Disclosure? Area 51 – Deathbed Confession

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L. A. Marzulli

Eisenhower was going to attack Area 51 Ex CIA on deathbed – YouTube

Most of us have heard of Area 51, that vast government piece of land, way out in the Nevada desert that doesn’t exist! The interview I linked to above is a deathbed confession by someone who allegedly was part of the covert government program to study UFOs and so-called alien entities.  Is this the real deal?  You be the judge!

The bottom line for me is this.  No one really cares!  Let’s assume that everything this man is telling us is true, how should we react?  Are these aliens from Zeta Reticulli, or are they something else, perhaps messengers of deception, as Jacque Vallee describes them?

If this mans testimony is true, and I have reason to believe that it is, then this is yet another person coming forward to tell us our government knows about the existence of UFOs and have been hiding this fact from us.  I find it interesting that our government denies, denies, and denies, and yet these are the same people who are spying on us and gathering every bit of information they can and denying that they’re doing that!

Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations | World news | The Guardian

That being said, who should we believe, the guys in the black suits hiding behind organizations like the NSA, or this man who at the end of his life has chosen to come forward and spill the beans as it were?

In closing todays short post: Disclosure is coming, and in fact, if the video is the real deal,  is already here!  What amazes me, is that hardly anyone cares!

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Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations | World news | The Guardian


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89 thoughts on “Disclosure? Area 51 – Deathbed Confession

  1. While you are there talking to George L.A., I think you should work in the subject of near death experiences (somehow) and explain to him that the near death experience he had was a demonic deception. I know he’s not a born again believer from his own words. I suspect this is why he does not give any attention to the gospel message. He had a positive near death experience and so after all, what do I need Jesus for if I’m going to Heaven anyway?

    Just a crazy suggestion since what you will be talking about are the book and Watchers 6 DVD. EXCELLENT opportunity to lay it down whether he receives it or not. At least you will have warned him.

    • Of course, I’m not suggesting to bring in a 90 pound King James Bible and whack him over the head with it as it were 😀 , but maybe work it in ever so gently but still get the point across.

    • Not directing this at you Corey 🙂 just saying this in general:

      LA and other Christians have handled George very well and carefully.

      If someone goes in there and lights him up that venue is gone and that opportunity to get that truth out and plant seeds is gone. It’s a pretty delicate balance.

      Noory has heard the truth repeatedly and he’s going to have to come to a point of serious reckoning which I think is coming for him and may very well already be in process in private for all we know.

      He can continue to play along and agree with everyone on his show and be Mr. Nice Guy but at some point he’s simply going to be forced to get off the fence and make a decision. He’s going to have to. He’s no dummy.

      The Lord works on people at different rates and different speeds which is why I cringe when I see certain witnessing approaches that go for a “one size fits all” rack up the sales figures style bang bang bang approach. You made your quota for the day.

      That may work sometimes but it also be very counterproductive and damaging.

      I’m not a fan of it myself and I would never do it that way myself.

      I like the way Doc Marquis put it: “Shut up and listen.” <- This is undervalued in general but especially in a potential witnessing situation.

      I saw with my own dad who was either lost or WAAAAAAY out of fellowship. Most likely the latter.

      It took 25 years and a lot of collateral along the way but when he passed away 10 years this coming August he was right with the Lord all the way. (Big testimony there. I'll have to share it sometime. 🙂 )

      Keep praying for George! Patience! 🙂

    • yep Eric… I must say I do agree with you wholeheartedly there. I wasn’t really suggesting that L.A. “witness” to him per say, I just think someone needs to reveal to all the Coast listeners that these positive near death experiences are leading people down a path of false belief that will eventually damn their souls. Damned because they will never get saved as long as they believe these experiences people have been having. I like how you put it… Go in there and “light him up” 😀 Lol! Definitely not suggesting that one.

    • Noory is heavily into astral projection (or astral travel) however, NDE’s are totally different, as they are not self-induce. But keep in mind Noory has a show to do, and that show deals with the supernatural and life’s mysteries. The guests all have different points of view, and on many different subjects, it’s not a “Christian” show. Although some guest happen to be Christian’s and are on regularly. As a regular listener to the show myself , nothing is a bigger turn off then when someone comes on and begins preaching , whether it be Christianity, reincarnation, Scientology, Hinduism, Wicca, Paganism, Celtic Connection the list goes on and on.. Coast to Coast shouldn’t be anyone’s personal soap box, I have heard guests in the past take a show in that direction and Noory will shut them down and dismiss the guest then continue with open lines for the rest of the night. I hate to see any guest black listed by Noory, and would really hate it if it happened to LA as I really look forward and enjoy LA’s appearances on the show, and from what I understand LA is one of Noory’s favorite guest on the program , I have heard Noory mention this on several occasions. I have sent emails to all the hosts of Coast to Coast on occasion in hopes of getting LA back on the program after it’s been awhile since the last appearance. All I ever get is very positive feedback by the program director telling me they will have LA on again soon. I would hate to have anything jeopardize the platform LA has to reach so many people. I heard LA way back on his very first appearance on Coast and haven’t missed a show he was on since, and I can tell you he is subtle, yet effective in his message.

    • One question that George Noory might would like an answer to is, how is it that some people who have had NDE’s or other experiences, have been taken to cities and environments of great beauty by beings that we Christians know to be fallen angels. I suspect George has thought about this and is unable to simply write these people off as being deceived…and perhaps they were not.

      What if the paradise part of hell which has been abandoned since Christ took all of those who resided there to heaven…still exists? What if it is now inhabited by fallen angels who are able to transport humans there if they wish? A seemingly Biblical logical answer for the experiences that a number of people have had. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and now seems like a good time to present the question here. Can anyone think of a Biblical reason why this would not be possible? Does the Bible indicate that paradise was destroyed? LA, I’m just throwing this out there in case the Lord should ever lead you to comment on it. I’m sure alot of non-Christians have wondered how these people could have such experiences if ET’s are indeed demonic.

  2. Awww…I miss the comments after each news item in the other news area. 😉

    Will definitely be praying for that C2C seed planting opportunity tomorrow.

    The deception is already well underway. If there’s some kind of disclosure event or set up that’s going to take it to a new level. Sadly, most people including much of the Church simply aren’t prepared to take it on and that’s potentially tragic.

    Snowden: If he’s legit or not, that dude’s gonna disappear soon. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    • Yep indeed… I’m keeping my eye on this story. That dude will for sure go missing. He just painted a huge red circle on his back.

    • he doesnt have to go missing, if people pray for him that God would super-natrually protect him.

    • By going public he now has some protection. Breitbart should’ve done it that way. Disclose first and then go public.

    • “http://lewrockwell.com/spl5/nsa-whistleblower-is-libertarian.html”

      I’m still not completely sure he’s legit but my friendly advice to him would be this: Get disappeared.

    • hes in the largest city in the world and its famous for its corruption he seems smart enough to fade away… or play his cards wrong and the mafia there will fade him permanently.

  3. Is there anyway to listen to you and George Noory without subscribing to Coast To Coast? Nice job on Watchers 6!

    Sam O Northwoods, WI

    • Depending on which part of the country you’re in, it can be listened to on the AM radio dial. It’s also broadcast live over the internet for free.

  4. “http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Assad-says-hes-serious-about-attacking-Israel-316005”
    Assad says he’s serious about attacking Israel

    Like there’s any doubt?

    • Deadman switch. Assad dead, nuke in Damascus goes off. Not sane, but then neither are most homicide suicides….

      Basically, anything could still happen.

  5. The President of the International Council of Christians and Jews (Iccj), Rabbi David Rosen, has asked the Pope to help leaders of the Jewish and Muslim religions to promote an initiative for peace in the Holy Land. Speaking to a group of Italian journalists, Rosen suggested the Pope convene a meeting between the Holy Land’s religious leaders, in Jerusalem, to pray for peace in the region. “2015 could be a perfect time to do this as it will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the promulgation of “Nostra Aetate”, the Second Vatican Council declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions”.


  6. I want to repeat a prayer request:

    On June 13th…and I’m not 100 percent sure if it’ll be in the States or in Israel but more like Israel…Avi Lipkin is going to have some kind of heart surgery. I don’t know anything past that. That’s what he wrote about a week ago out on his FB page. If he writes anything else I’ll pass it along.

    His wife’s sister also passed away a couple of weeks ago.

    Keep praying for this entire family. They’re Biblical Jews and VERY close to truth in a lot of respects but they haven’t made that final leap…yet. 😉

    Thanks. 🙂

  7. Feels at times cozy and at others a bit like im in a maze of my own making and a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I pace around and notice things, little things. I see a man that would charge 5 dollars for a strawberry walk up and help me pull weeds from the small bit of a garden my wife had planted a few days before her death. I see another not at all…I wish he’d go away.

    • pulling weeds from a garden your dead wife had planted and is growing just fine is strange ? Me thinks someone else is either going to starve or has their own issues 8)

    • I don’t get geometry either though others continue to use it for gainful employment…even for lifesaving equipment im told. Never could see gravity but those darned effects wont go away. I cant see the weeds around your home but I will promise you that you have some nor can I see the sun as it rises above your home but I can promise you its there. Oh wait …a crazy man sees what he sees . That darned Timothy must really irk “some people of some supposed faith” he claimed to see something far greater than I and that at a time of his imminent death. You either have faith in your own eyes or you don’t as ive stated for perhaps the hundredth time (and as yet await the slightest challenge or call back or anything…) I will take ANY test from ANYONE at ANYTIME. That tobacco might not fit in your pipe but its welcomed to be smoked if you have the faith in Yourself to take me up on my crazy offer. Its far easier to label something or someone crazy that way you can walk away from it. What if you cant this time? What if you have no more time? What will you see in the dark hours of the night when the demons come? What will you see when your head hits the windshield before the ambulance arrives? Crazy? Its a crazy world.

    • Faithful elect, I know you are prone to wax poetically and this helps you reconcile your emotions, but know the Lord wishes you to seek Him and He will give you the stability you require and a sound mind through this grieving process. Succumbing to the depths of your imaginitive mind will lead you astray.

      THis feels like a cry for help, so let us help.

    • Even the sanest persin in the world feels like they are going mad, wicked crazy when they lose a spouse that meant everything to them. Its no fun when Satan wins a battle against you. Ask Job!
      I’m not the best Christian. But I’ve lived long enough to see how the enemy destroys. And I’ve never been left by God. Ever. Sometimes we cant see him, feel him, or even belueve he could possibly be there. But he is.
      Faithful, hang in there brother! I don’t know what his plans are for you, but they are plans for good!!!!
      Thank you so much for the prayer warriors here! Thank you for this amazing family of “real” Christians here who step out and live the word. You cannot possibly realize on this plane exactly how much you have done for Christ and his followers. I’m not even sure how much LA and Peggy understand what an incredible thing has ben established by their faithfullness.
      I know NM literally saved my life one night when i was under attack in a hotel room in San Francisco. I know Eric lifts my spirits daily. I know their was healing for someone dealung with an abortion situation here. I know Faithful was lifted by the love here. And I could go on and in and on. Our picture framer and our dear friend with the chronic health issues, Jeff D. Fighting spiritually daily, there are so many….too many to name. We don’t even allagree in anything , except Jesus!!!
      Heck, we can’t even agree when he is coming back. But we do agree he is coming 😉

    • Im not sure how to end that last comment from me. I just thank God for all you guys. And if you haven’t liost a spouse who who holds you together, really, it is not possible to imagine what type of personal helll you go thru. For those of us who have, Faithful E., we get it. And God will walk with you.. He will sustain you.

    • I believe what you saw/see, Faithful. I have seen strange things myself I can’t explain. I have also been attacked by demons, and the attacks came After I was born again, Not before. We should support each other and should never doubt one another’s experiences, especially when we’ve had our own weird experience with this realm. It just makes the suffering worse. If we’re honest, many of us would have to admit we’ve had our own strange encounters with the demonic that would cause those on the outside to label us crazy. Matt has had his, Marlene has had hers, Mrs M hers, Faithful his, and I have had mine. When these things were shared they were never called crazy or accused of smokin weed etc. When we’ve had these experiences, naturally one of the first things we do is to go and look for a solution. If the methods used such as casting out and prayer doesn’t seem to work, or they just come right back, it causes us to do our own research, while were trying to get some relief. What each one of us find out may sound strange even to eachother, but if you think about it, the whole demonic world is strange and bizarre, but again, we should never doubt each other’s experience, it just makes it all worse and harder to bear. Some are called to ministry who are equipt by God to be able to handle the bizarre without freaking out and can then turn around and go and educate others. Remember Jesus said about the demon who wouldn’t come out with the traditional methods, “this Kind cometh not out but by prayer and fasting” This Kind. How many other kinds are out there that don’t respond to the tried and true traditional methods? How many are new and have only been unleashed for the last days of this age? This kind……….think about it. God bless you Faithful, I believe you. I believe the dream you had was real.

    • I don’t know how to say this except to say it…. I am concerned about your mental health. Losing a loved one can cause many things to happen to someone, not only physically but mentally as well… It can even cause a nervous breakdown. I’ve always liked you faithfulelect; you seem like a nice enough fellow, which is why I am taking my time to tell you I am concerned. I, as well as all of your friends here on the blog are concerned and will be praying for you but please consider going to a professional, perhaps a Christian counselor or mental health professional. Some are at no cost to you and I will personally take time to find someone and screen them for you if necessary. You seem to be losing it buddy, and although we never met I care about you. I’m not judging you but your last few posts from a few days ago is beyond bizarre. I have been praying for you since your wife passed and will continue to do so…but, man, I am concerned for your mental state, please consider seeking help. I will be here if you need me.

    • I apologize for joking around with you earlier, I thought you were joking, I had no idea you meant for your post to be taken literally.

    • Because things are of the mind does not make them not real, nor does it make it insignificant. Since all perceptions of reality are formed in the mind, where does physical reality end and vision begin. THey are all wrapped up together.

      THat said, whether a physical reality or an image of the mind, something is amiss here. Take Matt’s advice and we will all pray for the spirit to guide you and shield you.

      If this is a spiritual attack then you need the armor of the spirit.

    • Yes it’s a spiritual attack! He’s been seeing the demonic for years and has shared what he’s learned, now suddenly when he’s filled with grief over the death of his wife and he’s sharing the Same things he always did, that suddenly makes him crazy? See a mental health professional who doesn’t know the Lord? Are you “crazy”? Do you know what they’d do to him if he spoke about the supernatural? Even the majority of “Christian counselors” who are not filled with the Spirit don’t understand it. He just needs the prayer and support and love from his brothers and sisters who believe what he sees is real and will never label him “crazy” until his heart can find some peace and heal.

    • Watched my mother messed around with and attacked for a good year or so after my dad passed away. No question spiritual attack comes into play especially when we’re at our most vulnerable and no matter how “awesome/saintly/sane (fill in the blank) you might be.

      Praying for you right now Faithfulelect! Call on the name of Jesus! Whatever it takes!

    • I believe in prayer, and I believe he can be set free through prayer, however, I believe he may need more than that; God heals through doctors a well. I saw a Christian psychologist once when I was suffering with depression many years ago and she helped me tremendously. Thankfully I wasn’t so closed minded in thinking she couldnt not help me.

    • Faithful needs us right now, and what I think is that being occupied with this research he does, (maybe its his gift) is what will give him a reason to live. Others do the same thing and they’re not sent to doctors. The more reseach he does, the more he learns and the more he can help others. That’s a reason to live. And really the reason for life is not just for family but to be used by God to minister to others and set the captives free. satan for sure doesn’t want him researching into his realm, because he may lose some prisoners. And I believe it will be more than just a few. No telling how big Faithfuls ministry might grow! Satan probably sees all this already and knows Faithful’s potential once he puts his mind to something, so of course he’s going to attack. Even here, the only place he can think of to find comfort and relief from the grief and loss he’s suffered his sanity is being questioned by his own family, just the same way the Lord’s own family questioned His. We all need to encourage him to continue his research. The same research he had been doing for a long time.

    • Marlene, Remember when you shared with all of us the demonic attacks you experienced in the night? Did any one question your sanity? Didn’t we believe you and respect you? Did anyone accuse you of smoking weed? Did you realize then that your own story was “fippin creepy”? But we respectfully tried to help you. You owe that same respect towards Faithful who has been more than kind to you and everyone on here.

    • To God be glory, the advise was for a Christian counselor and I never implied or stated “crazy”, so I’d appreciate if you’d lay off the rhetoric.

      We can and will be for him, but to to suggest you can provide the kind of attention faithful needs right now through an impersonal blog space is irresponsible, IMHO.

    • To be cLear, I was not rebuffing faithful, and I encourage him to keep coming here and talking, but Matt is right. Sometimes we need someone one on one to talk to. A Christian councelor.

    • Please don’t be mean. Faithfulelect has shared that he is bipolar. He is coping with his wife’s recent passing and other upsetting family events as best he can with the limited resources he currently has. We have been and still are praying for him to have what he needs to get through this time. He shared yesterday that he is going to see a grief counselor but didn’t know if that would really help due to his bipolar illness, that he would probably need a psychiatrist/psychologist. I am praying that God connects him with the right professionals to get him through this time, if that’s what God has for him. I’m sure he would appreciate everyone’s prayers instead of negative comments.

    • Btw, my own family thought me crazy, some still do. A Christian Councelor helped me differentiate my anxiety from reality and cover it with the Lord who is not a God of fear.

    • Marlene, “one flew over The cookoos nest”?

      I don’t support your tone. Where is love when you speak? JUst cuz you feel justified from being ill treated doesn’t give you the right to treat others in an ill fashion.

      It’s why we are told to turn the other cheek and give justice to GOD.

    • Think very carefully before you go before unbelievers and spill your guts out. Didn’t paul warn us not to go to court before unbelivers? What about our most precious possession, our mind? Is it wise to let them go digging around in there planting their own secular ideas about life and suffering? About whats real and true and whats not. Didn’t Paul say that if we even speak in tongues before unbelievers they will think we are insane? He said the same thing about Christian counselors that haven’t got a clue about the spiritual realm (called the unlearned, in the bible). Faithful could teach them a thing or two, not the other way around!

    • I don’t know what all the negativity is about doctors; I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for a doctor. I was hit head on by drunk driver at over 50mph many years ago, and believe me no prayers in the world was going to put my body back together again, physically I was a mess.
      Now that said, I welcomed prayers in God guiding the surgeon’s hands as he did what he had to do. In fact one of the ambulances EMT’s prayed with me on the way to the hospital. However, once at the hospital and the ambulance opened its doors I didn’t jump out and run like I’m Michael Jordan going in for a slam dunk…I mean I fully expected to that after that powerful prayer in the back of the ambulance…( or perhaps not enough faith?? lol ) But guess what, I needed more than those prayers; I need a tag team of God and the doctors.
      I believe God worked through those doctors to help me survive a horrific crash. Thank God for them…true I have seen some pill pushing quacks in my day, but for the most part they have a gift from God to do what they do every day , working in a trauma center and dealing with the sick and infirmed. They were all very professional and one of them was even a Hindu from India : 0 imagine that?? Looking back on it now I suppose I should have asked him if he was a Christian before he worked on me, but time was of the essence. (sarcasm off)
      After I recovered physically I suffered with depression from the accidents traumatic experience as well as the physical therapy I had to endure,, (those physical therapist have the patience of a saint), a Christian DOCTOR, helped me deal with my emotions and help me get on the right path both mentally and spiritually and through her hard work I was be able to put it all behind me and get on with my life.…God worked through this doctor to heal me.
      Bottom line, God can work through doctors as well as directly through to our healing. Why he sometimes chooses to go with the medical field for healing instead of instantly healing us is beyond me and is anyone guess, I suppose it’s because he is not a genie in a bottle…but besides that, I thank God for the men and woman of the medical profession that work long hours in sometimes less than adequate facilities to help the injured and suffering.
      But whatever, everyone has their own experiences in life.

    • Matt, I don’t disagree with you. Physicians are good and God bless each and every one of them, what would this world be without them. But I’ve never met one would could heal a broken heart. The Great Physician has reserved that job for Himself. And IMHO, a broken heart is what Faithful is suffering from. These things take time to heal. The death of a loved one is not accepted over night. He needs lots of love and support from all of us, as well as encouragement to advance in his ministry. Advance, not retreat. That’s what satan wants. If the world thinks these things he sees are not real, surely God’s people should know better.

    • TGBTG corrected me it was Stephen not Timothy sorry bout that one my mind is a mass of verses and my spirit fights to stay on top of it. I wonder if he really beheld The Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power? na I don’t wonder I know he did!!! Acts 7 v 55 and 56 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God God bless you all!

    • See something — say something.

      look around 7 seconds in the youtube…

      I’ve tried to indicate where things appear in the jpg here. Just sketching, no my forte. But the you need to compare with the original to see the shading. I was serious when I said it looked like a lion’s den to me. As in “your adversary is a roaring lion.”


      These appear in the opening frames of the youtube around the entrance.

      Michael describes the effect as like “they appear “before” where you’re looking.” To me it’s more like the opposite of looking down into water. More like the invisible “predator” camouflage on “predator vs. alien.” Or like cuttlefish camouflage.

      As for needing help… his heart needs to grieve but he’s on the hyper side of a manic-depressive cycle. That’s the hard part. As he’s told me.

      So prayer yes. Talking with folks yes. Doctors… when you have no money… in a low population area… not so easy. A good pastor would help.

      Grant please that Michael is seeing things most would just dismiss as tea leaves. This is different. Not at all like looking at most rock faces, clouds, etc.

      The thing is that he’s seeing these more intensely than I do.

      Then they talk about a carved serpent in the blocks. It might be some of the other heavily weathered areas were carved too. And it could be that what we see in the natural has a spiritual counterpart that’s still carved or charged.

      Which must remain just theories …without going to check. Like looking at rocks and such on mars and seeing stream beds of water? …or dust? etc. The establishment version of Cydonia. Or looking at the smallest split of a collision of nothing thrown against nothing at massively high energy at CERN to find their particles of god in through the eyes of mechanical turks.

      Or looking at shadows around suns in far distant space and assuming they’re particular types of planets. Or looking at a few fragments of mineralized bone and constructing a species out of them. All just theories — except someone can actually go to the location Michael keyed on and actually check. Not so for “so called science.”

    • It’s fine to disagree, however, I’ve been around long enough to know that even with a broken heart sometime it helps just to have someone there just to listen to you, that is why psychologist , psychiatrist, and professional counselors are becoming rich. It’s next to impossible to get an appointment with some of them. An appointment is months out if you can get in at all, they are getting more popular than plastic surgeons and dermatologist with their Botox treatments. So they must be helping someone. I would say even the broken hearted. At times, depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance; ONLY a medical professional can determine and diagnose this condition. They are cases when meds must be used, in these cases, only a board certified licensed doctor should determine this , not a witch doctor, a priest or even a pastor, they are not qualified to diagnose a medical condition. But we have lived different lives and have had different life experiences so of course we will see things differently. I believe in the supernatural to a degree but I also try and balance that with living in reality and not a fantasy world, for some Christians I know, this is difficult to separate and grasp, for them it’s one way or nothing, still believing God is a genie in a bottle ready to grant their every wish, they follow Dr Mike Murdock’s philosophy on God.

    • By the way, when my father had complete renal failure (kidney failure) it was God with the doctors that saved his life through modern medical technology called dialysis; we had the whole church pray for him, God found a way for him to live, although it wasn’t how we intended. His kidneys did not function, so a decision had to be made. As much as I wanted him to be totally healed it wasn’t in God’s plan but he found a way, through doctors, to help him survive. As I said, thank God for Doctors and modern medicine, however, he also suffers from Alzheimer’s as well as being blind and deaf, which medicine cannot help, at which point the prayers go from a complete healing to asking God to give him a few moments of clarity so he can recognize the love of his family around him and to bring him comfort during his last days. I don’t put God in a box and tell him this is the way you need to heal him or nothing else, God can use doctors or a hobo off the street if necessary, so to say that psychologist, and professional counselors can’t help the broken hearted, I respectfully disagree,, I believe in some cases they can help to a great degree, and believing they can’t is putting God in a box and tying his hands to a certain extent. Someone might miss a healing or blessing if this is the way God wants to heal but they are not open to the Lord healing in this way. It’s called thinking outside the box, the box we love to put God in.

  8. I’m still waiting on proof of intelligent life forms in Washington D.C. , why be concerned whether any exists on other planets ?

  9. Faithful,
    We must all lift you up in prayer right now for God to intervene. And you must get into his word today for spirtual nourishment. I myself am going to do the same. God bless you.

    • If any of you know how to reach out to him…please do so.

      Maybe it’s just or maybe I’m getting a tap on the shoulder to put that word out there. It’s been on me for a few hours.

    • I know nome has his phone number, did he put it out there on this blog along with his address? Does anyone remember?

    • its ok im not all used up yet… the person In the little bit I had posted above that I wished would go away was a pesterer of the human fashion. My wife helped his family and was in turn always lied to and taken advantage of and I choose not to go that route. He has still never called nor his wife..my son or I to offer condolences and we live less that 2oo yards away. He keeps trying to get back in through other friends and I have no time for that. What he offers I can do without which is more drama and I have more than enough of that to go around at this time. So theres a little cryptic deciphering atleast on that part. “That’s the most you’re ever gonna get out of me Wordman, ever,” Eddie and the Cruisers movie ya gotta love it. Anyways what I see is there and it is vamping up. What I saw before I cannot explain nor would I dare try as I don’t even know what it was. Theres so must we don’t know. Me and nome spoke the other night about the bible verse that scared us the most… mine was and still is this – John 16v12 “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.” GOD bless you and thanks for being there.!

    • Faithful. if you could sum up in one sentence the BEST way we could pray for you, would you please give that information? Also, do you have a nickname you go by or are you OK giving our your first name? I ask because I am connected to a huge group of prayer warriors.
      Respectfully in Christ,

  10. It’s amazing how despite the evil in man’s heart and the wicked hell bent way he desires to destroy life, God has other plans and has no problem using another one of his creations to save a new born life.

    Dog rescues newborn girl from Dumpster

    A dog named Pui is being credited for saving the life of a newborn girl, after the animal carried a plastic bag with the baby inside from a Dumpster back to its home in Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported.

    The male dog, a Thai Bangkaew, carried the white plastic bag by its mouth from a roadside trash site in tambon Sala Loi in Tha Rua district to his owner’s house and then barked loudly to get attention, according to the newspaper.

    The owner’s 12-year-old niece reportedly opened the bag and found the baby inside.

    The newborn, who doctors say was born prematurely, weighed only 4 pounds. She was transferred to a nearby hospital, where she is being cared for, according to the newspaper. Authorities are searching for her mother.

    Pui, meanwhile, was awarded a leather collar and a medal from the Tha Rua district Red Cross chapter for his heroic actions.


    That God has shone his glorious light on you and that you walk not in darkness

    today i had a discussion with someone at work about GMO’s in food and how bad it is, he did not agree and felt there should be more to ‘feed the world’ and that human genetic modification is not a bad thing and should be encouraged to ‘make us better’. This chap thinks he is educated and clever, he stated that he does not believe in God but rather evolution

    you cannot argue with these people because they have been blinded to the truth and choose to walk in darkness, they are comfortable in the ‘Matrix’ that satan has spun, they just don’t see the danger of the spider waiting to feast on them.

    But thank God, that if you seek the truth with your heart he will answer you and show you many truths and take the scales from your eyes.

    Praise God, thank you Jesus

    • Food security is a major concern of the entire country. There are so many items of food ingredients that contain all sorts of poison. People from China flock to Hong Kong to buy baby power and now even rice. If the Chinese buy them, don’t buy their products. The Chinese have no food handling codes, nor do they care.

      U.S. national security panel will vet Smithfield Foods (SFD) Inc.’s purchase by a Chinese buyer for its effects on the food supply


      The chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee has joined in the concerns on Capitol Hill about the proposed sale of Smithfield Farms to a Chinese company resulting in potential food-safety and national-security issues.

      The proposed sale of Smithfield, the country’s largest pork producer and processor, to Shuanghui International is valued at $7.1 billion and if completed would be among the largest Chinese acquisitions of a U.S. company.

      “The agencies responsible for approving this possible merger must take into account China and Shuanghui’s troubling track record on food safety and do everything in their power to ensure our national security and the health of our families is not jeopardized,” Sen. Stabenow, chairwoman Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, said earlier this week.

      The Michigan Democrat points out that Shuanghui International — China’s leading pork producer — admitted in 2010 that an illegal additive was put in its food products.

      She also cited thousands of dead hogs found earlier this year floating down the Huangpu River in Shanghai and argued China’s entire food system has recently been plagued by reports of contamination.

  12. Gnostic Influences Where no one Thought to Look

    Most Christians are not aware how influenced they are of gnosticism. Gnosticism crept into early Christianity during the first centuries, and then got its theologian in Augustine (who canonized it). In the gnostic thought, there are two separate realms, the physical universe, and the spiritual, non-dimensional realm outside that. The physical universe is bad, the spiritual realm is good. When the god of gnosticism is finished, he will do away with the physical universe, completely, and only the spiritual, non-dimensional realm will remain. Those who belong to this gnostic god will have their spirits moved to that realm, while their bodies will disintegrate with the rest of the physical universe.

    Does that sound familiar to anyone? If it does, you are influenced by gnostic thought. – In the Bible, there is nothing wrong with the physical universe that God created. Only after the fall, the physical world became corrupted, and started to decay. When God finishes his work, the physical universe will regain its uncorrupted state, and that which is spiritual will be united with the physical. Those who belong to our God will have their physical bodies glorified, and suited for heaven.

    The rest of the article can be read here:

    • Life; Augustine was no Gnostic theologian. He converted from Manicheism (another Dualistic sect) which he strongly opposed after his conversion and baptism to Christianity.

      One of the earliest Gnostic leaders was Saturninus who believed that Christ was the redeemer. But like other Gnostics believed that Christ was not a ‘material being’ but only appeared to be a man.
      Another early Gnostic leader in the days of Apostle John was Cerinthus. Then there was Marcion who insisted faith in Christ but rejected The ‘humanity’ of Jesus and the resurrection of the body.
      another Gnostic was valentinus AD140

      The Gnostic doctrine has it’s roots in the antichrist babylonian-Jewish kaballa of the ancient Rabbis.
      It was that antichrist doctrine that Apostle John brought to light in his letter 1John2.

      Irenaeus tell us that Apostle John had a personal encounter with Cerinthus at Ephesus.

    • As I wrote before, if all of this sounds familiar, it is because this is what the “greatest of all church fathers” brought with him into christianity from the manichaean cult he used to belong to before his conversion to christian faith. Before Augustine, all Christian writers had a physical view on angels and the heavenly world. Jesus rose physically, so the heavenly world must have physicality. The angels’ abode was “among the stars”, wrote Clement. “God and everything that is, has a shape”, said Tertullian. These early christians fought spiritually against those christians that had begun to be influenced by the greek culture and religion and made a hybrid of old platonism and similar thought, and christianity. Up until the time of Augustine, they managed to mostly hold back this gnostic influence, but with Augustine, things got confused, although they seemed to go against gnosticism. Augustine had been a manichaean, but were won for christianity. He soon became a prominent figure. While rightly revoking much of his former thoughts and beliefs, against the gnostics, no one really seems to have noticed, or cared about, that he also kept some of his manichaean beliefs and so to speak canonized them. Among those were his view that angels couldn’t have had sex with earthly women, as told in Gen. 6, because that didn’t resonate with his understanding. He clearly stated in one of his books, that he “just cant believe it”.

      For references, see the full article. (Linked above)

    • Life; I don’t know anything about Augustine’s reasoning. But I do know that Angels were not created to reproduce themselves. They do not have the ability nor were they created to pro-create as mankind do.
      The other thing to consider is wether fallen angels ( not in right standing with God can be called ‘sons’ of God)
      Why would such vile creatures honour the covenant of marriage Gen6:2
      The text also says that ‘Children’ were born to them Vs4
      These are all valid questions that may be Augustine did ponder greatly leading to his conclusion on Gen 6
      I know that Augustine never denied that ‘Christ came in the flesh’ which is the crux of Gnosticism.
      If he did not believe the Nephilim doctrine which many believe today. It does not mean he was no a christian.
      I think that there are many things that we do not fully understand and I believe that we do speculate a lot.

    • GetReal, what you are saying is just religious tradition. “Angels are not created to reproduce themselves”. Yes they are. They have reproduction ability. That is what the Scripture says. Therefore they were created, once, to reproduce as we do. Before they were made angels. An angel is not a species, it’s an appointment.
      The angels are called Sons of God, not because they are good angels, but because they were once glorified.
      Why wouldn’t they honor marriage? Why do unsaved people honor marriage? Fallen angels are not all bad. Not more than fallen humans.
      I think Augustine was a Christian, but that he did not do away with all of his past, and that trapped him in the end.
      There are many Christians I highly respect that don’t believe, or did believe, in the angel view. But I think in this age, it is absolutely necessary to believe in it, and I once said that in the next generation, all (awaken) Christians will believe in it. We are on our way there.

    • Life; I think you did not understand what I am saying:
      Angels are represented in scripture as Male only. Ex; Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer. There are no female angels as there are women among mankind. Their original creation was that they would minister to God and mankind.
      The fact that 1/3 of them fell from their state of Glory (the Luciferian rebellion) did not change their constitutional make up endowing them with sperm to fertilise earthly women.

      You may wish to study ‘Biblical demonology’ By Gil Pin

      You lost me with ‘awaken christians of the next generation’ Where are we going? I believe I am heading for Glory in the presence of His Majesty .

    • Getreal, I understand what you are saying and from where you are coming. I just don’t agree, and the reason for that is that I base what I belive and know not on human traditions, but on the Holy Scriptures.

      Angels are not represented in Scripture as males. There is a slight difference. They are represented as young men. As far as I know, no one has ever seen an angel with a beard. That, together with Genesis 6, tells me that angels may well be of both sexes, but that when in heaven, their male or female features have receded, like when humans are either very young, or old. It’s a biological process. In heaven, we don’t need reproduction, therefore we, and the angels, recede to a pre-puberty state. Then when an angel decides to descend to earth and leave heaven, his or her reproduction ability awakens again, and they can have children with humans or among themselves. This is also consistent with the greek mythology, of which Josephus says that it parallelled what Moses wrote in Genesis 6.

      You wrote that the origin creation of angels was that they would minister to God and humans. Exactly the same can be said of humans. There is no point in your argument.

      I don’t agree that one third of the angels have fallen from heaven, but that’s another chapter. But from what I wrote earlier, you will see that those who are now angels have always had reproduction ability.

      Usually when someone haven’t based their doctrine fully on Scripture, but on human tradition, they refer to and depend on some book written by a theologian. I study and base my doctrine on the 66 books in the Bible, and the Book of Enoch. That’s enough. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. And he’s not bound to human explanations.

      Regarding the next generation, I wrote in a forum, perhaps in 1999 or 2000, that in the next generation, every (awakened) Christian would believe as I do, in the Angelic view. Since then, the number who believes in the Angelic view has increased like an explosion, and from what I can see today, the increase is accelerating. So what I meant was that we are on our way to the fulfilment of that statement.

    • he needs a deadzone there are a few around especially near mines or in them. I have tons of useful tidbits like that but I just rely on the Lord and thankfully not working for the nsa has been one thing I was clever enough to never want to do. Some of those guys just go missing permanently. I see a lot of joking about the rapture lately not just on here but everywhere, but if you were to ask me when I thought it would be I would truthfully in all honesty say…Tonight. And then youd laugh tomorrow and ask me again and I would again say …TONIGHT. I feel we’re that close, though I have for quite a few months now what are months in the terms of GOD? I think and this is just my opinion that the enemy is about to make a move that only GOD with all his foresight can see and we are taken out of harms way before that might be accomplished. Remember he sees the end at the beginning and vice versa. What cannot GOD do? Makes me upset when a loved one dies because I just know he could bring them back but im selfish. I want her here even though she suffered id take those last sickly moments over our best times in our 20s. I hope you guys get to grow old with your loved one. I truly do and I mean that’s if the Lord doesn’t come for awhile. I hope you have the years my mother and father have had which is almost 40 years now together. I cant compare marriages because theyre all different but my other half is gone and each day I awake holding the last shirt she wore to the hospital and I wonder if this torment will ever end…

  13. I have never posted before. Today, I found out that a friend has stage IV pancreatic cancer. He also has cancer in his stomach, liver and lymph nodes. He has asked for prayer. I believe that the people who read this blog are big time prayer warriors. I am asking you all to pray for Dave H. Thanks in advance.


    Joel Rosenberg – The truth about islamic religion – Inside The Revolution.flv

    • It is interesting to note that when the Coptics were under the rule of the Roman Empire, they suffered ‘severe persecution and death’ for their steadfast faith and beliefs in Christ while refusing to worship Roman emperors.

  15. The Best UFO Footage Of 2013 (January and February) *********** ignore language on a couple **************

  16. Perhaps praying that the Lord will lead me where I need to be? I don’t know . The only time I am worth a darn is in the fight but that time will soon be away from me. I don’t know. If you saw what I saw you’d be begging me to pray for You.

    • It’s funny…

      On a blog where folks consider demons, ufo sightings, and such that so many discount what they don’t see.

      Matt points to bigfoot and doctors with the same credence. And discounts other things.

      Seeing may be more a matter of perceiving, more about processing than receptors.

      Jesus did the miracle of restoring sight to the blind man, who saw “men as trees walking,” and then Jesus tweaked his vision to what most consider normal.

      Elisha’s sorry side kick was shown spiritual reality… and an army of angels.

      I can go and on… but the point is that folks should say what they see or don’t see as best they can. As for what’s really there… most here should at least consider investigation. And take witness statements….

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