Sunday Bun – Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


This is from the Golden report and with all that is happening in the Middle East, I felt it pertinent to post it here.  Isaiah 17 seems to be coming closer with each passing day.  So what can we do?  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  What is written will come to pass, what was foretold will unfold.  L.A.

If I lived in Damascus I’d move now

Jerry Golden:

May 25, 2013

May 25-2013
A while back I wrote a report that stated that things couldn’t look worse in regards to possible war, well I was wrong, it looks worse now. The IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gant now says it looks like we have to prepare for war on multi fronts. He has also made it very clear that Israel will act decisively and with overwhelming power, his quote is ” If Assad destabilizes the Golan Heights he will pay a heavy price.” That sure sounds like Isa. 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Russia’s Naval Forces are building up like never before in the Eastern Mediterranean they are not only supply Assad with S-300 missiles that pose a real danger to the Israel Air Force but Putin has told both Obama and Netanyahu “Hands Off Syria”. Iran has said they will attack Israel, if Israel attacks Syria. It seems that once again they are underestimating Israel, and its ability to defend itself. But Israel’s greatest weapon cannot be found in military might but in the supernatural.

Our northern border along the Lebanon and Syrian southern borders is beginning to look like war could be any day now or at least if preparation means anything we are certainly looking ready.

The US keeps saying things like all options are on the table, making everyone nervous not so much about what the US might do in Syria but what Russian and Iran will do if the US tries to enforce a no fly zone over Syria.

In the mean time Israel cannot and will not allow any shipment of advanced weapons from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Even after Putin says hands off, simply because we already know that Hezbollah has something in the neighborhood of 80,000+ missile many capable of hitting all parts of Israel.

What this means when this wars breaks out, Israel has no choice but to unleash its full military power for a fast and certain victory, because around 2/3rds of our population lives on the Mediterranean Coast between Jaffa and Haifa and are now in range of Syrian and Hezbollah missiles, and the thought of Assad using his chemical warheads isn’t a thing Israel can allow.

As for here in Jerusalem it takes abut 5 minutes for fighter jets to come from Jordan to Jerusalem, not giving a lot of time for defense. For the past few years Hamas has been busy stocking up with everything in the way of rockets and missiles in preparation for this coming war. Israel will have no choice but to destroy Gaza very quickly. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are having many of their own problems with the population, but the Egyptian military is strong and could be a real threat on our southern border thanks to the US weapons like F-15′s & 16′s long range artillery and the best Tanks the US has to give them.

Bottom line, Israel will have to fight many fronts and all at the same time keeping in mind we are a very small country and losing is not an option for us, which means like they say all options are on the table…

So we have a lot on our plate, and our first concern will be to defeat the enemy and we will, of this you can be sure.

As for this Ministry we still have the concern of raising the needed finances to move our three boats into the places necessary, they are all now in good condition and ready for any kind of service. The need to purchase a larger boat is always on my mind, but first it is necessary for us to have the needed finances to operate the three we now have, and there is many needs not only fuel, but food, emergency items, communications and logistics.

We also have others with boats who have said they are willing to join us, but most of them also have financial problems and will need help from us.

The way things are now looking in the US and throughout Europe the ability to get finances to this Ministry could come to an end at any time now. I am asking you to pray, just pray, ask God what He would have you do in regards to this Ministry, we need your help and all I am asking is for you to be obedient when you hear from God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


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  1. This is not good news especially considering the Obama administration is reportedly considering major reductions in the size the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Obama administration will seek agreement with Russia for both countries to simultaneously reduce their deployed arsenals to the lower number, and of course we all know Russia always does what they say they will do right???…right?? 😉
    The Associated Press is reporting that Obama could cut our nuclear weapons arsenal by 80%. That is just staggering numbers to me… This would amount to unilateral disarmament. Three hundred nuclear weapons would take us back to levels not seen since 1950. If we cut our nuclear weapons down to 300, Russia will have five times, 1,550 nuclear warheads. If we reduce to 300, we will have fewer nuclear warheads than the ChiComs.The last time we had 300 warheads was in the fifties and that’s when we were making them as fast as our technology and materials would permit us to make them.
    It’s clear to me that President Obama is more than happy to weaken America as a military force in the world, and at a time when Russia is becoming best friends with China, who we owe our debt, gutting our nuclear force is the last thing we should be doing in my opinion.

    • This is what the Illuminati/globalists want. They are intentionally weakening America so that Russia and China will attack us. Right now Russia and China are really concerned and afraid of the secret weaponry that America has in it’s arsenal. It’s very significant that we are disarming right at the very moment when we are getting ready to make war with Russia’s and China’s allies in the middle east. Our Illuminati controlled government want this attack to come to America so that they will have the excuse needed to implement officially the New World Order and a global military force under world government. They know that if they tried that now, people wouldn’t stand for it. Once they allow Russia/China to take out our military, they will rally the western nations under NATO with the willing masses yelling for them to save us. This is when America will unveil it’s secret weaponry and take out Russia/China… but under global government and NATO forces (which will be the military enforcer of this global government). This is the reason that America has been intentionally allowing China/Russia to steal our technology over the years. This is why we’re giving it to them quite openly. We’re building up their confidence that they still lack to attack us. Right now… they are not yet confident enough that they can defeat us. But in another 8 or so years, they will be. All a part of the plan. I saw a very peculiar cartoon the other night on YOUTUBE depicting 9-11 with Bush and Obama and all kinds of occultic themes that depicted Russia/China surrendering to America when they start World War 3. You may know of what I speak.

      You really should dig into Alex Jones’ interviews with Joel Skousen on this subject matter of Russia/China. He’s spot on. You can go to Alex’s you tube channel.

    • We should also keep in mind that Russia gets destroyed in the war of Gog/Magog in Ezekiel 38. This gives even more weight to this idea that America has some very powerful, secret weaponry in it’s arsenal that Russia fears. Area 51 anybody? Darpa anybody? We already possess a military that is still the most powerful in the world even without this secret weaponry. Something that Russia and China cannot easily defeat.

    • Corey, i think the bottom line here is the Obama adninistration has no dignity, no shame, no conscience, no concept of truth. They are pathological liars, all of them. Barack Obama: “I don’t know nuffin!” Eric Holder: “I don’t know nuffin!”
      Quite a government we have here, dont you think? Obama needs to change his name to “Sargent Schultz” I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing.

  2. Thank you for today’s timely Bun. Hope you and the family are having a blessed and restful weekend. 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with today’s Bun and frankly I’d expand that concept way past just Damascus if remotely viable. Get out and get away.

    Still bouncing around here after watching Watchers 6 last night. I can’t stress enough how well done this is and how the lid has truly been blown off. Everyone NEEDS to see this.

    We saw in Israel’s own press last week that the head of their AF says that they’re ready for a “surprise war” with Syria. That’s what they’re saying publicly so you can easily intuit what they’re saying off the record.

    We’ve seen reports that Assad is sitting on enough chems to destroy Damascus and several other cities. That’s untenable. That can’t last especially since he’s proven he’s going to be a “if I can’t have it, no one can” type of guy.

    Isaiah 17 could go down any number of ways.

    In my opinion…and that’s all it is…I’d say the likelihood of the following scenario has increased considerably:

    Israel and Syria get into something. If they do, they’re not going to just exchange artillery and some stray rockets. It’s going next level. Syria WILL use chemical weapons against Israel if this happens. It’s next level. It gets a next level response. Israel already stated publicly more than once that if the chems fly, adios Damascus on the public record.

    End result of that exchange: Damascus goes down.

    Syria is down and out for the count licking their wounds until the eventual Ezekiel 38 however long down the road that is.

    Everyone’s REALLY blown away and outraged in the Arab world and Iran and Syria…the two countries that have been waging proxy wars for years as is…send the signal to unleash hell and loose all the proxies. Psalm 83.

    We’ll see.

    • “”


      Goes right along with all of this.

      Note the dates. I’m getting a pretty clear message.

    • A lady friend of mine has a son in the military that serves on the Eisenhower.

      She just told me this. Take it FWIW:

      “Not only do we have multiple outlets confirming it, but a interesting request by Ike to family members. The Tiger cruise for families is coming up. It is no secret of the general locale of Ike . But, they have requested that no communications be made by email, FB, or phone, snail mail only, and face to face confirmations. Snail mail letters were mailed a couple of days ago for location confirmations.”

  3. ill pray that jerry gets the finances he needs. The Lord sure came to my aid when everyone prayed ! although i have no resources at this time i will pray for his ministry and his people for they are HIS ministry and HIS people. GOD bless ! Yes definitely get out of syria,indeed get out of the middle east entirely its about to become an anthill anyways.

    • thank you! its shocked all those around me irl that wouldnt offer us a loaf of bread, its the Lord moving among them showing that miracles happen if theres prayer and earnest intent behind it! They come by and offer things like fixing a leaky faucet…which they broke o well, but atleast they tried. The day i came home my hot water was busted so i have to go today and find a new heating element if that works that is. Its a never ending chess match just as La says. For some its a personal tug of war and others its global even universal matches, but the game never ceases to be played.

  4. Confusion is the word of the day. Some say “get out of the middle east entirely”, others upbraid O for not doing more to help allies, or (as Jerry Golden remarks) selling advanced weapons to Egypt. For us out here in the peanut gallery, there is no clear picture, so as LA says, pray for the peace of Jerusalem however the Lord will bring it.

    A lovely rabbit appeared in my back yard. There have been very few this year, only three appearances, whereas they used to come to eat grass every day until September. I had prayed for God to send me a rabbit today because of great sadness here. He has done this before when things were tough. They are my angels. Thank you, God.

    • Mariel! You made me smile since I am dusting strawberry plants with cayenne pepper and covering my raised bed garden with old storm window to discourage the bunnies from eating them……It is good to know God’s bunny rabbits have someone who is so happy to see them! How about the birdies who last year ate my carrot seeds before they could sprout? I am smiling and thinking kinder thoughts now about the critters…….now I will just go yell, “Shoo…..go see Mariel!” 🙂

  5. There is a lot of problems in Israel. Some have been called to go back to Israel while others are still waiting the proper time. There will come a day when all jews return and the land of Israel can live in peace. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem so that the millennial kingdom can arrive. LA I wrote a new blog post and posted it today. It is about hanukkah in the gospel of John and a spirit of desecration. If you are interested in reading it and giving feed back I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. lease Dear Lord of Your choosen people, Israel, even if they do not know You as their God, please protect, and watch over Your people, I pray that You be honored by Your keeping Your Promise to watchover Your children and Defeat those who would wish to destroy Your children. O God of Israel may You be Gloryfied !

  7. One World trade center – the phoenix rises out of the ashes – 12 years in the making ready for? this year


  8. “”

    Wow. This transhumanism stuff is a lot closer than people think.

    • Lifting you and your family up! So sorry about your losing your mom. Had she been ill long?

    • Praying for you and for your family, TGBTG, for God’s comfort and strength for all of you at this time. Just checked today’s blog comments late this evening. So sorry to hear this news.

    • Dear sister i am very very sorry for your loss if you need a place to stay you email me. i have a spare bedroom since my son has moved in with my parents. I only wish i could help you in the way you helped me and i weep because i cant. Ive never lost a parent it must be very hard. The loss of my beloved of 22yrs is something i cannot even grasp as of yet. If i even think on it for over a few seconds i burst out weeping.

      They say the only thing harder is the loss of a child. I watched my great grandmother (a very strong woman of the Lord who lived to be 101) she watched 2 of her children be buried and her husband of over 40 years as well. THAT is something ive heard in movies and things mentioned before. The line was “No parent should ever have to bury their child,” and its so true. What GOD did for us is almost unimaginable on that scale of sorrow. To have to watch his Son go through that and then place all sin upon him so much so that he enjoyed purging him and to have your Son look up and ask “why have you forsaken me?” Now thats heartbreaking. I love you TGBTG you are a true light in a dark place! GOD BLESS YOU!

    • If you still have my number and want to call me we can both weep together dear sis. 276 639 6143 incase you dont. I have unlimited minutes for a month so dont worry about that at all! Im here. i dont come on here to make myself feel better or to look good infront of others. im just like i am in real life…a poor wretch trying to live a righteous life seeking to do the will of the Father that made me. There is one thing i can do for you if you wish and that is write something from a daughter to her mother. Whether youd wish to use it at the service is another thing but ill send you something in the email and if nothing else youll have it and perhaps it will ease your burden. Thats the one true gift the Lord gave me and id love to share it with you!

  9. Isaiah 17:7 identifies Damascus will become a ruinous heap by the hand of God alone, not by any military force. It is my belief that the great earthquake of Ezekiel 38:19,20 directed against the gathered forces of Gog/Magog on the northern borders of Israel will be the event that brings this prophecy to fulfillment. I believe the hand of the Lord God will gather them in the Plain of Hauran in southern Syria adjacent to Damascus and the Golan Heights, that they might fall upon the open field.

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