Why Land for Peace Will Never Work….

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Kerry Pushes Investment Plan for West Bank – NYTimes.com

Leaders of the group said at a news conference that they would leave the specifics of how to resolve the conflict to the politicians. But Munib R. Masri, a Palestinian billionaire who is one of the leaders of the effort, later told the conference that the two states should be drawn along the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as a shared capital — the standard line of the Palestinian leadership and a position Mr. Netanyahu was sure to reject.

Israeli civil defense drill prepares for ballistic missile attack | World Tribune

“Israel is the most threatened state in the world; it is under missile
and rocket threat,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

I awaken every morning and comb about 25 web sites for news and information.  It always amazes me that our main-stream-media is for the most part devoid of any “real” news.   They are always quick to point out the latest clown of the week, like the reemergence of O.J. Simpson a few weeks ago, or the Jodi Arias trial/circus, but somehow neglect to inform us of news that might make a real difference in our lives.

Not so here!  After you’re finished the blog, check out the In Other News section, as there are stories there which reflect the birth pains, Jesus warns us will occur before His coming.

Maps are must!  They are a go-to visual aid.  They provide, at a glance, an overview that would take paragraphs of explanation.

The map on the left shows Israel with the pre-1967 war borders.  In a word, indefensible!  At the narrowest point it leaves a strip a land about 7 miles wide.

As Netanyahu states above, Israel is the most threatened state in the world!

Now our new secretary of state, John Kerry is once again touting the same old land for peace deal that will never work and here’s why.

1.  Israel gave up the Gaza strip and as we covered in Watchers 4 & 5 with Dan Gordon — He’s a reservist in the Israeli IDF — who informed us that as Israel withdrew from Gaza the mortar fire began!  This is the prime example of why land for peace won’t work.

2.  Unless HAMAS and the PLO change their charter which does not recognize Israel, land for peace won’t change an ideology which negates the right for Israel to exist in the first place.  This is the fundamental problem that Kerry and others continue to deliberately overlook.

3.  Here is a map of Israel drawn up by the PLO showing the only red line!  In this map Israel doesn’t even exist, which is the real agenda of the PLO.  Again everyone knows this but it is never talked about publicly.  Instead, Kerry offers 4 BILLION in aid to the PLO, which is nothing more than a bribe!

The only red line

4.  Every year the Arabs “celebrate” Nakba, which means catastrophe.  This the day Israel won their independence.  The inbred hatred of Israel’s right to exist is reinforced year after year by this “celebration.”

5.  Jordan is Palestine and is populated by 75% so-called Palestinian people.  This is the two state solution that Kerry should be working on.  I have blogged about the possibility of this after the coming Middle East war.  If King Abdullah would step down and give Jordan to the Palestinian people the conundrum of the Israeli/Arab problem would be over.  If this happens keep your eyes on the King setting up a constitutional monarchy in war-torn-sectarian-violence Iraq.  (see Enter the Strongman, which is a previous post on this blog.)

In closing todays post: HAMAS, Hezbollah, the PLO, and the Moslem Brotherhood will never recognize Israel, period!  Israel has shown good faith by giving the Gaza up in 2006 and all they have ever got in return has been missiles and mortars reigning down on their people.  To give up the west bank is suicide as there is no way for Israel to defend herself at this point.  Israel is now surrounded on all sides by nations who pose a direct existential threat to her.  Enter the latest Elmer Fudd, John Kerry who is pedaling the same worn out, land-for-peace-mantra that we’ve heard for decades.  It hasn’t worked before and it sure as heck won’t work now.


end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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26 thoughts on “Why Land for Peace Will Never Work….

  1. Surely none of us want war. But it continues to astonish me that it hasn’t erupted yet. And woe to the US if Kerry gets his way…….prayer is so important right now .

    • i agree with you so much! as a nation we deserve judgement and the only thing that will keep it off us is the servants of God in America pray hard for our people to gain eyes to see and ears to hear and unstuck ourselves from being a bit sottish(stupid).

    • Right on, Ally.

      Putting the screws to Israel…that’s always a recipe for very unfortunate “backfire” to say the least.

      I think it’s an outright miracle that things have stayed this relatively quiet for this long. Seems like things are about to bubble over.

      Keep praying and keep watching.

  2. only our idiot childlike leaders in this world think land for peace is even realistic at all. the mohammedans do not want land they want genocide. also with the belief they are doing God’s work. i wonder if the land deed Jeremiah buried in Anathoth will be found before our Lord returns?

  3. Of course as Kerry makes these different announcements storms devastate Oklahoma. In the tropics storms are beginning to form. Please forgive us Lord and change the hearts of those who make these decisions. God Bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  4. I dont think the Palestinians will ever allow anything but pre 1967 borders. And Israel will never allow it, The Palestinians just want constant division.

    A day after US Secretary of State set out a vague but hugely ambitious $4 billion economic plan designed to drastically boost the Palestinian economy and help galvanize diplomatic efforts, the Palestinian Authority on Monday summarily rejected the idea of gaining economic benefits in exchange for political concessions.

    Israel will be attacked this summer and there will be no land deals on the table. In fact I believe Bill Salus to be correct Israel will inherit more land.

    • Looks increasingly likely although I’m wondering if there’s going to be some kind of “setup” exchange between Israel and Syria first that leads to a “send in the proxies retaliation” a la Pslam 83.

      So many ways this could go down!

      Bill Salus and others have warned about America “being on the wrong side” of this thing and I really have no doubts that we have been and will continue to be so that’s always a strong factor in my prayers when it comes to some of this.

  5. By their actions they are fulfilling Bible prophecy! We are seeing just how it is playing out. First they drag us into the so called war on terror because it was because of the the muslim extremists, but who benefits? I think it was a prepatory move to have the ability to round up the herd when God begins to move on our behalf, sort of like a proxy war. It will be against God and his people, make no mistake. They have been preparing for this for years. Recall, ‘we remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger’? It could’ve been in defiance to the Most High, as in we remember the tower of Babel. Jonathan Kleck just put out a new video last week concerning the new tower, it is very well done, it’s on youtube. Someone was given dominion thousands of years ago over this earth, and it is just about over, and he gives authority and power to whom he grants it (whoever is stupid enough to agree to it) They’re clinging to their last vestiges of power and we are seeing the reality of humanity ruling, too puffed up with pride to see their error.

  6. There are those in Israel that will gladly buy-in to the any antichrist peace deal.

    Here’s Shimon Peres pushing a “Two State” solution in 2009.

    Establishing a single multinational country is a tenuous path that does not bode well for peace but, rather, enforces the conflict’s perpetuation. Lebanon, ravaged by bloodshed and instability, represents only one of many examples of an undesirable quagmire of this nature.

    The difficulties of a two-state solution are numerous, but it remains the only realistic and moral formula to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Those not committed to this solution argue that, after the creation of a Palestinian state, Israel’s waist would be too narrow — some six miles — to ensure security for its citizens.

    Indeed, six miles will be too narrow to guarantee full security, which only reinforces our belief that Israel’s safety is not embedded only in territorial defense but in peace. Peace provides breadth of wings, even when the waist is narrow.

    Here’s Shimon Peres is still pushing the “Two State” solution at the 2013 World Economic Forum in Jordon within the past several days.

    Abbas states: return to ’67 borders, Two State solution, and east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capitol, time 29 minutes to 32 minutes…

    We need to pray for the True Peace of Israel — which is Yeshua Messiah — and not for the false peace of the antichrists!

    • And Kerry’s (Obama) is in the middle of the deal…


    • Peres is as sinister as it gets. Remember the Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files? That’s what he is. I’m sure he and our Jesuit Pope friend whipped up something real interesting a few weeks ago.

    • Canadian actor William B. Davis played the cigarette smoking man in the X-files series…he was actually nominated for several awards for that part….I guess there was a new category for the best cigarette smoker in a TV series….it was between him and Rod” Serling (posthumous). He was also included in TV Guide’s “Nastiest Villains of All Times” issue… in which he tied with villain Dr. Zachary Smith of the 1960s science fiction television series Lost in Space.

  7. A segment from Coast to Coast on disappearance of 6 year old Dennis Martin, a young child which some eye witnesses describe as being abducted by a giant in a forest area while on an outing with his family..

    • heartbreaking case that occured not to far from here near knoxville tn if i remember correctly in the late 60s. 67 i think. The green berets were there too…coincidence..i think not.

  8. I continually shake my head and think what an impossible mess! But it will be SO obvious when God intervenes. I look forward to seeing the astonishment of Israel’s enemies and the mainstream media! HA!

  9. PITN live streaming Pike’s Peak conference info.

    Hit “www.prophecyinthenews.com” and it’ll be the first thing you see at the top.

    Act fast if you’re interested. $50 gets you 30 days of coverage on the main presentations and that same $50 also goes towards the eventual DVDs.

  10. Btw i wanted to let everyone know that those who sent me letters of condolences i will be mailing out things from service..the cards thingies..i dont know what theyre called but give me a little time im not quite there yet when it comes to dealing with all this. Tomorrow social services has called a special meeting for both sides as some issues came up on my sons ex gf’s father that involved needing to appoint a guardian ad litam (attorney for the baby). We’re hopeful as all the news is leaning against them but with my wifes income gone we just dont know if they might try and take the baby from both parties. My parents made a great deal more than my wife and i ever did so since my son has moved in with them that part shouldnt be a problem. Pray for us please. That little fella is all thats keeping me going. hes pappaw’s boy. They did tell the mother to bring the child or they would be forced to go and get him so perhaps we have some good news waiting on us. Id never keep him from his mother but shes the one wanting all this not us. We were willing to share him 50/50 but they want money and stamps and child support while we just want him. God knows our needs however and i thoroughly trust in him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

    • Brother you are always in my prayers,but tonight and tomorrow you will be front and center in my prayers and in my thoughts.Be assured that our Father will look out for the little one! God bless my brother.

  11. “http://kfor.com/2013/05/29/weather-severe-weather-possible-over-southeast-okla/”

    Folks in OK and tornado alley just can’t catch much of a break weather wise. Could be touch and go for the next few days. Let’s keep them in prayer. They don’t need any more hits or cheapshots.

  12. Hi all, I just wanted to thank The Lord Most High for today!A day we wake up breathing is a true blessing from our Father,so thank you Father for another awesome day in this world you have made for us although we truly do not deserve! Come back soon so we can all be together in a world without sin and worship together at your feet! Oh how I can hardly wait for THAT day!!

  13. The gene-tech that opens the way for Marzulli’s projection of a 666 mark that alters DNA.

    Technion Scientists Develop an Advanced Biological Computer
    Molecular computer was built entirely of biomolecules.

    “In addition to its enhanced computation power, this DNA-based transducer offers multiple benefits, such as the ability to read and transform genetic information, miniaturization to the molecular scale, and the aptitude to produce computational results, which interact directly with living organisms. Therefore, its implementation on a genetic material may not just evaluate and detect specific sequences, it can also alter and algorithmically process the genetic code. This possibility opens up interesting opportunities in biotechnology, including individual gene therapy and cloning.”

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