5 thoughts on “Wyoming Conference!

  1. Last time I was in WY I slept in a cheap motel, something like $25/night. They’d just painted the room and the smell was so bad I was getting a headache. So I finally asked for another room and they gave me one where the toilet didn’t flush.
    So when I had to go to the bathroom I’d walk over to the smelly room, do my business, then head back to the dead-toilet room.
    I did that for five summers while hiking the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail and making a video of the hike. You know, you do what you have to do to keep costs down! For better or for worse, that mindset has become a lifestyle.

    • Pithypual…I have been to my fair share of hotels/motels just as you described.
      Once In Bisbee AZ I was invited to stay in a haunted hotel…one particular room was said to be extremely haunted with the ghost of a woman dressed in all white 1800s type clothing which was seen on many occasions,,, it was said she only appeared to men that would stay in the room….from everyone in my group I traveled with I was the only one willing to give it a go…everyone else wanted a different room. Alas…Much to my disappointment nothing appeared to me, I was hoping against all hope I would see something, but it was not to be. I took a few pics with my digital camera during the night and had a few strange anomalies such as a few shots with wispy smoke and a few medium to large orbs…in any case…I’m glad it wasn’t a room 1408 experience. ” I told you,,,DON’T go into room 1408!!! 😉

  2. Praying for a blessed conference, healing, good health…and for cryin’ out loud some rest somewhere in this mix. I couldn’t keep your schedule for a day, Pastor Lynn! 😉

  3. Its a busy weekend for us with graduations going on, but gonna take the 4 hour one way drive from SD and catch the 1 oclock meeting. Looking forward to this one.

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