Iraq – I thought Everything was Hunky-Doory there?

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L. A. Marzulli

51 killed in new wave of Iraq attacks

BAGHDAD (AP) — A blistering string of apparently coordinated bombings and a shooting across Iraq killed at least 51 and wounded dozens Sunday, spreading fear throughout the country in a wave of violence that is raising the prospect of a return to widespread sectarian killing a decade after a U.S.-led invasion.  

Violence has spiked sharply in Iraq in recent months, with the death toll rising to levels not seen since 2008. Nearly 2,000 have been killed since the start of April, including more than 180 this month.

The surge in bloodshed accompanies rising sectarian tensions within Iraq and growing concerns that its unrest is being fanned by the Syrian civil war raging next door. (Emphesis mine)

The above article is cause for concern and here’s why.  Notice the highlighted words in red, sectarian tensions, what a bunch of hooey!  Once again our media-absurda—I think I just made that up—doesn’t really tell us the truth in regard to what is really happening in war-torn Iraq.  The article should read, The surge in bloodshed accompanies the 1300 year old hatred between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam. Family Security Matters

This is really the elephant in the room.  Take a look at the numbers killed, as the body count nears 2000 since April.  This hatred between the Sunni and the Shia sects have been going on literally for 1300 years and as seen in the article, shows no signs of lessening soon.  The bottom line is they blow each other up.  They can’t live together and it would appear they are completely and totally intolerant of each other.

Now factor in the ongoing bloody civil war in Syria and it is important to note that we have the same tensions between Sunni and Shia there.  In fact, Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni, is terrified that the Shia sect will set up a, Shia Crescent and reclaim the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  This is why Syria is so important, as when and if Bashar Al Assad is finally ousted, what faction of Islam will take his place?  The Iranians, who are Shia, want him to stay in power, the Saudi’s do not.  You may recall the Iraq/Iran war that took place in the 1980’s.  Iran-Iraq War |  This was a war between the two sects of Islam and spilled the blood hundreds of thousands men women and children.

The violence continues in Iraq with the suicide bombers happening almost weekly.  Casualties of suicide bombings in Iraq, 2003-2010 :: Iraq Body Count  This is madness!

In closing todays post:  The Middle East is besieged by violence of the most atrocious kind.  Is there any chance for peace when the mutual hatred exists between Sunni and Shia?  I don’t think so, but according to our media, I thought everything was hunky-doory in Iraq.  Hmmmm, I guess I won’t be visiting Baghdad any time soon!


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28 thoughts on “Iraq – I thought Everything was Hunky-Doory there?

  1. I just started laughing as soon as I saw the headline.

    Right. I thought we “won” in Iraq. What a bunch of nonsense it all is. Sure, let’s go ahead and arm the so called Al Quaida “rebels” in Syria that were supposed to be our “enemies.”

    Give me a break.

    Three words: Military Industrial Complex.

    The only thing I can figure out of all of this is we’re headed towards that boiling over point in the Middle East that much sooner.

    Unfortunately, as far as Israel is concerned, America has been and will continue to be increasingly on the wrong side. We’ve armed and boosted all of her enemies regardless of occasional doublespeak lip service.

    Keep praying, folks.

    • “”
      Hamas deploys 600-strong force to prevent rocket fire at Israel

      Straight from Bizarro World!

  2. I wonder why the Sunni and the Shia simply can’t just sit down and play a good ‘ole game of checkers ??

    Seems plausible to me. 😉

    At least then…
    they can STILL “walk home”, rather than go “home” in a bag, or with a serious limp, or a month’s stay in a de -crepit hospital with NO food.

    Ahhh well, guess they LUV there rocket launchers, ak-47’s, and I.E.D.’s … all gifts from America.

    Seems as though a little game of “King me” just seems to have NO sufficient effect with these “UN-civils”………THEY WANT TO PLAY … “KILL ME”.

    Kinda STUPID if you ask me.

    • Hey Kirk (and everyone), here it is

      “An Israeli rabbi has called for the restoration of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem”
      – Jimmy DeYoung

      The daily sacrifice WILL began soon,
      because as Daniel says, it will be taken
      away 1290 days BEFORE the abomination
      is set up.

      The sacrifice will be stopped 30 days BEFORE the covenant is confirmed (1290 days), leaving1260 days until the abomination is set up.

      Getting closer by the hour.

  3. Matt Drudge’s tweets from yesterday on his private Twitter account are a continuation of his message from May 13.

    Based on these tweets, it appears Matt has more understanding and depth than I first imagined. He posts thoughts to his private Twitter account that give far more insight into him and his personal beliefs than his more mainstream news aggregator site.

    Essentially, he believes there is about to be a HOLOCAUST and GREAT CIVIL WAR in America. And, I believe him. It’s been leading up to that for a long time.

    He is undoubtedly privy to more Washington insider info than you or I will ever be and likely has good reason to speak of being in an “unprecedented shit-storm.”

    Here are his tweets from yesterday for those who may have missed them:


    Survivors need to: Raise your spirituality. Raise your integrity. Raise your nutrition. Raise your physical health. Raise your consciousness



    And, those tweets are a continuation of this one about a month ago:

    And in 25 years after the great civil war, after American Holocaust is over, a brave new president will unplug the database, vow NEVER AGAIN
    — MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) May 13, 2013

    Matt, on his site (which gets roughly 30 million page views per day) hints at this stuff indirectly, but never goes too deeply into conspiracy stuff. His tweets yesterday were a real and serious WARNING. They were not for getting reader/listener/viewer attention like Beck has done in the past and may have just done again.

    One should take these warnings very seriously. I only wish we could press him for more details

    • Yes, but the fall is designed so that they may provide the cure. If drudge has insider info to know where America is headed, then he certainly understands the ultimate deception and the motives behind it.

      We do too because we consult the greatest “insider” information ever, the Holy Bible.

    • ya id say ole drudge knows some deep insider info but we know how the game plays out. I think whatever they try to pull is going to be right after all this middle east brouhaha and then bam we’re outta here. Looked at the sky lately? I follow a few on utube that skywatch the weird shapes hidden in clouds and all of these guys are freaking out.

  4. Just heard on Fox Business that the big stock pick is “Illumina” in genome sequences. I couldn’t believe my ears. Does anyone know about this date of June 29, 1963, which Tom Horn writes about? Supposedly, Malachi Martin wrote about a dedication to Satan on this date. And would this anniversary mean anything? I know, I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I find this stuff of interest.

  5. There are other layers of conflict in Iraq and the mid-east in addition to the Shia-Sunni divide.

    – Tribal (like with the Kurds vs Baths vs the Shia vs the Sunni… etc.)
    – Proxy wars between the global arms dealers and their dupes.
    – Prophecy in the book of Daniel details the ongoing rebel angel wars…
    (especially, between “the king of the north,” “the king of the south,” and later The antichrist)
    – War in heaven that spills over into the earth….

    I suspect that the fantasy of the US being some global policeman (aka “world savior”) is about being a superpower superhero — in place of Christ. Likely also related to getting to heaven by works.

    Whatever we do — if love’s not in it including Christ — it’s useless.

    There’s another dynamic, related to “God is not mocked…”

    Proverbs 10
    24 The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon him: but the desire of the righteous shall be granted.

    The overcoming is not by might, nor by power, but the Spirit of God.

    • down here its all about mockery and their efforts to provoke the Lord. They know what happens then. Since they hate all flesh they love it when God wipes out a city. A lot of souls going to hell with them. Psalms 2 gotta love it.

  6. I’ll stand with thee my Lord this day – come whatever tears that may
    Fall upon this tearstained cheek – please stand with me for I am weak

    I’ll walk that mile though its all uphill – though there be serpents sent to kill
    this poor wretch you call your own – though I am frail im not alone

    Under thy wings ill sing thy praise – brought through every trial to raise
    your standards high your house on stone – bought at a price im not my own

    I shall guard my tongue and keep the prize – no wicked thing before my eyes
    No garland til the race is done – with no end in sight onward I run

    I run for thee my Lord my life – overcoming every strife
    until you hold me close at hand – carrying me through to the promised land.

  7. Seems to me there was no problem in Syria. Christians and muslims lived together in the freedom to express their religious beliefs until the USA & allies did again what they did in Libya Backed the Shia’s (the militant machine of Mohamedism)
    Was the same in palestine prior to 1948, Jews and Palestinians lived side by side Until the formation of Zionism which is still being back by the same murdering war mungers of Masonic Capital Hill.

    All this garbage about Assad gassing His people are all lies to justify US take over. The USA & its allies are the real terrorists.
    When they finish in the middle east it will be The Citizens of this country that will suffer the same fate.

    • Mr marzulli; I get my updates from the Barnabas fund (look it up) and other relevant christian sources.
      If you are a christian living in these countries where the Shia muslims are given the Ok by the west to Kill, You have two choices; Flee for your life or die for your faith.
      What is happening over there is a christian exodus. But you will not hear it on the Masonic Jewish controlled media.That is no misinformation!
      It’s fact as well that the US is providing muslim rebels the arms against Assad. Even Putin finds this murder rampage to be ‘atrocities’ backed by the western allies. His concern is the fact that it is the orthodox church people that are being targeted by muslims. unfortunately I cannot give the links of my sources because of moderation.

    • Coast To Coast AM – Interview with Joseph Niezgoda, author of the, The Lennon Prophecy – Did John Lennon make a pact with the devil? The Lennon Prophecy puts forth the theory that a 20-year-old Lennon, so disillusioned with a life of sadness and disappointment where he was abandoned by his father and stricken with the death of his mother, entered into a deal with the devil to achieve fame and fortune. Niezgoda alleges that a 20-year pact began in December of 1960, shortly before a night when Beatlemania first struck audiences on December 27, 1960, when the Fab Four played at Town Hall Ballroom in Litherland, England. During that performance, as Niezgoda writes, “The Beatles evoked a response noticeably different from anything in their past.” From there, The Beatles inexplicably and immediately shot to global fame at a level never seen before or since. The 20-year pact came to its tragic conclusion on December 8, 1980, when a man who later testified he was possessed by demons, fulfilled the end of the contract by murdering Lennon outside of his apartment at The Dakota in New York City.

    • I don’t know if The Beatles or Lennon made a pact with the devil but I can tell you I suspect Liberace certainly did…do not watch this movie out on HBO right now called Behind the Candelabra, this movie was more horrifying to me than anything I have ever seen on film, and I have seen many a movie… this movie is utterly disgusting. This film makes all the other horror films out there seem like child’s play… it was possibly not originally intended as a horror movie but certainly turned out that way to me.

  8. June 11, 2013 at 11:24 am “Matt points to bigfoot and doctors with the same credence. And discounts other things”

    I apologize about commenting on this issue so late, the comment section was shut down for a few days so I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner, however, thank you for the opportunity now to clear up the points in question brought forth by another user on the blog. First off, I’m not sure what the point this post is trying to make. Sasquatch and doctors are two different UNRELATED subjects. IF they would have taken time to read some of my posts more closely, they would understand I have gone on record many times saying I believe in the supernatural/miracles, but at the same time I give credence to science and the medical field as well. Some Christians, perhaps someone you know, can’t separate the two, and cannot comprehend or grasp the idea of that balance. I do not find it all that difficult. Sasquatch sightings/ reports are an interest of mine, or hobby if you will; this goes back to my childhood when I first saw the film Legend of Boggy Creek. How anyone feels this correlates with my trust/belief in the medical field is beyond me. Why is it so difficult for some Christians to have such high unsubstantiated faith and brief in the supernatural, IE UFO”S demons, but yet can’t accept common knowledge, scientific data and medical technology put before them? I see nothing wrong with striking a balance between the two. This is what serious researchers and experts in many of the supernatural phenomena fields do; they will use modern technology to peruse things science say can’t exist, thus a balance of the two. What some Christians do not understand is the bible does not have to be at odds with science. Our universe and minds are big enough for both religious faith and the scientific method. For the most part they are working on different plains or dimensions of life. But when they do come together, it is a dynamic moment.
    For example, the many medical treatments that have come out of science have certainly helped the faith of those around the person who is sick to assist in the well-being of all the person, spirit and body.
    People have bodies that sometimes need science, and they have spirits which need spirituality through religion to maintain health and to exist in harmony we others. The Bible does not specifically condemn science, and science does not specifically condemn religion. It all rests on where you find “truth” to be. It’s not about God. Some people of faith (much more so in the past) were against science and scientific advancement, especially with parts that contradict their way of thinking. For example, noticing that the sun does not revolve around the earth and that the moon is not smooth. Now days a lot of Christians flat out deny the process of evolution, yet they take anti-biotics that are a direct result from evolution. Stem-cell research is another big issue for some Christians. God doesn’t block anything, it’s the people.
    Einstein wrote that science and religion are completely compatible as long as you get rid of the idea of a personal God. I think this is humorous considering that most religions of the past and present have some concept of a personal God who rules in the affairs of men (“rules in the affairs of men” comes from Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on the State of Virginia). Science does not have to be at odds with religion, even with the idea of a personal God. As a Christian, I believe that the two go together very well. Romans 1 makes it clear that there is evidence of God’s eternal attributes in nature, which we use science to observe. Just because we aren’t clear about specific things, science is continually evolving. Our understanding of how things work today will be different 50 years from now. Remember, centuries ago, the smartest men on earth thought it was flat. Science is constantly changing, but religious conviction is permanent. I rely on my religious beliefs and trust that one day science will prove them to be true in one way or another.

    And I have never said I “discount other things”
    The fact is I have no interest in other “things” that is a huge difference than saying I “discount other things”. I keep an open mind about all supernatural phenomena, it’s just other subjects pipe my interest more than others… with UFO’s and demonology, I do not have an interest in those subjects, it’s not that I don’t consider them to be valid, I just have not researched them or really care to do so . I would rather watch the grass grow then to peruse those subjects as they are a complete bore to me. But hey to each his or her own, my brother gets every UFO book and magazine he can get his hands on than gives them to me to read in which I use them to line the bird cage …doesn’t mean I don’t think there aren’t any legitimate UFO sightings, it means I couldn’t care less.
    When I heard LA on his first appearance on Coast to Coast many years ago, he pipe my interest in the UFO controversy; LA brought to the table a fresh new look and new ideas/theories on the phenomena that I haven’t heard before. And add to the fact the so called UFO experts such and “great minds “in the field such as Giorgio Tsoukalos (sarcasm off) on the Ancient Aliens program discounts LA’s theories just thrilled me to the bone. That’s when I knew LA was on to something big. Any time you can get under the skin of the Giorgio Tsoukalos of the world you are doing something right.
    Hope this answer your question.

  9. another Carl Munck youtube…

    not verified yet, but easily checked with google earth and a spreadsheet or wolfram alpha

    again the idea is that the grid location of major markers:
    – pyramids
    – henges
    – mounds (earth works)
    – springs
    – etc. (
    adjusted to a prime meridian that crosses the great pyramid vice Greenwich
    yields their position on earth by multiples of certain constants or PI (or Tau)

    also that the geometry of the structure codes either that location
    or the location of another major structure
    in a precisely defined mathematical grid around the earth

    all done by the ancients, using math as a language,
    Munck calls the minds behind such structures “gods”

    • the etc. above should be: “possibly geoglyphs, crop circles, temples, city locations, major idol landmarks…”

      The point is that there are ancient global landmarks positioned like signs which have 3 space geometric forms related directly to their positions and pointing to other such structures around the earth — and beyond.

      Munck is pointed about such things being much more about signage and markers than burial or religious locations.

    • Nome, do you know what a “megalithic yard” is? What are the dimensions vs. a conventional yard?

    • Munck says something that I’ve often thought: that the metric system was invented to hide the meaning of the measurements of these ancient sites. The English foot/yard/mile were based on the cubit – both the common cubit and the holy cubit that are used in God’s design and dates (see Dave Flynn’s work). Hence the statute mile vs. nautical mile.

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