Conference Update!

Tennesee!Conference Update!

I’d like to thank Pastor Mike and Kelly McClung and Lionheart Fellowship for making the Nephilim Agenda II conference such a great success.

It was great to see Randy Demain again. Russ, his wife Shelly, and Peg and I had some quality time together too.

I spoke at Pastor Russ’ (Not Dizdar) church on Sunday and I want to thank Russ and his wife Faye, for extending such a warm greeting to us.  They are amazing people with a heart for the Lord.

I received a beautiful Staff, carved by Samantha and her husband.  I can’t wait to walk my property with it like Moses!  LOL!

As always, meeting and spending time with the folks was great. Seeing new faces accompanied by familiar ones, like Gordon, who drove all the way from Rhode Island to attend, is really what these conferences are all about.

There were people from all over the USA who attended.  The bottom line for me is this, people are starting to wake up and they want to know what is going on.  Randy, Russ and yours truly are providing clear, Biblical, insight into what is going on in the last days.

Thanks to everyone who was at the conference and especially the Lionheart team who put it all together!

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  1. send us a picture of you with it la! Keep up the good work guys! you have some idea how much it means but no one has ANY idea how much it ALL means. That goes for all of you on the blog. You guys keep me sane and going. You were there when no one else was. I can only tell you that meant the world to me . Now think of others ive and you’ve touched and then they went on to touch and soon its like that movie Pay it Forward.

    Remember this part…

    you guys were there when I was on that bridge thank you!

    • I saw one once . It around 2 am in 1989 im driving over a small hill on top of a very big hill I was already on (for perspectives sake) and BAM. This moon filled the sky to upper left im talking 6x bigger than usual. Ive saw that again. Perhaps the vantage or the angle or perhaps a premonition of this one? GOD knows..i sure don’t.

    • G’Day, Robin and friends!

      Great image there. Very well done.

      With what did you film the moon? Good quality result.

      God bless!
      Regards, Peter (W.Australia)

    • Peter it was just a mid range sony cx250 camcorder which I don’t use much. Wish I lived at altitude and no pollution with some good kit.

      With the moon revloving around the earth and the earth and planets around the sun it feels like we are living in a giant time piece that is ticking to the end of the age and Jesus return. What is comet ISON going to do to our time piece? time will tell it’s not long now till it comes. If the last comet heralded the Pope, what will this one herald?

  2. good picture. same look in S.E. sky in Virginia Beach. a very strong outgoing tide of The Cheasapeke Bay to were moon was pulling water from west to east. if the moon can move millions of gallons of water in 3 hours out bay into Atlantic, what can that pull do to fluids in human body. Lunar-tick.

  3. Oh LA! So glad it was awesome. Memories of things like that carry me through some rough spots sometimes. It’s hard sometimes (at least for me) to always”feel” God do it’s nice for me to be able to say to myself….Wow! Look at what God did before, so it’s all good! I can trust him!
    Faithful Elect-yep, the church here on this blog is strong! And it’s s huge blessing!
    Have to go to court again tommorrow for the axe attack roomate saga. 😦 We were finally able to get our belongings but they had been rifled thru and much was stolen. I filed a report with the police but have to go to the magistrate to issue a warrant. I only want peace but the girl just escalates things so much. It’s weird, people who arent even believers feel and comment on the demonic stuff going on in that house. It’s ugly! If you feel like praying, I would appreciate it very much. My new spot has aChristian roomate. Finally!

  4. hello. I had to evac due to smoke, can’t afford to stay away longer; New Mexico fires don’t get the publicity Colorado ones do but we have just as much smoke. I’m very depressed by it all, having to evac 3 times due to smoke, can’t afford to go anywhere else permanently due to inability to sell house (no use even trying with the “depression” in our area.

    • I see my post posted–I’m on a library computer and this is the only website I can access of the usual few I go to daily. I will be ‘home” in hell tomorrow. Pray for what is left of me.

    • Oh Mariel, how awful. Lived in Ca. And those west coast fires are brutal. Praying for smoke free air for you and whatever blessings you need!!!! He has you in his hand. Rest in that knowledge as much as possible.

    • Mariel, I’m sorry to hear about the fires, I will be praying. I always enjoy my trips to New Mexico, such a place full of history and culture. The Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs is one of the most fascinating places to visit. God Bless.

    • G’Day, Mariel!

      Sorry to read of the continuing distress from these fires you have spoken of for what seems a long time now. Have you received updates, at all, on them being under control or other efforts to by fire services in dealing with them?

      I sympathize for your situation, as not so much my personal direct experience but having friends/family who have struggled with major crisis bushfires here in Australia over the years.

      God Bless you!
      Regards, Peter (W.Australia)

    • anytime you need a place to stay I have an extra room and you are perfectly safe there. its quite a drive from new mexico but we don’t have fires here atleast. Praying for you!

  5. ive been working on a train of thought (extremely hard) but this ones managed to stay in my head for a reason.

    Almost every possession case im running or ran across ..even those laid out in movies. What do they invariably say? “they are one who travels, they are fellow travelers …back to this one in a minute.

    What did Christ say about when a spirit gets cast out it does what ?

    They are laying this all out for us..the powers that be are openly mocking everyone and no ones seeing this. what is it I think they are creating them. They are creating people (think of serial killers (ive studied many cases) they do this) they call each other that in movies as well. That’s mankind mockery but still its being directed.

    What if Russ dizdar is on track but its even wider in scope? Could it be certain ingredients ingested in the womb combined with certain infant formula? There has to be a link with this or they wouldn’t be throwing it out like candy for anyone to catch it. I think out of the box I have no choice and I think ive stumbled upon something here. I think these “triggers” if im right they could be almost anything! I don’t follow mr. dizdar’s work much the Lord keeps me here with La but ive come across some things along the line of what he does and its all leading in that way. I think it might be broader in scope than just say multiple being created I think they may have a way of doing this even earlier. Generational curses? im not sure.

    Luke 11:24 people! anyone following? read that no not like you usually do ..dissect it!

    • If they come down as I suspect ( watch world war z online you can find links) they could do it in one of 2 ways …take this mark or you will be killed by them also it linked in with ridding the earth of excess humanity, then theres the “whats in the vaccines they want us all to take daily”. I see them here doing this after its been used after the conversion to cashless. They’ll need a catalyst for those on the fence. or they could do it as a mandatory vaccination from something ‘they’ve” created and the fallen bring “a cure”. it all goes back to what La said in both situations. “satan’s bolstering his forces he’s outnumbered 2 to 1”

      Luke ive been really going over this and im going to search that book again. Jesus gave us everything we needed its all in there. Revelations is a bit hard for me because I know the faithful wont be here for most of that. The others though that massive revival that’s going to take place they’re going to have something like that take place. Its all staged in their mockery is all you have to remember, up to a certain point GOD’s wrath takes over and then theres no place to run and no one left on a fence, because there is no fence by then. Remember if you do not have a Personal Relationship with THE LORD you’re going to go through some desperate times. Its up to you you can get on your knees now with a conviction and humility or later with convicted JUDGEMENT. Every Knee Shall Bow thus sayeth the LORD! Praise GOD Im humbled im humbled daily at His grandeur and mercy. Stand with me/us friends stand with the right side the side that’s already WON! GOD bless you all!

  6. I was watching the Discovery Channel today, they had on Daredevil Nik Wallenda; he was attempting to cross a tightrope 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River. Then low and behold seemingly of nowhere, brother Osteen appears on camera with Nik and his family for some encouraging words and prayer before and during his attempt.

    From the Associated Press “Joel Osteen, leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, prayed with Wallenda and his family before the stunt. The live broadcast on Discovery Channel occasionally showed Osteen deep in prayer as Wallenda crossed the gorge”

    Seems Osteen will do anything for more ratings… For his next rating extravaganza – he’ll raise President Nixon from the dead – stay tune 😉
    He was probably praying “Please God, don’t let him fall and make me look bad live on national TV.
    I have a buddy, a devout Christian and pharmacist, who participates in a medical missionary program in Costa Rica. He flies down there periodically, loads his backpack up with medicines, and treks with doctors through the dense mountain jungles to remote native villages to provide much-needed medical care.

    I’ll take him over a roomful of perfectly-coiffed Osteens and other “God will make you prosperous!” televangelists, who are more self-help gurus than practitioners of the Gospel.

  7. LA, help me understand this. If people are being given implants against their will, that changes their DNA and makes them one of the enemy, how can God judge them when they are innocent victims? Especially children who don’t have a clue. ????? Help!! Thanks, Bonnie

    • not La but all I could say would be that GOD knows the heart and with children they are innocent in His eyes anyways up to a certain age (this differs with some people). They wont force the mark. That’s the test. If youre speaking of abductions you have to remember you key word was CHANGING. The others came changed already. They were destined for destruction by their actions. Their offspring by theirs. I (atleast from what I have read) believe the nephilim will be utterly destroyed. I don’t think they are sent to the Lake of FIre because again it was not theyre choice to be born. In a way that’s the only mercy GOD showed them because they got and are getting a double punishment already. Again this is just me and what ive read and prayed about it might be totally different than what many others think especially La I cant speak for my brother but he is one busy guy.

    • The idea of implants changing one’s DNA is a theory. There has been no scientific evidence that implant victim’s DNA have been changed. Now it may occur in the future but now it is only speculation.

    • Very good questions and comments… deeper than you might guess:

      – God holds all humans as enemy. We joined the wrong side when Adam and Eve opted to listen to satan (and those that listen to him) rather than do things God’s way. They (and we) were kicked out of Eden and the way barred. Humankind is a potential threat based making bad choices. It gets more complex due to enemy inculcation, propaganda, historical revisionism, media control, spiritual contamination, etc. Suffice it to say we were born — enemies of God in the rebel camp. Example, most “christians” in the US are more loyal to the corrupt USA than to the Kingdom of Heaven. And we probably all have some genetic contamination from the neanderthals — which are a good bet at actually being nephilim.

      – The 666 mark changing DNA is only part of the problem. Even those that use the 666 name or number are likewise damned eternally. Compare to the issue of “don’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” It’s a bad choice to bow down to the likes of “The antichrist.” So while physical genetics may be changed, which is more about LA asking what fits prophecy than making theories, there’s the additional problem of corrupting the spirit of those involved (spiritual DNA?). Could be that the 666 mark is like a neurally interfaced smartphone. See H+ minis-series on youtube.

      – The GetReal and Rodney Dezarn assertions about such things not being part of prophecy is useless here on a blog that discusses such things. They don’t understand “fishing with worms.” Or giving the Gospel to those in the situations like you came out of. Got to speak their language and understand their concerns… Or preaching the Gospel to every creature… including possibly hyrbids. Those that believe, etc.

      In any case — Jesus is our only salvation.

  8. id love to know if that world war z (the part they said was in Jerusalem) was really filmed in Israel? I saw some of the biggest forces ive ever come across during certain scenes in that movie. 46m39seconds wow. They felt more powerful than the ones ive come across in regular movies and videos. Some didn’t look evil either. I don’t know I just say what I see. GOD bless you guys!

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