Sunday Go to Meeting Bun

BUN!Sunday Go to Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

John 14: 26  But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Christianity differs from any other religion on this planet because the believer is filled with the spirit of the living God.

The verse above gives us the mandate, told by Jesus, of what will happen to the believer when the Holy Spirit comes, He will teach us in all things.

When the Holy Spirit comes into a persons life it is life changing, as the Spirit of the Living God begins to instruct and teach us, all things.  In some ways it is a mystery, because as believers we’re not perfect and continue to say and do things that create problems with those around us.

However, after 10 or 20 years,  those who are perhaps closest to us and have been watching us, may begin to see changes that they can’t account for.   These changes in our personalities are brought about, in many instances, slowly and can take years to accomplish as old habits die a slow death, but these changes in us do occur!

Our anger which used to control us, turns to long-suffering.  Our striking out at those who have hurt us, instead forgives.  Our sarcasm becomes words of encouragement.  Our hatred turns to love.  Human beings can’t do this on our own.

I know a man who was addicted to Crystal Meth for years, and while in a jail cell, awaiting sentencing for a variety of crimes, gave his life to the Lord, who healed him instantly of his addiction.  When he went before the judge, the judge showed mercy and allowed this man to start a new life.  He’s not perfect, but the Spirit of the Living God has begun a “work” in his life and he’s a new creature, as old things, old habits, old addictions have passed away.  Miracle? You bet!

I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes before I became filled with the Spirit.  One of the first things that happened to me, 33 years ago, was He took them from me.  There was no withdrawal, He just took them away, as if to say, Son, you don’t need these any more as they will eventually kill you.

I also had one of the foulest mouths in the inverse and used the F-bomb pretty much every other word.  Guess what, He cleaned this up in me to.

So how does this work?  It is in some ways a mystery, as we can’t see The Holy Spirit, but for those of us who are born again, we know His voice.  We heed his checks and warnings, we have learned to be obedient to his admonitions, as He teaches us in all things.

So it comes down to this.  Do you know Him?  Is He working in your life today?  Have you been filled with the Spirit of the living God?  If not, all you need to do is ask in a sincere way and He will come to you and dwell within you.

This is the “miracle” of Christianity and our friends, family, and the world at large don’t understand it.

The Indwelling of the Spirit of the Living God is what turned the ancient world upside down, and it’s what began a work in me 33 years ago.  Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit!

All we need to do is ask Him, and He will come.  Just ask and receive.

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  1. One of the best buns ever! The tendency to think we must study and memorize can become repetitious prayer that He warned us against. I know that I have fallen into this bad and prideful habit myself to the point that I was stressed about all I had to remember… prayer was a test and I would fail if I forgot anyone on my list and felt like I should have memorized the entire Bible by now and He almost seemed like a stern teacher waiting to whack my knuckles if I forgot anything. Times are just so crucial and I was not even aware that I was trying to be perfect in prayer rather than being perfected by Him and that is indeed a process!
    But, I think I commented here on the blog recently about being still and listening to Him…….ahhhhh, sweet relief! Prayer is a joy again instead of a job and scripture is bread instead of a pill to swallow. He has reminded me (with some help from a bun or two 🙂 ) that He has heard my prayers and as long as I stay humble and at His feet I am in the safe place. He knows my prayers and instead of making them a mantra, I can just think of the person or situation and I hear Him in my spirit saying, “Yep, I am still on it and I brought it to your remembrance to reassure.”
    I guess what I am trying to say is that I had to learn that we not only turn our heart over to Him…..we must turn over our mind and let Him be the “Doer”

    • I understand and sympathize with some people most times that prayer seems like a chore and a job and living the christian life is difficult for many. With some of the preaching and teaching that goes on behind the pulpits, it makes it seem that way and presents God as a task-master. Takes all the enthusiasm out of it for sure.

    • The Sunday Bun eh? I suppose this would be a bad time to talk about beasts rising up out of the sea and horns jabbing everybody in the Tribulation and flying serpents tormenting everyone wouldn’t it? KRAP! Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

    • It was all my own fault, Corey. It was the way I let myself try to assume the “in charge” position…..maybe because I am self employed and had many years as a department head? 🙂
      I know that God knew my intentions were good and probably was chuckling at me much the way I used to chuckle when one of my 4 little boys would try to play parent/problem solver for his unruly brothers. Finally, he would end up crying to me, “Mom, I can’t get them to stop putting toads in the sand buckets (that is a story for another time!!! 🙂 )
      I would hug him and say, “I know, honey and I always dump the toad buckets when you guys come in for your baths so the toads on the bottom won’t get smothered.”
      My comment was to say that Daddy/God just dumped my toad bucket

    • That’s funny. I used to eat frogs legs as a side dish for supper. We lived near a lake in Maine and I would take a stick and go frog hunting. Not toads, but green frogs. Tastes like chicken. Just like a gangster movie, I and my brother would make sure that these frogs got “whacked” and we would cut the legs off and fry them.

      What that has to do with what you are saying is beyond me. You mentioned the frogs and I guess it made me hanker for some frogs legs. They’re especially good with spices and some special sauce (an old family recipe). I don’t think I’ll ever try to microwave them though. I think they taste better fully fried in the frying pan and not reheated… so never kill more than you are gonna eat o.k.? If you marinade them, it really brings out the flavor in the thickest part of the thigh. You may want to chop off the toes though as it may cause you to lose your appetite.

    • okay….here is the toad story:
      When my sons were little, between 2 and 8 years old, we bought a house with a great fenced in yard and a great concrete slab patio/porch attached to the house. This became a very handy outdoor playroom and was even big enough to put a sand box out of reach for neighborhood cats (if you know what I mean 🙂 )but little boys with toys soon had several spots where toys had pushed the screening away from the base board,
      There was also a huge weeping willow that made a shady and often moist environment that gave the previous owner a problem with mosquitoes so he cleverly had released a bunch of tiny toads which controlled the bugs and had some effect (can’t remember) on making a great lush lawn. We bought the place many toad generations later and the toads for some reason were attracted to that concrete slab and to the delight of my little snips and snails boys, there were always dozens of them in the play room each morning.
      The kids would get sand buckets and collect toads… was their favorite game but on the first day, nobody thought about what would happen to the “pets” on the bottom of the bucket as the other toads at the top thrust down on them to jump out of the bucket during the night. That 8 year old had been the one to discover the carnage and he was horrified. His goal in life was to be the “savior” of the toads.
      the moral of the story is that the immature kids will always want to play with toads but that was beyond his control, So I (not wanting to have to deal with dead toads every day), began to go dump the toad buckets in the back yard when the kids went to bed. After the final tearful nervous breakdown by the protector of the toads, we made it a kid chore. The neighborhood could hear me call from the house, “Bath time….be sure to dump the toad buckets.”
      Toad protector’s prayers were answered and many toads were saved but it took the wise parent to make it happen……not toad protector’s efforts on his own.

  2. Amen, brother! Amen.

    There’s a note on my door this morning from a new house church in the neighborhood. I like the name: “Transformed Lives.” The pastor gives part of his testimony, He says, “After graduating…., I married my sweet heart and moved to Dallas and had my first child and found a new love Crystal meth.” [That battle took 27 years.] By way of Victory Outreach, he then talks about asking Jesus, “…forgive my sins, come into my heart, and change me,” (in 1994). Followed by set backs and relapse…. He wrote:

    “I loved God, but I didn’t understand the importance of renewing my mind. 2 years ago The Holy Spirit gave me the key to staying free. ‘And do not be conformed to this world, but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect, (Romans 12:2). Since then God has restored my life with my wife and children. He has placed a passion in our hearts to minister to broken families caused by drugs, and bondages caused by sin….”

    We talk back and forth here on the blog about demons, nephilim, and rebel angels in their more obvious manifestations, like aliens, apparitions, and ufo’s. These fallen dark spirits have rebelled against Almighty God and His chosen vessel Jesus Christ. By that I mean that God engages us in the natural through a human form — sharing with us all it is to be human, including the limits of space and time. Yet Christ transcends, because there’s another side to who and what we are — as He made us. His death, sacrificing his body of the cross, released His Spirit, the Holy Ghost, which He shares with us — who will ask. And though he resurrected and ascended in clouds into the heavens, to the very throne of Heaven — He sent the Holy Ghost back to us to indwell us and to be born again in Him.

    Our spirits can be joined to the rebels, and our personality shattered, taken over by the demons, controlled, manipulated… bringing about all the wickedness, abominations, and horrors we see around us daily. Or we can ask to receive the Spirit of God, to be joined to Him, and become an extension of Him. Christ (in the Gospel of John) said that He is the Vine and we are the branches, and that we can become One together with Him as He is One with The Father. That describes spiritual reality. And for those who receive His Spirit — joined together heart to heart spiritually — we become His body and His bride. His seal is written on us. We are the His spiritual kingdom — no longer controlled by the rebels. We are His net cast into the world. We are become His treasure, jewels, and crown!!!

    And even though His kingdom is openly and outwardly extended into the world for a 1000 years during the millennium — His Kingdom will always remain spiritual, direct, and so close inwardly — that heaven is in our hearts — unshakeable forever. And His Spirit extends out from us to become armor, and love, and the fruits that delight Him so, and attract others and the greater glories of His creation.

    I can share these things through understanding. But the Holy Ghost teaches us, coaches us, practices us, and proves them. Have you asked for the Holy Spirit since you were saved? The book of Acts covers this in detail. Make no mistake, the more you ask of Him, the more you’ll receive. To whom much has been given, much will be required.

    We can do nothing without Christ, but with Him we do even greater and greater works — of love! Just ask… like LA said — sincerely.

    • I was gonna make the comment today (before I actually new what the Bun would be about-before I actually turned my computer on) that we as Christians cannot live the christian life without the power of the Holy Spirit working actively in our lives. So often, we try to do it under our own power and it fails every time. Jesus said… Apart from me, you can do nothing. I then saw that L.A. wrote the basic same thing when he wrote “Human beings cannot do this on our own”. We as christians need to remember that because if we forget that, then we are doomed to failure. Period. Thanks for the reminder L.A.

  3. Amen to today’s Bun. Thank you for that testimony. 🙂 We definitely have some personal testimonies in our family that “jive” with what’s being said here that’s for sure.

    Our God is an awesome God full of grace and mercy! 🙂

  4. Tom Horn and Raiders News Update are on some kind of roll today. If you aren’t on their mailing list or at least check them out on a regular basis, start doing so. 😉

    My jaw is dropping with how many clear and obvious “imminent prophetic event” items they’ve called out today from credible outlets and sources.

    The Lord is coming soon! REAL soon!

    • I make it a point to go over there every day. I usually open up a window right next to Marzulli’s. Think I’ll go there now. I read the new article there yesterday concerning the Vatican’s reaction to Tom’s and Chris’s book Exo-Vaticana. Needless to say, they think they (Putnam and Horn) are being narrow minded as to there explanation of what these “space brothers” are.

    • You reading that series about the new book of his Zenith 2016? I’ve read parts 1-8 and I’ve noticed he just posted part 9 up there. What a piece of work this book. Such a beast. Between him and Marzulli, they make a good tag team.

    • Yup. That book is going to be off the chains when it hits in August. Assuming something else doesn’t happen before then. 😉

    • I mean… not by then but one month later at the Feast of Trumpets in Semptember. He may not enjoy too many sales figures… but for a very good reason.

  5. I grew up so battered and insecure that I walked with my head down all the time. I was so shy I would hide under beds so I wouldn’t have to speak to strangers. At home I answered to the name of “Stupid” I was terrified of my parents and all of my life, I just wanted to be good but didn’t know how. There was a boy in my French class who I noticed was always happy all the time. I felt comfortable around him which was rare, but there was something about him. He wasn’t judging me. I found out later he was saved. When I went to his home church and saw him there, I was shocked. I said, You’re saved! Why didn’t you tell me? He got all red faced and said it wasn’t the time.

    The day I was saved I was all alone with the Holy Spirit and words on a Catholic Flyer. By the time I got to the bottom of the page I was saved. The words on that page convicted me of my sin and scared the crap out of me, but the words at the bottom of the page told me that God loved me and would forgive all those things I had done. That’s why I’m so against preaching sin and judgment without making it very clear each and every time, that God loves them despite their sins and will save them. We have to be careful the way we handle the word of truth. If there wasn’t those words at the bottom of the page explaining God loved me and would forgive me, I might still be wandering around with my sins still in me. A lot of us have sinned ignorantly because we were raised that way, and right from wrong was according to what our parents deemed right and wrong not according to truth. So to condemn sinners across the board isn’t seeing things the way God does. There is willful sin and ignorant sin. The Apostle Paul found grace because he sinned ignorantly. To assume sinners are sinners because they like their sin and want to be that way is not always the case. So to keep telling them how evil they are without being very careful to at the same time show them the way out, each and every time, is damaging, (IMHO).

    I still remember in the early days going out some where and saw my reflection in the store window and thought my dress was so skimpy. This was something I wore all the time and never thought anything about. We were poor so I just threw it on every day. Well that was one of the first things that had to go. I wasn’t alone anymore. There was someOne else living inside of me now and He was in charge. He would teach me those things I had been searching for my whole life. He would teach me how to be good. Now I love knowing God’s word and learning God’s ways. I love everything about Him and pleasing Him first. A big weight has been lifted off of me because I don’t have to worry about my family judging me any more or pleasing people that can never be pleased. As long as I know God is happy with me, that’s all that matters. Life isn’t perfect now, but it IS good. All the praise and glory goes to God for the transformation He’s accomplished in my life. It’s been Huge! He know it and I know it. The results of His hard work in me have been amazing. He’s a really wise and powerful God and can transform anyone, no matter what their background is, into the image of Christ. We just have to be willing. I love Him SO much, I know we all do. There is nobody that can compare to our Heavenly Father, His Wonderful Son Jesus, and the Precious Holy Ghost. I will be grateful forever for what the Lord has done for me and for the privilege of being counted as one of His children. Hallowed be thy Name Righteous Father, I love you very much.

    • TGBTG, your story is so much like mine. thats the way i felt when i was little. and still do sometimes..i dont answer to the word stupid. (heads would roll) but i have been told by relatives and an abuser i lived with, that i was ‘nothing’ and that i came from ‘nothing’ and would amount to ‘nothing’…i still struggle with that now. God Bless You, your a wonderful lady. 🙂

    • TGBTG! I just love you! So sorry that you had to suffer that way. Isn’t it wonderful that you were saved directly by the Lord! If you had been so emotionally abused and been led to the Lord by any human, you most likely would have had what psychologists call transference and loved the person who led you to Christ more than you love Him.Not meaning to but still likely.
      How great is that!!!!! No middle man for you, you were visited directly by the Boss!

    • @Elaine, i suffered to, you have anything to say to me? i was saved directly by The Lord also. divine intervention.

    • Marlene Pye! That is awesome. You folks that had to go through sad childhoods are such a great testament to the wonders that God can do!

    • thankyou elaine, i know im not that familiar on here like tgbtg, thats allright tho..i dont always say the right things the right way, but i love Jesus and all hes done for me. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words Marlene, and Elaine, you got a point there. That may have easily happened. I was very impressionable and naïve at the time. When I think back I’m amazed by what God did. I can see that the angels were very active in guiding me the right way. I was saved for a while before I even knew what being saved was! I had a strong appetite for the Bible and just kept reading. One day I saw a car that had a bible verse written on a contraption on top of the car. So I immediately followed that car! I followed him to the library and found out he was a Bible student and worked downstairs, part time. I had SO many questions. I never wanted to leave. But after a few days of hanging around with him and his friend, he informed me that I was a beautiful girl and this doesn’t look good and he would prefer from now on I come to his home with his wife and they would have a bible study just for me and my husband, if he wanted to come along too. I remember how devastated I was at the time because I had to wait every week for bible study and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just visit them at work every day. Its funny to look back, and now I know he was right, but at the time I was totally devastated. This godly couple guided me the right way and bought me books and taught me to memorize scripture. I’ll be forever grateful to Hilda and Andy for the time they took with me. By now he’s probably a fine minister. Andy showed integrity at a young age and could have easily taken advantage of a naïve young girl who didn’t have a clue. Its amazing to think back and see how God led me step by step, I haven’t thought about these things for years. But God was guiding me the whole time and made sure from the beginning that I was in good hands, even when I hardly knew Him. That’s why we shouldn’t ever worry, really, He knows every hair on our heads and has everything all under control.

    • the old has passed as the trials you’ve gone through are the old you…you stand before us a new you and before him far more beautiful and cherished than any earthly eye may see. You are here after all and here for a reason and to me that means the world. You are loved.

  6. LA What a fantastic bit of Sunday bun, or crumpet, as the Brits would say! I am just getting ready to do a study on the Holy Spirit for our 5 lads and friends, so this study you did was very timely and a blessing. Greetings from Costa Rica!

  7. Sitting here reading this bun……tears running down my face. This bun was timely for me. I’m not afraid to say that I have been struggling. Not being obedient. Knowing that the Lord has been speaking to me…..calling me to Him. Correcting me along the way. I truly do love Him. A love that no earthly thing can replace. Thank the Lord for today’s bun!!

    • Darling Kirsten, your name is one that goes through my mind when God says, “Yep, I am still on it.”

    • Elaine God sure is tenderhearted. I surely don’t deserve His love. His unending love cannot be explained in words. Brings joy to my heart to know He’s still on it 🙂 Thank you Eric W.!! Things are getting there. I have been struggling. But I felt the Lord told me this morning “Let’s keep going. We can do this together. I’m here.” To know He’s here with me, guiding me…..brings me peace. LA Hello! Indeed Praise the Lord!!

    • me and nome were speaking about how hard some of our testing here can be and I had said “but we are not tested beyond what we can bear, but the Lord surely pushes the envelope” but you remind me that goes both ways. We are also loved even more than we are tested. Hold fast dear sister he comes and he comes soon.

  8. Jeremiah 31–the new covenant–is in effect today. If you read it, you’ll realize we’re smothering the Spirit with the noise we surround ourselves with. (The scripture says we won’t even need to be taught because we will know the Spirit’s voice.) We Gentiles were given the FIRST taste of the new covenant but have been pretty horrible representatives, which is probably why the Jews haven’t been made jealous. Why would they want the division, the confusion, the jealousies that we Gentiles are so good at manifesting?

    Anyway, John B. Wells hosted C2C last night and did his usual middlin’ job. I noticed he called himself “Johnny Wells” once, as if to try and back down the high horse he puts himself on. I wish they could promote George Knapp to the all-weekend shift.

    • I listened to that show. His guest sure can talk… the one that was on after Alex Jones. I’m kinda tired of the secular view of the UFO talk already though. That’s pretty much all ya get from him. The other night, George had on a Catholic priest or something, and one of the first things he said to George was that demons are the spirits of dead people who came out of hell or something to that effect. I turned it off as I was uninterested.

  9. The Holy Spirit has also promised to show us things to come yet today scholars willingly follow fables believing Psalm 83 to be an actual conflict rather than a prayer for divine intervention. These have also been led to believe that it is Israel that will bring Damascus to a ruinous heap while Isaiah 17:7,8 makes it clear that this will be done by the hand of God. Does anyone really believe that Russia would sit idly by while Israel deploys a tactical nuclear weapon on Syrian territory? “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth”-Psalm 83:18. Will a fictitious IDF victory over all their enemies sharing their common border invented by Bill Salus bring glory to God, or is the prayer of Psalm 83 to be answered in the context of Ezekiel 38/39 as the Lord God presently gathers many to the borders of Israel?

    • Well… either way. I big, tall cold can of WH** *** is gonna be opened up in the Middle East and someone is gonna go home cryin to MAMA.

    • Rodney; praise the Lord for sharing your understanding of Psalms 83. I also believe that it is a prayer and that it has nothing to do with a coming war. Amen

  10. Your experience with the Spirit is very similar to mine; in fact I would say it is the same. I too, was a heavy smoker and tried several times to quit. I couldn’t do it. But yet one Saturday evening while I was getting ready for Sunday Service, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said,”you don’t need cigarettes” you need Me. I threw away all my cigarettes and have not smoked since. No withdrawal, no nothing. That was 18 years ago. Praise God!!! He is Glorious and Great!!

    • I have never smoked cigarettes but I have heard that it’s similar in its addictions to heroine and just has difficult to stop the habit. I have a friend that tried to quit smoking, he use the gum; he tried the patch etc, never made it…. UNTIL, he went to the doctor and the x-ray showed a spot on his lung, his quit cold turkey after that, it’s amazing what a little motivation can do. That’s not to say he still didn’t struggle, he tells me there are triggers, such as after eating, when in a group of other smokers. One side effect to quitting is he has gained a lot weight which now the doctor tells him he has high cholesterol. What a side effect, you quit smoking a gain 50 pounds and a candidate for a stroke, glad I never started, sounds horrible.Im glad you got set free from that,,its a nasty habit.

  11. “’

    Netanyahu alludes to military action on Syria border

    ‘Crumbling’ UN force underscores need for Israel to see to its own security, says PM, who also asserts commitment to two states

    • At this point any action by Israel into Syrian territory would enlist not only a Syrian Government response, it would also bring about a Hezbollah response. The possibility of Russian intervention is also plausible to protect their strategic interests as the U.S. has chosen to do in Jordan. I believe the statement from PM Netanyahu is manufactured for domestic consumption only.

  12. Yesterday my parents took my son out to bluefield, wva to the various malls and then to the walmart there. 50 feet to left of the western entrance I was awoken and I sit amazed and rebuffed and many other emotions run through me. Some due to my own current dilemma and some due to what happened.
    There sat a man with what looked to be cerebral palsy (both his hands were crooked up and his head shook a bit and drool ran in a continuous flow down both sides of his mouth), he had a little table with pencils yet they had been knocked over and askew on the pavement in a clear plastic container perhaps 50 of them. He had a sign made of wood and paper stuck somehow to his wheelchair. It read “Pencils for 1 dollar. Please help me. God Bless you. I walk up not wanting to offend him and grabbed a blue one for my son and put a dollar in his cash bucket (it might have held 18bucks. I saw a ten and some ones.) He then asks me THIS….

    PLEASE (now this is in a hard to hear slobber filled voice..sounds harsh but I cant think of a more gentler word to describe it) hand my drink. I look back and about 5 feet behind him is a pizza hut drink about full of some cola. I walk it back to him and he points again. There is this drink he had brought from home of a large plastic kind and its laying on its side even farther back. THIS IS GOING ON while others walk nonchalantly by us as if we were cattle. You see he managed to tell me that some kids had either pushed him forward while others had tried to take his things when he held on they grabbed his drinks and moved them to where he couldn’t get them! O brother…righteous something welled up in me. Now I have little as you know and that is due to the love ive receieved here but I put that pencil back and told him here is two more dollars my brother. I was helped once when I had nothing and Glory to God you just got a little help too.
    “God bless you brother,” he manages to say as I shake his trembling hand. I walk to my family who were a few stores down and told them to help him but of course they had no cash. Im not saying they did or didn’t but that encounter has messed me up. I hope that was an angel I truly do and he had the ability to bestow blessings or curses upon those that so easily trode upon him or walked on by as others did the same. GOD bless you guys im back home..time to pace and grieve again they have me a grief councilor starting Wednesday but where im bipolar they don’t know if itll work . Pray for me and ill do the say same for you guys!

    • sorry messed that up a bit..the problem is they have councilors yet none specializing in grief and there are apparently none short of full on psychologists and psychiatrists that can really help me..i have a problem and I cant fix it but I know A MAN WHO CAN!

  13. Great bun, L.A. It almost sounds like my story. Now a word about the new book, ” On The Trail of the Nephilim” – it is awesome! The photos are fantastic. I will be having a Watchers 6 party soon.

    • It really is.

      I’ve got the book out on the front table and it’s going to stay there for a while. 🙂 Watchers 6 and that book are a double barreled shotgun that blow the lid clean off this entire thing and into the stratosphere. Ciao ciao bambino!

      Hope this finds you and yours doing well, Gina. 🙂

    • I will be showing Watchers 6 next weekend. Will probably show Watchers 5 again. There are about 12 of us who are like-minded. Not very many in number, but strong in the Lord. L.A. is right. Each Watchers somehow gets better and better. I don’t know how because they are all so good. BTW Corey: I’ve never had frog legs but I heard they taste like chicken. Eric: I am doing ok. Am facing knee replacement surgery. Am no stranger to going under the knife. The outward man is indeed perishing but the inward man is renewed day by day. I long for His coming. We know that as we see this darkness encroaching upon us, that His coming is even at the door. Look up, for our redemption draws nigh!

  14. I too stopped smoking without withdrawal, and instantly, about the same time you did, L.A. This surely is a gift of the Holy Spirit, contrasted to the bitter struggles others go through with this.

    I am still inside my house unable to go out in the smoke, and bored and lonely, but I keep remembering that Holy Spirit is here too. So I get up and try to do a few useful things around the house. I thank God I HAVE a house.

  15. Faithfulelect, my husband died 4 l/2 years ago and I am still grieving and I know it will never pass.
    I had no counselor, either, when it happened. There was NOTHING for me in this small town. Eventually I found a psychologist who was covered by Medicare (most don’t accept) but she was a pagan who believed the solution to my problem was to believe in reincarnation. The rector at church truly felt for me, and just talking to him helped, and I hope you “just talk” to clergy, if you can find good ones, in addition to us on this site. Not all churches are apostate; not all clergy are apostate, but you have to be able to accept help from those with whom you don’t entirely agree!
    Perfect agreement will never be a part of human experience, even when we have the perfect Scriptures. Prayers for you, fellow in grief.

    • thanks sister I was once warned by a psychologist not to mention Jesus Christ or that I believed I was saved by him to the psychiatrist in charge of that area because in her words “You will never get out of here”. I kept my mouth shut and in 5 days I went home. Who err’d there I wonder? Did sanity prevail or cowardice?

    • My sweet husband of 38 1/2 yrs went to be with the Lord 3 yrs ago this July 19th. I miss him but do not grieve as I know I will see him again in a “few minutes”. The Lord revealed to me early on that He is my husband so I built upon that Rock instead. We had a wonderful marriage (with the usual “iron sharpening iron” issues which benefitted us both) and have two awesome sons who are now married with very happy wives and children. I shared with them in their youth (and their wives since then) that Yeshua is their true Spouse and that families are designed to bring more souls into the Kingdom. I have never grieved over the death of a Christian – even my own father who died when I was l2 or my mother who passed in 2000. I understand that my Lord will never leave me nor forsake me and I have great peace and rest in that fact. I pray that you can realize that truth and be healed of grieving. I take comfort, too, in seeing the beautiful legacy my husband left in our sons. He loved them so much and was a wonderful father. We do miss him and speak of him often but we don’t grieve.

    • Keeping you all in prayer.

      My mother will have been a widow for ten years this coming August so I’ve seen up close what that can be like. Thankfully she knows that she will see my father again but we still miss them on this side.


  16. I wanted to share this with you guys because we had a full on manifestation come out at us witnessed by 4 people. take a close look but pray up before watching….ahh what if those nasty nephilim did exist? what if some of the watchers are actually bound in the very earth we walk upon.

    • probably shouldn’t have posted this for those that can see its horrifying but I am warning and that is all I know how to do. I warn. Warn em guys warn em all!

    • Faithfulelect; Have you considered the possibility that these ‘megalithic structures’ such as pyramids and temples for example were constructed by Men of the magical art practitioners of levitation, a form of sorcery practiced by ancient clerics in the Days of old. see: ‘Giza The Truth, Ian Lawton and Chris Ogilvie-Herald, 1999’.

    • Faithful, I think I know what you are seeing but I am not “horrified”…..I also know that the preconceived notions and feelings that we have will influence what we see. That is a dark and foreboding place so it is easy to see those faces and shudder.
      I was a psych major with an art minor and did have a 4. grade average way back in the dark ages 🙂 so I think some of what you are wrestling with is colored by your grief and worries. Yes there are messages and images and I think Jonathan Kleck has had some amazing discoveries but always remember that God created all and when the burden of these sights gets too great, relax and remember to also look for all good things that come to them who love Him!
      Like I said, I am an artist and have always seen as you do when others may not… I understand, but please, dear heart, look at some clouds and flowers as well? Right now you are fragile so don’t go seeking the dark and foreboding places. Love and hugs, dear friend!

    • you guys need to STOP looking and focusing on demons, and focus on how big Our God is. I mean, everything is a demon behind every bush. its nuts.


      In his book “The Bridge to Infinity”, Bruce Cathie recounts an amazing story that he says originated in a German magazine. It tells the story of astonishing feats of levitation accomplished by priests in a monastery high in the Tibetan Himalayas. Here, in English translation, are excepts from that German article:

    • My comment was directed to Faithfulelect.
      I am suggesting that the source of construction for megalithic structures does not necessarily involve ‘Nephilim’. But the evidence shows that it was by the magical art of levitation by priests (sorcerers) that was instrumental in shifting and locating these large stones.

    • A few mostly rhetorical questions…

      Why subliminal messages, memes, mind control… ?
      Why the description, “was, is not, yet is?”
      Why does the enemy use idols?
      Why have sacred sites?
      Why shadows?

      What I see at 7 seconds in a the Peru youtube is a den of lions.

      Here’s some inspired art…

      When you at the pictures closely what do you see?
      ( try using: control + to zoom in and control – to zoom out )



    • I take your warnings to heart dear friends but remember some of us are here for different just as attacked in my mothers home why? I don’t know if its because I CAN see them or if its because im warning others and showing them ways to warn others themselves. Its not pleasant but they Are COMING. Don’t be here for that. When you see the faces in the rocks and sometimes pause long enough things tend to come out after awhile and ill leave it at that. Sometimes there are black figures that just appear when you pause it at certain frames and that’s where there should be no shadow at all. I don’t like this because I think they were trying to bring something back from a time before when GOD wiped the earth clean of them…yet here we are digging and unearthing the sharp rocks placed upon them “azeazal perhaps” ?

  17. A klutz?? Ummm, highly doubtful. I just can’t go with that theory.

    I will share a story of a sighting by a family from Arkansas. I spoke with this witness by phone. I have her permission to share her story here. She is a 5th grade teacher and her husband is a truck driver and they live in a rural community. During our conversation she appeared to be very sincere in her demeanor and her account was accurate to the written report she posted. Some additional observations were; she observed the arms were massive in size which did swing forward and back but not to any great degree and a slightly pointed, cone shape to the head. The most impressive part of the sighting to the witness was it crossed the road in only two or three steps and did it on two legs. The hair on it was a black or dark brown and covered the entire body. The witness was very sure on this point. She said it was black, possibly dark brown. I am familiar with this area and just south of the highway about1/4 mile is a small lake. A stream crosses the highway at this same location this is just a few miles west of another small town where there has been a lot of recent activity.

    (I spoke to her husband briefly as he was a little less open about the experience, but he did share with me ““the sight of this thing challenged anything I know — it wasn’t something a person can imagine”)

    Family members seeing big hairy thing in Boone County Arkansas.

    Boone County, Arkansas October 2012

    I have never thought of telling the experiences my husband and I had.
    I will admit that before our experience my husband, my mother, 2 teen children and I were not believers. You ask us today if we believe we will tell you YES!
    In October of 2012 my husband along with our whole family were traveling on what we call a back road coming from our house into our small town. He was pulling an old jet ski up an incline on this dirt road when we came to a curve. As we slowed down to go into this curve this big creature started to walk out of the edge of the woods like it was going to cross the road in front of us. As we slowly drove by it seemed we startled the creature as much as it startled us. The creature stood up, turned towards us and ran across the road to the other side of the woods. It did not crawl or walk, it ran like lighting across the road… we couldn’t believe how something that massive could move so fast, it literally crossed a 2 lane road in 3 strides. We all estimated it too be well over 9 feet tall, with massive legs and arms with somewhat of a cone shaped head. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. As it got to the other side of the road, it came to a fence which bordered the woods area behind it; I guess the fence to be about 4 1/2 feet high. This thing cleared it by 3 feet. When it landed on the other side of the fence it was facing us and stared as we went by. I describe it has having long brown or black hair all over its body, having long arms and standing like a human stands. The experienced scared my husband so badly that we are not allowed to slow down anywhere around that area when driving into town. It took along time for us to tell people what we saw but once we started talking about it we heard of other people who have seen something big and hairy around the same area.
    I’m not sure if this helps or if this even interests you but I wanted to pass my story along to someone who I think will not call us crazy and laugh at us. We never got out of our cars to see if there were any tracks. It was a shock just seeing what we saw.
    Thank you for listening,
    Paula E. Boone County Arkansas

    • atleast you don’t doubt that others see them matt and perhaps that is enough. Theyre definitely out there and in many shapes and forms. they don’t have your best interests at heart as you well know. We all further GOD’s kingdom in many ways. I warn , others teach, others preach or give to the needy . I see it as a battle ground that has many fronts…a Cosmic Chess Match if you will.

    • No I don’t doubt their existence, its one of the few things I don’t doubt.

      You kind of lost me there on the “They’re definitely out there and in many shapes and forms”
      I don’t know what you are referring to; do you mean demons, devils?? If so then you definitely lost me. Not sure we are on the same page there, at least in our beliefs.

    • By the way, like I said earlier in another post, I really enjoy your writings, they are so detailed and cryptic, is like reading a good Frank Herbert novel.


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  19. I awoke at 4am and went to the Lord fervently in prayer asking for direction and in ways I might help to further His Glory. You know what I saw? I saw this very very small golden starry like glitter blink and disappear. This was no orb and I was in a verbal spirit filled place to where no enemy could withstand. Was it the way an angelic spirit travels around? I know not. I do know ive only seen it twice. Once it was dazzling and dripping gold and that time I was singing HIS praises and had asked the Lord to show me how angels move about. It was quite a sight. I always see the enemy and feel different on sightings of orbs and shadows these 2 were different I felt “as if I were being protected”. GOD bless you !

    • I am so glad the comments are still open! Faithful, wanted to tell you a story that happened to me!
      One day I was standing outside my store watching people and a huge white fluffy cloud floated over the city. It was a hand with fingers and thumb in a position of benediction. It seemed to be an amazingly real and detailed symbol of protection and blessing. I pointed it out to a couple folks but they just glanced and said, “Umm hmm” and walked on about their business. I felt blessed and they all just kept feeling busy.

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