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Chapter 3: Robert Mirabal – Stilt Walker

I first became familiar with Robert Mirabal’s work through a clip I saw on YouTube.  I’m not sure who sent the link to me, but if the sender is by chance reading this, thanks for sending it my way.

Mirabal is a Grammy Award-winning composer and a Native American Pueblo.  I watched fascinated as the video began and immediately recognized high production values and good camera work.

The “play,” or the telling and reenactment of the old stories handed down orally for generations, was staged outdoors and at night.  The lighting of the scene created another world, almost like looking through a window-in-time of what might have taken place a thousand years ago.  As the narrator off stage began the story, I was transfixed by his words.

And a long time ago they say that there were giants that roamed the land.  They came from the sky and fell in love with the sons and daughters of the earth.  They had the ability to read your mind and foresee the future . . . . 

The men would go hunting in the mountains for deer and elk while the women would make gifts to honor these giants.

When I heard this, I was taken aback, because the similarity to the Genesis 6 account and also what we find in The Book of Enoch was too much to be coincidence, in my opinion.

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.


And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


In Mirabal’s Stilt Walker, we hear this:

. . . when the men would go hunting in the mountains, for deer or elk, they would bring gifts to the giants.  

The actors are Native Americans and are dressed in period costumes.  The scene appears as if the viewer has been transported back in time.  The women are preparing the gifts and each of the men is given a gift.  The men move slowly and deliberately to the center of the stage where they kneel and face the audience.

Throughout this entire production music composed by Mirabal lends itself to this other worldly tableau.  There is a cellist, flutist, and percussionist creating a musical tapestry while synthesizers are also used to layer the sound.  Voice modulation is used for a great effect, but more about that later.

The men are statuesque as they wait in silence.  At this point the audience must be wondering what is about to happen as there is a sense of anticipation.  From out of the wings we hear a cry that is not quite human.  And then we hear the thudding of a deep drum as if a very large animal, like an elephant, is coming close to where the men are.



However, it is not an elephant which comes into view but a giant which slowly comes onto the platform.  He is at least 10 feet tall!  His face is painted white and black and his dark black hair hangs to his waist.  He raises his head and once again utters what sounds to me like a cry of anguish. (This is accomplished through an electronic voice modulator.) With every step he takes, the loud boom of the drum is heard.  The effect is startling and takes the viewer completely by surprise.  He makes his way behind the men who are not moving and waves his large staff over their heads, as if blessing them.

So there you have it, and the first question that ran through my mind was where did this story originate?   Why was this being presented here and now in the 21st century?  Why the story of sky beings who came to earth and sired giants?  How far back did this story go?  Did Robert Mirabal know where it originated?

Until the later part of the 20th century, many anthropologists and archeologists did not acknowledge the validity of Native American oral accounts. In other words, they discounted these stories because they viewed them as mythos and superstition.

However, recently there has been a shift in this position and now these stories are being listened to and recorded.

I immediately set about to find Robert Mirabal.  I Googled his name and a web site came up.  I then went to the site and found his contact information.  I called the number, and was a little caught off guard when he answered, but delighted to hear his voice.

My first question after telling him how much I thought of his piece Stilt Walker was where did you hear the story?  Did you make it up or was this part of the oral tradition from your tribe?

Robert dived into his answer without any hesitation.

(The following is a transcript from my notes as we talked. Mirabal lives in northern New Mexico and is a Pueblo.)

“It’s an old story from my tribe.  To us there’s no mystery.  There’s no huge mystery.  These elements.  It’s the fact that when the US of America has created a system that keeps the people in darkness.  It’s not a big deal to us, there was a time when giants roamed the earth and we believe this [emphasis mine]

“When you say folklore and legend people wonder if it really happened.  That lifestyle to us is when this took place.

“Were there a race of people that came from the stars?  Yes, we believe it.

“Where does the corn come from?  What was the origin of the corn? It’s fed thousands of my people.  If you study it creates a geometrical shape that encompasses all of life.

“If you were to ask a person a thousand years ago if the corn that fed our people would be destroyed, the people would not have believed you.

“There is no proof from an anthropological view point.  I can’t prove any of this happened. 

“You can try to find the proof.  You will find disheartening features.  They—the star people—are all going to show up when the time is right.

“For me, I believe in it.  I believe in the old stories.  People of the corn believe there was a race of people who co-existed.

“Can we prove it scientifically?  No we can’t but we have the stories.

“I’m not interested in proving anything.  When it comes to native culture you don’t have to prove it.”

I replied, “Noah, Abraham and those stories we find in the Bible were at first an oral tradition.”

Robert continued:  “This—the corn—enables us to survive.  How can you grow corn in rock?”

(He is discussing how seemingly impossible it is to grow anything in the barren desert of the southwest, yet his people grow corn in these harsh conditions!)

“What tribe are you from?”  I asked.

“Pas Pueblo.

“A few of us believe there were giants here.  Everybody knows the story.   To us they are true.

“For me, if you asked my people a thousand years ago that we would be living a fractured existence, they would have told you you are crazy.  They would never have believed the wars we have today.

“These stories were shoved under the table as they didn’t fit into what we were supposed to be.  If we had won the war—the wars with the white man—things would have been different.  We have stories when men would go hunting and the giants would look into your eyes and know if you were telling the truth.

“We are brothers with the stories.  We are brothers with the legends.  The indigenous people have the stories of the giants [but] they have always stayed low-key because we know they are going to come back.

“For something to be sacred, it needs to be secret.

“Who we are, is a way of life.  The people of the stars.  Those are the ones who come from the heavens.”

“Is it safe to say these secrets are guarded?” I asked.

“Yes.  They—the giants—could read your mind.  At one point we could all do that.  They knew and kept the people at that time in line.”

“Are you aware that this story parallels the account we find in the Bible, except the star people are called fallen angels?” I prodded.

“You can also go to the angels gone astray.”



Here we have a story handed down through the years, father to son, grandfather to grandson and so forth.  Can we trace it back to its origins?  Of course not.  Should we dismiss it as the mythos of a primitive people that has no basis in scientific fact?  The old school might do this, but I believe what Robert Mirabal was told.  I believe there was a race of giants that his ancestors encountered.

The Judeo/Christian Bible is full of accounts similar to this.  Before writing was invented, stories were passed down orally, just like we see in the case of Robert Mirabal.

Years ago in the ground breaking book Roots by Alex Haley, part of the story hinged on an oral account handed down from one slave to another.  I remember seeing this in a documentary about the making and writing of the book.

Haley went to Africa, to the village he was told Kunte Kinte had come from—I’m getting goose bumps as I write this—and there he was led to a man who had memorized the oral traditions of his tribe, going back hundreds of years.  He was privileged to sit and listen as the old man went on and on for hours.  Finally there it was.  He heard the name Kunte Kinte!

Haley asked the interpreter what had been said and he was told that the old man said Kunte Kinte went out into the forest to find wood to make a drum and never returned.

It must have been an amazing moment for Haley and I still recall seeing it vividly, even though it was years ago.

Bottom line for me is I believe Mirabal’s account; there was a race of giants.  We may differ as to their origins.  Mirabal believes they are from the stars or the sky.

When we read the account in The Book of Enoch, we see that in the days of Jared two hundred watcher angels descended and landed on Mount Hermon.  Is there a similarity between the accounts?  Was the story Mirabal heard from a more recent time, more specifically after the flood of Noah?  If so, this would establish what I believe was yet another incursion by the fallen watcher angels.  From Mirabal’s point of view and from the stories handed down to him, giants roamed the land.

Were these the Nephilim?  I think they were….



37 thoughts on “On The Trail of the Nephilim – Arrives Today! – Another Sample Chapter!

  1. LOL, family is still bouncing around here after viewing Watchers 6. Can’t wait to get into this, too! We really do think you all have blown the lid off this entire thing and are very grateful for your all’s service to the Lord.

    Blessings to you and your families. 🙂

  2. Blessings to Mr Marzulli and all who visit this website!

    Robert Mirabal’s sharing of his ancestor’s accounts also remind me of some of the ‘Dreamtime’ stories of the Australian Aboriginals. Occasionally, I have viewed some short animations of a series (usually shown on ABC TV – Australian Broadcasting Corp – the government station) of Aborgines tribes’ (from all over Australia) retelling of legends of past. Though the cartoons are aired during the afternoon hours for the youngsters, they can be very interesting for adults, given the often very similar accounts of Genesis of the Old Testament. Of course, some details of characters and the how’s and what’s are obviouslfy differing, but generally the scenarios are straight out of the book of Genesis.
    I have some Aboriginal friends who have recounted some of their elders experiences of witnessing those they call ‘Gins”, or in modern-speak ‘aliens’ having visited and landed in ships of light in the outback.

    And as with most peoples and tribes, their oral history was practiced with a great ability to recall their past. However, in more recent times, because of the failure to practise and continue exercising these stories that were passed down through the generations things have been forgotten or completely changed from the original.

    I recall a Pastor telling at a sermon how he knew of an elderly Aboriginal discussing with his grandchild how their elders knew God in person, and when the child asked, “What does he look like?” the grandfather replied, “We don’t know anymore, my child, we have forgotten.”

    I pray for those suffering in Oklahoma re the tornado, and other recent events (and current).

    God the Holy Father, bless you all.
    All glory to God!

    Kind regards from Peter, in W.A.


  3. Giantism as taking better advantage of genetech potential.

    Basically, the wolf you feed is the one that grows largest…. with the idea that the upper end of “largest” may be different with different sets of genetics.

    You’d think they’d get that it has plenty to do with oxygen too. And not miss that everything from dragonflies to penguins were larger in the fossil record.

  4. “http://www.westernjournalism.com/muslim-beheads-christians-in-nj-mainstream-media-silent/”
    Muslim Beheads Christians In NJ, Mainstream Media Silent

    You catch that? USA?!

    May need more vetting but seems pretty solid best I can tell.


    • This happened several weeks ago. NO news coverage, except in a few alternative news sources.

      MOST of The Church is ….CLUELESS with their HEADS – IN – THE – SAND !!!

      I do NOT expect anything different from “the world” … BUT THE CHURCH NEEDS TO WAKE UP….SNOOZE TIME IS OVER.

      Severe Persecution Coming To The American Christians Soon

    • “http://www.jewishpress.com/blogs/the-lions-den-daniel-pipes/muslim-acts-of-beheading-in-the-west/2013/05/26/”

      And why does the press downplay beheadings of journalists? From the article:

      Ariel Sellouk – Houston, August 2003: throat slit attempted but incomplete beheading.
      Sébastien Selam – Paris, November 2003: throat was slit twice; his face was mutilated with a carving fork and his eyes were gouged out by a Muslim neighbor who boasted “I killed my Jew, I’ll go to paradise.”
      Theo Van Gogh – Amsterdam, November 2004: shot, throat slit, and five-page paper pinned to his body.
      Hossam Armanious, Amal Garas, Sylvia Armanious, and Monica Armanious, – Jersey City, N.J., January 2005: necks, throats and bodies stabbed, mutilation of Coptic tattoo. (A non-Muslim was found guilty of this crime; I do not accept that verdict.)
      Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken – Waltham, Massachusetts, September 2011: throats slit, probably by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombers.
      Hany F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds – Jersey City, N.J., February 2013: shot, decapitated, hands severed.
      Lee Rigby – Woolwich, England, May 2013: run over by car, mutilated, beheaded.

      Postscript: What this analysis does not cover: (1) Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, and other Westerners murdered in Pakistan, Iraq, and other non-Western places. (2) Meir Kahane, Hitoshi Igarashi, and other prominent individuals

      Let’s put things in perspective:


      According to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office, conflict between organized criminal groups has resulted in the beheading of 1,303 people in five years, a grisly tactic becoming the hallmark of the war between the country’s cartels.

      All of which seems minor compared to the legalized murder (and mutilation) of 3000 babies — per day in the US.

      Reporters and news agencies in Mexico don’t report cartel violence since they then become a target. They might also fear the same regarding hate crimes.

      The murderers have yielded themselves up to their sins, followed the doctrines of demons, and given up control instead of seeking Christ for escape from the darkness and being led of the Holy Ghost. It’s so easy to hate, blame, and just not care, like trying to flush that live baby down the toilet in China — where life means even less because of government mandated policies (more doctrines of demons). And because of leaders like the US president who push even late term abortion. And so many are so compartmentalized in their personalities they try to pray that more such things be done. What gods will grant that?

      I need a symbol, a universal sign to say, “I forgive you as Christ forgave me.” And said, “Father, they know not what they’ve done.” Anyone speak arabic?

      أنا أغفر لك كما غفر المسيح لي

  5. Furthermore. Is it possible that these benevolent giants were of the loyal order of angels. I think somewhere in the OT there is a description of an angel that was in either the old temple or the temporary one. It was I think 18′ tall with a 14′ wingspan. Hard to find that in a Bible search. If I’m correct then Mirabel may just be accurate of the benevolence of these particular giants.

    • In other places, the prophets and John saw these creatures around the throne of God….

      1st Kings 6
      23 In the inner sanctuary he made two cherubim 15 feet high out of olive wood. 24 One wing of the first cherub was 7½ feet long, and the other wing was 7½ feet long. The wingspan was 15 feet from tip to tip. 25 The second cherub also was 15 feet; both cherubim had the same size and shape. 26 The first cherub’s height was 15 feet and so was the second cherub’s. 27 Then he put the cherubim inside the inner temple. Since their wings were spread out, the first one’s wing touched one wall while the second cherub’s wing touched the other wall, and in the middle of the temple their wings were touching wing to wing. 28 He also overlaid the cherubim with gold.

      2 Chronicles 3
      10 He made two cherubim of sculptured work, for the most holy place, and he overlaid them with gold. 11 The overall length of the wings of the cherubim was 30 feet: the wing of one was 7½ feet, touching the wall of the room; its other wing was 7½ feet, touching the wing of the other cherub. 12 The wing of the other cherub was 7½ feet, touching the wall of the room; its other wing was 7½ feet, reaching the wing of the other cherub. 13 The wingspan of these cherubim was 30 feet. They stood on their feet and faced the larger room.

      And of course there’s a Holy Angel that’s immense, but not so much that John can’t take a book out of his hand… (whether or not he stooped is unclear)….

      Revelation 10
      1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: 2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth…

      8 And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. 9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up…

  6. Would you believe it – now I’ve found out that the world’s oldest man lived in the same parish as the brother of the giant Wral. Christian Jacobsen Drakenberg was born in 1624, and died in 1772, making him 145 years and 11 months old when he died. As the descendents of the Wral brothers had the trait of being unusually old, many 90 years and some over 100 years – how big is the chance that Drakenberg, who was born in the same small rural parish, would be unrelated to the giants? If so it would be a very remarkable coincidence by itself.

    Another coincidence: He was called the “last real viking”, and Wral was called “the last giant”! How many obscure parishes can boast of that?

    Drakenberg was a real adventurer. He went to sea at age of 12, served in the English fleet, warred several times for Denmark. At the age of 68, he was captured by Algerian pirates, and kept as slave for over 10 years. Then he managed to flee, and (after more adventures) went by foot to the north. He outlived 5 Danish kings (Viken, from which the name Viking comes, now Bohuslan in Sweden, then belonged to Denmark/Norway). At the age of 111 he married a 60 year old widow. He was famed for telling funny and interesting stories, and had a perfect memory, even long after his 100’s. He wasn’t a giant, but he was unusually strong. No one shook his hand twice. If one did, he had them down on their knees screaming in pain. When (very) old, he became a faithful churchgoer, seeking peace with God. Even after death, he was remarkable. As the abnormality he was, they had his dead body on display in the church. After 63 years, his body hadn’t decayed. Then it disappeared mysteriously. Today, his death-mask is kept in the Museum of Stromstad, near his birth parish Skee.

    This is perhaps a bit of curiosity, but I’m mentioning it because no one seems to have seen the connection between Drakenberg’s old age, and the old ages of the Wral family’s descendents. If he was a descendent too, it would explain his age, and strength. As it is of today, he isn’t counted among the oldest men in the world, because, of course, “no one gets that old”. So he must have been a fraud. Well, not if he was from the bloodline of a 15 foot giant.

    Here’s some of his life story in English:
    “http://books.google.se/books?id=rKU0AAAAMAAJ” (p. 1214)

  7. 1Ki 6:23 And within the oracle he made two cherubim of olive tree, each ten cubits high.
    If a cubit is 18 inches, then the two cherubs were 15 ft or about 4.5 meters tall. When the two Cherubim were built and installed in the Holy of Holies or the Oracle room, these statues would have been high. 15 ft high with 7.5 ft wings. The cherubs were so big that they changed the sound of the room.

    The Cherubim were used as guardians according to the article.

  8. Russ Dizdar posted on Facebook about 2 hours ago…


    Tonight at 730 [EST] William Ramsy will be with us in the 2nd hour.
    Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order


    from amazon’s description:
    “Do the numbers suffusing the day of Sept. 11th have occult significance? Why are the numbers 11, 77, 93, and 175 extremely significant in understanding the event? How did Aleister Crowley influence the events of 9/11, considering the fact that he died in 1947? How did Aleister Crowley inspire the doctrines of the New World Order?”

  9. Interesting story above about the Muslim beheading Christians in USA… I think I nearly beheaded a street thug and his co-hort last night on my way to work. Yes indeed… it happened to me yet again. Another piece of trash (two of them) walked up to me last night and demanded my money. So I guess these two pieces of trash didn’t notice I was carrying my “Praise the Lord” stick on the opposite side of me (it was dark). This stick is a long piece of solid wood I use to keep in my patio sliding glass door in the track at night. I could tell I was in for trouble when these pieces of trash started to cross the street and start toward me. When he said “How much money do you have?”, I replied with a roundhouse swing of my stick upside his head. It wasn’t a full connection but enough so that I think I did some significant damage to his nose. As he went reeling, I swung at his garbage companion walking next to him (who was looking quite stupid). I connected to his shoulder blade. They both took off running like a couple of scalded dogs. I left the scene feeling quite refreshed and invigorated. I called the cops and they went looking for them.

    Isn’t third world immigration such a WONDERFUL THING!? 😀

    • Good heavens, Corey! I am glad you were able to protect yourself and put a hurt on the perps but I’m sorry it happened again!

    • Thanks Jen… Needless to say, I’m gonna start looking for a job in better part of town before I end up getting killed. Last year at this time, I was shot at six times from a six calibur gun, but the thug missed every time. I heard the bullets wizzing around me. I was able to duck behind a brick wall and avoid any further danger. Either this guy was a bad shot, or an angel took those bullets and parted them around me. “The angel of the Lord truly does encamp around those that fear him”. Maybe that night it was gang initiation night and I was the intended victim.

  10. Hi L.A. Just ordered 2 copies of “On The Trail of The Nephilim.” Just wanted to let you know that the spiral of life.com link does not take you to your book site. At least it didn’t on my computer. It went to a natural medicine site.
    God Bless.

  11. LA, can’t those of us who know spiritual warfare do a lot to hinder the loser devil’s plans???? Seems to me we should be able to attack and rebuke him and his cronies all day long. I have been involved in a ministry of counselling and deliverance for about 35 years. I have no fear of the devil, but have caused many to flee from me! Let’s start to hinder them in the name of Jesus! He’s a defeated deceiver.

    I very much appreciate your ministry! Watching you a lot on YouTube.

    God bless you for all you do!

  12. Sex-abuse investigations rip open Catholic Church’s secret files

  13. Yoga Uncoiled – documentary explaining the spiritual dangers of yoga – please pass on after watching

  14. Steve Quayle was on Coast to Coast last night. He discussed creatures that have a supernatural aspect such as giants, Sasquatch, and skinwalkers; he claims institutions like the Smithsonian have deliberately kept such information from the public. I dozed off after the Sasquatch segment as after that I lost interest, so I missed a little of that, however, the show got a bit more interesting when Joshua P. Warren came on in the second half.

  15. i dont have this type of discernment or atleast i dont spend time on it much but i wanted to share this because there are a ton that look for these things on different youtube subs.

    how to discern the crafts in the clouds she takes you through it and shows you.

  16. im watching something atm thats really going to blow some minds. They show you a typical alien grey in different photos peeking out behind trees or different objects…but me…well im going to show you the TONS of demons watching you in those exact same vids that the person that made this overlooked.

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