Hearing On UFO Disclosure

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L. A. Marzulli

Gary Heseltine Testifies about UFO Incidents – Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

As large as three football fields….

The following YOUTUBE clip is from the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, which happened a few weeks ago.  The event took place in Washington DC and was attended by Ex military personal, congressmen and women, law enforcement, scientist, former astronauts, government officials, and researchers.  Dr. Roger Leir, who has been in all of the Watchers films was present as well.

The UFO conversation is being dominated by those who hold to the opinion  that the phenomena is truly extraterrestrial in origin.  In other words what is manifesting are beings and entities from lets say, Zeta Reticuli or the Pleiades star system.   However, there is another explanation that is not being considered and it is the interdimensional hypothesis, which states that these beings are not aliens from other worlds but are powerful entities who, in the words of Jacque Valle, are messengers of deception.

head-in-the-sandMost of the church is ignorant of what transpired in Washington a few weeks ago, and won’t address the phenomena at all.  This is unfortunate and in my opinion shows a lack of discernment as well as living with a head-in-the-sand mentality.

There is a cat and mouse game that continues with UFO sightings.  They are witnessed, photographed, filmed and seen  by thousands of people and the numbers are growing.  Yet, for some reason most Christians won’t address the phenomena.   We are the folks who believe in the virgin birth, two gold coins appearing in fishes mouths, talking donkey’s, floating ax heads, staffs which turn into serpents, men who walk on water, rocks that gush water, water turned into wine and finally a dead man rising from a  tomb three days after he died!  With that in mind why is it that the church can’t seem to cope with the UFO phenomena?  We should be at the vanguard not the rear.

UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away and as I have stated before, I believe this is the coming great deception that 2nd Thessalonians speaks of.  There will be an apostasy, (The Greek word is Apostasia, which means apostasy) an event which causes men and women to depart — not the rapture from what they once believed in.

Look at the picture above.  What will you do if you walk out of your house and see that?  How will you react?  Will you rebuke first and ask questions later, or will you be overwhelmed by what you are seeing.   Will you believe the lie that will be told, that these beings created us, genetically manipulated us, started our civilizations and religions and now, at this critical juncture in history, they have returned to usher us into a time of peace, prosperity, and knowledge.

It’s coming folks and those who were gathered in Washington several weeks ago are well aware that disclosure of the UFO presence is only a matter of time.

ExoVaticanaNewWhen I interviewed Cris Putnam on Acceleration Radio last week, he made it clear that the Vatican is well aware of the so-called Alien presence and in fact are awaiting and alien saviour to come.

In closing todays post:  Jesus will return to earth to set up his kingdom.  So what does that have to do with the UFO phenomena?  Everything!  He comes here not to some other planet.  It would appear, according to the Bible, that earth is unique in the universe for nowhere is there a mention of any other life out there, no matter how much we speculate about it.   In fact according to Chuck Missler and others the entire universe may be some sort of holographic construct, with error correcting software embedded in the very fabric of matter. (I don’t pretend to understand that for a minute!)

There is a cosmic war going on and I believe our planet is at the center of that war.  It is being waged in an unseen dimension but from time to time spills out onto our own planet.  Are these UFOs manifestations of that war?  When the Fallen One is cast to earth during the big eviction in the second heaven, is that when full “disclosure” happens, as at that point he has lost the ability to go between dimensions?

In my opinion the UFO phenomena is supernatural and is one of total deception.  No one that I have ever interviewed came away better person from encountering one.  The abduction of 5 year olds and probing their private parts is certainly a crime in every nation on the earth and yet these beings engage in this activity without a second thought to the boy or girl who now has a life long trauma to deal with.

I interviewed a man last week, who was 5 years old when they came and took him.  He now has an implant in his leg.  He has been what is termed a frequent flyer — a person who is abducted many times — and after decades is finally coming forward to seek help.  We X-rayed the implant and will continue our testing on it and then in the near future conduct its removal.  All of this will be in Watchers 7:  UFOs the Physical Evidence.   The deception is here, the breeding program is real, we are in the days of Noah.

What has been written will come to pass.  What has been foretold will unfold.


end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Central Europe hit by major floods – Europe – Al Jazeera English

Birth pains any one?


Brace for deluge, heavy snow – MetService – National News | TVNZ

Business as usual?


Earth and UFO – NASA Photos. – YouTube

Interesting: UFOs are Real, burgeoning and NOT going away!


22,242-Acre Powerhouse Fire Threatens 1,000 Homes | NBC Southern California

This is the second fire this spring.


Saudis, Gulf states ‘unnerved by US pivot away from Middle East’ | The Times of Israel

The tinder-box that is the Middle East.


Insight: Simmering anger at Erdogan’s authoritarianism boils over in Turkey | Reuters

Arab Spring – two years and still going strong!


12 dead in aftermath of tornadoes, floods – U.S. News

More Birth Pains….


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38 thoughts on “Hearing On UFO Disclosure

  1. Already getting excited for Watchers 7 at this rate!

    I think it’s a really good move that you all have made to focus on one subject in depth per Watchers installment. 🙂

    Keeping you folks out in CA in prayer with those fires!

  2. Sometimes I don’t blame that guy in the picture above with his head in the sand. Sometimes that’s what I want to do and make the whole rotten, stinking thing go away even if it does mean living in the matrix and cracking open a “cold one”.

    I would be interested to know though how the conclusion is made that the “Falling Away” is not referring to the rapture. I’ve heard some pretty good scriptural arguments that this scripture is actually translated incorrectly and in the original greek means to disappear… as in rapture.

    • Lot of good arguments both ways and frankly both ways work IMHO.

      I’m at the point where I’m thinking maybe it’s both meanings at the same time. We’ll see. 😉

      We certainly can see all kinds of obvious signs of apostasy all over the place. I don’t know how anyone can deny that.

      After that you can into some pretty technical language and Greek breakdowns.

      Here’s a couple of really good resources:


      As usual, Ken Johnson is able to take complicated subject matter and make it easy and enjoyable to follow.

      Then you hit this “deceptive” book and I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment:

      Package: “http://pitnbookstore.estoreadvanced.biz/index.php?p=product&id=549&parent=0” (That video is sweet.)

      Just the book: “http://pitnbookstore.estoreadvanced.biz/index.php?p=product&id=529&parent=0”

      That book is “deceptive” in that it looks real small and easy.

      You’ll get it and think “Oh, I’ll blow through this thing in an afternoon.”

      No, you won’t. 😆 Or at least most people won’t. I certainly didn’t!

      That thing is loaded with so much Greek and footnotes that you won’t believe it.

      A very thorough study and breakdown awaits you in that one. I didn’t know something like that could be done in such a “small and simple” looking book. 😉

      Both books highly recommended. 🙂

    • Sounds like that those of us who are of the belief that this scripture is talking of the rapture are in good company. 😀

    • You can translate however you want. EVEN if the word means departure, you have to ask departure from what. Departure from church? Departure from righteousness? Departure from earth? Who’s to say?

      But the real telling thing is when you look at the context. You cant look at scripture without context, especially Paul!

      So in 2 thessalonians 1 Paul he refers to the day of the lord AND being gathered to Him (I.e. raptured). He is saying that you should not be mistaken that this has happened yet. He says verse three that THAT DAY won’t happen until the apostasy happens first.

      So if you translate apostasy to mean rapture, its like me saying you won’t be raptured until you are raptured first. This makes no sense contextualy.

    • It should be a red flag to us if we find ourselves trying to align scripture with our desires rather than align our desires with scripture.

    • This verse is a bit clearer I believe.

      1 Timothy 4:1
      The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

  3. I think more people will have to experience the phenomenon for themselves, not just seeing clips on youtube, for pastors to address ufos from the pulpit. In the absence of such teaching and in the event of a massive, sudden disclosure, I do hope fellow believers remember the principles of testing spirits/entities (i.e., do they say Jesus is God?) and apply those if confronted with ufos. I’ve been talking to my daughter about that lately.

    When I was young, I heard a Baptist pastor and other teachers in our state assocation say that ufos were likely demons in disguise and may explain away the rapture by saying the Christians were taken because they weren’t evolved enough or something like that. That was in the mid-1970s I think. I’ve heard nothing like that in recent years in any church I’ve been in. I have heard a couple Calvary Chapel teachers (Doug Hamp, Chuck Missler, maybe J.D. Farag) address the issue. I attend a Calvary Chapel but I don’t recall my local pastor addressing it. However, he has taught about Genesis 6 and the nephilim and why the Sethite doctrine is incorrect.

  4. L.A. do you recall a few years ago when I asked you about making up some “Alien Gospel Tracts”? Is this something you would have an interest in assisting me with? Basically, I need the general outline & scripture of what to include. Then I can research the rest & design it. Or I can ask some of your other colleagues. (You may be too busy w/Watchers & conferences.)

    God just put this ‘strongly’ on my heart again so I better do it. But ~ it’s just so much easier to be a normal Christian. Why do I get the weird assignments? Oye Veh!

    For example the front could pose this question:

    Do you believe God made other life forms on different planets & solar systems?

    Then inside Isaiah 45:18
    “For thus says Yahweh who created the heavens, the God who formed the earth and made it, who established it and didn’t create it a waste, who formed it to be inhabited: “I am Yahweh; and there is no other.”

    Below this other points to bring up about the Alien Gospel, (Which I would like help with)…… & close w/the salvation message.

    • Hey Lisa, I have a link for that!

    • Great! I was looking for something already put together. I’d like to make it smaller w/more graphics. (Also Luke 21:28 is a stretch to imply looking up at UFO’s. )

  5. I just watched a film on the Alien Abduction phenomena called Dark Skies.. … Being a fan of supernatural, science fiction movies such as Fire In The Sky, The Forgotten, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Knowing, The Arrival, Contact, Night Skies etc.. I had high hopes for Dark Skies. Although since it was a direct to video release,,I expected it to be some cheesy B-rated style thriller with cheesy ‘pop out at your face’ moments, but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the movie. I happen to like how the film took its time delivering the details and made it a suspenseful and mind boggling to watch even if it raises more questions than answers. The film really shows there is events out there that were can’t explain or have answers for, which makes this quote even the truer.

    “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” — Arthur C. Clarke

  6. This is obviously not business as usual. Things seems to be occurring at a rapid pace. I wonder what the next few weeks hold. Thankfully I understand what’s “really,” going on. The last few weeks have had my mind running wild. I need to get my thoughts to together an really spend time with Lord. He cannot be second in my life. Absolutely not! How can the church be in such a Wordly trance?

  7. “12 dead in aftermath of tornadoes, floods – U.S. News”

    On this subject I am so sad about the 3 veteran storm chasers killed by Oklahoma tornado. They were overtaken by a multiple-vortex tornado that sharply changed direction near El Reno, Okla
    Storm chasers do put themselves at some degree of risk, the degree of risk is of their own choosing. It is sad and unfortunate that these three people died while doing their work and research. The article doesn’t go into any specific details about where they were when the tornado caught them: were they in one of the traffic jams where people were trying to outrun the tornado? Information about the details could help other storm chasers avoid the same danger in the future.
    – – – – – – – – – –
    It reminds me of a similar story from several years ago where a husband and wife team of photographers made their living getting pictures of volcanic eruptions. They were trapped on Mt. Unzen when a pyroclastic flow overwhelmed them. They were aware of the risks they were taking and accepted the risks, even if it could result in their deaths. The same acceptance appears to have been true for the three storm chasers.

  8. There are those that are awake but only to a certain extent…lets say politically but even those are small in comparison with mankind as a whole, but 90% of those are in deep trouble when the strong delusion takes place. Take those that are biblically prepared that takes the number down a tad more and spiritually prepared a minute amount more. This is going to be like the days of Noah…we heard that from the Perfect source the always Truthful Faithful Shepherd! That’s scary. I worry for them and the time nears when I have to reveal then next dream/vision I had concerning this. I know it is not now because many details are still hidden from me but as always the Lord will “make me remember” when he says its time the whole thing will come flooding back and putting bits and pieces on here now is not what was intended. I do not think it is for us though. I do my job I warn and not only those that are sanctified to listen but every now and then someone gets curious or ill visit a utube site and comment and send them here (ive done that a hundred times atleast) as im sure many of you have. I go to the new agers and the satanists as well (warn a new ager and see what happens to you 8) pay close attention to your homes ) they just might come here and the spirit will move them to discover the truth. I tell them the GOOD NEWS and point them to the LORD by way of this site. The rest is up to La and you guys. La you’re doing a job that does FAR more than you realize. We love you brother! I love you all! GOD BLESS!

  9. If you are from the USA or anywhere really you have to watch this video about what has been done right in front of your eyes -they have rebuilt babel

    • I agreed with him up to a point and I do believe he was given discernment in many of the things he found, BUT I was in the womb aware.
      I saw my brethren and they warned me they guided and prayed for me when they told me the demons Would Come. No demon was there at the beginning. the fallen angels or our accusers
      stand in the presence of Almighty GOD accusing us night and day. I saw them do it. They were exceptionally well made they looked like what we see in paintings of the greek gods. They wore the same garb. They were the corrupt cop putting the bag of cocaine in your car and arresting you for it, they were the corrupt lawyer hiding the truth from the jury and they were the corrupt judges trying to sentence you to death. I heard and saw this. I went for one of them and someone dressed differently from them I would call him some type of old testament style prophet or elder grabbed me and pulled me away with ease. I was told this was not for me that I should not be there. I watched with awe at the arrogance of man and thought him crass and barbaric. I thought man was wicked and unappreciative of the gifts from GOD that they refused to acknowledge (and many times we do!). BUT I saw the ships! I was not an angel I was there though and there were others there with me. I stand before you now testifying.
      I testify to the brethren as well because LIFE IS HARD. I know this better than many and not as well as some. I suffer. I weep. I wail. BUT I pray to the GOD that made me in HIS IMAGE to help me and I repent many times daily to be worthy of escaping the things I saw heading for the earth. I saw the ships!!! I screamed we have to warn them. THEN I was in the womb. There was no interlapse. I cannot tell you about the things I saw because I was not meant to remember them until the time but that TIME IS NEAR. We have no demons in us unless we invite them in. I have no ill will towards this man but I am no serpent and no scorpion presents himself before the Holy Spirit that enters me. I know because You Know. We are wicked enough without that. I think hes bipolar as am I and hesbeen given a great gift but I think he errs on this and to no small degree. I never do this but on this I stand firm. you might call me crazy you might say I think Im somehow holier than you. I am not! I have an aneurism that to this day has not burst. it led to blinding headaches and the doctors got me hooked on oxycontin. I got addicted and I snorted it and a cousin of mine (who recently just killed someone) got me into injecting it. I lost everything I had to that addiction. I went to jail for that addiction. IN THERE I found the LORD again. I had been saved at 12 years of age and had backslidden far but I found my LORD forgiving me and here I am now Seven years later! I have lost everything again not to drugs but do to a promise that THEY made me.
      Around 4 years ago maybe 5 I was taken. They put me in this dark room and NINE dark hooded figures with an enormous ominous presence told me they would put me on my knees. I was so afraid I fell to my knees and called out to GOD and they laughed at me with scorn and disdain. Then I awoke a few seconds later thinking they were right. NO I was dead wrong. My wife began drinking shortly thereafter due to chronic backpain because we were done with the drugs. 21 months ago she was told she had 8 months to live (the surgeons and interns told me in the hallway they didn’t think she had 8 days since I wanted the truth). I went home that night to my sister n laws house all this is on the blog and recorded for those new here. I FELL TO ME KNEES for the first time in my life! I prayed like there was no tomorrow and for my wife there WASNT! The next day her brother n law and his wife got on each side of her and she repented and they all swore they felt electricity come through them and run back and forth! My wife stopped drinking but her younger sister died and she started back (they were very very close). I tried to get her to stop constantly but it only made her worse.
      I went on my knees for the second time in my life but to no avail. He has her now and she suffers no more. She got healed that first time but she turned back as did Lot’s wife. Do not turn back guys. Sorry this was not meant to be so long but I had the spirit fill me and I had to let it all out. I know it sounds crazy but as LA says look at the bible are not there wild things in there? What cannot our GOD do? I can see THEM and they know it. My life is hell but the Lord gets me through each day. No small part because of you guys I did not hurt myself. I love you all and I hope you know it. No matter how bizarre my story sounds ive told it since I was three.

    • sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you robin I wasn’t ! I love you. I may have understood him wrong but I just cannot bear the thought of people thinking they have a reptile living inside their head. that should not be.

    • Faith,

      I think it is a reference to the corruption in us that we inherited from Adam, Sin that made us enemies with God. That is why it is said that while we were Christs enemy he laid his life down for us Thats why Jesus calls us to renew our minds. because without Jesus in us then that other spirit works in the children of disobedience who we once were but by the grace of God through his son Jesus has called us into his marvelous light

    • Faithful-in our weakness, he is strong. You are brave my friend. Hang in there. The dark side is powerful and their goal is death and destruction but Our Father NEVER leaves our side. I remember how hard it was when my husband died. You will make it and we will all be united again soon.
      Love you Faithful!

  10. I think we are way closer to the LORD’s return than perhaps thought previously. Anyone been watching the Revolution tv show? Tonight is the season finale and I plan on watching it and taking note. The preview was a little weird. I wrote a blog on it, but it is rather long….(-:


    Keep praying!!

    • I saw a preview of a movie last night called “The Purge” or the “Purging”. It was as if the Illuminati globalists were openly mocking us through a Hollywood movie as a voice came on during the preview and said something like this… “Your government thanks you for your willing participation”. Georgia guidestones anybody? I think they are getting ready to do this by starting World War 3 with the whole Russia/China scenario. Obama has secret deals with Russia. Reportedly, there are Russian troops on American soil at U.S. bases etc. It’s astounding how out in the open this is all becoming. They know that they are so thoroughly dug in that they don’t really care if we know or not. It’s to a point that they are mocking us through Hollywood.

    • Corey, they’ve been openly hiding their agenda and their symbols in plain sight, indoctrinating and acclimating the masses, for decades. Have you been to vigilantcitizen dot com? Not a Christian, but a fine researcher. He has collections of ‘sinister sites’ and ‘sinister pictures of the month’ and movies music and news that document the fact its been shoved down our throats en masse at a level that if you look at it, and discount 99% of what he’s saying, you still have an ocean of proof of concept. The themes are so globally consistent they can’t be denied. Nothing fresh or new or cutting edge in any of the fashion magazines or movies at all- constant rehash of the same agenda. Check it out, but be forewarned- its heavy stuff.

    • Oh yeah I saw The Purge…I went to a sneak peak of this film at a local theater. Same ole same ole from Hollywood,,,the subject of man still being just a killer animal deep down is one that has fascinated writers throughout the ages, and increasingly in the modern world, where we in the West have achieved a lifestyle of such mundane safety and freedom from risk that we fall almost into a malaise, a spiritual deadness, requiring a sudden jolt of violence to wake us up….and hense you have the film The Purge….if it wasnt for the constant gun shots on the screen I would have dozed off.
      This film is from the same vein as … “Dr Moreau” to “Lord of the Flies” to “Cape Fear” to “Straw Dogs” to “Death Wish” to “Hunger Games” we’ve seen this theme fuelling dark and disturbing polemic tales so many times before…. What better victims of this cruel revelation than the perfect, successful, All-American middle class professional family, their safe little castle prone to sudden violation from the forces of savagery without and within? Add to that then a frightening dystopian future world as a grisly mirror of where we are heading now, in this case why not a law that makes all crime legal in the U.S.A for one night of the year that allows us to purge all the vent up anger and frustration for the rest of the year? I feel the film it’s just an excuse for another meaningless blood-fest film right out of Hollywood…If there is supposed to be some sort of social analogy in this movie, I couldn’t see it.
      Could have been something interesting, but instead it stinks. Don’t waste your money; I’m glad I got in free. This film is NOT for the kiddies..strong R rated.

    • It’s propaganda to show us what lawlessness looks like so that we readily accept their authoritarian measures to deal with it.

  11. Any thoughts on the Roswell Crash? Some actor from a Roswell documentary came forward & claimed the whole thing was really a hoax. Don’t know enough about it to have strong feelings one way or another.


    • lisa,

      David Flynn believed from his research that it was real and that there was an imparting of technology that kicked off the technological age that ed has brought us to this point where their plans for satans rule on earth can be implemented. see the video I posted above and of course here is David Flynns amazing decoding of the alien crop circle which discusses this very point.

    • I believe La said this and if so I agree even if it wasn’t him but I think the quote was “they ripped a whole in the dimension of the earth and tossed a craft with some hybrid bodies in them through it”. That would fit perfectly with everything that I know and have studied so far.

  12. Sweet. Aaron Judkins is doing a radio tonight and is interviewing “Sheriff” Judd Burton. 🙂

    Aaron Judkins is the author of “http://www.alien-agenda.com/” for those who don’t know.

    Trust me, you’ll like him and you need to get that book. 😉

    “Join me tonight at 8pm CST, 9pm EDT on EPIC Voyages Radio when I return to the air with another hard hitting interview with esteemed researcher Dr. Judd Burton on his work on the Nephilim.

    “http://inceptionradionetwork.com/epic-voyages-radios-aaron-judkins-strips-down-the-hidden-of-references-of-the-nephilim-in-the-bible-with-dr-judd-burton/” “

  13. “http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/02/ufo-enters-mexico-volcano_n_3373898.html”
    UFO Appears To Deliberately Enter Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano (VIDEO)

    See what you all make of this UFO footage.

  14. So many people have been committing suicide (and bizarre deaths of “particular” people) these past couple years & a friend of mine mentioning a crystal clear “voice” telling her not to go to Church. Just figured it was the fiery darts of the enemy but ………I suppose there are other methods as well.

    • Late Night Lisa, you got that right. I just found out a few days ago a friend put a gun under her chin and killed herself… she had every reason to live, so it was quite a shock. I have known 7 people in the last 5 years that have killed themselves. One of them was a strong Christian brother. Not sure what the deal is on the increase of suicides lately, it seems bizarre to me. I can understand depression and perhaps mental illness can drive someone to do the unthinkable, but these people I knew were regular folks with no outwards signs of mental illness or depression, at least as far as I knew…I never looked to see if they had skeletons in their closet no one knew about., you just can never know all there is to know about someone I suppose. Some try and hide their addictions and hurts, both physical and emotional, out of feeling ashamed or perhaps fear of being judged…no matter the reason its all so very sad.

  15. quite interesting approach to the variations on theme of the ufo / aliens / demon topic…


    • detailed analysis (long webpage) on the various aspects of the alien incursion including false rapture


      *** some graphics of a fully nude and partly decomposed dead man mutilated like cattle mutilations ***

  16. Facelikethesun / CCR 048: Douglas Hamp and the Veil Between Heaven and Earth, 6-03-13


    • Doug compares God’s actual reality as being like a nuclear reactor, where there’s massive protection, and the technicians are basically angels….


      We often think of heaven as some ethereal place far far away. But while modern science is beginning to discover the possibilities of multiples dimensions at places like CERN, Bible scholars like Douglas Hamp are rediscovering what the Bible teaches about heaven to be a place just beyond the veil of our three dimensional world. Douglas Hamp is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible with specialization in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek.

      awesome complementing perspective re: Ablaze for God


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