on the love. Don’t leave out the love and mercy of God! Pour it on nice and thick, and let them know how very much God loves them. So much so He sent His only Son, to suffer and die, just so they could be with Him forever. And so they wouldn’t ever have to suffer one minute, in the Hell made for Satan and his angels.

    • I agree completely, TGBTG! I have friends who are gay. They know I believe it is wrong but I have also told them that I am a sinner too and thank them for not judging me for the lies and drinking and drugs and adultery and cussing and……….etc. I tell them I have to repent all the time and when something that I thought was harmless proves to be sinful…..I pray and He helps me.
      Then I am sure to tell them it is between them and God. And that I am so glad that Christ, gradually, is helping me to “go and sin no more.”
      Now, I do not seek them out to socialize but I will not shun a fellow sinner!

    • I will just say this and leave it alone, back when I was a youth, I didn’t hit the bars, clubs, dance clubs, as most of my friends did. I didn’t need to, you see I was one of them good going church folk, oh yes, my little secret was, there was more going on in the church than I could handle. The lifestyles of some those folks in the church would be enough to make a sailor blush. And it seems after all these years not much has changed, I have a friend who tells me quite a bit that goes on at Lakewood, he just about kills himself driving to make it to his so called “singles/divorced” class on time. He is a prayer counselor there and he has no problem admitting he uses his position to impress certain members of the church. His Facebook page looks like a who’s who at Page Parkes Talent Agency, all members of Lakewood.

    • I’d like to ad, I didn’t partake of any opportunities that presented it in those days, tempted yes, but never acted on It., no regrets.

    • Thanks Elaine!! I SO agree with you! I think that we Christians have to Get Real! We get saved and then we act like we’re above it all. Like we’re so holy, we can’t even be in the same room with homosexuals or their sin might rub off on us or something. ( I’m not talking about hanging around with them) As if there were no skeletons in our own closet before we were saved. What happens is, we get saved and after a while we start to believe we were always this way. We start acting holier than thou, as if we transformed ourselves into what we’ve become, and that it’s not the Holy Spirit’s hard work that did it. But when we hide what we used to be, and they only see what Holy Spirit has turned us into, we end up giving glory to ourselves, and not God. Because He’s the one who did the makeover, not us. He’s the artist, and Creator of the beauty and holiness they see in us now. We have to make them understand that we were bad TOO, and caught up in sin, just like they are now. So they will feel that maybe there’s hope for them as well. That’s what God wants us to do, just tell them what He did for us. Its not as complicated as we make it.

      If anyone was caught up in the sin of homosexuality and God set them free, they need to step up and say it . Proclaim it! It glorifies God! Satan has added a stigma to this sin so that we might feel ashamed even after being saved. Yeah, hyper religious Christians might always see us as EX homosexuals but when we tell others what we were, we give them HOPE, that maybe what God did for us He can do for them too. With a lot of the preaching going on, especially with sites like Westboro Baptist, they may have already believed the lie that they are past the point of no return. The BIG LIE is that they can’t be delivered from this sin. That they’ve been “given over” by God to a reprobate mind. This is SO Not True! The Bible says we ALL had reprobate minds before we were saved! If the blood of Jesus can deliver die hard Satanists, who killed people and drank blood, and had a lifetime contract to Satan, then there’s no sin the blood of Jesus can’t cover! I bet my whole life on it! I think the Holy Spirit is waiting for all of us to get real, and get serious! To stop preaching AT them as if we’re God, and start looking at each one of them as individual precious souls, pleading with them to be reconciled to a God who loves them so much, that He died for them. Even while they’re still in their worst sins, He still loves them. That’s the true gospel.

      2 Cor 5:20 “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”

  24. I share your concerns, LA. At the same time, I believe that God will have the last say about homosexuality. A day is coming soon when you’ll watch the news, and the mainstream media will be expressing shock and panic as they will be reporting mass numbers of gays and lesbians coming out of their lifestyle and turning to Jesus Christ instead. I believe God will do this. But our churches better be ready to love, evangelize, and walk along side those who choose Christ. They’re going to need the Body of Christ to help them. — Holly

  25. Large fight caught on video erupting between contestants at the Miss Gay San Juan beauty pageant.

    “A large fight broke out the gay beauty pageant in Peru, according to video uploaded to the internet.

    Spectators said that this was not very ladylike at all. Several ultra competitive drag queens fought it out on stage when the judges accidentally announced the wrong winner at the Miss Gay San Juan Peru beauty contest.

    Suddenly, wigs went flying, and stilettos were slashing, just like an average catfight. Sadly, their newly lacquered nails were all scratched up. ……”


  26. If the authorities have made marriage into an abomination and a farse, Christians should not accept it as legal any more. That’s what Christians did during the pietistic revival in the 1700’s. They did it for another reason, but they had sense enough to understand that marriage is a divine institution, and we are not bound to follow heathen laws, or laws invented for populistic reasons. I would say that from now on, any one who gets married under the legal forms of sodomite authorities, is not married in God’s eyes. Christians should be married by their own ministers, and just abandon the corrupt legal forms of the authorities.
    But then I loose my rights! No, you gain your real rights.

    • I agree…..I have always thought that the government has no business with marriage! It is not a piece of paper from city hall that makes a marriage. It is not even the promises that the man and woman make to each other…..the vows are made to God! The only reason the government wants in is for money and control.

  27. You state”….Shame on the court and shame on us if we do nothing. “….yes shame on the court….but what are you to do? Your vote does not count, since the people of CA have voted twice to state a Marriage is between a Man and a women and your vote was over ruled by nine people what is there to do now? I hear take back America how the vote does not work…….the country is now in my opinion been handed over to Judgement…….one can not change the Will of God…..but are we to sit by and do nothing? no ……..but what no one will answer that question……..pray us for our own safety in this troublesome times…..and for the conversion of others……..but what else? Vote in someone that lies and states oh I will change things……that will not happen…….if they are of the world they will get into power ….a person of God will not for he/she will do Gods will……not mans…….so what are we to do?

    • When we’re living ” in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation”, all we can do is let our light shine in our own sphere of influence. It’s not our job to transform the morality of the whole world, or our country or our state. We don’t have the authority to do any of that. But we can vote. If we voted properly and there were more of “them” then us, then all we have left to do is just let the truth shine out from us. Do good. Pray. Give. Witness. Testify. Live a holy life. All these things are very important, and God needs us to do these things. All these things are within our control. The rest of the world is not.

      Philippians 2:15 “That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;’

    • toGodbethe glory you wrote”….. But we can vote. If we voted properly and there were more of “them” then us, then all we have left to do is just let the truth shine out from us…… .” My point is that it dose not matter how many of Us go and vote they shall over turn the vote for it happened in to California and 9 ungodly people said your vote does not matter the people were I think 52 % wanted marriage man and woman they voted twice and the 3% tha
      t are sodomites got it overturned

    • Sara….what TGBTG meant was to vote all the corruption out and then the clean new government might have an effect on SCOTUS and purge there as well.

  28. I do not want to even leave the house for work any longer ! what a mess if i can find a way to stay away from the masses i will . However i think Enoch also felt this way.

  29. Those forgiven much — love all the more. Luke 7:36-8:3)
    “8:2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils”

    Here’s a testimony from the edge…

    “http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSNOWSTARBOY” (EUNUCH JCBUTTERFLYBOY)


    Initial post: Jan 19, 2013 6:48:44 PM PST
    Blair H. Logsdon says:
    The Tital of This Book Is Perfect ! My Heart Breaks Ron Rigsbee, i Too Have had, Sex Change REGRET.. Having Had 3 Sex Changes … I Know How Devil such a Lier and a Deceiver .. i Too Was like Ron .. Snared by the EVIL ONE The SERPANT The devil See GENESIS in Holy Bible ….. What He Did to all Man Kind ! , Jesus taught…. Devil Comes But Kill, Rob and destroy and KILL , He is a Theif a Robber THE FATHER OF LIES .!… i too Having Had Sex Change Regret SoOO…. Many Others……. Like Me .! Who Have Suffered at The Hands of The Wicked One !……. …. So Many That Have Died.. Mentaly .. Phychaly .. and Omotionley…. Who are No Longer Hear On Earth Wicked Snuffed The Breath out of There Lungs ……. .From Having (((The Demonic Sex Change ))). ( Robbed Bye the Devil The Father Lies .)))).. …. Truly He is The Master Deceiver !!..))))))).. I Bit That Bait in Early 90,s ..The Devil is Real)) … He Hooked Me With Bait of Deception,,, The Lust of The Flesh! .. The Lustful Desires ….Of Carnal Man Of the Sinful Man …He Baited Me Deception That if i Would CHANGE My Sex i Could Have All that IIIIIII Desired in This World …!!!. The World That is Passing Away …. So I Turned away, From Prechious Prechious JESUS The KING OF KINGS and Served My Flesh And The Devil …..Not He Hooked With a Lie That Could All That Desired Sex Wise .And He Give The Things That So Desired From a Abused Child Hood ….. I wanted What I Couldnt Have was Male Friends …. Who Rejected as a Child …. i Too Like Many Homosexauls Wounded …. By Fallen Man…. Turned … to The Deception That Was Gay When Realy … i Was Just a Very Wounded Victom From Devil Who Used Children Adults Make Fun Me and reject Me …. After so Wounded Wanting Be Loved i Turn to Great Deception of Homosexality !..You See After Devil Beated Me Down Throew Child Hood Through Others … Than Wanted Take Down All The way as Adult To ! …. i Bit His Bait Being So Beaten Down From Him…… Then Wasnt Finish He Wanted My Soul ….. TOO! .How Great is The Darkness ! … .. … … ….JESUS SAYS,, I AM THE WAY,, THE TRUTH ,, AND THE LIFE !… And HE Alone OFFERS ETERNAL LIFE! John 3:16 JESUS Says ENTER THROUGH THE NARROW GATE … Because The Gate and Road That Leads(( Destruction are Wide)) I Beg You Read..This Sripture …… MATHEW 7:13 ….. I Bit That Demonic Bate… Had 3 Sex changes …. and in Tribute… To Ron , Its Not as Easy as Snapping Your Fingers Like The Show Bewitched ))) to get Reversed !!!!.See Its Not Hollywood Now its REAL>>>>> IM BAITED ON THE WAY TO HELL!. So To Be Destroyed Bye Devil … The Same Serpant Deceived Eve …. Is So Real My Brothers and Sisters …… .I Beg Please Please TURN JESUS HE LOVES YOU!…. But Follow Jesus is Hard …To Take Like Prechious Jesus …… Try Reversing a Sex Change i Did !!!… Its Not Easy !!!Unless You Have Personaly Lived it ! … Like Ron !!and i …Its easy Judge Some one,,, If You Have not Lived in There Shoes ….Ive tasted Glory of Sin … The Devils Bait .!!! What Painful Wicked so Wicked HOOK !!!… The Hook is Deep!!! and Cruel !!!The Devil Has no Mercy !!!Once You r Hooked .!!!!!….And You Think For season That The Bait is So pleasing to the Eyes….Until Squirming in Flesh By The Evil One …. Trying Get Free and You Cant … Because Nobody in Hollywood Wants Help You … The Music Top songs ss All The Modern Tv Shows Cant Give The Answers Why ? Why Isnt Hollywood Trying Help Those Who Bleeding Suffering Dieing … Only Release More Vilonce More Horror More Sex … Then The News Wonder Why Thre School Shootings … Because They All Jesus Out of Everthing ! …. So Peaple r Drowning … With Hope …. and Flock to Theaters For so Entertaiment ! … r Drowning all Around Them …… The World Needs Heart Surgery From Jesus! …… We Wake Stop Living Entertainment! .. of Self Centerness…. Repent, Turn Back Jesus Created All Things Read Gospal Of John Its Simple soooooooo Simple TRUTH! Because i Turned Hollywood IDols .. And Ate HoLywood … i Could GetOut Quik Sand of Despair ! …. Only Find…. There a deep Hook….. and Devil … He keeps… Realing You in…… Like fish That Hooked.!…. and reals You in … Reals You..in ……. and You Strugle…… Thinking You Have Food.? … Then You Realized ..When You can No Longer Get Your Breathe ….Gasping For breath! Just wanting Have Your Body Parts Back !!!.That Now Mutalated Chopped On …over Over Again The Find The love You Never in School ! …. …You Finaly You Have been Deceved great Deciver ! The agent Foe The Wicked one Has No Mercy ! .The Devil … .. ….Then Suddley You Wake Before Take Very Last Breath on Floor from Years Drugs Achol ,,, Narcotics Over a Hundred Surgeries .. That Paid All Money You Made For 17 Years To Devil ! You Paid All The Drs to Help You Only Became Worse ….. !!!!!! …. That,s While Dieing Taking Last Breath You Cry Out To…. Prechious JESUS JESUS WHO THROUGH ALL THE STARS IN SPACE AND CREATED SUN EVERY THING THAT HAS BREATH IN THE HEAVENS AND THE SEAS …. And Come to End Your Self I Cried Out To Lord He ……He Heard My Cry ! …. .The Bible Says … Jesus is The Good Shepeard ….i . Releazid it afterYears for SELF CENTERNESS Making My Self a God ! .. i Tasted Sin For a Season…i Thought i Had All Desired? of This World .??.. Only Realize …That Bit The For Bidden Fruit )))Told About in The Garden of Eden …… ..Only Realize That You Have (((went The Broad Road)))) Talked In( The Holy Bible) Which i Had Time read … I Busy as Haidresser Reding The Hollywood Fashion Magazines ! .. and Your Hooked..I Was Deceived ))).. and Saten Ready To Take all Life Out of You …and Then whenYou Realized (( That The Mirror Lies !! SELF CENTERNESS .))))..and . Has Left You, With a Hook in Your Mouth ! … at Mercy of a Evil One!!!!!! Who Has NO MERCY ! … As Your Taking Your Last Breath .!!!!….. You Cry Out to The Loving JESUS The SAVIOUR of The This Fallen World Who Hung on a CROSS FROM 9:00 Am Till 3:00 in The Evening ?!!!!!! Hanging For You !!!!!and for Me With Nails in His Feet and Wrist . His Flesh Bleeding Water and The blood From Wrist His His Feet His Side … He Was Spit On His His Beard Was plucked Out …. and He Had Crowned of Thorns as They Gabled For His Cloths … And Looked Down From The Cross And said FATHER FORGIVE THEM , THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO………………… So That YOU & i Might Live He Took r Just Punsment to Redeem Mankind Back To paradise ..To Be in His heavenly Home .. Your You and My Place .He ..Bleed And Sufred .. For You …. Just That You Could be With Him in Heaven! .His Glorious Eternal Home .. ….. And Then Relizing i Served The Devil , The Deciever …… .I Cryed Spitting Up Bowl From Mouth … Crying Asking Jesus Before I Die Please Have Mercy on Me ! …And Prechious Prechious JESUS Who Had Mercy on my Wicked Soul …. Reached Down From …. Heaven … And Took The Hook Out My Mouth ! ….. Please Do Not Judge Some One Who had Sex Change ! Like Ron And Many Other Transexauls Who .. Who Had Sex Cgange regret Too ! …. And The Who Comitted Suciside …. Because .. Thre Was No one Tech Jesus ! …. Because We Too Busy Entertaining Our Selves The Lastes Horror Films , Sex Films … Comaedy That Cant Save Nor Heal …. Idols.. Which I Once Served …. The Dead Transexauls That taken Thre Lives Other sexauly Wounded Cant Speack Once They r dead …. Who Sufered at The Hands of The Wicked One .. Called The Devil , The Serpant The Father of Lies .. I Do not Judge The Transexaul Or Gay Person Because, i Was Gay, and I had Sex changes ….. Im So Blessed That Peaple Told Me!!! and Warned .. me … Though Did Want Hear It! …. The Path i Had chosen a Great Deception .. From The Satan Would only Lead Me to Death … They Cryed, Prayed for Me … .. to Turn Back To God !……… And After Ive Been Delivered from Evil …… I Too Am Crying out Like John Baptist to tell Gays , Trans, Bis ,, Turn Back To God! … Jesus Loves … He Died for You! . Thre No Greater Love … None …. … , Im Saying This Not Because Im Judging Them… Its That …i Lived Thre Lives Truly Understand There Suffering .. Your . Lonelinees…. Rejection )))and Fears )))… The Agody of Deception!!! That is The Bait …. The Pretty Demonic Deception of SRS!… Homosexality . Tansexality , and bi sexality …Sexaul Abuse … ..I Say ..This . Path I chose Was The Broad Road That Leads to destruction …. HELL IS REAL! Read The Book 23 min in Hell By((( Bill Weise .)))… I Say This Because I Care For The Gays The Bis , The Transexaul ..Jesus Loves You And .. I Love You All …. I Want Dont Suffer Forever…. in This Life ….and in The Next .To Come ….. CHOOSE This day Whom You Will Serve! …… Jesus Died For You ……….Jesus Wants YOU Have eternal Life…… THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD …. JESUS LOVE,s YOU and TRYING SAVE YOU FROM…the . Deception..Of The Evil One … Jesus says Cometo Me All That are Wearyand Heavy . Laden….. I Will Give You Rest for Your Weary Souls….. Jesus is Love .. He Loves You So Much! … and Has a Wonderful Glorious Plan For Your Life . To Give YOU a Hope and a Future May Lord Jesus Bless You and Keep You,, May Lord Jesus Make His Face…….. Shine Upon You All , And Give You Peace .. That Only He Can Give ….. .. In Jesus…. HOLY HOLY HOLY.. Name ,,, Mr Blair Logsdon, a Eunuch For The Glorious Jesus The Christ .. KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS………Holy HOLY HOLY …is HIS NAME …… if You Have a Burden on Your Heart …….Contact Me . jcbutterflyboy “twitter”

    • Thanks Nome! What a great testimony, in almost every sentence, he gives glory to God. This is someone God can really use since He’s on exactly the same page God is, as far as ministry to the lost is concerned. And the lost are who God is focusing on everyday. Every word this man speaks is filled with the love of God. He was in their shoes. He gets it! It’s more than words on a page for him, he’s experienced the love and power of God personally. Think of all the out casts, and hurting people God will send his way. Though others may have knowledge of the truth, God won’t send the lost their way, because they haven’t cultivated the love of God, so He would never trust the hurting, precious souls with them. If I had any gay friends or family members, I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute, to send them his way for comfort, advice, prayer, and the TRUTH spoken in love.

  30. Hi L.A.
    I do believe we have come to or even surpassed the tipping point. My heart is grieved by the “lawlessness” in our nation and world. Our Lord told us that in the last days sin would abound. At times I feel so helpless. We need to be in fervent prayer for God to touch the hearts and minds of these people to turn around and do the Godly and morally right thing. Marriage is and has always been between a man and a woman – not by man’s rights – but by God’s law!!
    God bless you brother!

  31. Wow Art Bell and Stan Deyo on Blog talk radio. Both claim that we have the revealing within the next 18 months.

    Get on now 8:17 Denver time. Go to Stans website and click on tonight’s show. Its awesome!

  32. Some Boy Scouts disband rather than allow gays in.

    Some Boy Scout troops chartered by Baptist churches have chosen to disband in response to a ruling by the Boy Scouts of America to allow gays to become scouts, according to a report in The Villager.

    Looks like a few troops apparently have decided to draw a line on societal degradation and not cave in to the sodomites. This isn’t about anti-gay or anti-homosexual –it’s about anti-sodomy.
    The Muslim countries may be backwards in a lot of ways but when it comes to the issue of sodomy they are absolutely right.
    This is what happens with the goons leftists strong arm people to their will. They don’t care that we have FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION as guaranteed in the Constitution. They DEMAND with threats that they invade OUR groups with THEIR intolerance.
    They DEMAND tolerance for them but refuse to tolerate to others. We have rights that are constantly denied because of a few people that won’t leave the vast majority of us alone.
    When will the homosexual community realize I don’t care what they do in their bedrooms, so stop shoving it in the publics face constantly. It’s so sad they are so consumed with perversion and lust that they define themselves by what they do in the bedroom. GEESH! Find something else to define your life with so you aren’t shoving your warped ideas down our throats. You don’t want morals and values, fine, but leave us to ours.
    These pity parties have to end. Everybody is sick to death of gays and their constant demand for everything that doesn’t include them. If they want to be a part of Boy Scouts of America then they should abide by the rules set forth by BSA. You can’t fabricate it in your twisted universe. sorry, that last part wasn’t PC. My apologies to the PC police.

    • True, Matt! They often remind me of toddlers who are proud that they play in their poo and want mommy and daddy to compliment them on their creativity when they smear it on the walls. Then they whine and pout when anyone tries to wash it clean and teach the diaper Da Vinci to paint with clean paints…….non toxic is not what they care about!

  33. Catholic priest beheaded by The syrian rebels opposing Assad…. Masonic Hill Got a lot to answer for!

  34. Today I was feeling much frustration also with the events transpiring in the country when I feel like God gave me an instruction:
    He showed me that the sinful man is like a scene from a movie I recently watched where a girl was thrown into this deep pit, dark and nasty. Looking up,she could see a sliver of light,but she could not get out. The Lord showed me that those in darkness can’t see the light, therefore don’t believe the light exists (even to the point of making a monument to the light’s non-existence).
    But just like we would want to rescue someone who had been thrown into a pit,we could not do it on our own. We need to get help from our Lord Jesus to take hold of the person and bring them into the light of His presence. I believe The Lord was instructing me to have compassion for those in darkness instead of contempt.
    And so today I prayed for all those who are stranded in that dark deep well.

  35. The Nephilim were known for three consistent things in their societies: the murder of infants and innocents, homosexuality, and cannibalism. In law, we now have sanctioned the first two. The third point, cannibalism, could also be already sanctioned in law via additives in food (i.e., Pepsi using fetal cells to help with the flavoring of their products).

    When all three of these are sanctioned in law in our society, I believe that will be the tipping point. American as a nation will have tacitly and legally agreed to become like the Nephilim and will be ready to take the mark.

  36. taking the ‘mark’ doesnt just have to do with the ‘Nephilim’ people are going to take it because they were not prepared for a food famine! they are not going to want their families to starve, so they will ignorantly take this antichrist system to buy food. This is why its so very important to store up extra food right now before its too late. i believe even the body of christ will end up taking the mark, again, because most are not prepared. you have to prepare! what scares me for people is, what L.A said on Sid Roth, onece you do, your theres no mercy, nor grace, you cannot be forgiven, your not redeemable! how many in the church will nievely fall into it, what if they realize later thats what they did, how many will be terrified once they realize they did maybe take thier own life ouout of fear?/

  37. I think that often the church tends to major on minors and minor on majors: so whereas homosexuality is indeed an abomination to the Lord, many other sexual sins (which are far more common in society and even in church) tend to go under the radar. And the only way that we can get the *right* picture is to go back to God’s Word.

    In the Law He gave to His people Israel, there are different sections which deal, for example, with separation from the Canaanite peoples, with cleansing & atonement for sins, with the setup and running of the Tabernacle, etc.. However, there are some moral laws which reveal God’s heart about certain sins. Homosexuality is one of the sins covered in these laws. So is adultery (the sin where a man has sex with another man’s wife). So is fornication (which is where two single people have sex but refuse to commit to one another in marriage).

    The most extensive passages in God’s Law dealing with sexual sins are found in the latter half of Leviticus 20 and the latter half of Deuteronomy 22. It is very striking just how many sexual sins are deemed by God to be worthy of death (as opposed to being “cut off” — kicked out of the congregation of Israel). …And it is crucial to remember that although we are not under the Law which God gave to Moses, His hatred of not only homosexuality but also of adultery and fornication is no less than it was back in Moses’ day. He does not change, even if we do.

    People have of course always committed sexual sin. But when men not only engage unashamedly in something which God says is worthy of death, but go out and celebrate their actions in open defiance of their Maker, then that is a different kettle of fish. (And it’s not just the men — so many women now engage openly in what God terms “playing the whore” and which He deems worthy of death, and then they too boast about it with glee and without shame.) Finally, the wider society gives its endorsement (generally implicit but often explicit) to such men and women.

    Couple this with the fact that our lands have had so much light — more light even than Israel and Judah. The light from two Testaments has shone here for centuries. And remember that Gentile nations like ours cannot even plead with God on the basis of His Holy name since, unlike ethnic Israel, they do not bear His name.

    When Judgement comes to the West, it will be unimaginable.

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