Sunday Bun: Healing in Wyoming!

BUN!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I was at Sid Roth this past week filming a TV show on Watchers 6 and the new book, On the Trail of the Nephilim.  While there and through an interesting set of introductions to one of Sid’s other guests, I was able to sit and talk with Pastor Muldanado, who is the pastor of a very large church in Miami.   We discussed God’s willingness to heal people and how this was a gift for the church today.  I told him that I travel all over the country warning people about the Coming Great Deception and the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence.  I also told him that I had felt for sometime the Lord wanting to up the ante in our ministry to include a time of prayer and healing at the end of the messages, which are, to say the least, not the happiest message people can hear!   In other words, this was a new area I was considering stepping into.

Fast forward now to Friday night in Wyoming.  I spoke for a little over two hours and at the end of the talk, I settled into a time of prayer.  I asked the Lord to forgive our sins, and to open the heavens above us.  I asked for healing for those who were sick.

The meeting broke up and we went back to our hotel.  The next morning when I awakened my first thought was wondering if anyone had been healed by the Lord.   When we were picked up by our host Dee and Jim, the first thing Dee told us was a woman had called her early this morning and announced that a lump, which had been in her breast for well over a year, was now gone.  She had been healed.

We serve and know a good God who wants to touch our lives.  When we are sitting together in prayer asking Him to show up, giving Him the OK to come into our meeting — something which doesn’t really happen often in most churches — He responds by touching His people.

Yesterday, at the end of about 7 hours of presentations, a young man gave his life to the Lord at the end of the evening!

All in all it’s been a great weekend.

Today, we will meet for about two hours and then we have the rest of the day to ourselves.

I’m back on a plane tomorrow morning headed to OK city to meet Bob Ulrich and Gary Stearman of PITN.  We’ll be doing the TV show on Tuesday.

Richard Shaw, my partner in the Watchers series is flying in too.  We’re headed out to meet with :Larry “who has been seeing UFOs over his property for some time.

I get back on Friday.

Blessings to all.

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  1. Hmmm…Really? I can be the first to comment….Hmmmm, what to say, what to say? I know! Father, I pray that you will fill LA with your Holy Spirit. In you is life and the light of men. That in you is rest and that the rest which is in you and the life that is in you would be in LA. Quickening his body so that he may endure and fulfill your purpose in his life. That he would be given the strength to carry out your will, Father! Amen!

  2. Praise the Lord for this good report! Keeping you all covered in prayer.

    Wow…the month of May really has been super jam packed for you. You do know that there are 12 months in the year, yes? 😉 🙂

    Have a blessed time with our friends at PITN. 🙂

  3. My wife and I drove 250 miles to attend the saturday afternoon session and we met others who drove many miles also. The session was 4 fantastic hours and was over before we knew it. I could have sat through another 4 hours, but our schedule didnt permit that. The info, the instruction (rebuke first, ask questions later), the presentation was awesome (other than a few technical glitches!). The people were wonderful, and to finally meet you LA after years of listening/watching and to meet your wife was a blessing. After you and the team prayed for me, the symptoms of the degenerative disc have lessened. I am thinking that God healed the disc,but the nerve is still inflamed, and trying to calm down! I have a doctors appt monday for xrays to rule out degenerative disc disease.

    I would encourage anyone who hasnt attended one of his talks, to do so. You will meet an incredibly loving man, and will walk out knowing you have been blessed.


    • I had prayer a couple weeks ago for a similar complaint–back pain. My MRI also shows degenerative disc disease. There was an article recently that spoke of a discovery regarding “modic changes” found in the MRI. Turns out something like 40% of those people have a bacterial infection of the disc.
      Drs. in Denmark and the UK discovered this after a 12-year study. I just sent them my MRI to see if they see those “modic changes.” I’m not holding my breath, as I don’t have the constant 24/7 pain that many of those pts. have. Do a google search and see if you can find the news article that spoke about this. Plus there’s this on wiki…

  4. i wrote a small little ditty on my site thanking everyone and telling some bits and pieces about the service to come today . Check it out if you have time if not its there 8). Wish me luck with my poem as ill be infront of quite a few people that have shown ill intent towards us (because of their guilt) at this time. Some have chosen not to come even though my wife and i went to their husband’s funerals and some have chosen to walk if they have to! Praise GOD its all for his glory one way or another. GOD bless everyone thats prayed and or is praying! We need it so!

    • All is well, Christ be praised! And yes I agree with him, that Michael (Faithfulelect) be given release from numbness and the heart to grieve even as Christ did with Lazarus.

    • Faithful…..Still praying for you. In fact I came to the blog today hoping to get word on how you are doing!
      And, has anyone heard from Kirsten?
      L.A.! How wonderful that God healed people through your faith! I hope He has brought you back to your usual happy, healthy and sassy self! I have been praying for you too….as always 🙂

    • “”

      Donna Faye Napier age 47. Passed away Sat., 5-11-2013 at the Lee Regional Medical Center in Pennington Gap,VA. A memorial service will be held Sun., 5-19-2013 at the First Christian Church in Pennington Gap with Jack Cope officiating.

    • Dear sweet Faithful, God be with you and strengthen you, as you read your lovely poem today. I pray that hardened hearts be softened as they experience your expression of true love and the painfulness real love must endure upon separation. The anointing of God is on what you wrote, on every single word. Marriage is a holy, a sacred union. I never fully realized the holiness factor until the death of your beloved and how you expressed your loss and love in the most beautiful tribute to a wife, I’ve ever heard. It is truly holy ground. I pray for you Faithful, for the Lord to heal your broken heart and fill it with His Spirit, and that you would fully know, here on this earth, His own immeasurable love for you that is able to fill every void in our lives. I pray for an out pouring of financial blessing be upon you and your family, until the burden be lifted and you experience God’s peace. God’s love be upon you, sweet Michael and upon your family.

  5. Brother Merzulli, if God is attracting you to the healing I recomend you to watch Emmanuel TV ( ), of prophet T.B Joshua, in Lagos Nigeria. Just as a tool of mind renewing, as a faith builder, so on. I am a bit like you in the surch of the supernatural. I seek all around, So far I haven´t seen no minitries, no pastor, or apostle, that come even close to the display of the supernatural in all fields. Don´t know how he is not interviewed or well known in America. Not trying to promote him, I have no partnership with his ministery, Just saying worth check it out. God bless brother.

  6. Greetings and blessings, Mr Marzulli and all who visit your website!

    I try to avoid the idiot box with regards to its offerings of NEWS (acronym for North-East-South-West), preferring to examine alternative and Christian-based world news sites available (for the time being) via the internet.

    As a regular visitor to Tom Horn’s ‘Raiders News Update’, ‘Steve Quayle’ (which features headlines from various websites), and here at LA Marzulli’s (of course)… Via Steve Quayle’s site, I was compelled to read “600 animals found dead off Chile coastline” headline which directed me towards this stories originating site, ‘The Celestial Convergence’ (one I am unfamiliar with and have not fully investigated as yet – although I get the impression it’s ‘New Age’ and probably contains false, i.e. anti-Christian, doctrine). Upon a quick browse around the website, discovered another story via its banner of ‘Mass UFO Sightings’ which may be of interest to some here. (The particular article is featured under another titled ‘Exopolitical Disclosure’). It reads:


    May 19, 2013 – Australia – On the Australian gambling website, Sports Bet, a wagering option is offered on the “First Country To Have Extraterrestrial Contact”.

    [It features the list and betting odds for a number of countries of which the U.S.A ($3.00) and Australia ($4.00) have the shortest odds. Mexico is $26.00. Brazil is the only South American nation featured. To my surprise, The Vatican, and Israel, also, were not included in the list of countries presented.]

    Further to the article:

    “According to the website, this feature applies to the first standing head of state to confirm their country has been in contact with alternative life beings from another planet before October, 2013.

    I guess with such short prices, that rules out the Prime Minister of Australia and the U.S President!!? Perhaps, the P.M. of New Zealand may consider laying down a few dollars – $41.00!!

    Uncertain as to whether it is the first betting/gambling business to provide such an option as this one.

    God bless!


    PS… Thanks for the real news offerings!

    All Glory to God the Father! Amen.

    • Ps. Upon further investigation of ‘The Celestial Convergence’ website, it is New Age, and presents counterfeit and false doctrines. I do not accept the websites doctrines as the Truth and have no desire to promote it. I only wished to mention the gambling/extraterrestrial article above, which I have typed in its entirety). Apologies for advertising the website.

      Y’shua is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Amen!!

  7. Oh, yeah…..and is that “Larry” as in Larry Taylor? Yippeee if it is him. I have been hoping to hear a radio show with you two and maybe Klaus Dona!!!!!

    • I think it’s Larry Taylor and ……..I wish L.A. would have Klaus Dona back on his show. Klaus would love to hear of L.A.’s trip to Peru.

  8. Blessings to you all, and thanks for being you LA…you and your wife mean so much to the Kingdom and the people you touch for Yashua/Jesus… 🙂

  9. We serve an awesome God!love what God is doing in your life LA..thanks for keeping the faithful informed bro!God bless

  10. “”

    Awful weather. Praying for the folks that got affected. Could be a rough next couple of days in parts of the country.

  11. thanks guys for the kind words and encouragement. My brother n law that did all the work on the cd is going to be uploading the memorial dvd a few of us helped send to him with vids and pics tomorrow to my faithfulelect wordpress com site ill link to it here from there and back like i always have. I want you guys to know that some major grieving was going on in that church as my wife was well loved in the community. Plus youll get to see why i had such long hair (i made the Lord a promise that i kept no matter how foolish it might seem to others) but its been shorn now. My wifes cousin and aunt who loved her dearly donated a 100 dollars to me and my son also. Its truly been a time of heroes and tears as i did indeed shed a ton. My son wept more than i thought he would but still has a way to go. He was her pride and joy and so was our grandson which the video shows quite clearly. Btw Elaine i got your mail(donation) yesterday in the mail and praise God for you sister. You gave me what you could and there were millionaires in my wifes family that never even offered to buy us milk for the baby!!! Anyways GOD bless you guys! Soon i will be making videos as a new attack has just come upon us ill tell you guys more on that as i learn more. but it involves the custody case of my grandson. The hits just keep coming but im fighting back im going to really hit them where it hurts.
    I have a pretty unique insight to certain areas of the war…and i think they fear that but im going to explain all i know to the entire world. From my vantage point to my what my mother witnessed while staying with us this past week.

    • I know I miss my mom who passed in September of 2012. I read your blog. It’s not selfish for you to want your wife back, it’s only human. As I told my dad who misses my mom very much after the 37 years that they were married, there’s a reason why you’re the survivor. God will not let us bare something that we are incapable of baring. I can only imagine how the weight of each of these recent days must feel. I’m just glad you’re not going through this alone physically but that the Holy Spirit is there to comfort you as well. Words and prayers are all I have for you Faithful. May you have peace and know that God is there, and that you are not alone.

  12. Amen LA. That young man who was saved is my son Xavier. Praise Jesus! Thank you so much for coming to Wyoming. Everything you shared completely lines up with scripture. I was so blessed by the conference. Thank you so much! Blessings

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