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  1. The winds (and the waves….just not this time) roaring! Yes, always praying.
    …..and praying L.A. is not around so many of these events! Enough for our watchman!!!!!

    • Still praying for all affected by this.

      As a Hurricane Andrew veteran there’s a lot of deja vu and flashback looking at those pics.

  2. Oklahoma is my territory for the mortgage company I work for. I’ve heard of stories of several deaths of personal friends and family in Moore. I’ve heard stories about people just watching the tornado from 5 miles away as if it were a still silent film.

    I read John McTernans post and I have to disagree with him as well. John likes to relate every natural disaster to some form of judgement from God. If that were the case California would have earthquakes and tornado’s almost monthly not to mention NY.

    CNS had a rather interesting article “Where is God during natural disasters?” Its a complicated response. The only common sense thing my simple mind can grasp is that within a blink of an eye those souls are with God.

    I often wonder what my emotions would be as a first responder coming upon a child that was no longer with us. I just couldn’t imagine. I know I would probably hold that child for until they had to take them from me. I think of my own 13 year old son and it breaks my heart.

    For me there is only one scripture that comes to mind. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 The bible may be the answer for most things but for life taken early I just dont think there is a common sense response from scripture for it. Im sure some may disagree.

    • My heart goes out to those people who suffered these things in Oklahoma. A parent should never outlive their children. I know of no greater pain. What bothers me so much is when ministers of the gospel instead of ministering comfort to the families will point a finger of judgment towards a certain part of our country and say this is the judgment of God against you, there must have been a gay parade or something and God won’t put up with it any longer. Or they will accuse the local churches for not praying enough, and so they’re somehow responsible. Who is the accuser of the brethren? Who benefits by making God look like some sort of vindictive being? Some of these hurting people will reject God for the rest of their lives because the gospel has been distorted this way with God being accused of things He is not responsible for.

    • I can’t say this is a fact (yet) but this storm follows the pattern of HAARP – induced storms.

  3. My parents both died young and this verse has always comforted me, and helps me when I hear of young lives taken. Though it still greatly grieves me.

    Isaiah 57:1-2

    1The righteous perish,
    and no one takes it to heart;
    the devout are taken away,
    and no one understands
    that the righteous are taken away
    to be spared from evil.
    2Those who walk uprightly
    enter into peace;
    they find rest as they lie in death.

    I am praying daily for God’s will and protection. This just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what these precious families are experiencing right now.

    • Thank you! Funny how we can read the Bible and read it more but always find something that we’d missed before!

  4. I can’t believe the mess. I would never live in tornado or hurricane country. How discouraging that would be!!

    • In the spiritual — humanity is mostly just such scenes of unrelieved devastation.

      The only good place to dwell while in this world is in prayer (… the house of prayer).

      For those in Christ, our mission remains rescue — with Him.

  5. We believe in God whose ways are much higher than ours that we can’t begin to understand. We deserve everything we get as a nation, but only God truly knows why this area was hit. We can only assume. He does cause destruction using the whirlwind specifically mentioning the wicked. So why did saved people perish?? We cannot understand on this side of heaven.

    • I think the book of Job specifically targets those questions and proves who’s behind the “whirlwind” that destroys and kills. When God sends His final judgment, it will be just. No sinner will escape and no good person will be punished because the judgment will be from God Himself, at the appointed time. It will be executed with judgment and justice and equity, not helter skelter with no rhyme or reason, leaving the most sinful parts of our country untouched.

    • I have tried so HARD to tell them, Lord; MOORE=ROME! That every state in the union IS A NAME OF BLASPHEMIES, COVERING THE SCARLET COLOURED BEAST THAT THE “GREAT WHORE” SITTETH UPON of REV 17 AND OTHER Biblical references! That this is WHY America was founded; to deter God’s wrath! They created the U,S. as a “New Jerusalem come up from the wilderness” Satan long ago deceived them, as they carry out their plan to DESTROY the nation! God! Help the innocent see!

    • “Why?” could easily be as simple as this…

      Ecclesiastes 9
      11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift,
      nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise,
      nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill;
      but time and chance happeneth to them all.

      12 For man also knoweth not his time:
      as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare;
      so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.

      Please consider that we can’t be overcomers without overcomings
      — directly or indirectly — with Christ.

    • oh nome you nailed that and thats what i try to impart upon those i call the blessed. those that have never known true heartaches or loss or ever very scary situations with the enemy. They are very lucky but they can become jaded in their views and call some of us either crazy or other less pleasant names.

    • As tragic as these things are, we also tend to put the loss of life and heartache up on a pedestle as worst thing imaginable. Bottomline is our time on earth is one small blip compared to eternity in heaven.

      Our lives are not the end all be all. It is the training ground to teach is how to get back into union with God in the garden of Eden.

      That sounds harsh, but not if we keep our eyes on things unseen.

  6. GO TO “PITN”,WATCHING THEIR POSTED VIDEO OF “DESTRUCTION IN MOORE..” AND SEE the lying signs in the SKY! The serpent that first has the mocking letter “C” in it’s mouth, while at 50 seconds, the snake remains in tact, yet the C,(Christ) has vanished!

  7. 8.2 earthquake off Russian shore, double 5.7 earthquakes in Northern California, multiple volcanoes erupting from Kamchatka to Mexico to Chile, Washington state bridge collapses, possibly because of earth shift:


    • I live not too far away from where the bridge collapsed, and witnesses said an oversized truck hit a gerter and then it fell.

    • We had something like that happen here except it was a barge that hit one of the supports. Thank God, no one fell in because the bridge was much higher and the river deeper.

    • Interesting… same thing down here several years ago. Barge hit a bridge out to South Padre Island; late at night but several vehicles made that long drop into water, no survivors.

  8. Having gone through Hurricane Sandy, my heart goes out to these folks. Unfortunately, some people here on the Jersey Coast are still waiting for assistance. Many have been helped, but it is a very slow process. To God’s glory, local churches have continued to stay and help after other charities, ministries, etc. have left. These folks need our prayers and assistance not only now, but in the weeks and months ahead as well.

  9. My dear dear brothers and sisters, i arrived home around 230pm est. time went to the mailbox got back in the backseat of my parents car and i opened the first letter. It was for a check in an amount that made me weep. I opened the 2nd and read the note (barely) and wept. The third and i was rejoicing atleast these tears were mixed with a different kind of feeling…a release and thankfulness some of you will never begin to imagine. Many of you will never be in this situation. many of you have never been in situations of hauntings or oppressions be glad because you’re blessed and protected Many of you will never see the tears running down my eyes at this moment as i PRAISE GOD FOR YOU!!! i dont know what else i can say? I have finally found no words. My good good friends and family here i thank you and i LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much la and peggy, thank you tgbtg yes it came !, thank you so much susan ( the Lord told me to go back to the mailbox and i found your letter and your greatly appreciated help lying in the grass where it had slipped out of my trembling hands a couple hours earlier) thank you ashley and Aaron! I love you guys. You have no idea none at all what this meant to me ….TO those who dont want their name mentioned for fear of losing out on their rewards TRUST ME dear soul. You have come to the aid of a faithful servant who in opened need asked of thee and you (*whether you could spare it or not) lent,sent or whatever the amount you could. YOU will only gain more in heaven because of this. My Father is thy Father and he Loves thee just as much if not more! AGAIN i thank you guys.

  10. we just took my grandson back to his mother and im here alone. Theres no words for this kind of pain. I thought i was through with some of it but it had been postponed as i had been surrounded by family and chasing a 22month old through a house for 5 days. I thought of Donna and the fact i would never see here again this side of Heaven and i lost it for a minute. Its only right she suffer no more but yet …oh dear GOD yet i go on alone. Pray for me. I hurt. Its some kind of bone soul deep loneliness because we met when i was 19 and never were apart for 22 years no matter what happened. Oh the stories i could tell. this isnt fair. its not fair at all. but thats just the point of it isnt it. This whole testing ground we call life… come quickly Lord i weep countless tears now!

    • faithfulelect, you are right it isn’t fair, life isn’t fair…never has been and never will be…not in our lifetime and not on this earth. That’s why we must fight and not lay down, No matter how difficult it may be, fight until your last breath. We must go on, despite times when we just want to lay down and let life pass us by. I know you hurt, as the days go on, you will find some days you will be able to cope, others will be torture. When you lose the love of your life, it feels like the days pass and time will never heal such a deep wound that is reopened every waking moment, but I promise you, although you will find this heartache will never completely go away, in time it will fade, and when it does you will start to think about the grateful years you had together, the pain will be less, and your thoughts will be about how truly blessed you were for the wonderful years you had together. I am heartbroken for you that it had to end too soon.

  11. On the reverse side of the coin id like to tell guys some of the nastiest dirtiest wicked things the enemy has tried to pull. they keep trying to act like my wife is here with me…its very very subtle and if i go along with it theyll get bolder i think those in the know, know what im speaking of. The enemy (ive read and heard quite a few stories) loves to impersonate the recently departed loved ones we’ve all lost. They do this for varying reasons, but it is done and is being done to those around me that loved donna just as much as me.

    • Yes indeed, when you hear stories of family members seeing old Uncle Bob, who passed away years ago, that’s not old Uncle Bob they are seeing. From some reason, most likely to get your guard down and to gain access to the home, they will indeed impersonate beloved family members or acquaintances

    • look up f5 tornado at birmingham alabama and theres another on utube about demonic sounds in the skies ..in both of them you can CLEARLY see the fallen angels walking back and forth either in the tornadoes or in the clouds above. These are fully manifested black cloaked (hooded) robed figures. you cant miss them even those that doubt what these shapes are can see them. They are devastation among us and the will be rewarded as their actions deserve.

  12. To some of you that for whatever reason never post and only read know this. Your words are just as important as anyone elses. Sometimes sharing experiences or if nothing else little tid bits of wisdom can be a release. There has to be some reason i keep come at some of you to do this…why i know not…but something tells me you do. We’re here for you. Trust me am i not living proof?

  13. I have been through 4 hurricanes (so far) the last one was the worse, we lost the roof of our house a during a hurricane a few years back. It hit in the middle of the night and sounded like a freight train rolling through the living room…the shingles
    on the roof popping off one by one sounded like gun shots going off. In the morning it looked like a bomb went off outside. Huge trees uprooted, roofs on homes completely gone, debris scattered everywhere, winds where estimated at 160+ After the hurricane, was far worse… …no power for weeks in the middle of the summer, 103+ temps 99% humidity ,,no gas at gas stations , no ice, no food ,,grocery stores wiped out, shelves empty. No one prepared and blew it off, not taking it seriously until it was too late and supplies were gone…When I was at the store getting supplies 3 days before it hit, I saw people in line with cases of beer and nothing else like they were getting ready for a party instead of a CAT 5 hurricane. . (These are the same folks that later came over to my home to use my generator and supplies)
    At least with a hurricane you can prepare somewhat, a twister/tornado… there is not much you can do to prepare, except maybe have a storm cellar and hunker down it in until it passes. The destruction shown in the pics LA posted looks devastating and after looking at them I’m surprised anyone survived it at all…..if you don’t have a storm seller in that part of the country you must either be suicidal or have some kind of death wish. I’m sorry for the one that lost their lives as well as their families who are left behind and grieving, however, I am also grateful so many did manage to survive. That’s a miracle in itself as I looked at the destruction it could have been much much worse had it hit in the middle of the night while folks were sleeping.
    I know senior citizens suffer greatly during these times, as when our major hurricane hit, they seemed the most vulnerable. Many died days later from the excessive heat and disease from contaminated water.

    • By the way faithfulelect , I can’t help but noticed what a wonderful and gifted writer you are. You should seriously consider writing for a hobby to keep yourself busy and help keep your mind off things, fiction perhaps? You seem to have a knack for drawing the reader (me) right in…your words seem to flow easily and your use of description makes me feel as if I am right there experiencing the emotions right along with you, at times its almost like poetry, very flowing and full of mysterious energy.
      Perhaps there is a career as a novelist in your future???
      You really seem to have the craft for writing and have the sheer determination that go into making a world out of words. If this is something that interests you and have a passion for perhaps you can pursue this while you begin to heal.

    • thank you but as nome can attest when he called me …my thoughts and words come a mile a minute. I can write short things and then im gone to something else. If the spirit moves me and i write under conviction or to convict for whatever reason or to praise the LORD that made me…well you’re right about that the words flow. All to his glory on that one. I see myself writing this on some of the inspired poems ive wrote ive looked back in amazement for those are far beyond me. they sing with a timing and tempo on the Holy Spirit could produce which is why they are few and far between. I should seek the Spirit more as it always comes when i pray for it to but the times ive needed it usually haven’t been for poetry or prose but for desperate times of need. GOD bless you matt youre the bomb.

    • Wow…..Matt is right! And, while you are dealing with social services anyway……I bet there is some program that can help you get a creative writing class or two at a community college! That would do so much for your healing heart and make the whole welfare/disability program a hand up instead of a hand out! I worry about people who are forced by circumstance to have to go to the government nowadays! I pray you do not have to remain their slave!
      I know this from experience….I was told by my doctor in 1992 that I could go on disability but I knew I would fall into oppression and not just depression if I let myself think I was disabled and could never “do” anything. I could no longer carry 5 gallon buckets of paint or carry around walls painting theater scenery but I knew I could still do something. Soooooo, (don’t laugh) I took instruction to learn to tattoo thinking it was still art and I could do it without hurting my back. LOL, I tattooed eyebrows on ladies for a couple of years but it ended up being just a step along the way. Now 20 years later at 62 years old, I am a watercolor artist and custom framer. I pace myself so I can work right up til Jesus comes to get me (or as I jokingly say, my kids decide I am a crazy old lady and put me in a home LOL)
      I may not work as long or hard as I used to but I am making it! Lilies of the field……
      The cosmetic tattoo classes may not have been preparation for much but taking them gave me hope and a way to feel like I could pull out of the morass! Plus, I had a social outlet with the class at a time when I really needed to get my mind off my misery.
      Ask the worker who is helping you get the food stamps!
      p.s. Do not choose to learn tattoo 🙂

  14. In the first pic posted…what is that in the sky in the left corner of the photograph? They don’t look like planes or birds of any kind, no reason for drones to be flying over, wonder what they are?

  15. perhaps i can show you a bit of my world and some of the battle . This is from a guy living in taranto italy. Now look in the middle when two orbs get close or even 4 or more. Look for huge misshapen eyes that blink. Look for their faces. those with the eyes to see will know what im speaking of . O yes and remember im no one special you can get this gift from the Lord too all i did was pray for the scales to be removed from my eyes it was a rough experience going through it but my eyes were indeed opened and many times i wish theyd remained ignorant as this stuff can creep you out. We are surrounded BUT greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world! GOD bless you all!

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