Sunday Bun!

Tennesee!Sunday Bun & Conference Update!


L. A. Marzulli

The conference has gone really well!  It is great to spend time with Russ and Randy and the folks who attended.  As usual people came from all over the country and local attendance was spotty!

I also met Pastor Caspar McCloud!  It was wonderful to spend some quality time with him and felt like I had found a long lost brother.

I will speak this morning at the New Covenant church while Randy and Russ are at Pastor Mikes Church.  I will talk about Jesus warning to his disciples: when you see these things begin to happen look up!  

Thanks to Pastor Mike, Kelly, Ben and everyone else at Lion Heart Ministries for making this a great conference!

Jesus gives us a list of events to watch for, wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times.  He also admonishes us to: watch and be ready!

This is the Bun for today!  When we read Luke 21, we see Jesus lay out the future with great specificity.  He is telling His disciples that Jerusalem will be trodden down and held by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled.  He also makes it clear that Israel will be scattered among the nations.   All of this has been fulfilled as we know Jerusalem was conquered by the Roman general Titus in 70 ad, and the Jews were scattered to the far corners of the earth.

However, on the birth pains of the Holocaust  the nation of Israel is gathered back into her ancient homeland and like scripture tells us is born in a day, in 1948.  This sets the prophetic clock ticking and is the fulfillment of a number of prophecies, one being Ezekiel 37.

The bottom line is this:  Are we seeing the signs Jesus told us to watch for?  They are happening in front of us, yet most people choose to ignore them.  I believe we are headed toward the Time of Jacobs Trouble that we are told will last 7 years.  It is a time where: unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.

In closing todays Bun:  We are told to watch and be ready.  We are admonished to watch the signs Jesus warns us will herald his coming again.  I believe the signs are here and His coming is soon.

What was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold!

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  1. Regarding Jacob’s Troubles and the antichrist forces ruling over earthly Jerusalem for 42 months….

    Our enemies… do not see that King David dwells even now in the Great Congregation — in Heavenly Jerusalem above — with Christ. True Israel, New Jerusalem above is free and is the mother of us all (Gal. 4:26). Into is into her that each generation of the saved is engrafted while in the natural.

    The nations and denominations that dwell on the things of the earth will morn and wail — for what they’ve built on the sands of time shall shake and fail.

    Yet the Kingdom of God and Christ shall never be shaken. And even when this earth and the heavens of this present creation pass away, rolled up like a scroll (*), His ark — the City of God shall hold safe His beloved — taken out of every tribe, nation, peoples, and tongues from the old creation to the new. (* Isa. 24:4, Rev. 6:14, Isa. 66:22, Isa. 65:17, 2 Peter 3:13, Rev. 21:1),

    I love the imprecatory Psalms. It’s so clear that Almighty God has not spared us the battle nor the overcomings. In them, the spiritual battle is laid bare against the violent — the rebel angels and their demon driven consorts… But you have to read to the end to see it.

    Psalm 18

    40 Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me.
    41 They cried, but there was none to save them: even unto the LORD, but he answered them not.

    46 The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.
    47 It is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me.
    48 He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me:
    thou hast delivered me from the violent man.

    49 Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.
    50 Great deliverance giveth he to his king; and sheweth mercy to his anointed, to David,
    and to his seed for evermore.

    Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world. The overcoming is not by might, nor by power — but by the Spirit of Almighty God.

    So the troubles, tribulations, great tribulation, and even the passing of this creation “in fervent heat” (in what’s likely a little more than 1000 years) — shall only serve to focus the saved on the Heart of God and not on what can pass. So be it. Amen!

    • [It] is into her [New Jerusalem] that each generation of the saved is engrafted while in the natural. (“Into is into her” is a typo) Our natural bodies must die, crucified with Christ. God is not mocked. The end of sin is death. (Romans 6)

      Our resurrected bodies (of the 1st resurrection) are adopted, since the spirits of the saved are already joined to the Spirit of God, (our spiritual bodies, 1 Cor. 15:44) .

      Romans 8

      23 And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

      For those saved, that truly believe in Christ Jesus as Savior, Lord, and the soon returning and only actual Son of God, the true fulfillment of the promises of God for this world… He carries us in His own Spirit, as is plain in 1st John.

      1st John

      2:29 If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of him.
      3:09 Whoever is born of God doesn’t commit sin, because his seed remains in him; and he can’t sin, because he is born of God. [Christ’s seed, our future glorified bodies]
      4:07 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God, and knows God. [God is Love]
      5:01 Whoever loves the Father also loves the child who is born of him. [Christ and His seed, Vine & branches]
      5:04 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.
      5:18 We know that whoever is born of God doesn’t sin, but he who was born of God keeps himself, and the evil one doesn’t touch him.

      The rebels (the evil) do violence (torture, abuse, and neglect) to the bodies we eventually leave behind in this world. Who cries over the shell of an egg which is meant to be cracked? Our present bodies and this present creation was never meant to be eternal.

    • Peter,

      What do you know about Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and nephilim architectures?

      “” (relates to the world grid … as an ancient landmark based global air navigation system)
      “” (really nice in browser google earth feature)

      No worries that it may take a day or two to answer….

    • you know nome I remember you talking about this the other day and theres a lot of ritual sacrifices along this grid system…even now. I don’t really research that part of things because its not for me i just warn, but im stumbling onto a lot of this stuff the last few days.

    • G’day, Nomemoleste, Mr Marzulli, and friends!

      Nomemoleste, I will have to research.

      For now, the only information I can provide (from my recollection) is that Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) is considered to be in the centre of Australia.
      Uluru is a sacred site (to the Aborigines or Indigenous peoples) ; of course, there are numerous Aboriginal tribes/peoples throughout Australia, and consists of over 200 different dialects; in past, were very territorial so would battle one another; I’m not sure if Uluru is sacred to only certain local tribes to it’s region.
      Certain rituals or traditions were practised at it’s location (re past)
      It’s an unusual form of geology in the sense that it is one of the largest monoliths on any continent, so it’s basically a massive rock.
      It’s believed it’s size is even larger under the surface than it’s exposed portion above ground.
      Obviously, it’s a popular tourist attraction and though it offends some Aborigines, people are permitted to climb up to its top (though this is limited nowadays due to erosion caused from paths).

      Having recently been a geology student (unfortunately, I did not complete the course due to personal issues) I do recall one lecturer stating that there are even more impressive sites in other areas, particularly in Western Australia in the northern regions, than the more commonly known ‘tourist’ locations, such as Uluru, ‘The Devil’s Marbles’, Wolfe Creek Crater, and so on – although, all these are impressive, too! But I guess, these are more natural-formed landmarks.

      I have mentioned in comments before regarding Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’ stories as re-told through a cartoon series that featured on ABC TV (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – the public/government provided service) when comparing with (forgive my memory) the recent stories featured on L.A.’s about the Native Indians’ re-telling of their stories with regard to giants – personally, i get the impression that these Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’ stories as depicted in this cartoon series particularly when telling of creation and other history.. that they are straight out of the book of Genesis (albeit in a distorted form). It’s also known that some past Aboriginal tribes (a very few) practiced Hebrew customs such as circumcision, sacrifice on altars, among some practices.

      I have an Aboriginal friend whom in discussion (he knows I am a believer in Christ Y’shua) I have shared what I have learned over the years – especially with Bible-related accounts, and of course the UFO phenonemon. He has told me of his father’s experiences in the Northern Territory (where Uluru is located) of having witnessed craft landing and observing what these Aboriginals referred to as “Gins” (“Aliens”). (I’ll hope to catch up with him again, soon, so I’ll interview him again about his father’s eyewitness accounts).

      Apparently, there are also locations in the eastern states of Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria) that are said to be inscribed on rock formations images or more specifically hieroglyphs similar if not the same as the Ancient Egyptian. I’m not sure of there existence today as they are not so commonly known – I haven’t personally viewed them but I have discussed with some people who are familiar with these images or hieroglyphs – for now i can only think of some hieroglyphs which did exist in the NSW Central Coast area of Gosford.

      Sorry.. I get a little off-track there with regard to your question but it’s still relative (to me, at least!).

      Also, I can only suggest reviewing a New Zealand author’s works, former airline pilot, Bruce Cathie who has written several books on Ley lines and grids, and to put it simply, Cathie suggests that these are power supplies for UFOs. [I wish sometimes I didn’t lend my books out – i never seem to get them back! lol] He came to write his studies on Ley lines/grids from his experience as a pilot and witnessing UFOs which, according to Cathie, commonly appeared in regular areas.

      I can only add that, in all my years (I am aged 44 young) I have not heard of any particular ‘man-made formations’ or Nephilim-type architecture (like Maachu Pichu/Baalbek etc) being in Australia (at least not ancient ones), but I would not be surprised if there were – might have been suppressed information (such as the ‘egyptian hieroglyphs’ in Gosford and other places). I do recall footage of the Gosford Hieroglyphs, but that was many moons ago. As for Nephilim architecture… many locations throughout Australia are considered to be “sacred” sites (to the Aboriginals) where past cultures performed rituals and so on and very site-specific in location. There are various locations which feature ancient ‘art’… and depicting unusual figures/images which some, such as Erich Von Daniken, liken to astronauts. (Personally, I don’t agree with Von Daniken’s, (and his ilk) beliefs or interpretation and claims – especially, since I prefer to look at things and the world from a Biblical perspective – but at least he has made known or printed images of various locations and monuments etc in his works such as ‘Chariots of the Gods’).

      Interestingly, located at Pine Gap, is the notorious U.S. Military satellite tracking installation. Pine Gap is about 400 kilometres north of Uluru, and just south of the town of Alice Springs (perhaps that is the real centre of Australia?). There are those, such as Stan Deyo, who suggest that the Pine Gap installation is an energy provider for anti-gravity craft (or man-made UFOs). Deyo discusses this installation in his book, ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy’. It’s an interesting read, if you can get a copy – however, (from my memory – I read the book when I was about 10-years-old) Deyo makes some very bold claims and specific prophecies which did not occur when he stated they would. So use discernment, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you when reading his literature. I mean no disrespect, as Mr Deyo is informative but he has made some big claims and often lacks verification or proof or fulfilment (regarding times of events). Then again, many others have, too. Just be careful with what you read and believe. (In my younger days, I USED to accept and believe whatever I read or got told about this sort of subject, especially when it came to prophecy and 666 stuff which I knew better than the Holy Bible – I give praise and thanks and all glory to God the Holy Father for His rescuing me from those obsessions that I suffered. Now, I believe He has given me much more wisdom and blessing through the Holy Spirit to be not so quick to just merely accept whatever is written or told (when it comes to that sort of information). There are those who proclaim to be “Christian” who write there conspiracy prophecy theories.. but really, many are just wolves in sheep’s clothing). Some, I believe, have a sinister motive to deceive, some want to create a paranoia and instill fear, some just want to make a dollar. And some want to separate people from the truth of God the Father.

      On another note, last night June 23, enjoyed visibility of the ‘Super Moon’… and although locally we are approaching the middle of winter, all week we enjoyed a very mild weather and clear sunny days… however, suddenly, yesterday morning we were greeted with a very dark morning (re heavy thick grey clouds), strong howling winds, rough seas (l live near the beach – just a short drive north of Perth) which persisted through the day, and eventually in afternoon there were very heavy downpours of rain. Fortunately, the skies cleared somewhat to provide visibility of the moon.

      To Mr Marzulli… about four or five years ago, and having endured persistent rains for weeks on end, I was able to enjoy sitting outside in my front yard/garden on a Friday evening during September (Spring), around 7.50pm… there was a magnificent full moon in the east, and I was on (mobile) phone speaking with a friend in Canberra… as I looked at the moon there appeared two lights at about 10 o’clock position from moon. At first I thought they were planes, but to me, they seemed very high in the sky and oddly, close together and travelling in same direction coming towards the west… as I watched, more ‘lights’ appeared – the first two I observed were a bright white… several more appeared though more reddish-brown in colour (for want of better description).. they were all very high altitude, and appearing out of thin air as the first two had passed above my location… I lost count of how many there were… as there were dozens appearing and all travelling toward the west (which is the Indian Ocean – apart from perhaps some small island outcrops – there is nothing else out that way, and only leads to South America eventually if one keeps travelling westward). They did not travel together in a neat or organized formation, except to say they were all travelling toward the same direction (westward) and I suppose if they were to continue they would eventually converge at a point. Eventually the clouds built up and they became hidden from view. All were silent, made no sounds – I hear planes coming/going from Perth airport regularly as they travel up/down the coast. I was expressing my excitement to my friend on phone at what I was observing (no surprise, she thought I was being loony). I even yelled across to people across the street visiting the shops located opposite my house, to look up – but all ignored me! This event took place from approximately 7.50pm and finished (re cloud build-up) about 8.15pm.

      I was mystified. Strangely, I was unable to find any reports or mentions in TV/Radio/newspapers or on internet – I thought, given the nice weather conditions (for once after a long wet winter) and the brilliance of the moon and a clear evening sky.. others, surely, would have noticed, as well. Having tried for over a week to contact Perth Observatory I was finally able to inquire if they knew of event. The person I spoke with mentioned that it may have been satellite flares, he added that these would only be visible for a few seconds only. That was the only information provided me by them. As stated above, I was able to view these ‘lights’, which could be likened to bright stars (for want of better description as I could not discern any real shapes) travelling silently and not at a great speed, in many numbers, and for a period over twenty minutes! So “a few seconds” ruled out satellite flares (to me). I wonder why I was the only one to witness this?

      And Christmas night (2012), I was with girlfriend enjoying evening in my front yard… we looked directly above and we both observed a strange object appear and travelling (from west to east)… it appeared out of nowhere, was of a H-type shape (again for want of better description), would have been massive in size (many times larger) than a jumbo jet, was translucent (like a fine cloud that can be seen through), was travelling at a slow rate of speed and silently. After observing it for about 15-20 seconds it vanished.

      Nomemoleste – I will make investigation and try to provide further information. I’ve made quick review of your links provided (ps… I can speak, read and write Russian language). Will let you know.

      God Bless!

      Regards, Pete (W.Aust.)

      Ps… I’ll try to keep my comments more brief… but sometimes…. 🙂

      Pss… I feel fairly alone in that I am unable to have discussion with the people I know about these sorts of subjects. Then again, I’m the only believer among the friends I have! I must find a good church group.. so far no success. In meantime, it’s just between me and God. I am grateful to be able to visit this site and read everyone’s comments, and of course, Mr Marzulli’s contributions in his articles. 🙂

      Ps… Mr Marzulli, hope you are recovering from feeling under the weather. Can’t wait to get your books and some videos, in the mail, ordered via PITN.

      Ps… for those who might have read all of my comment… hope it hasn’t hurt your eyes and brain! 🙂 and excuse the poor punctuation and grammar.

    • Peter,
      I read every word, and really enjoyed your views/thoughts about Australia, and seeing the lights. I have seen two different instances of UFO activity here in the Pacific Northwest of USA. I have one friend who is finally seeing the light after my sharing with her for several years. She is a believer but thought I was a little out there about the UFO’s, Prophecy, the fallen angels, giants, and how the Bible does not leave us clueless. Thank you for sharing all you did.

    • Faithfulelect, here’s the strange one.
      “” (for google earth, if installed on a PC)

      An arc connects the following:
      – Stonehenge, sun worship? Possibly worse.
      – Sandy Hook school. massacre…
      – Teotihuacan, pyramid of the sun, sacrifices
      – Cuicuilco, pyramid, fire god (“” …. 19° 18′ 6″ N, 99° 10′ 54″ W)
      – Ajusco, volcano
      – Chalma – Malinalco (sacrifices, apparitions, etc.)

      “,_Malinalco” (spring, black christ, oxtoteotl….)
      “,_State_of_Mexico” (cuauhtinchan archeological zone)

      ps. With pleasure LA. “In the loop!” 😉 No pun intended, eh.

    • Peter,

      Looks like I’ll be the one following up — Much Thanks!

      It’ll take a while to process your pointers (wow!), but I’ve nailed the Aboriginal Stonehenge site.

      Hope this helps make up for the lost book, re: Bruce Cathie…
      notes: 28° 58.4266974’ S 132° E (see following)

      “” (nice pictures)
      notes: 37° 52′ 30″ S 144° 27′ 28″ E


    • index for the Cathie book, each is linked here:
      Clearly out of print. “”

      Harmonic 695; The Ufo and Anti-Gravity (or “The Pulse of the Universe”?)

      Definition of Terms

      The Branching Areas for Investigation
      Mathematics of the World Grid
      The Unified Equations
      Further Evidence of the UFO Grid
      The Mysterious Aerials
      Scientists and the UFOs
      Mathematical Values of Interest
      The Earth’s Magnetic Field
      Pythagoras and the Grid
      The Maps of the Ancients
      Russians and Germans Discover a World Grid System
      Tesla – The Forgotten Genius
      Space Communication

      Where Have All The Flyers Gone
      People We Would Like to Know More About
      The Secret of Life
      The Harmonics of Humans
      Builders in Stone
      From Alpha to Omega
      There is Something in the Air
      Ooparts and Oopths
      Spaceship or Survey Peg?
      Ruapehu Erupts
      The Australian Stonehenge
      The Organization of a Miracle
      The Diminutive Man of Mystery
      Bits and Pieces
      Coincidental Pattern of Oil Wells
      Wake Up Earth! [note: mormons referenced!]

    • G’day, Louie! How art thou be?

      Thank you for reply to my lengthy comment!

      Even in my younger days… for some reason I never accepted or believed in the concept of UFOs being piloted by little green beings from Mars or Zeti Reticula or wherever. I had for a long time felt that, until more recent years in my life, that UFOs were probably part of some military black project… you know, the usual story reported about some farmer, from his property out in the middle of nowhere, witnessing and giving an account of some unusual-looking flying craft in the sky… and then 20 years later the Air Force or Army etc introduce their new jet or bomber (that was top secret for so long) that fits the description of what the eyewitness farmer saw many years earlier.

      However, now with more eyewitness accounts of seeing objects in the sky, others personal encounters/experiences with beings, and of course, the diligent investigation (in more recent years) by the likes of Mr Marzulli, Tom Horn, Doug Hamp and many others who provide their studies from the Biblical perspective, and even some of those who give their views from a secular point which pretty much matches those of the biblical perspective (though they will tarnish with their secular view or a New Age opinion etc)… I not only think of UFOs as a military project… but now also consider the “aliens” to be of a demonic or fallen angel category and are part of the scenario. Personally, it makes a lot more sense especially when given the accounts in Genesis and Y’shua’s words of ‘in the days of Noah’. Very exciting stuff, to say the least!

      Apologies for my vague response. I will endeavour to research for you.
      Thanks for the Cathie info… I haven’t read his work in probably 20 years! And I completely had forgotten of the ‘Aboriginal Stonehenge’. Amazing stuff there!
      Now, that I think of it.. as kids (and taking it for granted) we used to play with a boomerang down the park (now there more ornaments – must go and throw one around again one afternoon) – but have to wonder how they came up with such an item as that of the boomerang! It’s simple in appearance yet it possesses some quite technical necessity in shape for one to be thrown and returning – it’s not merely a flat V-shape piece of timber – had to be the correct angles in over-all shape and then the aerodynamic angles within. Oh, the joys of childhood – so simple! How easily forgotten! 🙂

      Then their are the weaponry ones which were designed for hunting and/or battle purposes (no return).

      Thanks for conversation.

      God bless,
      Pete (W.Australia).

      Oh, and regarding Von Daniken.. his work has often been easily refuted. Thank God, there are some people who bother to correct and explain things which others do not bother to verify or investigate so unfortuantes just accept whatever they told. Even more sadly, when they are told or explained the truth of matters they still won’t or don’t accept the proper explanation.

  2. Amen to today’s Bun. Glad you’ve all have a blessed time despite that cold or whatever it is you’ve been fighting. Hopefully you’re finally feeling better.

    Blessings to all. 🙂


    I would get these out to everyone you know. JESUS is coming BEFORE This Destruction.

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    i think that EZEKIEL 38/39 is THE RESULT of this fly-by noted in Revelation 6:12-17.

    I think we will see ….very soon.


  4. Indeed La many ignore the signs and im glad your having a good conference I wish id had a way there!

    I prayed/talked with the Lord a long time this morning…to beat it all I found myself standing in the bathroom. I don’t know exactly how my pacing and talking ended up in there but I think I have a clue..its white in there. Ive been praying lately for direction and on what to do and where to go. I don’t have a definite answer yet but this happened.

    it started this morning. It was like white butterflies but not like bugs idk how to explain it where fluttering in and out of my right eye. I thought I was having some kind of thing with my eyes or something but when I would focus on it it would stop. I would only see one. I had been praying for the Lord to surround me with His forces since im continually surrounded/and or spied upon by the enemy. Why? I don’t know I think they just know I can see them now but who’s to say.

    Anyways. I was into prayer and this earnest heartfelt just talk with GOD and that little fluttery form became 3 maybe more. I didn’t notice (well I did but not enough to stop me from praying) it too much because I had felt I had come upon a deep revelation and it seemed the Lord made it true or revealed it to be true. Well I had been looking up during all this (at this time I was aware I was in the bathroom btw but I knew I had wandered in there just not why) I looked to my right and the way the shower is made it has those waterproof walls that go halfway up the top half is a darker color.

    Dear family I was surrounded by them. They were all over me. No this was not the enemy(think what you will) but I know where I was and I was With HIM. They weren’t orbs as they came in and out like a flittering butterfly but that’s not it either and no they weren’t fairies lol. I had told GOD earlier that I was tired of seeing the enemy and wanted to see His forces of righteousness – his soldiers in the spirit if you will. I guess that was him showing me that they too are all around us. You guys know I never talk about seeing them always the evil ones because that’s all I do is warn against them I guess. I don’t know. I wanted to share that because the way this place is if I hadn’t have been in there at THAT exact Time and place I wouldn’t have seen them. It was the dividing color that made it possible.

    I think The LORD has it all in hand and like La said earlier from a quote from the LORD “LOOK UP!” I did and I was amazed. If you’re out there and you are still feeling this way (those of you who suffer, those of you who despair or think some of us are nuts) take a minute…take a good long second or two atleast and Look Up. You never know. I found the Lord today in my bathroom odd isn’t it? Na, He must have been there with me all the time. GOD bless you.

    • Faithfulelect — you’re an overcomer, my brother! Y’shua be praised!! 😀

      Something I found in the odd intersection of “Arlis Perry cold case” homework (re: Russ’ Occult Crimes class) and exposing “michael aquino” (resisting the devil) research…. Would that we could tell this man of your successes… “”
      He moves out of his room in the dark into the hallway where it’s white. Very interesting in comparison with your testimony today.
      Also reminds me of mosquitoes… (very territorial). In the room, sure enough over his left shoulder (on the right as viewed), is one(+) of the pests.

      Similarly this morning, in my continuing pursuit to eliminate the rightside and leftside frames on this blog (done), so that I can increase font size without having the center frame squeezed… I found “Element Hiding Helper” which works with Adblock Plus in firefox. In addition to ads it can filter frames — which works very well for individual comments also!

      Funny how the virtual world of the web is so like our natural world. I’ve been blessed with the visual equivalent of my earplugs (Element Hiding Helper), for the web. Needs a bit more tweaking though… turns out that the center frame still squeezes in when I control-plus the font….

      I’ll spare you my comments on using quadrocopters to deliver the equivalent of pterodactyl poop onto vehicles with “heartbeat of the devil” megaloud sound systems. 😎

      Psalm 18
      24 Therefore hath the LORD recompensed me according to my righteousness,
      according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.
      25 With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright;
      26 With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the [perverse] thou wilt shew thyself [perverse].
      27 For thou wilt save the afflicted people; but wilt bring down high looks.

    • GOT-IT! In firefox, under View, Zoom, check Zoom Text Only!

      Enables changing the size of Text with control-plus and control-minus — without changing the size of the frame. In other words, picture sizes don’t change. So it was probably a background image that was offending.

      Our Lord Jesus is excellent in all His ways. Today is a day — and now is the season — for overcomings!!

    • I walk to check on neighbors and these are the very people that wouldn’t offer me a ride in their vehicles unless I had money. yet I still do it I don’t know. I’ll look back sometimes and think my wifes rubbed off on me because she would do that. I used to get onto her for it because the very ones around me that are so only mindful of themselves are the very ones she checked on and now I find myself doing it. even typing this I chuckle because I don’t want to be judgemental but I find myself doing it all the time. I know most wouldn’t mess with them but we have to warn them they are just as wanted in the Lord’s kingdom as we were and yet I’ll tell them of some of the things I see and sometimes they’ll tell me stories. Perhaps we all have them. I know I see a lot of things but it seems almost everyone has seen something at one point or other. I go from there and talk about the holy aspect of the supernatural and the Lord. That’s kinda when the talks get rushed out the door(along with me) lol.

    • Faithfulelect…

      I also KNOW of being “rushed out of the door” so to speak when sharing the Gospel or anything about JESUS.

      Yesterday I went to a busy area of town ( MORE FISH ) and was passing out Gospel tracts …and only a few would listen.
      THEY were more interested in their shopping. Many just turned their back on me. Nothing “new” to me though.

      When I was growing up, I remember watching and listening to my dad share the Gospel…he’d share with ANYONE !!! WoW !!!!

      I remember a few times people wanting to punch my dad’s lights out, but for me being there by him they did NOT do it.
      OR it was a combination of that and God’s awesome protection. BUT…persecution does come.

      The ROAD is narrow….and FEW there be that find it.

      I really don’t know HOW to effectively get people to listen with their heart … because judgment of God’s WRATH is coming quickly.

      I know in John’s Gospel it says “NO one can come to JESUS, unless The Father who sent JESUS draws him…John 6:44 & 65.

      I was Up most of the night about that very thing.


    • Dear Faithfulelect!

      G’day! Not wishing to sound selfish, I think I can relate to some of your words there written.

      I am not perfect. I accept I am a sinner. I do not give it as lip-service when I declare that I believe in God and in Christ.

      I do believe, that, the closer I get to knowing God – through the Word and Scripture, as well as through other Bible-related subjects such as what is revealed on this website, or world events, archaeology or on a personal level and other things, just to mention some – the more I am attacked by demonic forces for getting closer to knowing the Lord and Saviour!

      The demons arrive almost immediately and attack and cause me to be harmed physically (injury), or spiritually (depression/anger/frustration/bitterness), or financially (bills/debt/costs e.g. the car has a major issue or breaks down and needs costly repair), or career-wise (lose a job or some interruption to studies), or emotionally (hurt by “friends”), or relationship-wise with partner/girlfriend, or socially (through friends/acquaintances – false witness/public humiliation/people taking their issues out on me), and so on. It’s like one thing bad happens after another! One more frustration or disappointment after another! It seems endless! lol

      I don’t see the demons in a physical sense of appearance of them, but I do see and feel and suffer the results of their actions/attacks – even if they attack through other people, in some cases. It cannot be coincidence or a case of the profane cliche, “S*** happens!”. I believe it is a deliberate intent of these demons to make life most difficult and to separate me from knowing and loving God, and an effort to destroy my yearning and desire to know and be with God.

      I thank God for His giving me the gift of faith. I don’t believe everyone receives it – to others, more specifically non-believers in God the Father and Christ the Saviour – these non-believers would view what I see as demonic attack and the misfortunes these demons bring as mere coincidence or bad luck or ‘karma’ or ‘s*** happens’.

      God and His angels may not have appeared to me in person… but I do believe He has been always there at the right time and right place to intervene at the right moment and presented Himself in other actions. For example, in December 1998, I was with two ‘good’ friends and we decided to enjoy a few beers and watch a sport event being shown on screens at local club. We were in conversation, and both friends were speaking to me at once. Politely, I asked the friend to repeat his question (since I thought he had asked me a question) – we were not drunk, there was no malice, it had been a very civil gathering and enjoyable evening up to that point. His response was to smash a large beer glass into my face – felt and heard the glass break over my left eye. I was immediately blinded – probably by all the blood that flowed. It felt like my eyeball was hanging on my cheek. Nobody came to my aid. I did not retaliate (I believe in Y’shua’s words of ‘Vengeance is Mine’ – I did respond with ‘There is something wrong with you’. I removed myself from where I had been sitting with them and left the building. He and other friend pursued me and attacked me further, outside. I fell hit the ground and apparently shattered my left hand/wrist. I got myself to my mum’s place nearby where I was staying for the night.. and good friend had been boarding at my mum’s (we offered him somewhere to stay as he had just returned to Australia after a year’s travelling overseas). In front of my poor mother, she had to witness him laying the boot into me as I had collapsed onto the ground after he gave me kick in a very sensitive zone of my body! I got away, got myself to ambulance station nearby who put me placed my arm/hand in a sling and told me it was broken, put me in a taxi (“cheaper”) and got to hospital emergency ward where I sat, patiently (pardon the pun), from 10pm till 9am the next morning before finally being seen to by a doctor.

      I was x-rayed, rolled into a operating theatre on a gurney where I told the people (nurses etc) behind masks, that I played piano, guitar, and drums and wanted to be a professional musician. These strangers (and not the doctor/surgeon) replied, “Forget it. You are never going to play again!” That was the last thing I recalled before anaesthetic and waking up three days later to discover myself in a room and with wires and nuts and bolts and steel rods protruding out of my wrist and hand. Other people in the ward convinced me that I should contact the police and inform them of incident – “Friends don’t do that”. I was reluctant because I thought I knew my friend well, and we had been good mates for many years, and that something had suddenly ‘changed’ him to act in such a way and there was something wrong with him! I didn’t want him arrested or sent to jail. I did eventually contact the police after a week of my being in hospital. They replied, eventually after my attempting to make official statements at police station, that I would have to find him myself (he had left my mother’s address). No action was ever taken by the police; I received no compensation; No apology by friend; other friend’s (who did not witness) accused me of provoking violence (strange that a polite request would provoke violence! lol) Oh, and when I got home from hospital with my hand all wired up with nuts and bolts – I smashed up my guitars and other equipment. I believed what these people, the nurses etc, at hospital had said.

      Now for the miracles – plural:
      I did not lose the sight of my left eye – the glass shattered and slashing around and in my eye did not leave any scarring in eye or on face.

      Having sat with and been insomniac for four months from the pain of my wrist being in wires, and constantly pleading to God, “Why?” “Why?” and “Please give me the wisdom to understand why this has happened to me”, I finally opened up the KJV Holy Bible and the first thing I read at any page opened was… 1 Kings 3: 11-15) and preceding verses! Before that moment, I was barely able to read the Bible, particularly the KJV with it’s proper English (since we do not speak proper English language anymore): From that very moment and, still, I am able to read the KJV Bible and have a fairly good understanding of what I have read. So I delight in reading it more and more.

      Three and a half-years later when visiting friends, one handed me a guitar. Since the ‘incident’ I was unable to fret the neck with left hand and make chord shapes or clean notes. I gave up playing before being handed this guitar – there had been no point since my hand had BEEN deformed. Reluctantly, I handled the guitar… and began playing songs that even when I had good hands I struggled with… here I was suddenly playing them even better than before!

      I now play music with friends and musicians, occasionally, and just for the simple joy of it. I no longer seek as I once did to be a ‘professional musician’ wanna-be Rock Star. I don’t think God wanted me to go down that path – for some good reason. I’m still living and learning about life and seeking His direction.

      Apart from retelling this story here… I had the bitterness and anger and disappointment and desire for revenge removed from my mind and heart many years ago. Thank God!

      Prior to the incident, he would mock me constantly with the “Father, why has thou art forsaken me?” and ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’… I later learned whom said these words, as I was not aware of them at the time. And my ‘friend’, knowing that I was a believer, was demonically inspired to attack me – because I still, despite lack of knowledge, believed in God and Christ. Of course, it was Christ who said the words when he was on the cross – “Father why has thou art forsaken me?” Tragically for my friend who seemed to enjoy mocking me with those words from Christ, as he did when he quoted from Alistair Crowley, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

      I feel sorry for him.

      So nobody can tell me there is no God! Blessed are they whom have not seen yet believe! Amen!

      God bless.

      Regards, Peter (W.Australia)

    • Dear Faithfulelect:
      I read this blog daily but have only commented very rarely. Firstly, may the Lord bless you in your loss. He hears your prayers. Secondly, the Lord has instructed me to introduce myself as a Prophet commissioned by The Most High God. After reading your post, He has reminded me of an experience similar to yours. The Lord has used me to ‘see’ many dark and demonic entities as He has trained me to deliver others. Sometimes it was overwhelming and just too much to handle. I hit many levels of ‘burn-out’ over the years, and prayed to quit. He just kept telling me that His Grace is sufficient. However, one clear day, God told me that He would no longer allow Satan’s demonic forces ‘assigned’ to me, to bother me any more. I saw a multitude of demons sadly marching away from my presence. This part of my training was over! Some time later, in a vision, the Father took me into a large executive office to meet with Him and ‘Another Being’ sitting by His desk. The Lord pointed to the other Being in the office, and said to me, ‘Satan has been sifting you like wheat and has asked to do one more round, what do you say?’ Before I could think, I blurted out a resounding ‘NO!!!’ At that, the Lord nodded, and Satan disappeared in a smoke. Since this time the Lord has been using me in a different ministry that is much more positive. I still see many, many dark forces almost daily, I still pray for many people and places that are harassed, but now the dark forces that people are being delivered from are secondary to the deliverance itself. Now I see much more of the positive. Perhaps you too, are being moved into a higher plane of ministry? I pray for your relief.
      Respectfully Yours,

    • After reading your story two things come to mind, One , with friends likes these who needs enemies, and two, absolutely nothing good comes out of a night of drinking alcohol .

    • Hello, Matt.

      I can only agree with your comments.

      My friend who caused me injury… I had known him for quite a few years, wasn’t till much later in the final piece that he began his mockery of Christ’s words at me. Prior to this unfortunate moment, we got on very well despite his being an ex-Catholic and me being a believer (though up until that moment I didn’t know the Word so well as I would after that event). I not one to judge.. but have learnt to use some discernment with whom I associate.

      As for drinking… fortunately, I am not an alcoholic. I never drink at home. And I don’t go out to clubs or pubs very often if ever. If I do it’s usually to see a band or musician or for somebody’s birthday. Doesn’t happen very often. Plus, I am in predicament of full-time caring for my elderly mother (re stroke victim) and also assisting my brother who has complications beating cancer many years ago that have come back to bite him. So i have certain responsibilities, on top of studying to commence a new career when I am free from these duties. And booze makes me depressed a few days later! I have enough struggles to deal with without feeling more miserable! lol And I never do drugs – had a go at herbs in my youth but grew out of that wacky tobacci a long time ago. Personally, I think drugs are a portal for demonic possession. Was a time long ago when I though, at least pot was harmless… I don’t hold that view anymore whether it’s the natural stuff or the synthetic or hydro. It’s all bad news. Having worked in the justice system for many years I have seen the destruction drugs, be it pot, amphetamines, etc have caused upon many lives and families. So I thank God He gave me a lack of interest or desire to pursue those false joys.

      AS for ‘with friends like these who needs enemies’… these days I am careful with whom I associate and whom I bring into my house. I won’t allow those who partake in witchcraft, or ridicule God/Jesus to visit in my house. I will be civil and polite to them in the street if I see them but I won’t allow them into my life. If people don’t want to know about the Gospel then I don’t bash them with the word, but where I hear someone speak incorrectly or nonsense about the Bible, I will correct them – but speak my truth quietly.

      I am quite shocked and surprised how many ladies I have met in just the last few years who claim to be “Wiccan Witches” – I never come across it before until the last 4 or 5 years. Then again, they even have the kids over here nowadays “celebrating” the tradition of Halloween – something I thought of as only confined to the USA.. but now it’s becoming popular here. If the children come knocking on my door with their “trick or treat” I will inform their parents that they are inviting trouble into their children’s lives by partaking in it. And occasionally I leave a little red Gideon’s New Testament in their bag!

      On the other hand, this unfortunate episode of violence with my “friend” became very fortunate for me in that it was a blessing in disguise. I thought I knew some things of God before this event… but wasn’t till after that I truly knew and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour. I had so many things placed in my path afterward that I couldn’t deny God. Like I said, I feel sorry for this person. I forgive him. And he is lost (still) while I found my Creator and Saviour.

      Regards, Pete (W.Australia).

    • Well, Pete, I’m glad you are ok and came out of it with more wisdom then you had before, that’s about all we can ask for in our lives. I have dodged many dicey situations in my life as well, way too many to bore you with the details, but I can tell you this, it was only through God’s merciful grace that I escaped with my life and here to talk about it. I want to make it clear I do not miss those days nor will I ever return to that darkness,,,I was literally the walking spiritually dead in those day, I shutter to even think about it now.

  5. The “God-Detector”, or the “God-Indicator”

    What every Christian should have, is a “God-detector”, or “God-indicator”. By having that, they would never have to guess, or speculate about important things, as prophecy, personal life, what fellowship of Christians to belong to, and so on. The detector and indicator will show you how to do, in every situation, daily, and instantly, as you need it.

    Wow, where can I buy that?

    In fact, you already have it. It’s the Holy Spirit. What you need to do, is just start to LISTEN to him. And then when you hear, OBEY what he says. That’s all. Very easy. And oh so hard for the fleshly minded Christian. Because that means that you have to stop listening to yourself. And others. You are no longer in control. You can’t chose any longer. You can’t let your mind do or think what ever it wants to any longer. But don’t view that as a limitation. It’s not. It’s a door into God’s revelation, and a knowledge that is above all human knowledge.


    • Life…

      Certainly, The Holy Spirit is the ONE doing the “drawing unto The Father”. And yes, He is the reason “our burden” is light.
      The Holy Spirit pulls the weight, we just do our part and share as we are led by Him. One plants, one waters, …God causes the increase.

      It is just such a bummer that so many do not accept The Invitation to The King’s Feast.

      THAT is what bothers me the most. I’m NOT all “big-headed” like it is all about me.

      I just want to get BETTER at sensing His leading & OBEY.

      I want to ENTER INTO THE GLORY of THE FATHER as it is written in John 17.


  6. Hey I saw and see the Super full moon tonight! get up and go outside to see it – the Moon was made by God to be a time sign like the Hebrew calendar

    • Yep, I stayed up most of the last few nights watching it. Even with binoculars you could see it very well.

  7. NO…NO…NO……..This is NOT business as usual. Revelation 6:12-17 is coming FAST !!!

    It is VERY sad that so many people just live “in their little bubble”….and give little thought to their ways!!! Where is the NATIONAL repentance ??

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO BLIND ????? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2 Corinthians 4:3-4

    Signs Of Change The Past Week Or June 2013

    Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So June 2013 Part 2

    SUPERMOON – June 23th 2013

  8. my sister that helped me out with the finances said i should start going to church. I said its a Methodist and its rarely open. “its a church” was her response. That kind of thinking is leading the one world religion movement. She hasn’t called or seen me in almost 2 years and now that shes going to this big church and doing well…im going to hell. I just don’t get it. I told her to read La’s blog or my own but she was in too big a hurry to stay. Am i sinner? Ofcourse..but she has to realize she is too. That’s the reason i have trouble reaching out to anyone not with the Lord because they see us as all hypocrites. Its so easy to get him to forgive you. That humbling part well for most that’s not so easy for them to do.

    • If I may interject one possibility that you might consider before you jump to a conclusion.

      DId she actually say or imply you are going to hell if you don’t go to church? Maybe you are reading into that. MAybe she is concerned you might be too isolated after your wife’s passing and you might do well with like minded worshippers to lift your spirits.

      SOrry to butt in. Just hate to see a brother needlessly upset. If you were not misreading her, then I share in your confusion.

  9. “’ ”

    Six rockets fired from Gaza explode in southern Israel
    Iron Dome intercepts two of the projectiles; Islamic Jihad, believed to be behind attacks, announces suspension of ties with Hamas

    May be a stray incident or could be some kind of rumbling and tune up. Keep tabs on it.

  10. Rockefeller Email from 2002 Outlines Armageddon Agenda and Transition to New World

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