Nephilim Agenda Conference!

                Coming June 20th-23rd, 2013! 



                     With Randy DeMain, LA Marzulli, and Russ Dizdar
Worship with Brian and Ramey Whalen

After the powerful Nephilim Agenda: Full Disclosure conference Lionheart hosted in 2012, we will be hosting a follow up called The Nephilim Agenda 2 Conference on June 20th-23rd, 2013. Both Randy DeMain and LA Marzulli will return, and also Russ Dizdar. All three of our guests have decades of experience walking with the Lord, training the Body of Christ, and exposing the works of darkness, so this is sure to be an incredible time!

Brian and Ramey Whalen will lead worship throughout the conference.

Conference Information:

DATES: Thursday, June 20th – Sunday June 23rd, 2013

Thursday, June 20th – 7:00pm
Friday, June 21st – 10:00am
Friday, June 21st – 2:00pm
Friday, June 21st – 7:00pm
Saturday, June 22nd – 10:00am
Saturday, June 22nd – 2:00pm
Saturday, June 22nd – 7:00pm
Sunday, June 23rd – 10:00am***
***The Sunday morning session of the conference will take place at the Louisville Community Center at 3623 Louisville Road. New Covenant Fellowship will hold their regular Sunday morning service at their church. 

LOCATION: The conference will take place at New Covenant Fellowship at 6828 Central Ave. Pike Knoxville, TN 37918. ***Except for the Sunday morning session, see “Session Times” above for details. 

REGISTRATION: Tickets are $45 and can be bought at the door. (Online ticket sales are closed.) No individual session tickets will be sold. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

CHILDREN: Due to the sober nature of the topics of this conference, we recommend children under the age of 13 not attend. If parents choose to bring their children, they will need to buy a ticket for them regardless of age since we are unable to provide a childcare room during the conference.

MORE INFORMATION: If you have any questions regarding the conference, please call 865-984-0302 or email us at

NEW TO THE TOPIC OF NEPHILIM? Consider ordering our first Nephilim Conference from last November. You can purchase individual sessions and download each as an mp3, or purchase the entire conference on CD and we’ll ship it to you. Just click here.


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  1. Praying that you feel better today and for safe and smooth travels.

    Will be keeping this conference covered in prayer. Have a fun, blessed time! 🙂

  2. Ally I saw your question the other day…and by going through parts of ky theres a shortcut that makes Knoxville about 2hrs a tad less from here. You cut through tn, back to ky, then to tn again its weird but it cuts 15 mins off the interstate trip.

  3. John 10:16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

    I was listening to Stan Deyo the other day and the individual interviewing him suggested other flocks meant other worlds. I’ve read that it just means Jews and Gentiles.

    I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this?

    • I’m with you Richard. His ministry was to the Jews first, and something changed when the Greeks came to see Him before his crucifixion.

      Joh 12:20 And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast:
      Joh 12:21 The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.
      Joh 12:22 Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus.
      Joh 12:23 And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.
      Joh 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
      Joh 12:25 He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.
      Joh 12:26 If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.
      Joh 12:27 Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.
      Joh 12:28 Father, glorify thy name. Then came there a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

    • ya I like stan he seems friendly and knowledgable enough but he might be trying to reach a wider audience on that one. You never know he might be saying that to just get them closer to the truth…we cannot judge as you know. Myself yes I agree with those above. HE lives! and HE is coming back! Praise GOD guys he wants us!

    • The other sheep were the Gentiles, which were formally excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, But now in Christ with believing Jews, make up the ‘one body’ Eph2:12-16

      Such was prophesied by Isaiah57:19 to which the Apostle Paul refers and affirms as fulfilled saying “And He came and preached peace to you (gentiles) who were far away, and peace to those who were near (jews) Eph2:17

      “For all of you (jew and gentile) who were baptised into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
      There is neitherJew or Greek…. you are all one in Christ Abraham’s offsprings, heirs of the promise Gal3:27-29

      Jesus is the Head of the ‘Commonwealth of Israel’, “God’s Chosen Race” 1Pet:9

    • G’Day, friends, countrymen… and Romans!

      Hello, Getreal… not wishing to knitpick your statement, but the epistle of Peter in his first has only five chapters, and in his second, only three. Having read 1 Peter, I presume you meant 1 Peter 2:9?

      1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)
      But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

      I’m not sure if “race” is the correct reference… my understanding is that the Israelites were made up of twelve tribes and at various points of history were scattered about the earth, having been taken off and enslaved and removed from their homeland. Of course, in 1947/48 Israel was reformed as a nation and the peoples have been gathered from various lands since to rebuild and populate; peoples being from various continents, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia; countries such as Russia and Poland, Ethiopia, USA, etc – even in India, in recent years, there has been discovered a very small in number tribe of people (and unique to that nation) who maintained and practiced ancient Hebrew beliefs, customs and such. It is also known that a very few Australian Aboriginal tribes in distant past practiced circumcision, altars, and other customs such as that of the Tabernacle and Hebrews – Abraham and Moses. That, to my observation, is a mix of races – African, European, Asian, etc.

      Further, I think that these people, this “chosen generation”, were so chosen, and especially so, to proclaim the truth and word of God.

      And it is also, nowadays, the duty of believers in God the Father, The Creator, and in Christ the Saviour, Messiah, to proclaim the Gospel.

      It is my personal view. Please forgive me if I am ‘preaching to the choir’, and correct me if I am mistaken or wrong.

      God bless!
      Regards, Pete (W.Australia)

    • Peter; The “Race” of Apostle’s Peter’s letter is not the natural lineage of Abraham, regardless where they be scattered. But it is the spiritual Born again Jews and gentiles In Christ Jesus “Abraham’s seed”.
      These together being that spiritual race and Holy Nation..
      That which was earthly and natural In the OT is now heavenly and spiritual in the NT The precious blood of jesus by His messianic ministry changed the order of things. the reality is no longer a physical race but Grace unto all men.

    • Getreal – I agree with you in part as thee is neither Jew or Greek, slave or free but we are all in Christ. However, there is Israel to deal with and this is where we differ. The Jewish people are back in their ancient homeland, just like prophecy states they would in the end times. From here on out it concerns them not us. I know you disagree, but this is a stickler for me. Scripture makes it very clear that we are grafted in. He is going to deal with Israel. They will look on Him whom they have pierces and mourn for Him as an only son.

    • Alex Collier is what I would call a “fallen angel watcher.” He also claims to be amongst them. He claims that there is a mini solar system coming into ours? He claims that these major events will happen shortly.

      He claims NASA has been watching them for quite some time.

      He claims that these objects can be viewed in the southern hemispheres.

      Project Wormwood Facility in Australia is being

      We may see large numbers of comets, new moons, other planets getting hit with comets, earth getting hit with meteors….

    • It is so bizarre to hear people talk about alien civilizations and give them names like they are people from Ohio or California. Names were thrown around like friends in high school and I have been in the studies of UFO for many years. Quite bizarre.

    • sorry to cut in on you Richard but you said above that Project Wormwood is being ? I don’t understand or did you do like me and skip some thought processes? I do that in real life I can be hard talking to just ask nome….where im adhd and manic – bipolar I cant keep thoughts cohesive long so I didn’t know if you might have meant another word or too in there .

    • Faithful elect. I had several emails open I work from home for a bank and I’ve been watching the markets all morning.

      The caller said that wormwood was some facility in Australia. That was it.

    • Richard…

      I believe this “coming object /or objects” is what will cause Revelation 6:12-17 …..and COULD BE the SAME EVENT as in Ezekiel 38/39.

      Joel 2:31……is Acts 2:20… Revelation 6:12 >>>>> ALL 3 verses ARE THE SAME …….DESCRIBING THE SAME TIMING of an EVENT!!!

      Also note Revelation 6:15, This is a shorter version of Isaiah 2:10-22. Then see Zephaniah 1:2-3, 7, 14-18 and then ….

      Go read Ezekiel 38:18-23 ……………there are sooooo many other scriptures that seemingly tie into this sequence of events.








    • Richard….

      luke 21:11 “And there will be GREAT earthquakes, and plagues and famines; and there will be TERRORS & GREAT SIGNS from heaven.

      luke 21:25-26 “And there will be Signs in the Sun, Moon, and stars…and upon the earth DISMAY among the nations,
      in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, (v.26) men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which
      are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

      All these details tie in with REVELATION 6:12-17 and EZEKIEL 38/39

      Obviously this guy speaking in the above video/interview is a New Ager and does not speak of Jesus as a person’s savior,
      but he speaks much TRUTH in what he says. he just doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus as Savior.

      i am hopeful many like him will come to JESUS very soon !!!


  4. NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017

    No, I won’t.

    Is this some kind of telegraph and tip off or what?

    • Eric, have you read about the new Matt Damon movie, Elysium?

      “Humanity is divided between two worlds,” reads the caption, explaining that most of humanity is left to reside on an overpopulated, collapsing earth while the super elite have developed a gargantuan and luxurious off-planet space habitat called Elysium where war, poverty, hunger and disease are non-existent. . .” Only after they’ve undergone “enhancements”. . .

    • “Humans who resist the pressure to alter their bodies by becoming part-cyborg will be ostracized from society.”

    • The Church would have to been raptured for the rest of society to go along with a chip implanted.

    • Not sure he “hates” Christians, that’s a pretty strong accusation to make. I have never seen any of his interviews where he made that statement; however, reading from some of his press interviews, it seems very clear Damon probably leans more towards the agnostic/atheist/scientist approach.

    • hi Matt…

      I saw a video interview of him about 2 years ago and he essentially said the world would be better off without CHRISTIANS.

      In my terms, that is “Almost like” Hezbollah towards The Nation of Israel. NO “warm fuzzies” at all.

      I don’t know if Damon had a bad run in with “a CHRISTIAN” or not, or if he just is the typical Helly-wood star….BUT HE DOES NEED JESUS.

    • Wow, I never saw that interview; I can’t imagine that would be good for his career.
      I couldn’t care less about the guy myself, after watching him and Michael Douglas prance around the screen on the film Behind the Candelabra, was all I needed to see what Damon’s agenda is all about. No other move of the face of the earth nauseated me as much as this one did.
      Not sure if he needs Jesus but after watching Behind the Candelabra I would suggest he needs a new agent.

    • Yea Matt, there are SOOO MANY of these “pawns” in Helly-wood that are manipulating the masses to “BELIEVE” certain things.

      IN A STRANGE …ROUND ABOUT WAY….”THEY” are like “pastors”….shepherding the sheep of the devil and bringing deception
      in many different forms and keeping people distracted by UN-important things…so that people can’t THINK FOR THEMSELVES !

      Damon is a HUGE “anti-gun” guy……which is quit HYPOCRITICAL given all his “gun-shooting” in the movies!!!

      All the plans of the devil himself…cause he’ll use any victim to do his dirty work.

  5. On the issue of false prophets, divination, and predictions… it seems there are just too many possibilities from a human perspective to be certain.

    God’s will as expressed through His Word is reliable, since true prophecy covers what He intends to establish or permit. That’s very different than asserting something must happen at some future point. And it’s clear folly to say it will happen at a certain day and time. Just too many variables.

    Here’s google’s Ray Kurzweil, predicting the future:


    “Ray Kurzweil, pictured, said that ‘frail, biological parts’ of human bodies will be replaced with ‘non-biological’ parts in the future. He added that the non-biological part will become so powerful it can completely model and understand the biological part and make it redundant”

    “Expanding on this idea Martine Rothblatt, CEO of biotech company United Therapeutics introduced the idea of ‘mindclones’. These are digital versions of humans that can live forever and can create ‘mindfiles’ that are a place to store aspects of our personalities.”

    How strange that their consciousness and feelings will exist forever in the Lake of Fire — along with rebel angels. Perhaps they succeed in an artificial immortality tied to whatever the fallen angels are doing — which is what ultimately dooms them and makes them cut off from God forever? Abominations?

    • btw nome remember the individual we talked about “the one protected” well he most certainly soon as I sent him another standard comment about what I saw within and around him…they came again. They cant stay but mini seconds im too well fortified at this time. Pray for me that I am able to stand and pray for him that this poor soul can get delivered (that’s if he wants to be).

    • The word of God says “It is appointed for men to die once” Heb9:27
      If we truly believe that “Life is only in Jesus”, then all of these words by Ray Kurzweil is only the product of his imagination.
      In the same way, that a micro-chip is going to alter human DNA to propagate a generation of demonic Hybrids. More wild imagination!
      There will be only two groups of people (humans) on the earth when Jesus returns with his angels in Glory; The righteous and the wicked, the saved and the unsaved, the sheep and the Goats Mat25:31,32.
      And so shall it be that on that Great and terrible Day that “the wicked will go into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life” Mat25:46

  6. Greetings, earthlings!

    Came across a yarn earlier, today, regarding a british politician making the news with his claim of fathering a child with aliens! Whitby Town Councillor Simon Parkes. He claims his real mother is an 8′ tall green alien with eight fingers, and of course, that he is not mad and that his numerous experiences – several encounters a year – do not affect his policy making.

    Mad or not, these stories are certainly making the news more often, lately.

    God Bless!

    Regards, Pete in W.Australia

    • “”
      Good find! I’m only 5 min in, but very informative. He says something very important: he got offered a proposal would you like to know the past and future? He said yes! All of creation is under covenant. Either with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or the other side. He said many experiencers don’t remember their covenants because they would then revoke it, but they trust him knowing he won’t. He said when they come, he’s got a job to do: they said to him, “we can genetically make you live in our world: we can take your soul out of your body and put it into one of ours.” In their body I will give orders to grays. wow

    • wow indeed ill have to check on that one guys. I don’t doubt it a bit. Theyre out there now. they can be invisible or see througish the word is hard to explain. But watch almost anything online and if you pause and or scroll shift right arrow key long enough you ll see them clearly in anything. I have had 3 experiences so far where they have actually moved on a paused video in recognition to me or at me. I cant explain how but I can see “they” are all around us. We are protected by the veil and our relationships with Jesus Christ but I can see them. They are not pretty nor can they restrain themselves for long because they hate us too much. that’s why I think most hauntings start out slow then go nuts up to a certain point because they cant stop themselves from tormenting. Its what they are forced to endure so they wish to make others endure it as well. they hate the flesh even as they yearn to regain it!

  7. “”

    Japan experts mull rules on chimeric embryos

    TOKYO: Japanese experts were Tuesday set to discuss rules for experiments with animal-human embryos, as scientists seek permission for tests that could see human organs produced inside the growing body of an animal.

    • from all im seeing and reading they aren’t needing permission at all rose…atleast not privately. I think theyre doing this stuff in labs all over the world; which is exactly what Jesus warned us about it being like in the days of Noah.

  8. Lone Signal aims to send ‘hello!’ tweets to aliens
    Anyone can submit messages that will be broadcast to star 17 light years away
    The messages will be sent from the fabled Jamesburg Earth Station, a satellite site that was first built to support the Apollo 11 moon mission. In addition to the text messages, which can be written in any language, Lone Signal will simultaneously send a message written in binary code — the language computers use to communicate — that contains basic principles of physics. The idea is that these principles apply throughout the universe and thus are more likely to be understood by an alien than, say, a text message written in English.

    Yeah, spam the aliens with tweets & facebook updates… They are likely to come and obliterate earth just to stop the annoying spam…Especially if the 1st message that gets to them Is A Tweet about Kim Khardashians Baby

    • this goes right along with chemtrailing and there are MANY many videos by different people of some of these planes shapeshifting to where even the videographers believe there are demons or fallen angels either Driving the planes or ARE THE planes! Ill go through my links and see some of the best ones itll take a few days because (well the way the LORD made me) my true mission is far more important but this is part of the process so I wont leave it alone either.

      btw guys what is your mission? We all have one. If your not sure read the Gospels again. I love you and GOD BLESS YA!

    • Now that is some amazing genetic manipulation, which we all know is even more rampant behind closed doors.

      Personally , I do feel it is HIGHLY LIKELY that “certain diseases” are targeted at “specific races” to kill them off.

      Some very wicked people working with some very wicked spirits….rehash of Noah’s day. AGAIN. Just like JESUS said.

  9. I think there needs to be some consideration about the “mark of the beast is a dna upgrade” idea. I don’t mean this to be hostile to anyone who believes in that idea. For a while I did too.
    But consider this: A nephilim is a creature that has an angelic spirit, and a hybrid human body.
    So how can a dna upgrade transform a human spirit to a nephilim spirit? It’s not possible. The nephilim spirit comes from the angel who fathered the nephilim! A human spirit can never be made into a nephilim spirit. They can change the body, into unrecognizable form, if allowed to, but the spirit of that person will still be human, and still be redeemable.
    The thing that judges those who takes the mark, therefore, cannot be the mark, but the adoration of the beast. You could say there will be some kind of spiritual unification of the human spirit with the spirit of the beast, but that has more to do, in such case, with the adoration than the dna change. Just wanted to add this to the picture.

    • People who have worshipped satan have repented and been able to come to Christ (i.e. Mike Warnke), but the people who take the mark will become nonredeemable. Something changes.

      Nimrod “began to be a mighty man” – he became gibborim. Something changed.

      I believe people will willingly give up their humanity in order to become more “godlike,” as we see mirrored in so many t.v. and movie images.

      I don’t know how it will happen exactly: a retrovirus, a chip, some sort of possession or transplantation, but it will happen. It will be the final iteration of, “… ye shall not die, but be as gods.” However, it will backfire on them because it will leave them writing in pain and yearning for a death that will not come.

  10. if you don’t see “This one” I don’t think I can help you out. Keep an eye at the guys right shoulder but they are on both sides. Whether the one doing all the moving around is some sort of fake thing I cannot say but this is usually how I see them though somewhat fainter…like the one on his left shoulder its a huge face with shoulders. (my screen prospective when I said all that) not the actual mans prospective.

    This man is an atheist im told who has had the orbs he tapes manifest and scream at him.

    • Yep! Very strange to watch whatever he’s smoking whip around that skull like head over his shoulder. Then the smoke smoke goes completely but the head remains. Gotta look behind the smoke.

    • Good stuff.

      Hearing through the grapevine that LA is still fighting illness so please keep him in prayer along with Cris Putnam: I think they’re sharing the same cold or whatever it is.

    • a bit dense for most no doubt. 😎

      re: nephilim architectures (henges, mounds, pyramids, and springs)


      – per wikipedia @ 51° 10′ 43.84″ N, 1° 49′ 34.28″ W (not sure what datum, flat maps aren’t geoids)

      – per Munck @ 51° 1042.3529411” N, where 60 x 360° = 21600 = 51 x 10 x 360 x 2/17
      – i.e. 60 stones in a 360° circle = degrees x minutes x seconds … of the latitude at stonehenge
      – meaning that the features are a sign, something like we use a street sign — to view from the air

      – error b/t Munck and current = 43.84″ – 42.3529411″ = 1.487″ = about 107 ft or 33 meters at 45° N
      – could be a difference between the geoid and spheroid

      woodhenge (by Cahokia):

      – per wikipedia “”
      – double check: 38° 39′ 35.7012″ N 90° 4′ 30.1008″ W in google maps, “”

      – cp. “” (Woodhenge # 2 section)
      – Estimated Munck longitude “121d 12m 28.8s W.Giza, 121*12*28.8 = 41817.6

      – 48 posts in circle, 1 center post … 48 * 360 = 17280
      – google earth: 38d 39m 35.49s N 90d 04m 29.21s W … 38*39*35.49 = 52596.18
      – assume datum error… for 38d 39m 36.63s N … 38*39*36.63 = 54285.66 … 54285.66/pi=17279.66
      – for an error of about 97 ft north of the center pole, 48*360*pi = 38*39*36.63 … d*m*s latitude
      so for a circle of 48 post * 360 degrees * pi = d*m*s latitude, a factor of pi variance between the henges

      trilithon (baalbek)
      – “”
      – google earth: 34° 0’24.13″N 36°12’10.52″E

      – “”
      – “” (trylithon)
      – “”
      – “”
      – “”
      – “”

      further exploration:
      – Beirut Lebanon, Lebanon Ohio, Little Miami River, Miami Circle, Fort Ancient
      – “”

  11. “”
    Amazing Footage: Thousands Witness UFO Over Brazilian Protests

    See what you all make of that.

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